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Climate negotiation: Crunch time in Tianjin

Climate negotiation: Crunch time in Tianjin

Climate negotiation: Crunch time in Tianjin

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 07:00 AM PDT

By Hilary Chiew

COMMENT Crippling floods in Pakistan. Devastating mudslide in China. Raging forest fires in Russia. These are headlined natural disasters news in recent times that many suspected have to do with a growing extremity in weather events linked to climate change.

While it will take a while for scientists to conclusively say so, the suspicion will, in all likelihood, be proven to be true in time to come.

In fact, the 2009 State of the Climate report released by the authoritative National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) informed that the past decade was the warmest on record and that the Earth has been growing warmer over the last 50 years.

The report, contributed by more than 300 scientists from 160 research groups in 48 countries, draws on data for 10 key climate indicators that all point to the same finding: the scientific evidence that our world is warming is unmistakable.

Based on comprehensive data from multiple sources, the report defines 10 measurable planet-wide features used to gauge global temperature changes.

Seven indicators are rising: air temperature over land, sea-surface temperature, air temperature over oceans, sea level, ocean heat, humidity and tropospheric temperature in the "active-weather" layer of the atmosphere closest to the Earth's surface. Three indicators are declining: Arctic sea ice, glaciers and spring snow cover in the Northern hemisphere.

Then the question arises, what is being done to avoid a runaway climatic disaster?

Two international treaties were established to prevent the dreaded outcome -- the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 1992 and its supplementary treaty the Kyoto Protocol in 1997.

The latter came out with a carbon emission reduction plan for developed economies (collectively called the Annex I countries) under the first commitment period from 2008 to 2012. About 40 industrialised nations, except the United States, are obliged to cut an average of 5.2% of their collective emissions below the 1990 level.

Twelve years after Kyoto (where the signatories of the UNFCCC met and decided on the protocol) the 193 members of the UNFCCC were supposed to finalise a second commitment period in accordance with the provision of the principal treaty.

However, that did not happen at the 15th Conference of Parties (CoP) in Copenhagen last December. The developed world, basically, refused to further bear the responsibility of cutting greenhouse gas emissions without the participation of what they called "other major emitters", in reference to China, Brazil and India.

China's impressive economic growth, and of course the associated rise in its emission level, was singled out by Annex I as justification for it to come onboard in the next phase of global emission cut.

The world's most populous nation overtook the US as the biggest emitter in 2008 and recently it was reported to be the largest consumer of energy. Again, surpassing the US.

Thus, it would appear that it is only "fair" that China does not go scot-free in the second round of emission reduction pact. However, the historical responsibility of industrialised nations that had brought the world to this dangerous state is unmistakably enshrined in the convention's text.

Article 3.1 states that "parties should protect the climate system for the benefit of present and future generations of humankind, on the basis of equity and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities. Accordingly, the developed country parties should take the lead in combating climate change and the adverse effects thereof".

Developing countries argued that per capita emission in the accumulative manner is a more equitable way to determine burden-sharing. For instance, in 2007, an American per capita emission is 19 tonnes while a Chinese is 4.6 tonnes. Malaysians emitted 7.2 tonnes per person in that year.

Leadership or laggardship?

However, the US under President Barack Obama, who has taken a renewed interest in the climate change negotiation, has openly rejected the globally accepted understanding and seek a re-interpretation of that clause. Under the Bush regime, the US snubbed the Kyoto Protocol on grounds that it would have adverse impact on its economy.

And not only did it refuse to honour the spirit of the treaties, Obama brokered the Copenhagen Accord that threatens to undermine the convention further. Although it later became a document that was merely "taken note of" by the CoP, the highest party-driven, decision-making body of the UNFCCC, the US climate negotiators continue to cling on to the accord and its elements are being introduced into the on-going negotiations, which aim to reach a legally-binding agreement in Cancun, Mexico, at year-end when the CoP reconvened for the 16th time.

With the death of its climate bill, the Obama's presidency, in my opinion, has completely lost its credibility in the global fight against climate change.

As an American climate activist said recently at a side event in Bonn, the world has been waiting in vain for the US to do its part but it should not wait any more. Llike any other global issues, the US has shown little interest in multilateralism and more importantly, it still holds to the belief that the American lifestyles are not up for negotiation.

As Papua New Guinea climate envoy Kevin Conrad put it in perspective in April 2009, Obama's proposal to reduce the US emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 and 80% below by 2050 is grossly insufficient in the near term and simply pushes true responsibility on to future US presidents.

"Why should the greatest emitter in history be granted 12 extra years simply to get to the starting line accepted by other industrialised countries? Is this leadership or laggardship?" he asked.

Poor countries push on

Bruised by the high-handed manner that developed countries had used to try and wriggle their way out of more stringent cuts, developing countries had painstakingly reasserted their positions and steer negotiation back under the fold of the CoP (and not some external bodies or agreements that seek to usurp the power of the legitimate multilateral process).

After two rounds of inter-sessional meetings this year in Bonn, Germany (the secretariat of the UNFCCC), many developing countries are calling for actual negotiation to begin in the next round of the six-day meeting in Tianjin, the last before Cancun (according to the current plan). (Last year, an additional round of meeting was convened in Barcelona before Copenhagen in efforts to break the stalemate.)

In general, mainstream western media has painted a bleak picture of any outcome in Cancun simply because the negotiating text now has lengthened considerably as parties, both Annex I and non-Annex I (developing countries), had re-inserted their specific demands in the two negotiating tracks called the Ad hoc Working Group on the Further Commitments of Annex I parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG-KP) and the Ad hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Actions (AWG-LCA).

However, many developing countries had expressed satisfaction that the task of deciding the future climate regime is back in their hands and are convinced that an equitable outcome is within reach if only parties will stick to the principles of the treaties.

They stressed that satisfactory progress in the AWG-KP is key to the success in the two negotiating tracks as parties head towards Cancun. China, which has been demonised by the Western countries, aided by its powerful media houses, has remained steadfast that legally-binding emission is the responsibility of those that had disproportionately occupied the atmospheric carbon space, and they must do more so that poor countries would still have some space left for them to grow.

In a strong statement at the recently concluded round in early August, China said it is against any proposal to replace the Kyoto Protocol, as well as proposals to impose unfair obligations on developing countries.

"If the Kyoto Protocol process fails, it will be the failure of the whole multilateral process on climate change," it warned, and called for the group to engage in full negotiating mode based on the AWG-KP chair's draft, at the next meeting in Tianjin.

It's crunch time in Tianjin. A high sense of morality is needed from developed countries to ensure that the environmental integrity that they often espoused doesn't come with a hollow ring.

Hilary Chiew is a socio-environmental researcher and freelance writer based in Kuala Lumpur.


Posted: 16 Aug 2010 11:39 AM PDT

MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek's statement - MCA will not run away from speaking up for the Chinese community

Umno Vice-President Dato' Seri Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein's statement yesterday that MCA should not forget the struggle of Barisan Nasional when fighting for the Chinse's demands, shows that some Barisan Nasional leaders have yet to learn from the 308 General Election and do not understand the urge of the people to reform.

The results of the 308 General Election had clearly reflected the change in people's thinking, the new MCA leadership also understands that it must change to regain the people's support and trust. If some Barisan Nasional leaders continue to live in their own world, they will certainly push MCA to its doom and it will not bring the ruling coalition any good.

MCA respects the view of Dato' Seri Hishammuddin but he cannot blame MCA for deviating from the objectives and struggles of Barisan Nasional simply because MCA has a different voice from him or other component party leaders.

The new MCA leadership strongly believe that its political struggle is totally reasonable and legal. MCA will not be afraid for sharing similar views with DAP in terms of the benefit of the community and choose to run away from making a stand.

MCA will push hard for the implementation of the 13 resolutions passed during the Chinese Economic Congress held on Saturday because the resolutions are not only related to the Chinese community but also the future of the country's economic development.

MCA reckons that it has the responsibility to reflect the wishes of the Chinese community due to globalisation.Otherwise, not only MCA will lose the community's support, it will not be able to also justify its political existence.







The poor always get shafted

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 09:08 AM PDT

Their toil created a wealthy nation, but when they are no longer needed, they are cast aside ...
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NEP bastardized? - Nazir, you may have said the truth. (part 1)

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 01:23 PM PDT

I have been watching from the sideline on the heavy issue on Nazir Razak who believes that the NEP was 'bastardized' for the advantage of a few privileged. I am saddened that everyone is talking on issue which is non-existence. NEP was totally disbanded in 1990 20 years after it was launched.

We are witnessing a vicious quarrel between Ibrahim Ali (PERKASA) and Nazir and the quarrel between Chua Soi Lek and Ibrahim Ali. If everyone reads and follows their articulations on the issue debated one will be totally confused as the NEP does not exist any longer.

I am not sure what Nazir was trying to say, but if he was saying that the NEP was bastardized during the tail end of its existence, than there are some relevance and logic to his comment. Since mid-1984 until the end of NEP in 1990, the policy was ruthlessly bastardized.

Let us recollect from the start of the NEP until it was disbanded by Dr Mahathir in 1990. In practice Mahathir was quite allergic to the NEP and he called on the Malays and that Bumis to throw away their 'tongkat'.

NEP was well thought policy where it benefited everyone directly or indirectly. NEP had spelt a clear intention of its formulation and the intention was only one; that was National Unity.

This holistic intention was agreeable by all races when Tun Razak was able to convince every race in this country that National Unity was the only way to ensure the nation's security and the people's well being be taken care of, and live in togetherness in civil and harmonious nation.

To achieve this ultimate (National Unity) the nation had to go through an affirmative action, that was via the following;

Firstly was to eradicate poverty irrespective of races. This was the main agenda actually. Tun Razak and friends believed that poverty can ruin a nation. The Malays were poor, the Indian were trapped in a poor living environment in the estates and rubber plantations while there were also poor Chinese in the sub urban areas even though the nation's economy was controlled by them.

In reality the economic ownership of the Chinese was less than 25 percent during that period. The main chunk of the economy was in the hands of the foreigners. So there was nothing racial about the policy.

Tun Razak or anyone would believe that if most of the people were poor than that could be a very serious political destabilizing factor that could lead the country into political anarchy and the 13 May incidence was the living example where economic disparity could cause chaos.

Secondly in order to achieve the National Unity the country and the government had to reduce the income disparity between the haves and the have not's and the diparity between the incomes of the urban and the rural population. The rural people were too far behind in income and opportunities and the government felt that this issue must be addressed holistically without affecting any other race or quarter.

In order to reduce the disparity of incomes the government wanted to do away with recognizing races by their economic functions. We didn't want to recognize Malay as farmers in the padi fields and small holders. We wanted to do away recognizing the Indians as plantation or as workers of gigantic estates that were mostly owned by foreigners, like Harrison and Crossfields, Sime Darby, Guthries, London Tin (now MMC), Tradewinds and many others.

That was why Tun Razak instructed Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to bring back all these companies back to Malaysia from their head quarters in London. All these companies were finally brought back to the nation and to implement the exercise it needed a person with nationalistic sensitivity and had a strong political will.

The last of the big corporation that was brought back was Guthries and that happened on Monday the 7th of September 1981 after a lengthy and tedious preparation years before that date.

The brief narration above needed to be actualized and the government were very serious of uplifting the wealth of the Bumiputra to the 30 percent equity by 1990 without taking away the ones owned by the other races.

Hence within the sphere of NEP they holistic goals where the Bumiputra were given the target of 30 percent wealth and equity holdings, the Non Bumi was given the target of 40 percent and the rest for the foreigners who were looking at this country as the potential centre of economic vibrancy.

As the NEP was to increase the Malay capitalization and equity, it was agreed that the Bumiputra should not take away the portions that were already owned by other races. The formula to the plan was to enlarge the nation economic cake. So the 30 percent allocated for the Bumis were through the enlarged cake of the nation's economy.

Everyone was happy to implement the policy. As far as I remember every economic development project both the Bumi and Non Bumi worked things out in a very cordial and cooperative atmosphere.

The non Malays were most of the time enjoying the early fruits of any social engineering projects. For example the Felda, then Called LKTP (lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutuan) which was then busy opening up lands for plantations in the scheme made the Non Bumi the first group to enjoy clearing the land and the supply of fertilizers and other needs of the scheme.

The Bumi had the land the non Bumi had earlier enjoyed the clearing jobs that were worth in hundreds of million of ringgit. Everybody was happy and the busiest department in co-coordinating all NEP projects was the Implementation and Co-Ordination Unit of the PM Department (ICU).

Those days everything was transparent and could visually saw the focus of the implementers were at the peak without thinking of making personal gain and greed.

The Non Malays respected both the Malay politicians and the government implementers as they witnessed the most outstanding episode of nation building was implemented with pride by everybody.

Even the Non Bumi were happy to assist the Bumi to prosper together with them as they accept the fact that prosperous Bumi will make them more enjoyable undertaking businesses in the vibrant economy.

In short the real economic impetus for the country was the NEP. BUMI and Non Bumi enjoyed living in the most cordial as far as history can reminisce.

Bumiputra's stake in commerce and Industry and the equity ownership increased tremendously from 2.7 in 1970 to 18.2 in 1984.

But when the change of guard in the Ministry of Finance happened in June 1984 anything surrounding the NEP was slowly neglected. Daim made many changes that was detrimental to NEP.

From then on we saw leaders in power were also interested to become rich themselves. From then on the leaders in power were competing with the ordinary Malay businessmen and that was the time when the Bumi special rights shifted to a very small and exclusive members who surrounded the PM and our great Daim.

The Bumi special rights which were meant for Malay and other indigenous were transferred to names like Vincent Tan, YTL, Halim Saat and many other names that were familiar to everyone in the country.

All these new Malay Bumiputra exclusive cronies were actually the Bumis, not for people like you and me anymore.

This was the period when the whole NEP was ill treated and pitilessly bastardized and I agree with Nazir Razak at this point.

To be continued……………..

Yoga Music, Good for Meditation too!

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 07:53 AM PDT" />

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Fire dampens Raya cheer

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 05:32 AM PDT

For Ustaz Hamzah Busu, principal and founder of Rumah Amal Kasih Bistari (RAKB) community home, taking care of those less fortunate than himself is a lifelong calling. His lifelong mission culminating in the four RABK centres he now manage together with his wife. All told, they now shelter 70 individuals, orphans, single mothers and OKUs. Those under his care are provided not only with a roof over their heads and food on their plates, but also education and skills training to give them the means to be independent and self-sustaining once they leave the centres. However, recently tragedy struck when the top floor of the three-story RABK centre, located in Kampung Melayu Subang Shah Alam was destroyed in a fire three weeks before Ramadhan which. The fire causing RM50,000 in damages. Looking at the matter as simply another challenge, Hamzah said that he will face the situation and do his best to provide for his charges, especially with Raya Haji just a round the corner. However, he hoped that the public and the authorities can assist in bringing the cheer of Raya to the residents of Ruman Amal Kasih Bistari.
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SUPP “Lily..Come Clean…!!”

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 06:19 AM PDT

All is well when someone is doing good.No one will take a chisel or a hammer to drive it into some one's head.

Would you…??

It seems that sometimes some SUPP leaders are getting carried away especially when the wrong things are being directed to them to come clean. What is wrong when the first sms arrive at Natasha of audie61 mentioning,"

Wah,Now Lily Yong as SUPP Division Chairman can give grants and receive grants.SHD be on behalf of Minister or Asst.Minister.No mention of anyone.What about SPDP,PRS or PBB.?? Unfair or is she promoting herself..?

The instant reply from BN and Pakatan YBs were they were all caught by surprise. They was also one which say,"Belum jadi YB or menteri sudah beri MRP by Lily.Whose money is she giving out.? Her own Money……??"  

Natasha of audie61 was just driving home a point to Lily Yong the Branch Chief of Kuching SUPP. How can SUPP go into battle against their common enemy when they cannot even handle the Bloggers.

She should not have come out getting down the throats of bloggers and telling them not to be little other people or organisations who are trying to serve the community. COME CLEAN LILY NO ONE AGAINST YOU GIVING GRANTS.. They are just asking you who are you giving it on behalf or where the funds come from..

A voter even asked ,"Is she still trying her luck to stand in Padungan..?? SAYANG PAO SU BN " { MEANING-so sorry for BN sure lost

She has also put herself in a tight spot when she double talk herself into more trouble when she replied herself on one hand not to answer the comments "bests not to reply to them" while on the other hand she continued,"As far as I am concerned there is nothing wrong to help and for this small amount it is not the way to fish for votes,gather sympathy,support and gain poplularity."


Bloggers are politicians bests friend and if some BN Leaders does not know how to use this new media they have charted their own abyss.

Superman to His Son: I Love You, But You’re Not Real

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 07:31 AM PDT

The most touching, tear-jerker moment in the whole Justice League series. From the Justice League Unlimited episode, For the Man Who Has Everything (summary of episode at link):

Smoother and more complete context version starting from 3 minutes 30 seconds:

"Van… When you were born, it was the happiest day iof my life. When I first saw your beautiful face… Your tiny fingers squeezed my hand so tight. Like you never wanted to let go. I've watched every step, every struggle… But Van, I… But I don't think you're real. I don't think any of this is real."

"Don't say that daddy. Please. You're scaring me."

"No, no… I don't wanna scare you Van. You are everything I ever wanted in a son. This… This is everything I ever wanted in a life. But I've got responsibilities Van. I… Have to go now."


"I promise you. I'll never forget."

Imagine it for yourself…. Think about the ones you love dearest, and imagine if you were to suddenly wake up and realize Your wife/husband/son/daughter is all just a dream. Would you want to be awake, or would rather live on in the dream world (that seems so real to you)? Would you be willing to take the red pill? Would you choose the unhappy truth over the blissful lie?

It makes me sad just to think about it.


See also other tearjerker moments in comics:

Ushio & Tora: Kirio's Mama:

Luffy vs Usopp:

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Forty one

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 05:02 AM PDT

Forty one Forty One. Just a number? A number in a list? Or forty one homes ... not houses ... homes. Forty one families. Hundreds of lives. 41 families are all that is left of the once vibrant community of Bukit Jalil Estate. They know they cannot remain. Some of them who remain once worked in the estate. They have been there for 70-over years. They have laboured and contributed to national development for meagre wages. Many have passed on and to take their places are their children and grandchildren. What they want is fair and equitable compensation for the toil. For the years of low wages. For their contribution to 57 years of national development. Produced by Indrani Kopal
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Cheah par boe eng see boe - have you got f* all to do?

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 05:08 AM PDT

Case No 1 – Compulsory Patriotism Exercise

Ipoh mayor has achieved a first in the world, in 'legislating' compulsory patriotism. The Star Online reported that:

All businessmen in the city must fly the Jalur Gemilang on National Day Aug 31 and the state flag during the Sultan of Perak's birthday on Apr 19 at their premises if their want their business licences renewed.

Ipoh Mayor Datuk Roshidi Hashim said those who failed to comply with the new regulation would also be compounded or blacklisted.

Roshidi said the regulation was part of the effort by the Ipoh City Council to inculcate patriotism among city folk, especially the business communities [...]

Chinese would say "Cheah par boe eng see boe" (have you got f* all to do?)

Case No 2 - Naming Exercise

Someone wants to rename Sibu.

"Cheah par boe eng see boe"

Case No 3 - Money Exercise

Kelantan government wants to introduce the use of the gold dinar and silver dirham. WTF for? Why introduce this distraction?

"Cheah par boe eng see boe"

UMNO-MCA War Escalates As Soi Lek Slams Hishammuddin - By Clara Chooi.

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 04:19 AM PDT

An all-out war appears to have broken out between Barisan Nasional allies MCA and Umno, with Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek accusing "some BN leaders" of failing to recognise past failures and claiming that they would eventually cause the MCA's demise.

The MCA president said that the party was not afraid to side with its opposition foe DAP in issues that benefited the community and would not run away from making its stand known.

Dr Chua also indirectly named Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein as one of the BN leaders he was referring to, claiming that this was shown in the Umno vice-president's blunt reminder to the MCA yesterday to stick with BN's struggles.

"Hishammuddin's statement yesterday that the MCA should not forget the struggle of the BN when fighting for Chinese demands shows that some BN leaders have yet to learn from the 2008 general election and do not understand the urge of the people to reform," he said in a statement here today.

It was reported today that the Umno vice-president had "reminded MCA to stick with the struggles" of BN when championing the rights of the Chinese community.

Dr Chua said that based on the results of Elections 2008, the new MCA leadership understood the need for it to change to regain the people's trust and support.

"If some BN leaders continue to live in their own world, they will certainly push MCA to its doom and will not bring the ruling coalition any good," he claimed.

Dr Chua said that while the party respected Hishammuddin's views, the latter should not blame MCA for deviating from the objectives and struggles of the BN.

"He cannot blame us for deviating from the objectives and struggles of the BN simply because MCA has a different voice from him or other component party leaders," he said.

Dr Chua defended the new, stronger stance of the present MCA leadership under his presidency, claiming that the party's political struggle was "totally reasonable and legal".

"MCA will push hard for the implementation of the 13 resolutions passed during the Chinese Economic Congress held on Saturday because the resolutions are not only related to the Chinese community but also the future of the country's economic development. MCA reckons that it has the responsibility to reflect the wishes of the Chinese community due to globalisation. Otherwise, not only MCA will lose the community's support, it will not be able to also justify its political existence," he said.

On Saturday, the MCA's Chinese Economic Congress called for economic liberalisation and that a merit-based and needs-based system would contribute to the path for Malaysia to be globally competitive.

Dr Chua's strong words of rebuke against Hishammuddin today continues to fan the fires already brewing between the Umno and MCA.

The tension began when MCA called on Hishammuddin to use his authority to rescind the ban on the non-Muslims' use of the word Allah.

The Home Minister had earlier admitted that the decision was regrettable.

MCA's call was resounded by the DAP, triggering a knee-jerk response from Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who then called for a gag order on the issue.

The Umno deputy president had called on the MCA to accept the government's decision in banning the word "Allah" and had also questioned MCA's intention in sharing the same view as the DAP.

Shortly after the row quietened, Dr Chua created waves in the media again when he appeared to criticise both Umno and PAS for using religion to compete for Malay support.

He claimed that in recent days, Umno had appeared to be more "conservative" in its attempt to use religion to woo voters, and even said that the competition between the two Malay-based parties had led to some "non-progressive policies".

The policies, he noted, had caused the country to be caught in a middle-income trap for more than 10 years.

Dr Chua in turn received flak from Umno leaders who accused him of trying to shift racial politics into religious politics.

Dr Chua and other MCA leaders have since claimed that his statement had been taken out of context.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Court dismisses Anwar's 2nd bid to strike out charge

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 03:52 AM PDT

The Kuala Lumpur High Court has dismissed Anwar Ibrahim's application to strike out his sodomy charge, following an allegation that a member of the prosecution team had romantic relations with the complainant. Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah ruled that the allegation does not compromise the prosecution's integrity. This is because DPP Farah Azlina Latif had no access to vital prosecution documents, as stated in the affidavits of investigating officer Jude Blacious Pereira (left) and DPP Mohd Hanafiah Zakaria. Full story here:
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Jay and Liew: half truths that make a whole?

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 04:00 AM PDT

Nazir Razak belittles the New Economic Policy that his father came up with and drew the ire of Malays while reaping the accolades of the Chinese while on the other hand Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin says the NEP has benefitted the non Malays and he is immediately bastardised by the Chinese and quoted by the Malays.

The truth is both of them spoke the truth, not the whole truth, perhaps, but the truth.

Under the NEP, Malays like Jay were given the opportunity to compete with the Urban Chinese, reversing the tide of divide and conquer that was entrenched by the British.

Despite his big brains, I think Jay is where he is today thanks to the climate of sharing that was created by the NEP, his opportunities, big or small, by design or perchance came to his doorsteps by virtue of his lineage and his race.

But he is right in saying that the NEP has been bastardised by those in power and by that he probably means the same Umno that is led by his brother, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, a.k.a. the PM.

Umno must and has taken the blame for it, they lost four states and will lose their shorts if they continue to pretend that the rest of the world has not seen what they are doing.

Liew on the other hand pointed out what the rest of the world has seen. The deliberate expansionary nature of the NEP has allowed Non Malays to prosper.

It is worth repeating that the NEP has awlays maintained that the share of 30 per cent that the Malays should have shall be carved out of new economic opportunities, that obviously means they will have to get more than half of all NEW economic opportunities that THE GOVERNMENT have to think of.

It's not an easy job thinking of new expansionary economic activities every year for decades just so that your own people can find some economic redress after hundreds of years of colonialisation and deliberate policy of dumbing down the natives.

If anyone can dispute the facts presented by Liew, please do but I think it would be a pointless exercise because he is telling the truth.

If you put together the half truths, we see that the NEP is generally beneficial for all, except after it was bastardised by the assholes in power.

The people of Malaysia knew this all along, that is why in March 2008 the sent a message to BN, change or be changed... they did not say BN is rotten and had nothing to do with all that is right in this country.

The people of Malaysia still wants a reformed BN, a reformed UMNO but the problem is UMNO may not remember the message they received in 2008..

I am all for a reformed Umno but if they do not want to reform then we have to find a better alternative because it is not and never about Umno, it is about Malaysia, it is about our lives and the lives of our families. Umno will have my support for as long as it looks after me, looks after Islam, the Malays and this country.

Jay have made his brother's work harder and opened the door against everyone who wants to remove Malay Special Rights and for that he will be a villain while Liew betrayed the Chinese effort to make get even more wealth and political power for themselves.

Felda sues Suara Keadilan for RM200 million

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 02:34 AM PDT

The Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) today filed a RM200 million suit in the Kuala Lumpur High Court against PKR party organ Suara Keadilan for claiming in an article that the agency had gone bankrupt. The defamation suit, filed under Felda and Felda Global Ventures Holdings Sdn Bhd, named six respondents including PKR president Dr Wan Azizah wan Ismail (left) and her deputy Syed Husin Ali as the first and second respondents. Full story here:
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Hisham admits it, what about Najib and the rest?

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 03:08 AM PDT

Finally, Hisham admits the fact that Umno members are actually fed up of infighting and bickering within the party. Whether he really sees and understands the whole situation in Umno, especially in Terengganu, is not important but his approach counts.

I am not sure whether he acknowledges the worsening infighting among Umno leaders, notably at states and divisions level as he himself has his politics in command of him. Whether he will advance further (he used to avow of aspiring to become a prime minister) or getting saturated at where he is now, only God knows.

He is not as friendly as before, so say many of his friends and colleagues. He gets snobbish by the day. He despises bloggers, including pro-government bloggers whom he describes as 'menyusahkan'. In other words, we are just a pain in the ass. But he loves the Press, calling press conferences and issuing statements frequently. Any difference between the mainstream media and bloggers?

Even efforts by his aides to arrange a 'bloggers meet Hisham session' was either called off or rescheduled many times. Afraid, maybe?

Now, does he understands what infighting among Umno leaders is? (read here) What kind of info did he get from Ahmad Said. Does he believe in all the feedback feeded to him by Terengganu Umno? Does he trust the people who gave him such info?

Terengganu is a 50-50 state at this particular moment. Should we call for a general election this year, the state will fall to Pas and the Pakatan Rakyat. Not only Terengganu, Kelantan will remain as a Pas stronghold, Selangor will see almost all Umno state seats fall to the Opposition, Johor will have more Opp Aduns, Kedah and Perlis will go to PR, Perak is a doubtful winner while in Melaka, Ali Rustam himself could lose in his own constituency.

What about the Dewan Rakyat? Barisan Nasional's majority would be reduced to between 6 and 10 seats. Will Hisham survive his?

Umno leaders like Hisham should look deeply into problems plaguing the party. Dont deny the fact that many Umno members have voted for the Opposition in the last general elections, hoping for the leadership to change. They were taught a good lesson.

Sadly, nothing seems to have changed. Umno leaders still love rhetoric, calling on members to continue supporting them. 'Siapalah kita tanpa Umno!' but what would become of the party if more and more members leaving it for Pas or PKR?

We are happy and proud to read news by the mainstream media that more and more Pas and PKR members are joining Umno but at the same time do we notice how many Umno members are crossing over? In Terengganu, situation gets worse each day. Does Hisham know that there are political empires at few Umno divisions in the state? What is he going to do about it? What kind of a picture that you got from Ahmad Said?

Most of Umno top leaders today were born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Najib and Hisham are sons of former premiers while the others are descendants of the rich and famous. They take things too lightly. Whatever happens at the grassroots is none of their business, just leave it to the state or division heads to attend it.

Umno members do not fancy stuck-up leaders who come with dozens bodyguards and luxury cars to their branch or division. As most division heads are also like many Umno leaders - getting rich quickly after being appointed to their respective positions - they only choose their own people to safeguard their interest. They only call on members to 'buy' them in the next party elections.

Some divisions have its own political empires. Apart from being a division head, his wife is the Wanita chief, his daughter as the Puteri chief while his son holds the Pemuda division chief. Umno leadership is aware of this ugly trend but there is nothing they can do about it as the precedent has been set.

So, like it or not, let the members judge the party and its leaders again in the next general election! You may not want to read posting like this but let me tell you this - Umno is getting irrelevant by the day because of its leaders' ignorant game!

Jom Bersama Yb Nurul Izzah Bulan Ramadhan

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 02:09 AM PDT

Jadual Iftar dan Terawikh

PAS: Mengapa tiada tindakan terhadap Tajuddin Ramli?

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 12:52 AM PDT

Bekas pengerusi Syarikat Penerbangan Malaysia (MAS) Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli mungkin dilindungi pihak tertentu menyebabkan beliau bebas daripada pendakwaan akibat kerugian didakwa sebanyak RM8 bilion, dakwa PAS. Naib presidennya Salahuddin Ayub (kiri) mendakwa demikian hari ini ketika mendedahkan beberapa dokumen berhubung kerugian yang didakwa dialami syarikat tersebut. Full story here:
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Why Build the Mosque at Ground Zero?

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 12:08 AM PDT

Why build the mosque cultural centre at Ground Zero when it will attract massive waves of hate and hate-motivated attacks?

DUH, because it will attract massive waves of hate and hate-motivated attacks. What better way to 'prove' that Islamophobia is real and deeply ingrained in America and pave the way for more concessions in the name of 'tolerance'?

It's called self-fulfilling prophecy.

Wah, YB Ezam calls me "bangsat" :P

Posted: 15 Aug 2010 11:19 PM PDT

My amusement for the day :P :)

Well, better he picks on me than grandmothers like Wan Azizah.. :)

Court jesters rule the day in Sodomy II

Posted: 15 Aug 2010 02:29 PM PDT

From Paramas Varan Kandiah, via-email

I refer your report on Anwar Ibrahim's ongoing sodomy trial. Which judge dares to strike out the case ? The case should go on and on to keep the public mystified.

From Charles Joseph, via e-mail

The whole system is a joke... to get rid of this problem, all of you who are against this present system and government, please spread this and other similar news far and wide.

Let the whole world know what's happening to our it's being raped, rakyat's monies being squandered and so on. Only then can we restore Malaysia to what it's supposed to be. Support Anwar and his colleagues in their mission to a clean Malaysia.

From Tim Mustapha, via e-mail

The judiciary is supposed to be impartial, they are supposed to be highly respected, they are supposed to be independent of the legislative and the executive - the check and balance of parliamentary system. they sold their souls, respectability. The whole nation now looks down on the judiciary!

From Abdul Ghani, via e-mail

We don't look down on the judiciary...we are just smiling at the jokes made by the court jester, again and again...a dirty tactic indeed. It shows the world how low our lawyers can go.


Anwar loses bid to strike out sodomy charge

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