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The Holy Qur’an enjoins us to “judge with justice the principle of justice the rot starts from the court house.. …”

The Holy Qur’an enjoins us to “judge with justice the principle of justice the rot starts from the court house.. …”

The Holy Qur’an enjoins us to “judge with justice the principle of justice the rot starts from the court house.. …”

Posted: 31 Jul 2010 03:31 PM PDT

You can change the judge but you cannot change the law.

That may be true in US and in a more civilised world. But not in Malaysia.

Here, they change the law and keep the judge(s).

And luckily nobody wanted a Royal Commission anymor

Dear Tun Mahathir, can I get my lawyer to seek an appointment with you to read this speech from Anwar Ibrahim to you? You may be a busy man and it is indeed my privilege if you are humble enough to grant an audience with my lawyer just for this sole purpose. You may name the date, place and appointed time. I am absolutely certain my lawyer would be able to explain the speech fully to you for your comprehension just in case you may be hard on hearing at your age. Rest assured my lawyer would not be sending his bill to you for his time to be expended on this exercise. Thank you.

There really is no longer any point in saying that this makes a mockery of the Malaysian justice system – because there no longer exists a justice system to mock anyway.

When such blatantly malicious and provocative actions are allowed to go unpunished – and are openly endorsed by the home minister himself – they merely add further proof that Najib's '1Malaysia' is nothing more than a hypocritical public relations exercise and that Umno is nothing more than a mob of corrupt, racist thugs hiding behind the tattered fig leaf of pseudo-nationalistic ethnocentrism.

The kangaroo courts have again showed the rakyat the kind of twisted minds that sit on the judiciary. This verdict is an insult to all those who profess the Hindu religion.

1Malaysia, 2 systems. One for Umnoputras and one for others. Umnoputras can get away with murder. The rest will be severely punished, even with ISA.

The rot starts from the court house.. …"

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First, I'd like to thank the organizing committee for inviting me to close the conference. Perhaps that is an understatement. Really, I should say that words can't convey my profound appreciation for the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' that your organization has to suffer by inviting me here. But then again, I see it as a mark of conviction and fortitude that you have stood your ground in the face of adversity. Therefore, I mean it in the truest sense when I say that I am greatly honored to be here to give my humble address to such a distinguished audience.

Today I shall depart from the usual practice of poking fun at lawyers. So let me take issue with Justice Oliver Holmes when he said that lawyers spend a great deal of their time shoveling smoke. This remark is totally uncalled for. Speaking from personal experience, I have seen the toil and the tears that some lawyers have to go through in handling certain cases. I tell myself there must be some kind of masochistic tendency in them that they can carry on in spite of so much pain. And then on closer reflection, it has to do with the nobility of the profession and certain values in life. Of course, in any basket there are always some bad apples but as they say that shouldn't spoil the whole bunch.

Indeed, I am fortunate to be able to count among my close friends, lawyers of the highest integrity and dedication to their calling. Which is why I stand here before you in humility to speak on a subject that I believe is close to all of us.


So, with apologies to the eminent legal philosopher Ronald Dworkin, I have chosen to title my speech today as "Taking Justice Seriously".

As one saying goes, the principle of justice is so central in a civil society that without it the concept of law has no meaning. The Holy Qur'an enjoins us to "judge with justice." According to St. Augustine, kingdoms are but great robberies if justice is taken away. In my own humble view, no civilized society can exist without it, for justice is so central that bereft of it, the very foundation of our humanity crumbles.

Let's see how this case unfolds. Let's witness how the CJ and his court jesters trip amongst the daisies.


To be sure, in talking about justice, we are not confined to the judges and the judicial system of a country though that is a crucial component. Nor are we limited to discussing only the role of lawyers or the law enforcement agencies, though that too is essential. And justice is not only about subjecting the actions and policies of the Executive to intense scrutiny. That too is of utmost importance. Indeed the subject encompasses all that have come to be associated with the idea of justice: freedom and democracy, the rule of law, constitutionalism, equity and fair play, social justice and the dignity of man. Let me begin with a historical account that is still relevant to the very idea of justice.

More than a century ago, the great French writer Émile Zola published his famous open letter entitled "J'accuse" on the front page of a leading Parisian newspaper. Expressed in highly emotional language, Zola charged the nation's military top brass with conspiracy and anti-Semitism in dealing with the infamous Alfred Dreyfus affair. But instead of bringing the culprits to book, the authorities lost no time in arresting Zola, charging him with criminal libel, and having him tried as a common criminal. The show trial was so well managed that an angry bloodthirsty Parisian mob gathered outside the court house clamoring for Zola's head.

Anatole France, another eminent man of letters, came to his defence and valiantly testified to Zola's "admirable good faith and absolute integrity." But this was of no consequence as Zola was hastily convicted and sentenced to jail. However, thanks to his quick thinking and survival instincts, Zola chose freedom instead and dashed off to England. By his reckoning, there was a total failure of justice and it would be foolish for him to submit to an utterly corrupt and unjust system.

Today as we sit here in closing three days of very spirited discussions about the state of law, of human rights and of justice in the nation, we find ourselves in a situation not much different from what I have just recounted. As you can readily gather, there is indeed an uncanny parallel between the Zola episode and what is currently going on here. And I am not talking about my case here. I am referring to the persecution of a famous blogger who published not "J'accuse" but an equally sensational expose which shook the nation, and who has also chosen freedom in London.

So, at the root of this episode is the issue of the people's participation in matters which have a bearing on society – they comment, they criticize and they expose the wrongdoings and shenanigans of those in power. Because of this, they are branded as enemies of the state and are hounded like common criminals.

From one angle, we could see this as a classic case of the tyranny of state power. Yes, we can view it that way or we can go beyond mere emotional outburst and look at it as a failure of the state to allow for government by discussion and participation.

According to one of the most influential public thinkers of our time, Nobel laureate Professor Amartya Sen, "the central issues in a broader understanding of democracy are political participation, dialogue and public interaction."

The failure to allow for 'government by discussion' can be seen for example in the deprivation of a free and independent press. Without this, the advancement of public reasoning is constrained and is forced to find its voice through other channels. The benefits of a free and independent media have been well expounded by leading writers and empirically we know what that is all about. So, I need not and should not attempt to reinvent the wheel here. Unfortunately for us, far from having a free and independent press, we have one which is essentially a propaganda machine for the powers that be. As a result, the people's voice can only be heard through an alternative media, one which thrives in spite of the constraints imposed by the authorities. As you know, we have a plethora of laws aimed at curbing freedom of expression enforced with the full might of the organs of state power.

Arbitrary, whimsical at times, but more often tyrannical and politically motivated. This is how I would characterize the Executive in their use of power. The fact that just a month ago, all three newspapers of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition were suspended speaks volumes about press freedom in this country.

The point is that media freedom is so central to the democratization process that without it there is neither democracy nor justice. To my mind, where the voices of truth are muzzled, where dissent is stifled and where opinions are censored, it is a travesty to call it democracy.

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As Amartya Sen puts it so succinctly, "the media is important not only for democracy but for the pursuit of justice in general. 'Discussionless justice' can be an incarcerating idea."

The suppression of the people's voice is not restricted to just the media. The freedom to assemble and to listen to ceramahs (public lecture) is also severely curtailed and that is a violation of the people's constitutional rights. In this regard, I must commend the Bar Council for having taken much initiative in its outreach program to educate the public about their fundamental rights as citizens of a nation founded on a constitutional charter.

Closely linked to this is what is known as the protective power of political liberty in securing justice. This is not a new concept. It is already laid down in our constitution. It is supposed to protect us from harassment and highhandedness of the authorities; it should protect us from arbitrary arrest and selective as well as vindictive prosecution; and it should protect us from the oppression and persecution of a less than impartial judiciary.

Now this protection is essential for the proper functioning of a true and viable democracy; not a democracy which is spun by an elaborate network of public relations campaigns at home and abroad with millions of the tax payers' money to foot the bill; neither are we talking about a democracy that buys its way through op-ed columns and full page ads in foreign newspapers paid for by unknown sources; and most certainly not a democracy where the state rides rough shod over the rights of the people, treating the property of the state, the land and the rich resources like a private fiefdom, for the amassing of wealth and to live out the good life at the people's expense.

In a true democracy, justice prevails in a system where the rule of law governs the administration of justice. That means judges will exercise their powers in accordance with the rule of law and will be mindful of the legitimate expectations of the people as to their competency, dedication and impartiality. Our society is maturing and with it, expectations of the moral dimension of justice become greater. As John Rawls has said, laws and institutions, no matter how efficient and well arranged, must be reformed or abolished if they are unjust.

In a real democracy, sham trials will not see the light of day because the principles of justice and due process will prevent the arbitrary use of prosecutorial powers. Unfortunately, we have now become familiar with this scenario in various parts of the world: first, because of the fear of losing power, a strategy is unleashed with the sole aim of crushing the political threat. This is done by neutralizing the leader or leaders. Trumped-up charges are leveled no doubt aimed at putting them behind bars for good. Then, despite the best efforts of lawyers to mount a fool-proof defence, the judgment is a foregone conclusion.

The point is when the rule of law is crushed under the tyranny of politics the administration of justice becomes farcical and perverse. We would expect that in a real democracy, the use of the judicial process to bring down political opponents will not be tolerated. However, where judges are unable to stand up to the political masters, those prosecuted for political reasons are condemned even before the trial begins. At every step along the arduous path to finality, all manner of obstacles are thrown to frustrate them in their effort to secure a fair and just trial.

We see the work of the ubiquitous unseen hand here, its invisibility made possible because of the utter lack of accountability and transparency in governance. Because of this, not only do we see the substitution of the rule of law by the rule of men but we see the entire system and process of governance being turned on its head.

Without accountability, those who wield power can get away with anything. Contracts and projects worth millions of ringgit, even hundreds of millions, are doled out without any regard to proper and due process. There are also ventures which have cost the nation billions and when they fail, the ones responsible for the fiasco not only go unpunished but actually get to benefit from it. We may shake our heads in utter disbelief but the reality is staring us in the face. That is why taking justice seriously is no longer an option but an imperative.

As government is power, we must hold to account those who wield that power. The moral imperative lies not in accountability for the sake of political expediency but in the dictates of justice. This imperative must apply to all those holding power regardless of whether they are from the Federal Government or State Governments. Access to information is essential to enable citizens to challenge actions of public officials and to seek redress for misconduct. While freedom of information laws will secure open government by fiat, the question remains as to why the moral imperative seems to evaporate along the corridors of power. In this regard, I am proud to say that, the government of Selangor has passed the Freedom of Information Enactment in spite of the obstacles thrown in its path. This is part and parcel of the Pakatan Rakyat reform agenda. In terms of governance, there shall be no compromise on accountability and transparency. We see what is wrong, we make good and we move forward. On the other hand, the Federal Government appears to be hell bent on turning back the clock.

They say that this enactment is bad law because it contradicts the Official Secrets Act. On the contrary, we say that it is the Official Secrets Act which is bad law because it violates the basic guarantees of the Federal Constitution. And more importantly in the context of justice, we believe we are on the right side of the moral argument because if there is nothing to hide, why is there a need to keep secrets? If we can defend our actions, why do we need to hide behind secrecy laws?

The amassing of wealth through corrupt means, the abuse of executive power for material gain, and the squandering of tax payers' money – these are some of the hallmarks of the failure to have accountability and they impact directly on the question of justice. Every ringgit squandered or misappropriated is every ringgit that should rightly have gone to the people for their benefit, for free education, and for free health care. The demands of social justice alone therefore warrant the absolute need for accountability.

In Islam, the idea of social justice or al-Adala al-Ijtima'iyya enjoins upon the equitable distribution of wealth while protecting the higher objectives of the Shari'ah or al-Maqasid al-Shari'ah. Among these is the safeguarding and preservation of property, that is, protecting the wealth of the community from being pillaged and plundered by those in power. By extension, good economic governance is a moral imperative and any government which prides itself as being responsible to the people must be committed to a sound and balanced economic agenda.

This is why we have a reform agenda that aims at reducing the socio-economic inequities of the people while at the same promoting healthy economic growth. In this agenda, we welcome domestic and foreign private-sector investment initiatives, generate full employment opportunities, and ensure robust development that adds long term value to the economy. But we will have no truck with the rent-seeking practices, crony capitalism or ostentatious and wasteful development of our predecessors. Sustainable development is not a mere numbers game. As an integral part of the notion of justice, development must proceed on an even keel with the other elements so as to enhance the quality of life and uplift the dignity of all. We are not saying that this can be achieved at the blink of an eye. Indeed, with Federal power still concentrated in the hands of an elite few the odds are heavily stacked against us. The path ahead is fraught with danger and obstacles. But despair not. Let us fortify our resolve to take justice seriously and fight for the future of our generations. For in the words of Anatole France: "We will win, because we are right, and because reason is on our side."

Thank you.

A variation of Dworkin's highly acclaimed jurisprudence tome entitled "Taking Rights Seriously"

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Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was, and will again be the next big catch!

Posted: 31 Jul 2010 02:29 PM PDT

So what is Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim telling the people that the government has got no balls and Chutzpah (his Yiddish expression) to catch a BIG fish of a politician for corruption and for other misdeed?
We must again be reminded that he was arrested when he was a Deputy Prime Minister and a Minister of Finance, for abuse of power and other misdeed, a BIG indeed! And I am sure he will be found guilty again after his ongoing sodomy trial. But unfortunately many Malaysians will still believe his lies!

UMNO/BN: Ikutlah contoh DAP

Posted: 31 Jul 2010 10:00 AM PDT

Tee Boon Hock, Ahli Majlis Perbandaran Kelang (MPK)yang dilantik oleh kerajaan PR Selangor telah dipecat keahliannya oleh DAP kerana terlibat dalam rasuah dan salahguna kuasa.

Tee Boon Hock dikatakan telah mempengaruhi MPK untuk memberikan kontrak sebanyak RM1 juta kepada syarikat yang ada kepentingan keluarga beliau.

Ahli veteren DAP itu juga dikatakan melakukan kesalahan dengan menggunakan 'letter head' seorang Exco negeri Selangor, Ronnie Liew dan memalsukan tandatangan Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Selangor itu.

Ronnie Liew juga diminta oleh MPK untuk membuat lapuran polis terhadap Tee Boon Hock untuk memudahkan penyiasatan dilakukan keatas ahli Majlis MPK yang mewakili DAP itu.

Pemecatan beliau sebagai ahli DAP berkuatkuasa serta merta. Saya memilih topik ini bukannya disebabkan rasuah itu semata-mata. Rasuah yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin kerajaan BN selama ini bukannya sekecil itu malah dalam angka berbillion ringgit dan ianya sudah menjadi 'norm' dalam BN.

Yang saya tertarik dengan isu itu ialah bagaimana parti dan pemimpinnya yang bertanggung jawab mengambil isu rasuah ini sebagai satu isu besar walaupun jumlah yang terlibat hanyalah RM1 Juta sahaja.

Tindakkan DAP memecat Tee Boon Hock ini melengkapkan usaha sebuah parti yang bertanggung jawab untuk mematikan benih-benih kegiatan rasuah untuk mengelakkan penyakit itu merebak seperti apa yang sudah dan sedang berlaku dalam UMNO dan BN.

Saya teringat peristiwa pada penujung tahun 1960 an, dalam mana kerajaan pimpinan Tunku Abdul Rahman telah mendakwa YB Sulaiman Bulun, seorang Menteri Muda dimahkamah kerana kes penyelewengan dan salahguna kuasa yang yang melibatkan wang pembayar cukai yang kurang dari RM15 ribu.

Sebagai pemimpin yang bertanggung jawab untuk mengelakkan kegiatan rasuah dizamannya , tetapi Tunku tidak mahu amalan rsuah itu tidak berlarutan kejamgka waktu yang panjang.

Tunku begitu serius untuk menentukan rasuah tidak dipandang sebagai isu remeh kerana ianya akan membinasakan negara dan bangsanya jika amalan buruk itu tidak dibendung. Beliau bukan sahaja seorang pemimpin yang memerdekakan negara dari penjajah tetapi juga memerdekakan negara dari ancaman rasuah yang jauh lebih merbahaya kepada negara.

Begitulah tingginya nilai etika Tunku dalam melaksanakan tanggung jawab sebagai teraju negara.

Justru itu tindakkan DAP itu sepatutnya menjadi contoh kepada BN dan sememangnya itulah cara dan kaedah terbaik untuk membenteras rasuah; mengambil tindakkan semasa ianya masih dalam tahap kecil-kecilan.

Pandangan saya ini mungkin mendapat reaksi yang tidak disenangi oleh rakan-rakan dalam UMNO atau BN, tetapi saya tidak akan mengambil 'pot' terhadap kritikkan mana-mana pihak jika ada.

Yang benar itu tetap benar dan saya tidak merasakan apa-apa jika dikritik oleh mana-mana pihak.

Saya tahu ada pihak akan mencari berbagai helah untuk menafikan tindakkan yang baik yang dilakukan oleh DAP itu.

Tindakkan kerajaan PR Selangor mengeluarkan arahan supaya pihak yang berkuasa tidak melayan surat sokongan dari ahli-ahli politik itu merupakan satu tindakkan yang saya puji kerana usaha itu boleh mengelakkan pihak 'impementer' tidak dipengaruhi oleh pengaruh politik.

Walaupun secara peribadi saya mempunayi masalah dengan TS Khalid semasa berkhidmat dibawah beliau diPNB dahulu tetapi saya mesti dan wajar mengakui apa yang beliau lakukan itu merupakan perkara yang sangat terpuji.

Perbuatan yang baik ini tentunya tidak digemari oleh setengah pihak, kerana pihak ini.

Pihak ini seboleh-bolehnya ingin melihat kerajaan PR jatuh dengan menunjukkan kelemahan kerajaan Selangor walaupun pihak ini sendiri ditolak rakyat dalam PRU yang lalu kerana isu rasuah dan salahguna kuasa yang berluas-luasa semasa mereka memerintah negeri ini dahulu.

Saya telah menerima beberapa panggilan talipon yang memuji DAP bertindak kepada ahli Majlis Perbandaran Kelang itu dan ini melambangkan perhatian serius DAP terhadap isu rasuah ini. DAP jelas belajar dari kesilapan pihak lain untuk memperbaikki parti mereka.Hanya kita sahaja yang belum lagi mahu belajar dari kesilapan kita sendiri.

Saya mengucapkan taniah kepada DAP kerana berusaha mematikan benih-benih rasuah sebelum ianya melarat dan dibudayakan oleh ahli parti itu.

Nyata DAP tidak mahu jadi seperti BN yang hanya membawa ahli mereka kemahkamah setelah jumlah rasuah mencapai ketahap RM12 billion dalam hanya satu projek yang dilaksnakan kerajaan….tidak termasuk lagi ratusan projek yang lain yang menelan belanja yang berbillion-billion ringgit termasuk elemen kos untuk rasuah.

DAP sacks Boon Hock

Posted: 31 Jul 2010 09:23 AM PDT

DAP yesterday sacked Klang municipal councillor Tee Boon Hock for alleged misuse of power involving recommendation letters to secure Klang Municipal Council (MPK) contracts. Selangor DAP chairman Ean Yong Hian Wah, when contacted by Bernama, confirmed the sacking but refused further comment.

On Tuesday, an English daily reported that a municipal councillor had allegedly used Selangor Local Government, Study and Research Committee chairman Ronnie Liu's official letterhead and seal to produce his own letters of recommendation to get MPK contracts for his cronies and family members.

Meanwhile, Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said the search done on MPK's office yesterday did not find any letters of recommendation alleged to have been produced by the councillor.

He said although Tee had been called to give his statements to the police, the councillor had yet to do so.

DAP, at least, did not try to defend its 'corrupt' member unlike other parties. The stern action is probably the most harsh ever taken against its member but the MACC is not left with lesser burden in investigating the case, should they want to.

Shall we commend this move by the DAP?

The 4th Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit (MSLS) 2010

Posted: 31 Jul 2010 06:53 AM PDT

Some snippets from the 4th Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit (MSLS) 2010's media forum. Login to watch the full 40-min version of the forum. The media forum titled 'The Responsibility of the Media towards Nation Building', was chaired by the following key speakers: -Ahirudin Attan, Blogger, Editor of The Malay Mail and President of the National Press Club -Zainul Ariffin Mohammed Isa, the NSTP group managing editor -Steven Gan, Editor-in-Chief of Malaysiakini -Jahabar Sadiq, Editor of Malaysian Insider
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Sokong Karpal: Bunuh Perogol Kanak-Kanak

Posted: 31 Jul 2010 09:25 AM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Tulang Besi menyokong 100% cadangan Karpal Singh supaya perogol kanak-kanak dihukum bunuh. Malahan, bagi Tulang Besi, hukuman bunuh sahaja tidak cukup. Bagi Tulang Besi, Malaysia wajib memperkenalkan hukuman salib di khalayak ramai kepada perogol-perool kanak-kanak. Dalam isu ini, kita wajib mempersetankan panggilan para pejuang hak asasi manusia. Mereka yang didapati bersalah kerana merogol kanak-kanak tidak layak mendapat hak asasi manusia. Apa akan jadi pada anak cucu kita kelak apabila anak-anak kita tidak selamat dari menjadi mangsa rogol? Generasi masa depan kita akan hancur sekiranya kita tidak dapat memastikan keselamatan anak-anak kita dari menjadi mangsa rogol.

Namun, seingat saya, cadangan hukum bunuh bagi perogol kanak2 ni dah lama dicadangkan oleh PDRM kita. Mungkin cadangan ni tidak disukai sangat oleh UMNO pada masa itu kerana ada kepimpinan UMNO yang ditangkap kerana ada skandal dengan budak bawah umur. Nak tahu yang mana , tanya Lim Guan Eng. Hairan juga, mengapa tiada kepimpinan UMNO yang membawa cadangan ni?

Karpal suggests death penalty for child rapists
Sat, 31 Jul 2010 17:44

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP chairman Karpal Singh today called upon the government to amend Section 376 of the Penal Code to provide for the death penalty for child rapists. Karpal said although he had been an advocate for the abolition of the death penalty, in light of the daily occurrences of crimes against children, in particular, instances of rape against them, it was time for the government to act in the public interest which demanded the introduction of measures which were bold and effective.

"This is to send a clear message to would-be offenders that the law will not tolerate anymore the rape of innocent children," he said in a statement today.

Karpal said the recent alleged rape of a 10-year-old girl while being driven from school in a school bus by the driver brought into sharp focus the dire necessity of reviewing the penalty for such offences.

He said the punishment for rape of a child under the age of 12 under Section 376(2)(e) of the Penal Code was a term of imprisonment which might extend to 30 years together with whipping.

Undoubtedly, he said the guilt of the accused must be proven beyond any reasonable doubt and of course in cases where an accused was caught red-handed in the act itself supported by the evidence of credible eye witnesses, there should be no difficulty in proving the case beyond reasonable doubt.

"I am mindful of the danger of the execution of an innocent man. The execution of the death penalty is irreversible. The horror suffered by an innocent man condemned to death at the instance of the state is beyond imagination," he said.

However, he said the magnitude of the offence of rape of an innocent child in broad daylight in the observance of eye witnesses must attract the need to amend the law.

- Bernama

Law conference: Anwar pokes fun at AG' absence

Posted: 31 Jul 2010 05:28 AM PDT

Now that the 15th Malaysian Law Conference has come to a close, Anwar Ibrahim and the Bar Council organising committee are making light the controversy caused by the opposition leader's presence at the conference. As Anwar gave his closing address, he applauded the organising committee's bravado for inviting him to the event, a move that was said to have cost Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail's presence. "Really, I should say that words can't convey my profound appreciation for the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' that your organisation had to suffer by inviting me here. More in
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Fake Muslim Convert to Christianity Exposed!

Posted: 31 Jul 2010 12:01 PM PDT

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
May peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

That's the best form of greeting that anyone can give you regardless of you who are? Even if you are not a Muslim yet, you still deserve to be addressed as such providing you have it in you to want to at least reflect and contemplate or study upon the Truth of Al Islam.

Let me now bring you to the topic of phony Muslims who are now turning up here and there claiming to have left Islam and entered another faith, belief or creed.

Someone as phony as this guy @ a Dr Ergun Caner whom one of my readers has emailed me about and asked whether I have blogged about him yet?

I googled him and found the following series of exposes about this obviously proven to be a sorry ass fraudulent impostor who posed as a Muslim in the United States of America and clearly is not what he claims to be by the very manner by which he mumbles and grumbles his words which he attempts to pass off as Islamic terms and phrases which only the ignorant ones amongst the Non Muslim masses will be gullible enough to swallow hook, line and sinker!

The maker of the video below ought to be congratulated for successfully exposing this charlatan who attempts to besmear our Islamic faith and our blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Brothers and sisters, fellow Children of Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam.

Usually, I wouldn't give a rats ass to cases like these for there are just about hundreds of thousands of such cases featured online and are really not worth the time and effort one would be wasting in trying to understand the gibberish that these bozos post and upload to You Tube!

Yet because I have devoted the rest of my life to sharing the truth about Islam and engage with those who truly and sincerely want to know about their birthright to be Muslims, I gather that once in a while, its important for me to come out and share more with you my respected readers about our faith of Islam.

Yes, our faith of Islam. You have the right to be a Muslim. None can stop you except your own self.

You decide whether you want to live the rest of your life as a Muslim or as a Kaffir.

The term 'Kaffir' is not a derogatory word. Simply means 'Disbeliever'.

Disbeliever in what?

Disbelieving that Almighty Allahu Ta'ala is our Supreme Creator.

Quite ridiculous actually if one claims to be a rational, learned and knowledgeable person to go on and believe in something else rather than Allah, God Almighty!

No sane person worth his intellect would want to believe that God so chose to reincarnate himself as His own creation and go on into becoming a foetus in one of His creations and then be borne as any other living being of His!

Utter stupidity or sheer case of the convoluted mind trying to delude oneself to belief in the preposterous!

Simple fact.

There are just whole oceans of knowledge available online and in the print publications worldwide pertaining to the Supremacy of Allahu Rabbi over all Creation that it would be akin to attempting to reinvent the wheel for me to start all over again in explaining about how wrong many members of the humankind are today in wanting to have faith in something other than God Almighty!

I have come to the stage where I really would not want to bother wasting time on recalcitrants like the chap featured below for in comparison to the blinkered few, there are billions more out there who are seeking for the Truth!

Nevertheless, if you think that you have a few minutes to spend in learning about the fake Muslim convert to Christianity being discussed here, then you are most welcome to study the video below and after going through the other related videos in the series, go on and make up your minds as to whether this fellow had ever been a true Muslim as he claims to have been?

Good luck!

Frankly speaking dear Brothers and Sisters, there are 16 more of the follow up expose videos on this fraudster in the series and I really do not wish to clog up my blog here with such videos.

You are at liberty to go on and watch them on You Tube to learn more about this shyster.

"The truth must be told no matter what so that justice can live!"

I don't say the above just for fun.

This fake former so called Muslim is alive out there in the USA poisoning the hearts and minds of ignorants who don't really know about what Islam truly is and what it is not.

Please do the necessary.

Study about Islam if you wish to know the truth about it from authentic sources. Not from guys like this 'con'vert to Christianity!

There are priests, pastors and rabbis out there embracing Islam after spending so many years studying about it despite they having been leaders in their former faiths.

This joker is out there milking the Christian churches out of their precious funds and resources in his charade of being a former Muslim?

He claims to have been a 'devout' Muslim, hehehehe!

Yeah right!

Jho Low ... jangan kasi malu sama Malaysia

Posted: 31 Jul 2010 01:00 AM PDT

Nama Low Taek Jho akhir-akhir ini menjadi buah mulut orang. Terpulang bidang apa yang mahu dibincangkan.

Ada cerita bab kroni, dan ada cerita bab business. Ada cerita bab kemewahan hidupnya berbelanja. Ada macam Shamsul pendik nak politikkannya. Ada pula bab kejantanannya.

Husin tak risau semua itu kalau tidak ada apa-apa.

Cuma risaukan nama Malaysia.

Tau tau ajelah budak-budak gemuk punya besar mana. Nak intim pulak dengan Paris Hilton. Pastikan aksi hebat dan tidak mengecewakan dia, ye.

Jangan kasi malu sama Malaysia.

South West District Office of Penang Island Ticked Off For Poor Maintenance Of Public Toilets

Posted: 30 Jul 2010 08:53 PM PDT

By the Administrator



Yesterday, the North East District Office of Penang Island was ticked off by Councillor Ismail Ibrahimsa for its poor maintenance of public toiltests.

Ismail said this in his adjournment speech at the monthly Full Council Meeting of the Penang Island Municipal Council. At first, he was prevented from doing a slide presentation on the toilet condition by the presiding chairman Felix Ooi on technical ground, as he failed to give earlier notice, but after Councillors Kar C heng and Boo Chang stood up to urge the Chairman to waive that strict requirement, he was allowed to do so.

The condition  of a public toilet on Golden Sand was then shown, to the disgust of those who were watching.

Some public toilets in Penang were constructed by the Federal controlled Penang State Development Office, which then passed on to the District Office to maintain. Ismail quoted a letter from the District Office stating that  they never constructed (SDO) and were not responsible to maintain these public toilets. It is given to understand that maintenance works of these toilets is to be passed on to the Council as proposed by the SDO lately.

The Chairman wanted the related Offices to take action to maintain these toilets first.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said ‘What you have is cabinet they can sometimes be stupid the cabinet merely gave approvals in principal and never really studied the implication

Posted: 30 Jul 2010 09:33 PM PDT

(Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin) Ling's case shows impartial judiciary or great sadiwara Barisan National and the art of dying alive :

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said 'What you have is cabinet which is not very knowledgeable all the time because it not made of up of expert of but politician, they can sometimes be stupid the cabinet merely gave approvals in principal and never really studied the implicatiom in some parts of the agreements'Its a sad indictement that the majority of the cabinet members do not have the requisite level of education nor proessionalism let alone the ability to run a department. Most of them were appointed based on dubious criterias. If you compare most of them to the calibre from our neighbouring contry, they win hands down. All we have are mostly parrots . What a sorry sight.

So the Malaysians habeen suckers all this while

Barisan National and the art of dying alive

It is easy to exaggerate the crisis in the B.N It would be wise, however, not to confuse the convulsions at the level of the leadership, impressively violent as they are, with the party's death throes. The party is alive and kicking — and chopping and twirling and performing the rest of the prescribed morning drill with staff and khaki shorts.

There is only one strong inference that can be drawn from the ongoing turbulence in the B.N: the wild hope of some that the B.N would emerge as a stableThe B.N will remain in the thrall of the RACIALIST the mother organisation of the MAHATIRISM, for the foreseeable future.

Political parties in B.N are curious institutions. Many people see them purely as alternative platforms of patronage, their moral equivalence altered only by their degree of proximity to power. "He couldn't get the ticket from party X, so he approached party Y" is an oft-heard refrain. That belonging to a party means allegiance to a particular leader is something people appreciate; that it entails allegiance to certain values, modes of functioning and policy choices unique to that party is not part of the conventional wisdom.

.Given such amorphous conceptualisation of a political party in the popular mind, it is not surprising that people make the common mistake of seeing the B.N also as yet another political party.

The B.Nclaims to be the party with a difference. That is no spurious claim. It is different in the sense that it is not just another platform in pursuit of power, pelf and patronage. The essence of its difference, the secret ingredient of this particular Maggi sauce, is its membership of MONGOLIA

What does it mean to be part of the MONGOLIA The primary implication is that you subscribe to and follow the ideology of the MAHATIRISM. The secondary implication is that you implicitly, if not explicitly, cede overriding powers of decision-making to the MCC in organisational, ideological and tactical matters. The MCC might choose not to play an active role in the decision-making process of aMONGOLIA outfit, but it can always assert its authority if it wants to.

This philosophy, quite obviously, is fascist in nature and anti-thetical to democracy. This, of course, makes the B.N, a party with a difference, as compared to most other parties that function within the limits of MALAYSIANS liberal democratic Constitution. This structure also gives the B.N its real strength and a steady stream of workers and supporters, regardless of the party's bungling leadership.

Other political parties would make a big mistake if they focus exclusively on the squabbles among the leaders and ignore this network of feeder organisations for the B.N and the strength the party derives from their interlocking presence.

The tussle over leadership is also grossly overblown. Chua is their clear choice, despite the sobering electoral performance he managed to come up with. It is claimed that the UMNO doesn't get along with CHUA and that would come in the way of his elevation to the leadership of the MCA. CHUA is too smart a politician to not build bridges with the UMNO, if that is what it takes to clear his path to the topEveryone is alive till he or she dies. So dying alive is the only way to die, you can't die when already dead. Dying alive sounds interesting, but is little more than much ado about nothing. That is what the current squabble in the B.N amounts to as well.READMORE CLICK BELOW

Barisan National and the art of dying alive

Ling's arrest caught family by surprise Ferdtan: Dr Ling Liong Sik, you are a man with a past, not unlike the rest of the BN leaders. It so happens that the present new regime finds you dispensable and 'useful' in their uncanny scheme to project a 'clean government' before they call for a new election. You fit the bill so well. You may be a Tun, conferred with Dr Mahathir Mohamad's blessing but other than that you wield no power, with no party post to protect you. Don't worry, you will not be found guilty but your reputation will be in tatters. Just like Eric Chia, you will be a broken old man. However, you can still have one option left to salvage your pride and reputation, albeit risky to your sons' political lives – come out with your guns blazing away. Shoot without fear at anyone, no matter how high their positions. We may forgive you and you will be our repentant hero. Cala: Ling Liong Sik is a disgrace to MCA and the Chinese community for his role in PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) scandal and his part in sending the party down south. Let him be punished for whatever wrong befitting the crimes he committed. No right thinking Malaysian would condone corruption. Wira: Tun, I've heard you delivering speeches on two occasions, once in the presence of TDM (Tun Dr Mahathir) and the other, when TAAB (Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) was the guest of honour. On both occasions, you talked for 20 minutes, with 80 percent of the time dedicated to singing the glories of the sitting prime minister. I hope when you spend time in jail, both former PMs can join you there to listen to more verbal diarrhoea from you.Gen2: I will only seriously believe it when somebody big gets charged for the submarine commissions.Ling's case shows impartial judiciary: DPM Sentinel:The DPM (Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin) ain't that smart a chap, is he? How can the judiciary proven to be impartial when the trial hasn't started yet? Duh… By the way DPM, why was OC Phang handcuffed but not Ling Liong Sik? KJ John: The DPM does not know what he is talking about. One charge does not constitute the judiciary; it only needs a selective prosecution and persecution-minded AG (attorney-general) and DPPs (deputy public prosecutors). Anonymous: What? Just charging him shows impartiality? Only when he's convicted and sentenced behind bars (and not with a one-month jail term) will we agree there's impartiality. And what about his accomplices, S Samy Vellu and Dr Mahathir Mohamad? Why bother to charge such a high-profile VVIP if he has nothing to do with the whole scam? I'm sure there's enough evidence to charge him but will the (BN-influenced) judge decide otherwise or acquit him due to technical flaws? Another 'sandiwara' because GE13 is around the corner? Multi Racial:Correct, correct, correct, Muhyiddin. So what about the other big fish who were involved in the PKFZ scandal?vWhat about the submarine corruption? What about super rich former MB Dr Mohd Khir Toyo and his mansion? And not to be forgotten – VK Lingam and the two former chief judges. Impartial? Charge them. Bring all of them to court. Josephine: Just charging him is not enough, DPM. Being charged is not the same as being convicted and punished. Even if Ling is convicted, justice is not served until all the hidden hands in the RM4.6 billion fiasco are put behind bars.Joe: If Ling's case shows anything, it shows BN-Umno's dirty trick in trying to hoodwink the rakyat that it is taking action on the PKFZ scandal, just as it took 'action' against Eric Chia on the Perwaja scandal. Nobody is fooled. PKFZ: Foolhardy to ignore new 'missing links' Habib RAK: Should in the face of clear and explicit reason given to Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha on why payment should be withheld, and if he does make the payment today, the rakyat will hold him in contempt. Be warned Kong Cho Ha, you will be charged like Tun Ling. The rakyat has awaken. When Tun Ling can be charged, you should know the degree of anger of the rakyat. YF: OTK (Ong Tee Keat), gone are the days in BN when a politician is voted by the people for the people. You are perhaps the only politician in BN that has the respect of the people of being a person with 'principles'. The problem is you're sitting on the wrong side of the fence as even the party you so dearly love is now an advocate for bad and immoral practices. If you love justice, and if you love this country, then you know what is the right thing to do. Anonymous: How to share the loot with fellow Umno cronies if the monies is not released? The present transport minister is nothing but a lapdog to the vested interests of the corrupted MCA and Umno.

Tackling Homophobia

Posted: 30 Jul 2010 08:46 PM PDT

In a dramatic change in tide, Argentina has passed a law legalizing gay marriages. With a predominantly Catholic population, Argentina has become a notable addition to a growing list of countries with a strong Catholic influence beginning to reverse the trend of longstanding discrimination against homosexuals.

While Spain had legalized gay marriage back in 2005, Portugal followed suite this year and also legalized gay marriages. Both countries, with populations deeply steeped in Catholicism, seemed to have reached a stage to realise the inherent inhumanity of discriminating against others for their consensual private concerns.

In fact there is a growing global trend to recognize the inherent rights of homosexuals and to remove centuries of prejudice, the convenient scapegoating of homosexuals, and of consensual homosexual activity.

In a growing number of predominantly Catholic countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Argentina, it appears that the Catholic Church has already lost this political battle and seems no longer able to dictate the kind of political prowess to prevent the removal of discriminatory practices and suppression of the rights of homosexuals.

It appears that other countries in South America and elsewhere are also exploring the idea of lifting the ban on gay marriages.

Of course the on-going Sodomy II saga here in Malaysia is not just a reminder of the political theatre that continues to unfold, Section 377b of the Penal Code, under which Anwar has been charged and is being tried, also serves to starkly reinforce the taboo of homosexuality that prevails here.

Perhaps the tide that is changing the outlook and perspective in many Catholic countries will be a good omen for other countries – and foretells of an impending eventuality. Having said that, I for one am not optimistic that we Malaysians are particularly bothered that such laws, which quite obviously and explicitly target a specific segment of the population, continue to persist.

There are few politicians indeed who have had the fortitude to speak out publicly against the inherent bigotry that such laws perpetuate. Yet, in all the outcry against the selective persecution of Anwar, there have been few, if any, prominent voices who have dared to bring attention to the fact that, as with other racially, politically, religiously, or gender discriminatory laws, we need to also take a close look at reversing laws and practices that legitimatise such bigotry against homosexuals.     

In 2008, over sixty member states of the United Nations backed a non-binding resolution calling for the decriminalization of homosexuality. Not surprisingly, we – along with most African and Asian nations were not on the enlightened side of this resolution.

Sadly, discrimination against homosexuals remains the norm rather than the exception in most parts of the world.

Those who choose to wallow in their prejudice against homosexuals have no shortage of excuses and justifications. Even now, it is not uncommon to hear many simplistic and ignorant claims, for example, linking homosexuality to AIDS. Again, Africa presents a rather vivid reminder to us all that when it comes to AIDS, homosexuality is actually a red herring. AIDS seems most devastating and widespread in this part of the world where homophobia is rampant and in most of the countries which impose severe punishment against homosexuality.

Indeed, as has been widely reported both by the World Health Organisation and other credible international organisations, heterosexuals have been most responsible for the spread of AIDS in Africa and elsewhere primarily through unsafe sexual practices.

Aside from the "health" argument, others of course are quick to invoke the religious basis for the persecution of homosexuals. Of course, truth be told, religious arguments have also been - and continue to be - widely and conveniently used to justify so-called honour killings in many parts of Asia and elsewhere, to justify discrimination against women in education (think the Taliban), to commit genital mutilation (some would call it torture) against girls, and other atrocities.

In other words, religious justifications – as we've seen even through the actions of the Catholic Church – have been used to justify all sorts of tragic events, including, by the way, the Crusades! 

My point simply is that, while religious arguments against homosexuality (or other prejudices) are often invoked by many to justify their actions, these are not necessarily without ambiguity, fallacies, or contradictions.

As surely as the nation will continue to indulge in the political circus that is the persecution of Anwar, perhaps some of us will consider and ponder the wider symbolism of such political persecution.

Ultimately, as with any form of selective persecution, the persecution of homosexuals, speaks volumes about the moral decay not of the persecuted, but rather of the persecutors.

G. Krishnan 

ANWAR: MACC should catch bigger fish

Posted: 30 Jul 2010 08:59 PM PDT

Kuala Lumpur - July 31, The Malaysian opposition is so confident of their political strength that they no longer consider a former cabinet minister a big enough fish to hang to dry.

"Barisan Nasional leaders are small fry, they are going out in the next General Election. MACC should come for Opposition leaders if they hall the Schutzpah," says opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, carefully using a Yiddish expression to cultivate his Jewish-linked image.

"Who is Tun Ling Liong Sik? He is a has been, a nothing...unless of course like Chua Jui Meng he decides to join Pakatan and spill the beans.

"If they dare, they should try to prove the abuse of power that is taking place right under their nose in Penang, how lim guan eng is bearing down a racist Government on the people. The abuse of power there is rampant and incomparable to anything that has happened in the past.

"If you think Gerakan was bad, wait till you check out what is happening in Penang right now.

"Look, guan eng is so petty that he gets upset about not getting a VIP seat at a public event and he calls the State Development Officer, a senior Federal Civil Servant a forked tongue lizard and yet MACC doesn't dare to come after him.

Anwar said the MACC knows that guan eng is the chief minister because of nepotism within the DAP but even with clear evidence but has failed to investigate this questionable practice.

"I think the MACC is just hedging their bets, you know, just in case Pakatan comes into power, they don't want to be in trouble. because lets face it, Pakatan leaders are a venomous vindictive lot.

Anwar also called on the BAR council to investigate Karpal Singh for his shameful delay tactics which is designed to derail the sodomy case against the opposition leader.

"In any other country, a lawyer that abuses the process by asking for postponement after postponement with the clear intention of derailing a case would be called up to book by their professional watchdog but here in Malaysia, the BAR council is just a barking mongrel with no teeth.

"Corruption and abuse of power within Pakatan is rife just two years after being in power in four states and this is obvious to the Rakyat but is the MACC taking any action? No they are not," quipped Anwar.

"I think if the MACC really wants to get tough they should investigate all the allegations against my daughter Nurul Izzah in the sand  controversy that is burying the Pakatan government in Selangor.

"I dare them to investigate her and also Khalid Ibrahim and bring them to court. I can tell you now that they dare not because they are not sincere in carrying out their duties," Anwar said.

"And finally, if they really have the balls, I dare them to invvestigate me, there are allegations of me cavorting with judges, threatening people who do not want to help my corporate friends and of course cronyism. heck my daughter and wife used to be Members of Parliament... what else do you want.

"Im fact there is so much evidence on my involvement with Jewish lobbyists in Washington to fill  a large book, from Paul Wolfowitz to Al Gore to just about every institution that is linked to the American power base and still I am free to spread lies to the people," said Anwar..

Anwar spoke exclusively to Marahku during the launch of the nation's first gay dental clinic and massage therapist centre in my dream last night.

"I am in everyone's nightmare now, even my supporters are not quite comfortable with me. Let me just say it outright, no one trusts me but they keep supporting me. Am I good or what?" says Anwar

Ling’s woes a tremendous setback for MCA

Posted: 30 Jul 2010 11:10 AM PDT

By Stanley Koh

COMMENT The move to charge Dr Ling Liong Sik caught many of us completely by surprise, not because we think the former MCA president is too clean to be associated with corruption, but because we still believe that the police, the Attorney-General and the judiciary are all in Barisan Nasional's pocket and would not act against a figure so intimately connected to the ruling coalition and so prominent in its history.

A pundit has described Ling's prosecution in connection with the PKFZ scandal as the bursting of a bubble in a whirlpool of speculation involving high-profile politicians.

Certainly, the PKFZ corruption scandal will be in the public focus again, and it is likely to overshadow all other political bickering in the weeks to come, particularly when Ling's case is mentioned in August.

Few will deny that the case will cast a long dark shadow over MCA, which is desperately trying to woo back the public support it has so badly lost in recent years.

There is even speculation that another important figure in MCA—a former cabinet minister—will be charged along with Ling.

Another former minister and MCA official who served under Ling expressed astonishment over the latest turn of events.

Choosing his words carefully as he spoke to FMT, he said the singling out of Ling was shocking because he could not have been alone in making decisions about PKFZ.

"Some party members knowledgeable about top government decision-making practice are sceptical because whatever decision made was collective, assisted by experts who act as advisers," he said without elaborating.

Of course, views expressed within MCA are in great contrast to those in the public domain, where the call for truth, transparency and justice is getting louder by the day. Most of the public want to hear the bone crunch of dog devouring dog.

Jinxed leadership

The more superstitious among MCA watchers have become more convinced that the party's leadership is jinxed. They see in Ling's predicament a repeat of what happened to then-president Tan Koon Swan in 1986, when he was charged and imprisoned for criminal breach of trust over the Pan El saga.

Ling was a young physician when he got into active politics. He won the Mata Kuching parliamentary seat in 1974 and rose to replace Tan on the MCA throne 12 years later.

Some interpret the downfall of Tan and Ling as parallel defining moments that have more meaning than expressed in the cliché that history repeats itself.

"Even till today, many within the party still believe that the prosecution and imprisonment of former president Tan was politically motivated," a Selangor leader said.

Could this be another case of political intrigue and a parable of extreme ruthlessness at play? This is what many party members are wondering, sometimes aloud, for hardly a week goes by nowadays when someone in MCA does not speak up against an unpopular political move attributed to either Umno or one of its perceived proxies.

Indeed, MCA, in trying to regain support, has lately been critical of more than the opposition. Some say the leadership has finally admitted that times have changed, with the electorate become wiser, and the party has begun listening closely to the ground.

The move against Ling, they say, could be designed to derail the party's effort at rebuilding its image.

Many believe that the current MCA president, Dr Chua Soi Lek, is a close ally of Ling and that Ling, despite his retirement, has been dispensing advice to the leadership whenever his views are sought.

But it is early days yet, and we should not take our own speculations too seriously. Perhaps, in the ensuing days, it will become clearer why BN wants Ling to take a fall over the PKFZ scandal which, more than many other misdeeds, has deepened public contempt for the government.

Perhaps, the government will even explain its sudden move.

No stranger to trouble

Meanwhile, Ling and his family are quite alone in facing this terrible challenge. But Ling is no stranger to trouble. He faced many challenges during his 17-year political career, including being sacked from his party in 1984, although the membership was reinstated a year later.

He also faced two major efforts to topple him from the presidency. He was involved in colourful Mexican stand-offs with his deputies, Lee Kim Sai in the late 80s, and Lim Ah Lek in the 1990s.

"Dr Ling has a straightforward, patriotic honesty which has distinguished him from several of his past and current brothers-in-politics," wrote a newspaper columnist in 2000.

In fact, Ling does have an impressive legacy of achievements at party leader. For example, he saved Wisma MCA amid serious financial woes and resolved the cooperative crisis soon after Tan Koon Swan's premature retirement.

Between 1987 and 1988, Ling fought relentlessly to help about half a million depositors—most of whom were MCA members—get their ringgit-to-ringgit refunds following the collapse of 24 deposit-taking cooperatives, including MCA's KSM.

He also initiated many fund-raising campaigns, including the invention of the MCA Life Membership roll, which survives to this day.

While his supporters praise him for putting sectarian or communal interest aside and concentrating on nation-building programmes, his adversaries accuse him of having been too deeply and too overtly loyal to his boss, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

But many have forgotten that in 1988, Ling took a six-week no-pay leave from his duties as transport minister to protest against the BN's broken promises to his party over a proposed amendment of the Education Act, the establishment of Tunku Abdul Rahman College, the quit rent for Bukit Cina, the lopsided civil service, financial allocations to new villages, quotas in university intakes, aid to Chinese schools and several other issues.

"I am taking leave of absence from my position as a cabinet minister to reflect on the party's position in the BN and to think about the post-1990 shaping of the country and the changing role cum responsibilities of the MCA to meet the new challenges," Ling said in a press statement on Oct 1, 1988.

A string of achievements

Soon after he became party president in 1986, he told an interviewer: "I want to see Malaysia become a fair and just country for all. All issues will be viewed from this angle because the vast majority of people will reject Malaysia becoming a Malay, Chinese or Indian country.

"Every fibre in me is moderate in nature. There will be no extremism in party policies. We (MCA leadership) will strive to inject moderation into government policies. Our sole objective is to make Malaysia a fair and just society for all."

After serving MCA for 17 years, Ling finally had to step down in May 23, 2003, under a cloud of controversy involving business dealings, compounded by a protracted tiff with his deputy Lim Ah Lek.

Deputy Lim also stepped down under a peace formula embraced mutually by factional leaders as a way to resolving the leadership feud, which top Umno leaders, acting as peacekeepers, closely monitored.

Ling led the MCA party through thick and thin during his long tenure, including the general elections of 1986, 1990, 1995 and 1999.

Perhaps he made his greatest achievement in 2001, when the Education Ministry gave him and his team the green light to establish University Tunku Abdul Rahman, named after the first Malaysian prime minister.

He has also recorded a string of other achievements on education, including the setting up of more than 100 resource centres under the umbrella of the Langkawi Project to promote educational excellence among poor children.

Developing education became his forte as early as in 1994, when he launched a massive fund-raising campaign to help the 60 independent Chinese secondary schools.

Despite all his merits, however, Ling made several big blunders in his career.

For example, his role in the dismantling of MCA's assets, which Tan Koon Swan had painstakingly built up in the 1980s under Multi-Purpose Holdings, earned him many unforgiving enemies.

The Nanyang sale

Perhaps his greatest failed political gamble was his push in 2001 to purchase the Nanyang Siang Pau group of companies, which even today is being cursed by Malaysians yearning for press freedom.

Even in the last days of his political career, he continued to make controversial misjudgements, particularly on the leadership succession in MCA.

Many resented the favouritism he showed towards Ong Ka Ting, deliberately bypassing the democratic process to make him his successor. His critics must have felt some satisfaction when MCA, under Ong's leadership, suffered a great setback in the 2008 general election.

Those who prefer to keep fond memories of Ling's style of leadership will cherish the way a writer has summed up his character:

"After all, Dr Ling has proved he is a leader with a difference, some difference.

"His strongest point is that he is a balanced person. His background, temperament and attitude are conducive to breaking down racial barriers."

And as he faces prosecution in court, it is well for Ling himself to remember the words that , according to him, summed up his philosophy: "Today is always better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today."

Stanley Koh is the former head of research at MCA.


Posted: 30 Jul 2010 06:09 PM PDT

---->蔡细历(中)为马华吉兰丹州联委会代表大会主持开幕后,在会上移交1万7000令吉拨款给吉兰丹中华独中清寒学生援助金计划,由教师代表(左2)接领。左:马华丹州联委会秘书陈永生、主席黄燕燕及署理主席许树兴。 (图:星洲日报)








Playboy Jho Low Unmasked!

Posted: 30 Jul 2010 05:58 PM PDT

By Admin

The BN controlled The Star has been trying very hard to clean up Jho Low (Taek Jho Low a.k.a. Low Taek Jho's image but as hard as they try, more dirt seems to surface.

The Star reported the folowing on Thursday July 29, 2010:

He is not going out with Paris Hilton but they have been to several parties together because he is a friend of her parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton.

That was Jho Low's reply when asked about his relationship with Paris.

"You can ask her yourself if you have any doubt. She just happens to be part of the group," he added.

Low spent a long time in the interview dismissing talk that he was "wasting a lot of money partying".

"For me, we all work very hard. Of course, we have a disadvantage where at our age, people may perceive it differently. At the end of the day, I handle the investors' money prudently. I generate returns for them.

"I am not an excessive person. Excessiveness with alcohol is just not me."

Now check out the following combo of pictures featuring Jho Low and Paris:

The Star reported the following on Thursday July 29, 2010:

> His Arab childhood friends and investors are actually the spenders, not him;

> How he made his first million when he was just 20 and the billions in deals he had strung together so far;

> The importance of going to the right schools;

> Setting up a portfolio worth billions that will go public in October;

> He parties with Hilton, Megan Fox, Jamie Foxx, Lindsay Lohan and Usher but claims that news reports about the parties are exaggerated.

> How he grew up in Penang and his present globe-trotting life covering Los Angeles, New York, London, St Tropez, Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur.

Now check this out!

Paris Hilton was seen partying it up in St. Tropez, France with Malaysian mystery businessman man Jho Low (Taek Jho Low a.k.a. Low Taek Jho, son of property developer and businessman Danny Low) and his brother Zhen Low (Low Taek Sin)).

Okay, I am not sure which one Paris is dating or if in fact she is really dating one but British tabloids refer to Low as Hilton's "new fella, chubby Malaysian Playboy." Paris Hilton's new boyfriend is Taek Jho Low or Zhen Low I don't know but she seem to be getting really friendly with the "chubby" one.

And they say Zhen Low was spending millions of dollars on bottles of the club's most expensive champagne for Paris and her drinking buddies. So I am assuming the "chubby" guy is Zhen Low but it might be Taek Jho Low.

Either way, a Malaysian dude might be banging Paris. Reportedly, Zhen Low spent €2 million (£1.8 million) on the bubbly at the exclusive Byblos nightclub and then at Les Caves du Roy nightclub. Where last week Paris helped run up the most expensive bar bill ever! At least the most expensive celebrity bar bill in France's St Tropez. So Zhen is really trying to impress Paris thus Malaysia maybe getting a new strain of herpes very soon. Maybe he was competing with her ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt on who could splash the most cash on booze because the ex was there in St. Tropez too. According to club goers Doug tried to compete with Low by buying four gigantic bottles of Crystal but that was no match for the Malaysian businessman who then went onto buying almost all the club's entire supply of the bubbly. That is when billionaire Winston Fisher join in on the competition to see who could order more bottles of Crystal at £600 a pop for Paris and her champagne guzzling friends. Some party, right? The Telegraph report:

What recession? Tycoons spend £1.8 million on champagne in St Tropez
Paris Hilton watched as the rival tycoons Zhen Low and Winston Fisher competed to see who could order more £600 bottles of Cristal in a St Tropez nightclub.

As Joan Collins and her friends descend on St Tropez this week for a party on board Lady Joy, the yacht owned by the American socialite Denise Rich, they have been made to look positively austere.

Mandrake hears that two rival billionaires spent a staggering €2 million (£1.77 million) on champagne at Les Caves du Roy nightclub. Zhen Low, the younger brother of the Malaysian tycoon Jho Low, became involved in a competition with Winston Fisher, a New York property developer, to see who could order more £600 bottles of Cristal for their chums.

Guests included Paris Hilton, the socialite, who helped the cherubic Jho celebrate his 28th birthday with a four-day party in Las Vegas last year.

In lieu this publicity, people in Malaysia are asking where Zhen Low is getting all this money to waste on Paris Hilton. And Low's father is not happy with all this unwanted publicity back at home. He is the brother of notorious partyboy Taek Jho Low, who may or may not be an arms dealer according to press reports. Nothing like a good champagne ordering contest to spice up your vacation. Low won, with the $2.6 million bill but people back at home are questioning his lifestyle and businesses. Anyway, Zhen (or Taek) should keep in the back of his mind the fact that all the money on Earth can't cure herpes. All I see in these photos is a topless herpes spreader doing her thing. In an unrelated story: all of the jellyfish around St. Tropez have contracted herpes.

The Star claims that Jho Low was promoting Malaysia and is bringing in Celebrities from Hollywood. The question here is on whose account?

Selepas Tun LLS, Tun yang mana pula akan kemahkamah?

Posted: 30 Jul 2010 07:04 PM PDT

Tun Ling Liong Sik (TLLS) merupakan VVIP yang bergelar Tun yang pertama dan merupakan Presiden MCA yg kedua menghadapi proses undang-undang dan merupakan kes dan pertuduhan berprofil tinggi.

Sebelum LLS, Tan Koon Swan pernah ditimpa nasib malang yang sama dan beliau gugur sebagai pemimpin MCA dan LLSlah yang mengambil alih tugasan Presiden MCA selepas itu.

Tidak payahlah saya perturunkan pertuduhan dan satu lagi pertuduhan 'alternative' yang dihadapi oleh TLLS kerana semua orang tahu pertuduhan itu dibibir mulut masing-masing.

Yang penting kita perlu insafi dan fahami yang rasuah dan menyalahgunakan kuasa yang keterlaluan itu akhirnya akan diketahui umum, samada kesalahan itu dilakukan oleh pemimpin atau olih isterinya yang berpengaruh serta kroni dan tali barut yang ada disekeliling pemimpin itu.

Bangkai gajah masakan boleh ditutupi dengan nyiru? Lama kelamaan bau bangkai itu akan terhidu juga akhirnya.

Pertuduhan keatas TLLS ini diharapkan satu pertuduhan yang dikendalikan dengan penuh keadilan dan ketulusan. TLLS merupakan orang yang kelima dituduh dalam kes PKFZ ini dan ianya melibatkan jumlah wang yang begitu banyak.

Kesemua wang yang dilibatkan adalah wang rakyat dan negara, khususnya bagi negeri Selangor. Ramai lagi sepatutnya dibawa ke pengadilan dan dalam kes ini telah melibatkan pemimpin-pemimpin MCA dan UMNO yang kedua-duanya adalah bersama didalam komponen BN.

Saya menganggap pertuduhan keatas seorang ketua parti dalam BN ini amat memaluka, bukan sahaja kepada yang dituduh tetapi juga pihak yang membantu kes ini terjadi.

Saya boleh merasakan bagaimana perasaan seorang bekas pemimpin yang telah lama merasakan nikmat berkuasa dihadapkan kemahkamah semasa beliau hidup dizaman persaraannya.

Dengan kes ini TLLS benar-benar menghadapi perasaan malu dan tertekan didalam sisa-sisa hidup setelah berkhidmat begitu lama kepada negara dan rakyat. Beliau bergelar Tun dan merupakan pemimpin besar MCA yang mewakili kaum Cina dan dengan kes yang dihadapi oleh beliau ianya merupakan satu isu yang tidak akan dapat dilupakan oleh beliau sepanjang hidup.

Pertuduhan keatas TLLS ini melibatkan isu tanah yang berhubung kait dengan kelulusan pihak Kabinet Persekutuan dan kerajaan negeri Selangor; maka dalam kes ini tentulah TLLS bukan kesaorangan dan ianya pasti melibatkan ramai lagi pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO Selangor.

Pemimpin-pemimpin politik yang terlibat seharusnya bersedia untuk menghadapi proses undang-undang dan undang-undang janganlah bertindak secara 'selective'. Jangan lah diantara yang terlibat itu kemahkamah dan ada yang tidak pun disiasat.

Setakat ini hanya TLLS sahaja dikalangan pemimpin politik yang dihadapkan kemahkamah. Sebelum ini hanya 4 orang pegawai Kuala Dimensi yang menhadapi pertuduhan itu.

Apabila TLLS dibicarakan nanti tentulah saksi-saksinya terdiri dari pembesar pembesar negara termasuk kesemua PM yang berkuasa selama projek ini bermula sehingga hari ini.

Tentulah kita ingin melihat apakah jawapan yang akan diberikan oleh Dr Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi dan PM yang sekarang ini apabila mereka-mereka ini dipanggil sebagai saksi nanti.

Kes ini adalah kes yang sangat besar dalam siri skandal rasuah negara yang dilihat oleh rakyat. Skandal ini melambangkan betapa tidak bertanggunjawabnya pihak-pihak yang berkuasa sehinggakan projek yang hanya melibatkan kurang dari 2 billion telah menjadi 4 billion dan seterusnya terlajak 'cost overrun'nya sehingga 12 billion.

Difahamkan sekarang jika projek ini diteruskan 'cost'nya akan melebehi 15 billion ringgit. Individu-individu yang terlibat wajar menerima segala hukuman yang diperuntukkan oleh undang-undang jika disabitkan kesalahan terhadap mereka.

Kalau kes seperti ini berlaku dinegara maju seperti negara Scandinavia misalnya seluruh kabinet itu adalah 'accountable' keatas isu ini dan selalunya seluruh ahli jemaah kabinet yang terlibat akan meletakkan jawatan

Yang bertanggungjawab diatas penipuan dan 'deception' kepada kabinet itu tentulah TLLS tetapi yang 'accountable' terhadap kelulusan itu mesti diambil oleh keseluruhan ahli-ahli jemaah kabinet negara kita ini.

Mengambil 'accountability' terhadap isu besar seperti ini mungkin anih bagi kita disini tetapi ianya adalah praktis yang biasa dinegara-negara lain. Malahan sikap tidak mahu mengambil 'accountability' terhadap kesilapan dan kesalahan pemimpin-pemimpin yang memimpin kita ini lah menjadi penyebab kepada banyak keburukkan pentadbiran kita terus-menerus berlaku.

Tindakkan undang-undang seperti yang dilakukan terhadap TLLS ini wajar diteruskan dengan mengambil tindakkan undang-undang terhadap kes-kes yang lain.

Kerajaan pimpinan BN harus membersihkan nama dan imejnya dengan mengambil tindakkan tanpa memilih bulu keatas banyak lagi kes-kes lain yang berlaku didepan mata kita.

Mengambil tindakkan terhadap pesalah-pesalah dalam skandal PKFZ sahaja tidak mencukupi utuk membersihkan nama yang sudah tercemar dengan begitu teruk sekali ini.

Kepada media massa kita berharap akan menumpukan tenaga mereka untuk membongkar kembali semua kes-kes yang dilakukan oleh pemim[pin dan kerajaan kita yang telah menyebabkan ketirisan kepada wang rakyat yang jumlahnya ratusan billion ringgit selama ini.

Tidak payahlah hendak membesarkan isu kecurian pasir yang diperbesarkan oleh UMNO Selangor sekarang ini yang belum tentu salah benarnya.

Pihak kita telah mencuri wang rakyat dalam ratusan billion ringgit dan kesemua wang ini hilang dari kantung negara dan masuk kedalam saku individu perasuah negara.

Noh Omar atau pun Khir Toyo patut memberikan fokus untuk membersihkan nama UMNO dan BN yang telah sampai ketahap yang tidak boleh ditanggung lagi oleh rakyat.

Ada juga yang bertanya, selepas Tun LLS ini, Tun yang mana pula yang patut menghadapi mahkamah kerana salah laku rasuah dalam sejarah hidup mereka?

Banyak juga cerita yang didengar dari mereka yang bergelar Tun ini dan rakyat ingin juga tahu sikit-sikit.

Rakyat tetap memerhati.

Melayu bersatu!

Posted: 30 Jul 2010 05:17 PM PDT

Oleh Barisan Pendekar Melayu Haprak

UMNO = Melayu first, Islam second. PAS pula Islam first, Melayu second. Macamana nak bersatu ?? Melainkan UMNO tukar dasar kepada Islam, barulah boleh bersatu. Ataupun UMNO bubar terus, semua pakat masuk PAS.

Masa UMNO kuat, masa tu lah sepatutnya org2 UMNO ni cerita pasal perpaduan. Melayu dlm UMNO sepatutnya tolong melayu dalam PAS. Tapi, tengok apa jadi. Masa kuat mereka sombong, takbur dan rasa kuasa mereka tak akan tergugat. Walaupun dah hampir nazak, Najib sendiri ckp perpaduan bagus, tapi bukan maksud UMNO lemah..Hah masih lagi takbur.
Senario dalam 1Malaysia. Bila ja UMNO makin lemah, nyampah nak baca Utusan ke, berita hairan ke, TV3 ke dan alat2 media UMNO. Media2 ni akan dendangkan isu2 yg agak2 sama ja. Isu Melayu lemah, Isu agama, dan isu perkauman

Umno parti yang bukan berdasarkan Islam, sebaliknya pas mengambil rujukan tertinggi adalah alquran, assunnah, ijmak dan qias. kaedah menyatakan bahawa apabila berkumpul halal dan haram, dimenangi haram. sepatutnya perpaduan Melayu patutlah mengislamkan umno.

Selagi Melayu bersau , Melayu akan belajar cara cara songlap dari UMNO. Melayu miskin akan miskin lagi, Melayu buang bayi akan meningkat hari ke hari. isu perpaduan Melayu akan menghala melayu ke sudut yang lebih redikal .kesimpulannya inilah masalahnya melayu yg masih bolih diperkudakan olih ketua mereka yg bobrok akhlak dan penyelewengan rasuah libatkan ribuan billion ringgit tak pun ditegur atau pakat heret kemahkamah sebaliknya mrk ini cuma dengar tv atau akhbar harian atau pun ajen2 umno dikalangan pimpinan bawahan itu sudah cukup mereka ini SAMI'NA WA ATHO'NA sungguh ...mereka lah yg menjadi penghalang kebenaran dan keadilan tertegak dibumi sendiri ~ dosa umno yang amat berat bila mereka menghalang hukum Islam dilaksanakan olih Pas ~~ kamu bolih buat seribu alasan tulislah tapi tunggulah kami semua juga sedang menunggu siapakah diantara kita yg bangang didepan Allah.

walaupun pahit untuk di telan Tetapi terimalah hakikat perpaduan Melayu akan menjadikan melayu semakin malas, bahawa kita (bangsa bangsa) melayu sememangnya malas namun bernafsu Besar untuk menjadi kaya..maka dengan ini lahirlah pemimpin2 yang korup, rakyat yang korup dan tidak bijak menjaga amanah atau menjaga harta Pusaka, demi mengejar kemewahan segera Isu perpaduan Melayu mengajar melayu mengejar mimpi sahaja. Harapan kosong bila bangkit dari tidur.

It Ain't Over Until The Fat Lady (Rosmah) Falls!

Posted: 30 Jul 2010 05:13 PM PDT

Contributed by Joe Fernandez

A bizarre minor earthquake occurred in Kota Kinabalu,Sabah recently,which shock the 8,000 odd people believe to be present,fortunately all escape unhurt.This unexplained phenomenon may have even attracted many Taoist and fortune tellers eager to venture deeper into the unseen universe.Can the dead resurrect with vengeance?

The hottest topic in the State now is none other than the 'unrehearsed' incident where the Prime Minister's wife Rosmah Mansor slipped and fell on the floor while descending from the stage after delivering her speech as the President of Bakti (Welfare Body for Wives of Federal Ministers and Deputy Ministers and Barisan Nasional MP).

There's now a bizarre twist to the incident which many thought was a self-inflicted one. A few individuals with "unique vision" who were present at the occasion claimed to have simultaneously saw a dark and sultry female figure standing behind Rosmah, just moment before the incident. The figure was said to have stood there for few seconds before vanishing into thin air. Since the tale of the strange incident spread out, people are now wondering whether Rosmah was actually pushed from behind by the 'mysterious figure'.

Many people also joked about it that the mysterious figure could be the ghost of Altantuya who has come to Kota Kinabalu following the Malaysia's second submarine, KD Tun Razak which just arrived at the Sepangar Naval Base.

Joke aside, many considered the incident a bad omen for BN and Najib in particular, that it could signify the fall of Najib's administration and the entire BN, in the next general election.It was also reliably learnt that photographers who manage to "click away" the fall of Malaysia's "First Lady",were warned not to print the photographers,if they know what's good for them.

It may sound unbelievable and far fetch, but it's not impossible, especially in this Bolehland.

55 Solid Reasons To Say 'TAK NAK' BN!

Posted: 30 Jul 2010 05:01 PM PDT

Contributed by Joe Fernandez

"List of racial discriminations ( Malaysia ):

(1) Of the five major banks, only one is multi-racial, the rest are controlled by Malays.

(2) 99% of Petronas directors are Malays.

(3) 3% of Petronas employees are Chinese.

(4) 99% of 2000 Petronas gasoline stations are owned by Malays.

(5) 100% all contractors working under Petronas projects must be of Bumis status.

(6) 0% of non-Malay staff are legally required in Malay companies. But there must be 30% Malay staffs in Chinese companies.

(7) 5% of all new intake for government police, nurses, army, are non-Malays.

(8) 2% is the present Chinese staff in Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), a drop from 40% in 1960.

(9) 2% is the percentage of non-Malay government servants in Putrajaya, but Malays make up 98%.

(10) 7% is the percentage of Chinese government servants in the entire government (in 2004); a drop from 30% in 1960.

(11) 95% of government contracts are given to Malays.

(12) 100% all business licensees are controlled by Malay government, e..g. Taxi permits, Approved permits, etc.

(13) 80% of the Chinese rice millers in Kedah had to be sold to Malay controlled Bernas in 1980s. Otherwise, life is made difficult for Chinese rice millers.

(14) 100 big companies set up, owned and managed by Chinese Malaysians were taken over by government, and later managed by Malays since 1970s, e.g. UTC, UMBC, MISC, Southern Bank etc..

(15) At least 10 Chinese owned bus companies (throughout Malaysia in the past 40 years) had to be sold to MARA or other Malay transport companies due to rejection by Malay authorities to Chinese applications for bus routes and rejection for their applications for new buses..

(16) Two Chinese taxi drivers were barred from driving in Johor Larkin bus station. There are about 30 taxi drivers and three were Chinese in Oct. 2004. Spoiling taxi club properties was the reason given.

(17) 0 non-Malays are allowed to get shop lots in the new Muar bus station (Nov.. 2004).

(18) 8000 billion ringgit is the total amount the government channeled to Malay pockets through ASB, ASN, MARA, privatization of government agencies, Tabung Haji etc, through NEP over a 34 years period.

(19) 48 Chinese primary schools closed down from 1968 – 2000.

(20) 144 Indian primary schools closed down from 1968 – 2000.

(21) 2637 Malay primary schools built from 1968 – 2000.

(22) 2.5% is government budget for Chinese primary schools. Indian schools got only 1%, Malay schools got 96.5%.

(23) While a Chinese parent with RM1000 salary (monthly) cannot get school textbook loan, a Malay parent with RM2000 salary is eligible.

(24) All 10 public university vice chancellors are Malays.

(25) 5% of the government universities' lecturers are of non-Malay origins. This percentage has been reduced from about 70% in 1965 to only 5% in 2004.

(26) Only 5% has been given to non-Malays for government scholarships in over 40 years.

(27) 0 Chinese or Indians were sent to Japan and Korea under the 'Look East Policy.'

(28) 128 STPM Chinese top students could not get into the course to which they aspired, i.e. Medicine (in 2004).

(29) 10% quotas are in place for non-Bumi students for MARA science schools beginning in 2003, but only 7% are filled. Before that it was 100% Malays.

(30) 50 cases in which Chinese and Indian Malaysians are beaten up in the National Service program in 2003.

(31) 25% of the Malaysian population was Chinese in 2004, a drop from 45% in 1957.

(32) 7% of the Malaysian population is Indian (2004), a drop from 12% in 1957.

(33) 2 million Chinese Malaysians have emigrated in the past 40 years.

(34) 0.5 million Indian Malaysians have emigrated overseas.

(35) 3 millions Indonesians have migrated to Malaysia and become Malaysian citizens with Bumis status.

(36) 600,000 Chinese and Indian Malaysians with red IC were rejected repeatedly when applying for citizenship in the past 40 years. Perhaps 60% of them had already passed away due to old age. This shows racism, based on how easily Indonesians got their citizenships compared with the Chinese and Indians.

(37) 5% – 15% discount for a Malay to buy a house, regardless whether the Malay is rich or poor.

(38) 2% is what new Chinese villages get, compared with 98% – what Malay villages got for rural development budget.

(41) 0 temples/churches were built for each housing estate. But every housing estate got at least one mosque/surau built.

(42) 3000 mosques/surau were built in all housing estates throughout Malaysia since 1970. No temples or churches are required to be built in housing estates.

(43) 1 Catholic church in Shah Alam took 20 years to apply to have a building constructed. But they were told by Malay authority that it must look like a factory and not like a church. As of 2004 the application still have not been approved.

(44) 1 publishing of Bible in Iban language banned (in 2002).

(45) 0 of the government TV stations (RTM1, RTM2, TV3) are directors of non-Malay origin.

(46) 30 government produced TV dramas and films always showed that the bad guys had Chinese faces, and the good guys had Malay faces. You can check it out since 1970s. Recent years, this has become less of a tendency.

(47) 10 times, at least, Malays (especially Umno) had threatened to massacre the Chinese Malaysians using May 13, since 1969.

(48) 20 constituencies won by DAP would not get funds from the government to develop. These Chinese majority constituencies would be the last to be developed.

(49) 100 constituencies (parliaments and states) had been racially re-delineated so Chinese votes were diluted for Chinese candidates. This is one of the main reasons why DAP candidates have consistently lost in elections since the 1970s. (update to 2008 needed)

(50) Only 3 out of 12 human rights items are ratified by the Malaysian government since 1960.

(51) 0 – elimination of all forms of racial discrimination (UN Human Rights) has not been ratified by Malaysian government since 1960s.

(52) 20 reported cases whereby Malay ambulance attendances treated Chinese patients inhumanely, and Malay government hospital staffs purposely delayed attending to Chinese patients in 2003. Unreported cases may be 200.

(54) 20 cases every year whereby Chinese drivers who accidentally knocked down Malays were seriously assaulted or killed by Malays.

(55) 12% is what ASB/ASN got per annum while banks fixed deposits are only about 3.5% per annum.

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