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Fascinated by Japan, but fixated on the West

Fascinated by Japan, but fixated on the West

Fascinated by Japan, but fixated on the West

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 07:00 AM PDT

By Josh Hong

COMMENT A few days ago, a seminar was organised by the Perdana Leadership Foundation (PLF) to pay tribute to Dr Mahathir Mohamad's "thoughts" on the West. Was it not a bit like the Halliburton Foundation hosting a dinner "in honour of" both George W Bush and Dick Cheney for a war that went horribly wrong in Iraq? Anyway, Mahathir's Japan-oriented policy was a prime model of success, according to one Ahmad Murad Merican. But what success was this Universiti Teknologi Petronas lecturer talking about?

After a quarter of a century, Proton is still practically a jaguh kampung (village hero), not to mention all the Umno-linked conglomerates single-handedly created by Mahathir along the lines of the zaibatsu, the Japanese counterparts, that succumbed to the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis.

Most of the so-called Look East Policy graduates are absorbed by various government agencies or government-linked companies (GLCs), as Japanese companies in Malaysia prefer to hire those who have pursued tertiary education on their own in Japan.

Ahmad Murad, however, was right to say that the former prime minister has great admiration for the Japanese, especially when one considers how Malaysia under Mahathir was thrown into a never-ending nation-building process and a state under construction.

New buildings were mushrooming regardless of their eventual occupancy, while contracts were constantly being churned out by Umno to plaster the country with roads, highways and bridges to nowhere. Perhaps I should also mention bus stops that no buses pass by.

This was exactly how the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) had been ruling Japan until it was routed in the general election last September.

Route to modernity

For years, Mahathir was fascinated by the LDP's firm hold on power, and secretly hoped to replant the model in Malaysia. His party ended up exactly where the LDP has been over the last few decades: plagued with cronyism and factionalism.

Those who shared their observations at the seminar might have attempted at being apologists for Mahathir, but there is no disguising the fact that the man's eyes were fixated on the West, his consistent pleas for Malaysians to learn from Japan notwithstanding.

Owing to his humble origins and rejection by the British colonial government to study in London, Mahathir would become so egoistic that he would use Japan as a route to modernity.

But his ultimate destination has always been clear: a modern, prosperous and powerful Malaysia just like the United States, not Japan.

To Mahathir, Japan was merely a means to an end, hence his shallow understanding of Japanese culture. He also appears to be least interested in Japanese history, let alone the important Meiji Restoration that propelled the island state to modern nationhood.

Mahathir's perception of Japan

Hishammuddin Rais, the fun-loving and prolific Malay writer, wrote recently that people have two perceptions of Japan: a ruthless pre-war militarist and a smart post-war businessman.

As far as Mahathir is concerned, he only sees the latter for obvious reasons. He may go around the world deriding western countries for erstwhile colonialism and imperialism, but would fall strangely silent when it comes to Japanese war crimes during World War II.

The sheer quantity of eyewitness evidence that the Imperial Japanese Army did commit war crimes deliberately and systematically always escapes Mahathir.

Given his anti-western rhetoric, his indifference to American, British, Australian and New Zealand prisoners of war (POWs) is expected (such as the Parit Sulong Massacre in Johor in which close to 200 Australian, British and Indian POWs were brutally killed).

But why would he have chosen to gloss over the Nanking Massacre and the insane shootings of dozens of Gurkha guards at Alexandria Hospital in Singapore? Was it because the victims happened to be Chinese and Gurkhas, and the crime scene China and Singapore?

Most unfathomable is Mahathir's efforts in the past to defend Japan by arguing that the country has repented of its war atrocities, although much of the world knows the contrary is true.

At the end of World War II, nearly 4,000 Javanese labourers had been tortured to death while being forced to work to build an airfield in Sandakan, Sabah, for the Japanese army. Not a word of this shocking episode was mentioned in Japanese textbooks.

Meanwhile, there is now strong evidence of Malay women forcibly recruited by Japanese soldiers to serve as sex slaves in Malaya. How could a vocal Malay nationalist have overlooked this? (

He even went on to co-author a book, "The Voice of Asia", with Shintaro Ishihara, a nationalist, revisionist and racist. Ishihara was eager to reclaim the pride of Japan by orienting Japan's foreign policy away from the US, and Mahathir indulged in the dream of himself standing tall among the world's great leaders.

At one time, Mahathir's anti-American sentiments were boosted by a prospect of Tokyo-centric Asia, but geopolitical realities bound Japan so tightly with the US that military decoupling was virtually impossible – former prime minister Fukio Hatoyama became the latest victim the moment he moved on the US bases in Okinawa.

It again exposed how naïve Mahathir had been to envisage an independent-minded Japan, a result of his lack of insight into the country's chequered past since the visit by Commodore Perry in 1852.

Then came the financial crisis that brought both countries to their knees. These days, Mahathir can only reminisce the good old days when he was a darling of the business and political elites in Tokyo.

For all the overtures that he made to the Japanese, it is rather pathetic that none of the institutes or universities in Japan sees it fit to acknowledge and study his "ideas and thoughts".

Which is perhaps a reason why such a task is now left in the hands of the PLF. But would someone at the PLF remind its honorary president that Japan, too, was once an imperial and colonial power?

Josh Hong enjoys the peculiar habit of being perpetually sceptical of public figures. While he agrees with Friedrich Dürrenmatt that nobody is more inclined to become a murderer than a fatherland, he also believes those addicted to race, religion and ideology are perfidious instigators.

And now Noa Tishby condemns Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim for anti-Semitic!

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 01:40 PM PDT

Noa Tishby

Famous Israeli-Hollywood starlet Noa Tishby condemns Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim(BABI) in her blog for here..of course she said Israeli or the Jews do not control the world and quoted BABI as saying the man is anti-Semitic! Does this mean Hollywood will soon follow suit in condemning this despicable leader of the Malaysian opposition party as an untrusworthy AND a hypocrite and a dangerous person to be made friend of by anyone?!

Utusan - Memalukan UMNO

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 11:45 AM PDT

Utusan membuatkan UMNO nampak sebagai parti 'desperate'. Dalam usaha Utusan untuk melihat UMNO dan PAS duduk semeja bagi merundingkan kerjasama kedua-dua parti ini melambangkan yang UMNO dalam kedudukkan 'desperate' untuk menghadapi pilihanraya umum ke 13 yang akan datang.

Dalam isu ini saya bersama Khairy Jamaluddin, Ketua Pemuda UMNO yang menganggap Utusan membawa isu UMNO-PAS ini sebagai satu tindakkan pihak yang tertekan. Utusan merupakan akhbar yang memainkan peranan penting untuk memudharatkan PAS selama ini tetapi sekarang akhbar itu memainkan peranan yang sebaliknya pula.

Didalam PAS isu perundingan ini tidak langsung menjadi isu kerana sesungguhnya isu kerjasama PAS-UMNO tidak ada dalam kamus mereka. Hanya UMNO sebagaimana yang digambarkan oleh Utusan itu sebagai pihak yang dikatakan perbidalan, hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong sorong.

"Kalau PAS boleh mendapat sokongan dengan rakan-rakannya dalam Pakatan Rakyat kenapa pula hendak bekerjasama dengan UMNO yang sedang terhuyung hayang ini?" tanya seorang jawatankuasa PAS diPetaling Jaya kepada saya.

Jika itu gambaran yang diberikan oleh Utusan maka pengalamannya sejak 5 atau 6 dekad dulu untuk melakukan perang saikoloji terhadap pambangkang dan menaikkan imej parti dimata rakyat,akbar itu sudah tidak lagi mampu untuk menyorokkan perasaan 'desperate' sebenar yang dihadapi oleh UMNO itu.

Dalam artikel yang lalu dan juga tulisan tulisan saya yang sebelumnya, saya sentiasa mengatakan yang UMNO hanya akan mampu untuk menjadi parti yang dihormati jika imej pemimpinnya tidak dipersoalkan oleh orang ramai.

Selagi pemimpin UMNO masih menjadi persoalan dan disyakki terlibat dengan rasuah misalnya kerja untuk membersihkan imej itu bukan satu tugas yang senang, apatah lagi pemimpin sekarang tidak mahu berundur walaupun dipandang serong oleh masyarakat berbilang kaum yang mengundi dalam pilihanraya negara.

UMNO mesti faham zaman untuk mendapat sokongan dengan memberikan ucapan yang enak-enak dan menghayalkan sudah berlalu. Zaman untuk mengungkit yang kerajaan BNlah yang menyediakan kemudahan awam seperti api dan air sudah tidak laku lagi.

Untuk menjadikan isu biasiswa yang diberikan kepada anak-anak muda yang belajar diuniversiti sudah tidak dipakai lagi dizaman ini.

Isu untuk terus memberikan sokongan kepada UMNO bagi kesenambungan pimpinan yang membangunkan negara sudah tidak menyengat lagi.

Isu yang kita harus selesaikan ialah isu samada pimpinan kita mampu untuk mentadbir dengan jujur atau pun tidak. Rakyat mengmbil tahu isu bagaimana kerajaan yang sepatutnya bekerja keras untuk membeli peralatan tentera dengan harga yang munasabah dan bukannya untuk menaikkan harga untuk untuk melakukan rasuah melalui pembayaran kamsen kepada kroni pemimpin yang meluluskannya.

Rakyat ingin tahu kenapa seorang isteri kepada pemimpin yang mempunyai pengaruh yang terlalu besar dalam negara, sehinngkan apa sahaja siisteri ini inginkan akan mendapat kelulusan.

Rakyat ingin tahu kenapa kerajaan memotong subsidi yang telah sekian lama diberikan kepada mereka. Kenapa tidak kurangkan kegiatan rasuah dan salahguna kuasa yang membebebankan perbelanjaan kerajaan tidak dihapuskan dulu.

Rakyat tahu jika rasuah dan salahguna kuasa dapat dikurangkan kerajaan akan dapat menyelamatkan wang rakyat lebih dari RM750 juta dan didapati melalui proses mengurangkan tindakkan rasuah dikalangan kakitangan kerajaan dan pemimpin-pemimpin politik.

Utusan sudah tidak diyakini lagi oleh rakyat dan jika Utusan ingin menjadikan media cetak itu sebagai 'spin Doctor' untuk UMNO ia hanya akan memberikan impak negative kepada parti itu.

Saya sendiri sudah tidak melangan Utusan sejak 20 tahun dahulu kerana jiwa dan persepsi saya terhadap akhbar ini sangat rendah. Saya tidak yakin lagi dengan apa-apa yang ditulisnya.

UMNO tidak mempunyai jalan lain selain dari membawa pembaharuan yang besar kepada parti itu.

Bersemuka dengan PAS tidak mampu membina imej UMNO yang sudah tercalar itu, malahan ia akan memungkinkan PAS berhadapan dengan risiko tentangan dari ahli-ahlinya sendiri.

And You Thought Malaysian Politicians Were Stupid

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 08:38 AM PDT

Most of you know that this is a Malaysian blog dedicated to whipping Malaysian politicians into shape.

But every now and then, out pops a foreign politician that makes you slap your forehead in dismay.

I don't know about you, but I think this politician from Australia needs a refresher course in the world of technology.

Thinking he was sending a private message to a journalist, he posted it in public. On twitter.

If you have a twitter account, you would know how fast news travels. It was sensitive information, and harmful to party image - not just that of the politician in question.

Of course, it begs the question: Why was he supplying a journalist with that information in the first place?

The problem with this group of paramecia we call politicians is that we let them roam freely among the good citizens of this world.

Rightfully, they should be locked up in some gardens with a leash around their necks. They should be provided with bibs during mealtimes so they don't soil their clothes.

God knows we all need protection from them. Heck, they need protection from themselves!

[VIDEO] Dr. Tan Kee Kwong: Najib, Show Us The Truth About Petronas

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 08:35 AM PDT

Dr. Tan Kee Kwong: Najib, Show Us The Truth About Petronas (Part 1)

Dr. Tan Kee Kwong: Najib, Show Us The Truth About Petronas (Part 2)

Dr. Tan Kee Kwong: Najib, Show Us The Truth About Petronas (Part 3)

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Moorthy case: MAIWP acted in bad faith, court told

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 05:20 AM PDT

In the ongoing battle surrounding Mount Everest climber S Moorthy who was buried as a Muslim despite his widow objections, the lawyers of the bereaved S Kaliammal has accused the Federal Territory Religious Council (MAIWP) of acting in bad faith (mala fide) when it obtained an ex-parte (based on a single party) order from the Syariah Court to declare the deceased a Muslim. Full story here:
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The end of an affection, Anwar Ibrahim's anti-Semitism alienates Americans.....!

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 07:34 AM PDT

Bye Bye! Babi!

By Joshua Trevino of Washington Times

America's allies in the Islamic world are too few, and of those few, even fewer are anything like friends. So when one of them attacks America as part of a long-standing anti-Semitic campaign, it's time to ask whether he was ever an ally - and still less a friend.

That's the situation in which U.S. policymakers find themselves with the chief of Malaysia's political opposition, Anwar Ibrahim. Once a favorite of American leaders of all ideological stripes, he earned plaudits over the past decade from eminences ranging from Al Gore to Condoleezza Rice to Amnesty International as an idealized democrat in the Islamic world. In this, his persecution at the hands of former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad - a genuinely malign figure who saw Mr. Ibrahim as a political rival - and a gift for engaging Western media were of tremendous help.

In the past two years, though, another side of Mr. Ibrahim has come to the fore. His use of anti-Semitic rhetoric in Malaysian politics has earned him a censure from B'nai B'rith, which on May 25 urged U.S. officials to cease contact with him. He also is notably one of the few Muslim politicians of global stature to use Israel's seizure of the Gaza-bound flotilla six weeks ago as a platform for attacking the United States.

The fate of that flotilla produced a sadly predictable outpouring of worldwide condemnation of the Jewish state. But allowing for the general outrage in the Muslim world, it's notable that among America's closest partners in the Middle East, the heads of state and major political leaders generally restricted themselves to statements of disapproval. (Turkey is the exception that proves the rule.) The kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia, to pick just two examples, had strong words for Israel - but few expect lasting policy repercussions from either country.

Malaysia was no exception. Like every other majority-Islamic nation (though, unlike most, it boasts substantial and active religious minorities) it condemned Israel in resounding terms before the captured vessels made port in Ashdod, Israel.

Prime Minister Najib Razak - the man whom Mr. Ibrahim hopes to overthrow and replace - even hosted a reception for the dozen Malaysians who took part in the flotilla, at which he denounced Israeli action as "an impudent act of aggression and terrorism ... an act of cold-blooded murder committed by commandos on an order from the Tel Aviv regime."

This is strong stuff, and not a credit to its speaker. But without excusing it in the slightest, Americans may well note that it places Mr. Razak alongside every other Islamic leader in the world. Furthermore, Mr. Razak has also come under fire domestically for his cooperative stance toward the United States, particularly in the war on terror.

Following his meeting with President Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington last April, Mr. Razak took two major steps toward a pro-American Malaysian foreign policy. He announced a willingness to have Malaysia contribute to "capacity building" in Afghanistan.

He furthermore directed the Malaysian national oil company, Petronas, to halt shipments of refined-petroleum products to Iran pending resolution of that country's nuclear crisis. (From a purely Israeli standpoint, this action against an actual existential threat arguably offsets and supersedes harsh rhetoric.)

The contrast with Mr. Ibrahim could not be greater. Where Mr. Razak denounced Israel, Mr. Ibrahim attacked Jews per se with all the tropes of classic anti-Semitism - and he attacked America as well.

Even before the flotilla incident, Mr. Ibrahim was seeking electoral advantage through demagoguery over what Europeans might uncomfortably recognize as "the Jewish question."

As early as 2008, with elections then looming, he stated in an interview with IslamOnline, "I have evidence proving that the government is backing the Jewish lobby in the U.S. and some parties inside Israel."

More recently, having seized upon the prime minister's hire of an American public-relations firm with interests in Israel, Mr. Ibrahim spent much of the spring alleging Jewish penetration and control of Malaysia's government and security services. At one point, his personal Twitter feed declared that there are "Israeli intelligence personnel in the Police IT unit.

" When Mr. Razak announced Malaysia's petroleum cutoff to the Iranian mullahs, Mr. Ibrahim told the Malaysian parliament that it was proof of "how weak we are" that Jewish interests could control Malaysian policy thus.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Mr. Ibrahim's major partner in Malaysia's opposition coalition is an Islamist party best known in the West for soliciting volunteers to defend the Taliban from America after Sept. 11, 2001.

With this background, it's no surprise that the likes of B'nai B'rith declared Mr. Ibrahim persona non grata for U.S. policymakers. It's also no surprise that after the Gaza flotilla, Mr. Ibrahim was found leading a chanting mob of thousands before the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on June 4.

He declared, "Israelis are able to continue with their aggression because of the soft position taken by the [American] president." Three days later, in the Malaysian Parliament, he said, "Israel wouldn't dare to attack the flotilla and set up blockades in Gaza without the support of America."

Anti-Israel sentiment becomes anti-Semitic sentiment becomes anti-American sentiment: It's a depressingly familiar formula in the Muslim world, and one Americans need not tolerate. On June 7, the Wall Street Journal's editors wrote that "it's disappointing to see [Mr. Ibrahim] jump on the anti-Israel populist bandwagon." Disappointing, yes - but if you've been watching Mr. Ibrahim lately, not surprising.

The sad fact is that if Anwar Ibrahim once commanded the respect of Americans as a friend and potential ally, that day is gone. A decade ago, reasoned and informed Western opinion believed him a harbinger of enlightened and tolerant Muslim democracy. Now he is just another Islamic-world peddler of Jew-baiting and anti-Americanism. Both America and the Islamic world, and certainly Malaysia, deserve better.

Joshua Trevino is a longtime observer of Malaysian affairs and runs Trevino Strategies and Media. He served as a speechwriter in President George W. Bush's Department of Health and Human Services from 2001-2004.
© Copyright 2010 The Washington Times, LLC.

Read More Here!

The Words of the Teleprompter Messiah

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 01:07 AM PDT

"So the other day I was attending a funeral for this fallen corpse-man, a Mr. OAR-ee-on – one of the unbroken line of fallen heroes – and I see many of them in the audience here today."

"Although they cling do to guns and religion – this funeral is chock full of that! – it's just because they're bitter over the price of arugula… Uh, hold on, uh, uh, I can't hear myself think here."

"Uh, carrying on… I was upset as he was an Arabic speaker and we need every one we can get for Afghanistan. But not as upset as that time when 10,000 people died from those Kabul tornados!"

"But back to the funeral… To those conspiracy theorists out there, I'm certain my attendance at this ceremony full of religion proves to them my Muslim faith. I mean, Christian faith."

"So anyway, in order to make up for this loss, I've been looking into bringing in greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to the Marine Corpse. They will be as problem-free as the post office. Let me be absolutely clear, the Marines are a great friend to the Marines."

"It was a tight schedule by the way, you ever tried visiting all 57 states? So now that we're done, can I just eat my waffle? Islam invented waffles, you know."

(By the way aren't you glad we dodged that IDIOT Palin back in '08?)


How many did you catch without checking the linky references?

Guide sources: here, here, here and here.

The end of an affection, Anwar Ibrahim's anti-Semitism alienates Americans

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 05:43 AM PDT

By Joshua Trevino

6:11 p.m., Tuesday, July 20, 2010
MugshotIllustration: Anwar Ibrahim

America's allies in the Islamic world are too few, and of those few, even fewer are anything like friends. So when one of them attacks America as part of a long-standing anti-Semitic campaign, it's time to ask whether he was ever an ally - and still less a friend.

That's the situation in which U.S. policymakers find themselves with the chief of Malaysia's political opposition, Anwar Ibrahim. Once a favorite of American leaders of all ideological stripes, he earned plaudits over the past decade from eminences ranging from Al Gore to Condoleezza Rice to Amnesty International as an idealized democrat in the Islamic world. In this, his persecution at the hands of former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad - a genuinely malign figure who saw Mr. Ibrahim as a political rival - and a gift for engaging Western media were of tremendous help.

In the past two years, though, another side of Mr. Ibrahim has come to the fore. His use of anti-Semitic rhetoric in Malaysian politics has earned him a censure from B'nai B'rith, which on May 25 urged U.S. officials to cease contact with him. He also is notably one of the few Muslim politicians of global stature to use Israel's seizure of the Gaza-bound flotilla six weeks ago as a platform for attacking the United States. Read More Here please!

Prominent human rights lawyer, Haris Ibrahim caught dealing in imaginary numbers

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 04:36 AM PDT

Kuala Lumpur - Prominent self-declared Human Rights lawyer, Haris Ibrahim has been caught practising the ancient cult of imaginary numbers and it is believed that the authorities are likely to take action against him.

Haris, who is known for his liberal views and apparent contempt of Muslim practices in Malaysia was caught doing so on several occasions in his blog, the People's Parliament.

Some legal experts believe that Haris has been dealing with these sets of imaginary numbers in an attempt to invoke public anger against the Royal Malaysian Police and if the facts of the case back up this opinion, he could be facing sedition charges.

Haris has been openly selling the notion that 1,805 people had died in police custody since 2003 when the actual number is one tenth of the allegation. According to police sources only 147 prisoners died in police lock-ups since 2000.

Haris's extravagant claims translates to nearly one death for every working day, an allegation that is clearly crafted to incite anger and hatred against the law enforcement body.

Haris has never produced any breakdown of the place of death and there is no offer to describe where these deaths occurred.


2000            7
2001          16
2002          15
2003          23
2004          21
2005          14
2006          15
2007          15
2008          12
2009             6
2010             3

Deaths in Police custody
according to cause

HIV                                                        32
Asma                                                      4
Sakit Jantung                                       9
Lain lain penyakit                              64
Gantung Diri                                        21
Bergaduh sesama tahanan lain       3
Pendarahan Otak                                 3
Tergelincir di bilik air lokap                1
Lain lain                                                   9
Dicederakan polis                                 1

Criminologist, from the Institute for the Study of Pathological Liars, Professor He Lye Are said that Haris appears to suffer from an acute deficiency of human decency and this is causing him to indulge in the notorious art of conjuring imaginary numbers.

"Clearly there are no basis for his indulgence in conjuring these imaginary numbers so one can only assume that he has an ulterior motive and this is certainly unbecoming for someone who claims to be a Human Rights Lawyer," he said.

Meanwhile Law Professor, Dr Low Year Tipu said that imaginary numbers was a mandatory subject for lawyers in the middle ages, it was also known as billing but it has been discontinued as a teaching module in most universities since the 1960s.

"Some of the older practitioners of this art are still carrying on but in general the legal profession has moved on to the real world and we no longer reach into the darker recesses of our orifices for imaginary numbers.

"By plucking numbers from the sky Haris clearly going after the fruits of discontent and this can only mean that he wants to sow hatred against the authorities.

"We are very sad that a member of the noble legal profession has acted against the best interest of the fraternity by openly practicing in the much discredited black art of conjuring imaginary numbers," Low said.

Haris's former teacher who decliend to be named said he was surprised that Haris had the mental acumen to deal in imaginary numbers.

"As I recall he could barely add two and two together. Since he had the gift of the gab, we encouraged him to become either a politician or a lawyer.

Meanwhile the President of the Bar Keep Council, M Abu K. Bir condemned Haris for making beer drinkers look like barbarians and practitioners of black arts.

"As a seasoned beer drinker and connoisseur of Bak Kut Teh we expected a lot more from him, we never knew that he was capable of pulling numbers out of his arse.

"If we knew he practiced the art of imaginary numbers we would have asked him for 4D predictions. We are really disappointed.

"All I can say is that we will do our best to drown our sorrow in cold beer tonight and feed our unhappiness with the best glutinous Bak Kut Teh from Klang.

"Haris, if you love us, please stop conjuring imaginary numbers. we don't want people to think that drinkers are idiots," said M. Abu K.

We received a note from a concerned mathematicians who wanted to point out that imaginary numbers are a real mathematical concept, the square of an imaginary number is a negative value.
Wikipedia offers this slightly more comprehensive if technical explanation of imaginary numbers
An imaginary number is a number in the form bi where b is a non-zero, real number and i, defined by i2 = − 1, is known as the imaginary unit. An imaginary number bi can be added to a real number a to form a complex number of the form a + bi, where a and bare called respectively, the "real part" and the "imaginary part" of the complex number a + bi. Imaginary numbers can therefore be thought of as complex numbers where the real part is zero, and vice-versa. The square of an imaginary number is a negative real number.

PS Sorry fly, if you feel slighted at my play with imaginary numbers today

Low Taek Jho, Paris Hilton, Rosmah & RM 11 billion of your money

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 03:14 AM PDT

ps- Please don't forget to stand with Fadiah! Much more impt than this!

Isn't it weird to have Paris Hilton and Rosmah in the same sentence? *shudders*

The Nutgraph has really come into its own, avoiding the saturated online news landscape and focusing on features and investigative reporting.

Their work on the New York Times Rosmah ad (here and here) was really fantastic, and a fun read.

Among the speculations that arose from there was the involvement of Low Taek Jho in the Rosmah ad. Yeah. This "fat bastard" (as one Twit put it):

Many have highlighted his Mr. Paris Hilton persona, but recently, Anil Netto did some more serious homework.

Let's start with TNG's work. These are two must read articles – the first, and the second.

They basically follow a trail of APCO-like public relations companies (esp in terms of sketch factor), in trying to determine who really arranged for the ad, and for Rosmah's fake award.

Somewhere along the line:

Jones replied to Tichansky after reading Tichansky's e-mail to The Nut Graph, and surprisingly copied us in an e-mail we received on 2 June, saying: "This is great. Thank you! Please send, and I'll forward to Joh."

This appeared to be an accident, and many suspected that there was a misspelling :)

TNG bravely followed up:

Henry Thomas Jones of Laurus Group DC, a "small public relations firm", sent an e-mail on 7 June accusing The Nut Graph of blowing up a "trivial matter" and being unprofessional.

The Nut Graph had written to Jones on 3 June to ask what his involvement in the award and the ad was after he had surprisingly copied us on an e-mail to Tichansky. In that e-mail, sent on 1 June, Jones had responded to Tichansky's e-mail to us which defended Rosmah as the award recipient. Jones told Tichansky: "This is great. Thank you! Please send, and I'll forward to Joh."

The Nut Graph then wrote to Jones, who is known to have worked in a powerful lobbying company and is a seasoned political campaigner, to ask him if Laurus Group, DC was the one that ordered and paid for the ad congratulating Rosmah. We also asked if he was involved in lobbying for Najib's meeting with President Barack Obama and for Rosmah to be conferred an award.

Additionally, we asked him who "Joh" was, and whether it was a particular individual whose name has been circulating among the New York-based media, and among local business and political circles. Jones did not reply.

However, after our 7 June report on the NYT's mistake, Jones's apparent involvement, and the mysterious "Joh", Jones wrote a scathing e-mail that said:

"'Joh' … is my receptionist, Jo. When typing on the iPhone, it is not uncommon for me to misspell words. In this instance, I added an 'h'. My firm provides occasional PRO BONO services to the Business Council for International Understanding.

(nat: OH, iPhone ftl? hahaha)

"It is unfortunate that such a trivial matter, a misspelling in an internal communication, gives rise for your publication to generate unsubstantiated allegations, and then to publish the same. From an American perspective, I find The Nut Graph's standards for publication to be less than professional."

Despite being asked to clarify in an e-mail we sent on 8 June, Jones did not reveal his receptionist's full name and contact details. He also did not explain why a receptionist in his firm would need to be copied on a correspondence between him and his client.

He did not specify what about The Nut Graph's reporting on 7 June constituted "unsubstantiated allegations".

I don't know why Mr. Jones is getting his knickers in a twist, if this really is a small issue?

Also, secretary or assistant we might understand. Receptionist? Err.

Another lead worth following is that there were considerable rumours going around that the Rosmah ad was connected to Taib Mahmud's money, down in Sarawak.

Lo and behold, thanks to Anil:

Low is a non-executive director of UBG Bhd. He is a representative of Majestic Masterpiece Sdn Bhd and Abu Dhabi-Kuwait-Malaysia Investment Corporation (ADKM), a 53 per cent shareholder of UBG, whose chairman is Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, son of Taib Mahmud. (UBG has acquired a couple of CMS companies.)


Anyway, why should we really care about all this? A few hundred k is a lot of money, but not tons.

Oh. But wait. There's more? After all, mebbe a few hundred thousand ringgit ain't quite enough to put you on a boat with Paris in Paris.

Again, Anil:

Meanwhile, 1MDB is a "strategic development company" owned by the Malaysian government. The firm started life as the Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA), which was set up to manage Terengganu's RM1 billion annual revenue from oil royalties under what would be the country's second sovereign wealth fund. TIA was established with the approval of the federal and state governments in March 2009, around the time Najib was set to take over as PM.

One of the key figures who advised the King (who comes from Terengganu) to establish the TIA was Low Taek Jho, reported the Edge on 14 December 2009.

(Low was previously reported in the Malaysian Insider, which cited a Singapore Straits Times report, as being part of Najib's inner circle and having close ties with Middle East investment funds.)

The original idea behind TIA was to create a sovereign wealth fund with RM5 billion from the federal government and another RM6 billion to come from Terengganu's securitised future oil royalties receivable from Petronas.

Good lord. RM 11 billion?

Yeah, I think there are some people who'd consider that kinda 'hawt'.

I think what we're looking at here is a Najib lieutenant that was entrusted to help siphon of billions of our money, and who got a little carried away.

(Not that he wasn't willing to share the glamour, mind -

Apart from the NYT ad, Rosmah and Najib were also feted on 16 April at the five-star St Regis Hotel in New York where the award ceremony was held.

The star-studded event was emceed by Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx and attended by Hollywood glitterati including Oscar-winning Robert De Niro and Charlize Theron, and Emmy Rossum. Performances by Grammy-award nominee Leona Lewis, and the Harlem Boys Choir were also held. A rendition of We Are the World led by Foxx and sung by De Niro, Theron and others ended the night.

Various blog postings and Tweets on the event talk about how well Foxx warmed the party up. One blogger, who attended the event, wrote that Foxx performed a "flirty" karaoke version of You've Got a Friend with Rosmah, and danced with Najib.

That's it? That's why they work so hard to steal our money? To rub shoulders with movie stars?

Imagine what it would have costs to have those stars 'entertain' the PM of some far-off, tiny country.

Had enough of these guys? I have.

ps- added info via @Aisehman: also don't forget dat bsides MCing at Hair'sz event, Foxx also gave Jho a car as gift, as reported

pps- Wah!! Eyewitness?! Via @anthraxxxx and @suanie

Why are Malaysiakini videos 'long'

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 02:36 AM PDT

Here is why our videos are considered 'ridiculously' long ... we know, but we have our reasons ....
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Time: 02:14 More in News & Politics

'Zaid's election petition defective'

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 02:24 AM PDT

The hearing of Hulu Selangor MP P Kamalanathan's application to strike out an election petition filed by PKR supreme council member Zaid Ibrahim has begun in the Kuala Lumpur High Court, which is sitting as an Election Court. Zaid had yesterday lost in his preliminary objection against the striking out application when election judge Justice Azahar Mohamed ruled he was bound by a Federal Court ruling to allow such applications to be made before the petition is heard. Full story here:
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Posted: 21 Jul 2010 01:56 AM PDT

Story to follow.
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Stand w/Fadiah: spoke out against slave labour, hauled up by MACC

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 01:31 AM PDT

Thursday, July 22nd:

10.30am: Handover of memo to Minister of Defence, to guarantee safety of Sgt. Tharmendran
(MINDEF, Jln Padang Tembak, KL)

1.30pm: Solidarity with Fadiah Fikri
(MACC, Rumah Perseketuan, Jln Sultan Hishamuddin, KL)

Fadiah on the right

Unbelievable. They're doing it again.

Fadiah Fikri, from Lawyers for Liberty, the nicest person you'll meet, is a relentless crusader for human rights. The attempt by her and others to speak up for the rights of migrant workers exploited in the construction of new Istana Negara, has now got her hauled up for questioning with the MACC on Thursday.

Said Istana Negara has a price tag of RM 800 million, but it appears that that only covers crony fees, and left nothing for payment to the human beings that are actually building the place (like the pyramids, built on slave labour).

While no action against has been taken against a single employer, and idiots like Ezam Nor yelp and scream about derhaka and racism, it is the brave few who dare to speak up for the downtrodden that are hauled up.

Don't stand for this nonsense, Jangan jadi satu lagi Teoh Beng Hock! Stand together with Fadiah tomorrow at the MACC!

(and if you can, join what will likely be many of the same people in the morning, to stand up for Tharmendran)

The Star:

Many foreign workers hired to build the new RM800mil Istana Negara claim they have not been paid over the last three months despite working seven days a week.

Living in fear and frustration, the workers alleged they were exploited and cheated and held to ransom by their employers because many of them do not have work permits.

There are more than 1,000 migrant workers from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal and Vietnam hired by more than 130 sub-contractors who are involved in the Jalan Duta palace project.

Most of them stay in kongsi or long wooden houses near the construction site.

According to workers interviewed by The Star, some employers threatened to call the police when they persisted in asking for their wages.

Several workers even claimed they were harassed by the police and Rela officers and that their possessions like mobile phones, cigarettes and canned drinks were confiscated.

Indonesian Punawi, 32, who does plastering work, said he had not been paid for five months and barely had any money left for food.

"I only manage with one meal a day and that's because the foodstall owner allows me to eat on credit. My work permit has expired and I don't have RM3,000 to renew it," he added.

Jatim, 37, said their employer would hold back their wages for three to four months and they would subsequently be paid a month's salary.

Some employers, he claimed, would extend loans of RM50 to RM100 per week to the workers, leaving them in debt.

Jatim's wife, Salimah, 32, who lives with him at the kongsi near the construction site with their five-month-old baby, said they often lived in fear of police raids.

"Each time there is a raid, I grab my baby and run. Some of us have to spend the night in the jungle to escape the authorities."

Wah! Can one ah?

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 12:43 AM PDT

Today's post is just for a laugh okay. I had forgotten that I could speak Mandarin until my friend, Alvin posted this video to me. Watch and have a laugh...


This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Syukur Ketua Pemuda Nafi Laporan Utusan/Berita Hairan

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 12:22 AM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Syukur Ketua Pemuda menafikan laporan Utusan Meloya dan Berita Hairan. Ini membuktikan maklumat saya, bahawa UMNO mahu menghidupkan kembali agenda PERPADUAN MELAYU kerana mereka sudah tidak yakin dengan sokongan bukan Melayu. Mereka juga menggunaka juak mereka, Haramsani.

Peristiwa ini sepatutnya menjadi pengajaran kepada pimpinan PAS bahawa UMNO dalam keadaan desperado. Mereka perlukan PAS untuk menyelamatkan mereka dari lubang yang mereka telah gali.

Nasrudin ajak Umno sertai Pakatan Rakyat

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 Julai: Ketua Pemuda PAS, Nasrudin Hassan mengajak Umno menyertai Pakatan Rakyat jika benar ingin memperjuangkan perpaduan di negara ini dan bukannya PAS bersama-sama Umno dalam Barisan Nasional.

Ia berbeza sama sekali dengan nada laporan yang dibuat Utusan di muka depan akhbar Umno itu hari ini yang membayangkan seolah-olah Ketua Pemuida PAS itu setuju bersatu dengan Umno dalam BN.

Dalam laporannya hari ini, Utusan telah memetik tulisan Nasrudin itu dan melaporkannya dengan tajuk "Umno, PAS perlu pelan damai".

Namun akhbar itu sangat tidak beretika apabila memetik tulisan Nasrudin tetapi menukar istilah yang digunakan Nasrudin.

(Gambar: Ada niat jahat dalam laporan akhbar ini apabila menukar petikan asal dengan petikan yang direka dan diubah suai..lihat gambar atas (Utusan) dan gambar bawah (tulisan dalam blog Nasrudin)

Dalam laporannya, Utusan menggunakan istilah Nasrudin mengajak Umno menyertai Pakatan Pembangkang tetapi yang digunakan Nasrudin adalah Pakatan Rakyat.

"Maka, apalah salahnya jika kini UMNO pula mengambil giliran dan langkah serupa seperti dulunya PAS pernah menyertai Perikatan demi penyatuan melayu Islam di era Tun Abdul Razak [ Lagi pun pemimpin UMNO kini yang beria - ia benar mahukan penyatuan ] .

"Kini di era YAB Dato' Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak pulalah menghulur tangan, sanggup dan sedia bersama PAS menyertai Pakatan Rakyat memperjuangkan Islam dan bangsa melayu Islam agar kita dapat membina sebuah negara yang aman, makmur, sejahtera, adil, telus, saksama tanpa sebarang pertelagahan atau persengketaan yang merugikan ummat Islam dan bangsa Melayu itu sendiri.

"Kerana saya melihat masa depan negara adalah bersama dengan Pakatan Rakyat dan seluruh parti yang ikhlas serta jujur membangunkan negara berasaskan nilai keadilan dan kesejahteraan yang diajar oleh Islam," tulis Nasrudin dalam blognya namun diputar belit oleh Utusan.

Sebelum ini, Naib Presiden PAS, Salahudin Ayub juga bersetuju, jika benar Umno mahukan perpaduan, Umno perlu menyertai Pakatan Rakyat bersama PAS, PKR dan DAP.

Ini kerana, PAS pernah berpengalaman menyertai BN dan ditendang keluar oleh parti assobiyah Melayu itu.

Sementara itu, Ketua Pemuda Umno, Khairy Jamaludin menyifatkan laporan Utusan hari ini sebagai lambang Umno terlalu 'desparate' (terlalu terdesak).

"Saya rasa cukuplah dengan usaha & artikel perpaduan UMNO-PAS. Cerita pg1 Utusan hari ini nampak macam kita desperate sangat," kata Khairy dalam laman komuniti Twitternya.

(Gambar: Laporan muka depan Utusan yang disifatkan terdesak oleh Khairy)

Pandangan Khairy disokong oleh AJK PAS Pusat, Datuk Seri Muhamad Nizar Jamaludin ketika membalas twitter Khairy itu.

"mbnizar @Khairykj : Dear YB, u are definitely right. It looks too bad for UMNO. Y PAS? Y not other malays in PKR,sab/sar,ngo etc.spt hidung tak..."

(YB, awak sangat tepat. Ia dilihat terlalu buruk untuk Umno. Kenapa PAS? Kenapa tidak Melayu dalam PKR, Sabah/Sarawak, NGO dll. Seperti hidung tak...")

Sementara itu, pelbagai pihak melihat, apa yang dibuat oleh Umno dan medianya sekarang dalam isu perpaduan ini adalah strategi serampang dua mata.

Jika PAS menolak kerjasama dengan Umno bermakna PAS jahat di mata orang Malayu yang tidak memahami isu ini kerana menolak usaha ke arah perpaduan.

Namun begitu, jika PAS menerima atau positif dengan ajakan Umno bermakna PAS sudah khianati rakan-rakannya dalam Pakatan Rakyat dan akan menyebabkan orang bukan Melayu khasnya akan menolak PAS.

Atas dasar itu, alasan yang terbaik kini adalah menerima perpaduan yang diminta Umno tetapi bersama-sama dalam Pakatan Rakyat yang dilihat lebih adil kerana tidak ada lebih besar dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Ia berbeza dengan susunan Barisan Nasional (BN) yang meletakkan Umno adalah abang besar dan yang lain-lain adalah pengikut sahaja.

Penafian: Pihak Harakahdaily tidak bertanggungjawab terhadap sebarang kehilangan atau kerosaka

Chuah's on his own selfish KPI at the expense of good staff

Posted: 20 Jul 2010 02:45 PM PDT

From Anonymous, via e-mail

I refer to the points raised by G Vinod in his article 'Senior Utar academics quit over 'tamper' order' and the reply from Utar. I'd like make several points on the matter.

1. Tampering of marks is a reality since Prof Chuah Hean Teik took over. This is a widespread practice not with one paper but with almost all papers.

Dare him to allow third parties to compare the marks given on students' examination answer scripts and the final marks awarded as entered in the system, and everything will be out.

The directive from him is (a) no more than 20 percent failure rates, (b) average marks must be within a certain range and, (c) the standard deviation of the marks must be within (e.g. 8 -12 marks) a certain range.

If those criteria are not met, the lecturer concerned will be asked to re-mark all of the scripts. If still cannot meet target, re-mark again. You have about on an average, five days to finish marking and to key it in.

During the Board of Examiners meeting , the lecturers who do not meet any of the criteria, have to explain verbally and write a report which would be a 'black' mark.

So, how do lecturers go round it?

(i) Forty percent is the passing mark. To reach 40 marks, as much as 7 to 10 marks are added to ensure 'passes'.

(ii) To achieve the average marks and the standard deviations, scripts are tampered with, an original 10 marks will be upgraded to 30 marks. For example, an 84 marks originally awarded will be downgraded to 80 marks or lower. Imagine going through 400 to 500 students for a paper and if the printouts still do not meet the criteria, the whole process is repeated.

The deans and heads of departments all know about it, in fact, lecturers were taught how to do it.

You can bet your last dollar that Chuah is fully aware of this. By denying the existence of tampering in his reply in the Star, he is lying through his teeth.

2. Having five days to mark 200 scripts is a luxury. In the 2009 May semester, many lecturers had 600 students and some more than 1,000 (students from other courses taking the same subject).

There was a case where there were 500 students. The exam was on Tuesday and the keying in of the marks was supposed to be the following Monday. Suddenly, the date of the keying in of the marks was pushed forward by Chuah wanted to go to China and the Board of Examiners meeting had to be pushed forward.

The date for keying in of the marks was changed to Friday 12 noon. How to mark 500 answer scripts in two and a half days?. Solution is, rope in six other markers, some not even in the same field as the subject and each was given the marking scheme. Is this fair to the students?

3. If Utar has spent RM18 million for research facilities, then much of the money has gone somewhere else.

4. It is not one or two unhappy staff who have resigned. That 30 percent of the original staff have left is accurate. Academic staff who have vast experience and qualifications left.

In come many very young graduates, some cannot even string two sentences in proper English and also many doctorate holders who are teaching undergraduates. Is this necessary?

Is Chuah trying to enter the world ranking universities by recruiting P HD holders and pressuring academic staff to publish? It is all for his own selfish personal goal – his own KPI at the expense of the staff.

5. All the top positions in Utar are occupied by his cronies and all without exception are sycophants who suck up to him so that thinks he is infallible. Chuah is not only arrogant but lack simple human decent behaviour and conduct.

He may be academically highly qualified but he lacks politeness, humility and an utter lack of EQ.

6.When Utar started in 2002, students could enter the accounting programme with a CGPA of 2.75. It was lowered to 2.5. Now, this recent semester it is 2.0. What excellence and quality is he talking about?

7. The accounting programme is three years old. (We just started the four-year programme only in the Sg Long campus). After three years (and we would have several thousands of accounting graduates by now), if these students want to go far in their career in accounting, auditing, etc. they have to take the final five papers of the ACCA or CIMA or the four papers from the Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

Ask Chuah whether he monitored the graduates on how successful they were in gaining the professional qualifications. Of the first several batches of accounting graduates when they sat the MIA qualifying exams, less then five percent passed.

For the four MIA papers, the result was 100 percent failure. What quality? By the way after the first several batches, they did not let us know results.

The staff are laughing whenever Chuah talks about holistic education, academic excellence and Utar being a top university.


Restore integrity and good governance in Utar

Brother Mahfuz, why should Najib discuss subsidies with you?

Posted: 20 Jul 2010 02:42 PM PDT

From Francis YM, via e-mail

Bravo to Najib Tun Razak for removing the subsidies so soon, and as was revealed by Brother Mahfuz Omar, this was not discussed at all during the month long Parliament session.

Brother, why does Najib need to discuss these things with you at all? This is 1Malaysia mah! He can do anything he wants. You are just MPs representing the people, but he is ONE MALAYSIA, so he need not inform the rakyat.

If he tells you, you MPs make so much noise. Remember the 'sports betting ' issue. He approved it but you people rejected it outright, never give him chance to reply.

He said government can gain millions and also we know Vincent Tan will be very happy but you guys never let the government make the 'haram' money.

Now if he had told you about his latest move earlier, you will do the same and again the goverment cannot make  money.

Najib said savings from the reduced subsidies will go towards development projects, which would directly benefit the people.

We need money mah!.. for the next GE which is just around the corner, so this move comes in very handy.

He cannot to to Vincent Tan to ask for money, he very angry now. Best thing to do is cut the subsidies slowly until the rakyat will kow tow to the powers that be.

So, what we can do is cut sugar usage, it's good for us, at least we won't get diabetes, then reduce your driving, over shorter distances, just walk.. at least this will keep your heart healthy and you won't die of heart attack.

Eat moderately, cancel late night teh tariks at the mamak stall, spend more time with the family, and listen to 1Malaysia songs and propaganda on national TV until your blood pressure comes to a boil, then vote for Pakatan Rakyat at the next GE13.  Good day mate!


Fuel, sugar prices go up as subsidy cuts come into force

It's payback time as govt cuts sugar, fuel subsidies

Anwar, Kit Siang must be enjoying a quiet chuckle at Umno

Posted: 20 Jul 2010 02:41 PM PDT

From SiewWah, via e-mail

The article 'Storm brewing beneath the surface' by journalist Zainal Epi indeed reflects the current condition of Umno and it will only get worse in time to come.

Opposition icons Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang must be quietly chuckling away and working hard to consolidate their relationship and forge an alternative platform to bring justice and equality back to all Malaysians. May the rakyat give them wholehearted support for their cause!

Read: Storm brewing beneath the surface

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