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That was 'no Love Boat'

That was 'no Love Boat'

That was 'no Love Boat'

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 02:12 PM PDT

Some people say there's always two sides to a story. What we often forget is there is a tendency to put on huge blinders and ignore critical facts in any story.

If you consider some critical facts, which our mainstream media has conveniently ignored, perhaps you will understand that there was more to the violence that broke out on the flotilla off the coast of Israel than most of us are led to believe. Consider the following information:

the Gaming BARON of Malaysia, a brain graft for the ruling alliance with asshole Vincent Tan an unprincipled opportunist – conniving and duplicitous

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S. Augustine PaulS. Augustine Paul


S. Augustine PaulS. Augustine Paul

justice is subjective. If I recall my Political Science class "US Legal System" years ago, only 10 percent of cases go to trial. The rest 90 percent result in plea bargain, this is because lawyers ( gatekeepers to law system) are expensive

evil_smiley.gif evil smile image by c0040

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Most have seen NAJIB as an unprincipled opportunist – conniving and duplicitous Munafik

Colourful characters are plenty in politics. But at the top of the global heap we have some leaders who take eccentricity to a whole new level. They may or may not be part of the so-called 'Axis of Evil' but they definitely seem to be part of the 'Axis of the Bizarre'. Here's my take on the weird species that lead some countries.

WHY does the ruling coalition need the services of Vincent Tan ? Because politics obsesses about power to the exclusion of everything else, including to what end that power. The ruling coalition needs an advisory body to tell it what to do.

They're sneaky. They lie. They're evil. They think everyone else is an animal and therefore without souls. They're the most despicable people on the planet to say the least. These evil doers are behind Hollywood, the porn industry, race mixing,the homosexual agenda …. you name it … and they're the ones orchestrating

The as an institution is standing testimony to the bankruptcy of our political parties ( just those who belong to the ruling United Progressive Alliance), to the distance they have acquired from the common people and to their abdication of the responsibility to find new solutions to new challenges

Don't tell us that Vincent Tan can actually walk away from a heap of ringgit?? The objective is still the same except the mode has changed into one disguised as charity. Too much heat from RPK and others force them to change modus operandi.
Let's postulate that the objective is still the same i.e to fund the likes of the Prostitute of Jelapang causing political instabilty within PR and cross-overs by the following scenarios:
1. Create a charity organization called One (1) Charity Malaysia
2. Make our world famous First Lady as patron with powers to disburse the RM 525 million
3. Line up all the current BN representatives facing the PR elected MPs , nominate 100 such seats
4. Let these useless BN bums pick and choose their favourite local charities with largest population
5. Let these monkeys hand out RM 5 million each to their local constituent charity
6.. The local people now feel obliged to vote for BN come any election ( by , general or whatever BN says)

The main advantage of this postulated strategy is :
1. Saves our Chief ( 1st Lady's husband) from having to stoop so low to offer such $$$$ to the rakyat
2. Saves Vincent Tan's reputation and business before the football ban fall-out affects his TOTO outlets
3. The useless BN local representatives can now buy image and favours each legally with RM 5 million
4. The money RM 525 million is now spent "legally" as charity instead of questionable school donations
5. As far as BN is concerned it has to be the Win-Win-Solution by a master stroke.

his might seem completely uncharitable, considering the identity of the members of the APCO and the contribution the body made to formulating policy in the NAJIB stint. There is no gainsaying that the APCO members are all extremely decent people, most of whom have made sterling contributions to improving ZIONIST JEW society, contributions far more robust than any newspaper columnist who presumes to sit in judgement over them can hope to make. And there is no gainsaying that the ideas that came out of the APCO in its earlier avatar were sound in theory and practice. The problem is not with the NAC or its members. The problem, rather, is that our political parties should outsource their core activity to any agency, howsoever meritorious.

What is the purpose of politics? In the desperate scramble for power, in the midst of Machiavellian moves to form and break coalitions, to buy a party nomination for an electoral contest, to cut a rival down to size and induce a wavering independent to defect, while staring in awe at the fortune some successful politician has amassed, while gloating over the queue of businessmen and their lobbyists bearing blandishments, politicians have forgotten why they are where they are in the first place. So wise people of this nation, this RM 525 million donation to the nation's needy charity organisations is sugar- coated and will result in life long addiction to gambling. Nip it in the bud or else it will turn around and bite you in the bum. Beware as the peddler of this addictive habit is non other than the ONE who has the power to cause political instabilty amongst the Pakatan Rakyat held seats and state governments. Ask Hee the PoJ in Perak .

Say No ! Tak Nak ! Football money is exactly what it takes start a whole chain of corrupt practices. Ask Greece our twin sister in debt to GDP ratio, both scoring above 53%. Remember the Trojan Horse in ancient Greek history, Ascot Sports in Malaysian modern politics.First of all, Vincent Tan did pay Hee of Perak millions of ringgit as an inducement for her to jump ship. This was confirmed by three people. One was a senior man from Umno, the second the President of one of the non-Malay political parties in Barisan Nasional, and the third a Chinese Datuk who is also involved in the gambling business. And these three Deep Throats have never before given me false or wrong information.

In fact, these people told me that Perak was going to fall long before the state actually fell. And they also warned me that Kedah and Selangor were next on the list. They warned me that a 'shopping spree' was going to be launched to buy over Pakatan Rakyat Members of Parliament and State Assemblypersons from the Pakatan Rakyat states, Penang included. And they also told me that Vincent Tan was footing the bill.

Today, what I had been told has proven to be true.says RPK

If a political party served as a live link between the people and the state, it would know what to do, it would attract the intellectual resources to forge appropriate strategies and would not have to outsource policymaking to any third party.

Unfortunately, a dearth of politics imagined as mediating power for the welfare of the people has left our political parties bereft of ideas and ideals, of talent and reforming zeal. In that situation, a body like the APCO is most UNwelcome, indeed.

But is such outsourcing of political imagination to non-political bodies inevitable? Interestingly, there are two trends, albeit weak, which show promise.

Do you know that Vincent Tan does not really own the entire interest in his gambling empire? He owns only part of it. The rest belongs to Umno but held under trust by Vincent Tan. This was the deal struck way back when Ahmad Sebi Abu Bakar, then the CEO of TV3, conjured the scam during the time when Daim Zainuddin was the Finance Minister.

Ahmad Sebi told Vincent Tan that Umno could not park the shares under its own name because, being the so-called largest Muslim party in the world, as Tun Dr Mahathir himself had declared, this would be a sensitive issue. So they needed to hide Umno's interest under a non-Muslim nominee. And Vincent Tan is that non-Muslim nominee.

Now you know how Sports Toto ended up in the hands of Vincent Tan.

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Then what about the tens of thousands of 'one-armed bandits' that Vincent Tan is operating all over Malaysia, East Malaysia included (which has the most number of machines per capita)?

related article NAJIB SAID Musa to stay on as IGP, fixed up Anwar on the sodomy we need corrupted musa to fightcorruption a technical and element of subjectivity matter

Why are the police not raiding these illegal gambling outlets to confiscate the machines and arrest the operators? Well, they do, actually, but the police only raid those outlets not owned by Vincent Tan. Those 'competitors' to Vincent Tan suffer police raids and confiscations. Those owned by Vincent Tan do not.

RELATED ARTICLE Billionaire T Ananda Krishnan, rides high on the selling away of ketuanan Melayu Mahathir back, horse sense

Speak to any Chinese underworld boss. Go have a Chinese dinner in Jalan Imbi at Sakura or one of those places and talk to the Chinese underworld people. I have. And they will be able to tell you how the scam works and why Vincent Tan has kekebalan (immunity) while the others do not.

Vincent Tan can deny it all he wants. The bottom line is he is the front man for Umno. He is Umno's nominee. He owns only part of his gambling empire. The rest is owned by Umno but held by him as trustee.

How do I know all this?


Let me put it this way. I was there when the deal was struck. Maybe Vincent Tan does not remember me. Well, his Malay directors do because I went to school with some of them and two of them were actually my batch-mates in the Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

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Yes, Vincent, I was that Kwailo-looking guy in the bush jacket who was sitting across the table from Ahmad Sebi when you walked into the room without knocking and interrupted our meeting.

Next time knock first before entering. Don't barge in like you are so fond of doing. You barged into the room and interrupted our meeting without giving me any face. You did not even look at me and acted as if I was invisible. Then you started talking about your scam as if I was not there.

And that was your mistake, Vincent. As Julia Roberts said in 'Pretty Woman': big mistake.

So your arrangement with Umno is not something new. It is a very old arrangement since the time when Ahmad Sebi was heading TV3 and when Daim Zainuddin was the Finance Minister. And your one-armed bandits licence was an arrangement since the time when Mohd Farid Ariffin was the Deputy Finance Minister. And when Farid Ariffin tried to end your monopoly of these slot machines, you arranged for his political career to come to an early halt.

No Goodies and Financial Assistance For the NEEDY Iban/Dayak from Barisan National for Gawai Dayak….Agi meh Dayak Iban 97% baka ba Sibu ka Ngundi BN, engka udah kena Jayau Batu Bulan Taib?

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 10:46 AM PDT


Saturday, 5th June 2010

Happy Gawai . This year, just like the previous years, Barisan Nasional did not distributed goodies to the poor Iban/Dayak so as to help them to celebrate gawai dayak just like the rest of the middle income group Iban. This scenerio is totally different from the other main celebrations in Malaysia such as the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali.

From my own observation, there are to two main differents between the Gawai Dayak Celebration compare to the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali  in term of government involvement, first the distribution of goodies or monies to the poor dayak/Iban. The government so far had never distributed any goodies, gifts or monies to the needy dayak/Iban. Secondly, two BN YBs had never paid any gawai visits to the longhouses in their constituencies. The voters in P202 and N25 must not vote for BN candidates in the coming state election. This area need change…therefore vote for PR. SUCH A DOUBLE STANDARD
Presentation of Assistance to the needy Chinese during CNY
Presentation of Assistance to the needy Indian during Deepavali
Presentation of Assistance to the needy Muslims/Malay during Hari Raya Puasa
Talking about the income among the races in Malaysia, Iban is the poorest group. But during Ari Gawai Dayak or the Chrismas Day, the two celebrations that are celebrated by the Dayak/Iban, the government had never distributed the goodies or gifts to the poor dayaks, i.e widowers, orphans, handicapped..etc.
On 31st May 2010, on my way back to my longhouse which is located not far from Sg. Tenggang, along the road  I could see few families happily doing their final preparations for gawai but some did not do anything as they were too poor to celebrate gawai.
But where were their YBS, YB Snowdan Lawan and Masir Kujat? These two BN YBs that these poor longhouse dwellers had been voted for,  had  never bother to chip in few ringgits to them so that they could celebrate Ari Gawai just like rest of the people in their longhouse.
Another point that I would like to raise today is the where about of these two BN YBs during the festival? Gawai dayak is the best venue for the YBs to minggle with the people and to know better the people that vote for them without any protocol.
For Peninsular Malaysia politicians this scenario may shock them but for the Sarawakian politician this is normal. Therefore today, I would like to urge all the Iban/Dayak out there to think carefully before choosing the politicians that will represent them in the coming State election.
Please remember this " We need Change, and change only can be made by throwing your vote to Pakatan Rakyat.

Mupok Aku


A review timely

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 09:51 AM PDT

Yong: A Review of State-Federal Relations is timely

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President, Datuk Yong Teck Lee says that the debate whether Sabah is one of three equal partners or one of thirteen states in Malaysia shows that a review of the State and Federal relationship is relevant and timely.

"SAPP will push for a review in line with SAPP's 8-Points struggle for autonomy and the return of Labuan .

"The review may propose that the High Court in Borneo be uplifted in authority and status. The granting of federal citizenship in Sabah must require State consent. Schedule 9 (Legislative Lists) of the Federal Constitution can be amended to give more jurisdiction to Sabah and Sarawak .

"Examples, foreign labour, labour laws, shipping, road transport, trade and industry and energy can be transferred to the State List. Schedule 10 Part V (Additional Sources of Revenues Assigned to Borneo States) can be expanded to include oil and gas, customs duties and revenues originating from Sabah and Sarawak .

"This review can include Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan's idea of a two-tier federation. A two-tier system will allow the Conference of Rulers to continue as it is but that the Chief Ministers and Menteri Besar Conference can be reviewed to enhance the participation of Sabah and Sarawak .

"Is Sabah one of three equal partners in Malaysia consisting of Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya?

"Malaysia was formed pursuant to the Malaysia Agreement of 9 July 1963 signed in London . The signatories were led by the then Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom , Malaya, Singapore and the leaders of North Borneo (now Sabah) and Sarawak. ( Singapore left Malaysia on 9 August 1965.)

"The agreement was signed not with the other 11 existing states in the Federation of Malaya but with Malaya as an entity. (Indeed, Kelantan had objected to the inclusion of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore in Malaysia and had disputed the Malayan federal government's power to admit new states. But Kelantan lost its legal challenge on 14 September 1963).

"Irrespective of the wordings of the Malaysia Agreement and the Malaysia Proclamation 1963, Sabahans' understanding and consciousness is that Sabah had formed Malaysia with three other partners - Malaya, Sarawak and Singapore .

"Hence, many Sabahans consider Sabah as 'one of three' and not 'one of thirteen' partners in Malaysia . This the collective memory of the Sabah people does not go away. People still talk about it. From 1963 to 1971, Sabah and Sarawak were known as East Malaysia .

"Malaya became known as West Malaysia .

"But after the break up of West and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1971, the term West and East Malaysia was replaced with "Peninsula Malaysia" and 'Sabah and Sarawak' for obvious reasons.

"But the federal government will not concede that Sabah is an equal partner to Malaya because our national leaders cannot imagine Sabah as an equal to Malaya (now Peninsula Malaysia ).

"Although Malaysia Day on September 16 is a historical fact, it still took the BN federal government 47 years to declare September 16 as a national holiday.

"However, we will still be celebrating Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia 53 Years (from 1957) instead of Malaysia National Day 47 Years (from 1963).

"Thus, when Prof. Dr. Ranjit Singh, an academic, said that Malaysia is not an equal partnership of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak , his view reflects that of the national mainstream.

"To them, we are the late comers to Malaysia . We need their help because we are more backward. In the 1970s, our new friends in KL asked whether we live on tree tops and if we have television.

"To say they are equal to Sabah would be too much for them to bear.

"They say we need their civil servants because we have no qualified Sabahans. We win hardly any national sports tournaments. Economically, we are weak. Politically, we are "the wild East".

"Our tourism icon is the orang utan, our main national news are pirates. None of the national newspapers saw the need to report the Sabah debate on the loss of oil blocks L and M or the piping of natural gas to Bintulu and the controversy over the coal power plant. Sabah's losses are of little concern to them.

"After the March 2008 political tsunami in Peninsula Malaysia , our friends over there commented that "Sabah and Sarawak are behind time" and slow in following the national trend.

"We cannot blame them for thinking so because that is their perspective of Sabah and Sarawak . But, we could remind them that when Sabah took the lead to change the BN federal government in 1990, all the Peninsula states, except Kelantan, re-elected BN.

"Some leaders in KL have a mindset that Malaysia is the father and Sabah is the child.

"At times, this mindset is reflected in the civil service, private companies and associations. Their KL head offices make all the important decisions and treat their offices in Sabah like any other branch in the Peninsula .

"This 'superior mindset' partly is due to our Sabahans' docile approach. For instance, some local politicians are so lacking in self-confidence that they ask their federal leaders to come regularly to Sabah to help them. UMNO Sabah receives "Bapa Angkat" in all the constituencies.

"When some UMNO MPs were speculated to defect in 2008, their party HQ sent spies after them. MCA claims that their four federal ministers can do wonders for Sabah 's Chinese.

"UPKO has made itself a mirror image of peninsula racial parties like MIC, MCA and UMNO. At the same time, leaders of PBS, PBRS and LDP have all become subservient to KL in the hope of some favours, the most glaring example being LDP lobbying for a federal minister post. To be 'equal' is not in their minds.

"The internal bickering within Sabah UMNO and BN has also entrenched the 'divide and rule' tactic of KL. These BN leaders have not learned from history. As a result, the people in Sabah lose out.

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Sayang tetap ... sayang!

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Datuk Ibrahim Ali sentiasa berusaha untuk mengekalkan popularitinya di kalangan masyarakat, menurut penduduk di kawasan yang diwakilinya -- Pasir Mas, Kelantan. Langkah itulah yang membolehkan dirinya sentiasa diingati oleh pengundi di kawasan tersebut, di samping kelantangannya mengutarakan isu-isu melibatkan numiputera di Dewan Rakyat. Bagi kawasan yang majoritinya penduduk Melayu seperti Pasir Mas, isu berkenaan merupakan modal utama Ibrahim bagi memenangi hati mereka. Selain itu, menurut seorang penduduk tempatan yang ditemubual, Ibrahim juga dilihat sebagai seorang pemimpin yang "mesra rakyat" serta mudah untuk didekati.
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Surat Panggil: High Court Case The Ibans of Pantu against Kumpulan Sama Pelita Kim loong Berhad at High Court Kuching on 07-06-2010 to 11-06-2010, continue, please come and support dayak fights against NCR lanuns……..

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 09:08 AM PDT


Kempen anti-judi dilancar secara sederhana

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 07:01 AM PDT

Pelancaran sesebuah program yang besar biasanya dilangsungkan penuh meriah, tetapi lain pula dengan gabungan pembangkang dan NGO yang memilih melancarkan kempen anti-lesen judi mereka secara sederhana hari ini.
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N10 “SUPP’s Early Salvo at DAP…”

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 07:49 AM PDT

SUPP celebrated its 51st Anniversary yesterday and after losing the by elections in Sibu P212 to DAP Wong Ho Leng something needs to be done to boost the morale of the troops. No need to tell us that it wasn't a BIG BLOW to SUPP as that would be the most BELIEVABLE LIE..Hmmm if you know what i mean short of saying( B..S…)

SUPP needs to regroup and rethink their strategy and for once a former SUPP Assistant Minister,former ADUN for Pending and SG for SUPP Sim Kheng Hui said this which many especially the second echelon leaders in the party were half-expecting,"I can tell you for sure that I'm excluding myself as a candidate.Some of the potential candidates are young,some not so young. The candidate is also likely to be male."

Has SUPP done YB Violet of DAP a favour..? She was often called DAP's cili padi and she was razor sharp in her "ceramahs" in the last state elections and she won many plaudits for being fearless. She will certainly feel a bit rather uncomfortable if she knows who SUPP has in mind as the candidate.

It seems that at GROUNDZERO the name of the Professor Sim Kui Hian is the most likely candidate to give Violet something to think about. The shift of using a well known doctor who is the Head of Cardiology Sarawak and a very good one too with all the credentials will in a way lift the morale of the troops in the Pending constituency. Even the BN component parties  of PBB,SPDP and PRS would go all out on the ground to assist and try to wrestle the seat back for SUPP. Batteries will certainly be re-charged.

No hard feelings SUPP SG SIM KHENG HUI

Even a colleague at the General Hospital said to audie61 ,"It would be very sad for us to lose him to be the Peoples Representative for ADUN N10 if he manages to create an upset and win the seat back for SUPP" He will and also be an added advantage to the State of Sarawak as an Assemblyman. He has the right qualities and his  credentials speaks for itself.

audie61 met him a couple of months back and he said,"God willing if thats my call I will serve" Violet will certainly have her hands full and will be wondering how to avoid an onslaught from SUPP. Though SUPP losts in the last elections Professor Sim will mosts likely be the candidate that will turn the fortunes round and recapture N10 Pending for SUPP.

DAP Violet won in the last state elections convincingly due to the land lease problem and also the many grouses of SUPP has overused its same candidates. Will the people of Pending turn their backs at Violet and give Professor Sim a chance? We will know when the State election results are announced for N10 if  Professor Sim takes on  DAP YB Violet Yong.



Posted: 05 Jun 2010 08:31 AM PDT

I will try to update with the latest news.. stay tuned...\

BTW: Why is Pakatan Media not playing the Rachel Corrie Issue,? is it because Tun Mahathir is the sponsor or because Anwar is a zionist lapdog??

According to news sources, al communications on board Rachel Corrie has been jammed, it appears that the Zionists intend to board.. let's pray that the Zionist terrorist will not kill anyone in cold blood like they did alast week.. but that seems to much to ask from the heartless bastards

This is a video of the boarding

Radio transmission between Israeli terrorist and Rachel Corrie

Raw Video of Rachel Corrie under escort-  AP

this is a picture from Xinhua...

Below is a Reuters picture

Here are links to reports already out

If you have the time, click HERE for GOOGLE's list of over 2,000 related news articles

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Mencari Kebenaran : Perjuangan Keakhir Kalam-- Bhg Terakhir.

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 11:36 AM PDT

Dalam posting yang lepas saya menyebut tentang addin atau cara hidup sebagai seorang Muslim dalam segala bidang kehidupan termasuk dalam bidang pengendalian negara dan politiknya.

Negara kita telah dukurnia tuhan kekayaan yang melimpah ruah dengan adanya hasil mahsul dari Petrolium yang banyak. Dugaan tuhan datang dengan 2 cara yang sangat menyalahi diantara satu dengan lain.

Yang pertamanya ialah dugaan melalui kesusahan dan keperitan. Jika kita menerima dugaan-dugaan ini dengan sabar dan sentiasa berikhiar maka Tuhan akan akhirnya memberikan kita kenikmatan yang manis-manis dan mengembirakan.

Segala-gala kesusahan ini telah kita lalui dan akhirnya rakyat dan negara telah mencapai kemerdekaan setelah pejuang-pejuang kita dahulu Berjaya membawa kemerdekaan dan mentadbir negara sendiri.

19 tahun selepas kita mengecapi kemerdekaan kita telah dianugerahkan oleh Tuhan Maha Esa tadi hasil mahsul dari perut bumi, iaitu minyak petroleum yang begitu banyak.

Kawasan minyak yang telah diserahkan oleh British kepada Syarikat Shell dahulu telah dapat kita ambil alih dan kita menubuhkan PETRONAS untuk menjadi syarikat mengendalikan minyak ini serta membina industri petolium yang telah memberikan banyak faedah kepada negara dan rakyat.

PETRONAS kini telah berjaya mengeluarkan bukan sahaja minyak tetapi telah membentuk kumpulan pakar yang ramai dalam industri ini yang juga melibatkan ramai anak-anak Melayu kita.

Tengku Razaleigh dalam usianya yang masih terlalu muda telah dapat mengambil kembali kawasan-kawasan yang telah diserahkan kepada pihak British sebelum kita mewujudkan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dan jauh sebelum kita mencapai kemerdekaan dahulu.

Ini merupakan dugaan yang kedua yang mana kita diberikan kekayaan yang melimpah ruah untuk melihat samada kita bersyukur dengan nikmat yang besar anugerah tuhan ini.

Segala kenikmatan ini telah digunakan dengan baik sehinggakan Petronas telah memberikan kenikmatan kepada rakyat yang berkelayakkan dengan memberikan kemudahan Scholarship untuk anak-anak muda keluar negara untuk melanjutkan pelajaran kerana pelajaran itu adalah kunci kepada segala kemajuan.

Didalam politik juga terlaksana apa yang dikatakan sebagai addin (cara hidup) tadi.

Permimpin politik yang diamanahkan oleh ahli UMNO dan orang Melayu menjalankan tugas dengan jujur dan akan mengembalikan segala yang mereka dapati yang diamanahkan oleh ahli itu kepada mereka tanpa menyalahgunakan kuasa untuk membina kepentingan dan kekayaan peribadi.

Bendahari Agung UMNO semasa Tunku Abdul Rahman memimpin parti iaitu Hanafiah Husein telah menyerahkan segala wang dan harta UMNO kerpada Bendahari Agung UMNO yang baru YBM Tengku Razaleigh yang mengambil alih tugas itu semasa pemerintahan Tun A Razak.

Tengku Razaleigh telah membina kekuatan kewangan parti dengan begitu jujur dan beliau telah menjadikan UMNO sebagai sebuah parti yang mampun berdiri diatas kaki sendiri.

Malahan UMNO telah mampu membiayai parti-parti MCA dan Gerakkan didalam pilihanraya umum 1974 sehinggalah beliau menyerahkan harta kekayaan kepada Bendahari Agung UMNO yang baru, tidak lain dan bukan sdr Daim Zainuddin.

2 billion wang UMNO telah diserahkan kepada Bendahari UMNO yang baru itu dan dari saat itulah bermulanya UMNO kembali menadah tempurung dari taukeh-taukeh Cina termasuklah pemimpin parti itu disetiap peringkat.

Wang yang 2 billion itu sampai sekarang tidak tahu kemana perginya. Mungkin toyol telah mencuri duit-duit itu sedikit demi sedikt sehingga habis dan kering kontang dar akun Bendahari parti itu.

Sejak itulah amalan bekerja untuk parti itu sebagai fardhu kifayaf dilupakan kerana ada orng yang bermasalah alam perniagaan diberikan tugas menjaga wang dan harta kita.

Sejak dari waktu itu jugalah pimpinan tidak menanam sikap rasa bersalah untuk menjadikan harta orang lain itu dengan penuh amanah.

Semenjak itulah pihak yang cuba memperbaikkinya akan diketepikan kerana mereka sudah begitu hayal untuk menggunakan harta rakyat untuk kepentingan dan kekayaan peribadi dengan mudah.Semenjak inilah pi,pinan membiarkan tidakkan kufur nikmat ini berputik dan membuahkan budaya songsang apabila menerima nikmat tuhan ini.

Sehingga hari ini Dr Mahathir diam membisu, tidak mahu bercerita kemana wang tersebut telah disimpan atau dipakai, sedangkan beliau adalah Presiden kepada parti tersebut.

Terlalu banyak ketirisan yang berlaku sejak itu dan budaya diam dan membisu ini terbina apabila UMNO dan kerajaan menanamkan budaya dan kepercayaan 'zaman aku aku belasah, jika kamu nak belasah tunggulah giliran kamu.'

Menggunakan wang ahli UMNO melalui UMNO dan wang rakyat keseluruhan melalui kantung kerajaan sudah menular sehinggakan kepada siapa yang tidak tergulung kedalam kartel perasuah ini mereka akan diketepikan dalam parti, apa lagi untuk memimpinnya.

Apabila kita menegur kita pula yang akan mendapat cercaan dan penghinaan kerana tidak bersetuju dengan cara yang baik dan bersih.

UMNO dan BN telah menyalahgunakan nikmat kekayaan yang dianugerah tuhan ini dan kita sudah tergulung dengan jelas kedalam lingkungan kaum yang kufur nikmat.

Belum lagi kita mempunyai bukti yang sesebuah kerajaan dan temaddun yang kufur nikmat itu mampu bertahan selama-lamanya.

Dalil dan tanda-tanda kemusnahan sudah banyak yang nyata berlaku didalam kerajaan kita dan budaya siasah yang tidak bertanggung jawab bukan sahaja kepada rakyat dan negara serta diri mereka sendiri tetapi juga kepada Agama dan Tuhan yang Maha Esa.

Setiap pemimpin sudah tidak menjadikan kepimpinan mereka sebagai fardhu kifayah tetapi ramai diantara mereka sedang gagal didalam peperangan hjawa nafsu dan nafsi masing-masing kerana bisikkan khatir yang sangat merbahaya.

Agama hanya disebut dan diretorikkan dalam majlis ritual Mauludirrasul dan program Agama yang lain.

Tuhan hanya untuk menyedapkan retorik ucapan dan dengan selamba sahaja berucap kononnya untuk mengimarakkan keesaan Tuhan. Macamlah tuhan tidak tahu apa yang ada didalam sanubari mereka.

Agama hanya menjadi tempelan yang tidak ada kifayahnya kerana disaluti oleh niat yang selalu didapati didalam masyarakat yang kufur nikmat itu.

Nyata yang salah sedang cuba dikatakan baik. Memberikan lessen judi yang jelas bertentangan dengan fitrah Agama kita dikatakan halal dengan memberikan alasan untuk menghalalkan kegiatan judi haram yang berluas luasa.

Perjuangan untuk yang mengakkan Agama Islam sudah tertewas kerana kelemahan pemimpin kita berperang terhadap kegiatan yang maksiat yang disokong oleh elemen yang bathil itu.

Kita yang tidak sunyi dari dosa dan noda yang besar dan kecil ini wajar diberi peluang untuk menegur sesame kita sendiri.

Pejuangan Islam diperlekehkan dan sesiapa yang tidak mahu memperjuangkan Islam itu sentiasa mendapat berbagai sokongan kerajaan yang mengaku Islam sebagai Agama resmi negara.

Tidak salah rasanya kalau saya katakan yang Islam itu akhirnya akan berjaya; semua yang mempermainkan Agama dan hanya menjadikan Agama sebagai tempelan akan menerima akibah dari sifat kufur keatas nikmat yang tuhan anugerahkan kepada kita.

Hanya menanti waktu dan saatnya untuk tiba, tetapi kita yang tidak terlibat pun akan merasakan bahangnya kerana kita tidak bertindak membetulkannya.

Tetapi juga kita ingat kepada firman Tuhan, 'selagi masih ada umatku yang masih berzikir kepada ku walaupun seorang dunis belum lagi akan kiamat'.

Ianya memberi makna jika masih ada yang faham dan berjuang untuk memperbaikki perjuangan dengan menjadikannya sebagai amalan fardhu kifayah yang disebut itu, UMNO dan kerajaan masih ada peluang untuk mendapat keredhoan tuhan yang Maha Esa.

Mari kita membina kembali perjuangan yang dipelupori oleh bapa perjuangan kita yang terdahulu dengan berperang dengan unsur yang kotor yang sedang bermaharajalela kerana peperangan ini merupakan peperangan besar yang terpaksa kita galas sehingga akhir kalam kita.

Peperangan terhadap diri sendiri ini mungkin memerlukan pengorbanan besar. Rasulallah saw telah menyatakan bahawa peperangan ini adalah lebih besar dari peperangan khandak yang hampir-hampir menewaskan tentera Islam pimpinan junjungan besar Muhammad saw.

Peperangan melawan nafsu ini mesti diteruskan sehingga kita merasakan perdamaian diantara perasaan kita dan keadaan yang menyelubungi kita.

Sekian………………………………………….Aspan Alias

British Airways 'Worst For Baggage Problems'.

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 04:02 AM PDT

British Airways is the worst airline for baggage problems among UK passengers, according to a new study.

The survey, by insurance company LV, found that one in 3.8 passengers who have travelled with BA over the past five years have had their luggage lost, damaged or delayed.

British Airways responded to the results of the study, saying that they were "complete rubbish".

The survey of 2,007 passengers found that Virgin Atlantic was the next worst, with one in 8.3 passengers experiencing problems with their luggage.

Dubai-based airline Emirates was third with one in nine passengers having luggage woes. Easyjet was fourth with one in 11.1 and Ryanair fifth with one in 12.5 having issues.

The survey found that overall 29% of UK air passengers have experienced problems with their baggage over the last five years.

A BA spokesperson said: "There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that a quarter of BA passengers have experienced lost or delayed baggage over the last five years."

She added that the airline's baggage performance had "dramatically" improved since the huge problems during the opening days of Heathrow's Terminal Five two years ago.

Courtesy of Yahoo!News

Marah tak diberi masuk

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 01:41 AM PDT

Bila orang nak minta masuk, kasilah masuk. Kalau tidak, walaupun dia Nabisha dalam cerita Doraemon, nanti dia naik angin. Perdana Menteri pun dia kasi amaran.

Nak tahu siapa Nabisha yang Husin sindir, baca blog Faisal RB sini.

Jangan disangka Nabisha ini kecik. Sebelum Alam Semesta, dialah Raja Pasir.

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Negara Islam matlamat asal PAS sudah hilang ditelan masa?

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 02:26 AM PDT

'Gone with the wind?' Angan angan Mat Jenin? Atau hanya sandiwara dunia politikus sekular berkopiah dan serban?

Saya tak terkejut sekiranya UMNO yang sekular menidakkan usaha penubuhan negara Islam didalam ertikata sebenarnya kerana mereka pendokong semangat bangsa iaitu jatuh didalam kerangka 'Assabiyyah' yang dilarang didalam sistem Islam sebenar.

Tetapi bila mantan Menteri Besar Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Perak yang tumbang angkara pembelotan beberapa Ahli Parlimen mereka sendiri bangun bertanya kepada mantan Menteri Besar Kerajaan BN Perak didalam Persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri tersebut yang disiarkan didalam rakaman video di atas untuk menunjukkan dimanakah didalam transkrip transkrip PAS atau memorandum bahawa PAS hendak melaksanakan 'negara Islam'?

Memang amat mengejutkan bahawa terdedah sudah kini bahawa para pimpinan tertinggi PAS memang tidak ada langsung cita cita untuk mengotakan kata, menunaikan ikrar janji sumpah setia terhadap matlamat menubuhkan negara Islam, menegakkan Syariah Allah dibumi Malaysia ini seandainya mereka berjaya menumbangkan Kerajaan Sekular Barisan Nasional yang memerintah Kerajaan Persekutuan 'Mamluk Al Malaisie' ini di masa hadapan?

Pendekata, umat Islam didalam negara ini tidak boleh menggantung harap baik kepada Sultan Sultan Melayu, UMNO atau pun PAS sendiri untuk dapat hidup dipayungi Syariah Allah didalam ertikata sebenar baik sekarang atau pun pada masa akan datang?

Saya tidak sebut langsung tentang PKR kerana pada hemat saya ianya sebuah parti yang memperjuangkan cita cita seorang politikus sekular untuk menduduki 'takhta' Perdana Menteri walaupun terpaksa menggadaikan segala aspirasi Islami yang diperjuangkannya sebelum terjun ke kancah politik nasional semasa memimpin ABIM dahulu?

Jadi pada siapa lagi hendak kita mengharapkan kepimpinan tauladan yang boleh membawa kepada penubuhan Daulah Islamiyyah didalam ertikata sebenar seperti dituntut oleh Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam dan para Sahabat Baginda serta para Tabi'in lampau?

Saya nampak ciri kepimpinan ini pada diri Tuan Guru Professor Dato Dr Harun Din Al Haj dan didalam pertemuan saya dengan beliau sebelum ini ada titik persetujuan diantara kami berdua untuk berusaha merapatkan saf, mencari ruang dan peluang untuk menggerakkan jamaah jamaah Islamiyyah ke arah merealisasikan cita cita Khilafah Islamiyyah di bumi tanahair ini selama masih bernafas atau menyediakan kerangka ilham Dakwah Al Islamiyyah ke arah pencapaian matlamat tersebut.

Namun kita perlu sedar akan batasan usaha ke arah itu yang sedia ada dari segi penyediaan anggota anggota masyarakat kita terutamanya umat Islam yang benar benar menghayati dan menjalankan kehidupan mengikut lunas lunas ketentuan Syariah Islami dan mengamalkan prinsip prinsip ajaran ajaran Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam didalam kehidupan seharian.

Islam itu tertegak dengan pengamalan ajaran ajaran hakiki berasaskan panduan dari Al Quranul Karim dan berpaksikan Sunnah Rasulullah menurut ketetapan Baginda Rahmatulil Alamin dan tidak menyimpang barang sedikit pun dari apa yang di amanahkannya.

Tidak boleh kita mengurangkan pertimbangan atau ketentuan dasar didalam Syariah Islam sepertimana sedang dilakukan oleh Kerajaan Sekular Barisan Nasional ini dengan segala retorika nya berkokok tentang Islam itu dan Islam ini sehingga sanggup mendokong prinsip 'matlamat menghalalkan cara' seperti diperkenalkan konsep Islam Hadhari dan yang terkini diluluskan perjudian sukan!

Langkah langkah Kerajaan Sekular Najib Abdul Razak ini meneruskan agenda hedonisma puak puak yang memang terbukti jahil muraqqab tahap tak leh pakai langsong ini membuatkan saya mengambil keputusan bermufaraqah dari menyokong kerajaan umang umang 1Malaysia ini.

Kita perlu sedar bahawa disebalik laungan 1Malaysia itu sebenarnya tidak ada dasar hakiki untuk tidak membezakan diantara warga negara ini berdasarkan bangsa dan kefahaman agama masing masing.

Mungkin bagi mereka yang mudah termakan umpan gula gula politik yang ditebar sana sini bagaikan harta mak bapak sendiri, peruntukan dari Khazanah Negara hasil dari kutipan cukai dan hasil negeri serta negara digunapakai sang pemimpin 'Pengkhianat Malaysia' untuk membeli pengaruh dan merasuah politik demi mempengaruhi para pengundi untuk condong ke arah parti gabungan bersama iaitu BN!

Namun warga sekarang bukan buta politik lagi dan walaupun mereka mendapat imbuhan yang dijanjikan Menteri Perdana, terbukti jua bahawa mereka mengundi pihak lawan iaitu Pakatan Politikus Pembangkang seperti terbukti didalam Pilihanraya Kecil Sibu, Sarawak baru baru ini.

Para pemimpin BN Semenanjung telah bergolok bergadai sanggup menahan nafas dari terhidu bau hanyir babi panggang dan arak bir yang dihidangkan kepada kaum pribumi Dayak semata mata ingin mengambil hati dan merasuah politik para pengundi disitu namun akhirnya mereka di'ngap sayot' juga para penghuni rumah rumah panjang Sibu!

Minta maaf le! Sekarang ini tahun 2010, Akhirul Zaman. Zaman dimana melalui rangkaian internet bebas talian , para pengundi dipelusuk mana sekalipun mendapat kabar berita global yang mendedahkan segala maklumat dan cerita samada yang baik ataupun yang buruk sebagai wadah pertimbangan dan pemprosesan data pelayar laman laman blog dan portal portal berita semasa.

Masyarakat kita sudah celik IT! Para pemimpin BN yang masih bersawang kepala otak masing masing dan lawan lawan mereka didalam Pakatan Politikus Pembangkang yang sama tahap kereputan sel sel otak masing masing akan hanya sedar dimainkan para pengundi bilamana tiba pula musim pilihanraya umum ke 13 nanti?

Berbalik semula kepada soal pokok tentang cerita PAS dengan ghaibnya cita cita awal nak tubuhkan 'Negara Islam' seperti dibuktikan dengan soalan cepumas Nizar Zakaria mantan MB Perak PR.

Nampaknya Pengerusi DAP 'Singhh is King' Maharaj Karpal Singh Esquire tidak perlu risau atau hilang waktu tidur kerana satu satunya Parti 'Islam' seMalaysia sudah menggadaikan ' Cita Cita Negara Islam' mereka di pajak gantung Sungai Road ala ala dongeng cerita Ali Baba dan 40 Penyamun arahan Allahyarham P.Ramlee.

Tinggal nak tengok samada akan ada mana mana pemimpin gerakan gerakan Islam didalam 'Mamluk Al Malaisie' ini yang akan tumbuh taring dan belajar ikat serban, lengkap berperisai Iman dan Amal yang tak gentar dek guruh dilangit, berani mengerah jamaah Islamiyyah menegakkan panji panji Islam dibumi bertuah ini?

Setakat nak dengar Menteri Besar Perak yang baru ni berucap berastaghafar macam bagus je didalam video pendedahan pegangan Nizar Zakaria kat atas, saya tak teruja langsong sebab beliau hanya seorang politikus sekular yang menari ikut rentak dan gendang politik siyasah semasa!

Apakah akan kita dapat melihat wakil Khilafah peringkat Malaysia ujud didalam jangka hayat kita ini?

Rasa saya mungkin tidak selama saya masih hidup ini tetapi saya bersumpah akan berusaha membantu mana mana pihak yang berani berusaha ke arah penegakkan panji panji Allahu Ta'ala dibumi Malaysia ini tanpa mengira samada pihak itu dari kalangan Sultan Sultan Melayu yang sedang 'memerintah' atau waris waris Tuanku sekelian atau dari pihak mana mana ulamak muktabar!

Ulamak yang saya maksudkan adalah insan terbilang, yang teguh pendirian tidak terbabas mengikut hembusan angin politik seperti Tuan Guru Professor Dato Dr Harun Din Al Haj!

Pada hemat saya paling sesuai menerajui matlamat Negara Islam Malaysia yang menjadi cita cita saya dan berjuta juta umat Islam baik didalam negara ini mahupun di rantau Asia Tenggara, Insya Allah!

Mari kita ikuti apakah pegangan Prof Dato Dr Harun Din berkenaan matlamat PAS untuk mendirikan Negara Islam didalam Malaysia ini :

Ada yang menghantar komen pada saya menidakkan matlamat menegakkan 'Negara Islam Malaysia' didalam perancangan PAS.

Makanya ini saya menyiarkan siri penerangan Tuan Guru Profesor Dato Dr Harun Din Al Haj, Shaikul Islam berkenaan perkara di atas!

Masih mahu menyanggah hakikat ini?

Bawa bawa mengucap lah!

Wallahu `alam bissawab!

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

What A Contrast...One Outright Rejects The Tag And The Other...

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 12:12 AM PDT

This was in the Malaysian Mirror:

Straight-talking PM's wife rejects First Lady tag
Friday, 04 June 2010 17:32

TOKYO - Japan's new Prime Minister Naoto Kan has called his wife Nobuko (right) his political "opposition in the home", and when he took office Friday she immediately rejected the title of first lady.

"I always thought the term 'first lady' isn't suitable in Japan," the well-known straight talker said in a phone interview with TV Asahi after Kan became the new leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan.

"It refers to the wife of a US president," she said. "I will do what I can as his wife, but I'd also like to keep my own freedom."

Despite her rare public appearances compared to her outgoing predecessor Miyuki Hatoyama, the 64-year-old housewife, a skilled speaker on the campaign trail, was once likened to Hillary Clinton, now the US secretary of state.

Nobuko has been with Kan since he was a leftist civic activist in the 1970s and gained his first parliamentary seat in 1980 after three failed attempts. Over the years she is known to have pulled strings in his political career.

In a well-known anecdote, she convinced him to reveal government culpability in a scandal over HIV-tainted blood products when he was health minister in the mid-1990s, a public revelation which earned him much kudos with voters.

"If you cannot do anything about this... you'd better quit as a parliamentarian," she had told Kan as she later recalled in a dialogue published on the website of fellow DPJ member Kazunori Yamanoi.

Occasional domestic tirades
She has also admitted that her own occasional domestic tirades may have inspired some of the parliamentary outbursts of her husband, who has been nicknamed "Ira-Kan" or "Irritable Kan" for his quick temper.

"When Kan was still opposition, he would often blast away at ruling party politicians during parliament sessions," she said. "Watching those scenes on television, I'd think to myself: 'that's what I do to him at home'."

Their marriage went through a rough patch when a gossip magazine revealed he had spent a night in a hotel room with a television presenter.

She harshly criticised her husband, mostly for dropping his guard and imperilling his political career, but eventually let the matter go.

Kan later told the media: "My wife scolded me: 'You idiot!'"

The couple have two adult sons and live with their cats in western Tokyo.

"My only condition for marrying him was to let me have the cats," she said. "Kan, who was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog, likes dogs more than cats. And the cats aren't very attached to Kan either."— AFP

...and this was in the New York Times:

Ong Tee Keat Sabotaging MCA???

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 11:45 PM PDT

By Tan Teik Lye

It appears that former MCA President is using Joseph Stalin's 'scorched earth' policy to get back at MCA and its leaders for rejecting him and gang. It appears so if you read the pro-Ong Tee Keat blog JUSTICE FOR ONG TEE KEAT (J4OTK) - now conveniently renamed ONE MALAYSIA Justice for ALL Malaysians which posted the following:

"The door is now open and it is now very clear what needs to be done . As for me , I will advise all Tee Keat's supporters to lie low and get all our supporters to be ready to jump ship . MCA as it is a rotten and sinking ship with a tainted president hell bent on parachuting his son into the MCA top hierarchy and perhaps grooming his son to be the next President . It is now not Ong Sdn Bhd but rather Monkey Chua Associates ."

"Be ready to move when the time comes . It will be the same story as OKT , we will vote out all MCA candidates come GE13 and send them to Timbaktu . Perhaps we should stand as Independent or form a New Party as one of the options."

If this blog which has stood steadfastly behind OTK and attacked his opponents so viciously is a true reflection of what OTK is planning, then MCA coffin must really be sealed...and this too thanks to Najib and Big Brother Umno.

Melayu tahu apa?? Hero dalam Kampong

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 11:29 PM PDT

Oleh Anak Mami

Wakil-wakil NGO, antaranya daripada Pertubuhan Peribumi Perkasa Negara (PERKASA), Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM), Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS), Kongres Indian Muslim Malaysia (KIMMA) dan Gabungan Belia 4B Malaysia seramai 200 peserta memekik mekik anti israel. anti yahudi.

Cuba kita persoalkan , setakat mana mereka memahami cerita benar tentang kes ini?? kenapa pihak komando Isreal mengambil tindakan membunuh ? Adakakah melayu ini tiada memeriksa selok belok kejadian perkara tersebut.

Memang ramai dunia mengecam kezaliman membunuh, negara lain mengencam Isreal ini disebabkan Isreal melakukan perbuatan yang tiada perikemanusiaan, tetapi tiada tersentuh tetang isu kebangsaan. keagamaan.

Meninjau balik, Adakah melayu betul betul faham insiiden kejadian di konvoi flotila??? Apabila komando isreal dengan helikopter menghantar anggotanya turun ke kapal flotila, lalu puak Islamiah khasnya puak pengganas sudah menggunakan batang besi menyerang anggota komando Isreal. siapa lebih ganas??? Kenapa Melayu buat diam?? Pada hal sebelum kedatangan mereka, mereka telah beri amaran terdahulu, kenapakah puak pegganas tidak menghiraukan amaran mereka.

Bukannya Yahudi tidak membenarkan konvoi memasuki plastine, tetapi beribu juta tone makanan , minuman, ubat ubatan telah dibenar hantar masuk plastine. kenapa Melayu tidak menyebut tentang kebenaran ini?? Melayu cuma nampak insiden negatif sahaja?

Puak pengganas Islam ini menghentak dengan batang besi, pisau, melontar bom pula... ini lah bukti rakaman dari idf. Untuk mententamkan suasana ketegangan, baru lah puak Komando Isreal menembak dan mengakibatkan beberapa anggota NGO Islam mati di flotila, pihak Isreal telah memeriksa dan mendapati terdapatnya senjata senjata terdapat dalam flotila. Apakah matalamat puak Islam menghantar senjata sedemikian??? Mereka bermatlamat ingin menyerang askar askar Isrealselepas mendapat senjata tersebut. Jadi kenapa Melayu tiada menerima faktaini, siapakah yang patut menerima keganasan ini? Kenapa konvoi kemanusiaan ini ingin gunakan kesempatan ini menyeludup masuk senjata masuk ke plastine??

Melayu ini tiada membezakan kebenaran dan kesilapan. Asalkan Islam... atas nama Allah, apa pun mereka sanggup lakukan, tiada mencari punca asal usul langsung, sekiranya 2 atau 3 orang Melayu duduk di warong minum kopi, maka mereka telah jadi tuan hakim dan mereka boleh menjatuhkan orang Isreal itu kejam, zalim dan sebagainya, kenapa berlakunya sedekian?? ini lah ajaran Islam yang mengajar umatnya mendiskriminasikan kafir mengkafir bangsa lain, Ini lah Islam mengajar umatnya melakukan kebencian terhadap bangsa laimn, ini lah Islam mengajar umatnya mencari musuh Islam. Jadi Melayu mengambil kesempatan danpemikiran ini mencuci otak kaum Melayu di Malaysia, seolah olah Malaysia sedang diserang oleh musuh yang bermastaudin di Malaysia, khasnya golongan Cina , golongan Hindu dan non muslim.

Persoalannya. kalau kita meninjau dimana pelusuk dunia, Kita asyik nampak , kaum muslim tiada mengerti apakah maksud harmoni, perpaduan dengan bangsa lain, tapi kita asyik nampak. Kaum muslim seolah olah memanas hati bahawa mereka ditindas oleh bangsa lain. Mereka tiada mengerti apakah sikap tolak ansur, merekahanya memahami kekerasan boleh mengamankan suasana ketegangan. jadi adakah Islam mengajar umatnya membencii non muslim dimana mana pelusuk dunia?jelas, ..... pemikiran mereka semakin siongsang apabila menghadapi kecaman dari non muslim. Mereka anggap kekerasan hanya satu satu penyelesaian.

Kalau disebut sebut sikap dan pemikiran Melayu hilang arah dan panduan, tersentuhnya Islam, Melayu sanggup korban segala gala, tanpa mengesani manakah betul dan salah. Sikap begini lah Melayu akan luput di pelusuk dunia. Sikap hipokratik ini lah Melayu dihina oleh bangsa lain.

Kesakitan Penang Medical College

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 11:27 PM PDT

Letter to YAB Lim Guan Eng,
Chief Minister of Penang

Dear Yang Amat Berhormat,

Please help the students of Penang Medical College & their Parents. The degree given by National Universiti of Ireland is no longer existing after june 2011. because the NUI is going to be dissolved owing to financial constraints.This is very bad because PMC students who have graduated in the past no longer belong to any bonafide degree giving universiti and will appear to have a degree from non existing degree illegitimate cheap degree factory
What the future holds for the current students is very poor. Please investigate this and see if the situation can be resolved eg the college taken over by UM, UKM, USM,UPM, or UIA, like the Universiti Kuala Lumpur giving degrees to students of the Perak College Of Medicine.

Students have been mislead by the college. The degree has been made to appear to be internationally recognised but this is false. only recognised in Malaysia and Ireland. All other places students passed out from PMC will have to take further examinations. Many are comming to PMC hoping they will get international degree but get a bluff degree which will not be existing in the near future

It id a very very serious mistake to do the twining programe medical course with the Irish.The fees & expenses for students are unbelieveable . For a 5 year medical course the cost is RM 800,000.oo
Worse still the fees and expenses for the first 2.5 years in Ireland RM 600,000.00 as compared to the second 2.5 years in Penang.where it is RM 200,000.00. THe Irish are taking us for a very very expensive ride.They are getting A lot of profits from Malaysians

The only reason the PMC Twining programe is possible is the Penang General Hospital is available for use as the teaching hospital. Without it there will be no Penang Medical College. THe Irish do not have any space in their hospitals for teaching students. Under the disguise of helping Malaysians the Irish are getting avery very large profit.

The Irish are keeping all the profits in Dublin. In Penang they are getting a lot of profit because they
provise very very poor facilities, poor teaching, poor library, poor computers and poor facilities for learning and recreation. Irish lecturers are paid in Euros and get ringgit for pocket money but they do very little work. Theyare mostly those who retired early because of personal or proffessional problems and neither are they dedicated to teach effectively nor are they able to do so , being ignorant of the local languages and adat resam. Furthermore many are tired and uninterested and appear to only to want to accumulate financial resourses for their old age.

Most honest bonafide teaching is left to local lecturers and Kenenterian kesihatan doctors who are comparatively very very lowly paid as compared to the Irish. The locals appear to do the work for peanuts while the white masters reap the financial benefits and run the college to their advantage, not to the advantage of the institution.The situation is like colonial master and servant walau pun malaysia sudah merdeka.

The Irish management control the college for their own benefit
President spends college time and resources on Irish Games, Irish activities.
enforced shift of library to a building !.5 km from lecture hall and tutorial rooms --this disadvantages students without their own car.
organised building of a Surau next to new library with no council planning permission
resulting in illegal building where there will be no insurance cover for any accidents.

Furthermore Surau was not properly built, Islamic Society was not contacted for advice , resulting in Surau built wrongly. When Islamic Society members found out and wanted to intervene builder wont stop, without Presidents intervention . However as usual Presiden was in Ireland

Dear Yang Amat Berhormat, I apologise writing like this as the medical society is small close knit ,cunning and vindictive, There are very very serious problem at Penang Medical College. I hope you can help , set up investigation, and pass on information to pihak berkuasa yang berkenaan. Interview students.

Please put a stop to the Irish colonial exploitation of Malaysian Facilities and Malaysians.

Sekian , Terima Kasih

Joe Wan

History Repeats Itself

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 11:21 PM PDT

You've heard of the expression, 'history repeats itself.' Surely you've also come across the term 'déjà vu.' There are quite a number of things and situations about Malaysian politics where both these expressions would very easily apply. I am sure if we were to compile a list, we would come up with a fascinating stack of examples. But I'm not about to do that. Instead, I am merely going to shed some more light on the absurdity that continues to prevail – and repeat itself - when it comes to our government's allocation of seats for local universities and PSD scholarships.

Yet again, we have seen the government make a mockery of the issue of merit and achievement by denying highly qualified and otherwise deserving students a place in a local university. Of course, yet again, these are students who happen to be of the "wrong" race.    

Each year, we undergo this same tragic episode of coming to terms with the blatant discrimination that continues to be practiced by the education ministry and each year we get the usual political dance playing itself out. I was stuck by the fact that the MIC vice-president S. Subramaniam had to yet again raise the matter of such blatant and systematic discrimination with the prime minister. And I suppose we are to feel assured and impressed by the fact that, according to Subramaniam, "The prime minister has given an undertaking to resolve the matter."

Such is the travesty of our system – and of the ineptness of the MIC – that each year, like a well-timed and choreographed ritual, we have to go through this humiliation. Yes…the humiliation of seeing our (I mean Malaysian) youth having to go claw and scrape for a bit of fair treatment congruous with their merit and achievement. Nothing these students each year ask for happens to be unreasonable or out of line. They make their case because they have been, despite performing extremely well in the SPM exams, denied their just reward in the form of a scholarship or even entrance into a public university, merely because of the accident of race. 

Tell me how this is not, in the most transparent and blatant way, racism. 

Much like Samy Vellu used to do in the past, now we have Subramaniam to supposedly be impressed about. Isn't it great that the MIC is in the forefront of taking this matter right to the top guy? What would we do without our MIC man at the table to raise this concern with prime minister himself? And surely you must be feeling good knowing that Subramaniam is "confident that an amicable solution could be negotiated with the government."

This episode is precise the symptom of what is so wrong and so decadent about the MIC and its role as a subservient party to Umno. There may well be numerous more examples of just what the MIC's stature is in Barisan Nasional, but there is no better illustration and reminder of this each year as we see it have to be humiliated yet again by having to undergo the "bowl in hand" and plead-to-the-master ritual.

Why is it that despite year after year of having heard the cries of parents and students, the MIC and Barisan Nasional cannot come up with a resolution to ensure that highly qualified and deserving students do not get stiffed simply because of who they are? (I'm sure you realise this is a rhetorical question.)

And so the saga continues…until next year – when we'll be subjected to yet another installment of this episode of discrimination in the allocation of PSD scholarships.

Ironic isn't it, the MIC has managed to preserve itself despite (or perhaps because of) its failure to bring about long-term solutions for its constituents.

G. Krishnan

Obama and NAJIB’s administration has been muted by the bastard zionist,Turkey wants to lead Muslim world: Declare Israel a terrorist state

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While Israel gets raked over the coals for its handling of the Gaza flotilla, the real focus of this crisis might be Turkey, where most of the flotilla passengers hailed from. The Turkish government, as host country of the sponsoring organization (the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief, or IHH in Turkish) and flag bearer of the Mavi Marmara, has led the chorus of outrage, with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan calling it a "bloody massacre." Israel has accused the IHH of being associated with Al Qaeda, though that group has good working relationships with other charities and regularly apportions aid for non-Muslim causes such as African poverty or the Haiti earthquake. As a NATO member, Turkey pushed for that organization to call for an investigation (though, theoretically, the Turks could invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter, which states that an attack on one member is an attack on all). Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in Washington for talks with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, pushed for a US condemnation of Israel's actions – which didn't materialize. "I have to be frank: I am not very happy with this statement from Washington yesterday," Davutoglu said. "We expect a clear condemnation." Some in Turkey's government have suggested that the next flotilla be escorted by the Turkish navy, a situation with startling ramifications. As an ally, Turkey could insist to Israel that no weapons would be allowed. But a broken blockade and loss of control could also topple the Israeli government. A resurgent Turkey, ignored by Europe but welcomed again by the Arab street, would shift the focus from Iran as a protector of Muslim and Palestinian interests. With all this drama, it bears reminding that relations were strong between Israel and Turkey until barely two years ago. But you may also remember that Erdogan publicly rebuked Israeli President Shimon Peres at the 2009 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland over the 2008-9 Gaza conflict that left over 1,500 Palestinians dead ("You know well how to kill," Erdogan said). Public sentiment towards Israel within Turkey has headed south ever since. The trouble is, Turkey and Israel have had strong military ties since the 1950′s, a free trade agreement since 2000, and over $2.5 billion in trade between them annually. Among those ties are the still-expected delivery of 10 drone aircraft from Israel worth $180 million. Will ties be cut over this? Probably not.

Finally, overshadowed by events near Gaza, a series of attacks took place in Pakistan last week, though not the type usually hyped by the press (both Western and Eastern). Nearly 100 people were killed in coordinated attacks on two mosques in Pakistan belonging to the minority Ahmadi sect of Islam. Not content with the mass murder, additional gunmen stormed hospitals where victims were being treated to ostensibly finish them off. Taliban militants, who are suspected of orchestrating the attacks, often direct their ire at Pakistan's government. But this shift in focus marks a leaning towards theological, rather than political, aims. The Ahmadis, arguably Islam's parallel to Christianity's Mormons, believe that the promised mahdicame in the form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed in mid-19th century. While Ahmadis consider themselves Muslim and follow orthodox Sunni Islamic practices (in addition to their own), Pakistan declared them non-Muslim in Pakistan 1973, and by 1984 barred them from spreading their faith openly. As a result, Ahmadis are de facto second class citizensin a country that, at the very least, must protect their civil and human rights. Most opposition comes from the predominantly Sunni view that Ahmadis are outside the fold of Islam due to the veneration given to their founder. But, in an echo of America's marriage debate, people can identify as they wish and Ahmadis live and practice freely in non-Muslim countries (predominantly in Britain), calling themselves Muslim, but only suffering ostracision from mainstream Islamic organisations. Still, this deep-seated theological opposition often results in lax protection. One Pakistani columnistlaments that authorities "who normally rush to… victims of relatively less horrible incidents, could not muster the courage to console the injured Ahmadis. Whether this was due to any sympathy for the militants' creed or to a fear of attracting their hostility, the deviation from the routine points to the roots of discrimination and prejudice against the Ahmadis." It's a sobering reminder that the sort of challenges Muslims need to face up to don't always come at the barrel of someone else's gun.

There is more to the story than the headlines. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a genius. He knows exactly what to do and where to take his country. He decided a few years ago that Turkey needs to begin moving beyond its borders. It saw Iran isolated, the Arabs constipated, Pakistan targeted, Nigeria bifurcated, Indonesia marginalized, and Bangladesh under the shadow of Bharat.

Turkey thus took the only logical step that is possible. He formed alliances with Pakistan and Iran, and built bridges with its former provinces of Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Turkey has unparalleled good will in Pakistan. It has no issues with Iran. It needs the popularity in the Arab world to be accepted as a leader.

It now has that.

Israel disappointed Turkey when its was trying to bring a solution to the Palestine problem. In the middle of its hard work, Israel invaded Gaza and pured tremendous atrocities on the worlds largest prison.

A peeved Turkey walked off the stage and snubbed President Shimon Perez. Israel did not take a hint. When Tel Aviv imposed an embargo on the arms exports to Ankara, Turkey was furious.

The Turkish flotilla sending humanitarian supplies to Gaza had been planned for more than two years and is actually a sequel to earlier attempts to do the same.

Israel has a slight window of opportunity to recover the diplomatic territory that it has lost. However knowing the personality of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu it is highly unlikely that the Israeli Premier makes an apology.

WASHINGTON—Turkey moved closer to severing its relations with Israel, demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly apologize for his government's high-seas military action against a pro-Palestinian flotilla this week in order to avert a formal diplomatic rupture.Senior Israeli officials responded Friday that their government would never apologize for an act of "self defense" and acknowledged that Israel could be on the verge of losing its closest military and economic ally in the Middle East.Such a development, these officials said, would raise new strategic and diplomatic challenges for Israel if Ankara reorients itself away from its historically pro-Israel and pro-Western stance.

"[We] hope that it won't happen. But if it does, it will be very problematic for the region and Europe as well," said a senior Israeli defense official in Washington. "It will mark another step of Turkey moving eastward."

Turkey's ambassador to the U.S., Namik Tan, laid out three demands for Israel to meet in order to maintain its relationship with Ankara.

In addition to the public apology from Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Tan said the Israeli government must consent to an international investigation into the commando operation, in which nine Turkish activists died on a Turkish-flagged ship, the Mavi Marmara. The Turkish envoy, a seasoned diplomat and former ambassador to Israel, also said Israel must take concrete steps to ease its military blockade of the Gaza Strip.

"Israel cannot find any better friend in the region than Turkey. And Israel is about to lose that friend," Mr. Tan said.

The Turkish envoy, when pressed by reporters about whether Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was considering severing Ankara's diplomatic relations with Israel, responded: "The government might be forced to take such an action."

Senior Israeli officials indicated that Mr. Netanyahu was unlikely to concede to any of Turkey's demands. They said that Israel itself would lead a probe into the raid on the Mavi Marmara, and that it remained undecided if foreign governments or organizations would be allowed to play a supporting role. They also rejected the prospect of Israel lifting its blockade on the Gaza strip, though added that Israel was willing to explore new ways to facilitate the flow of humanitarian aid into the Palestinian territory.

Referring to a complete lifting of the siege on the Gaza strip, a senior Israeli official said: "This is absolutely not going to happen."

The militant Palestinian organization Hamas took power in the Gaza strip in 2007 and fought a month-long war with Israel beginning in late 2008. Hamas has launched thousands of rockets on Israel in recent years, many smuggled to Gaza by sea or through tunnels linking the territory to Egypt.

"Hamas would have unfettered access to massive armaments" if the blockade was lifted, the official said.

Mr. Tan's comments Friday mark the latest in an escalation of threats from Mr. Erdogan's government to dramatically alter Ankara's diplomatic engagement with Israel. Israel has long viewed Turkey as its closest partner in the Middle East, where most Arab governments continue to eschew diplomatic ties. Israel has peace agreements with Jordan and Egypt, but these relationships haven't blossomed on the commercial and strategic levels as have Israel's ties to Turkey.

Mr. Tan said Friday that Israel would need to respond quickly to Turkey's demands before Mr. Erdogan was forced to take further action. He emphasized that his country's public was demanding its government take additional steps to punish Israel for its military operation.

Mr. Tan wouldn't say if Israel would have to meet all of Turkey's demands in order to salvage its relations with Ankara. But the diplomat stressed that a public apology from Mr. Netanyahu was the most important and the most pressing. "This would be the first step," he said.

The Israeli-Turkish alliance grew up in the mid-1990s and was largely driven by the Turkish military, which at the time was engaged in a brutal war with Kurdish separatists and in need of the high-tech hardware and intelligence Israel could supply. At the time, Turkey was also similar to Israel in that it had cold or hostile relations with most of its neighbors to the east, and was in need of an ally.

But Turkey's geopolitical position has significantly shifted since then. Ankara has other ready suppliers of military equipment, including its own growing production.

Meanwhile, with the Cold War over and a government that has resolved many problems with its neighbors, Turkey no longer feels surrounded.

Turkey also has changed domestically. Once aloof and immune to government decisions, Turkey's military is no longer all-powerful. The chief of the General Staff has regular meetings with Mr. Erdogan and would be included ahead of time on any decision as important as this to the military, said Turkey analysts.

Senior Israeli officials said they hoped relations could revert back to the status they enjoyed before Mr. Erdogan's election. "I hope we can go back to the good old days," said the senior Israeli defense official.

The Obama administration has sought to play a mediating role between Israel and Turkey since the operation against the Mavi Marmara on Monday.

A senior U.S. official confirmed that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu raised the possibility of Turkey severing relations with Israel during a meeting Tuesday with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But the U.S. officials said the State Department has been pushing both sides to lower the rhetoric and seek common ground on the fallout from the operation and the investigation.

Still, Turkey's envoy to Washington also said Ankara was disappointed by the Obama administration's failure to publicly condemn Israel's military action against the Turkish ship. He said the U.S. should also be publicly supporting the need for an international investigation into the probe.By JAY SOLOMON. "The U.S. should have been the first party to condemn this aggression," he said. —Marc Champion in Istanbul contributed to this article. Write to Jay Solomon at

We have been predicting an Israeli-Turkish rift for a few years. The tiff has huge repercussions for the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Turkey has calculated that it will never be allowed to enter the EU. Ankara has determined that the EU is a Christian Club, and the admission of a Muslim state into the heart of Europe is not acceptable to the Europeans. Sarkozy has said it publicly, and Gerrt Wilders says it in many many words.

Mr. Wilders sends a message to Ankara that Brussels could not. Therefore Turkey has a look East policy. It wants leadership of the Middle East. There is a colossal vacuum in the Middle East. The compliant kings and sultans of the Arab world are too busy in their hedonistic ventures to worry about Israel or leadership or unity.

Turkey has thus calculated that it can and will lead. Sending one flotilla has won over the hearts and minds of Palestinians, and Egyptians. The Pakistanis were already fans. The Iranians are on the same page.

If Turkey plans this right, it can and should be able to take the leadership of the Muslim world. It deserves to.

At least 9 people were killed when Israeli commandos descended to the largest of six ships, the Mavi Marmara, amidst angry passengers. Israel accused those on board of unjustifiably attacking its soldiers, while passengers saw it differently. "Personally I saw two-and-a-half wooden batons that were used. There was really nothing else. We never saw any knives," said German politician Norman Paech. "This was an attack in international waters on a peaceful mission. This was a clear act of piracy." Most passengers are being expelled by Israel after only about 50 agreed to leave voluntarily. Later, video released by the Israeli militaryhighlights the fighting as the soldiers were lowered to the ship, allegedly with paintball guns. The Israeli view – that soldiers opened fire with live ammunition only in self-defense – has been simultaneously ridiculed in much of the world's press and adhered to across the political spectrum in Israel. Debate there has centred on faulty intelligence, "scramble" PR, and strategic planning, rather than any misgivings about the blockade itself. Many nations have given strong statements on the issue, including France ("a very grave mistake"),Spain and others. The new British Foreign Secretary, William Hague (a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel), said that the crisis "underlines the need to lift the restrictions on access to Gaza, in line with UNSCR 1860," calling the blockade "unacceptable and counter-productive," a position echoed by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Prime Minister David Cameron. Yet the Obama administration has been relatively muted, deferring to an agreed statement by the UN which condemned "acts" but not countries or people. Barack Obama, in particular, has plenty to losein this crisis. Either he takes a tough stand against Israel – and risks alienating an Israel-friendly Congress – or adopts the Israeli view and damages any goodwill created by his efforts to improve relations with the Muslim world. Building on the impact of the Mavi Marmara, a second vessel, named the Rachel Corrie in honor of the American activist who was killed in Gaza in 2003, has already been on its wayto Gaza from Ireland with strong support from the Irish government. Whatever Israel learns from Monday's disaster will certainly be put into effect and the world will be watching.

Irish anti-war protesters marched on the Israeli Embassy yesterday. British Prime Minister David Cameron said late Wednesday afternoon that the three-year naval blockade and strict border controls applied to the Gaza Strip had done nothing to dislodge Hamas from power. "Friends of Israel — and I count myself a friend of Israel — should be saying to the Israelis that the blockade actually strengthens Hamas' grip on the economy and on Gaza, and it's in their own interests to lift it and allow these vital supplies to get through," he said.

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen appealed to Israel to let a private Irish ship deliver its aid cargo to Gaza, but conceded Wednesday that supplies of concrete on board would pose a particular stumbling block because Israel considers it of military use. The 1,200-ton ship the Rachel Corrie — named after an American college student crushed to death by an Israeli military bulldozer while protesting house demolitions in the Gaza Strip in 2003 — is carrying wheelchairs, medical supplies and concrete.

In Brussels, aides to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton steered clear of any direct stance on Ireland's appeal.

Ashton spokesman Darren Ennis said EU leaders want all crossings into Gaza "opened immediately for humanitarian aid, commercial goods and persons," adding that "keeping Gaza closed is unsustainable." On board the Irish vessel is Mairead Corrigan, a 1976 Nobel Peace Prize winner from Northern Ireland whom Israel last detained and deported in July 2009 as she tried to deliver aid by sea to Gaza. Also taking part is Denis Halliday, who ran UN humanitarian aid programs in Iraq in 1997-98 before resigning in protest of US-led economic sanctions against Iraq.

Another peace activist on the ship, Irish electrician Derek Graham, said all aboard had agreed to offer no resistance if their ship is boarded by Israeli soldiers. He said they expected to reach the disputed waters Friday or Saturday, and had agreed to sit down and put their hands in the air as Israeli forces approached.

In Athens, a Greek plane carrying 35 activists from the Gaza-bound aid flotilla landed at a military airport early Thursday, as over 100 hundred relatives and supporters cheered and shouted pro-Palestinian slogans.

The military aircraft brought 31 Greek, three French and one US national released by Israeli authorities, the Air Force said. Alternate Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas and Greek lawmakers were also at the Elefsina Airport to meet the returnees. The Greeks on the ships have said commandos assaulted and electrocuted them during the attack though they put up no resistance. They also accuse Israeli authorities of beating activists in custody and subjecting them to psychological torture and sleep deprivation. Six more Greek activists returned Tuesday.

Later on Thursday, pro-Palestinian activists were supposed to march to the Israeli Embassy in Athens. Meanwhile, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari condemned Israel's attack and made a phone call to Turkish President Abdullah Gül on Wednesday evening. He also sent his condolences to the families of those killed on the Turkish vessel and said that Pakistan sides with Turkey.

'Attack irrevocably damaged Israeli-Turkish relations'

A senior official from Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) said on Wednesday that Israel's attack on the convoy of ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza had irrevocably damaged relations between Turkey and Israel. In an op-ed published in the International Herald Tribune, the AK Party's deputy chairman of external affairs, Suat Kınıklıoğlu, said Turkey is demanding an independent investigation, an apology and compensation for those killed by the Israeli commandos.

"Ankara also wants those responsible for this crime to be punished. Anything short of these measures will not cut it," Kınıklıoğlu, who is also chairman of the Turkey-United States Interparliamentary Friendship Group, said. "What the current Israeli government does not seem to get is that this action has crossed a critical threshold in Turks' perceptions vis-a-vis Israel, regardless of political persuasion. After yesterday, Turks regard the current Israeli government as unfriendly. There is no doubt that the rift has the potential to escalate if Israel does not respond quickly and responsibly," he said.

"The response of the international community — and more importantly, the US response — to Israel's disproportionate use of violence constitutes a test for US credibility in the Middle East. Along with many European nations, the UN and global public opinion, the US has a moral responsibility to condemn Israel's violence," he wrote, adding: "In many respects, the Middle East is approaching an important crossroads. The United States will determine what sort of Middle East it will be dealing with in the future with its response to Israel's actions. … The conscience of the Turks and the international community can no longer carry the burden of the Netanyahu government's irresponsible policies. Both Israel and Turkey deserve better." İstanbul Today's Zaman, 04 June 2010, Friday, TODAY'S ZAMAN İSTANBUL

Shobhan Saxena, 02 June 2010, 12:19 AM IST

A new video released by the Israeli government shows one of the soldiers who took part in yesterday's bloody attack on the Gaza Freedom flotilla. In this propoganda clip, the Israeli soldier justifies the attack, claiming they were attacked first by the people on the flotilla. "It was a lynch," says the soldier. "Every guy that came down the ropes was taken aside, and everyone there had metal rods, knives, slingshots, glass bottles." Since the Israelis can only be victims, and never aggressors, the soldier tries to justify the cold-blooded murder of 10 people armed with "rods, slingshots and bottles."

Enough is enough. It's time to declare Israel a terrorist state. That's what it is. It reacts to slingshots with machine guns. It allows its tanks to fire at stone-throwing kids. It has no qualms about firing rockets on Palestinian hospitals and residential areas. And Israel does all this in the name of fighting terror tactics of Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip. It's difficult to defend the activities Hamas, but we can't forget the fact that it was constant humiliation of PLO and leaders like Yasser Arafat and Mehmoud Abbas by Israel that gave birth to groups like Hamas.

And look at the way the world is reacting to this brazen attack on a humanitarian mission. The UN is saying it wants to probe the 'acts' which led to this 'tragedy'. The UN is a spineless organisation, but to look away and talk in an ambiguous language when civil society people are killed in cold blood is a new low even by the UN's pathetic standards. And the US, which leaves no chance to talk about the "threats of terrorism" and "making the world safe for democracy", is quiet. Why? Imagine, if Iran had done something similar. In that case, President Obama would be busy planning missiles attacks on Tehran. But today, 24 hours after the attack on the Gaza flotilla, the Nobel Peace Prize winner is mum.

In fact, the government of India has shown more character than any western nation by condemning the Israeli attack on the civilian mission. But India can do more than mere condemnation of a barbaric attack. It will be a good idea for New Delhi to put some business and military deals with Israel on hold or cancel them. It's time for the international community to impose sanctions on Israel, which was accepted into the the global family after it signed peace deals with Arafat in Oslo in 1995. Later Yitzhak Rabin and Arafat made an appearance with Bill Clinton on the White House lawns and it seemed Israel was ready to join the civilised world. But, soon Rabin paid for his peace effort when he fell to an Israeli fanatic's bullets. And since then the Israeli foreign policy has been in the hands of fanatics like Benjamin Netanyahu, whose world view is pre-medieval.

Israel is a dangerous country. It's an irresponsible regime. It's an undeclared nuclear power. It bullies its neighbours. It has been torturing the Palestinians living in West Bank and Gaza for decades. It treats Israeli Arabs as second-class citizens. And Israel has been doing all this because of the backing of the US, UK and other western countries, which always turn a blind eye to Israel's crimes against humanity. And the west backs Israel not because it feels guilty about hundreds of years of crimes against Jews in Europe, but because it uses Israel as a thug against the Middles Eastern nations in order to maintain a crisis situation in the oil and gas-rich region.

It's because of this attitude, Israel always gets away with murder. After the massacre of Israeli athletes by the Black September in Munich during 1972 Olympics, Israel launched a campaign to hunt down the perpetrators of the Munich attack. Instead of finding the Black September leaders, Israel assassinated the Palestinian movement leadership spread over Europe and Africa and propagated a pure lie that all Munich criminals had been killed. In his brilliant film 'Munich', Steven Spielberg exposed this lie and the Zionist fanatics became angry at them. Now, Israel is denying visa to Noam Chomsky, the greatest living American public intellectual, because he has been chronicling Israel's crimes. And both Spielberg and Chomsky are Jew.
The attack on flotilla is actually an attack on Turkey. The recent nuclear deal between Turkey, Brazil and Iran has made Israel nervous. According to the deal, Iran will send its enriched uranium to Turkey for conversion into fuel. If this plan is successful, Israel and the US will have no excuse to attack Iran. That's why they have been dismissive of the Tehran deal. And now, the US is keeping quiet and Israel is spreading lies about the Gaza flotilla, which came from Turkey.
It's time for the international community to stop Israel's terror games. To begin with, they should declare Israel a terrorist state.

BFM-ZUBEDY Unity Series - The Quran and I

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May 20th, 2010

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