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Tens of millions of Americans, lumped into a diffuse and fractious movement known as the Christian right, have begun to dismantle the intellectual and scientific rigor of the Enlightenment. They are creating a theocratic state based on "biblical law," and shutting out all those they define as the enemy. This movement, veering closer and closer to traditional fascism, seeks to force a recalcitrant world to submit before an imperial America. It champions the eradication of social deviants, beginning with homosexuals, and moving on to immigrants, secular humanists, feminists, Jews, Muslims and those they dismiss as "nominal Christians"—meaning Christians who do not embrace their perverted and heretical interpretation of the Bible. Those who defy the mass movement are condemned as posing a threat to the health and hygiene of the country and the family. All will be purged.


"Would you go to a doctor who worked in a germ warfare lab? Would you hire a check forger to work in a bank? Would you hire a child molester to watch your kids? Well, we have hired Israel to watch our ports, our nuclear facilities, our airports and much more, a country we know for certain will give us a phony video, an altered container scan or a falsified radiation reading if it serves their purpose."


APCO CEO Staples was among the witnesses scheduled to testify before the committee today They're sneaky. They lie. They're evil. They think everyone else is an animal and therefore without souls. They're the most despicable people on the planet to say the least. These evil doers are behind Hollywood, the porn industry, race mixing,the homosexual … Read more

This week we learned that Israel had staged scenes from the Freedom Flotilla attack using actors and a common Hollywood special effects, called "double negative." The actors were shown standing among peaceful humanitarian workers, waving weapons around. This became a problem when the stage Israel used wasn't quite the same. We ended up with a film showing our Israeli "terrorists" walking through solid steel time and time again. Israelis film industry has been suffering of late. Even the phony bin Laden videos have given over to audio. The new bin Laden they use was doing Marlboro commercials in Egypt before they took him on.

It is a given that Israel has destroyed any credibility it once had. It is one thing when a cheap set up job is leaked but this one was sent out special delivery Government of the State of Israel, stamped all over it. This was pure suicide. Only idiots that want to be fooled, politicians in the pocket of AIPAC and Fox News were really taken in. Frankly, with no integrity to sacrifice in the first place, humiliation is impossible anyway. With the "news cycle" such as it is, a new massacre or terrorist bombing could happen at any time. As Israel needs one quickly, it is quite possible we may get one.

I guess I never thought that any country would go as far as to place people, spawned just like in a video game, in something used as vital evidence supporting Israel as "defending themselves." Not much hope of making that dog hunt anymore. Maybe that dog never should have been tossed in a well at birth. Israel's continual rantings about terrorism might all have been movie magic from day one. We now have to go back decades and look for photos and videos that are now likely to have all been altered like the films Israel sent of the dancing Palestinians on 9/11. Nothing was altered on these, they were simply many years old, just like the still photos of weapons Israel claimed they found on the Freedom Flotilla, photos with digital signatures from as early as 2006.

What Israel has presented to us as "self defense" is now an act of terrorism. I don't know if putting armed terrorists in a film, Israeli actors dressed up with steel waving steel rods around, is a crime but it should be. Were there any question, the films make it clear. What we need to know is why has falsifying evidence of terrorist acts become an industry in Israel, a nation that handles the security, including the video security, of most world airports, including nearly all airports in the United States? Would you go to a doctor who worked in a germ warfare lab? Would you hire a check forger to work in a bank? Would you hire a child molester to watch your kids? Well, we have hired Israel to watch our ports, our nuclear facilities, our airports and much more, a country we know for certain will give us a phony video, an altered container scan or a falsified radiation reading if it serves their purpose.

Think of the Americans continually piping on about Israel as our ally, the great democracy, the bastion of liberty in the Middle East. Even the ill named Simon Wiesenthal Center or ADL, issuing a mass fatwa declaring the entire population of the planet either anti-Semites or "self hating Jews" or a combination of both won't get them past this one. Israel already killed off their "Auschwitz" card when they were caught dubbing "Go Back to Auschwitz" over the screams for help from Flotilla wounded, like ventriloquists. We have even heard that Israel is now telling the Palestinians to go back to "Gazauschwitz." Odd sense of humor.

There is no doubt America was burned in the flood of intelligence received from Israel after 9/11. "Their" agenda, a long history of grudges, was settled at the cost of thousands of American lives, lives still being lost.

A question comes to mind, why develop an industry for falsifying evidence of terrorism? What comes to mind at first is, of course, that Israel has a multi-billion dollar industry in selling security equipment and services, managed by Mossad personnel who are allowed now to work in the private sector and still actively serve their government. But does it go deeper? If you can and will, as Israel has shown us, add people into videos, then you can also remove them. When we see videos of "Arab terrorists" planting bombs or firing weapons as in Mumbai, what else are we not seeing? Have the players been switched? Have some people been removed? Why?

Thus far we have seen proof that Israel creates phony passports from any country and moves agents where they choose. We have also seen videos altered to cover the murder of innocent civilians. From this we can guess that when we see a video of a rock throwing teen being shot it may well have been a child carrying school books instead. This is exactly the kind of thing done with the videos from the Freedom Flotilla and no reasonable person could imagine that Israel sat on this 35 year old technology without ever using it.

Were phony videos and agents using falsified passports used to cover the 7/7 bombings in London? A curious set of circumstances involving the Netanyahu visit, alterations of his plans to avoid areas under attack bring the videos showing "Arab looking" suspects under suspicion. Now we know it could have been anyone or no one, the bombs could have been planted at any time and remotely activated.

Once you take that step into deception or the moment you are caught doing something you may have done for decades, you can't close that door again.

Most intelligence professionals recognize that a significant percentage of Israelis who do business around the world are employed by their intelligence agencies. Many of these individuals carry Australian, German or British passports, many more seem to be Arabs, speaking local dialects with perfection. Many American contracting companies have had Israeli agents placed among their employees as have UN NGO organizations, many well know charities and, of course, the press. However, the majority are employed in selling, installing, maintaining equipment in high security installations or, in fact managing the installations themselves, providing broad services. This is, as it were, the rub. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the airport the Detroit "Crotch Bomber" hurried through with no passport was an Israeli run facility.

Where were the videos showing who our terrorist met with while in Schiphol, an airport with the broadest high definition video of any facility outside Israel? Oh, the video is missing, it disappeared, the Israeli company running the airport misplaced it. Wasn't there time to cut in a pack of dancing Palestinians who could have been shown strapping a bomb to his "johnson?" They could have all been carrying steel bars and walked right through the airport walls to get there. When they left, they might have just dissolved through the floor like vampires.

Times Square was supposed to get us to forget the Mossad fiasco in Detroit, another airport managed by Israelis. When the Indian passenger picked out by the bomb dogs was taken into custody, where did that video go? What was his name? Did he simply disappear? Was he sent back to Israel like the dancing Israeli video crew on 9/11? When the government of Yemen reported that the "Al Qaeda" operatives, you remember, the ones Dick Cheney released from Guantanamo, had been in contact with Israeli handlers, where did that story go? Yemen has their laptops, filled to the brim with helpful hints on running operations, Mossad style.

The issue then is one of trust. Can an airport be guarded by the same people who shuffle assassins and terrorists through airports? Can we accept a group of special effect clowns to handle video security footage that we may end up going to war over? No matter how cheaply priced or how nicely packaged the stolen American technology being offered is, shouldn't it matter who we do business with?

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran. A 100% disabled vet. He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today .

The murder of Marwa Sherbini, a veiled (and pregnant) Egyptian woman, as she prepared to give evidence in a German courtroom against a man who physically assaulted her, has incensed the Muslim World and re-ignited the debate over whether Europe is a truly tolerant society or one on the cusp of xenophobic extremism.

Muslims say the attitudes which prevailed in early 20th century European history and gave rise to the Holocaust are similar in nature to the climate of intimidation and violence Muslim communities must increasingly endure in contemporary Europe.

Today, Muslims in Europe are seen as existing outside of a democratic culture. A resurgence of social Darwinism as applied to libertarian theory–that democratic ideals are inherently superior to ideals of other cultures–has alienated Muslims and created a cultural backlash against them.

A hostile view of Islam began in the 8th century when Muslims expanded into the Iberian Peninsula. Islam was rejected as a fundamental religion and seen as a direct challenge to Christianity; Muslims were seen as heretics and their prophet a diabolical fraud.

In Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, considered the pinnacle of Western literature in the 13th century, the Prophet Muhammad and his cousin Ali are cast to the ninth circle of Hell–one created for schismatics and sowers of discord.

In Giovanni Da Modena's 1415 painting The Last Judgment, which adorns a cathedral in Bologna, the prophet is depicted as a scantily-clad, turbaned, and bearded man writhing in agony as he is pulled into hell by demons.

With Muslims' increased migration to Europe, fear of an Eastern culture in the midst of Western ideals dominated the discourse.

Soumayya Ghannoushi, a researcher in the history of ideas at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, believes:

"The medieval Christian view of Islam as a deviant, violent, licentious and heretical creed was secularized, stripped of its transcendental character and rearticulated within a modern essentialist philosophy that continues to define the terms of Western discourse on Islam, in its mainstream at least."

In 1997, the London-based Runnymede Charity published a report entitled "Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All."

Updated in 2004, it found that Muslims were seen as the "other" and as lacking in values held by Western cultures. Islam was also seen as violent, aggressive, terroristic and inferior to Western ideals.

More importantly, hostility towards Islam is used to justify discriminatory practices towards Muslims and their exclusion from mainstream society, the report found.

In a final note of caution, the report also found that among Europeans anti-Muslim hostility is seen as natural or normal.

Such findings help explain why cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad published in the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper in 2006 should not be seen as experiments in journalistic freedoms; the cartoons were not borne in a vacuum.

The Jyllands-Posten cartoon depicting a bearded Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban is suspiciously similar to a 1940′s cartoon in the German Der Sturmermagazine which depicts a Jew as Satan.

Muhammad, a Muslim, and the Der Sturmer Jew are bearded. Both wear religious head garments, and both are depicted as icons of evil in contemporary society.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, Muslim communities in non-Islamic countries have come to fear the very pogroms which targeted the Jews in 1930s Europe.

Given the racism many Muslims endure in Europe, the murder of an Egyptian woman because she wore a hijab should not be dismissed as the act of a lone man who many are now calling insane.

Her murder comes amid increased media coverage of Muslims as outsiders unable to conform to Western ideologies, a growing anti-immigrant backlash in Europe, the resurgence of right-wing extremist groups even within the political establishments, and the decline in continental economic dividends. These must be seen as mutually inclusive.

While many countries around the world have enacted anti-hate speech laws and legislature to combat anti-Semitism, there is still no international consensus that equates Islamophobia with racism.

In its 2004 annual report, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) found that:

"Islamophobia continues to manifest itself in different guises. Muslim communities are the target of negative attitudes, and sometimes, violence and harassment. They suffer multiple forms of discrimination, including sometimes from certain public institutions. ECRI is worried about the current climate of hostility against persons who are or are believed to be Muslim."

There is, indeed, a cultural divide as ECRI points out:

"One of the new faces of racism today is "cultural" racism. According to this notion of racism, cultures are pre-defined entities, largely seen as homogenous, unchangeable and, more importantly, incompatible with each other."

Between 1939 and 1945, six million Jews were brutally gassed, burned and slaughtered by an intolerant, racist Nazi ideology which considered them to beuntermenschen – inferiors.

This term is apt today to describe how some European extremist groups view Muslims.

In Mein Kamp, Hitler said of the Jews:

"Gradually I began to hate them. For me this was the time of the greatest spiritual upheaval I have ever gone through. I have ceased to be a weak-kneed cosmopolitan and have become an anti-Semite."

Jews around the world hold remembrance ceremonies of the Holocaust and say "never again."

Sherbini's death must not be in vain. It must now be reiterated that Muslim and non-Muslim leaders carefully face the great cultural gap that divides them – and breach it.

Muslim leaders must continue to emphasize the guiding principles of their faith – justice, tolerance, charity, compassion and equality – and speak out against honor killings, which are not uncommon among their communities in Europe.

European leaders must immediately condemn Sherbini's murder, hold her killer accountable, and acknowledge that Islamophobia is a growing threat.

Otherwise, Europe is precariously close to repeating the horrors of the past.

European paranoia about Islam in Europe feeds Nazi bigotry and Crusader racism

European paranoia about Islam in Europe feeds Nazi bigotry and Crusader racism

Intellectual dishonesty, and Western mendacity has been brilliantly defined by Dr. Edward Said as "Orientalism" in his prolifically written book of the same title. The Native Americans said it best "White man speaks with forked tongue". The Daily Telegraph is once again proving the adage true. The same can be said for White women writing about Islam. Islam in Germany! Ursula Spuler-Stegemann's Orientalist intellectual dishonesty. Reading Ursula Spuler-Stegemann's is like walking through a minefield. There are some great points, but then she uses her dexterity to throw in nonsense and bigotry–disguised as research and history. Racist Paranoia about Eurabia debunked

Coming up with a reasonable estimate for the percentage of Muslims now living in Europe, let alone making projections for the future, is a virtually impossible task. The number of illegal immigrants is unknown and, in a sign of the sensitivity of the issue, many countries including France and Germany do not even tally census data on the religion of legal residents. It is true that the Muslim minority is destined to grow steadily in Europe, especially given the youthful profile of today's immigrants. Fertility rates remain higher among Muslim immigrants than among other Europeans, and Muslims may continue to arrive in Europe in large numbers. But the alarmists assume that past patterns are sure to hold. "The worst of the scaremongering is based on the assumption that current behavior will continue," says Grace Davie, an expert on Europe and Islam at the University of Exeter in Britain.

Poitiers in 732. The second was halted at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Now we have to stop the current stealth invasion,\" argues Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, which claims that Islamic doctrine encourages terrorism."]To listen to Europe's far right, it would be easy to conclude that the continent is poised for another round of bitter conflict with a centuries-old adversary. "The first Islamic invasion of Europe was stopped at [the battle of] Poitiers in 732. The second was halted at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Now we have to stop the current stealth invasion," argues Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, which claims that Islamic doctrine encourages terrorism.

To listen to Europe's far right, it would be easy to conclude that the continent is poised for another round of bitter conflict with a centuries-old adversary. "The first Islamic invasion of Europe was stopped at [the battle of

  • In 2007 13.4 per cent of Spains population is Muslim.
  • Europe's Muslim population will have double again by 2015.
  • In Brussels, the top seven baby boys' names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.
  • Karoly Lorant, a Hungarian economist who wrote a paper for the European Parliament, calculates that Muslims already make up 25 per cent of the population in Marseilles and Rotterdam, 20 per cent in Malmo, 15 per cent in Brussels and Birmingham and 10 per cent in London, Paris and Copenhagen.
  • It could have a critical impact on foreign policy: a study was submitted to the US Air Force on how America's relationship with Europe might evolve.
  • Muslim response to Fitna
  • "Fitna" Rebuttal to Geert Wilders. Refuting the Dutch Nazis

But all this obscures a simple fact: the rise of a Eurabia is predicated on limited and dubious evidence. A much-cited 2004 study from the U.S. National Intelligence Council outlines a number of possible scenarios. Its most aggressive is that the number of Muslims in Europe could increase from roughly 20 million today—about 5 percent of the population—to 38 million by 2025. But that projection turns out to be attributed to "diplomatic and media reporting as well as government, academic, and other sources." In other words, it's all speculation based on speculation—and even if it's accurate, it would still mean the number of Muslims will represent just 8 percent of the European population, estimated by the EU to be 470 million in 2025. Indeed, if there is a surge ahead, its scale looks overstated. "There is a quite deliberate exaggeration, as has often been pointed out—but the figures are still being cited," says Jytte Klausen, an authority on Islam in Europe at Boston's Brandeis University.

The study for the US Air Force by Leon Perkowski in 2006 found that there were at least 15 million Muslims in the EU, and possibly as many as 23 million. They are not uniformly distributed, of course. According to the US's Migration Policy Institute, residents of Muslim faith will account for more than 20 per cent of the EU population by 2050 but already do so in a number of cities. Whites will be in a minority in Birmingham by 2026, says Christopher Caldwell, an American journalist, and even sooner in Leicester. Another forecast holds that Muslims could outnumber non-Muslims in France and perhaps in all of western Europe by mid-century. Austria was 90 per cent Catholic in the 20th century but Islam could be the majority religion among Austrians aged under 15 by 2050, says Mr Caldwell.

Poitiers in 732. The second was halted at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Now we have to stop the current stealth invasion,\" argues Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, which claims that Islamic doctrine encourages terrorism."]To listen to Europe's far right, it would be easy to conclude that the continent is poised for another round of bitter conflict with a centuries-old adversary. "The first Islamic invasion of Europe was stopped at [the battle of] Poitiers in 732. The second was halted at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Now we have to stop the current stealth invasion," argues Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, which claims that Islamic doctrine encourages terrorism.

To listen to Europe's far right, it would be easy to conclude that the continent is poised for another round of bitter conflict with a centuries-old adversary. "The first Islamic invasion of Europe was stopped at [the battle of

The Telegraph discusses the numbers in a very negative tone. It represents a very coservative point of view. Other newspapers and analysts brush off these statisitics as scare tacticts. Most analysts believe that the Muslim growth rates will not remain high and immigration rates will collapse within the next decade.

LONDON (UK): By 2050 Muslims could be 20 per cent of the European population due to rising level of immigration and low birth rates among Europe's indigenous population.

Britain, Spain and Holland will have an even higher proportion of Muslims in a shorter amount of time, says a report in "Daily Telegraph".

Last year, five per cent of the total population of the 27 EU countries was Muslim but this will now increase significantly over the next four decades as more and more Muslims migrate to Europe for better life while the population of indigenous Europeans declines.

Data gathered by the newspaper from various sources indicate that Britain, Spain and Holland will have an even higher proportion of Muslims in a shorter amount of time.

The UK, which currently has 20 million fewer people than Germany, is also projected to be the EU's most populous country by 2060, with 77 million people.

The findings have led to allegations that policy-makers are failing to confront the widespread challenges of the "demographic time bomb".

Experts say that there has been a lack of debate on how the population changes will affect areas of life from education and housing to foreign policy and pensions.

Although some polls have pointed to a lack of radicalisation in the Muslim community, little attention is being given to the integration of migrants, it is claimed, with fears of social unrest in years to come. A fifth of European Union will be Muslim by 2050, 'Pakistan Times' UK Bureau

The history of Islam in Germany is believed to date back to the Caliph Harun al-Rashid. In the fabled tales of "1001 Nights," al-Rashidis said to have wandered the streets of Baghdad at night dressed as a merchant in order to learn about the needs of his subjects. Various sources relate that Charlemagne established diplomatic relations with this Abbasid ruler in the year 797 or 801. Both sides reportedly guaranteed freedom of belief for members of the other religion in their respective empires. It is in any case an established historic fact that the elephant Abul Abbas died in 810. This magnificent animal had been sent by the caliph to Charlemagne in Aachen as a token of his friendship.

The Spread of Islam in Europe

European paranoia about Islam in Europe feeds Nazi bigotry and Crusader racism

European paranoia about Islam in Europe feeds Nazi bigotry and Crusader racism

At the time of Charlemagne, most of the Iberian Peninsula was already under the control of the Moors, who ruled over this part of Europe for nearly 800 years until the final stage of the reconquista– the Christian reconquest of Spain and Portugal — in the year 1492. Additionalmilitaryadvances by the Muslims in Europe were stopped — exactly one century after the death of the Prophet Muhammad — in 732 at Tours and Poitiers and in 759 in Narbonne and Nimes in France.

Between the 8th and 10th centuries, Arab Muslims carried out raids on Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and even Rome. Islamic forces advanced from the south and the west via Piemont and Burgundy into the Rhone Valley. They occupied alpine passes and parts of Switzerland, where they remained from 952 to 960.

The last great onslaught came from the east. When the Ottoman Turks captured the Byzantine capital Constantinople (today Istanbul) in 1453, it spelled the end of the Eastern Roman Empire and this final bastion of Christianity in Asia Minor. Afterwards, the Ottomans expanded their realm of influence and made incursions in 1529 and 1683 throughout the Balkans and as far as the gates of Vienna, and Islamized Bosnia and Albania. 06/16/2008 03:07 PM ALLAH AND THE OCCIDENT How Islam Came to Germany By Ursula Spuler-Stegemann

Germany still suffers from its Nazi past. On the surface it has made amends with Israel. Underneath the thin veneer of civilized behaviour lies the beast of bigotry and hatred. This phenomenon is uniquely European and most pronounced in the Germanic people–Netherlands and the German part of Denmark.

Pick a rock, any rock and chances are a dozen experts on "Islam" will crawl out and begin berating the religion. Islamphobia is a profitable enterprise these days. This article by Ursula Spuler-Stegemann published in Speigel has many errors in it, but at least forms a basis for some dialogue and discussion. We will update and highlight the errors. At least the Germans are discussing the Semites and not building gas ovens–at least not yet.

Europe needs some serious soul searching. Why is it that third generation Muslims feel isolated?

Policy Exchange, a British study group, found that more than 70 per cent of Muslims over 55 felt that they had as much in common with non-Muslims as Muslims. But this fell to 62 per cent of 16-24 year-olds.

PICC could be next Parliament

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Minister in the Prime Minister's department Nazri Aziz says that there is every likelihood that the under-utilized Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) could be the venue for a new Parliament building.
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Rosli Dungun political empire

Posted: 16 Jun 2010 11:09 AM PDT

I am not finish yet with Dungun Umno chief Rosli Mat Hassan, whose deputy chief is MP Matulidi Jusoh, the person he chided 'kalau miskin dan takda duit, jangan jadi wakil rakyat la...' before MB Ahmad Said recently. This guy has to go, very soon!

Why? His arrogance and stuck-up behavior in choosing his own team, despising his own deputy and building his own political empire in the division, may lead to Terengganu downfall in the next general election.

Yes, his wife is the division Wanita Umno head, his daughter heads the Puteri wing while his son is the division's treasurer. His ringht hand men are all over Dungun, controlling whatever they can. The District Officer has changed hands three times but the Yang Dipertua Majlis Bandaran Dungun has been there for ages - thanks to his close relation with Rosli.

Even the MB cant do anything. He wont interfere in Umno Dungun affairs because they are buddies. Some said that when Ahmad became Mentri Besar, it was Rosli who showered him with many things - including attires, from head to toes.

So strong is their relation that Rosli was recently awarded a RM30 million road project. How about a 1,000ha logging concession which is already the talk of Dungun town?

I also believe Hishamuddin Hussein who is Terengganu's Umno Liaison Committee chairman is also close to Rosli. If that's the case, may as well Dungun Umno members forget about bringing him down. Hisham wont do anything as he is also like Rosli - already rich!

Then, to whom should we turn to? PM? DPM?

If this is the type of people Umno needs, then bid goodbye to Malaysians in the next general elections. As the common saying now says, Umno is only for the rich and famous. If you dont have money, just join the party and vote. Unless you got plenty of money, you might be able to buy support to climb the political ladder. Only money is the ticket to become a 'wakil rakyat'.

Then, Rosli should be retained as division chief and re-elected as a 'wakil rakyat' a year or two from now.

I am glad that someone showed me a SMS sent by 'an Umno rascal' during the last general election, an instruction not to vote for Umno candidate for Sura state seat in Dungun. Why? The Umno candidate who lost to Pas didnt get 'somebody's' blessing.

It looks like Umno will keep people like this, forever! Nobody dares to bring him down either...

Ministry, merchants reach accord on licensing

Posted: 16 Jun 2010 10:06 AM PDT

KUALA LUMPUR: The Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry and Federation of Sundry Goods Merchants Association have reached a consensus on a single licensing system from July 1 to sell six essential items.
Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the six items were flour, cooking oil, sugar, fuel, diesel and gas.
He said the federation also agreed to call off its boycott of the sale of flour, sugar and cooking oil, at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin here Wednesday.
MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and his deputy Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai were also present at the meeting.
"Together with Liow, we will also consult the related departments on whether other items like the licences for rice, retail, liquor and fire extinguishers could also be unified.
"These goods are not under the jurisdiction of my ministry.
"For example, liquor and retail licences are under the Housing and Local Government Ministry while rice is under the Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Ministry," Ismail Sabri said.
He said the ministry would also simplify the application form for the licence, and there would be no fee.
"We have also decided that sundry shop owners located within 10km of the border are only allowed to get a supply of up to 200kg of sugar, oil and flour while others can keep a maximum of 500kg of these items per month," he said.

THE STAR Wednesday June 16, 2010


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The Malaysian government's decision to eventually scrap the 1,500 Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships has drawn much flak from all quarters. This move will deprive academically gifted students, particularly those from low income families, of an opportunity to further their education and contribute to the future development of the country.

Minister in the PM's Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, who is in charge of the scholarships has asked the public to accept the reality of the situation. He explained that the government does not have the funds to finance the studies of a growing pool of bright students seeking financial aid to pursue their studies in foreign universities.

Personally, I find his reasons unacceptable. It's all about priorities. No money for scholarships, but funds available for a new RM800m Parliament building, and a new RM811m Istana Negara?

Aside from full scholarships, PSD also gives out study loans. To date, PSD has been unable to collect from 11,253 loan defaulters. This is a conservative estimate and includes 866 civil servants who owe about RM135.8m. As for the total amount owing, who knows. The money for the study loans comes from a revolving fund of taxpayers' money. Those who have taken loans but have not repaid them are depleting this fund. No wonder there isn't enough money now to help needy and deserving students.

MARA (Majlis Amanah Rakyat) offers scholarships and study loans to Malay and bumiputra students. It regularly publishes a list of loan defaulters in the major newspapers in the hope of shaming them into repaying the loans. MARA has also threatened to blacklist them, take legal action against them, declare them bankrupt and confiscate their passports should they attempt to leave the country. But despite these measures, MARA has had limited success in recovering loan arrears amounting to a whopping RM500m!

As a last resort, the PSD is in talks with Bank Negara to join the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS). Financial institutions use the system to check the credit worthiness of loan applicants before approving their loan applications for housing, car, business, credit card and so on.

Only time will tell if this latest move will scare these recalcitrant borrowers into repaying their study loan.

I for one won't be holding my breath.

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接受3大统治品统一执照申请 杂货商停止罢卖官商皆大欢喜

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当今大马 16-6-2010


Posted: 16 Jun 2010 08:23 AM PDT

MCA sememangnya tidak mengalakkan apa-apa bentuk pertaruhan sama ada secara sah di sisi undang-undang atau sebaliknya.

Namun demikian, adalah tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa pertaruhan sukan secara haram melalui sindiket semakin berleluasa dan di luar kawalan, malah memainkan peranan yang kian meningkat dalam ekonomi "gelap" tanahair, antara lain, termasuk pelaburan wang haram ("money laundering") serta persumberan kewangan aktiviti-aktivit perniagaan yang tidak diingini.

Ketara sekali, pertaruhan sukan secara haram ini telah menimbulkan banyak gejala-gejala sosial yang memburukkan akhlak sebagaimana yang dapat dilihat daripada ribuan siber kafe di Lembah Klang yang terbabit dengan aktiviti-aktiviti tersebut.

Dalam pada itu, MCA berpendapat industri pertaruhan sukan seharusnya dikawal dan dikendalikan oleh pihak Kerajaan dengan cara yang sama pihak Kerajaan mengawal dan mengendalikan aktiviti perjudian empat nombor ekor atau loteri haram.

Oleh itu, MCA mengesyorkan agar langkah-langkah atau teknik-teknik yang lebih ketat diperkenalkan ke dalam aktiviti pertaruhan sukan; ini termasuk, mengadakan suatu kumpulan usia pembeli, pertaruhan tanpa kredit, pengawalan waktu operasi dan sebagainya.

Daripada pengamatan MCA, industri pertaruhan sukan di negara-negara maju adalah dikawal serta dikendalikan dengan baik, malah gejala-gejala buruk yang timbul dari pertaruhan yang keterlaluan juga dapat dibendung dengan jayanya. Oleh itu, pihak Kerajaan seharusnya mempelajari serta menjalankan kajian yang mendalam tentang pertaruhan sukan yang sah ini dari negara-negara asing berkenaan semasa mempraktikannya di tanahair.

Pihak Kerajaan juga seharusnya berusaha untuk mendidik serta menyedarkan orang ramai tentang keburukan aktiviti perjudian. Justeru itu, pihak Kerajaan semestinya mempertingkatkan lagi usaha membendung dan menangani aktiviti pertaruhan sukan haram sebagaimana Kerajaan menangani aktiviti empat nombor ekor haram dalam tanahair.



MCA discourages any form of betting, be it legal or illegal.
However, it is well known that the illegal sports betting syndicates are out of control and have played an increasing role in the black economy of our country, involving money laundering, and funding of plenty of undesirable business activities.
The social ills arising from illegal sport betting are apparent. The thousands of cyber cafes in Klang Valley involving in illegal sport bear witness.
MCA therefore takes the stand that sport gaming industry must be regulated and managed as the way the government is required to regulate and manage the 4Ds lottery gaming.
MCA proposes strict and stringent conditions be imposed in sports betting. That includes punters age group, non-credit betting, operation hours etc.
MCA notes that in developed countries sport gaming industries is well managed and regulated and rather successful in dealing with social ills arising from excessive betting. The government should conduct an in-depth study of legalized sports betting in other countries for implementing in our country.
The government should further channel resources for public awareness and education against gambling. In addition, the government must step up enforcement in combating illegal sports betting as the way the government handles illegal 4D business .

Sabah should consider "breaking away"...

Posted: 16 Jun 2010 06:41 AM PDT

A commenter to Ronnie Klassen's post I reproduced here yesterday titled "

From PKR leader in Sabah...

Sabahans Have Become Beggars In Their Own Land?

had asked me this question: "

What do you think about it then, ylchong?

By Blogger Quicksilver ***************************************** I guess "it" refers to the dilemma that Sabahans face -- being Beggars in their own land" as Ronnie has concluded...

Well, from the perspective of a Peninsular Malaysian, I have always been of the view that Sabah and Sarawakians have been poorly represented by their State leaders since joining, along with Singapore, the rest of peninsular states in forming Malaysia on September 16, 1963. Singapore was unceremoniously kicked out a few years later, which really set a precedent for the options being opened to Sabah and/or Sarawak to "opt" out too if they feel strongly about not being treated as "equal" partners to other states making up "Malaysia".
To be continued because I am frustrated with some "deletion" of two paragraphs I had composed, and now I am labouring like a woman in labour, so I take a rest, Can I quicksilver?

InsyaAllah, I come back to resume this free wheeling thought-sharing before midnight and a new day breaks, and then this country called Malaysia can suddenly surprise Desi with its
"bolehness", even with a dream possibility a peninsular newsman like me can easly get to work in eith Sabah or Sarawak"freely" witout any immigration barriers. As it is, I feel I am a starnger in my own land called NeharaKu as far as working in these two states is concerned, And why, I don't know...

Gov't admits RM2.7 bil plunge in Felda reserves

Posted: 16 Jun 2010 05:42 AM PDT

During the questions session at the Dewan Rakyat today, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Ahmad Maslan (left) said that despite the drop, Felda's asset value had in fact appreciated. He was responding to a supplementary question from Hamim Samuri (BN-Ledang), who asked the deputy minister to state the financial status of Felda and detail how the funds were spent on social development purposes. Full story here:
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BFM-ZUBEDY Unity Series - One Country, Two People

Posted: 16 Jun 2010 06:02 AM PDT

June 10, 2010

To listen from FB click here.

Papan: Radioactive waste nightmare still not over

Posted: 16 Jun 2010 04:21 AM PDT

The lure of a lucrative business should NEVER be at the expense of the health of the rakyat, says S H Tan We must learn the lessons from Papan.

"Kill a Turk and rest"

Posted: 16 Jun 2010 04:33 AM PDT

More than 200 years ago, Thomas Jefferson declared that every nation must act with a "decent respect to the opinions of mankind". Israeli leaders have never accepted the wisdom of this maxim, say Israeli rights activist, Uri Avnery.

World Refugee Day 2010

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 04:46 AM PDT

Experience the lives of refugees on World Refugee Day. What's it like to be a refugee? Understand more about who refugees are and why they have been forced to flee their country.

Language, ethnicity, knowledge: What's that to do with 1Malaysia?

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 04:38 AM PDT

The forceful implementation of language as a tool to connect differences of cultures, values and ethnicities may create further confusion, alienate feelings, and result in cosmetic tolerance among student, writes CY.

SUPP ” Answers to Losts Seats..?”

Posted: 16 Jun 2010 01:38 AM PDT

A survey by audie61 team is on the ground looking at the many grouses and reasons why the bulk of the Chinese Community has turned their backs on BN/SUPP..??


Nothing Now.. but find out more in the next few days...Do you have any to share with us…

Kashvinder Keluar DAP Kerana Zambry Sedang Menggelabah

Posted: 16 Jun 2010 12:23 AM PDT

Tulang Besi telah mendedahkan perkara ini sejak lama dahulu dalam artikel Tulang Besi bertajuk "Target: 15 ADUN serta 20 MP Pakatan Rakyat".

UMNO tidak sahaja akan menggunakan wang ringgit untuk membeli wakil2 rakyat PR, mereka juga menggunakan taktik ugut dan mencari kesalahan. Misalnya, salah seorang Ahli Parlimen PKR, isteri beliau sedang disiasat dengan rapi oleh Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri kerana dituduh tidak membayar cukai pendapatan sejak sekian lama.

Pendek kata, UMNO "desperate" dan mereka mengguanakan apa sahaja cara untuk membeli dan memaksa pemimpin-pemimpin serta wakil-wakil rakyat PR melompat.

Kali ini, melompatnya Kashvinder adalah tindakan desperate UMNO dan Zambry untuk menghalang wakil-wakil rakyat UMNO melompat. Apabila Ketua Penerangan PKR Perak mengadakan sidang akhbar, Zambry telah menggelabah kerana perkara yang diberitahu oleh Ustaz Khairuddin itu benar.

Sememangnya ramai wakil-wakil rakyat serta pemimpin2 UMNO Perak sudah muak dengan kepimpinan Zambry.

Kalau kita lihat, trend di Perak adalah kemasukan Nasaruddin ADUN Bota telah dibalas oleh Najib dan UMNO dengan pembelian 3 wakil rakyat PR. Pada masa itu, harga RM25 juta yang diberikan oleh Hee (wakil DAP) telah dipersetujui oleh UMNO.

Pada mulanya UMNO tidak bersetuju untuk membayar Yee kerana jumlah tersebut terlampau tinggi. Namun, apabila YB Nasa keluar parti, Najib berada dalam keadaan sangat desperate, dan terpaksa meminta pertolongan Vincent Tan untuk membayar RM25 juta pada Timbalan Speaker Perak itu.

Keadaan yang sama berlaku lagi. Apabila dibuat pendedahan oleh Ketua Penerangan PKR Perak, UMNO terpaksa bertindak untuk menghalang perkara tersebut dari menjadi lagi teruk. Maka, pada pendapat saya, mereka telah melakukan perkara yang sama dengan apa yang mereka lakukan pada Hee dahulu. Jumlah RM20 juta telah dipersetuji dan dibayar tunai pada Kashvinder.

DI samping itu, mereka juga berjanji tidak akan mendakwa Kashvinder atas kes hilangnya RM45k wang anak guam beliau seperti yang dilaporkan dibawah.
Tindakan membeli Kashvinder ini adalah tindakan 'desperate' dari UMNO, sebenarnya.


Jangan lemah semangat dengan keluarnya Kashvinder. Perancangan asal untuk memudahkan keluarnya wakil-wakil rakyat UMNO mesti diteruskan. Anggap keluarnya Kashvinder ini hanya halangan kecil sahaja kerana ia menunjukkan masaalah dalaman UMNO semakin meruncing di Perak.

Teruskan usaha untuk menekan UMNO di Perak. Inshaalah, mereka akan pecah berderai derai.

Tulang Besi

New twist: Keshvinder was 'blackmailed' Tue, 15 Jun 2010 19:11 By G Vinod

KUALA LUMPUR: The latest defection to hit Pakatan Rakyat is shaping out to be a tale of intrigue, peppered with allegations of theft and blackmail.
And as usual, the alleged chief antagonist is Umno.

The plot centres around RM45,000 which purportedly went missing from the law firm of Keshvinder Singh, the Malim Nawar state assemblyperson who quit DAP this afternoon.
While Keshvinder denied Umno having a hand in this, Perak DAP vice-chairman A Sivanesan however claimed otherwise.

According to the Sungkai assemblyman, Keshvinder had related his ordeal when the two met some three weeks ago.

"He told me that one of his clerks in the law firm had embezzled RM45,000 of his client's money and he was in a fix.

"Unfortunately for him, the news reached Umno. From then on, they used this issue against him and coaxed him into defecting," he said, adding that he had advised Keshvinder to file a police report.

Sivanesan said that Keshvinder had revealed this to several other DAP leaders, including Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran.

He also challenged Keshvinder to deny that he had informed him and the rest about this issue.

'Umno-linked clerk'

Contacted later, Kulasegaran not only confirmed this, but added another twist to the plot, claiming that the clerk who had allegedly absconded with the money was linked to Umno.

"Keshvinder told me that the Umno-linked clerk had not only run off with the money but also took along the client's receipts.

"He was worried that the receipts could be manipulated to tarnish him," he said, adding that he too had advised Keshvinder to lodge a report with the authorities.
"He (Keshvinder) went missing yesterday and we feared the worst," he said.

Kulasegaran also urged Keshvinder "to do the honourable thing" and resign as state assemblyman since he had won the seat under a DAP ticket.

Perak fell into the hands of Barisan Nasional after the defection of several Pakatan MPs, leading to the allegation that they were paid a hefty sum to abandon ship. A charge which BN has denied.

On Feb 25, 2009, Keshvinder himself filed a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission claiming that he was offered RM20 million to defect to BN.
In a related matter, Sivanesan lashed out at Keshvinder for accusing DAP of not supporting him in serving his constituency.

" When he was offered to contest in the 2008 general election, we told him clearly that the BN government may not provide allocations to constituencies under opposition control.

"At the time he said that he understood the situation and was ready to contest. Opposition reps in Malacca, Johor and Negri Sembilan are also not getting proper allocations but we find ways to raise funds to serve our constituencies," he said.
"The people know and understand our predicament. That is why they believe in our cause" he added.

Target: 15 ADUN serta 20 MP Pakatan Rakyat

Maklumat baru yang saya dapati adalah pihak tertentu meletakkan target 20 MP serta 15 ADUN Pakatan Rakyat untuk dibeli. MP dan ADUN ini akan datang dari ketiga-ketiga parti dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Cumanya, untuk PAS agak susah kerana ada "Baiaah Taklik" serta imej Mutfi Perak amat buruk di kalangan ahli dan pendokong PAS. Kalau ada fatwa mengatakan "Baiaah Taklik" tidak sah pun, kemungkinan tidak akan dipercayai oleh ahli2 serta wakil2 rakyat PAS.

Mereka sedang menggunakan segala instrumentkerajaan yang mereka ada seperti SPRM,Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri, MARA, Bank dsbnya. Mereka bukan sahaja menyiasat wakil-wakil rakyat, tetapi juga anak beranak dan kaum keluarga kepada wakil-wakil rakyat ini.

Misalnya, ada seorang MP dari Kelantan, isteri beliau sedang disiasat oleh Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri kerana kebetulan isteri beliau adalah seorang doktor. Seorang wakil rakyat PR dari Pahang sedang menghadapi penyiasatan MARA ke atas isteri beliau yang kebetulan pernah mendapat bantuan pinjaman pelajaran MARA.

Selain dri itu, pejabat "Attorney General" dan Polis digunakan untuk mendakwa beberapa wakil rakyat PR yang "strategik" dengan dakwaan jenayah supaya mereka tidak dapat bertanding Pilihanraya Umum yang akan datang. Tian Chua telah pun menjadi mangsa kepada konspirasi ini.

Dan ini bukan benda baru kerana kalau kita boleh ingat, sebelum 2004, calon2 PKR seperti Azmin dan Ezam, Irene Fernandez telah dihalang bertanding kerana beberapa tuduhan "jenayah" yang ringan dan tidak masuk akal. Taktik yang sama akan digunakan kepada beberapa MP strategik PR seperti Khalid Samad, Saifuddin Nasution, Dr Hatta dsbnya.

Selain dari itu, data-data dari Majlis Agama juga digunakan untuk menyiasat samada ada wakil-wakil rakyat ini ada skandal atau tidak. Mana tahu mungkin mereka pernah ditangkap basah atau pernah ditangkap basah.

Maklumat yang saya dapat juga, pekerja-pekerja hotel di sekitar Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor juga diupah untuk memerhatikan pergerakan wakil-wakil kita.
Pendek kata, mereka akan menggunakan apa sahaja untuk memaksa serta melemahkan semangat wakil-wakil PR sehingga ke tahap terpaksa menerima tawaran dari mereka dan melompat.


Itulah sebabnya Zul Noordin dengan konfiden dilaporkan berkata:

" Maksud saya di sini orang yang berkualiti meninggalkan parti, kita tidak mahu kuantiti tetapi kualiti. Saya beri jaminan pada anda, seorang lagi insan berkualiti akan keluar parti tidak lama lagi," katanya semasa temubual secara langsung NST, di sini hari ini."

Perkataan "Firaun Kecil" ini dicedok oleh Zul Noordin dari Ezam Mat Nor. Namun, adakah Zul Noordin sedar Ezam Mat Nor makan duit Soros? Adakah Zul Noordin sedar kemungkinan Ezam Mat Nor ini adalah "bekas firaun" dalam PKR dahulu? Kalau dah makan duit Soros, takkan bukan firaun kot? Sampai hari ni Ezam tidak bagitau mana dia dapat duit beli Banglo mewah dia di Shah Alam tu.

Saya yakin Zul Noordin tahu akan perancangan jahat membeli 20 MP dan 15 ADUN ini dan saya yakin Zul Noordin sedar akan Modus Operandi perancangan ini. Itulah sebabnya beliau dengan konfiden mengeluarkan kenyataan ini.


PR wajib mengadakan panel guaman serta melancarkan Tabung Guaman bagi melindungi wakil-wakil rakyat serta ahli keluarga mereka. DEngan bantuan guaman yang "percuma" akan mampu MENGHALANG majoriti dari percubaan puak-puak ini.

Cadangan kedua adalah perlu didedahkan SETIAP PERCUBAAN "Harrassment" ini kepada media. Kalau benar ada usaha mengacau ahli keluarga MP dan ADUN, WAJIB didedahkan kepada umum. Biasanya, apabila berlaku pendedahan, maka mereka akan berhenti, inshaalah.

Ketiganya, mari kita anjurkan solat hajat besar-besaran di setiap negeri bagi mendoakan kehancuran serta jahanam puak2 yang sedang berusaha membeli wakil-wakil rakyat PR serta mereka yang dibeli. Doakan juga supaya Allah SWT melindungi wakil-wakil rakyat PR dari mara bahaya dan bencana serta kuat iman mereka menghadapi percubaan membeli ini.

Kita lihat sendiri hasil dari doa dan solat hajat di Bagan Serai, Mohsin terpaksa hantar SMS dengan mengatakan beliau tidak akan sokong BN. Itulah sahaja tempat kita mengadu.

Cadangan keempat, supaya setiap ahli dan penyokong berdoa secara pribadi meminta tuhan mengagalkan usaha jahat puak2 yang mahu membeli wakil-wakil rakyat Pakatan Rakyat dan doakan supaya mereka ini diturunkan bala kaum Nabi Nuh dan kaum Nabi Hud ke atas mereka.

Dalam berjuta-juta penyokong Pakatan Rakyat, takkan tiada seorang pun yang WALI ALLAH dan doanya mustajab.

Tulang Besi

Vasanthakumar says he wasn't arrested ...

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 09:38 PM PDT

Story to follow.
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What blackmail? Its just CBT by his clerk

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 01:13 PM PDT

From R Tan, via e-mail

If the sum of RM45,000 was embezzled by Keshvinder's clerk, who can blackmail him? This type of happening is not uncommon in any businesses.

After all he is not in guilt, and I don't see the blackmail can be effective in this maner. Purely a CBT case by his clerk.


New twist: Keshvinder was 'blackmailed'


Wealthy Islamic terrorist groups, really?

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 01:10 PM PDT

From Aiman Abdullah aka Earl Aiman Gale, via e-mail

I have no reason to doubt that Mr Lano Zen knows what he is talking about when he says that we are wasting our money and our efforts supporting rich terrorist groups... he writes with such conviction. I'm sure he is a good man and would not exaggerate or tell a lie... deliberately!

But, I sure wish he could have been more specific and provide us with specific details, evidence , names and information to support his allegations and charges.

That uncredited photo appears to show a number of chairs, beds, cots and miscellaneous household furnishings, all of which I'm sure someone whose house had been leveled by bombs might appreciate receiving.

It appears to be stored as deck cargo where I, a life-long seaman, would expect it to be stored, while the food stuff and more important perishables were more securely stored down below.

I wish I knew of a rich terrorist, and had a Mercedes or a BMW to drive around in as he implies those rich fellows do.  I have never seen or met one of them, and I'm just a modestly poor Muslim fellow myself who drives around in a five-year old Wira, wondering where I'm going to get the money to replace it in a few years when it finally wears out.  I sure don't see any of that 'charity' money he speaks of coming my way.

I wish he could be more specific and tell me just which rich Islamic terrorist and which humanitarian aid groups have those big cars... I would like to meet and speak with some of these people.


Humanitarian aid: What a sham!  

Deafening silence from Pakatan, bloggers on scholarships

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 01:07 PM PDT

From R Shan, via e-mail

In the three weeks since the SPM results were released, much has been highlighted by the Human Rights Party on the discriminative practices against high achievers from the Indian community.

I can understand the stand taken by Umno-led government with its worthless coalition, but what really amazes me is the conspicuous silence from the opposition, alternative media, and the socially active bloggers.

I can understand Hindraf and HRP are racist in our convoluted minds, but can you erase the fact that Pakatan, the alternative media or the socio active bloggers feel that this is not such a major issue that warrants the kind of attention it deserves.

I presume one would ask oneself: What can I do? This is the question that besets the whole world. Today we need an authority figure, be it a politician, a blogger, or a writer who can offer magic solutions to any difficulty in a superficial sphere. The truth and fact seems a mile away.

Anyone in authority or perceived to be in authority can do nothing until and unless the change occurs within to want to correct the past, for the future.

Look at this education issue for the Indians, those in authority or certain level of persuasion, shrivel away. Yes, we know the government we have, but what's stopping the opposition, alternative media and those socio active bloggers from continuing to highlight such injustices.

Is it because it involves Indians or is it because they have something against HRP and their approach?  Well, Hindraf and HRP's approach has never been conventional nor do they minced their words, but aren't the issues that they raise factual and real issues that need redressing from people like you and me.

Hey, individually we cannot provide a solution to the society's problem but we need to comprehend that the society's problem will eventually become our individual problem.

See the truth, understand the predicament and work for the truth, not perceive it because someone tells you like what we face both with Umno, Pakatan and alternative media.  

Are you still wondering why there is a deafening silence from Pakatan and bloggers on discriminative educational practice in Malaysia against the non Malays?

If you are, then good luck to you in your endeavour and if it bothers you, then maybe you can be a soothsayer for a society that is striving for the truth.


Don't scrap scholarships, change selection criteria


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