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Now Mahathir’s Ezam vs Najib’s Khairi jJJJJ EZAM IS A DISGRACE

Now Mahathir’s Ezam vs Najib’s Khairi jJJJJ EZAM IS A DISGRACE

Now Mahathir’s Ezam vs Najib’s Khairi jJJJJ EZAM IS A DISGRACE

Posted: 03 May 2010 12:14 PM PDT

Part 4 The Sting DEFACTO UNMO SUPREME MAHATHIR strategy DESTROY PKRTo Malaysian Insider Syed Jaymal Zahiid,post this article, see who is in real trouble

that "The Eagle has Landed"

    let us be very clear on one thing! In Malaysia, the political secretary to a Minister is the "bag guy" for the Minister. Let me be more specific. Amongst his more important "duties" is to accept, collect and seek funds from persons known and unknown to the Minister for the political activities of his Minister. If he was caught with RM2 Million cash, you can be rest assured that his Minister has got more … much more because anything less would mean that this political secretary "melawan towkay" i.e. bites the hands that feeds it!

    By steadyaku47

    I would designate the activities of this Hasbie Satar and the other political secretaries in UMNO as outright theft and/or extortion but I digress. Let us start from the beginning.

    Now who would want to donate/contribute/give these funds to the political secretary of Tan Sri Nor Yakcop? They do so for a number of reasons but the most logical would be because they want a favor not from Hasbie Satar – but from his Minister Tan Sri Nor Yakcop.

    The money they give is substantial and people with a lot of money are not stupid people – unless they are from UMNO! Before they hand over the money to Hasbie Satar, they must have some indication that the favor they ask will be granted by his Minister Tan Sri Nor Yakcop. That indication will normally be in the form of a face-to-face meeting with Tan Sri Yakcop arranged by Hasbie Satar where they will tell Tan Sri Nor Yakcop what they wish for and Tan Sri Nor Yakcop will indicate the possibility of that favor being granted.

    From there the donor will make a decision as to how much he will or will not donate to Tan Sri Nor Yakcop's political funds by way of Hasbie Satar. Then money change hands … half now and the other half when the deed is done … a deposit first, maybe … or if the political secretary is very insistent – the whole amount agreed. If we are talking about hundreds of thousands of ringgit then the donor will certainly be granted another meeting with Tan Sri Nor Yakcop after the money has changed hands where he confirms with Tan Sri that "The Eagle has Landed" … or words to that effect. That, my friend, is the modus operandi of one aspect of money politics relevant to the duties of the Political Secretary – of whom Hasbie Satar is one.

    What are the favors that might be asked for? A negotiated tender, perhaps. Settlement of "outstanding" damages payable to the Malaysian Government for late delivery of projects or contracts or non-compliance with tender specifications for projects completed. They might also want to negotiate a "fair" (and I use the term "fair" very loosely here!) valuation of Government assets or government owned companies that they want to purchase … and the list goes on. All these are within the purview of Tan Sri Nor Yakcop to decide or to give advice to the Government when the decision making process is underway.

    If these favors are not granted after the money has been collected by the political secretary, you can expect the donor to inform Tan Sri Nor Yakcop of his displeasure or at the least, identify another 'favor" in lieu of the first one.

    So, my friend, where does that put Tan Sri Nor Yakcop? In the doghouse, perhaps? The buck stops at Tan Sri Nor Yakcop. He cannot be in denial nor escape complicity in the activities of his Political Secretary. He appointed Hasbie Satar to that post. Tan Sri Nor Yakcop cannot claim that he has no knowledge of the activities of his Political Secretary! Nixon resigned because of Watergate. Nixon did not take part in the break-in but he sure as hell was responsible for the culture prevalent within the Republican Party then that resulted in the break-in and the subsequent cover up! So in the end he had to resign. Ditto for Tan Sri Nor Yakcop!

    The resignation of Hasbie Satar is not a "clear sign that the Najib administration wants anti-graft authorities to investigate without pressure from politicians". This is a case of damage control and self-preservation by UMNO after one of its own has been caught doing what comes naturally to a Political Secretary of UMNO Ministers! I dare say that every Political Secretary of an UMNO Minister is living beyond his means – and why not, when every UMNO Minister is living beyond his means! When you pee into the wind ….

    Najib must rid himself of this Tan Sri Nor Yakcob and use the opportunity to declare his administration commitment to fighting corruption – a key target in the National Key Results Areas (NKRAs) under the Government Transformation Plan (GTP). Tan Sri Nor Yakcop is collateral damage. Najib can then declare that MACC will target even those Ministers from the ruling Barisan Nasional Federal Government. Muhyiddin will have to declare his admiration for Najib's "no nonsense" approach to money politics knowing that Najibs latest "courageous" actions against money politics has set his Prime Minister's aspiration back a few months. The UMNO controlled media will make much of Najib's "uncompromising" stand against corruption vis a vis the misfortune of Tan Sri Nor Yakcop. But if Tan Sri's Political Secretary has ringgit $2 Million cash on him, BMWs and properties … the mind boggles as to what his Tan Sri political master will have! Now that is another story to tell … and the leaks will surely come from UMNO itself if Tan Sri is reluctant to fall on his own sword!

    Infighting and unease in Umno has intensified following the arrest of a political secretary to a senior Cabinet minister, sparking questions about Prime Minister Najib Razak's grip on his embattled party and consequently the stability of his year-old administration.

    Not only is the 57-year old leader dogged by personal scandal, warlords in the fragmented Umno are said to be discontented and once again openly on the lookout for their own interests. Privately, the buzz is that the party is disappointed that after 11 months in power, Najib has failed to bolster crucial voter support, nor is he likely to do so going forward.

    "Basically, there are two main conspiracy theories going around town. Which is the more probable depends on which of the three main factions in Umno that you belong to," a veteran party watcher told Harakahdaily on the condition of anonymity.

    "One theory is that Najib is fighting back against his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin and Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The second is that Najib wants to squash Khairy Jamaluddin, the Umno Youth chief, before he becomes too successful in his own plots to topple Najib."

    Quicksand politics

    Indeed, Umno politics is complex and often a vipers pit of corruption where loyalties switch at the blink of an eye. After passing the premiership to Abdullah Badawi in 2003, it did not take long for a jealous Mahathir to U-turn on his initial praises and launch attack after attack to destabilize his successor's administration..

    Abdullah was finally forced to surrender the top job to Najib in 2009, and among key conditions for the power transfer was that his son-in-law Khairy became the head of Umno Youth, while Muhyiddin got the deputy-presidency and Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi the No. 3 spot.

    In the latest graft scandal to rock Umno and the nation, Hasbie Satar the political secretary to Nor Mohamad Yakcop, the minister in charge of the Economic Planning Unit in the Prime Minister's Department, resigned a day after news broke that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission had made a high-profile arrest.

    Without naming who, the MACC had on Sunday confirmed they arrested a political aide after finding him with more than RM2 million cash at a flat in Penang. It was also reported that the aide was under probe since late last year due to allegations of having amassed several properties by helping business groups secure government approval for multi-million ringgit projects.

    A short one-paragraph statement issued by the ministry on Monday did not offer any reasons or details but the spin from the Umno media is that Najib wanted to show that he is serious about weeding out corruption. Nevertheless, few Malaysians are convinced by the alleged show of altruism from their prime minister.

    "Whether it was Hasbie or if he acted on his own – with or without the knowledge of his boss – is not at heart of the debate taking place.The speculation is on who his boss is linked to," said the political watcher.

    "Some favour the first theory because they see Nor Mohamed as a Mahathir man. Nor Mohamed was the brains behind Mahathir's capital controls in 1998. So the question being asked is – has Najib begun his move to come out from under Mahathir's thumb?

    "Yet others say Nor Mohamed is no longer that close to Mahathir and has become aligned to Pak Lah and Khairy. Remember he was a very powerful Second Finance Minister in the Abdullah administration and his first political secretary was Norza Zakaria, who is a Khairy man. So is Najib trying to purge Khairy?"

    The Zahid factor

    Norza – the FT Umno Youth chief – was arrested in January 2009 for offering bribes to voting delegates ahead of the party's election in March the same year. He has pleaded not guilty and was released on bail pending investigations.

    Mahathir has made no secret of the fact that he detests Khairy even more than Abdullah. Just weeks ago, the 85-year old former Umno president was accused of instigating a move to oust Khairy as the Youth chief. Mahathir's son Mukhriz – the deputy international trade minister – is also seen as eager to head the wing.

    Meanwhile,Zahid has also entered the fray. Once regarded as a Najib loyalist, he is now believed to part of the movement to topple Najib.

    But it is still unclear if Zahid has thrown in his lot with Muhyiddin and Mahathir or with the 34-year old Khairy. As the senior-most vice president, he stands to be promoted immediately to both the Umno deputy-presidency and the deputy premiership if Najib is ousted in a power struggle.

    "It is hard to say for sure which camp Zahid is currently with. And it doesn't really matter because at this stage, their common priority is to seize control of Umno now when it is weak and fragmented," the Umno observer said.

    "Once Najib surrenders to Muhyiddin, who as the current No. 2 is next in line to inherit the Umno presidency and premiership, Zahid can switch out of KJ's camp and into Muhyiddin's. For him, what's important is that he gets to assume the deputy presidency which would also make him the country's Deputy Prime Minister.

    "As for Khairy, he will have to look after himself. But he is still young, whereas Mahathir is not. In politics, as long as time is on your side, you have a chance to win. It is indeed a dirty game and what more in Umno – which already has a reputation of being one of the most corrupt political parties in the region."

    Scandals galore

    In the past few months, Zahid has raised eyebrows by revealing several incidences of high-level corruption and security breaches at the Defence Ministry when Najib was in charge.

    One such incident was the astonishing theft of two fighter jet engines from right under the nose of top military and immigration personnel. And just last week, Zahid revealed that the nation's first submarine – one of two costly Scorpenes ordered by Najib in 2006 and delivered by French shipyard Armaris in 2009 – could not dive due to a technical problem.

    Also related to the controversial Scorpenes purchase, Najib's close associate Razak Baginda had been accused of accepting a whopping RM540 million commission from Armaris. Furthermore, Baginda was charged with abetting two former bodyguards of Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor in the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu.

    Although Baginda has since been acquitted, speculations remains rife that he – together with the first couple – had been involved as the two bodyguards did not know Altantuya and could not have any motive of their own to kill her.

    Najib has also been blamed for driving away key Chinese votes from the BN by staging an unpopular coup d'etat in Perak last year. To help him cling to power there, the country's judiciary has been plunged into infamy for questionable rulings that have been ridiculed by constitutional experts throughout the Commonwealth, which shares Malaysia's legal history.

    More recently, Najib's weak handling of the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims sparked a spate of violence against places of worship throughout the country and created serious rifts in Malaysia's multi-racial society, attracting a reprimand from international bodies including the World Council of Churches.

    No less messy was his insistence to push through a sodomy trial against arch rival Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim that has been widely condemned as rigged and politically motivated. Among the groups that have condemned his 'persecution' of Anwar are the U.N. Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International and scores of Australian lawmakers, who tendered a joint letter of protest to the Malaysian High Commission last week. There is a large population of Malaysian students and workers in Australia.

    The presence of so many foreign embassies attending Mr. Anwar's show trial is a clear expression of international concern. This is an issue on which the world must speak out.

    If his country is to take its place among the progressive nations of the world, it is crucial that the politically motivated charge against Mr. Anwar be dropped and that he be free to pursue his vision of a democratic Malaysia, properly respectful of human rights and international law.

    Poor Anwar , he had some real scumbags as 'friends' – Ezam & Anuar Shaari.
    Disgusting opportunists as well as traitors.
    Ezam & Anuar Shari conspired with Rosmah mansor NAJIB TUN Razak
    THE EPISODE SODOMY 11 During the course of Anwar's impending trial, Malaysians will be told of the link Saiful has with Mumtaz Jaafar. Malaysians will also be told who Mumtaz Jaafar is and what her 'special' links with Rosmah are.
    Further to that, Malaysians will be told about the relationship between Najib's Special Officer, Khairul Anas, and Saiful —

    the political divide are guilty of dirty political conspiracy. In fact dirty political tactics are ofter used in western countries like Britain and USA. Some have been exposed (like the Watergate incident) although not morally right was legally and lawfully correct which they skillfully moreHEY! THERE ARE SIGNS OF PENETRATION ON DESPERDO VULTURE'S ASSHOLES LET THIS BASTARDISED UMNO INSPIRED ASSHOLES TO LEAVE, WE VOTERS WILL SHOW THEM WITHOUT US THEIR SMELLY ASSHOLES WORTHLESS
    Ezam Mohd Nor took his oath as a Senator for three years.
    Yet his appointment is not something that Malaysians should applaud. Here is a person who is being rewarded for turning on his one-time political allies.
    A person who has achieved nothing apart from speaking up against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
    Therefore, it begs the question: does he fit the criteria that appointed persons must have "rendered distinguished public service or have achieved distinction in the professions, commerce, industry, agriculture, cultural activities or social service or are representative of racial minorities or are capable of representing the interests of aborigines (Orang Asli)"?
    Fact is, Ezam's appointment is probably an indicator of the moral decay in Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN), where no one bats an eyelid at rewarding questionable characters that defect or turn their backs on their former parties. Of course, the same can be said for those who cross to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties.
    Consider this. Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim and Zulkifli Noordin were treated to trips to Washington. Not anyone else within BN or PR. Jelapang assemblyman Hee Yit Foong, who quit DAP to turn independent and tilt the Perak government towards Barisan, was given a "Datukship". Her fellow frogs were also freed from corruption charges.
    And yet, the ruling coalition wonders why a significant number of Malaysians still reject them. It is all well and fine to say that MPs or assemblymen can leave parties and join their rivals. No one questions that; it's democracy.
    But it is incumbent on the receiving side to carefully consider what they are getting and not simply take any Tom, Dick and Harry in what is a zero-sum game to control the Dewan Rakyat, or any state assemblies, for that matter.
    BN did that. And that is why they have raised the ire of a number of the electorate, notwithstanding 1 Malaysia that speaks of the high ideals of "People First. Performance Now". The reality is very far from the concept, leaving BN with the ignominy of continued rejection, regardless of the shortcomings of PR.
    And regardless of whether they continue to spread the lucre. The people of Hulu Selangor showed that, almost equally supporting both sides despite the vote-buying that went on.
    Today, Ezam is a Senator. And others have got their rewards, no matter how unjust it would seem. But not for long.
    Perhaps, the storyline will change at the ballot box in response to all these shenanigans.
    Only the people of Malaysia can decide whether they respect a government that rewards such characters.




    but why did he sent the sms ?

    Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor Editorial Image
    The latest Bala revelations have constituted a solemn challenge to the integrity and legitimacy of Najib's premiership, for which he must now solemnly account to the nation.
    Khairy's alternative media blitzI have always thought that the revelation of Khir Toyo's 'blemishes' would not affect his chances among the UMNO Youth voting delegates. After all, why would they care about the public image of UMNO Youth and the electoral appeal of its leader?At a time when Malay rights are seemingly being assailed from every angle, wouldn't they want a true 'ultra' to champion their cause instead of a few 'fake' ones in the form of Khairy or even Mukhriz?There is probably some truth to this kind of reasoning, at least on the part of some delegates, but in a three-corner fight, all Khairy needed to do was to find a handful of delegates who would buy into his message of UMNO Youth needing greater electoral appeal.After all, a swing of 30 votes in Khir Toyo's favour would have given him the Youth chief position. But if Khairy could find a handful of more 'astute' UMNO Youth delegates who could see where he could take the party as opposed to where Khir Toyo or even Mukhriz could take the party, he could get to the finish line ahead of his two rivals.Hence, his 'media blitz' strategy of granting one-on-one interviews to Off the Edge, The Nut Graph, Malaysiakini and the New Straits Times in the lead-up to the elections. He was the only one of the three candidates to have this 'media blitz' as part of an overall strategy to give himself a 'makeover' and to make the claim that he is capable to give UMNO Youth a similar 'makeover' as well.This strategy may have seemed strange to some who wondered if Khairy was running for the position of UMNO Youth chief or if he was lobbying for votes from the larger public, especially those who follow the alternative media more than the mainstream media.Many of us doubted if the public would actually believe that Khairy was sincere in his intentions of giving himself a 'makeover' but the primary audience for Khairy, at least in the short term, was not the general public but UMNO Youth delegates. This strategy paid dividends if we see it in the context of appealing to the handful of more 'astute' UMNO Youth delegates.Khairy used this 'media blitz' as part of his strategy to convince these delegates that only he was capable to speak the same language as those who read the alternative media, that only he was capable of reaching out to the younger voters who speak a different language from that spoken by members of UMNO Youth, that only he was capable of giving UMNO Youth a 'makeover' that would make them more appealing to the general public.Of course, not all UMNO Youth delegates would find this necessary or even palatable. But then Khairy's strategy was never one of trying to win a majority of votes among the delegates. If the Youth wing was truly split between the three candidates, then all he had to do was to win a plurality of votes, which meant that he had to find and then target some of the more 'astute' delegates who could 'see the light' and vote for him based on his 'marketability' and ability to 'remake' his own image as well as that of UMNO Youth.His power of incumbencyOne further point that needs to be made here is the power of incumbency. One has to remember that in his capacity as UMNO Youth deputy chief and as someone having direct access to the PM's ear, Khairy would have cultivated many ties and helped out not a small number of delegates within the UMNO Youth ranks.While some may say, perhaps a little uncharitably, that all UMNO Youth delegates care about is access to power and money, there probably are still some delegates who would have voted for Khairy based on loyalty and remembering past favours which he has rendered to them. Unlike Mukhriz, Khairy has had much more opportunities to cultivate these ties, to dispense favours and in so doing, perhaps demonstrate his worth as a leader of the Youth movement.It is hard to gauge the effect of the 'stern warning' which he received from the UMNO disciplinary board a week before the casting of the ballots for the Youth election. Many of us, myself included, thought that this was a death dealing blow to Khairy. But he did not over react and perhaps may have used this opportunity to cast himself as a 'victim' of a harsh and arbitrary disciplinary committee that was being used to further the ends of a certain leader within Umno, whose own popularity is in question.Could Khairy have benefitted from some of the anger directed at the decision to bar Ali Rustam from contesting the deputy president position? Could the fact that Khir Toyo was let off 'scot-free' harmed him more than helped him?After all, there was no question that all three candidates were probably using some form of financial 'incentives' to entice delegates to vote for them. Why target Khairy specifically and not the other two candidates? With the benefit of hindsight, we now know that the 'stern warning' probably did not hurt Khairy's chance of winning the election. It probably helped him a little.But it was the combination of the other factors – convincing UMNO Youth delegates that he could effectively defend Malay rights, that he was the best leader to take on the opposition, that he has the capacity to 'remake' himself and UMNO Youth as well, and his cultivation of ties and dispensation of favours during his time as deputy chief which probably saw him to the finishing line ahead of Khir Toyo and Mukhriz.Najib fails to kill Khairy offWhat are some of the political implications of Khairy's improbable victory? The first and most immediate implication has to do with Najib's power and influence within UMNO. If the 'signal' which was sent by Najib was not sufficient to 'kill off' Khairy's chances to become the next UMNO Youth chief, one has to wonder if the suspension of Mohd Ali Rustam is sufficient to pave the way for Muhyiddin Yassin to win the post of UMNO deputy president and hence become the next DPM of Malaysia. We will find out within the next 12 hours.Even if Muhyiddin manages to beat Muhammad Muhd Taib for the position of deputy president, the damage to Najib has already been done. (It would also hurt if Muhyiddin's margin of victory turns out to be narrow).Khairy will no doubt play the role of the loyal Youth chief but he will remember what Najib tried to do to him. And when the time comes when Najib's back is against the wall (and that time will most certainly come) and if it is not politically expedient for Khairy to support Najib, then the daggers will be unsheathed, presumably, not only by Khairy but also by others, including Mohd Ali Rustam.This is a clear sign that there will be multiple centers of power that will be undermining Najib from within which makes his challenge of trying to govern the country in the midst of a serious global economic slowdown even more daunting.The second implication arising from Khairy's victory is that Dr Mahathir Mohamad's influence within UMNO is clearly on the wane. This perception will be cemented if Muhammad beats Muhyiddin in the deputy president's race since Mahathir clearly favours the latter over the former.Even if his blog ( remains one of the most popular blogs in the country, Mahathir did not achieve what he set out to do after

    Who’s Who – Mata Hari Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa Highly successful in Paris was she the mole inplanted

    Posted: 03 May 2010 11:25 AM PDT

    French lawyer fears no threats in Scorpene probe
    Susan Loone
    May 3, 10
    French lawyer Joseph Breham believes that there will be "pressure and threats" during the course of his investigations into Malaysia's purchase of two French submarines, but believes that the international spotlight on the case will provide him some protection

    french daily reveals grisly details of altantuya's deathmaking the headlines in europe why public interest has stuck stubbornly on the casetoo many unanswered questions over who conspired in her killing, not least why she should be denied the justice of having those guilty brought to the dock and arnaud dubus


    the double faced honorary consul of mongolia: altantuya's father gave all the pictures, notebooks, films, computer files – to the double faced syed rahman

    March 7, 2009 · No Comments


    After the murder of Altantuya, a charitable soul contacted Shaaribuu Setev, the father of the young woman : Datuk Syed, honorary consul of Mongolia in Malaysia. "I am ready to do everything to help you", said the diplomat to Shaaribuu Setev. His dedication even pushed the amicable Datuk Syed to make revelations to the father. "The Malaysian governement is ready to spend one billion of tughrik (mongolian currency, equivalent to 500,000 euros) to cover up the case"

    Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa (Mongolian language: Шаарийбуугийн Алтантуяа; sometimes also Altantuya Shaariibuu; 1978 – 2006), a Mongolian national, was a murder victim who was either murdered by C-4 explosives or was somehow killed first and her remains destroyed with C-4 in October 2006 in a deserted area in Shah Alam, Malaysia near Kuala Lumpur.

    Altantuyaa was born in 1978. Her parents raised her and her sister while they worked in Russia where Altantuyaa started first grade elementary school. She was reportedly fluent in Mongolian, Russian, Chinese and English.

    Altantuyaa moved back to Mongolia in 1990 and a few years later, married a Mongolian techno singer, Maadai. They had a child in 1996 but the marriage ended in divorce and the child went to live with Altantuyaa's parents.

    Despite training as a teacher, Altantuyaa briefly moved to France where she attended modeling school before returning to Mongolia. She only modeled part-time, for a brief time also opening a tour business in Mongolia.

    Altantuyaa remarried and had another child in 2003 but the second marriage also ended in divorce (this is questionable). The second child also lives with Altantuyaa's parents. Her mother said she never been a model.

    She moved to Hong Kong in 2005, it was around this time she met Abdul Razak Baginda, a defense analyst from the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre think-tank,


    Who's Who – Mata Hari

    Mata HariMata Hari (1876-1917) was the stage name of the Dutch exotic dancer and prostitute Gertrud Margarete Zelle, who was shot by the French as a spy on 15 October 1917.

    Born on 7 August 1876 in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, Mata Hari's name has since become synonymous with espionage, although it remains by no means clear that she was guilty of the spying charges for which she charged.

    The daughter of a well-to-do hatter, Mata Hari attended a teachers' college in Leiden before, in 1895, marrying Captain Campbell MacLeod (of Scottish antecedents but serving in the Dutch army). They lived together from 1897-1902 in Java and Sumatra.

    Returning to Europe together they thereafter separated, at which point Mata Hari took to dancing upon the Paris stage from 1905, initially as 'Lady MacLeod' and soon after as 'Mata Hari', the name she retained until her execution.

    Highly successful in Paris (among other cities), Mata Hari's attractiveness, as well as her apparent willingness to appear almost nude on the stage, made her a huge hit. She cultivated numerous lovers, including many military officers.

    Still unclear today are the circumstances around her alleged spying activities. It was said that while in The Hague in 1916 she was offered cash by a German consul for information obtained on her next visit to France. Indeed, Mata Hari admitted she had passed old, outdated information to a German intelligence officer when later interrogated by the French intelligence service.

    Mata Hari herself claimed she had been paid to act as a French spy in Belgium (then occupied by German forces), although she had neglected to inform her French spymasters of her prior arrangement with the German consul. She was, it seemed, a double agent, if a not very successful one.

    It appears (the details are vague) that British intelligence picked up details of Mata Hari's arrangements with the German consul and passed these to their French counterparts.

    She was consequently arrested by the French on 13 February 1917 in Paris. Following imprisonment she was tried by a military court on 24-25 July 1917 and sentenced to death by a firing squad. The sentence was carried out on 15 October 1917 in Vincennes near Paris. She was 41.

    To many she remains the unfortunate victim of a hysterical section of the French press and public determined to root out evidence of a non-existent enemy within, a scapegoat attractive as much for her curious profession as for her crimes.

    The spy who spooked IndiaM J Akbar, 02 May 2010, 03:18 AM IST

    You don't have to be beautiful to be Mata Hari; you merely have to be available. Margaretha Zelle, the Dutch-born, Paris-based, World War 1 German agent who made spying synonymous with sexual frisson, was actually a bit of a podge who couldn't get a job in a vaudeville chorus line because she wasn't "cute" and became a circus horse-rider.

    One pithy observer thought she was as attractive with clothes as without them, which may or may not have been a compliment. She was driven to striptease by despair: she fled her husband, an officer in the Dutch colonial army, posted to Indonesia, and an alcoholic who beat her regularly and mercilessly.

    But she had an extraordinary talent, the ability to trump the real with the surreal. She reinvented herself as an expert in the secret and mysterious arts of "Indian" erotica (hence the name 'Mata Hari'), learnt during her interlude in Java, and became a sensation. She was not much of a spy actually; she did more spending than spying. The Germans, cold to a fault, betrayed her, and she ended up before a French firing squad in 1917.

    It is not, presumably, compulsory, but it is clearly useful for a potential spy to have a split personality. The pain of the tragedy, or failure, is subsumed by the surreal. But a fevered imagination also weakens or even erases the constraints of duty and morality that bind real life.

    There is an obvious problem in the analogy with Mata Hari. The honey in the Madhuri Gupta trap came from Mudassar Rana, and we have no confirmation yet about his expertise in the seductive arts. But gender is not the issue. Men are far more vulnerable to the inflammable concoction of ego and libido. In the 1980s, when Rajiv Gandhi was Prime Minister, an armed forces attache in our mission in Karachi was lured by a woman operative of Pakistani intelligence. But the principle of a spy's mentality holds. Since there is never sufficient justification for the betrayal of a country, and the greed (whether for money or sex) involved must be rationalized by layers of self-deceit, the spy converts a complex, tortured fiction into his or her version of that malleable commodity called truth.

    Moreover the Fifties are a dangerous decade in the age of professionals. They mark the intersection between ebb of career and flow of frustrations. Gupta, an IFS B-cadre officer, was second secretary at an age when a regular IFS officer would already have been ambassador. The caste-and-cocoon world of an embassy like Islamabad could only have heated her fantasies to an unbearable conflagration. You can see that she had lost any mooring with reality in the taunt after her arrest — "What took you guys so long to get it?" It would not even occur to her that institutions are reluctant to condemn their own, particularly when the final responsibility with those who decided to send her to a mission like Islamabad.

    It is foolish to blame Pakistan for this squalid episode. Posting a 54-year-old with a chip factory, rather than a mere chip, on her shoulder is akin to an open-ended invitation to ISI and its carefully groomed stable of studs. The ISI response was well crafted. Rana was of a similar age, and wooed Madhuri at the "Iffy" cafe (you couldn't have invented such a name for an "iffy" operation, could you?) even as he distilled her grievances into information for Pakistan's intelligence services.

    Gupta's interrogation by the Delhi police is essential, of course; but a second interrogation, within the grand portals of the offices of the external affairs ministry, is equally necessary. Who decided to send Gupta to Pakistan? A simple psychographic analysis would have thrown up the obvious; Gupta was entirely unsuitable for a hostile environment, prone to blandishment and subversion, like Islamabad. Paradoxically, and this can only be a surmise, she might have got the Islamabad job precisely because someone thought she would be less vulnerable than say an equally Urdu-qualified Indian Muslim option. This is not an allegation of bias against Delhi, although prejudice still lurks, albeit less flagrantly. But the dark services of the Pakistani establishment, imbued with hostility as they are to India, find the Indian Muslim an even more difficult entity to come to terms with, for Indian Muslims challenge the very foundations of their nation by rejecting the two-nation theory.

    Madhuri Gupta may be a marginal Pakistani success, for she knew less than her bravado believes, and might even have been turned into a conduit of misinformation, without her knowledge, after she was uncovered. But she does constitute a gigantic Indian failure. Only saps get sucked into such soft snares, and an Indian diplomat, and an Indian mission, leapt at the bait hook, line and sinker.

    Stop political intervention, self-censorship in media industry

    Posted: 03 May 2010 07:32 AM PDT

    On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, civil society groups in Malaysia have come up with a memorandum stating that Malaysians are demanding greater media freedom.

    The Disfigured Crescent by Zainol Abideen

    Posted: 03 May 2010 12:00 PM PDT

    In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.
    MG58 at Melaka.JPG
    Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    When I visited Melaka recently, just like any other tourist to the historical city, I took many photographs and videos of the sights and scenes there plus visuals of almost 6 century old relics and structures that have withstood the test of time there.

    I also came across this memorial obelisk that has the Christian Cross, Gurkha Kukri and the Islamic Crescent on it which I believe was built after the Battle of Sg Ujong in 1875-1876 during the British Colonial occupation of Malaya back then.
    I took some snaps of the obelisk and when I went closer to examine the copper fittings which was in the shape of the cross on one side and the crescent on the next face of the obelisk, I noticed several deep slash cuts on the crescent.
    To me as someone who is quite interested in historical artifacts and relics, this series of deep cuts could only be inflicted by a broad sword or other strong sturdy sharp edged cutting tool or weapon.
    Disfigured Crescent.jpg
    Disfigured Crescent2.jpg
    Now, who could have been the culprit?

    Could it have been the work of the disgruntled British soldiers for the obelisk was erected during their rule? We are talking about the period around 1875-1876 onwards.
    The Disfigured Crescent by Mahaguru58.jpg

    Who is responsible for disfiguring the iconic symbol of Islam there in the cradle of the once illustrious Sultanate of Melaka, the birthplace of the Malaccan Malay Empire which once ruled over a major part of South East Asia?

    The Melaka Memorial Obelisk was raised by the British Colonials in memoriam of their soldiers who died in fighting the Sungei Ujong Malay warriors.
    The Christian Cross is left untouched. Symbol of the Malays tolerant nature back then?
    The Gurkha's Sacred Symbol of the Kukri, their traditional weapon of war?

    This is what the engravings on the obelisk read :

    Malacca Memorial Obelisk

    "Erected by their comrades in memory of those who lost their lives
    on active service against the Malays in Sugie Ujong 1875-6"

    1st Batt H.M.s 10th Foot
    Sergeant F. OWEN
    Private J. BALL
    Private J. NEWMAN
    Private H. SMITH

    1st Goorka Light Infantry
    Naik Bucktring RAV
    Sepoy Duljeet POON

    Arab Contingent
    Corporal Ali SAN
    Private Mahomet AWAL
    Private Mahomet NIZAM
    Private Ferozef MAHROUT
    Private Ali MUSJIE
    Private Mariano VOLADY.

    Those who come pose by it would not be aware of the evidence of past hatred that it displays. I do not blame them.
    Not many people nowadays bother to reflect or study the history of our nation. As far as they are concerned, it is all a matter of 'what is in it for me?'

    They don't usually give a hoot as to whatever had taken place in the past and most are only concerned about their livelihood today and in the future?

    They do not have time to ponder upon whatever has transpired before and thus lose their connection to the past?

    Let's take a moment to reflect on what led to the battle that had taken place in Sungei Ujong (now known as Seremban, Negeri Sembilan ) in the year 1875?

    It all started when the feuding territorial chiefs of the Malays in Sungei Ujong (Seremban) started to wage battle between themselves over the collection of taxes from the tin mining operations there and the eventual desperate move of the Datuk Kelana Sungei Ujong, Datuk Laksamana Syed Abdul Rahman and the Datuk Muda of Linggi's to seek British help in overcoming their adversaries.

    Their collaboration with the British Colonialists thus raised the ire and incurred the wrath of the people of Sg Ujong.

    The struggle against the British colonialists in Negeri Sembilan was headed by Tunku Laksamana Antah ibni Almarhum Raja Radin or Yamtuan Antah (photo) as he was known, the 8th Ruler of Seri Menanti and the Datuk Syahbandar of Sungei Ujong, Abdullah Tunggal.
    Yamtuan Antah.jpg
    The Datuk Syahbandar of Sungei Ujong, Abdullah Tunggal refused to jointly sign a treaty with the British together with his nemesis Datuk Kelana Syed Abdul Rahman. They had been at odds over whose right it was to collect taxes imposed on the tin miners from the Straits Settlements doing business in Sungei Ujong?

    The collaboration of Datuk Kelana Sungei Ujong, Datuk Laksamana Syed Abdul Rahman who signed a treaty in March, 1872 with an Englishman, Henry Velge to open a tin mine in Sungei Ujong @ Seremban started the whole episode of the British establishing themselves in Negeri Sembilan.

    Thus began the start of British occupation in the State of Negeri Sembilan.

    The sentiments of the Malays was further inflamed in April, 1874 when the Datuk Kelana Syed Abdul Rahman of Sungei Ujong (Seremban) and the Datuk Muda of Linggi went to sign a treaty with the British Colonialists Governor of the Straits Settlements, Lieutenant-General Sir Andrew Clarke (photo) in Singapore, agreeing to have Sungei Ujong to be made a British 'protectorate'.

    The Malays of Sungei Ujong were enraged for such a move could only mean the loss of their independence, authority and power over their homelands.

    Things started to really boil when in August, 1874, the Datuk Kelana of Sungei Ujong sent a letter to Sir Andrew Clarke asking for a British Resident to be sent to assist him in ruling over the Sungei Ujong territory.
    Union Jack_c.jpg
    The Union Jack of the British was then raised and flown at the flagstaff near the residence of the Datuk Kelana Sungei Ujong at Ampangan in September, 1874 followed by a 21 gun salute pronouncing the British sovereignty over Sungei Ujong.

    To fortify his position in Sungei Ujong, the Datuk Kelana assisted by 150 fully armed British soldiers then attacked the Datuk Syah Bandar Abdullah Tunggal and put to torch Rahang, another enemy of his in November, 1874. The Datuk Syah Bandar Abdullah Tunggal then surrendered to him eventually.

    With that victory in early 1875, the first British Resident at Sungei Ujong, Patrick J Murray was then appointed to assist the Datuk Kelana in ruling over Sungei Ujong. The other chieftains in Negeri Sembilan were not pleased with such an outcome.

    They disapproved of the Datuk Kelana's bringing in foreign powers such as the British to colonize their Malay lands.

    The following days saw Datuk Kelana Sungei Ujong no longer being bothered about the views of the other chieftains of Negeri Sembilan incurring their wrath and displeasure. The chieftains after conferring amongst themselves then proclaimed the Yamtuan Antah as the Yamtuan @ Paramount Chief of Seri Menanti whose territories included Terachi, Ulu Muar, Gunung Pasir and Jempol.

    Datuk Kelana's action in allowing the British to set up base in Sungei Ujong soured his ties with the other chieftains including the Yamtuan Antah. The Yamtuan Antah then no longer acknowledged Datuk Kelana Syed Abdul Rahman as the ruler over Sungei Ujong.

    In the mid of 1875, using British protection as his power base, the Datuk Kelana proclaimed Terachi which was cut off by Bukit Putus to be part of his territories of Sungei Ujong sparking off a confrontation with the Yamtuan Antah of Seri Menanti.

    Datuk Kelana Sungei Ujong and the British then appointed one of their men to be the ruler of Terachi and announced that territory to be their own in November, 1875!

    The enraged Yamtuan Antah of Seri Menanti then sacked the Datuk Pemerintah Terachi appointed by Datuk Kelana Sungei Ujong and the British Resident.

    The British Resident, PJ Murray who was on the side of Datuk Kelana Sungei Ujong regarded the actions of Yamtuan Antah as interfering in the jurisdiction of territories ruled by Datuk Kelana Sungei Ujong and a breaching of the laws.

    On the 27th of November, 1875, the British Resident of Sungei Ujong, Commander PJ Murray set off to Terachi with 20 British soldiers led by Lieutenant Hinxman, 30 policemen, a medical doctor and an Australian translator by the name of Dominic Daly but found no disturbances there upon their arrival.

    PJ Murray returned to Sungei Ujong the following day leaving Daly behind in Terachi to carry out surveying works and measure the distance between Kampong Terachi and Kuala Pilah. At one of the riverbanks, Daly came across a large group of 200 over Malay villagers who demanded the foreigner and his men to return at once to Sungei Ujong.

    The frightened Daly immediately dispatched his aides seeking help from Murray at Sungei Ujong. The British Resident then sent his armed forces to Terachi led by Lieutenant Hinxman. This news of the British soldiers entering Terachi reached the ears of Yamtuan Antah.

    The intrusion of the British armed forces amounted to challenging the sovereignty of Seri Menanti and Yamtuan Antah immediately marshalled 4000 of his men to be ready for war!

    The action by Yamtuan Antah in gathering his men to confront and chase out the British forces was immediately supported by the other Negeri Sembilan chieftains who gathered their troops to join Yamtuan Antah's fighters. Amongst them were Datuk Siamang Gagap, Tengku Besar Tampin, the people of Rembau, Jelebu and Johol.

    Yamtuan Antah's army then hiked up and crossed Bukit Putus entering Paroi. There, Yamtuan Antah dispatched a warning letter to British Resident Patrick J Murray ordering him not to interfere with the sovereignty of Seri Menanti and not to intrude into Terachi territory.

    Murray who became alarmed and scared of the uprising of the Malays led by Yamtuan Antah immediately sought for armed assistance from the Straits Settlements.

    The position of the British at Sungei Ujong was very much at peril for they feared of the Malays attack. Lieutenant Hinxman and his soldiers who were at Rasah immediately dug trenches and fortified their positions all around their army encampments.

    In December 1875, Yamtuan Antah's forces consisting of 200 men succeeded in capturing Paroi and they built up their fort there.

    In Sungei Ujong, British forces from Melaka numbering 20 soldiers under the command of Lieutenant Peyton arrived to quell the uprising of the Malays.

    With the reinforcements consisting of the small detachment of 20 men from the 1st Battalion, His Majesty's Foot Regiment based in Melaka who had arrived on the 4th of December, 1875, adding to the strength of his troops, Lieutenant Hinxman then led a war battalion comprising of 30 soldiers, 30 policemen and 6 Arab soldiers from Rasah to attack the Yamtuan Antah's forces now entrenched at Paroi.

    Nevertheless as soon as they reached Paroi, the British troops were attacked by the Malays who were using rifles!

    The Malay forces were bigger in numbers and their ferocious attack almost overwhelmed Hinxman's troops to the point that they were about to be defeated and captured.

    Realizing their futile situation, the remaining British troops retreated and made their way back to Rasah.

    Yamtuan Antah's forces succeeded in retaining their grounds and made their defense along the Linggi River.

    On the 5th of December, the embattled British forces were at their wits end after failing to recapture Paroi from the Yamtuan Antah's forces.

    They drew up fresh battle-plans and renewed their assault against the Malays at Paroi using cannons belonging to Datuk Kelana Sungei Ujong. The onslaught upon the Malays resisting the advances of the British troops was quite heavy and furious fighting took place there on that 5th of December, 1875.

    The earth of Paroi shook and trembled upon being pounded relentlessly by the British cannon fire.

    After a full hour of exchanging gun and cannon fire, the British troops finally managed to traverse and cross the swamps fore fronting the forts of Yamtuan Antah and suffered casualties on their part as well.

    The names of those who fell in the battle are immortalized in the memorial obelisk now standing at Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka.

    After being bombarded by such continuous cannon fire, the Malays who were defending their forts at Paroi had no choice but to call for retreat.

    Lieutenants Hinxman and Peyton made up their minds to continue with their assault and destroy the fortified defenses of Yamtuan Antah.

    The British suffered 37 casualties including some of the Arab soldiers and numerous wounded on both warring parties.

    After their relentless bombardment of Yamtuan Antah's forces who eventually retreated, the British finally managed to recapture Paroi.

    The military reinforcements asked for by the British Resident Patrick J Murray arrived at Sungei Ujong on the 8th of December, 1875. Led by the Lieutenant Governor of Penang, Major General Archibald Edward Harbord Anson, 350 British soldiers came to strengthen the British position from Melaka.

    Another detachment of the British troops in the form of 250 battle hardened British Gurkha soldiers arrived together with 32 officers. The gunnery troops from the HMS Thistle also arrived at Sungei Ujong on the 10th of December, 1875!

    Emboldened with such added military strength, the Commanding Chief Officer of the Sungei Ujong British forces, Lieutenant Colonel Clay then planned to launch an all out assault against the remaining forces of Yamtuan Antah, at Bukit Putus which was still under the control of the Negri Malays, from all angles.

    On the 19th of December, the British forces headed by Patrick J Murray left Sungei Ujong heading for Bukit Putus via Langkap. Lieutenant Colonel Clay led another force consisting of 280 soldiers.

    A final battle then took place between the British forces and Yamtuan Antah's remaining Malay forces at Bukit Putus where eventually, the British prevailed and recaptured the strategic territory from the control of the Negeri Sembilan Malays.

    The victorious British troops then made their way towards Seri Menanti.

    Sensing the presence of his enemies, Yamtuan Antah and his royal family had to retreat from Seri Menanti and sought asylum in Johor.

    Yamtuan Antah sought an audience with the Sultan of Johor, Maharaja Abu Bakar to seek His Majesty's advice and counsel.

    The Maharaja advised Yamtuan Antah to make peace with the British.

    With the help of the Sultan of Johor, in May, 1876, Yamtuan Antah had a meeting with the Governor of Singapore, Sir William Jervois. (photo below)

    Yamtuan Antah together with four chieftains from the Districts of Seri Menanti, Johol and Inas met the British Governor in Singapore again in November, 1876.

    Following the meetings, the British Colonials decided that it would be very much in their favor to make peace with the local population and enhance their image.

    The British then agreed to install Yamtuan Antah as the Yamtuan Besar of Seri Menanti and other districts in Negeri Sembilan to be under the local chieftains but for Sungei Ujong to remain as a protectorate of the British.

    After spending two years in retreat at Johor, Yamtuan Antah returned to his homestate in Seri Menanti. His Majesty lived there for another 11 years before passing away in 1888.

    Thus ended the life of a ruler who so loved his ancestral land and went to the stage of waging war against the British Colonials to expel them from occupying and lording it over the local populace.

    Yamtuan Antah's fighting spirit and courage will forever be remembered and cherished by the people of Seri Menanti and the State of Negeri Sembilan.

    The cuts upon the Crescent embedded in the Sungei Ujong War Memorial serves as a permanent reminder to those of us who are citizens of this land to be well aware of the dangers of falling again into occupation and be enslaved once more by the foreign powers who are always waiting to invade whomsoever become weak, divided and complacent, not knowing to appreciate what they have until its taken away from them!

    The Disfigured Crescent remains as a silent witness to the atrocities of the marauding imperialist forces out there.

    Will Malaysians especially those of us who are Muslims take note of this?

    Wallahu 'alam bissawab!

    References :

    This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

    Aaah… another weak-ass Opposition spin

    Posted: 03 May 2010 03:29 PM PDT

    Now I really don't care what these toe-rag newsportals write but since some goon went parading around KLCC accusing the Mainstream Media of lying, bending the truth and censorship, I thought we should take every opportunity to highlight every example of Opposition media 'truth' reporting - 

    Hot news about a non-event, 
    A headline based on a hypothetical question.. great reporting
    I geuss this is teh standard by which MSM reporters must measure themselves
    How lucky... 
    Opposition Newsportals don't have to worry themselves
    with petty details like FACTS...

    Today all Opposition mouthpiece like Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today were frothing on how some Frech lawyer is not afraid of 'any threats' as he investigates the purchase of Malaysia's first submarines..

    The trouble is...

    There are no threats to his life, 

    no one has said anything about threats...

    so it can only mean one thing:...

    Those 'independent minded'. Opposition sympathizing reporters

     must have asked a hypothetical question that someone put in their pretty little  heads…

    And right on cue, the Frog answered… how convenient

    Let's see….

    there are no threats…

    No one is planning to make any threats….

    And yet the Frenchman is not afraid of the non-existent threat…

    Wow.. now that is a fantastic piece of 'News' huh??

    I guess if you judge the mainstream media by this standard...

    then it is true that they are not asking all the right leading hypothetical questions to get the right political skew out of every event…

    I am sure every Opposition reporter has been well trained enough to know what a leading question is… right???

    Otherwise their training leaves a lot to be desired…

    So here are some leading questions I would like MSM reporters to ask Anwar Ibrahim
    Will you give up your homosexual tendency if you are made Prime Minister?
    What is your opinion on wife trading? I sit something you would indulge between close friends/associates/loyal underlings?
    When you are Prime Minister will you legalise same-sex marriage?

    Here are some  leading questions for Lim Kit Siang
    Do you think your grandson will make a good replacement for your son?
    If you are made Deputy Prime Minister would you remove Malays from the Civil Service?
    Do you think that your son, Lim Guan Eng would make a good deputy Prime Minister 2?

    Something for Nik Aziz perhaps
     If an Islamic Government is not what Pas is fighting for, would you like a republic instead?
    Since you feel that working with DAP is so beneficial, will you give up the Deputy Prime Minister's post to the party?
    Between your son and son in law, who would make a better successor as Kelantan Menteri Besar?

    Long Live Rentap! Let's Fight For Sibu Voters.

    Posted: 03 May 2010 07:52 AM PDT

    (This story was first published by The Malaysian Mirror)

    By Joseph Tawie

    SIBU – The fight for the control of Bandar Sibu between Sarawak DAP chairman Richard Wong Ho Leng and a new comer Robert Lau Hui Yew of SUPP in the forth- coming by-election scheduled for 16 May is expected to generate not only great interest among the public, but one that has many political implications.

    Too much is stake for both sides of the political divide. If DAP is to win it, it will mean SUPP is going to suffer in the coming State election. Likewise, if SUPP is to win it, it will mean, the road to Putrajaya will be closed.

    "If we win this by-election, it is the signal that we are marching towards Putrajaya," DAP national adviser Lim Kit Siang declared over a dinner in Sibu. He knows that the next target is the other 30 parliamentary seats.

    Currently the Opposition has one seat – the Bandar Kuching seat – to its credit.

    Sarawak which has 31 MPs is being considered the "fixed deposit" of the Barisan Nasional.

    The by-election has been called following the death of the MP for Sibu and deputy minister of transport Robert Lau Hoi Chew on 9 April.

    Nomination day has been set for 8 May.

    After the Hulu Selangor by-election, all the nation's eyes are now focused on the Sibu by-election as to which party has the support of 54,695 voters, 66% of this total are Chinese voters. The rest are Malay/Melanau voters forming about 17%, followed by Ibans 15% and the rest are Bidayuh, Orang Ulu and Indian voters.

    There are 2,537 postal voters.

    Despite Robert Lau junior being a "greenhorn", the Barisan Nasional-SUPP is confident that he will retain the seat for the Barisan Nasional.

    "The Prime Minister is impressed with his credentials," said Sarawak Barisan chairman and Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud when announcing the candidacy of Robert Lau who is a lawyer and a Sibu councillor.

    Some consider the by-election is even more interesting as it is held immediately on the heel of the recently concluded Hulu Selangor by-election in which the Barisan Nasional has reclaimed the seat even though it lost Chinese votes heavily to Pakatan.

    "That is the reason why the by-election has generated so much interest among the politically conscious people, because they are interested to know how the Chinese in Sibu will vote. Will they vote for SUPP or DAP?" asked a political observer.

    And according to the voting trend in the 2008 parliamentary election, only about 40% to 45% of the Chinese voted for SUPP's Robert Lau. Lau's victory was due to votes coming from Iban, Malay/Melanau and postal votes.

    Had it not been for these votes, the result of the last election in this constituency might have gone to Wong Ho Leng of DAP who secured 15,903 as against 19,138 obtained by the late Lau – a majority of 3,235 votes.

    Few factors which are going to influence the general voting pattern of the Chinese in the country are UMNO's support for the "ultra" Perkasa whose aim is to protect Malay rights allegedly threatened by Chinese and others. The other is Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's declaration that he is Malay first and Malaysian second. As such Prime Minister Najib's 1Malaysia concept appears to be hollow.

    These are some of the factors that have hardened some Chinese to be "anti" Barisan Nasional and this "anti" feeling was clearly displayed in the Hulu Selangor by-election. This feeling may spread to the Sibu by-election and have some adverse implications against the SUPP candidate.

    "This is the reason that makes the Sibu by-election not only interesting, but a very important one as it will determine the degree of support of the Chinese for the Barisan Nasional particularly SUPP," said a veteran politician.

    He said: "SUPP needs to know this so that it can plan its election preparations accordingly for the coming state election that may be called any time now so that it can recapture the eight seats it lost in the last election."

    But on the other hand, SUPP has the advantage of huge financial resources and the whole government machinery behind it.

    The announcement last week in Sibu by Deputy Prime Minister of RM200 million is considered to be the first "down payment" to end the perennial flooding that has caused hardship and damage to properties.

    Another RM2 million has also been allocated to five Chinese and mission schools after years of complaints.

    More "goodies" from the Barisan Nasional are expected to be dished out in the days leading to the by-election. And with such "goodies" how can the BN lose in the Sibu by-election? Such "goodies" if they did miracle in the Hulu Selangor by-election, surely will do the same in Sibu.

    From past experiences, Chinese are not easily attracted to such "goodies". Such being the case, it is obvious, however, that SUPP cannot depend on Chinese votes alone. That will be disastrous. So the most important thing is for the party to go all out not only to maintain the votes coming from the Iban, Malay and Melanau communities, but to increase the votes manifold.

    Needless to say, SUPP will have to work very hard, leaving no stone unturned to ensure its victory. Even though losing and winning the by-election does not change anything, SUPP, however, regards it as the most important barometer to gauge how much support SUPP has from the Chinese especially after they revolted against the party in the 2006 State election.

    "We have to work very, very hard to win this by-election. The victory here is particularly very important for us and I believe Robert Lau Hui Yew, being young, can give us that victory badly needed to present a new image for the party in our election preparations," said SUPP president George Chan at a recent press conference.

    "I do not know what issues they (Opposition) can raise; to me, there are no more issues, but I do know that the Opposition is capable of manufacturing issues," said Chan.

    "But this time around I am confident with the support of the federal government in terms of financial allocation the Chinese voters will come back to support us," said Chan.

    After all, he said, BN and SUPP through the late Lau have done so much to transform Sibu into a modern city.

    On the other hand, DAP is all out to wrest the seat from SUPP. It had done it before in the 1982 parliamentary election and it almost captured it in the last parliamentary election, if it were not because of the postal votes.

    "There is no reason why DAP cannot win this by-election. Nothing is impossible," said the DAP adviser.

    For the DAP, it has plenty of campaign issues to exploit: education, Chinese schools, floods, land issue, the alleged discriminative policies of the State government against the Chinese, and weak SUPP leadership.

    The fact that none of SUPP's elected representatives either MPs or assemblymen, dares to raise issues that concern the Chinese community is an issue.

    It is seen that the Chinese community needs the Opposition to do the "barking" like complaining about the failure of SUPP to protect the interest and welfare of the ordinary men on the street, the hawkers and the small time traders and contractors.

    Many of these small time hawkers, traders and businessmen have closed shops or have been declared bankrupt or moved away to other towns due to lack of development, employment and business opportunities in Sibu.

    More over, DAP has been highlighting Taib's policies that have made the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer, as the State resources – forests, timber and lands – have been squandered and plundered to benefit close family members and cronies.

    SUPP being part of the government is being blamed for such a policy.

    Other than the above issues, DAP together with its Pakatan partners must make some efforts to go to some 100 Iban longhouses in the constituency, where the Ibans not only have been neglected in terms of major development, but have also their native customary rights lands taken away from them.

    Their lands at the Sibentek and Bukit Tanggie areas, once planted with rubber under the rubber planting schemes in 1970s are now under the names of big towkays. Their protests have been ignored.

    While both sides have plenty of issues to talk about and explain to the voters, at the end of the day, the voters will make a decision.

    Sekarang Zaman IT!!

    Posted: 03 May 2010 07:47 AM PDT

    From Raban Nembiak Baru

    "Inilah pihak yang boleh saya labelkan sebagai 'Hantu Net'. Tindakan menghentam kerajaan menerusi internet tidak akan mendatangkan simpati rakyat kepada golongan terbabit sebaliknya akan dianggap mendatangkan idea tidak bernas oleh orang lain selepas ini, "Jangan menghina atau menabur fitnah tanpa usul periksa di internet. Tindakan sebegini tidak akan mendatangkan hasil dan keuntungan kepada diri golongan itu sendiri," menurut Tan Sri Alfred JABU..

    Suba "Tan Sri" ulih ngelalaika semua pengawa ti bisi enda ngena dipeda mata rakyat. Semina radio RTM aja dikenyadika bala apai-indai/aki-ini kena nemu berita ari luar. Suba "misinformed society." Surat kabar pan enti bisi datai ba rumah panjai nyau nyadi surat kabar lama maya nya. Internet apin gak bisi.Diatu nadai ulih dipelalaika "Tan Sri" agi enti bisi pengawa bala kita ti enda tentu engkeman ba mata rakyat. Diatu berita ti nyadi ba mayuh bengkah menua ukai semina ditemu ari radio RTM aja, tang mayuh alternative media bukai. Diatu Zaman Baru, Politik Baru.

    Kelia "Tan Sri" ulih "covered policies flaws" ngagai mensia mayuh ba menua pesisir laban iya ngira diri empu bisi pemandai sekula maya nya lalu orang bukai mayuh enda nemu macha (illeterate). Diatu udah majak mayuh nembiak rebak baru sama ulih sekula ngagai tikas ti lebih tinggi. Mata kami nembiak mayuh nyau menchelak. Nya alai kami enda nerima semua jaku "Tan Sri" ba "face value" aja. Kami nyau nemu ngaga banding(analysis) kediri empu ni bagi ti betul enggau ti salah..

    p/s: There is a very famous saying; "if you cannot change the people, change yourself".

    Read more


    Posted: 03 May 2010 07:29 AM PDT

    Go on strike, PDRM!

    Posted: 03 May 2010 07:03 AM PDT

    This is my suggestion to IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

    Order your men to go on strike for a month, stop patrolling, stop traffic control, no neighbourhood surveilance and stop taking down reports. On top of that, close all police stations, IPPDs, IPKs and Bukit Aman for the same duration.

    As an alternative, appoint Lim Kit Siang as the IGP for a month and Yong Teck Lee as his deputy. They may choose other high ranking officials from among their friends and 'chulai' to take over the duty for a month. Let us see if this blubber mouth people can really understand what police works are all about.

    Yes, nobody seems to appreciate what the police has done in maintaining public order. I agree with Musa that the public only knows how to lambast at them and never show a simple appreciation over their good job. The police, in the public eyes, is wrong in many directions.

    I just want to click on a short logic in the Aminulrasyid Amzah case. A 15-year old is definitely without a driving license. Eluding the police is also an offense. The family who let him drove the car should be blamed and penalised.

    In many countries, anyone who flees from the police patrol at 2am will subject himself to suspicion. He might carry guns or drug in the car. He might have just robbed a bank or he might have kidnapped someone for ransom.

    So, when the police shoots someone on such suspicion, the whole force is blamed. When a policeman got killed or injured on duty, nobody show sympathy. Are we being fair? And its normal when those who lash out at the police are the ones getting the most protection from the police!

    Use your brain laaaaaa!!!!

    Groups press for stronger protection of migrant workers in Asean

    Posted: 03 May 2010 05:16 AM PDT

    The proposed Asean framework to protect migrant workers' rights is facing a tough road ahead as some Asean states like Malaysia and Singapore have expressed resistance to it from the onset, reports Jerrie M Abella of GMANews.TV

    P212″Debate off..??”

    Posted: 03 May 2010 06:45 AM PDT

    The sms which audie61 received was ,There will not be fireworks between DAP and SUPP in the debate.Its Off and How Sad.Someone"chix out "and used a very lame excuse. No need to say anymore and it would be a level playing field for the parties speakers to impress.

    The full article appeared in an internet portal.

    The DAP recently banged on SUPP's door, challenging the Sarawak-based party head-on for a one-on-one debate over Sibu's future in the run-up to the constituency's forthcoming by-election.

    The latter, however, pulled out of the challenge on grounds that they are busy preparing for their campaign.

    DAP Sarawak chief Wong Ho Leng today then accused their opponents of chickening out of the debate which was scheduled for 7.30pm this Thursday at the Sibu Friendship Association Hall.

    azlan"Did SUPP chicken out because they don't have the courage to debate?" he charged at a press conference in Sibu this afternoon.

    "I want to appeal to all Sibu residents to tell SUPP not to chicken out, and take on DAP in this great debate on who can actually benefit the rakyat," said the opposition party's candidate for the by-election.

    The Sibu Election Watch (SEW) NGO had organised the face-off between the contesting parties with the topic: 'Who can lead to a better future?'

    SEW coordinator Wong Meng Chuo said they actually secured SUPP's consent on April 30 before they approached DAP for their participation, but are now in a bind as to how to proceed with their plans.

    Each party was asked to send two speakers for the debate, with leeway given to SUPP to choose any party member they wished as representatives.

    'Too busy to debate'

    SUPP had originally confirmed their central working committee member Daniel Ngien Kiong Ann, while DAP put up Wong and Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen.

    The Barisan Nasional component party's late decision to back out has left SEW in a dilemma. "We haven't decided whether to proceed with a question and answer session with the DAP or cancel the event. We will announce our decision tomorrow," said the SEW coordinator.

    azlanWhen contacted, Ngien acknowledged that he was supposed to attend the debate, but said they are tied down with their campaign preparations.

    "We are very busy with our campaign. We hope the debate could be held after the by-election," he said, echoing a similar response by the prime minister when challenged to a debate during the recent Hulu Selangor by-election.

    The DAP candidate, meanwhile won't be placated. "The DAP will go to the venue to wait for SUPP to come," said Wong.

    The May 16 Sibu by-election is expected to be a one-on-one battle between SUPP, representing the Barisan Nasional, and DAP under the Pakatan Rakyat flag.

    The BN has named 45-year-old lawyer Robert Lau Hui Yew (right in above pix) as its candidate, while Wong Ho Leng (left) will contest for the DAP. The seat was vacated after SUPP's Robert Lau Hoi Chew died after a long battle with cancer at the age of 66

    Police - once eagles, now turkeys

    Posted: 03 May 2010 05:39 AM PDT

    There was a time when the Royal Malayan/Malaysian Police was trusted, respected and relied upon by Malayans/Malaysians.

    They walked around armed only with truncheons. Malayans of my uncles' vintage laughed at the police of neighbouring countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand because those law enforcers wore pistols - they were sneered at as 'cowboys', not like our officers. In Malaya then, only those who were directly operating against the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) had cause to carry armed weapons.

    Even the Special Branch was regarded with pride as the unit that would always obtain the required intelligence, whether in domestic or overseas operations.

    Two SB police inspectors in the late 70's infiltrated the MCP, living with the insurgents for years. With the intelligence they provided and the internal dissent and split up they were reputed to have fomented in the MCP, it could be said they were responsible for the eventual breakup of the MCP and its debilitation. Such was the standard of police officers. The two were Paul Kiong and Sia Boon Chee, who were both awarded Malaysia's highest award for valour, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa, by the Agong.

    Today the Police is not even a pale imitation of its former glorious self. It is sub-zero in the eyes of the average Malaysians.

    Armed to the teeth, they terrorise candlelight vigils instead of communists, while crime rates soared through the ceiling. Their SB focused on innocent Malaysians or Pakatan politicians and supporters while Israeli spies and illegal migrants slipped through our borders to live among us, committing political espionage, political voting and non-political crimes.

    They are quick to arrest opposition politicians and human rights activists like Irene Fernandez, just because she published a report on the living conditions of the migrant workers entitled "Abuse, Torture and Dehumanised Conditions of Migrant Workers in Detention Centres" while criminals and Mat Rempits roam the streets.

    They have become more fond of photographing naked women in police lockups than the Israeli spies and criminals in our midst, both nasties alleged to have very intimate association with top police officers.

    And what have the police done to solve the murders of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin and Preeshena Varshiny?

    Now they have shot dead a 14 year old kid, Aminulrasyid Amzah for speeding away in his sister's car.

    And just what did the IGP threaten to do when shocked Malaysians call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into such an abhorrent consequence of police shooting?

    Precisely what his predecessory had threatened when AAB wanted to establish the IPCMC, and who was allowed to get away with his insubordination and public mutiny of threats to AAB's government, and bizarrely was even given a hero's farewell when he retired, with a Tan Sri title. A f* amazing example of what a defiant and mutinous IGP could achieve against the effeminate ineffectiveness of our police ministers.

    Please tell me, how have such a once glorious force, trusted and respected by Malayans/Malaysians become a distrusted, despised and dreaded body, reviled by the average citizen? Indeed, how are the once mighty fallen!

    Wolfowitz's furor as Anwar face his last days

    Posted: 03 May 2010 05:26 AM PDT

    This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

    Witness: Aminulrasyid didn't ram car into police

    Posted: 03 May 2010 03:54 AM PDT

    The passenger who was with 14-year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah when he was shot dead by police last week, has cast doubts over a police allegation that the latter had had tried to ram the car into police personnel. "When he was shot, his body fell on my lap, but his foot was still on the accelerator. So the car continued moving and the police kept on firing shots," he told a press conference at Aminulrasyid's family home in Shah Alam this afternoon. Recounting the incident, Azamuddin Omar, 15, said the Proton Iswara eventually crashed into a wall, after which the police continued shooting. This was his first public statement on the incident.
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    RealClearWorld, a Forbes Media-owned web portal carries story on Anwar Ibrahim's anti-semiticism!

    Posted: 03 May 2010 03:50 AM PDT

    Another web publications owned by Forbes Media!

    An American web publications, The New Ledger, published a story on Anwar Ibrahim's anti-Semiticism stance and that story was carried by another influential web portal, RealClearWorld, owned by Forbes here! The story is listed under Real Clear World Saturday.
    The fact that a powerful US media company find it fit to re-publish The New Ledger's story read here again ....shows Anwar Ibrahin can only fool some Jews at the time but not all the Jews at all the time (pun intended).
    Al Gore you moron you better re-think your so "liberal support" for Anwar unless you want to incur the wrath of the powerful Jewish groups for supporting an anti-Semite idiot of a politician from Malaysia!
    Of course Anwar's supporters can say these news portals were paid to write the story but the fact of the matter is and in a true spirit of the freedom of press and expression in America, good journalist writes because he or she sees the lies and hypocrisy expressed by politician like Anwar Ibrahim.

    Kickdefella Dedah Nama Mereka Yang Mahu Pertahan Kerajaan Kelantan?

    Posted: 03 May 2010 02:32 AM PDT

    Nota Editor: Setakat yang saya baca kenyataan Kick ni, beliau cuma dedah nama orang-orang yang serahkan wang pada beliau.

    Apa yang saya nampak Kickdefella mendedahkan nama-nama mereka yang berusaha untuk mempertahankan kerajaan Kelantan dengan menjalankan kerja Gerak Saraf.

    Juga, mengikut Husam Musa, ada kemungkinan wang-wang tersebut datang dari sumber dalaman UMNO sendiri.

    Saya juga tidak sabar menunggu hasil keputusan siasatan SPRM. Ini kerana tiada salahnya pemberian wang kepada sebuah syarikat untuk menjalankan kerja Gerak Saraf. Setau saya kerja Gerak Saraf adalah bertujuan untuk menerangkan kebaikan dan kelebihan Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan.

    Apapun, kita patut puji mereka yang didedahkan oleh Kickdefella kerana beliau berjaya menjalankan kerja yang baik di dalam mempertahankan kerajaan PAS Kelantan dari ditawan UMNO pada 2008.

    Bagi saya, apa salahnya wang RM4 juta kalau tujuan untuk menaikkan dan mempertahankan kerajaan Kelantan lebih-lebih lagi kalau wang tersebut datang dari sumber derma dari pelbagai pihak.

    Kickdefella sekarang harus membuktikan wang tersebut datang dari sumber yang salah atau korup. Adapun pendedahan Kickdefella ini TIDAK MEMBUKTIKAN apa-apa amalan korupsi atau salah guna kuasa telah berlaku.


    Syed Azidi dedah penyumbang RM4j

    KOTA BHARU 2 Mei – Penulis blog, Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz hari ini mendedahkan nama pemberi peruntukan RM4 juta untuk menjalankan operasi gerak saraf bagi mewujudkan persepsi buruk terhadap kepimpinan bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Beliau yang berbuat demikian bagi menyahut cabaran Dewan Pemuda Pas Kelantan supaya mendedahkan mereka yang terlibat memberitahu, terdapat lima individu utama yang memberikan peruntukan berkenaan.

    Dakwanya, mereka ialah Exco kerajaan negeri, ahli majlis kerajaan tempatan, pengarang sebuah akhbar propembangkang, bekas Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Kelantan dan pemimpin Dewan Pemuda Pas Kelantan.

    Kesemua senarai terbabit, jelasnya, telah diserahkan kepada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) ketika beliau memberikan kenyataan kepada suruhanjaya tersebut kelmarin.

    Syed Azidi dalam kenyataannya di sini hari ini mendakwa, peruntukan itu diberikan untuk menggerakkan operasi gerak saraf yang dijalankan melalui sebuah syarikat perunding media, Global Media Channel Sdn. Bhd. (GMC) yang beribu pejabat di Jalan Kota Darul Naim di sini bermula pada Julai 2007.

    "Penyumbang terbesar ialah ahli majlis terbabit iaitu RM2.6 juta bermula pada Julai 2007 sehingga November 2008.

    French legal team to probe submarine deal in Malaysia

    Posted: 03 May 2010 02:32 AM PDT

    Joseph Breham, a member of a French legal team that filed complaints in a Paris court in connection with a potentially explosive scandal over the billion-dollar purchase of French submarines by Malaysia is due to land in Kuala Lumpur today, April 28, to seek further information on the case and to speak with local officials and their

    clients, the Malaysia human rights organization Suaram.

    As Asia Sentinel has reported at length, the deal was engineered by then-Defense Minister Najib Tun Razak, now Malaysia 's Prime Minister, in 2002 and resulted in a massive $114 million (US$151.1 million at current exchange rates) commission for one of Najib's closest associates, Abdul Razak Baginda. The purchase price included two Scorpene-class diesel submarines built by Armaris, a subsidiary of the French defense giant DCN (formerly Direction des Constructions Navales) and the lease of a third retired submarine manufactured by a joint venture between DCN and Spanish company Agosta.

    Breham, one of the three lawyers who filed the case with Parisian prosecutors on behalf of Suaram, told Asia Sentinel the French court has opened a preliminary investigation into the matter and that he would be advising his clients on the next steps. Breham said he will also hold a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today to give some details to local reporters. Breham, Renaud Semerdjian and William Bourdon, the lead lawyer, filed the request to investigate bribery and kickback allegations against DCN first in December and filed additional documents in February.

    The case has been making headlines in Malaysia - although few in the mainstream media, which are owned by the country's leading political parties -- since the gruesome October 2006 murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, a Mongolian translator and spurned lover of Razak Baginda who had accompanied him to France on some of the transactions over the submarines. Altantuya was shot in the head and her body was blown up with military explosives in a patch of jungle outside of Kuala Lumpur . Two of Najib's bodyguards, who were directed to intercede with her by Musa Safri, Najib's chief of staff, have been convicted of the killing. Neither Najib nor Musa has ever been questioned by law enforcement officials about the case.

    Although records showed Najib was in France at the same time as Altantuya and Razak Baginda, he has repeatedly sworn to Allah that he had never known the beauteous Mongolian. One report filed by a private detective hired by Razak Baginda said she had been Najib's lover first. After she was killed, authorities discovered a letter she had written saying she was blackmailing Razak Altantuya for US$500,000, although she did not say why.

    In addition to the cost of the submarines and the whopping "commission" fee, it has now emerged that under the terms of the original contract, the vessels were basically bare of armaments and detection devices. The Malaysian military must pay an additional $130 million to equip them.

    "You mean we bought bare metal?" wrote one incredulous and anonymous military official in an email to Asia Sentinel.

    The charges go well beyond the Malaysian purchase. Judges in the Paris Prosecution Office have been probing a wide range of corruption charges involving similar submarine sales and the possibility of bribery and kickbacks to top officials in France , Pakistan and other countries. The Malaysian piece of the puzzle was added in two filings,
    on Dec. 4, 2009 and Feb. 23 this year.

    French politicians seem to have a knack for backhanders. On October 26, in a trial that centered on illegal arms sales to Angola, Jean-Christophe Mitterrand, the son of the late president Francois Mitterand, was given a two-year suspended sentence and ordered to pay a $375,000 fine for receiving embezzled funds. The court ruled that he had accepted millions of euros in "consultant fees" on the arms deals between 1993 and 1998. In the dock with him were 42 people accused of selling weapons to Angola in defiance of a UN arms embargo, or of taking payments from the arms dealers and using their influence to facilitate the sales.

    The trial, it was said, shined a light into a murky world of secret payments made in cash and discreet deals linking Parisian high society with one of Africa 's longest-running wars. But it hasn't shined a light on what happened elsewhere with contracts concluded by the representatives of France , and particularly by DCN.

    For instance, 11 French engineers employed by DCN, which peddled subs to Pakistan , were blown up in a bus bombing in 2002 which was first thought to have been perpetrated by Islamic militants. The 11 were in Karachi to work on three Agosta 90 B submarines that the Pakistani military had bought in 1994, with payment to be spread over a decade. According to Reuters, commissions were promised to middlemen including Pakistani and Saudi Arabian nationals. Agosta is a subsidiary of DCN. It is believed that Pakistani military officials blew up the bus in retaliation for the cancellation of the payments.

    The Malaysian allegations revolve around the $114 million payment to a Malaysia-based company called Perimekar for support services surrounding the sale of the submarines. Perimekar was wholly owned by another company, KS Ombak Laut Sdn Bhd, which in turn was controlled by Najib's best friend, Razak Baginda, whose wife Mazalinda, a lawyer and former magistrate, was the principal shareholder, according to the French lawyers.

    In the complaints filed in Paris , the issue revolves around what, if anything, Razak Baginda's Perimekar company did to deserve $114 million. Zainal Abidin, the deputy defense minister at the time of the sale, told parliament that Perimekar had received the amount - 11 percent of the sale price of the submarines - for "coordination and support services." The Paris filing alleges that there were neither support nor services.

    Perimekar was registered in 2001, a few months before the signing of the contracts for the sale, the Paris complaint states. The company, it said flatly, "did not have the financial resources to complete the contract." A review of the accounts in 2001 and 2002, the complaint said, "makes it an obvious fact that this corporation had absolutely no capacity, or legal means or financial ability and/or expertise to support such a contract."

    "None of the directors and shareholders of Perimekar have the slightest experience in the construction, maintenance or submarine logistics," the complaint adds. "Under the terms of the contract, $114 million were related to the different stages of construction of the submarines." The apparent consideration, supposedly on the part of Perimekar, "would be per diem and Malaysian crews and accommodation costs during their training. There is therefore no link between billing steps and stages of completion of the consideration."

    Kickdefella Dedah Nama Mereka Yang Mahu Pertahan Kerajaan Kelantan?

    Posted: 03 May 2010 02:31 AM PDT

    Nota Editor: Setakat yang saya baca kenyataan Kick ni, beliau cuma dedah nama orang-orang yang serahkan wang pada beliau.

    Apa yang saya nampak Kickdefella mendedahkan nama-nama mereka yang berusaha untuk mempertahankan kerajaan Kelantan dengan menjalankan kerja Gerak Saraf.

    Juga, mengikut Husam Musa, ada kemungkinan wang-wang tersebut datang dari sumber dalaman UMNO sendiri.

    Saya juga tidak sabar menunggu hasil keputusan siasatan SPRM. Ini kerana tiada salahnya pemberian wang kepada sebuah syarikat untuk menjalankan kerja Gerak Saraf. Setau saya kerja Gerak Saraf adalah bertujuan untuk menerangkan kebaikan dan kelebihan Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan.

    Apapun, kita patut puji mereka yang didedahkan oleh Kickdefella kerana beliau berjaya menjalankan kerja yang baik di dalam mempertahankan kerajaan PAS Kelantan dari ditawan UMNO pada 2008.

    Bagi saya, apa salahnya wang RM4 juta kalau tujuan untuk menaikkan dan mempertahankan kerajaan Kelantan lebih-lebih lagi kalau wang tersebut datang dari sumber derma dari pelbagai pihak.

    Kickdefella sekarang harus membuktikan wang tersebut datang dari sumber yang salah atau korup. Adapun pendedahan Kickdefella ini TIDAK MEMBUKTIKAN apa-apa amalan korupsi atau salah guna kuasa telah berlaku.


    Syed Azidi dedah penyumbang RM4j

    KOTA BHARU 2 Mei – Penulis blog, Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz hari ini mendedahkan nama pemberi peruntukan RM4 juta untuk menjalankan operasi gerak saraf bagi mewujudkan persepsi buruk terhadap kepimpinan bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Beliau yang berbuat demikian bagi menyahut cabaran Dewan Pemuda Pas Kelantan supaya mendedahkan mereka yang terlibat memberitahu, terdapat lima individu utama yang memberikan peruntukan berkenaan.

    Dakwanya, mereka ialah Exco kerajaan negeri, ahli majlis kerajaan tempatan, pengarang sebuah akhbar propembangkang, bekas Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Kelantan dan pemimpin Dewan Pemuda Pas Kelantan.

    Kesemua senarai terbabit, jelasnya, telah diserahkan kepada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) ketika beliau memberikan kenyataan kepada suruhanjaya tersebut kelmarin.

    Syed Azidi dalam kenyataannya di sini hari ini mendakwa, peruntukan itu diberikan untuk menggerakkan operasi gerak saraf yang dijalankan melalui sebuah syarikat perunding media, Global Media Channel Sdn. Bhd. (GMC) yang beribu pejabat di Jalan Kota Darul Naim di sini bermula pada Julai 2007.

    "Penyumbang terbesar ialah ahli majlis terbabit iaitu RM2.6 juta bermula pada Julai 2007 sehingga November 2008.

    Press freedom Day

    Posted: 03 May 2010 01:42 AM PDT

    Today is World Press Freedom Day.

    Press freedom is one of the most important requisites of a true democracy.

    Without a free press, government tends to be suppressive and democracy is often hijacked to suit individual interest.

    It is interesting to note that the more oil( petroleum) a country possesses, the worse is the record of press freedom.

    Prehaps it is the curse of Oil as I have written before?

    Petronas CEO to go ahead with Sheryll Stothard???

    Posted: 03 May 2010 01:22 AM PDT

    NOTE: Tian Chua's story has been taken off temporarily, it will reappear after this posting - it is urgent that we get this meesage across

    Apparently the protest against Sheryll is not loud enough and it seems that the advice of the PM for the CEO to sort it out has fallen on deaf ears..

    From what we hear, her appointment will take place tomorrow!!!

    I think the fallout , political and otherwise, from this appointment will overshadow anything that Shamsul will do after this...

    One poorly chosen word in one Press release is enough to kill two careers..

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