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Najib: You help me, I help you

Najib: You help me, I help you

Najib: You help me, I help you

Posted: 15 May 2010 11:45 AM PDT

Najib declares SUPP candidate Robert Lau Jr as the BN's "fighting cock". "He is our young fighting cock. He can work anywhere in the world, but he told me that Sibu has been good to his family. "He said they owe a debt to Sibu, and that is why he is offering himself as candidate for Sibu. "I stand by Robert Lau Jr and no one else. When he stands, he speaks for Sibu and he has my ear as prime minister," he said. Najib promises to sign a cheque of RM5 million to resolve flood woes in Rejang Park if BN candidate Robert Lau wins. "Let's make a deal. If you deliver me Robert Lau Jr on Sunday, I will sign the cheque on Monday," he said to a spirited response from the 1000-odd crowd. Shot & Edited by Maran Perianen
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Najib takes a jab at Anwar and DAP

Posted: 15 May 2010 10:33 AM PDT

Najib declares SUPP candidate Robert Lau Jr as the BN's "fighting cock". "He is our young fighting cock. He can work anywhere in the world, but he told me that Sibu has been good to his family. "He said they owe a debt to Sibu, and that is why he is offering himself as candidate for Sibu. Najib takes this opportunity to hit Anwar by refering to his on-going trial. He asked the crowd how can he be responsible for what had happened. He also took a pot shot at DAP by asking what have they done to the promise they gave to the Kampung Buah Pala residents. Shot & Edited by Maran Perianen
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Posted: 15 May 2010 10:08 AM PDT

The note of DAP's campaigning in Sibu has been very alarmist,

Teresa Kok has been calling for a religious crusade, saying that a vote for BN is betrayal of the Christian Faith

While others have told the Sibu crowd that if they vote for a Malay Government, the Malays would Chase the Chinese out of Malaysia... a statement that is not only seditious but also a bare-faced lie

and now blogger the Unspinners say that the word DAP has been using in their posters has more to do with the Long March than a peaceful change of Government through democratic elections...

In fact one friend likened the DAp's event to the fanning of Government hatred in Tiananmen Square....I am not sure what he means but the imagery is quite disturbing...

During the final push, they even organised red shirts, like the ones that is triggering a civil war in Thailand to make up the crowd, wearing tee shirts that say Sibu4Change...

It gets more sinister, according to Unspinners the actual Chinese character used by DAP in their posters do not actually mean change, the more accurate translations are apparently 'revolution' or 'take-over'.

This is not surprising, given the 916 take-over promised by Anwar... maybe DAP is the real brain behind that undemocratic move...

This is probably one of the darkest days in Opposition politics as they try to stoke racial tension on the same week as May 13, 1969.... it is as if they want the country to split in half and with Malaysians of all races harbouring distrust of each other...

We will not know how the people of Sibu will react to this hard sell for a revolution, the red shirt imagery is not only inappropriate and insensitive but also deliberately provocative... similar to the actions of their supporters in the few days leading up to the racial tension on May 13

For theri own sake and for the sake of the nation, I pray that the red shirts were a simple bonehead stupid decision rather than a deliberate attempt to provoke anger and draw parallel to the senseless outbreak of violence in Thailand as a result of one man's unfulfilled dream of becoming Prime Minister

I certainly hope that Anwar is not trying to emulate Thaksin in urging the people to risk life and limb and the future of their children and children's children just so that he can become Prime Minister...

I hope the Opposition wills top their campaign of Deceit and Discord

I for one am happy that, whatever said and done Malaysia is a peaceful and safe place to live...

I hope that those in power within the Opposition will keep their soldiers in check and stop fanning the fire of hatred and to stop calling for a crusade or revolution....

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Sarawak: Poverty Midst of Plenty….

Posted: 15 May 2010 05:48 AM PDT

By Tunku Abdul Aziz

Although I have in my travels seen abject poverty in such diverse places as Addis Ababa, Dhaka, Dar es Salaam, Kolkata, Mumbai and Manila, I must confess to a feeling of utter revulsion and anger when confronted by stark deprivation in our supposedly well-governed and prosperous Malaysia.

The pockets of rural poverty in the Malay heartlands of Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu are islands of prosperity compared to the scene that churned my stomach and assailed my sense of guilt and outrage when I first ventured into the Iban long houses on the majestic Rejang.

It is not enough that we have robbed them of their ancestral lands and impoverished them in the process, but we also felt constrained to strip them naked of any residual personal dignity that they might still have by introducing policies that have succeeded in reducing them to the fringes of mainstream economic life. The Orang Asli tribes and the Orang Hulu, the Malays from the interior, have a great deal in common with their Dayak friends. For all we care, they are Malaysia's forgotten people, but not quite. Whenever an election is underway, be it a by-election or a general election, they find themselves the centre of attention, in great demand by the rich and powerful, all claiming to love and care for them.

Before the day is out, they are the proud possessors of a handful of crisp 50 ringgit notes. Four or five hundred ringgit is a princely sum to them, a king's ransom, no less, in exchange for their votes. If some of them have become cunning, manipulative supplicants and sacrificed their values for a fistful of ringgit, remember it is we who have corrupted them.

Years of exposure to extreme poverty and unbridled exploitation have rendered many of these once proud and noble people, nature's gentlemen, inured and insensitive to their own traditional values and value systems. They are reduced to living from hand to mouth, on handouts, from day to day. What a tragedy to befall a people whose only sin is to trust those sworn to protect their native rights. They are bewildered to find themselves dispossessed, as their land is taken away without as much as "by your leave" for commercial exploitation by the towkay friends of the powerful.

Talking to many of them, the Ibans, I mean, I believe the only way we can restore their pride and dignity is by providing opportunities for regular employment. We are dealing with an ancient people with a distinctive culture. Even those among them whose lives have taken on an urban aspect continue to cling strenuously to their traditional practices. We who are strong have a duty to help the weak by not foisting on the Ibans and others our culture of corruption and other despicable practices.

Some years ago, an Indonesian anti-corruption activist friend of mine visited our country during the 11th general elections, as part of a privately funded election observer mission. His group spent a great deal of time in Sarawak and Sabah and told me that he was shocked by the scale of vote buying. I was greatly embarrassed by his revelation because at an anti-corruption conference in The Hague at which I was invited to speak and he was a participant some two months earlier, I had said that while vote buying was rampant in party elections, the practice was unknown in general and state elections. I was unbelievably naïve to believe the Barisan Nasional government propaganda. The scale of vote-buying must have been so massive as to shock my Indonesian anti-corruption fighter, used as he was to living and working in a corruption-infested nation. It is not that easy to shock an Indonesian over a corruption issue. But unlike Malaysia, Indonesia is on the mend as far as fighting corruption is concerned. In Malaysia, on the contrary, it is in indecently robust health.

Malaysia is blessed with rich natural resources and poverty as we have seen in Sabah, Sarawak, Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu can only be explained in terms of governance grounded on corruption and political excesses. When we look at the personal wealth accumulated by Chief Minister Taib of Sarawak at one extremity and the Ibans at the other, one begins to wonder what the future holds for Malaysia. I am not at all sanguine.

The thieving and plundering by those in power must stop because, as history tells us, it is only a matter of time before the forbearance of the long suffering poor takes on an ugly aspect, with consequences too dreadful to contemplate. The Government of Malaysia and the state governments of Sabah and Sarawak in particular can alleviate poverty by governing in the sole interest of the people. Najib's people first is under close public scrutiny.

Judi Bola Untuk Tabung Pilihanraya UMNO/Najib Tun Razak

Posted: 15 May 2010 06:25 AM PDT

Kalau nak beli Timbalan Speaker Yee pun kena pakai duit Vincent Tan, apatah lagi untuk berhadapan dengan pilihanraya umum kelak. Bayangkan, judi bola sahaja boleh memberi UMNO ribuan juta ringgit bagi mengisi Tabung Pilihanraya mereka. Tak heranlah Najib Tun Razak terpaksa meluluskan lesen judi bola ini. Kalau tidak macamana UMNO hendak cari duit untuk menampung kos pilihanraya umum kelak.

Pt 3 | Genting Valley: Not even a drain, but 80% complete!

Posted: 15 May 2010 05:43 AM PDT

Feature "This Phase is supposed to be 80% complete. But there isn't even a drain!" Between 2000 and 2003 hundreds of purchasers bought plots of land to build their dream houses. For many the Genting Valley resort would be their ideal retirement home. These 500 over purchasers have sunk in more than RM50 million for their plots. But 10 years later, all that remains are some demarcated plots overgrown with lalang, vandalized street lights, opened manholes typical scenes of an abandoned project. The developer, has gone into liquidation and the purchasers are left high and dry. Video by Indrani Kopal, Shufiyan Shukur & Maran Perianen
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PKR Dayak Taskforce getting READY for the election Day..Change We MUST!

Posted: 15 May 2010 05:06 AM PDT

PKR Dayak Task Force having dinner/discussion with Anwar Ibrahim in Sibu..

Posted: 15 May 2010 04:59 AM PDT

Sibu by-election - right down to the wire

Posted: 15 May 2010 04:28 AM PDT


Final Day - Najib to visit for third time tells us that tomorrow's voting results may be right down to the wire.

Bridget Welsh, who is associate professor of political science at Singapore Management University, tip-toed daintily through the Sibu tulips without predicting any winner (unlike for Hulu Selangor where she correctly picked the BN) – see her article in Malaysiakini
A town at the crossroads.

Bridget tends to be more cautious than my matey Ong Kian Ming.

Ong predicts
DAP to win Sibu contest by 500 votes, the small majority reinforcing my remarks that tomorrow's election outcome will be very very close, and explaining why Najib Tun Razak is worried enough to dash there for the 3rd time right on the eve of the big day for the 3 candidates. You may be assured it's not just for Sibu's famed udang galah.

If Ong is correct and DAP wins it will restore a federal seat back to Pakatan to compensate for the recent loss of Hulu Selangor.

The federal leaders of DAP have been wise to let the Sarawakians take charge of the campaign – no one pisses off a local more than a thinks-he/she-knows-all Peninsulaan – see my April's post
Some advice on pantang's about SNAP.

In the meantime kaytee has difficulty in deciding who to vote for among the four sweeties:

However, I share my uncle's favourite Miss Malaysia as Maggie Loo (picture below taken many years after her crowning glory in 1973. I have always been attracted to more mature women ;-) - see my explanation in Lustful fantasies - yum!

Malay Mail on Recolor May 13th :)

Posted: 15 May 2010 04:04 AM PDT

Malay Mail
Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Anas feels that people could take wisdom from May 13.

TODAY is May 13 - a date that has lived in infamy for most Malaysians, especially those who've lived long enough to hear about or experience the race riots that happened in Kuala Lumpur back in 1969.

Now and then, we hear politicians or people with political interests - from all sides of the divide - harping on the issue, using May 13 as some sort of 'bogeyman' or 'victim's tale' to further their agenda.

Well, one man has stepped forth with a unique agenda and plans for May 13. Anas Zubedy, corporate trainer, wants to inspire Malaysians to accept and even embrace May 13 as part of our history.

"May 13 pops up now and then and it is always used for negative purposes - 'do this, and May 13 will happen'," said 46-year-old Anas, during a lunch break at one of his corporate training sessions on Tuesday. "However, I believe that May 13 is part of our history and we should not sweep it under the carpet."
Anas believes that Malaysians first need to recognise that there was a May 13, that the riots and the killings did happen.

"We must acknowledge that we - as a country - made a mistake on May 13. We couldn't learn to agree to disagree and respect each other's opinions, which we allowed to escalate to physical violence," said Anas. "Still, the nation did not fail. Only a marginal few got violent, and I believe that 99.9 per cent of Malaysians were more concerned with their own safety rather than trying to kill people."
In fact, Anas believes that Malaysia came away from May 13 better than before. For one, the number of violent rioters was small, compared to the entire Malaysian population. It wasn't a nationwide event, though it was an event of national interest.

"The way I see it, it was just some groups of people who got really physical. Most Malaysians don't hurt their neighbours of a different race. In fact, we protected each other from the craziness happening in some parts."

He also illustrates that there are many uplifting stories where Malaysians of different races protected each other from violent rioters. These stories, he believes, are proof that Malaysians in general care for their fellow countrymen.
"It is in this neighbourhood spirit where Malaysians have shown how May 13 also brought us together in ways we could not have imagined," he said.

Another pet peeve of his is when people point at each other as to who started the violence.

"Look, whoever started it were bad people, no denying that," said Anas. "Whoever reacted to that were stupid. You followed the actions of bad men, so you are stupid."

This is all well and good, but when it comes to the mechanics of actually instilling a new perspective on May 13, Anas believes that it will have to rely on constant effort on his part as well as a slow snowballing of movement on the grassroots level.

The Star on Live & Inspire Recolor May 13th Chat :)

Posted: 15 May 2010 03:52 AM PDT

Malaysians urged to vote for unity

The Star May 14th, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians should give their support to those politicians who want unity and not those who want to fight, said entrepreneur Anas Zubedy.

"At the end of the day, it is not about Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat.

"It is about who wants unity and who doesn't, being inclusive or exclusive, to monopolise or to share the country.

"Vote for those who want to unite, and not those who want to fight," said Anas, who is known for his newspaper advertisements carrying the message of social harmony.

Go for the good ones: Anas Zubedy (in white) at the interactive session with 50 over participants in a shopping mall yesterday.

He told some 50 people gathered at his interactive session on cultivating national unity at a shopping mall here that Malaysians should "Recolour May 13" from being a dark spot in history by learning from their past mistakes and celebrating shared values that united them despite their diversity.

"It is not wrong to be racial, but it is wrong to be racist," he said during the session, which was also attended by social activist Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

When asked by a member of the audience if he had plans to enter politics, Anas said he had not considered the idea.

"Politics is not the only way to achieve change. I still have shallow needs.

"I want my BMW, a house and a sports car. If I enter politics, I have to be like Ghandi or Prophet Muham¬mmad (with no material needs)," he said.

DAP family clash threatens to derail Sibu

Posted: 15 May 2010 03:24 AM PDT

DAP's family dominated hierarchy is causing deep seated conflicts

What most reporters and political observers know in Sibu is that local DAP leaders are an unhappy lot.

They are upset that the party's central committee are descending on Sibu like it is their own place and treating the local machinery like drivers and office boys. The dissent is obvious but there is nothing that they can do about it.

The turf war within DAP is typically vicious because the party is basically run by family clans, just like the Gee Hin and Hai San gangster clans in Taiping.

Kit Siang, daughter in law Betty 
and son Guan Eng visiting a pig farm

At the top of the nepotistic hierarchy is the Lim Family with Karpal Sing and his boys playing faithful sidekick and comic relief. Then there is the Nga-Ngeh cousins ruinning Perak.

In Sarawak there is fight between the Chong and Voon family units.


The Chong clan, through their scion Chong Cheng Jien, is plotting to take control of the whole Sarawak state DAP and they have shown just how ruthless they can be when they suspended the membership of Batu Lintang State Assemblyman Voon Lee Shan for six months after he exposed the shenanigans within Sarawak DAP recently.

The disagreement had long festered after the Chongs were seen trying to replace Voon as Batu Lintang State Representative with their man Wong Kok Wei.

Chong Cheng Jien's arrogance after winning his seat has made him unbearable for many Sarawak DAP diehards.

He has been accused of using his family's position within the party to manipulate DAP Kuching with the help of his Father Chong Siew Chian, who is the Sarawak DAP vice chairman and mother Sim Yew Sir, secretary of the Pending DAP branch.

With their clans man and woman in the key strategic posts within DAP Kuching, Chong decided to kick Voon out of the party hierarchy and this came to a head in the 2008 DAP National Convention.

The Voon faction succeeded in having Richard Wong replaced as one of the national Vice Presidents and this brought Wong to the Chong fold and an alliance was forged between the two. They are now staunch opposers of Voon.

The Voon vs Chong&Wong fight is expected to continue for the foreseeable future as Voon is still in control of Batu Lintang and Pending branches.

This rift within Sarawak DAP may cause serious problem in Sibu as it compounds the already tense relationship between Sibu DAP warlords and the party's national leaders who treat them like lackeys rather than equal partners

DAP intensify campaign for Iban votes

Posted: 15 May 2010 02:55 AM PDT

The DAP campaign made a trip to one of the long house in Bawang Assan to meet the Iban voters. The campaign was spearheaded by DAP ADUN's and parliamentarian. They were greeted by the assistant headman. Out of 80 household in the longhouse less than 10 household came out to listen to the leaders. Shot & Edited by Maran Perianen
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Exposed! How Umno Plans To Have Penang All For Itself.

Posted: 15 May 2010 03:02 AM PDT

By Admin

THE Chinese no longer form the majority race in Penang, having been overtaken slightly by the Malay community. Penang was the only Chinese-majority state in Malaysia and the only one with a Chinese leader as Chief Minister.

According to Penang Statistics Department director Wan Mohamad Noor Wan Mahmood there are 18,000 more Malays this year than Chinese in Penang. The population in the state is expected to reach 1.6 million this year, he added.'There are around 650,000 Chinese in Penang, making up about 43 per cent of the total population in 2005. This is expected to drop to 40.9 per cent this year. 'For the Malays, their numbers will increase to over 670,000, up from 41.3 per cent of the total population to 42 per cent,' he said.

Meanwhile, the Evil Zionist BN/Umno Regime of Najib Razak plans to expand the two generation loan payment scheme to help Penang Malays own houses. The long payment period will benefit the Malays. The two generation payment scheme was implemented by some banks on an ad hoc basis and found to be effective. Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nor Mohamed Yakcop said more affordable houses would be build to meet the needs of the Malays in Penang.

Though such a move by the Federal BN/Umno regime must be applauded but one must read between the lines of the Evil intent of this Diabolical Regime. As it is, many Malays working in Penang actually reside in neighboring Kedah and Perak because they can't afford to buy houses in Penang. The BN/Umno Regime has for long transferred Malay civil servants from other states to Penang with the hope that these Malay civil servants would stay put in Penang and thus increase the Malay population in Penang.

Penang has always been Umno's elusive Holy Grail. Umno though pulling the strings behind it's lap dog Gerakan, always wanted Penang all for itself as Umno sees Penang as a Cash Cow. With the increase of the Malay population in Penang, Umno can now press the case for the delineation of the Electoral Boundaries so that more Malay majority state constituencies are created, hence increasing it chances of ruling Penang without the help of it's coolies MCA, Gerakan and MIC.

What Umno needs now is to get back its 2/3 majority in Parliament thus enabling it to delineate the Penang Electoral Boundary to its advantage. Sources inform The Scribe that racist Ahmad Ismail is favored by Umno to be Penang's first Malay Chief Minister. However this will not happen overnight as a Sabah style Rotation Chief Ministership will be used to hoodwinked the Chinese in Penang as what happened to the Kadazandusuns and Chinese in Sabah where the post of Chief Minister ended up as the 'sole property' of Umno.

It is very important that the voters in Sibu do not deliver another Parliamentary Seat to BN as it will get BN/Umno closer to it's 2/3 majority and it's long awaited takeover of Penang.

Whiff of Change Rising from Sibu

Posted: 15 May 2010 01:46 AM PDT

Sat, 15 May 2010 12:55

By Pushparani Thilaganathan

SIBU: With a day to go, DAP candidate Wong Ho Leng, 51, is euphoric as he can "now see the dream".

The sweltering heat in Sibu is fuelling fumes of change across the constituency. After 24-long years, the DAP may very well be the closest ever to win on May 16.

"It's different this time… very different, I can feel the mood… I can see the dream," said a grinning Wong, raising his voice above the din at last night's gathering of over 3,000 listeners at Rejang Park.

This is Wong's fourth attempt at the Sibu parliamentary seat.

In his last outing, he lost to the late Sibu MP Robert Lau by 3,323 votes in a three-cornered fight.

This time — although still a three-way tussle with independent Narawi Haron in the arena – the primary battle to wrest the seat is between DAP and Lau's nephew (Lau) Hui Yew (better known as Robert Lau Jnr).

The number "four" denotes death in Chinese and pundits are waging bets on who will "politically die" this time, as the Barisan Nasional's Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) also has a "four" somewhere in its quotient.

The odds are building up for Wong and ironically, upping his chances at the ballot box, was PKR Wangsa Maju's Wee Choo Keong's exit from the party yesterday.

Said a PKR insider last night: "This (Wee's exit) will backfire at the ballot box. It is stupid timing… typical BN-style tactic. This is not Hulu Selangor or the Malays.

"You cannot intimidate the Chinese here. They are excited at meeting the steady stream of DAP leaders. They are seeing the effect of their collective might. It has put LGE (Lim Guang Eng) on an equal footing with other Malay ministers and Chief Minister Taib (Mahmud).

"It is a very powerful feeling… They are conscious of their collective strength now, especially after 2008. They like what they see… the knowledge and humiliaty in Guan Eng, (Lim) Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Anwar Ibrahim. It's all strong and credible.

"It's not about money anymore. It's now integrity, which BN is very short on," he said.

Before Wong took to the stage, Guan Eng had roused the crowd with his appeal for one more MP in Parliament now that Wee had quit.

"Vote for principled politics, not commercial politics…," he said in reference to the "frogs" in PKR who had jumped to Umno.

Iban irritation

Meanwhile, the constant barrage of visiting federal officials is irritating residents in longhouses in Bawang Assan and Penusu.

Forced to fete and feed them, the residents are beginning to grumble.

A PKR team, which visited them yesterday, said the tuai (chief), many of whom are retired teachers and civil servants, are unhappy.

"There's just too much feasting and protocol when the BN delegations come calling. They bring food and ask them to cook and fete the ministers.

"The Ibans are tired and fed up," he said, adding that the mood in the longhouses is also shifting.

"The DAP has never ever stepped foot in some of these longhouses. The Pakatan strategy has allowed each party to focus on one group.

"That is good. We have put our PKR people in every longhouse. The BN has also come in but we are playing low key.

"We are confident that we now have some of the tuai rumahs on our side. They are educated pensioners who can understand our concerns.

"We feel we have about 25% of their votes," said the official who was part of the team led by party leader Daniel Tajem.

Also on yesterday's team were leading native customary rights land lawyers Baru Bian and Paul Raja.

Photos by B Nantha Kumar.

Quit as MP: PKR Wangsa Maju to Wee

Posted: 15 May 2010 01:34 AM PDT

The PKR Wangsa Maju division is demanding that Wee Choo Keong, who resigned from the party yesterday, also vacate his seat as Wangsa Maju MP. Vowing full backing for the party and its leadership, they stressed that Wee has to seek a fresh mandate from the voters who had supported the party, and not the 'personality.'
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Forum goes on despite hick up

Posted: 15 May 2010 01:20 AM PDT

Eventhough DAP was forced to hold its 'Sibu For Change' ceramah on the sidewalk along Jalan Lanang but it did not deter the 200 odd crowd to gather around a pick up truck to listen to the leaders. Shot & Edited by Maran Perianen
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Mei 13 Hari Kesucian UMNO

Posted: 15 May 2010 01:57 AM PDT

Oleh Barisan Pendekar Melayu Haprak

Kalau di tanya adakah Melayu mempunyai hari kebudayaannya tersendiri? Maka jawapannya agak hempa, kesemua budaya melayu adalah budaya pinjaman , budaya import, budaya melayu digaulkan bagai kuah rojak yang begitu unik dan sedap dibahaskan.

Kalau kita memandang kepada kaum Tionghua, mereka mempunyai mooncake festival ( Zhongqiu jie) .hari hantu riau (Gui Jie). Hari tupat Cina (Duanwu jie), Melayu UMNO terasa melayu kekurangan idea untuk menandingi budaya `pendatang, maka mereka ingin menyambut May 13 sebagai hari Kesucian - Hari Melayu Bangkit.

Berbalik kepada budaya Melayu Bangkit, ini adalah budaya ciptaan UMNO, dimana mereka mengharapkan kaum Melayu tidur nyenyak, selama 52 tahun UMNO telah membawa melayu tidur, beristirehat hingga tanpa menyedar diri, membuai buai dengan mimpi indah, kini, tiba tiba UMNO ingin pulak membangkitkan Melayu, bangkit dari mimpi yang manis, maka melayu terkejut lalu bangkit, jangan terlupa melayu mudah naik latah kalau tidak terkawal dari bangkit. Ini lah UMNO inginkan melayu mimpi sekerat jalan, belakang biarkan mimpi mereka berkecai lapis lapisan.

Melayu tetap akan bangkit, ramai cerdikiawan, intelektual, telah bangkit dari awal lagi sebelum dibangkitkan oleh UMNO. Mereka menyedar selepas bangkit haruslah memadaskan badan dahulu, biarkan pengaliran darah mereka di tubuh badan tidak terjejas, so , Nampak lah melayu lebih segar.

Komponen masyarakat melayu yang tersedar bahawa, tersedar UMNO telah control kebebasan melayu, hak tidur nyenyak pun diperkosa oleh UMNO, ini telah menyentuh hati masyarakat melayu khasnya mereka sedar selagi tidur nyenyak, UMNO akan mencuri hartanah, kekayaan mereka. Biarlah jangan tidur nyenyak, Cuma tidur tersedar.

Telah ramai Melayu bangkit dari awal sebelum dibangkitkan oleh UMNO, mereka ingin bertengkus lumus memusnahkan dan menentang perompak Negara, pengkhianat Negara yang dipelopori oleh UMNO. Contohnya

Menentang pemimpin Melayu yang mengamalkan rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa dalam menjalankan pentadbiran negara.

Menentang pemimpin Melayu yang rakus terhadap kuasa.

Menentang pemimpin Melayu yang cintakan perkauman.

Menentang pemimpin Melayu yang zalim dan tidak menjaga kebajikan rakyat bawahan. Khasnya Hak asasi Manusia.

Menentang Melayu yang bermaharaja rela menindas rakyat.
Menjadi bangsa yang berakhlak mulia dan berilmu pengetahuan dalam pelbagai bidang.

Menentang Melayu yang menghasut kebebasan bersuara, khasnya blogger blogger UMNO upahan! Contoh geng geng Omar Goh ,Pukithan Shan, Parpakari , .. pordah

Menentang UMNO menyalahgunakan agama sebagai unsur membuta belitkan fakta keagamaan, mencuci otak Melayu mengamalkan Islam plastic, dan menentang AL Qaeda Wahabi dan Islam Taliban.

Melayu yang bangkit tersedar haruslah menyebarkan suara mimpi ngeri dari UMNO. Beritahu lah melayu lain, kalau tiada melayu tetap jadi hamba UMNO. Bangkit lah Melayu dari tidur nyenyak, UMNO boleh sediakan katil, sekiranya anda ingin berisrehat dikatilnya, tetapi tidak jamin, mungkin bontot anda akan diliwat tanpa gunakan KY apabila anda tidur nyenyak.

Mengapa Malaysia Gagal Misi Merangkul & Menjunjung Piala Thomas?

Posted: 15 May 2010 01:52 AM PDT

Oleh Muhd Nawi

Mengapa Malaysia kalah atau gagal dalam misi untuk memenangi piala rebutan berprestij THOMAS CUP?

1. Yang pertamanya ..... Laungan 'Malaysia Boleh' 'Malaysia Boleh' menampakkan yg kita seolah2 takbur ...... membangga diri .... cakap besar .... boasting. Justeru itu, slogan 'Malaysia Boleh' tidak lagi relevan sebab ianya juga boleh tidak membawa manfaat. Malah membawa mudarat pun boleh. Sebab slogan 'Malaysia Boleh ......' boleh membawa maksud kepada pelbagai macam kesan (effects/results). 'Boleh' disini ...... serba jenis 'boleh' boleh berlaku .... bukan sahaja boleh menang .... boleh berjaya ..... malah boleh kalah pun boleh ..... boleh terkandas pun boleh ...... boleh lingkup pun boleh ....... boleh bungkus pun boleh.
Pendek kata macam2 'boleh' boleh di kaitkan dgn slogan 'Malaysia Boleh' ciptaan yg tak membawa manfaat tu.
Macam2 boleh di tambah selepas slogan "Malaysia Boleh ...." ....... boleh itu .... boleh ini ..... baik positif maupun negatif effect.

2. Yg keduanya..... Penyokong2 Malaysia menampakkan seperti 'penyokong membawa rebah' sahaja jadinya dgn lagak melampau2 dgn membuat bising semasa setiap pukulan 'smash' dari pihak pemain Malaysia ... walaupun 'smash' tu tak menjadi dek dapat di tangkis oleh pihak lawan. Terlampau2 kuat membuat sorakan tempikan dgn bising lagi, bertambah riuh pikuk, hingar bingar satu stadium .... yg secara tak disedari boleh mengganggu konsentrasi pemain. Ini boleh menjejaskan tindak tanduk dalam aksi pemain. Cara begini walaupun berniat untuk memberi semangat kpd pemain tapi nya ia boleh disrupt konsentrasi mereka yg beraksi di gelanggang. Distract attention pemain.

Cuba perhatikan penyokong2 negara lain .... mereka tidaklah menunjukkan 'over-excited' melampau2 punya expression and actions terhadap menyokong pemain2 mereka .... walaupun pemain2 mereka menunjukkan prestasi yg begitu menakjubkan. Contoh penyokong2 Indonesia .... mereka tidak menunjukkan perangai terkinja2, terhegeh2, tergedik2 macam kera kena belacan saja (seperti yg ditunjukkan oleh penyokong2 kita dari Malaysia). Orang2 Indonesia pun banyak juga yang jenis macam hooligan .... tapi mereka tidak menunjukkan perangai mereka dalam situasi seperti ini. Nampak sangat tahap atau standard kita begitu rendah sekali dalam penampilan kita dimata umum (ini boleh dikira dimata dunia ... kerana ianya menerusi 'live telecast').

3. Lagi satu kita ni perasan lebih .... seolah2 kita saja yang handal. Pihak lawan.... kita pandang rendah tentang tahap pencapaian mereka .... walhal mereka punya tahap pencapaian dan prestasi mereka adalah lebih baik dan lebih jauh kehadapan dari kita. Nampak macam kita ni jenis 'syok sendiri' saja. Jenis 'masuk bakul angkat sendiri' lagaknya.

Perhatikanlah dari setiap reaksi di pihak media, dipihak pengacara di tv, dipihak wartawan, dipihak penyokong yg jenis terlalu taksub, dipihak penganjur, dipihak ahli2 politik (termasuk pak2 menteri) dan sebagainya. Tapi tidak begitu dipihak pemain2 sendiri. Ini kerana mereka yang akan beraksi di gelanggang. Mereka yang memikul beban. Merekalah yg bertungkus lumus, merekalah yg berhempas pulas. Penyokong2 hanya sekadar dok tengok saja tau. Yang dok tengok tu cuma untuk seronok bersorak-sorai saja. Tanggungjawab keatas bahu mereka harus di pikul dan dilaksanakan untuk mencapai kejayaan.

Bagi pihak yang hanya pandai bercakap ..... selalunya akan melaung2kan .... 'boleh' .... 'mesti boleh' ..... 'pasti boleh' ..... senang dan cukup mudah aje ler ....

Cuba beraksi sendiri di gelanggang .... mau terkincit ..... mau tercirit birit dibuatnya .... pada mereka2 yg sering dok memberi semangat berkobar2lah kononnya .... pikiaq ambik la.
Cakap memang senang ... bikin kalu? baru tau langit tu tinggi ke rendah?

4. Yang paling mengecewakan adalah kerana banyak sangat campurtangan politik dalam BAM. Semua pakat nak get involve. Jantan betina tua muda pakat nak menyibuk sama.
Malah campurtangan politik dalam semua bidang sukan dan juga olahraga dalam negara kita cukup paling ketara sekali. Sebab itulah kita tidak boleh mencapai kecemerlangan dalam banyak acara2 yang dipertandingkan. Campurtangan politik lah yang menyekat dan menghindar kita untuk mencapai kecemerlangan dalam bidang2 sukan dan olahraga.

5. Jinx pun boleh disabitkan juga dalam perkara seperti ini. Iaitu bila kita mempunyai peluang dan kelebihan beraksi bertanding di gelanggang sendiri ..... di laman sendiri .... ditempat sendiri (home ground) ditambah dengan sokongan dari puluhan-ribuan penyokong2 kita sendiri pulak, sudah sepatutnya membuka ruang yang lebih memihak kepada kita. To our advantage kata matsaleh. Tapi ini tidak berlaku .... tidak terjadi. It never happen.
Memang JINX lah tu. SIAL dalam lain perkataan.
Siapa gamaknya yang membawa SIAL kepada misi ini ya?
Nampak macam kita boleh sense akan PEMBAWA SIAL tu ....... siapa ya?

Pada pertandingan semi-final antara Malaysia dgn China pada Jumaat 14 Mei 2010 - Thomas Cup di Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil .... puak2 penyokong (Malaysian supporters) meregangkan kain rentang berbunyi .... "BRING BACK OUR CUP"

Apa ke jadahnya? Thomas Cup yg jadi piala pusingan (rebutan semua negara yg berkelayakan) dianggap puak2 Malaysian supporters sebagai "OUR CUP" ..... kira macam PIALA THOMAS tu hak mutlak kita yg punya ka? Apa punya bodoh.... apa punya tahap mentaliti yg begitu rendah rakyat Malaysia kita ni. Entah dia orang faham ka bahasa Inggeris yg digunakan tu? Memalukan saja. Di mata dunia woi ..... satu dunia boleh nampak.


P212 Sibu “Could it be False Alarm..??”

Posted: 15 May 2010 01:45 AM PDT

Frantic phone calls are being made to all BN supporters and sympathisers that this by election DAP/PR is gaining momentum. ,"We need a Final push and everyone is needed."Even the PM is making a third appearance into Sibu and he will be at Rajang Park tonight for a Final Push for Votes.  

Even the sms which audie61 received states,"Pls get all your frens and relatives to Vote for BN.We really need to boost up last round of efforts to win d support of d voters." TQVM for your kind support. What could have spark this reaction…? A political analysts said its this report from Malaysiakini which has really up the ante for BN…

DAP to win Sibu by 500 votes:-

Having not been in Malaysia for the past three years, I was surprised by some of the physical changes back home, including the rise of new commercial and residential developments in my home town, or should I say, home city, of Petaling Jaya.

Even the DAP headquarters in Section 20 in Paramount Gardens has gone though a significant face-lift. The few times I drove past this building this week, however, revealed a surprising lack of activity in the HQ of what is now the largest opposition party in the country and a party which holds more parliamentary and state seats than MCA, MIC and Gerakan combined.

It suddenly dawned on me that the whole administrative and leadership structure of DAP in Peninsular Malaysia had temporarily relocated to Sibu.

The DAP has been itching for an electoral fight since March 2008. Both PAS and PKR have had numerous opportunities to mobilise their electoral machinery for their respective candidates in the previous 10 post-March 2008 by-elections. Sibu finally presents an opportunity for DAP to do the same for its own candidate.

That this contest would be a close one was never in doubt. The BN won this seat in 2008 with only 53% of the popular vote and against a divided opposition. Even in the midst of the Pak Lah 'tsunami' in 2004, the SUPP won this seat with only 54% of the popular vote.

azlanMost of the analysis, reports and betting odds are in favour of the BN at the time of writing. However, the betting odds seemed to have narrowed significantly over the past week, down to approximately 1,000 votes in BN's favour. The odds will probably narrow further come polling day tomorrow.

I have been wrong in my analysis in predicting the eventual winner (Hulu Selangor) and the margin of victory (Kuala Terengganu) in previous by-elections.

A good friend of mine observed that my predictions tend to be a little over-exuberant, shall we say, usually in favour of the Pakatan Rakyat candidate. This is not based on any inherent bias (though I have my own personal political preferences) but rather on the methodological framework and analytical assumptions I use in predicting by-election outcomes.

With this in mind, I will once again stick my neck out and predict a narrow DAP victory by less than 500 votes.

What is my prediction based on?

Decline in Chinese support

Firstly, I expect a decline in the Chinese support for SUPP. This should not be a surprise to anyone. Without an expected decline in the Chinese support, there is no possibility of a DAP victory in this 67% Chinese-majority seat.

azlanThe crucial question here is the extent of the decline in Chinese support. In the 2008 general election, the estimated level of Chinese support for SUPP was 37%. A conservative estimate would put the decline at less than 5%. A more aggressive estimate would give the DAP as much as 70% of the Chinese vote.

My prediction is based on the assumption that DAP would get somewhere between 68% to 69% of the Chinese vote. In a close race such as this, where every vote counts, a 1% swing in the Chinese vote translates roughly into a difference of 500 votes in the overall majority.

There are a number of factors which can account for the expected fall in the Chinese support for BN. Unhappiness with the incumbent chief minister and the uncertainty of the impending leadership transition, infighting within SUPP, a number of campaign issues which can have local salience, such as the 'Allah' issue, are some of the more prominent factors.

The crucial point here is that there are a number of factors which can, and probably will, decrease the level of Chinese support for SUPP, and there are few campaign issues which can be used by the Sarawak-based party to counter attack DAP. Hence, the only direction the Chinese support for SUPP can take is down.

NONEBut unless the swing in the Chinese vote is significant – by 7% or more – DAP still needs to swing some of the Iban vote in its favour.

The level of Iban support for SUPP was approximately 80% in 2008. A 1% swing in the Iban vote will result in a change of 100 votes in the overall majority. If some of the salient local issues, including the 'Allah' issue – which is much more likely to affect the practice of Christianity among the BM-speaking Iban compared to the Chinese- and English-speaking Foochow – have traction, it would not be surprising to see a slight decrease in the Iban vote.

My prediction is based on a swing of 5% in the Iban vote against SUPP, and in my opinion, it's a rather conservative estimate.

I assume that there is no change in the level of Melanau/Malay support for SUPP, which will remain at a high level of approximately 85% – the 2008 level. It would be naive to think that PAS would be able to swing any Melanau/Malay support to the DAP candidate given that it has almost no grassroots presence in Sarawak.

Finally, I also assume that BN will have a dominant 2,500-vote majority in the postal votes, which was what it was in 2008. This majority may shift slightly because the latest electoral roll shows that there are slightly over 2,500 postal voters in the constituency.

DAP leaders seem hungrier

Apart from the uncertainty associated with predicting changes in voting patterns by ethnic group, there are also the challenges associated with predicting the impact of some of the 'immeasurables', notably vote-buying and postal-vote tampering.

My prediction has already factored in vote-buying in that I assume that the same level of vote-buying that had been practiced would continue to have the same effect. Of course, in a by-election, the stakes are much higher which means that more money and incentives can be thrown in at the eleventh hour to swing the necessary number of votes to win the by-election in question. This was one of the contributory factors in the BN victory in Hulu Selangor.

NONEHowever, given the already high levels of support for SUPP among the Iban and the Malay/Melanau areas, my belief is that the impact of additional resources spent on vote-buying will not have any additional effect on the voting behaviour of these groups of voters.

In other words, those who could not be 'bought off' before, for whatever reason, in the previous elections, would not be able to be 'bought off' this time around, even with greater monetary incentives.

In terms of postal-vote tampering, since polling agents from the respective parties are not allowed to observe the voting process, the usual practices associated with 'pressuring' postal voters, mostly in the army in the case of Sibu, may be ramped up. But again, given the already high percentage of SUPP support among postal voters (94% in 2008), I do not anticipate a significant increase in the majority gained by SUPP from the postal votes.

In addition, I do not take into account of the small but possibly significant factor of the independent candidate, Nawawi Haron, who may take a handful of crucial Malay/Melanau votes away from BN.

I end with where I began – back at the DAP headquarters.

NONEMy sense is that the DAP leaders are desperate to win this by-election. All internal feuds, which were not as serious as the ones faced by PKR in Hulu Selangor, have been put aside for this by-election.

It seems that the Peninsular-based DAP leaders have allowed Sarawak DAP to 'run the show' as it were and provide the necessary support in other ways. This was not an advantage enjoyed by DAP in 2008.

The DAP leaders seem hungrier and more motivated. They know that every vote counts and are willing to work as hard as possible to turn out every single pro-opposition voter. I think it is this motivation that will provide the final edge for DAP to emerge victorious with a paper-thin margin of less than 500 votes.


ONG KIAN MING holds a PhD in political science from Duke University.


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