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Ulu Yam sulah lali

Ulu Yam sulah lali

Ulu Yam sulah lali

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 03:36 PM PDT

"Latuk lu manyak kuat minum...semua paper alak cakap....sikalang lu tak boleh minum lagi arrr...Lain kali mali sini boleh minum sama saya (sambil menunjuk kearah botol Tiger Beer diatas meja)".

(kita olang cina baru tahu ni zaid,tak lak guna punya org,cakap besar saja)

(undi BARISAN lagi selamat)

(25hb April 22010)

Jit Poh Sew Sin Daily News.

Three Speeches of Battle..

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 03:34 PM PDT

"Before the General leads his army to battle
he must first prepare his
Victory Speech
and after that he has to write his
Speech of Defeat 
and finally prepare and give his
Initiation Speech
than leads out his army into battle."

-The unknown strategist-

Some food for thought and maybe we could come back later to expound and expand on this strategic proverbial expression. Sigh...

"Serve from the Heart,Win through the Head."

Throw him some slippers, too!

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 02:47 PM PDT

If you see this guy (left pic) anywhere in Malaysia, give him some slippers too!

This is Richard Tan, the owner, founder and CEO of Singapore-based Success Resources, the PR consultant firm responsible for arranging Tony Blair The Liar's visit to Malaysia on the weekend. Not for the company that he established in 1993 but for speaking on behalf of the government and citizens of Malaysia - that Blair is a world hero.

Of course we dont argue about his business links with Israel as his country, too plays host to the Jewish embassy. Whatever they want to do within their compound is not for us to meddle with.

But to bring in the war criminal who helped killed over a million of Iraqis, depicting him as a realist, a true leader and a reformist to the eyes of Malaysians, is totally against our will and beyond the norms of diplomatic order.

He needs the slippers too. Let him share it with Blair. After all, he started his business with something to do with slippers, too!

Three Speeches of Battle..

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 02:46 PM PDT

 "Before the General leads his army to battle, he must first prepare his

Victory Speech
and after that he has to write his
Speech of Defeat

and finally prepare and give his
Initiation Speech
than leads out his army into battle."

-The Unknown Strategist-

Some food for thought and maybe we could come back later to expound and expand on this strategic proverbial expression. Sigh...
 "Serve from the Heart,Win through the Head."

Scenes at parliamentary debate today

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 05:14 AM PDT

Scenes of parliamentary debate today on the motion to censure Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim over his '1Malaysia-One Israel' allegations. The opposition leader was calm and collected as he faced the House and thundered: "Punish me, evict me, imprison me, I shall not waver". Anwar first jab was directed at Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's for what he claimed was the sudden change of Malaysia' foreign policy which he said used to be 'firm, staunch and respectable'. He even went as far as praising his nemesis former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamed. "Despite our disagreements, I respect Tun Mahathir and his policies," said Anwar.
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Coalfield Estate: Once tenants now squatters

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 05:13 AM PDT

A group of workers from the Coalfield oil palm plantation in Sungai Buloh are decrying the management's tactics to 'force' them to vacate their houses. Spokesperson Lobat Rajoo said water and electricity supply have been cut to the quarters occupied by 25 families even though negotiations are pending over the eviction order. However, some of the workers, including Lobat's group, do not qualify for bank loans to buy the low-cost houses. Activists and Malaysia Consumer Advisory Association president Varatharajoo Murugan, who accompanied the workers to the NUPW office, had earlier alleged that the state government has not been helpful to the group. Selangor exco member Dr Xavier Jayakumar, who oversees estate workers' affairs, said the state has tried to intervene, even though the matter involves an industrial dispute. Reported by Indrani Kopal Camera works by Maran Perianen Voiceover by Dave Jean Kameron
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Command Centre of Barisan National

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 03:01 PM PDT

Our return trip back to Kuala Kubu Bahru today and as we pass through the toll gate there was a Police check point. There are an increased in Police check points today all over the district of Hulu Selangor.
And as we approach the Barisan National Command Centre guess what we saw running past our car? Yup, another ambulance with flashing lights in a great hurry. In and arounfd the BN command centre you will see many ambulances running about.

Ambulance that overtook our car with flashing lights.

Check out the BN Command Centre at Bukit Beruntung.

the Front Office

Side view of the CC. Notice the huge tent in the centre.

Huge containers in and around the compound.

Back view of the BN command centre.

Side view. See more containers with 1Malaysia logo.

A puteri umno tent in the vicinity welcoming the army votes.
The young ladies of puteri umno will take care of the army voters.

There are hundreds of cars and other vehicles in and outside the command centre indicating the number of people inside. The indications shows that umno has emplyed professionals to run their election strategy. The hundreds of people in the compound of about 10 acres or more. What do you think all these people are doing inside? They have a main command base and other sub bases strategically located all over the district of Hulu Selangor.

This shows an organised battle formation unlike that of Pakatan which is widely exposed and very barely fitted in terms of expertise and equiptments. The BN centres are highly secretive and some areas inaccessible even to party members.

The MAHATHIR FAMILY the Beer Baron of malaysia and PERKASA Frog IBRAHIM KATAK

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 11:40 AM PDT

The MAHATHIR FAMILY Beer Baron of malaysia

"I don't need intelligent, honest, hard-working people in Parliament. LIKE THIS MIC UMNO DOG My members of parliament should stand when I enter the chamber, thump the table and shout, 'Long Live Mahathir!'" ~ Mahathir Mohamad

The can is rattling and the worms can barely conceal their glee. Slithering out one at a time on a daily basis, they give us fresh insight into the phenomenon called the UMNO By all accounts, the UMNO seems like a compendium of morality plays compressed into a single event. The UMNO, like all things truly wondrous and modern, manages to simultaneously magnify and compress reality. Money, sex, celebrities, a once pure sport, media apologists and slavish hangers-on, orgiastic parties, wheeling-dealing, envy and hate, this saga packs this all in while making each element larger than life. It is a commentary on our times that no one is really surprised with all the new discoveries- it is something we seem to have known all along.

UMNO have no problems with such business forays but since Umno makes so much noise about kilang arak in Selangor (which they approved) and arak being sold in 7-Eleven in Shah Alam, 0.01% or 15% of Mirzan's business comprising alcoholic beverage production makes no difference as both are still haram. Also, Mahathir in his Bukit Gantang speech accused PR of memfitnah his son as having a stake in the arak business. Now his son admits it. So it is not a fitnah after all., Mahathir's son, but the fact remains that you are willingly involved in a BREWERY company. You really don't know what that means and what San Miguel is, or you just don't care?

So how come DS Najib insists UMNO is Islamic? Anak Borek, Bapa rintek.

Intoxicants are forbidden in Islam. That's a fact. Muslims are forbidden not only from consuming it, but also selling it. It's not a matter of whether you're "conservative" or not.

So what is the point of classifying stocks into Syariah Compliant and non-compliant stocks then? Double standards have never been so pronounced, does the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and State Mufti or Syariah Courts have anything to say about this glaring indiscrepency or will the Kutty Jr. get away scot free? The MUSLIM WORLD is watching . . .

Mirzan or even Mahathir….you ppl needs conversion. Talk more or less meant nothing to you or us as Muslim…. planting the seeds,processing,preparing,selling and consuming remains HARAM in Islam.. maybe u need those money to bail you out from hell later on?….So is it right or wrong for Mirzan Mahathir to own shares in San Miguel Corp which which control 51% of San Miguel Brewery? what he claimed is akin to a drug pusher saying 'I am not using drug. we just produce for the users to use' dont you think so? furthermore, i tot it is a sin for muslim to have income/earning from 'haram' things like gambling,alcohol , etc. i mebe wrong sori, anyway with all the hoo haa on caning a muslim for drinking beer, there is an article in margeemar blog on 'guess who is the person in the pic having beer… hehehehe, go and have a look and try to guess who……ahaha and since you are there, also check out 'whose son is having beer too…..'UMNO as declared by PM Najib is an Islamic party, but what it preaches does not confine to strict Islamic practices. Besides Mirzan, go check how many Muslim board directors of Genting, Resorts World, Carlsberg, Guinness Anchor, Magnum, Sports Toto & 4D companies are taking these haram monies year in & year out. Muslims are not allowed to work in casinos but they can buy 4D & sports toto bettings freely without checks.

Annually UMNO-lead govt collect heavy taxes from these haram companies in paying salaries to its 1.2 million civil servants.

Take the case of our own Genting Group which like San Miguel Corp is a conglomerate deriving a substantial portion of its income from the gaming business which is haram to Muslim. I believe that our government linked companies or trusts are not allowed to own Genting shares. But Genting pays both gaming tax and corporation tax to the Malaysian government. In effect, though not in the legal sense, the Malaysian government is like a "shareholder" of Genting because like all shareholders of companies, the government shares in the profit of Genting by way of taxation. So how does the government spend this "sin tax"? Does the government have a separate account where all the sin taxes are to be deposited and are to be spent only for the benefit of non-Muslim since this money is haram or is the money deposited in the government's consolidated account from which money can be drawn to pay for all sorts of expenditure for the benefit of everyone, whether Muslim or non-Muslim?

WATCH THIS Khairy Jamaluddin-Talking about Muta'ah (Oxford Graduated


seks khairy jamaludin, gossip maya karin khairy, cock sucker

Plundering our National Wealth

If all these seemed like a joke, it is not ! No self respecting nation in the world would allow its wealth to be plundered by the very custodians who were entrusted to protect it. No self respecting nation, except Malaysia.

And after all these, the leadership of this country seems interested to only improve their image by engaging Fox and then APCO. As if these PR exercises will cure the ills of the country.

We have fundamental issues of integrity, honesty, transparency, justice, rule of law at stake here not just an image issue. And yet the leadership seem oblivious to cure these ills.

The Constitution states that to be a Malay is to be a Muslim. Instead of using all of Islam's universal values to promote justice and peace on earth, the Jabatan Agama especially the Religious Minister, Dato' Baharom exploited the Malay thinking by proferring this verse from Quran Surah An Nisa' 4: 59 " Obey God, and Obey the Apostle, and those in authority over you" as a command to obey the government leaders.

Good Governance, DPM, Sir

Since the DPM (Muhyiddin Yassin) want to be Malay first and then Malaysian, why not go back to Malay civilisational rules? What would the ancient Malays say to all these?

The proverb " Raja adil raja di sembah, raja zalim raja di sanggah" is NOT a hallowed call.

Despite being a feudalistic society, the ancient Malays had settled guiding principles that demanded the people to rise up against injustice and unjust rulers.

Unfortunately, the Malay politicians today use that proverb only against their own sultans.

To make that proverb easier to understand – rephrase that to " KERAJAAN adil KERAJAAN di sembah, KERAJAAN zalim KERAJAAN disanggah".

Thus, it would be the obligations of every able bodied Malay to rise up against the injustice that is so rampant today.

Similarly, the so called Islamic authorities have desecrated the proverb " Biar mati anak jangan mati adat"as being Unislamic.

It is not too difficult to realize that in ancient times, laws were not written. Laws were part of the way of life, just as Islam is a way of life.

Adat refers to the common law of the land, just as the English common law that has become part of the law of our land. If they had taken cognizance that the "adat" referred to in that proverb are not rites or rituals but the common law, they would then realize that adat is also a source of Islamic law under the category of "U'rf".

Why the significance of that proverb?

Because the ancient Malays would not condone the violations of laws, of justice and of fairness. The ancient Malays' adherence to the Rule of Law is crystallized in that proverb, that they would rather sacrifice their children than to abandon the laws by which they live.

So, Tan Sri Muhyidin, while I want to support to you in being a Malay first, I would also ask you and all the Malay government leaders to adhere to these universal Malay values and enforce the laws against the thievery of our country's wealth and bring these perpetrators to justice!

We Malaysians want honest and accountable government and that is a reasonable and rational expectation.

Jagalah maruah Bangsa kita dulu.
-Din Merican

In 1999 when Wan Azizah inaugurated Parti Keadilan (Justice Party) to keep the spirit of reform alive while her husband languished in prison, I was prompted to join. Indeed, it was the first time in my life I actually felt drawn to committing myself to a political organization.

By Antares, Free Malaysia Today

Truly inspiring giants

It was becoming more than obvious by 1986 that Dr M had given a sinister twist to the word "entrepreneurship" with his misguided attempt to create a Frankenstein's monster called the Bumiputra Billionaire, aided and abetted by the ultimate Mafia don, Daim Zainuddin (right).

When people become exceedingly rich by inventing something universally popular and useful — or through the display of extraordinary talent, whether in the cultural or athletic field — one can only applaud wholeheartedly. However, fast bucks obtained through political skullduggery and financial shenanigans are hugely damaging to the moral equilibrium of a nation. What happens is that the horizon of decency quickly becomes obscured, to the extent that honest truth-speakers become a threat to the corrupt status quo.

In October 1987 Mahathir, acting in his capacity as home minister, invoked the obnoxious Internal Security Act and ordered the arrest and detention without trial of some 106 people — many of whom were my personal friends and none of whom could seriously be considered a threat to anybody except Mahathir himself. A couple of newspapers were shut down and a climate of fear quickly descended upon the nation.

People became apprehensive about discussing politics in public places. Each time somebody uttered the dreaded name "Mahathir" people would immediately look around to see if anyone was watching.

The Special Branch of the Royal Malaysian Police (modelled after the British Special Branch) began playing a major role at the start of the so-called Emergency in 1948. Its prime target was to infiltrate Communist cells operating within the country and gather intelligence deemed necessary to safeguard the nation's security.

However, the definition of "Communist threat" soon expanded to include leftwing political parties with socialist ideologies and outspoken critics of the government. According to Umno and the Malay ruling elite, anybody concerned about social justice, human rights and a level playing field was potentially dangerous to the status quo and therefore had to be closely watched, harassed at every turn, and thwarted from ever attaining political power — even through legitimate and peaceful means.

At that point I was compelled to remove my head from the proverbial sand and start paying close attention to all the hanky-panky that was going on in the political Punch'n'Judy show.

For a start I decided to register myself to vote. And I'm proud to say I have voted against the Barisan Nasional at every opportunity.

Although it felt a little strange to occasionally have to vote for a candidate from the Islamic party, it was still far better than voting for any of the arrogant, greedy, hypocritical rogues in the ruling party. I wasn't entirely comfortable with the Chinese-dominated Democratic Action Party (I used to be a closet Sinophobe, despite my Chinese ancestry) — but their leaders were truly inspiring in their sheer tenacity and focus, especially veteran generals like Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh. All of them seemed ready to go to jail for their beliefs.

In 1999 when Wan Azizah inaugurated Parti Keadilan (Justice Party) to keep the spirit of reform alive while her husband languished in prison, I was prompted to join. Indeed, it was the first time in my life I actually felt drawn to committing myself to a political organization.

No opposition party on its own had the wherewithal to combat the firmly entrenched power of BN — but towards the end of 2007 Anwar Ibrahim finally succeeded in pulling together the tripartite political coalition now known as Pakatan Rakyat.

DAP's emphasis on sound financial management, PKR's focus on social justice, freedom and human rights, and PAS's spiritual foundation combine to forge a conscious, functional union of Head, Heart and Soul.

Finally we have somebody worth voting for – not just against!

Indians are also turned off by the politics of the Malaysian Indian Congress, the third leg of the Barisan Nasional. The party's leader, S. Samy Vellu, is regarded as out of touch with his constituency and, with the rest of the party leadership, mired in corruption. Najib has endorsed the creation of a new party, Parti Makkal Sakti, and offered to attend the party's Oct. 10 launch — the day before the by-election — as guest of honor. The party is an offshoot of the Hindu Rights Action Force, or Hindraf, whose leaders were jailed last year under the Internal Security Act after anti-government rallies that turned violent. Najib has also attended ceremonies in the magnificent Batu Cave just north of Kuala Lumpur which houses a Hindu temple.

The overtures to the new party appear to be part of an desperate attempt on the part of UMNO to search out new component ethnic parties to prop up the flailing Barisan Nasional, the national coalition that has ruled Malaysia since its inception. The collapse of the MIC was accompanied by the collapse of the once-powerful Malaysian Chinese Association as well, as well as smaller parties like the mostly Chinese Gerakan and the PPP

n particular, the MCA finds itself in the middle of what one observer described to Asia Sentinel as "a circus." Its leaders are beset with one of the biggest scandals in the country's scandal-scarred history, with cost overruns for the Port Klang infrastructure project zooming out of sight. The port development was awarded as a turnkey project without competitive bid to well-connected political cronies of both UMNO and the MCA. Project outlays, originally projected at RM1.95 billion, ballooned to RM3.52 billion, with interest accounting for another RM3.9 billion by 2012. The parties to the contract have fallen on each other, describing illicit payments and filing lawsuits. The squabble appears set to wreck what is left of the MCA, with Chua Soi Lek and Ong Tee Keat battling each other for the leadership although both have been tainted by allegations of corruption. That means the Chinese are largely fleeing the Barisan for other parties.

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who has taken to almost daily attacks on UMNO,criticized the decision to nominate , calling attention to the recent loss of a Penang seat because the national coalition candidate had been disbarred. UMNO, Mahathir said, has "not learned from earlier blistering mistakes."

Mahathir mudah lupa

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 01:41 PM PDT

Dr Mahathir melawat Hulu Selangor untuk membantu calun BN yang sangat memerlukan bantuan dan terus sahaja berucap dihadapan 1000 hadzirin yang datang.

Kali ini Dr Mahathir telah menelan kembali kata-katanya didalam pilihanraya umum yang lepas.

Kali ini beliau meminta pengundi untuk mengundi parti, bukannya calun. Terperanjat saya mendengarnya.

Dalam pilihanraya dahulu Dr Mahathir telah menyeru pengundi-pengundi untuk memilih calun kerana kalau memilih parti calun-calun yang dipilih oleh parti itu mungkin tidak betul.

Semasa pilihanraya umum yang lalu Dr Mahathir telah memainkan peranan besar untuk mengalahkan calun-calun BN dan beliau sendiri telah keluar dari parti hinggakan rakyat termasuk ahli-ahli UMNO dan BN memilih untuk mengundi calun-calun parti alternatif.

Dalam pilihanraya umum yang lalu Dr Mahathir yang tidak berparti semasa itu hanya turun dikawasan Jerlun dimana anak kesayangnya Mukhriz bertanding diatas tiket BN.

Ada diantara kenalan yang hadzir dalam ceramah Dr Mahathir itu bertanya kepada saya, "Bro, nasihat Dr Mahathir yang mana satu patut diikut ni? Disini semalam dia suruh undi parti tetapi semasa pilihanraya umumdulu dia minta kita undi calun. Berbelit-belitlah Tun Mahathir ni. Entah yang mana satu yang kita nak ikut. Mabuk kita dibuatnya"

Saya menjawab, "Jangan kau ikut nasihat dia tu, sekarang kau ikut nasihat saya. Undilah calun, jangan undi parti. Nasihat saya ini pun adalah nasihat Dr Mahathir juga dulu. Kalau kita undi calun pun takkan Dr Mahathir nak marah, sebabnya dia nasihat kita macam itu dulu. Kita pakai nasihat lamanya."

Bagi saya Dr Mahathir ini mengikut resmi air: dimana lekuk disitu dia berhenti. Beliau seolah olah dah terikut-ikut Ibrahim Ali.

"Kita nak marah dia, jangan sekali kali; nanti marah pengikut-pengikutnya. Pengikutnya akan memaki hamun kita. Just ignore him and vote freely as you like" kata saya lagi.

Itulah pendirian saya tentang Dr Mahathir ini. Saya tidak mahu mendengar apa-apa nasihat beliau kerana kalau kita dengar nasihatnya hari ini, tiga empat tahun nanti dia nsihat kita lain pula.

Saya pun sudah lama tak mengikuti kata-kata beliau yang selalu berubah. Bayangkan beliau boleh keluar parti kerana bencikan seseorang dalam parti.

Segala-galanya untuk politik peribadi beliau sahaja.

Sekian……………………………………………….Aspan Alias

Dr M says don’t trust Zaid the ‘frog’ !

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 10:14 AM PDT

Tun Mahathir campaigning at Hulu Selangor.

And Below is a good article by Malaysian Insider and I am reproducing it here to give this popular portal more publicity:-

"By Clara Chooi

SERENDAH, April 22 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad called PKR candidate Datuk Zaid Ibrahim a "frog" tonight, saying Hulu Selangor voters should not trust anyone who might get drunk to represent them.

The former prime minister made a surprise appearance in Hulu Selangor tonight despite saying he would stay away and proceeded to campaign furiously for the Barisan Nasional (BN).

"Do not put your trust in this frog. What happens if he is drunk? Then how is he going to do his work?" he said, leaving the crowd that turned up in stitches.

Dr Mahathir was in top form tonight as he delivered blow after blow against Zaid and his Pakatan Rakyat (PR) comrades, saying that it was dangerous to trust "frogs" for one would never know where they would jump to next.

"He leapt into Umno and even made it to become a minister. Then he jumped into the PKR and then to Sabah and when he was promised a candidacy, he jumped back here.

"This frog truly has strong hind legs, I tell you. He is like superman, he can jump from here to the roof too," he said of Zaid although the Kelantan-born politician was sacked from Umno in late 2008.

Dr Mahathir then continued hard on yet another attack used recently to discredit Zaid's "Islamic-ness" by accusing the latter of telling an untruth when he said he did not indulge in racehorse gambling.

"He says he does not gamble but he merely owns racehorses.

"I have horses myself, I have about 30 horses of my own but this is different — this is a horse to ride, not to use in races," he pointed out.

He accused Zaid of obtaining his riches during his tenure as a law minister and said that the former Umno man was like a "kacang lupakan kulit".

"When he was with us, he was good with us, but now when he is not with us, he attacks us," he said.

In his typical no-holds-barred style, Dr Mahathir then moved his criticism to his arch-enemy and former deputy in the government, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Dr Mahathir claimed that before joining Umno, Anwar had initially wanted to join the Islamist party PAS.

"But he realised that by joining PAS, he would not be able to get a ministerial post. So he joined Umno even though he did not like us," he explained.

He also poked fun at Anwar and his "sexual preference", which he said he was unable to accept.

"When he joined, it looks like a lot of things were happening... happening at 'the back'.

"You want to bring me down in politics, it's OK, but this, I cannot accept," he said, referring to Anwar's sodomy accusations.

He noted however that such "preference" could be accepted by the "orang putih" but not in Malaysia.

"To them (the foreigners), they like this type of things. Even their children are not spared.

"That's why you see, they love Anwar Ibrahim... those Australian MPs who Anwar convinced to come here and protest against his sodomy trial, look at them — some even wore lipstick and earrings. No wonder they like Anwar," he jibed.

Motion to refer Anwar to privilege committee passed

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 04:23 AM PDT

Motion against Anwar passed after short five-minute speech by Nazri Abdul Aziz (Umno-Padang Rengas). Opposition MPs stage walkout even before voice vote is called. Anwar told reporters that the opposition had no choice but to walk out because the motion was defective. "If we stood back and voted, we would have legitimised it," he said.
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Kamalanathan kissing Muhyiddin's hand - bodek-ite or budak baik?

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 05:10 AM PDT

The only hands I've ever kissed were those of my teenage girlfriend – then I was only an 18 year-old teenager full of amour.

Kissing the hands of one's elders is a lovely Malay custom, showing great respect and also reflecting on one's upbringing – in other words, a credit to one's parents for bring one up as a well mannered and cultured person. Penangites praise this as 'oo kar see' or 'have been taught manners well', a highly esteemed accolade.

However, in Malaysian politics, when one is powerful as Tun Dr Mahathir when he was PM (and probably still is) you see many people (not just Malays) rushing to kiss his hands.

If you have seen those scenes, you would wonder whether those hand-kissers were respectful to the PM or just bodek-ful (sycophantically obsequious).

Then, when Dr Mahathir was on the 'outer' during PM AAB's era, he commented that people who once kissed his hands were ignoring or even badmouthing him. That sort of confirmed that those hand-kissers (who subsequently ignored him) were insincere Bodek-ites.

Now Kamalanathan, the MIC (or should it be UMNO) candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election was seen, in fact photographed kissing DPM Muhyiddin's hands. Kamal tried to deny it when asked, but alas (for him), he was photographed in that act.

photo from Malaysia-Today

Was he being respectful or bodek-ful?

One, his denial didn't sit very well on the bench of sincerity. He indicated his embarrassment or even shame, so it may be reasonable to assume he only wanted or preferred that to be a private act between him and his patron and not known by everyone.

How could we then consider him kissing Muhyiddin's hand as a respectful gesture?

Two, if Muhyiddin is as old as Dr Mahathir or Pak Haji Nik Aziz, both eighty-ish, then I reckon it goes without saying that it would be respectful to kiss the hands of such elderly people, regardless of whether we like or dislike them on political grounds, as they should be accorded due respect for their age rather than their power.

And that showing respect by kissing an elder's hand happens to be a Malay custom is irrelevant – good customs should be adopted by all Malaysians.

However, Muhyiddin is hardly 65, let alone 80. He's still a relatively young-ish politician. Somehow I reckon Kamal kissed his hands because he is the DPM rather than for his age or wisdom.

Is that bodek-ish?

I have no doubt that Kamal will also kiss younger Najib's hands, but will he Zaid Ibrahim who is more or less the same age group as Muhyiddin and Najib? After all, it would just be showing respect.

Will Kamal also kiss very elderly Pak Haji Nik Aziz's hands? What about also practising this lovely Malaysian custom on Uncle Lim Kit Siang?

No need to do that with Uncle Samy Vellu because he would expect Kamal to kiss his feet.

tate of the Indians - Part VII Pakatan is not perfect but BN worst

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 02:40 AM PDT

Former Hindraf ISA detainees Ganabathi Rao and Vasanthakumar and Perak assemblyperson Sivanesan offer their report card on the Pakatan state governments. There are issues they say that are beyond the jurisdiction of the state government and lie firmly in the hands of the Federal government. So for real change to take place, there must be a change in the Federal government.
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Vox pox in Hulu Selangor

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 02:02 AM PDT

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Their MILLIONS and our SENS, P.M IS STILL HIGH ,THE SERUM INJECTED BY (Zahrain and Zul) let the HINDUS eat LONTONG if they don’t have “TOSAI”.

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 03:02 AM PDT

Muhyiddin Yassin said today that Barisan Nasional's (BN) candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election, P. Kamalanathan, was only showing respect and humility when he kissed the deputy prime minister's hand recently. UMNO'S Faitful Servant

And all those moneybags who are contributing a lot to help Barisans' grow on GENTING Hills must come forward with sugarcane barons to help a hapless " MIC KAMAL " like samy and, of course, hindraf. They are hindu people. Below " offlimit" Line . Nothing touches them except the lucre. And they think, as PR was trying to tell us, they help THEMSELF to grow to nothelp another set of beggers, that is, those Below Poverty Line. Now, if we have to have a Kanal bin Adullahnathan as our conscience keeper and certifier of good conduct, then let the HINDUS eat LONTONG if they don't have "TOSAI".

Having covered the Malaysian political scene as a journalist for the last three decades, I know it's almost impossible to find a middle-class malaysia who can qualify as a friend of our politicians. Most of our politicians are happy to receive those who arrive at their bungalows in BMWs and Mercs and take care of their "domestic" needs. Those who come from far-off places to give their applications prepared after putting in long hours of labour never know that their letters of hope are often assigned to the dustbin as soon as they are heard and disposed of in the outer room, adjacent to the office reception. The rich are treated in the cozy " Spa ", or the "drawing room" as the ELITE MALAYS prefer to call it.

We tried verifying Kamal bin Addullah Nathan's Edith Cowan University certificate but it appears like what he uploaded onto his Blog may be a fake certificate after all. The certificate in fact raises more questions than it provided answers. Is this certificate a forgery?

Without a written record, this is not a confirmation! Surely Olympia college cannot be so negligent as to have no records of its students.



    Najib, who had just touched down from his overseas trip early this morning, said that independent MPs, Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim and Zulkifli Noordin, had exposed everything to him during their trip to the United States for the Malaysia-US caucus.

    "PKR is now in a state of discord because we know all their secrets. In my visit to Washington, two independent MPs followed me – Zahrain and Zul.

    "At night, after an official function, he came to my room and exposed all the stories. Now, I know the entire story.

    "Everything, right down to the underwear, too. I know everything now," he said in his speech to the Barisan Nasional election machinery at its command centre here tonight.

    A smiling Najib warned the opposition against trying to continue "covering up the truth".

    "Do not lie. I know everything now. I know how the lies were planned. I know about the political character assassination. I know everything. How do I know? Because they (Zahrain and Zul) were his (Anwar's) generals before. And they told me everything," he said.

    Najib, however, refused to divulge the supposed details of what he now "knew" and said that it was enough that "I know, they know, and Allah knows"

STEP 1,EZAM NEED ANUAR SHARI'S HELP TO PLANT SHAIFULAS in Amwar's office boy And RPK mentions Mumtaz Jaafar again today in his Killing Two Birds with One Stone No Holds Barred post, rather cleverly putting forward possible questions (with regard to her connection to the Deputy Prime Minister's wife) that might be raised in court.
Malaysia's Anwar hits out after sodomy trial setback
On 2 September 2004, Pete met Pawanchik Merican, one of Anwar's lawyers, in the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya. "Do you know that Ezam and Anuar Shaari have been collecting money in the name of the Free Anwar Campaign?" Pawanchik asked me. As I said many times. YOU CAN'T TRUST A
Ezam Mohd no no and Anuar saHari. . ., imagine these two thieves collecting money while Anwar Ibrahim is in agony and his family in pain. These two thieves realy capitalise on the sufferings of other people for their own benifit.

Jiwi Kathaiah, Malaysiakini

BN candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election P Kamalanathan has put his public relations skills to work by avoiding giving straight answers to questions involving statements that he had made earlier.

"My focus is Hulu Selangor. My focus is the voters in Hulu Selangor. And my focus is to win the election," he said repeatedly when asked to elaborate on some of his controversial remarks.

"I will answer all these questions after the by-election," he told Malaysiakini yesterday while campaigning in Batang Kali.

Ask whether he would follow Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's example in putting his race first, he said:

"I'm Malaysian. I don't want to say anything more," he said.

He was also quizzed on his 'Hindraf is not a factor' statement, which he quickly brushed aside.

"I have already explained. I am not going to go into it again."

Kamalanathan also kept mum when asked whether he considered relevant some of claims contained in Hindraf's 18-point manifesto such as the need for a ethnic relations act, to convert all Tamil schools into fully government-funded schools, and reserving 20 percent of jobs in the public sector for Indians.

Perkasa's 97 percent claim

He was also asked whether he would endorsed Perkasa's aim to reserve 97 percent of the economic cake to the Malays.

"I have already explained, no further comment," he said.

The BN was pressed on why Indian Malaysians continued to be marginalised despite MIC being part of the ruling coalition for over half a century.

"This is a hard question. You should have put it in writing and given it to me earlier so that I could do some research before I could answer it," replied Kamalanathan.

When told that as the MIC information chief, he should have ready answers to such questions, he said: "I have been the information chief only for less than a year."

Kamalanathan was then referred to the MAPEN Report 1991 (National Economic Consultative Council), which had recommended, amongst others:

1. Pre-schools in estates.

2. Conversion of all partially-aided Tamil schools into fully-aided government schools.

3. Provision of assistance to setting up of a commercial bank and an insurance company.

4. Creation of a trust fund to enable Indians to invest in share markets.

5. Creation of a special scholarship fund to enable Indian students to acquire higher education in foreign countries.

6. Introduction of "affirmative action" similar to the affirmative action that is implemented for bumiputeras.

He was asked why MIC had not pressed the BN government to implement all these recommendations.

Kamalanathan hesitated, and then said he would have to look at it.

Short answers

The BN candidate was told that one of the biggest problem facing the Indians is employment opportunity.

For example, in 1971, before the implementation of New Economic Policy, there were 14.4 percent Indians in the public service. Now, they represent only 4 percent.

"It is going up," said Kamalanathan, without elaborating.

Similarly, according to the 9th Malaysia Plan, the development allocation for Chinese and Tamil primary schools is RM174.3 million and RM64.8 million respectively, while the allocation for national schools is RM4.8 billion.

Given on the basis of per student per month, national schools have RM33.30; Chinese schools RM4.50; Tamil schools, RM10.55. Why the discrimination, the MIC candidate was asked.

Kamalanathan's answer was again typically short. "More Tamil schools are being built," he said.

When he was pressed further to answer a number of other questions. Kamalanathan finally gave up.

"I will answer all these questions after the election," he said.

It was perfectly correct and righteous for any suspecting party to highlight any possible deceit or lie in all government and political entities. This is called due diligence. The searches, including a physical telephone call to university for verification, have turned out negative. What's wrong then to bring it up?

How can you compare this to the trivial allegations of fake shoes or fake wives to gain political mileage? This kind of tricks can only come out of BN/UMNO, not PR! You have totally mistaken which party you belonged to.

No surprise that Olympia would confirm his degree….when u do biz. in Bolehland, u need to curry favour with the powers-that -be.

No records..only based on the memory of the school's academic director…how convenient.

Olympia college is now getting the rare publicity. I wonder if their intake will go up or people will avoid the college altogether.

RPK said no "Bachelor of MASS communication" NOT no "Bachelor of Communication".

The name on the degree produced by Kamalanathan is not spelt as his known name – there is an extra "lp" at the end. Which is his real name? Though as was reported in Merdeka Review, if you put that entire name in the family name column of the ECU website, you will get a positive result.

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Kamal bin Nathan has uploaded a copy of his certificate onto his Blog as promised. You can see it below. It carries the name P. Kamalanathanlp. Panchanathan, parchment number 2004100372, and the date 23rd January 2004.

However, a search that we did still does not produce any results whereas we did two other searches on other people (also Olympia College twinning students) and they came back positive (see below). We also tried using six different name variations but they all came back blank.

You can try it yourself here:

Note that the name we used in the search on Claire was not complete yet it came back positive. It could still trace the details even with the incomplete name.

Another thing to note is the parchment number for Lee who graduated for the same course at the same time as Kamal. Lee's parchment carries the number 2004103798 while Kamal's parchment number is 2004100372. That means Kamal got his certificate earlier and Lee got his, although at the same time, 3,426 students later. Assuming Kamal got his certificate first and Lee last, that means almost 3,500 students were awarded their certificates for the same course that day.

Does this not all look very suspicious?

Hulu Selangor: My worries for BN

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 03:49 AM PDT

Character assassination, carpet bombings and slanderous materials took center stage on day 5 of campaigning for Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election. With 2 more days for both parties to sharpen their knives on each other, my worries are more for Barisan Nasional.

The Opposition were quick to point fingers at the ruling party when the 2 Independents Chandran and Johan Md Diah pulled out on the same day, accusing the government of 'buying' them for the reasons that Chandran - a former MIC division senior officer - and his about 10,000 supporters can now back up BN's P Kamalanathan.

Although Johan's size of camp is unknown, his pledge to support Barisan Nasional has nevertheless added ammunition to Zaid Ibrahim's campaign for the seat. To some extent, the withdrawal of the Independents had easily backfired the tempo of BN propaganda machine.

Worst is when Anwar Ibrahim's former personal medical officer Dr Halili Rahmat who left PKR to join Umno and now a regular speaker for BN's campaign, has turnaround the mood of the Malays to cast their votes on BN.

Ezzam Mohd Nor, another former Anwar's close aide, was also seen as a demon to the eyes of the Malays with his character assassination of his ex-boss, when he again brought up the issue of his 'six boxes of evidence' against him - which made the people blase. Each by-election campaign which Ezzam stood as a speaker, saw a lot of sympathy votes swung towards the Opposition.

I personally make comparison to the substances of speeches from both sides. Shockingly, it was the BN camp that produce more personal attacks on the Opposition. Had not for the visit of Datuk Seri Najib, Tan Sr Muhyiddin, Datuk Hishamuddin, Shapie and few ministers to the constituent, BN speech content would be all about Zaid's drinking and gambling habit, the incompetency of PR state governments and Anwar's sodomy case.

Ezzam, to me and most of my fellow-bloggers should not be invited at all for campaigning as he is only interested to shoot down Anwar. Dr Halili, too, should also be left out as he deserves no special treatment from BN camps. And the fact that he chose the by-election campaign duration to leave PKR and joined Umno, the rakyat were also quick to digest that he was also paid to do so.

By now, we should be able to see a trend here. The Opposition members and leaders would only leave their respective parties during by-elections. This prompted the people to question their sincerity and the motive behind it. Again, it provides ammo to the Opposition.

My other worries are about the influx of luxury cars driven by Umno members, including that of Putera and Puteri in Kuala Kubu Baru and other places. They didnt do much to assist the campaign. Instead, they just browsed around whithout a lead.

And today, a motion was moved at the Dewan Rakyat to refer Anwar to Parliament committee for privileges for accusing Najib of engaging Apco for his 1Malaysia concept, which according to Anwar is a carbon copy to that of OneIsrael. Although Apco has denied any direct involvement with Tel Aviv, it seems to be a topic that can jeorpardise BN chance of winning.

Analysts believe that Najib had sensed the problems in Hulu Selangor, thus prompted him to cut short his official visit to Japan, just to help with the campaigns. Yes, it did improve BN chance, judging from the big crowd attending to his speeches.

BN speakers should focus more on how to develop Hulu Selangor, improving the people's standard of living and help addressing the problems of Felda's 2nd generation, rather than shouting at non-local matters.

With 2 more campaigning days to go, I hope our BN speakers change to substances of sense in their speeches. Votes can swing anytime, especially those sitting on the fence. And of course, we could see a lot of sympathy votes this time around, either for Kamalanathan or Zaid.

If BN wins, its a big boost for Najib's 1Malaysia and his approach in dealing with national issues. However, if its otherwise, it means Anwar gets a lot of sympathy for all the verbal bash-up from BN speakers and pro-government bloggers.

3 days to Hulu Selangor : Suicidal BN moves

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 02:07 AM PDT

He came with 'high' recommendations. He is a 'professional' in Public Relations and claimed to be a 'degree holder' in Communications from an Australian university. He is No other than our Mr. "Handshake" Kamalanathan – BeEnd candidate for Hulu Selangor Parliamentary by-election.

Wow Wow Wow… All these while I used to think that BeEnd ranks are always filled with losers such as Tom, Dick and Harry. Little did I realise that they also got some 'nice-guys' with high qualifications among them. You can't blame me for having such thoughts because judging from all the policies of BeEnd, one would wonder if any wise and intelligent could have join them and make a fool out of themselves.

However, after a check by our Raja Petra on Edith Cowen University in Western Australia, he found that the university has NO whatsoever record of our Mr. "Handshake" Kamalanathan going there to study lest getting himself a degree. But later, it was found that he had only taken a 'Twining Program' from Olympia College in Kuala Lumpur.

But AGAIN, when checks were done with Olympia Col, there is NO Bachelor of Mass Communications courses EVER being offered by the college. So…. what is happening here? Where in the world did our PR guy receive his "degree" education from?? Is the certificate he posed on his website is a genuine one or simply printed out from his house ink-jet printer? Hmmmm… something's really smells fishy here…

IF, and I said with capital letters IF, his degree and university education happen to be a hoax, then what about his career as a Public Relations professional? Will it be another hoax as well? Will he be living as a PR professional from all the contracts from umno and MIC-key's projects? That he requires "crutches" to stand up in a competitive PR field?? Again you can't blame me for asking all these questions when you yourself have created a doubtful qualification on yourself, can you?

By the way, judging from the way you work in these last few days in Hulu Selangor, I certainly do have SERIOUS doubt on your capability as a PR specialist with a 'degree' in Communications. Not only you don't look like one, you don't even sound like one! Here is why…

1. Disassociate Hindraf but Embrace Perkasa.
You are trying to win the support of Indians and yet in one of your 1st remark as a candidate, you try to distance yourself from Hindraf who has been fighting for Indian cause all these while but have been unsuccessful due to political pressure from umno. Everyone knows who is Hindraf. They are like the ancient "robin hoods" but was branded as thieves by no one but YOU in order to lick the balls of your master : umno.

Now everyone also knows who the heck is Perkasa. They are not only RACIST but has been attacking non-Malays of robbing Malays of their wealth and priviledges. Yet as a non-Malay, YOU continue to embrace and have the guts to 'defend' Perkasa by telling other non-Malays that Perkasa mean no ill intention with their 'battle-cries' and 'keris-wielding' acts of "stupid bravado". I know you are trying to win over the votes of our Malays brethren but certainly NOT at the expense of embracing the same spirit of racism as Perkasa! By sharing the same table with perkasa, you have done nothing but proved yourself to be a lap dog of racism!

Showing utmost gratitude or kow-towing to his masters???

2. Refused to admit kissing Muhiddyin's hand.
Remember the story of George Washington admitting his fault to his father after chopping down a tree? Now even though Kamalanathan does not have an axe in his hand, the rakyat will readily forgive him if he has the guts to admit that he had indeed kissed the hand of Muhiddyin when announced that he would be MIC's candidate of Hulu Selangor.

But instead, he retorted "Kiss his hand? When did I kiss his hand? Show me where I did that," when question during an unplanned Press conference in Hulu Selangor a few days ago. Now Kamalanathan, please do not forget that we're in the 21st century already. A picture speaks a thousand words. What you got to say now? That this photo have been doctored, like the one they did to Zaid Ibrahim holding a Jack Daniels??

Now I really know why umno is willing to let you run in this coming by-election. I am pretty sure you won't dare to say white is white when Muhiddyin said it's black! So what do we got here? Another koh tsu khoon – the paper tiger? Let me happily remind you the reason why Penang people butted out our ex-CM of 18 years. Not only he is 'ball-less', he could also smile when umno people virtually slapped him in the face! Needless to say, his reward of being such a LOSER is to stand side-by-side with Jibby and become a 'back-door' minister.

Nominated for "Joker" of the Week

3. Be Mr. "Handshake" for these 7 days.

Instead of trying to potray to the electorates in Hulu Selangor that you are FIT to be a Member of Parliament (MP), you have turned your election campaign into a huge PR exercise where you think it is UTMOST important for you to shake the hands of 60,000 people in Hulu Selangor in this coming week up to the election day itself.

We know you're having your 'hands-tied' hands down but can't you just take out some GUTS to show that this is after all, your election campaign. A good MP must have good hands-on knowledge on national issues but when confronted with opportunity to 'show-off' your credibility, you turn around with your 'tail between your legs' and try to avoid confronting these issues at all cost! Hey 'dey', this is not the way to be a good MP lah… How are you going to prove that you will be able to represent Hulu Selangor in their interest in the Parliament? You'll just be another lap-dog making up the numbers in our August House. I bet you don't even know why our Parliament is called the 'August House', do you?

So to all our wise and intelligent Hulu Selangor folks, please 'menilai betul2′ your candidate for this Parliament seat before voting and vote with a clear conscience come this Sunday – April 25th 2010. I believe that justice and talent will be like a beacon shining bright in the darkest hour which our country is facing now. DO NOT let such justice and talent go to waste… and allow our next generations to suffer in total darkness!

PRK Hulu Selangor - BN dalam keadaan kritikal?

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 01:32 AM PDT

PRK Hulu Selangor merupakan PRK yang sangat sengit dan membawa begitu besar kesannya kepada landskap politik negara jika dipandang dari sudut untuk menentukan arah pemikiran dan persepsi rakyat terhadap BN dan PR.

Kemenangan Datuk Zaid akan memberikan impak dan lonjakkan baru bagi pembangkang dan kemenangan BN pula akan memberikan harapan BN untuk menunjukkan kepada dunia yang BN sudah kembali pulih dari penolakkan rakyat dan masih ada peluang untuk bertahan.

Ini bukan kali pertama PRK diadakan; ianya sudah berlaku sejak negara mencapai kemerdekaan dan jika seseorang Ahli Legilatif yang dipilih rakyat mengosongkan kerusi melalui perletakkan jawatan atau meninggal dunia, maka pilihanraya kecil diadakan bagi kawasan yang terlibat.

Selalunya jika pilihanraya kecil diadakan, Perdana Menteri tidak pernah terlibat dalam siri kempen PRK itu. Penglibatan PM hanya kita saksikan hanya semasa Abdullah Badawi dan Perdana Menteri Najib.

Dr Mahathir semasa beliau menjadi PM, sejauh ingatan saya tidak pernah menjejakkan kaki beliau didalam kawasan pilihanraya kecil; ianya sudah cukup dikendalikan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin dibawah naugan beliau sahaja…dan mendapat kemenangan.

DIHULU SELANGOR, kali ini PM Najib akan berkubang disana selama 4 hari sehinnga hari mengundi.

Didalam sesuatu pilihanraya kecil jika Perdana Menteri sendiri yang datang ianya mebayangkan satu perkara yang jelas; iaitu BN dalam keadaan kritikal dan PM sendiri terpaksa hadzirkan diri dan terlibat sama untuk berkempen.

Sejauh mana PM Najib memberikan kesan tidak siapa yang dapat menilainya. Tetapi kenyataannya, jika PM sendiri terpaksa datang keHulu Selangor, itu menunjukkan BN dalam keadaan kritikal.

Selalunya begitulah hakikatnya. Pengalaman-pengalaman lama saya ada sikit-sikit.

Sekian……………………………………………Aspan Alias.

Zaid pula perlu tunjuk sijil

Posted: 22 Apr 2010 01:11 AM PDT

Raja Petra Kamaruddin mengatakan calun BN dari MIC telah memalsukan ijazahnya. Sorrylah Pet, atas adalah ijazahnya dari University Edith Cowan. You are wrong.

Baiklah. Sekarang kami cabar pihak PKR tunjukkan sijil sekolah ugama Zaid Ibrahim. Sebab apa, pandangan ugama dan pendiriannya mengenai Lina Joy dan IFC macam orang apa aja. Nak sahkan Taib Azamuddin kata sekarang dah Islam sini

Kalau dapat tunjuk sijil surat beranak pun bagus juga. Hai ... kenapa orang Melayu perlu mengaku "Saya pun Melayu?"

Itu saja pasal Zaid tidak pernah hadiah seluar pada orang lelaki ...

P/S Garamanis sini sudah sediakan senarai fitnah-fitnah PKR terhadap Kamalanathan. Nasib baik dia tidak ada cerita dihadiah seluar... heheheh..

The basis of APCO - 1Malaysia debacle by the opposition is flacid.

Posted: 21 Apr 2010 11:51 PM PDT

It is a simple concept.... APCO rendered it's service for a price which the government paid for a marketing plan for a more harmonious Malaysia. To me there is not a problem when APCO is Isreali owned or did anything for the Isreali government. It is on that basis that the opposition crying foul over the 1Malaysia concept and the campaign for public awareness I say is flacid.

It would not make an inch of a difference too if lets say the government engaged a local PR and marketing firm. It is a just a business deal to render a service to get a public message across as fast as possible and in the most efficient way possible. As usual with the parliament deciding to debate on this issue rather than issues like GST we the rakyat should be aware that it's our tax money they are using to sit on the bench and argue about something so senseless. So that is a total waste of resources and effort.

But the opposition is very well known for their tactics to balloon a petty issue. Rather than question on the morality of spending RM77 million over a slogan why not try to figure what can the next RM77 million can be used for the wellbeing of the rakyat? This all again boils down back to Anwar who apparently still commands international scrutiny over everything that the government does against him.

On another note of claiming there are Isreali spies in our security forces defies belief. Come on ~ what could possibly be the reason for Israel to plant their agents in the country? If sambal belacan is what they are searching for than they wont find any in the armed forces. They should try Chow Kit instead, they might even get a nice discount.

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