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Zul: I still have strong support

Zul: I still have strong support

Zul: I still have strong support

Posted: 04 Feb 2010 10:59 PM PST

EXCLUSIVE Embattled and outspoken PKR member of Parliament for Bandar Baru Kulim says he still has strong grassroots support ... Although he seems to always be in the limelight for the wrong reasons, controversial PKR MP Zulkifli Noordin claims that that has never impacted on his grassroots support which has always been strong. The Kulim Bandar Baru MP even lost his 'cool' when Malaysiakini said that his popularity seems to have declined among non-Malay Muslims since the Bar Council episode and now the issue over the word 'Allah'. It even reached a point where he accused the online news portal of being "anti-Islam". "My popularity, according to who? Are you sure? You are talking about a small group, making the biggest noise. I think you are wrong to say that my popularity has gone down. Full story here:
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Missing Engines Discovered. Not Another MV Augusta Please

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 12:59 PM PST

I hope they are not trying to BUY BACK the bloody engines.

If they do, then may I appeal them not to do so. We have enough bills to pay, we don't need another Sandiwara to spend another few hundred million or whatever just to buy back metal scrap.

Please do not repeat the MV Augusta - We said Proton fcuked up, you sold it for $1, and then the $1 turned into $100M.

Leave it lah.

If you are serious about recovering some loss for the nation, prosecute those who have stolen by the billions. Make them bankrupt ... That's is what we want. We'd send a SMS to Allah for every penny you recover from the thieves and rest assured we won't call you one if you do so .. We'd name you as Philanthropist instead. How's that?

Copy? Deal?

Anyway, I just found out Anwar is a Hog, Najib is a Viper and you know? I am 99% sure Rosmah is a Phoenix without even checking her date of birth yet. I'd be surprised if she is not ... I am starting to compile something for my specialty column -- Divinely Speaking

Stolen jet engines found

The missing engines were discovered in Uruguay.

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 5 — Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail has tonight confirmed that the stolen F-5E engines have been located in Uruguay.

The attorney-general, in a statement, said the engines were discovered in the South American country following co-operation from the authorities there.

Expressing his gratitude over the assistance rendered by the Uruguayan officials in helping bring an end to the case of the stolen engines, Gani said that the two countries will continue to work closely to enable the return of the engines to Malaysia.

The two F-5E jet engines were stolen in 2007 and discovered missing one year later, before a police report was lodged.

RMAF Sergeant N. Tharmendran and company director Rajandran Prasad were charged early this month in connection with the theft.

Malaysia bought 14 F-5Es in 1974 and decommissioned them in 1999. One crashed in the Malacca Straits near Perak on May 31, 1995.

Only six of the jets remain operational after they came back to service in 2003.

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written by 1Jenayah, February 05, 2010
Such huge strategic engine of a fighter jet could be stolen. Anything is possible in Malaysia and also negotiable in Malaysia.

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written by katirvoli, February 05, 2010
Wonder how many hundred million us $ will be spent to bring the engines back after taking care of the pockets of relevant ' helpful' officials. Wonder if there is a mongolian connection to this too.

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written by hellosunshine, February 05, 2010
RMAF, please tell us what happened to the 70-80 Skyhawks jets sitting in the US desert. Show us the money for these 'scrap metal'.

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written by Dr. Pang HC, February 05, 2010
Wow, Malaysia boleh!

Two low ranked, unknown soldiers can transport two huge jet engines all the way to Uruguay without any help from any big shots!

Think we are stupid ah?

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written by Judge, February 05, 2010
It is good news then, after that case close and nobody will be charged in court.

Just wonder whether the gomen is using our money to put up another great cover up like buying the jet engine in Uruguay.....

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SABM Roadshow At Ipoh

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 11:29 AM PST

Hi folks! We're already in Ipoh!

I'll be uploading stuff as they come on, so stay tuned to CRANKSHAFT if you want the latest updates.

The event starts at 2pm and I'll be uploading videos around then.

“Sexual Politics, Malaysia Style”: The first charges against Anwar Ibrahim

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 09:38 AM PST

The state of Malaysian police and A.G ?

AG & Altantuya Trial ©MalaysiakiniWhat "miracles" could the new prosecution team produce to ensure a "fair trial", which could not be accomplished by the previous prosecution team? After all, shouldn't all criminal prosecutions and proceedings be conducted fairly regardless of the personalities in the prosecution team?….

This is the two-parter according to the author, Amer Hamzah Arshad, who is also a member of the Bar Human Rights Committee.

READMOREOPINION: To ensure a fair trial? CLICK THISThe Malaysian Bar website

March 11, 2009 15:43 PM
Gani, Musa Innocent In Anwar's 'Black Eye' Incident – Panel

PUTRAJAYA, March 11 (Bernama) — A three- member independent panel acting as
deputy public prosecutors, found that Attorney-General (AG) Tan Sri Abdul
Gani Patail and Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Musa Aman did not
fabricate evidence in the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim "black eye" incident in

"After studying the case carefully and in depth, Tan Sri Abdul Gani and Tan
Sri Musa did not commit any criminal offence as alleged by Datuk Seri Anwar
Ibrahim," said the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in a
statement today.

As such, the MACC chief commissioner also found no criminal case against the

The independent panel comprised two former Federal Court judges and a Court
of Appeal judge, Datuk Abdul Kadir Sulaiman, Datuk Wira Mohd Noor Ahmad and
Datuk Mohamad Noor Abdullah, who were appointed as DPPs in the case by the

Anwar had in July last year, alleged that Abdul Gani and Musa had fabricated
evidence or information pertaining to the assault on him, giving him a black
eye, by the then IGP Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Noor while in police custody in

The statement said MACC viewed seriously Anwar's allegation that the
commission failed to act against the AG and IGP after he lodged a police

Following this, MAAC (which was then known as the Anti-Corruption Agency -
ACA) carried out a two-month investigation from July 2, 2008, with Abdul
Gani and Musa as the prime subjects of the investigation, which recorded
statements from witnesses including Anwar himself.

Taking into consideration that this was a sensitive, high-profile and
public-interest case, the MACC proposed the setting up of an independent
panel with the three members acting as DPPs to look into the case, the
statement said.

Meanwhile, in the Dewan Rakyat today, Minister in the Prime Minister's
Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said the panel members did
not discuss the case among themselves and dealt with it professionally and

"Majority-wise, the panel found that the AG and IGP did not commit any
criminal offence in the case as alleged," he said in reply to a question
from Gobind Singh Deo (DAP-Puchong).

Mohamed Nazri said two of the three panel members cleared Abdul Ghani of any
wrongdoing while all the members made the same decision on Musa.

"I am not able to say here who had agreed or disagreed (with regards to
allegation against Abdul Ghani)," he said, adding that the panel's decision
took time to be announced as several factors had to be considered.– BERNAMA

AG, IGP 'cleared' in black-eye case
Rahmah Ghazali and S Pathmawathy | Mar 11, 09 11:18am [extract]

One panel member found case against AG

Nazri said the authorities required "ample time to make the decision public
so that it would not be doubted by some parties".

Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timor) then questioned Nazri as to who had made the
final decision, since the investigation had been conducted independently.

"Let's say one of them decides that the AG is guilty. In that case, who
makes the final decision?" asked Lim.

Nazri explained that the decision was made based on the majority view, and
in this case, all three members had found no case against the IGP, and only
one had found a case against the AG.

He however refused to divulge further details.

Anwar Ibrahim, an Interview in Malaysia
10 Mar 09

By Dinda Elliott

What is it that makes some people so courageous, willing to risk everything
for something they believe in? I am asking myself this question, thinking
about how we Americans take so much for granted in the freedoms we enjoy
every day.

In the cool, high-ceilinged villa that is home to Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's
former deputy prime minister, who spent six years in solitary confinement
after challenging then prime minister Mahathir Mohammad, the drone of
Islamic music fills the living room. The Anwar family is religious-his wife
and daughters, now both politicians in their own rights, proudly wear
tudongs, Malaysian headscarves reflecting Islamic modesty-and I figure the
music is part of the Muslim atmosphere of their daily lives. But I am a
little worried that my tape recorder will not pick up Anwar's soft voice
above the din. I have waited ten years for this interview.

As Hong Kong bureau chief for Newsweek magazine, I had covered the
anti-corruption and reform movement Anwar launched in 1998. Before he went
to jail, I had interviewed Anwar and gotten to know him a little bit.
Through secret channels, I was able to publish a letter from Anwar in prison
when Newsweek named him "Asian of the Year." Or rather, I should say Anwar
found a way-and dared-to sneak a letter to me.

I ask Anwar how he survived six years in solitary confinement. "It wasn't
easy," Anwar replies. The worst moment, he says, was when his mother died.
He just stared and stared at the wall, not knowing what to do. Mahathir had
ordered to have cameras installed just outside his cell to prevent guards
from chatting with him. Nonetheless, sympathetic guards would shout to the
clinic down the hall that Anwar had a headache so that he could have some
human contact. There, he tells me, he saw a young Indian man who had been
severely caned for a simple theft. "As a politician, I used to say to people
'I feel for you,'" Anwar says, "but after prison, when you have seen
something like that, it is very different. Yes, I feel other people's pain."

Halfway through our talk, Anwar stands up to turn off the music, which has
reached a louder pitch. "Even here, we always have to keep on some music,
because you know," he says, pointing to the ceiling, "there is always
someone listening." Right now, Anwar is facing more charges-the second time
the government has gone after him for alleged sodomy. The case has been
kicked up to the high court, and Anwar says he may well go back to jail.

But the anti-corruption movement he launched has taken on steam. Last year,
the opposition to the coalition that has ruled Malaysia for 50 years won
five states out of 13, and the ruling coalition lost its two-thirds
majority. Things have gotten vicious of late, as the ruling elite, widely
considered to be extremely corrupt, fight to hold onto power. Most
Malaysians think that is the reason the new case has been raised against
Anwar. "Yes, they would like to get rid of me," says Anwar. "But I believe
we will prevail."

There are certainly Malaysians who are suspicious of Anwar, arguing that he
is a slick politician just like the rest of them. But like him or not, this
man has more courage than I can possibly imagine. Yes, he is a politician;
but at least he has a vision of a different, clean Malaysia. And Anwar is
willing to risk everything for the sake of that goal.

Further reading:
* "Sexual Politics, Malaysia Style": The first charges again Anwar Ibrahim

THE recent challenge by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's defence team against the validity of the Attorney-General's certificate to transfer his sodomy case from the Sessions Court to the High Court has again highlighted the need to seriously examine the role of the Attorney-General.

The Attorney-General, it was argued, was not competent to issue the certificate as a report, which had been made against him for alleged tampering with evidence in Anwar's first sodomy case in 1988, was still being investigated. The Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court ruled last Friday that the certificate was invalid.

The scope of the Attorney-General's powers in Malaysia has long been a subject of debate and controversy. He is the chief legal adviser to the government and is responsible for advising ministers involved in legal proceedings in their official capacity.

But as public prosecutor, he is also entrusted with power, which he uses at his discretion, to start, conduct or discontinue any proceedings for an offence, other than proceedings before a Syariah court, a native court or a court-martial.

His dual role has posed a real problem. A conflict of interest is bound to arise if he has to institute criminal proceedings against members of the government.

The ongoing Altantuya Shaariibuu prosecution, surrounded by rumours involving important political figures, is a case in point.

Some countries in the Commonwealth, such as Australia and Canada, do not have such a problem. There the job of reviewing evidence, and beginning and conducting prosecution of offences, is entrusted to a Director of Public Prosecutions.

Since he is unencumbered by the sort of duties and functions the Attorney-General has, he is kept away from direct government influence and is able to act with impartiality in assessing whether or not to prosecute a case. His decision is based on whether there is a realistic prospect of conviction on the evidence available and whether it is in the public interest for the prosecution to begin.

The Attorney-General in such a system would be a government minister. This would remove the structural defect in the present Malaysian system which constantly invites accusations that the Attorney-General is motivated by bias or is being selective in instituting criminal proceedings.

If he were made a part of the political party in power, the Attorney-General would not need to pretend to be neutral. Though not directly involved in deciding whether to institute criminal prosecutions, he should be responsible for overseeing and superintending the prosecution services of the country and should answer to Parliament for the conduct of the Director of Public Prosecutions and of his department.

There is currently no formal mechanism requiring the Attorney-General to account for his conduct in relation to prosecutions of criminal proceedings. In spite of the wide powers he wields, he has no duty to report to the prime minister, cabinet or Parliament.

There has been no call for him to account for the failure of a number of high-profile prosecutions, which commenced with much fanfare but ended up being a waste of public funds.

Last year, Tan Sri Eric Chia, the former managing director of Perwaja Steel, was acquitted after 43 days of trial without his defence being called.

In acquitting the accused, the presiding High Court judge heavily criticised the conduct of the prosecution, especially their failure to call several key witnesses who had obvious knowledge of the material elements of the case.

With reference to particular key witnesses from Japan, the judge questioned whether it was the Japanese witnesses who were "reluctant" to come or "the prosecution was the one reluctant to bring them here".

The prosecution of Koh Kim Teck, a businessman, and his two bodyguards, who were charged with murdering 14-year-old Chinese national Xu Jian Huang, and who were acquitted in 2005, is another case in point.

After a trial lasting 36 days and with 39 prosecution witnesses having given evidence, the presiding judge found that the prosecution had not brought forward any evidence which could implicate the accused in the murder and that there had been no "prima facie" case made out to warrant the defence being called to answer the charge.

The prosecution had apparently omitted to call material witnesses, including the investigating officer for the case and Koh's driver who had reportedly given a cautioned statement that he had seen both bodyguards throw Xu into the swimming pool where he was eventually found. Two other material witnesses who were present in the house were also not called.

Yet another was the prosecution for the murder of Noritta Samsudin, where the accused was acquitted after 29 days of trial. The prosecution appealed against the acquittal right up to the Federal Court.

In dismissing the appeal, the Federal Court noted that there was a gaping hole in the prosecution's case, where it failed to sufficiently account for the likelihood of there being another person present at Noritta Samsudin's condominium unit who could also have committed the crime. No one else has been charged for the murder.

Any discussion on expensive and long-running criminal trials would not be complete without reference to the Irene Fernandez trial which spanned seven years and took over 300 days to complete.

It is still not over for the Tenaganita director, who was convicted in 2003 of publishing false news about the ill-treatment of detainees in camps for illegal immigrants. Her appeal against this conviction to the High Court has been the subject of numerous delays and has yet to be heard.

The Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial will also go on record as one of the longest trials in Malaysian history.

After more than 150 days, Abdul Razak Baginda was acquitted of abetting the murder and discharged on Oct 31, while the two police officers charged with her murder have been called to enter their defence.

As it is the taxpayers' funds that ultimately pay for all criminal prosecutions, they have a vested interest in knowing how such cases, which appear to be ill-prepared, can be brought to trial.

It is imperative that the Attorney General's wide powers be subject to close scrutiny and not be permitted to be exercised arbitrarily.

If the government is truly serious in wanting to improve and restore public confidence in the administration of justice in this country, it must be prepared to review the presently unfettered powers of the Attorney-General.

**Raja Aziz Addruse is a former Bar Council president and former president of the National Human Rights Society (Hakam). Ding Jo-Ann is a Kuala Lumpur-based lawyer.


However, considering Nasir Safar's 'special status', the AG also can't decide on the matter. The AG will have to 'seek guidance' from the Prime Minister as to whether to charge Nasir Safar or not.

Raja Petra Kamarudin

45 police reports have been made against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's former special officer, Nasir Safar. So the police have no choice but to 'record his statement'. That is the SOP of the Malaysian police force. If a police report is made against you then they must record your statement.

I remember, last year, IGP Musa Hassan said that they are not able to take any action based on rumours and Internet postings. A police report must first be made before the police can take action. And the action to take would be to record the statement of the one the police report has been made against. Then they will investigate the matter and decide if a crime has been committed.

Allow me to digress a bit here. In my own criminal cases, it was the police who made a police report against me. In other words, no police report was made against me. And since they can't take action against me unless a police report is first lodged, the police themselves made a police report against me.

So the police do not need anyone to make a police report before they take action against you. If they really want to take action but no police report has been made, the police themselves can make that police report, as what happened to me.

Okay, now back to the issue in hand, if the police — after the statement has been recorded and an investigation has been completed — is of the view that a crime has been committed, they still can't take action yet. Instead, they must refer the matter to the Attorney-General, who will then decide if there is any case to prosecute.

Assuming the AG feels the evidence is not strong enough or they do not quite have a case, then the file will be stamped NFA (No Further Action) and the matter will be closed.

That is how the Malaysian system works.

If I want to write about this matter in greater detail then this article would certainly run into 100 pages. Many of you will for sure not read any piece that is 100 pages long. As it is, I am already receiving complaints from my dear friend Chris that my four- to five-page articles are too cheong hei. Imagine what she will say about a 100-page article.

So, as to not annoy Chris, I will try to keep this piece within five pages or so. After all, this is not a thesis for my law degree. In case you are not already aware, I am practicing law without a law degree just like I write about Islam without first obtaining a degree from the International Islamic University (UIA).

And so that I can keep this article within the required length, I would like to refer to just ONE case. This one case should be sufficient to demonstrate the point I am trying to get across.

In 1999, the Parti Keadilan Nasional Youth Leader, Ezam Mohd Nor, called a press conference to reveal the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA and now called MACC) investigation papers against Trade and Industry Minister Rafidah Aziz. The ACA investigation revealed that Rafidah had committed an act of corruption.

Now, we must also remember, around that time Anwar Ibrahim too was indicted for corruption and was found guilty and was sentenced to six years jail. But Anwar's 'crime' involved no monetary gain. Rafidah's crime did.

Rafidah never denied the act. She in fact admitted it. But she explained that she sat in the meeting that approved the shares to her own son-in-law because Mahathir's son's application for shares was also being decided at the same time. According to Rafidah in her press statement, Mahathir had instructed her to make sure that his son got those shares.

So she sat in the meeting to ensure that the committee did just that, approve the shares for Mahathir's son. When it came to approving the shares for her own son-in-law, she abstained from voting due to 'conflict of interest', although she did not leave the room when they deliberated on the matter.

Rafidah did not need to vote on the matter. All she needed to do was to sit there and no officer would dare vote against her son-in-law. No government officer in his right mind would dare oppose giving millions worth of shares to his or her own minister's son-in-law.

If you personally know Rafidah then you will know that she is a very strong-willed woman. She is not known as 'The Iron Lady' for nothing. All she needs to do is to stare at you and your balls will shrink (or tits, if you are a woman). She even dared challenge Mahathir and whacked him good and proper.

Anyway, the ACA and AG were both of the view that Rafidah committed a crime by sitting in the meeting that approved the shares to her own son-in-law. And the AG endorsed the ACA investigation papers and recommended that Rafidah be arrested and charged for corruption.

But before any Minister, Deputy Minister, or any 'big shot', can be arrested and charged, the AG must first obtain the approval of the Prime Minister. And the Prime Minister then, Dr Mahathir, said no. So the file was closed with a NFA stamp on the front cover.

The ACA said charge. The AG said charge. The PM said no charge. And that is what finally happened. No charge.

And Ezam revealed this entire episode to the public during a press conference in 1999. And he showed the reporters the documents to prove his allegation. Ezam was not lying. He was telling the truth. But the documents he revealed to the media had RAHSIA stamped on them. So Ezam was arrested and charged under the Official Secrets Act. He was then put on trial, found guilty, and sentenced to two years jail.

Ezam was actually under Internal Security Act detention in the Kamunting Detention Centre at that time. So all they needed to do was to transfer him from Kamunting to the Kajang Prison to serve out his sentence. He never saw freedom until two years later.

For the government to win its case against Ezam they had to admit that the documents are genuine and are not fakes. Therefore, in that same breath, the government confirmed Ezam's story about Rafidah. To send Ezam to jail they must admit the authenticity of the documents. If they say Ezam is lying, then how to charge him under the Official Secrets Act?

Okay, the police are now going to record the statement of this Nasir Safar chap. Now, whether the police investigation uncovers any crime committed by Nasir Safar is one thing. But even if they do, they still can't charge him yet. They need to hand the file over to the AG for him to decide whether to charge Nasir Safar or not.

However, considering Nasir Safar's 'special status', the AG also can't decide on the matter. The AG will have to 'seek guidance' from the Prime Minister as to whether to charge Nasir Safar or not.

Okay, that is one issue. Next would be the recorded statement made by private investigator Bala concerning the Altantuya murder. During his detention and interrogation, Bala told the police that Nasir Safar was there when Sirul and Azilah picked up Altantuya and later murdered her.

A police report was made. The required 'recorded statement' was made. Will the police now look into this as well or is this one more case of NFA?

I would place RM1,000 on a bet that BOTH cases will end up with a NFA stamp on them. Want to take this bet? I could certainly do with the money.

Oh, and before I forget, read Raja Nazrin's statement below: Do Not Mock the Law. Nazrin should be addressing this statement to the police and AG.

Oh, and one more thing, the Malacca CPO, Senior Assistant Commissioner (I) Datuk Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof, mentioned in the Star news report below, is the police officer who met Saiful in the Concorde Hotel two days BEFORE Anwar was alleged to have sodomised him. Rodwan was also accused of fabricating evidence during the Sodomy 1 trail as well.


Cops to take statement from Nasir

Police will record a statement from the Prime Minister's former special officer Datuk Nasir Safar over his alleged racist remarks during a 1Malaysia seminar here on Tuesday.

The statement is expected to be taken from Nasir, who is being investigated under the Sedition Act, in Kuala Lumpur some time on Friday.

Malacca CPO Senior Assistant Commissioner (I) Datuk Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof said police have almost wrapped up their investigation.

"We are speeding up the investigation as it involves a case of public interest.

"The investigation is about 85% complete and we have interviewed 30 people so far," he told reporters here on Friday.

He added that police had received a total of 45 reports against Nasir — 13 in Perak, nine in Malacca, five in Kedah, four in Penang, Pahang and Selangor, and three in Negri Sembilan and Johor.

He said police are expected to complete their probe by early next week before submitting the investigation papers to the deputy public prosecutor.

It was learned that among those called up for their statement were a state assemblyman, state MIC members, six journalists, officers from the State Special Affairs Department, the venue management and participants of the seminar.

Nasir, who was a speaker at the Rapat 1Malaysia seminar at the Melaka International Trade Centre in Ayer Keroh on Tuesday, caused a furore when he allegedly uttered racist remarks resulting in several local MIC and MCA members walking out of the hall.

He subsequently explained that he did not intend to make any racist remarks and apologised, following which he tendered his resignation. – The Star


Raja Nazrin: Do Not Mock the Law

The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, today reminded legal practitioners not to mock nor smear the country's laws.

He said as legal practitioners, they should not only refer to or value a law when it benefited them, but dismiss or mock it if they felt it did not benefit them.

Raja Nazrin said this was because laws were important in ensuring continuity and credibility of an administration or government.

"Your level of excellence and honour in the legal profession in the public eye in future will depend on your wisdom and disciplined practice from now," he said at the presentation of the Certificate of Legal Practice issued by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board, Malaysia, to 238 recipients, here, today.

Raja Nazrin said if justice failed to be effectively and professionally managed, society and the nation would be heading towards destruction with crime becoming much more rampant.

"The legal enforcement machinery is seen to be getting weaker, perhaps personal interest are above professional interest now. Those who make professional interest their prioroty are a minority, who are sidelined from the main decision-making process in an organisation.

"The highest-level mechanism is also seen as increasingly weak to the extent that the public have come to regard the court as mere drama stage and losing their respect and trust.

"This scenario is no creation, but a precursor to the downfall of many Third World countries. The people suffer while the countries' top leaders flee and become exiles in other countries or hunted down for their wrongdoings."

The Perak Raja Muda said justice could not be administered in society or country if the laws contained elements of oppression and giving privileges to the powerful to dominate the weak and the rich to oppress the poor.

In fact, he said, there would be no justice if the legal machinery was impotent.

"A country's sovereignty depends on its seriousness in honouring its laws mirrored by its firmness and never compromising with practices that disrespect the law, and by its intolerance towards malpractices like misappropriation, criminal breach of trust, power abuse and corruption.

"There is sovereignty of the law if there is a strong spirit to uphold the law and truth as a way of life."

He said sovereignty of the law could also be guaranteed as long as the process of meting justice at the courts was not marred by unethical practices done from outside the courts to influence the decisions.

Raja Nazrin said managing justice required the collective role of various quarters, besides the professional understanding and respect for the ethics of every agency or individual involved.

"If the investigating and prosecuting officers do not produce quality work and show a high level of professionalism, if the defence counsel violate their professional code of ethics and if judges sacrifice the principle of truth, then justice will be compromised," he said. –Malaysian Digest

Posted by the taxidriver786

Security secrets on sale

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 08:42 AM PST

So, who's actually selling our national security documents to foreign governments? How much are they being paid? Which country is so keen to have our military secrets? Are they so concerned about the ability of our armed forces or are they looking at us as a threat?

I was not surprise when Defense Minister Zahid Hamid revealed this yesterday. Neither was I feeling alarm about it.

This has been the world security trend since the end of the Cold War. Mostly every developed and developing countries are watching each other, watch and being spied on. In Asean, there is already a kind of alert when Singapore failed to honor the concept of Zopfan (Zone of Peace, Free and Neutral) when the Republic became its first member to host the Israel Embassy.

Among Muslim countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, Singapore's behaviour has pushed suspicion up above the diplomatic general order, thus drawing scepticism from among other members.

But it was not Singapore as denied by Zahid. The said country is a bit further. He did not elaborate. Could it be China? I dont think so as Malaysia-China relation is at its best since Najib Tun Razak became the prime minister last April. He cemented it further during his visit to Beijing.

Which country could it be?

Those rascals - whether they are from the public or private sectors - must be apprehended and sent to jail for a long, long time. They are lucky for staying in Malaysia (if they are Malaysians). In many countries like China, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Cuba, Russia and North Korea, the penalty for such a crime is death penalty, before the firing squad, the gas chamber or by the gallow.

Why was I not surprised? Because I have seen people selling government blueprints to others. My only question is, where do we keep such documents like blueprints and security secret papers so that it wont fall to this kind of people?

No, I was also not alarmed because we are such a friendly nation. We dont habor any ill-feeling toward others and neither do we have any intention to conquer others. Our armed forces may be inferior as compared to some countries in the region but they are well trained for special purposes, especially in keeping the country safe from any subversive activities.

Back to what Zahid said, the people who earn living by selling our security information. Who could they be?

Let us be sensible here. Do you think this is the first time this is happening? Do you believe when someone tells you how many times to went to the toilet yesterday?

I am sure that such activity has been going on and on for decades. It could has started during the era of Parti Komunis Malaya. Yes, they laid down their weapons in the mid 1980s but some of their cadres (in my personal opinion) are still at the ideology.

While are now so busy preventing crimes and other unpleasant elements that may disrupt our peace and harmony, there are still people spinning such an ideology. Are we able to distinguish them?


Posted: 05 Feb 2010 08:15 AM PST

Artikel di bawah adalah diambil dari blog ZainulFaqar. Saya difahamkan Zainulfaqar ada sewaktu Tok Guru memberikan ucapan perasmian kepada program Forum Kalimah 'Allah' di Kota Baru baru-baru ini.

BERNAMA pula melaporkan kononnya Tok Guru menyokong agenda Muzakarah. Apabila rahsia mereka pecah, BERNAMA menukar cerita mereka. Artikel asal mereka boleh baca di bawah sekali. Artikel baru mereka boleh baca di sini
Rupanya Tok Guru mahu UMNO mempunyai minda yang terbuka supaya boleh berdialog SECARA TERBUKA dalam isu-isu yang berkaitan dengan Islam.

Ini jauh dari bentuk MUZAKARAH/Perjumpaan dalam Gelap yang diadakan dengan Pak Lah dan UMNO oleh beberapa pimpinan PAS yang telah menipu ahli2 mereka.
Selamat membaca.

Tulang Besi

Nik Aziz ajak berdialog, supaya Umno kembali pada Islam!

MENTERi Besar Kelantan, Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat semalam menyuarakan niat supaya PAS dan Umno boleh berdialog atas kepentingan Islam, sebagaimana yang telah pun dilakukan dalam Forum Kalimah 'Allah' yang melibatkan tokoh-tokoh dari agama Islam, Kristian dan Buddha.

"Kalau boleh, majlis sebegini (dialog) dibuat antara PAS dan Umno," jelas beliau selepas merasmikan Majlis Penutup Seminar Pemikiran Islam Semasa, anjuran Tabung Amanah Tok Kenali dengan kerjasama Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan.

Beliau yang juga Mursyidul Am PAS mempersoal kewajaran tindakan Umno menentang perjuangan Islam yang dibawa PAS sejak 50 tahun yang lalu.

"5o tahun, Umno bertengkar dengan PAS, apa hasil? Umno menggunakan masa yang begitu banyak (dan) kepakaran (yang) begitu banyak (serta) kewangan yang begitu banyak (untuk) melawan gerakan Islam yang dibawa oleh PAS," jelas beliau di Pusat Tarbiah Islamiah Kelantan (PUTIK), Kota Bharu.

Ujarnya lagi, sejak PAS mengambil alih kerajaan negeri Kelantan, Umno acapkali mempersenda keupayaan PAS dalam membangunkan kerajaan negeri.
Pun begitu, sejak Pakatan Rakyat menguasai Kelantan, Kedah, Selangor, Perak (kemudiannya Umno 'kudeta) dan Pulau Pinang, menurut beliau, Umno tidak berupaya meneruskan pertengkaran dengan PAS menggunakan isu-isu 'pembangunan' seperti dua dekad sebelum ini.

"Masalah pembangunan, PAS buat juga. Sekarang ini pula, (pembangunan di) Pulau Pinang orang lain pula (iaitu Pakatan Rakyat dan DAP) pula (yang) buat, pembangunan negara tidak (dilakukan) Umno (semata-mata)," jelasnya.

"Jadi, tak ada sebab langsung PAS bertengkar dengan Umno (kerana) disebabkan (isu) pembangunan tidak semestinya Umno boleh buat (sebaliknya) sesiapa saja yang memegang (tampuk pemerintahan) negeri (maka) mereka buatlah (pembangunan)."

"Sekiranya (parti) komunis yang pegang Kelantan, maka Kominislah yang buat pembangunan,"

Beliau turut melahirkan harapan supaya para cendekiawan Islam di dalam Umno berfikir tentang tujuan dasar Islam yang diperjuangkan PAS.
"Jadi, tolong fikirlah (selama) 50 tahun Umno bertengkar dengan PAS (sedangkan) PAS ini dibuat (ditubuhkan) oleh alim ulamak Umno," jelasnya.
"Ulama' Umno (yang) tubuh Partubuhan Islam Se-Tanah Melayu (yang) kemudiannya (ditukar) Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS), jadi apa pentingnya Umno nak bertengkar dengan PAS sedangkan PAS bawa (dasar perjuangan) Islam."
Katanya lagi, orang Melayu tidak mengira kaum guru, peladang dan sebagainya pada tahun 1946 semuanya menyertai Umno, tetapi sebahagian daripada mereka kemudiannya meninggalkan Umno pada tahun 1952 kerana Umno tidak komited memperjuangkan Islam di tanah air.
"Jadi, tokoh-tokoh agama (dalam) Umno tolong fikir apa yang saya cakap ini," jelasnya.
Turut menyertai kenyataan media bersama-sama Nik Aziz, Ketua Pengarah akhbar mingguan The Herald yang juga panelis forum, Tuan Lawrence Andrew dan Cendekiawan Islam PKR selaku salah seorang pembentang kertas kerja, Dr. Mohd Nur Manuty.
Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Forum Kalimah 'Allah' menampilkan Ahli Parlimen Machang Saifuddin Nasution selaku mpderator forum, Ketua Eksekutif Kolej Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Ismail Petra (KIAS) Dr. Johari Mat yang juga panelis mewakili agama Islam; serta Naib Presiden Malaysia Consultative Council Buddist, Christian, Sikh, Hindu and Tao (MCCBCSHT) Cawangan Kelantan Loo Choo Siang yang juga panelis mewakili agama Buddha. -END
Nota: Penulis sertakan rakaman penuh MP3 kenyataan Nik Aziz untuk dimuat turun supaya mana-mana pihak yang berniat memanipulasi niat ikhlas Nik Aziz demi kepentingan tertentu, boleh disangkal bersama. KEFAHAMAN ASAS PERUBAHAN!

(LAporan asal BERNAMA)
KOTA BHARU 4 Feb. – Selepas menolak perbincangan kerajaan perpaduan antara Pas dan UMNO, Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat mahu UMNO dan Pas duduk semeja untuk membincangkan isu-isu berkaitan agama Islam daripada berterusan menghabiskan masa bertelagah mengenai politik.

Menteri Besar Kelantan itu berkata, pemimpin UMNO perlu memikirkan mengenai pentingnya kedua-dua parti itu membincangkan isu-isu yang menyentuh agama kerana tiada faedahnya sekiranya kedua-dua parti mengamalkan pendekatan permusuhan politik.

Nik Abdul Aziz juga berkata, tidak ada sebab langsung untuk kedua-dua parti itu bertengkar mengenai isu pembangunan.

"Saya mahu majlis perbincangan mengenai agama Islam (seperti ini) antara UMNO dan Pas sudah lama.

"Lima puluh tahun UMNO bertengkar dengan Pas apa hasilnya, banyak masa habis. Parti itu banyak menggunakan masa, kepakaran dan kewangan untuk melawan gerakan Islam seperti Pas, apa hasilnya melainkan bertengkar," katanya kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri seminar kalimah Allah di sini, hari ini. – Bernama

Stolen Jet Engine Found!

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 08:57 AM PST


 The Malaysian Attorney General Abdul Gani Petail has in a statement today said the stolen jet engine has been found in Uruguay. He has expressed his gratitude to the South American authorities in bringing an end to the case of the stolen jet engines and further added that the two countries will continue to work closely to enable the return of the jet engine to Malaysia.

The Royal Military Airforce Sergeant and a company director has been charged early this month in connection with the theft.

The question remains for Malaysians of the cover up till today as the engines were stolen in 2007 and only made known 2 years later.Why the delay after two years and who are the other parties involved in the theft and sale of the engines as there must have been much more people involved as this is an international transaction. And were any monies discovered from the sale of the engines? As obviously there must have been some monetary transaction for the sale of the engines and the trail of money flow should have been detected and discovered in short in whose bank account are the money. And who are the buyers of the Jet engine or could it be the girls in the photographs as above. 

The case has certainly not ended as implied by the Attorney General if the questions as  stated above could not be fully answered.

Read the Malaysian Air Farce HERE.

An Exposition of the Way in which a Man may Discover the Faults in his Soul.

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 06:18 AM PST

YES, Pete really is, so he told a visiting friend of my Mum. He is in stitches about being flown to the moon when in reality he is on a Mediterranean Cruise with a stopover at the Isle of Capri before he heads toward San Juan to catch the swallows of Capistrano on March 19. Whilst he is thoroughly tickled over his "catch me if you can" capers, I am reliably informed by a sponsor, that he feels irresponsible for having embarrassedd the Police Inspector General in this wild angsa chase! This is his way of saying "Sorry lah, stupid!"

OF course if you have the expertise and that attendant deviousness, everything can be staged. You just need some planning of course. But crucial to a successful staging of an event would be the purchase of a certain breed of accomplices who would for a price, sell their souls to the devil. NO, I got this wrong here…..selling your soul to the devil is just a figure of speech! The devil is not that cheap, and moreover what the hell does the devil in Hell needs money. Hell, combustion is free and eternal, so we are told, yes?
It is the devil incarnate, who walks amongst us…..the ones who will sell their father, mother, wives, sons and daughters and if the price is good, even their brothers an sisters for transitory gains equivalent to, I am told, a ponderous bout of ejaculation experienced after a period of forced abstinence. These would be the actors, stagehands easily available for a price to stage what the master-stager directs! And the master-stager has basketful of these willing accomplices amongst the fleas and lice that infest our police force, judiciary, election commission, macc, air force, even the registra of societies now, and of course the customs and immigration departments. Dang! Which government agencies can say that they have not participated in productions directed by the powers that be.
Here are some of our major mega productions:
Wasn't Sodomy 1 an international box-office hit? (The "irrelevant" judge was not able to receive his Oscar. No! His demise was not staged. His shelf-life just expired.) Of course DSAI staged his own black eyes, what!

By Daniel W. Delaware

BANGKOK: Malaysia, always in the shadow of its sparkling city-state neighbour, now seeks, it seems, to draw the spotlight of world attention upon itself but for entirely the wrong reasons.

The lacklustre Hobson's choice premier Mohammed Najib Tun Abdul Razak, who has been struggling to be taken seriously and continues to struggle mostly, in vain, to try and restore the dwindling fortunes of his party, is behaving like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a fast approaching vehicle.

Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad's wish to see Malaysia join the first world seems to become more and more of a pipe dream. The good doctor's feelings towards Mr Najib's predecessor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, are well known, and the appetite for interfering with the judiciary is said to have started with the good doctor; so unsurprisingly there has been a tumult of criticism from human rights groups concerning the latest trial, as Anwar Ibrahim's last conviction was so publicly overturned by Malaysia's highest court after a lengthy delay.

The question all serious Malaysia watchers are asking is: Why is this happening again? The last bungled attempt to remove Anwar from the political landscape ended in utter ignominy, and the Malaysian state was most certainly the loser. Well, the best guess seems to be the analogy of a drowning man grasping at straws, however hopeless, in order to survive, because as a political strategy another trial is totally bankrupt.

Interestingly, the one factor the plotters appear to have totally overlooked is the present incumbents of the White House and State Department. Both of these current office-holders are unlikely to stay silent if history repeats itself in how Anwar is dealt with. Thailand has recently felt the new realism of the current American administration when the US ambassador in Bangkok wrote a letter to the English-language press deploring the forced repatriation of Hmong refugees to Laos, a most unheard of action in diplomatic protocol.

The Malaysian regime seems to lack the sophistication and good grace to deal with successful opposition as it desperately tries to cling to power. Voters have already punished it at the ballot box and are likely to repeat the process again. A suspect verdict on Anwar will draw nothing but opprobrium from the world at large and pigeonhole the current regime as only slightly more sophisticated than the generals in Burma in how it deals with its opponents, but not that much.—The Nation READMORE of all the the the Yatin Piatu of ethics is talkig about Rais Yatim – is this ethical enough for you?

Have You Been Sodomized?

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 04:46 AM PST

No worry, I can help ...

Anda Diliwat?

Sodomy II: PUSRAWI Medical Report

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 04:34 AM PST

Here is some oldies for your reference: -

According to Dr. Rafick,

1. First of all, it is not a medical report. It is a doctor Out Patient notes. Going by the letterhead, it could have been PUSRAWI record but I cannot be sure because in the cause of my work I have never had the opportunity of seeing any similar documents from PUSRAWI. On the document, it shows that it was signed and the rubber stamp shows the name of Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid. He is a medical officer and probably has done some PR examination in his lifetime. Obviously, it would not be as frequent as a gastroenterologist would.

2. I am going to share with you on what was written on that piece of paper and why I feel RPK has stretched his imagination a bit too far. On the paper, it was written that the patient complains of Tenesmus of one-week duration. The word Tenesmus means difficulty or straining when passing motion. Usually patients do not come to clinics and say they have Tenesmus. They will say that they have not been able or having difficulty in passing motion. I wonder why the doctor uses the word Tenesmus. Whatever it is, the note indicates that the problem has been around for one week. The duration is important.

3. Among others it is also written that the patient did not observe any blood whenever passing out stools. I am no expert in handwriting but if one were to see, there are marked differences in the style and quality of writing after the sentence "not noticed any PR bleed". In my assessment the medical history is badly taken. It keeps repeating the same thing where it says about pain in the anus and not noticing blood in the stools. It was noted that the doctor wrote that the "patient was alleged assaulted by intruding a plastic item in anus" I could not make out what was written in the next line. The person who wrote this notes failed to document the date and time of the allege incident. This is important. In the medical world when doctor writes some thing happens one week ago may not necessary means that it actually happens 7 days ago. The date and time is important as it has an impact on the injury and potential wounds that has taken place.

4. On the following page of the medical notes some scribbles notes can be observed. Among others, that I can make out includes no pallor and no fever (opallor, o febrile). While it might be the style of writings of some doctors but most doctor put the null sign after the word and not before it (e.g. palloro) . This is the first time I saw a doctor writing putting the null sign before the word in my 20 years of being a doctor.

5. In the next paragraph, general examination shows that there was no pallor, he was comfortable and afebrile (no fever) . It was noted that a per rectal examination was done (P/R) and there was no active bleeding, no ulcer or pus seen, No injury seen, No tear seen.

RPK wrote that "The doctor's report (which can be viewed above) says that there is zero (0) skin tearing, zero (0) active bleeding, zero (0) traces of pus, etc., which basically means he can't be suffering from a pain in the anus as what he alleges." With much regret, I am in the opinion that RPK has jump the gun and made a far-reaching conclusion. His conclusions were unfair. It did not take into account the factor of time that has taken place. It has also not look at the issue of the mechanism of injury. I will deal with this in the later paragraph.

8. The doctor made the diagnosis TRO Assault (Sodomise). The short form TRO is a common terminology that is use by doctors, which means "To Rule Out" . What it means here is that, the doctor is in the opinion that the diagnosis of sodomy need to be rule out and not as what RPK has interpreted that it has been rule out. ( RPK says: The doctor's diagnosis is that he rules out or TRO (to rule out) assault (sodomised)). Again, RPK has jump the gun and made the wrong conclusion. RPK also mention that "In short: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan is not suffering any pain in the anus and neither was he assaulted or sodomised in the anus". Well RPK, I feel you have put words, which the doctor did not say.

9. Under the heading of "Rawatan", the person wrote "Advice to go to government hospital" and "(plan to do a police report)" RPK wrote "Saiful then said he would like to make a police report so Dr Mohamed Osman suggested he go for a second medical examination at a government hospital". I think there is a twist here. The writings did not say that the doctor advice him to go to hospital because he wants to make a police report but merely stating that the patient has indicated that he wants to make a police report.

10. Under the circumstances, it is quite clear that what the good person (doctor) have done is the right thing. He has advice the patient to go to the government hospital for a second opinion. This is a norm. I am sure he made that advice because, no private specialist or doctors wants to be involved with such a headache. This is a norm. Private hospitals tend to push death cases, potential medico legal cases to government hospital. They will not take it. The person action is justified.

11. RPK continues to narrate his writing in his usual fashion. I have a lot of respect for RPK and I know he has a large following. However, I think RPK should not have made such conclusion just to set the mind of the readers. In this case, especially when many readers would have jump to the conclusion on seeing the writings and the PUSRAWI medical notes. This is simply irresponsible. This would make people to lose their trust on you, RPK.

13. Please, allow me to interpret and explain what the person who wrote the notes has written. This is based on the 2-piece document that RPK published.

· This is a case of a male by the name of MSB with an IC No 850706015687. He went to see a doctor about one week after being alleged assaulted with a plastic object in his anus.

· There was no mention about the plastic object details like its length, width, thickness and hardness. If it was a small and soft plastic object and has been lubricated then, it is expected that a tear did not take place. If it is a big object like a proctoscope and adequately lubricated, there will be no tear. For a tear to take place, the object must have not been lubricated and probably of a decent size. If it is a small object, it must have been sharp and was done against the persons will. If the person is experience with anal sex, his action was voluntarily, then I do not expect any tear.

· The patient did not complain that he has seen any blood in the stools. This was confirms by the examination which shows that there was no tear or ulcer.

· The examination was very limited in value as it is only a PR and not a proctoscope. It is not even mention about the prostate size, the tension of the anal sphincter or colour of stools, which means that the doctor probably did not put his finger into the patient anus.

· In most likelihood, the doctor merely does an external anus examination, which will not show longitudinal mucosal anal tear if it was present. The fact that there was no complains of seeing blood means that there is no vascular tear. There was no infection and as such, there would be no pus.

14. In conclusion, I would like to say that RPK has misinterpreted the facts. He has also exaggerated the interpretation of the doctor writings. I think who ever has been advising him , has not given a fair opinion His writings have come to such a skewed conclusion and now his writings is being politicised. Overall, I think this medical note has not proved or disapprove anything.

Above are the medical notes that is extracted from Malaysia Today. It is placed here for your reading and analysis.

Kangaroo Court

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 04:28 AM PST

Inline with the Sodomy II, I guess some of you may want to embed this Kangaroo theme video which is unfortunately a Blogger embed, pretty lame in term of quality as compared to YouTube.

Anyway, just grab the embed code below the video if you are interested.

Paste this code in your blog: -

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A loan is not the solution

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 03:29 AM PST

The government needs to urgently study and find effective ways of encouraging fathers to be responsible for their children, as well as, effective mechanisms to improve the enforcement of maintenance orders, writes our correspondent

Hindu Sangam's Pandora Box

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 02:43 AM PST

Malaysiakini informs us in its news article Revoke Nasir Safar's citizenship: Indian NGOs that: A group of Malaysian Indian NGOs led by Hindu Sangam Malaysia will initiate legal action against Nasir Safar, demanding that his citizenship be revoked.

Now, Nasir Safar might have been a racist in making outrageous bigoted comments in which he was alleged to say that '... Indians who came to Malaysia were beggers and Chinese women came to 'jual tubuh' (engage in flesh trade) ...'.

He deserves to be condemned, sued, charged under the Sedition Act and jailed, or even detained under the ISA.

But for Indian NGOs, especially Hindu Sangam, to demand that he be stripped of his citizenship is not only over the top but unbelievably stupid.

What if the government indeed strips Nasir Safar of his citizenship?

Won't that be a f* precedent, where the government CAN then on STRIP any Malaysian of HIS/HER CITIZENSHIP, because of a racist statement made, or for whatever it believes Malaysians ought to have their citizenships taken away?

Which community will be the most likely to lose if Hindu Sangam succeeds in opening the Citizenship Pandora Box?

While I can understand the average Indian in the street making such an emotionally dangerous statement, I cringe at and bemoan the reality that it had been Hindu Sangam who did it.

No Malaysian should ever fear having his or her citizenship ever taken away - it's his/her inviolable constitutional rights.

Idiots! Dumbos! Bodoh! How can you represent or speak for Indian Malaysians?

What Wrong Has Nasir Safar Done?

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 01:37 AM PST

By Tan Teik Lye

Goh Wei Liang wrote in his Blog A PIECE OF MY MIND that he sympathizes with the racist Nasir Safar and that we should all forgive and forget what he said about the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia. Maybe, Goh Wei Liang feels nothing about his grandmother being called a PROSTITUTE. Or maybe his grandmother is a virgin. The following is what Goh Wei Liang wrote in his Blog.

Like it or not, I do not agree with Barisan Nasional Youth's stand to push for ISA to be enforced on Datuk Nasir Safar's words.

He has duly resigned as the Special Officer of our PM and claim individual responsibility over his words. In no way is his stand reflective of our Prime Minister, UMNO or Barisan Nasional.

Why must Datuk Nasir Safar be arrested under ISA ? BN Youth must be clear that the Youth movement and the senior movement were among those who called for an ISA review.

If his words are deemed insensitive towards Malaysian unity and could contribute to instability, then allow the Police and Attorney General to prosecute him based on other Malaysian laws (if any).

Leave ISA out of this matter. He is just a Special Officer, not a Leader. His words carry no weight and BN politicians have unanimously condemned his remarks made in Malacca.

Having said this, the message by the Prime Minister's Department is clear.

None of us agree, acknowledge or condone to such insensitivity and utter disrespect to all communities who contributed to the nation's success - be it Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Iban, Kadazan, the Aborigines (Orang Asli), as well as other tribes and races.

The "get out now" message or "I am sorry, I claim responsibility and I quit" message is sufficient and let us move on.

We have kids to educate, hungry families to feed, a sleeping economy to develop, and a successful nation to build.

DUN Perak Bakal Dibubar? PR-BN Mula Gerakkan Jentera

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 01:22 AM PST

Sumber: Merdeka Review
Penulis: Qin Lang
Terjemah Oleh: Lim Hong Siang
Tajuk: DUN Perak Bakal Dibubar? PR-BN Mula Gerakkan Jentera

Seandainya Mahkamah Persekutuan menyetujui penghakiman Mahkamah Rayuan, maka Menteri Besar Barisan Nasional, Zambry Jamaluddin adalah Menteri Besar yang sah. Maka, Nizar Jamaluddin gagal memulihkan jawatannya sebagai Menteri Besar melalui saluran kehakiman yang lain. Sebaliknya, seandainya Mahkamah Persekutuan menolak penghakiman Mahkamah Rayuan, Nizar Jamaluddin akan kembali menjadi Menteri Besar.....

Merdeka Review

Politik mula bergolak di negeri Perak berikutan desas-desus pembubaran Dewan Undangan Negeri sejak kebelakangan ini. Pada hakikatnya, khabar angin ini tersebar sejak rampasan kuasa pada 6 Februari 2009. Tetapi, pengalaman lalu yang berakhir dengan "satu lagi pembohongan", telah menghakis harapan orang ramai. Namun, kemungkinan khabar angin ini menjadi kenyataan amat tinggi untuk kali ini.

Mahkamah Persekutuan bakal mengumumkan penghakiman terhadap kes "Menteri Besar Perak yang sah" pada 9 Februari yang akan datang. Ini merupakan saluran terakhir Menteri Besar Pakatan Rakyat (PR) di Perak, Mohd. Nizar Jamaluddin untuk merayu melalui sistem kehakiman sejak dilucutkan dari jawatannya.

Seandainya Mahkamah Persekutuan menyetujui penghakiman Mahkamah Rayuan, maka Menteri Besar Barisan Nasional, Zambry Jamaluddin adalah Menteri Besar yang sah. Maka, Nizar Jamaluddin gagal memulihkan jawatannya sebagai Menteri Besar melalui saluran kehakiman yang lain. Sebaliknya, seandainya Mahkamah Persekutuan menolak penghakiman Mahkamah Rayuan, Nizar Jamaluddin akan kembali menjadi Menteri Besar.

Menurut maklumat dari sumber PR, penghakiman oleh lima orang panel ini memihak kepada PR. Oleh itu, PR yakin bahawa mereka akan menang dalam perbicaraan ini, malah berjanji akan menghadap Sultan untuk memohon agar DUN dibubarkan.

Pengumuman langkah BN yang mesra rakyat

BN dikhabarkan tidak mempunyai keyakinan penuh untuk menang dalam kes ini. Lebih-lebih lagi BN dikatakan berniat untuk membubarkan DUN, tetapi menunggu saat-saat yang terbaik. Situasi ini menjurus kepada peningkatan kemungkinan pembubaran DUN.

Oleh kerana niatnya untuk memburu kesempatan terbaik agar mengembalikan sokongan rakyat, BN terpaksa mengakur kepada hasrat rakyat sejak rampasan kuasa. Selain pengumuman langkah-langkah yang "mesra rakyat", kerajaan BN sanggup memberi laluan dalam isu yang dibantah atau diperjuangkan oleh rakyatnya. Setidak-tidaknya, ini jarang berlaku semasa zaman pemerintahan kerajaan negeri BN dahulu.

Kebelakangan ini, pengumuman peruntukan dana, tanah menjadi lebih kerap daripada kerajaan negeri BN, malah memperlihatkan keberkesanan yang tinggi. Segala-gala ini merupakan cubaan untuk menawan hati rakyat.

Bukan itu sahaja, BN yang kini memegang kuasa untuk membubarkan DUN, mengambil sikap yang lain daripada dahulu, ketika berdepan dengan khabar pembubaran DUN kali ini. Ramai pemimpin memberi reaksi secara berasingan, bahawa "khabar angin ini diada-adakan oleh PR", "dakwaan yang menghina mahkamah". Bahkan, EXCO kerajaan negeri BN, Hamidah Osman mengadakan sidang media khas untuk memberi reaksi kepada khabar angin ini.

MCA bersungguh-sungguh mengembalikan kerusi

Satu lagi hujah mendakwa bahawa parti komponen BN mahu membubarkan DUN, tetapi tidak dipersetujui sesetengah pemimpin UMNO. Untuk MCA yang hanya tinggal dengan satu kerusi, Gerakan dan MIC yang tidak mendapat satu kerusi pun dalam PRU ke-12, menganggap hanya dengan pembubaran DUN, barulah mereka berpeluang untuk mendapatkan lebih kerusi.

Khabar angin di atas belum pasti kebenarannya. Yang pastinya, kedua-dua pihak BN dan PR telah mula menggerakkan jentera kempen untuk pilihan raya, sebagai persiapan seandainya PR diputuskan menang oleh Mahkamah Persekutuan, dan pembubaran DUN yang menyusul selepasnya.

Pemimpin BN peringkat pusat akan melawat ke Perak untuk menunjuk kekuatan, setiap kali khabar pembubaran DUN tersebar, terutamanya pemimpin MCA yang akan mengunjungi "kubu" mereka, menunjukkan kesungguhan untuk merampas kembali kerusi yang dimenangi PR dalam PRU ke-12.

Ahli Majlis PBT

Oleh kerana masih memegang kuasa kerajaan negeri, Mah Hang Soon yang memegang portfolio Kesihatan, Kerajaan Tempatan, Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Alam Sekitar, Pengangkutan Awam & Hal Ehwal Bukan Islam telah mengarahkan agar Ahli Majlis Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) mengangkat sumpah jawatan sebelum 5 Februari. Ini mencungkil syak wasangka bahawa langkah ini sebagai persiapan terhadap penghakiman yang bakal diumumkan pada 9 Februari.

Pada tahun lalu, Ahli Majlis Perbandaran Taiping PR telah mengangkat sumpah jawatan sebelum rampasan kuasa pada 6 Februari. Jadi, BN terpaksa memeras otak untuk memaksa Ahli Majlis PBT meletak jawatan selepas itu. Walaupun mungkin ada yang menerima realiti bahawa "tukarnya pemimpin, maka tukarlah anak buahnya", namun tindakan BN kali ini tidak disenangi. BN telah dilihat merampas kerajaan negeri Perak dengan kuasanya di peringkat persekutuan. Paksaan mereka terhadap ahli majlis PBT PR mencerminkan imej gelojohnya mereka terhadap kuasa.

Setelah mengambil pengajaran daripada pengalaman yang lalu, BN kini lebih celik dengan menghabiskan upacara angkat sumpah jawatan di 15 majlis PBT, empat hari sebelum penghakiman diumumkan. Niatnya walaupun tersirat, tetapi disedari umum.

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Bilangan kerusi dijangka tak banyak berbeza

Ceramah untuk mendedahkan selok belok rampasan kuasa telah bermula, sejak kerajaan PR ditumbangkan pada tahun lalu. ADUN PR telah membongkarkan penyelewengan BN di kawasan pengundian masing-masing, berjaya menyebarkan mesej bagaimana BN berkomplot untuk merampas kuasa.

Seandaianya DUN Perak dibubarkan dan pilihan raya diadakan, PR dijangka akan menghangatkan sentimen ketidakpuasan komuniti Cina, malah India terhadap BN dengan imej Nizar Jamaluddin yang baik di mata komuniti Cina. Namun demikian, dari kaca mata masyarakat Melayu, Nizar pula digambarkan sebagai pengkhianat Melayu dan boneka DAP. Ini mungkin kelemahan yang ada pada Nizar.

Tidak pelik seandainya Zambry meraih sokongan masyarakat Melayu dengan penguasaan sumber dan kerajinan beliau untuk turun ke kampung Melayu. Di masyarakat Cina pula, tidak kira berapa langkah yang memanfaatkan rakyat, beliau tetap dengan imejnya sebagai ketua rampasan kuasa BN. Beliau dijangka tidak disenangi pengundi Cina.

Namun, setelah tiga orang ADUN keluar dari PR, maka PR telah memiliki 28 kerusi seperti BN, dengan jumlahnya 59 (28vs28+3). Seandainya pemilihan semula mengekalkan perbezaan bilangan kerusi pada satu atau dua, dipercayai rampasan kuasa (peralihan kuasa) mungkin akan berlaku lagi. Ia mungkin tidak terhad kepada tarikh 8 Mac dan 6 Februari.

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Sodomy Refresher

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 01:04 AM PST

By Harcharan Singh

"During the course of Anwar's impending trial, Malaysians will be told of the link Saiful has with Mumtaz Jaafar. Malaysians will also be told who Mumtaz Jaafar is and what her 'special' links with Rosmah are.

Further to that, Malaysians will be told about the relationship between Najib's Special Officer, Khairul Anas, and Saiful — and the less than manly reputation these two buggers had while still in school.

Yes, the excitement and kinky sex that is going to spill over from this trial will cause Astro to lose a lot of business."

'We will have big gathering'

Posted: 04 Feb 2010 11:56 PM PST

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Anwar trial will not derail struggle for justice, democracy

Posted: 04 Feb 2010 03:13 AM PST

Whatever happens to Anwar, Malaysians will continue to demand greater democracy, accountability and socio-economic justice to ensure that the momentum towards change is not derailed, writes Anil Netto.

Why hasn’t the PM taken Nasir to task?

Posted: 03 Feb 2010 10:41 PM PST

Aliran is totally disgusted with the way certain so-called political leaders behave and express themselves, completely ignoring the reality of this country and dismissing the history of this land. Without a care, they spew filth from their dirty mouths and seem hell-bent on creating havoc.

Kill the chicken to warn the monkeys

Posted: 04 Feb 2010 08:28 PM PST

The recent racist remark by a top aide to the Prime Minister may be a signal that all is not well in the dominant party.

A general in the field, no matter how brilliant he is, cannot win battles on his own. He needs to depend on his staff to plan, his subordinates to execute his orders, and most importantly, his foot soldiers to fight his war the way he wants it.

He can be as brilliant as Rommel, deemed one of the best tacticians in the Second World War, but without the support from the people around him, he will never be able to execute his war plans .

A prime minister likewise cannot transform his ideas into actions without the support of his staff and his ministry officials at all levels.

The Prime Minister may be very sincere in wanting to transform the whole political landscape with his 1Malaysia idea, but without the support of the people around him and the cooperation of the civil service, it would be like a general leading an army of discontented and disagreeing soldiers, each wanting to fight his own way.. Worse, this army may have  people bent on undermining the transformation plan. Maybe even a mutiny is possible.

The recent outbursts by this special officer, who is not new to politics, make us wonder whether there is any hidden agenda behind this.

This officer has been going round giving talks no less than 60 times over the past few months. Why the sudden indiscretion?

Any top leader knows that one of the worse things to happen to his image, other than perhaps a sex scandal,  is that of  his closest aide suddenly singing a different tune. It gives an impression that if  people closest to the leader and would thus be relied on to execute the orders of the leader are  not convinced of the 1Malaysia idea, how is this leader going to transform his ideas into action, and how is the whole transformation program going to work?

If there is resistance even at his sides, than it goes without saying that the resistance at party   level would even be greater.

It is natural for any change to be resisted, since it is human nature to resist change. But if there are resistance even at the level where the people are supposed to be handpicked by you and supposed to have sworn loyalty to you, than something is really very very wrong. It is indeed more than just embarrassment.

It is either that this aide is truly against the idea of his boss, or it could signal something even more sinister – that perhaps below the calm water, there are strong undercurrents ready to do havoc.  Either way, this is not a good sign.

It is bad to   lead an army that does not agree with your plan and tactics; but it may be worse if the whole army , under the influence of certain ambitious colonels or retired generals , try to sabotage and perhaps stage a mutiny.

It is up to the general to stand firm and start weeding out those singing a different tunes. An army must have certain discipline; and the general must exercise disciplinary action without fear or favour in order to send a strong signal to those who are in disagreement.

Sometimes, in politics as well as in battles, you need to kill a chicken to warn the monkeys to toe the line.

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