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Sex, politics and football

Sex, politics and football

Sex, politics and football

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 11:15 PM PST

Unlike the case of former England football captain John Terry, the stakes in the Anwar Ibrahim trial are much higher and involve more than personal honour and lost political patronage, writes Yeoh Seng Guan.

Special education: Changing our attitudes

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 11:35 PM PST

Khor Ai-Na, Akemi Utsumi and Terri Faust take a peek inside an institution for people with disabilities and learning problems and call for a change of attitude towards special education.

Islamophobia raging uncontrolled over there in England

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 01:51 PM PST

It's what you don't see being highlighted in our mainstream media. The image of terror and violence that is perpetrated at an almost daily basis over there in the UK.

The United Kingdom.

The photo here shows the burnt out remains of what was once the Cradley Heath Mosque. Arsonists torched the masjid which was serving 400 over Muslims in the West Midlands, England.

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We often hear of some of our friends or families make a beeline to the West in search of a better more affluent life for themselves or their families. Some of them manage to secure better positions over there depending on their professional qualifications and proven work capabilities. Their families might get better housing, perks and benefits by living a lifestyle that is far much more better materialistically compared to what they found themselves living in here.

Yet there are the hidden threats from the rising scourge of Islamophobia that is raging uncontrollably over there in the UK. Fed by negative media portrayal of Muslims and Islam through the various forms of broadcasting and publishing of biased articles, news reports, videos, movies and all other channels of communication, those who are ignorant and academically challenged in Middle England swallow hook, line and sinker all those nasty media propaganda and in turn react destructively against their fellow citizens and the immigrant population just because they are Muslims.

Brother Sharjeel Karim exposes all these crimes against the Muslims of the West here in his site. The West Muslim Chronicle.

I pity the Muslim lady shown here cowering in fear against the intimidating stance of the growing number of the 'English Defence League' hoodlums terrorizing the Muslims living in the UK.

You don't see us giving hell to the Westerners living in our midst here in Malaysia. Maybe Malaysians are more tolerant and accommodating compared to these masked hoodlums and hooligans. Most of them probably might not have completed their secondary education thus resort to violence as a way of life.

We just had a spate of arson take place here in Malaysia as well as a backlash of the usage of the sacred and holy blessed name of 'Allah' by the non believing Catholic Church of Malaysia. Wild boar heads were thrown into the compound of two mosques in Selangor and a couple of surau's were firebombed by culprits still at large.

When will all these end?

Divinely Speaking: Najib Razak

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 01:39 PM PST

Divinely Speaking

Yesterday, we talked about Anwar The Glamorous Hog (I'd tell why later I call him "The Glamorous Hog"). While I shall explore Anwar's divine element in greater details, let's turn our attention to his supposedly nemesis: Najib The Venomous Viper!

Here is some astrological analysis on Najib Razak: -

Public Domain data of the Prime Minister

Earlier births, especially pre-Independence, were typically not furnished with birth times. So I'm left with public domain data to work with. This of course, is not verifiable, and I will have to say what I always say to all those who are interested in divination: the reliability and accuracy of your work is only as reliable and accurate as the data you work with.

From the various sources available, I got the data of the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, it was July 23, 1953 at Kuala Lipis, Pahang., with 7.30 hours MST and his saturnines calculated to UR26gm, NP28vg, PL29cn, his M/C to 26gm.

Below is his chart, with the same considerations as above. His aspects are as follows:

snmc.cnj snms.cnj snrh.opp, mnvn.opp mnjp.opp mnst.sxt mnnp.sxt mnpl.trn, mcms.cnj mcrh.opp, vnjp.cnj vnst.trn vnnp.trn vnpl.sxt, msst.sqr msur.cnj msnp.sqr msrh.opp, jpst.trn jpnp.trn jppl.sxt, stur.sqr stnp.cnj stpl.sxt urnp.sqr nppl.sxt.

In both these cases, I shall use primarily the karakattwas followed closely by the functional traits relevant to the Moon.

These interesting cases give us the opportunity to fall back on the yoga system and to check on the vitality of the moon in the face of a 'missing' lagna. These leaders are characters of 'significance' in the making of the nation's destiny, and their presences in our society's collective unconscious and awareness make their horoscopes directly relevant to the measurement of the nation's own horoscopic 'internal events'. In this case, I'd rather not speculate and fix the lagna to noon or sunrise. Using soli-lunar referencing should give big clues and reveal significant weights in terms of predictive 'value'. Also, the reading of the dasa-bhuktis relative to the planet's rulership and occupancy to the Moon should bear great relevance from this perspective.

For those of you who have not seen this in action, I will show how some aspects of the chart can bear relevance to some specific features of the face. For seasoned divination enthusiasts handle the gochara configurations, calculate their thithi and karana, and see if you can make comments on their natal triggers or recurring configurations. See the obvious, and make your comments. I would like to see what comes to your sight/mind, and I would like to hear you address what you see or what you think you should be saying or doing.

Stay tuned for more ...

Indonesian Fashion Show ... Wow

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 12:43 PM PST

Courtesy of Malaysian Scandal


Posted: 07 Feb 2010 09:37 AM PST

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim who is facing his second charge on sodomy challenges Prime Minister or his deputy to a debate on who has committed treason onto the Malays ....
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Posted: 07 Feb 2010 10:45 AM PST

As part of the admission procedure in the hospital where I work, I ask the patients if they are allergic to anything. If they are, I print it on an allergy band placed on the patient's wrists.

Once when I asked an elderly woman if she had any allergies, she said she couldn't eat bananas.

Imagine my surprise when several hours later a very irate son came out to the nurses' station demanding, "Who's responsible for labeling my mother 'bananas'?"


You and UMNO!

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 12:43 PM PST

Don’t bring the notions of accountability and transparency into this one-of-a-kind relationship.

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 10:11 AM PST

Received this in the email from an anonymous source. Even if it is true I just wish them good luck. The authorities still fail to see the honor in a fair fight. Never mind, bring in your imported cyber-troopers and thereby insulting your local-bred troopers who you have already by this action, labeled as impotent! Not nice lah to call your people useless, innit?

The email: I have reliable information that the recent visit to INDIA by Najib and delegates (UMNO/BN) is mainly to recruit IT professionals and hackers from India for a 3 year contract. It's estimated that more than 200 will be recruited at MYR300 million per annum.)
Their only task is to jeopardize, intercept and disrupt blog sites and bloggers who are not government-friendly. Since they have a strong stranglehold on mass media whereas Internet and local blog media are out of government control, UMNO/BN out of desperation are going all out to weaken local anti-government blogs and bloggers by having these IT pros and hackers to infect viruses and trojans into individual IP addresses through TMnet and Celcom Internet service providers. Najib, Hishamuddin and Rais Yatim, along with a few UMNO/BN cabinet ministers had a closed door meeting with Telekom and Celcom top guns to discuss these matters before Najib left forIndia.

This is planned to affect login passwords, local publication access, slow down systems, and even to the extent of destroying data in hard disks if anyone accesses any anti-government blog sites and to prevent these from posting anti-government news.

This will not affect proUMNO blog sites due to the fact that the interception is based on IP and POP proxy addresses of individual sites and individual access. So, if you access pro-government blog websites, you won't be affected. Out of desperation, UMNO/ BN will ensure that Malaysians won't be able to access news from any anti-government blog portals and these websites won't be able to publish the truth of their corrupt activities and strategies to topple the PR government in the Internet local access.

So will there be two standards on hacking – I alwasys thought hacking was a felony. no?

The email: I have reliable information that the recent visit to INDIA by GHANI PATAIL and delegates IS STUDY HOW THE INDIAN JUDGESOn February 13, in the first of the Nithari serial killing cases to be decided, a trial court pronounced death sentence on Moninder Singh Pandher for a murder that took place when he was far away in Australia. And for the murder of a girl who he did not even know. As the prosecution admitted, there was no evidence to suggest that it was at Pandher's instance that his servant Surender Koli had raped and killed 14-year-old Rimpa Haldar, the victim who lived in a slum near his house. Yet, Pandher was held to be a conspirator mainly because his sexual profligacy was found to have brought out depravity in his servant.
There is also blackmailing going on. This particular Judge from Punjab & Haryana High Court who is allegedly being given a clean chit, had threatened that she alone is not involved and if persecuted she would expose all names. Is it not blackmailing?
Ø Least educated or qualified people occupy the highest position in judiciary. I am sorry to say that many of Judges do not have basic knowledge of English to read, understand and interpret law.
Ø What we need is a common code of conduct for all public servants, be it bureaucracy, members of legislatures, elected representative, constitutional appointees, and Judges. They must declare their assets every year, criminal record, if any, so on and so forth.
Ø And lastly pardon my saying this, what about Journalists, Newspapers & Electronic Media. You are wise enough to appreciate what I mean. We cannot wait for another sixty years for freedom; it should come to us now, and we would get it.
Ø I have not said anything worse that what you have said for Prashant Bhushan.

We just don't seem to get it. The normal standards of accountability don't apply to judges. We are unable to grasp their argument that, much as it is desirable in other institutions, transparency in the judiciary will compromise its independence, a larger constitutional value. Hence, we persist with the folly of expecting judges to be swept away by the wave of transparency triggered by RTI.

This is evident from the two latest attacks on judges on July 17. First, this incorrigible sceptic, Prashant Bhushan, mobilised a statement from 25 eminent citizens denouncing a proposed Bill, which prohibits the declarations of assets made by judges to their respective chiefs from being made public. The statement fails to appreciate Law Minister Veerappa Moily's sensitivity in coming up with a draft that reflects a consensus among judges. As if that were not bad enough, the statement is cheeky enough to suggest that, following the example of their American counterparts, our Lordships too should be transparent about their assets so that we could point out any "unusual accretion" or "false declaration".

But it is not just civil society that is being irreverent to judges. For, the same day, just before shutting for the weekend, the Central Information Commission (CIC) released an order where it repeated its folly of trying to bring the Chief Justice of India under the ambit of RTI. It once again demolished the CJI's position that he need not disclose any information lying in his custody as he was independent and distinct from the Supreme Court, which is a public authority under RTI.

It may be recalled that when CJI K G Balakrishnan had first taken this view about a year ago, it was very much in the context of declarations of assets. Since those declarations were in his custody, the CJI held then that the Supreme Court registry would not entertain any RTI queries concerning them. Yet, in its latest order in another case, the CIC defied the CJI saying, "The institution and its head cannot be two distinct Public Authorities. They are one and the same. Information, therefore, available with the Chief Justice of India must be deemed to be available with the Supreme Court of India."

Like us, the CIC too doesn't seem to get it. The general logic doesn't apply to judges. When others take refuge in opacity, we are justified in suspecting that they are hiding corruption. But when judges wrap themselves in a veil of secrecy, we have to take it that they are actually doing so for our good, so that they are not distracted by allegations of corruption against themselves.

One way of coming to terms with this distinction is to re-adopt the outdated notion that king could do no wrong. Going by his logic, Justice Balakrishnan does seem to suggest some such blanket immunity to judges. If some judge has made an unusual accretion to his assets or has made a false declaration of them, it should be no cause for concern to us, the consumers of justice. It's time we realised that judges have their inscrutable reasons. We should just be grateful to them for whatever justice they dispense to us, in their magnanimity and in their good time. Don't bring the notions of accountability and transparency into this one-of-a-kind relationship.

On February 10, the Supreme Court threw out yet another petition seeking to reinstate L K Advani as an accused in the trial of the conspiracy to demolish Babri Masjid. This is despite a host of circumstances pointing to the probability of Advani, NDA's prime ministerial candidate in the upcoming election, being involved in the conspiracy. Not the least of which was his notorious rath yatra in the run-up to the demolition. And the testimony of the IPS officer in charge of his security, Anju Gupta, stating that his speech on the spot minutes before the demolition had added fuel to the fire.

The two interpretations of criminal conspiracy could not have been more different: ultra liberal in the case of Advani and stretched in the case of Pandher. Neither interpretation seems justified in the given facts and circumstances. Both the interpretations raise questions about the rigor and detachment with which the judiciary at all levels performs its job.


RECENT developments in the judiciary has left an awful taste. Has this 1 Malaysia thing gone too far? Whose creation is it? Najib or Patai, or both? It is unacceptable when one man has just got to say it and the rakyat are expected to lap it up or lump it! The Royal Commission on the Lingam tapes declared:

1. The video clip was authentic;
2. Lingam was in conversation with Ahmad Fairuz over judicial appointments;
3. There was direct influence by Lingam in the elevation of judges, in particular in the appointment of Ahmad Fairuz as president of the Court of Appeal, with the possible aim of his further appointment as chief justice; and;
4. Lingam had asked tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan and Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor to involve themselves actively in the appointment of judges, in particular the appointment of Ahmad Fairuz as the Chief Judge of Malaya and subsequently, president of the Court of Appeal.
The commission identified six people to be investigated under the Prevention of Corruption Act 1961, the Sedition Act 1961, the Legal Profession Act 1976, the Official Secrets Act 1972 and the Penal Code.
They are former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Lingam, Tan, Umno secretarygeneral Tengku Adnan, Eusoff Chin and Ahmad Fairuz.

And like the omnipotent trinity that they definitely are not, the AG Patai, Najib and Naxri rubbished off months of work by the commission, whose members have till now have not volunteered a whimper of dissent. It was a great party that night. The Chemistry Department was so pleased they had an airtight case against Anwar Ibrahim they decided to celebrate. And the RM25,000 party was financed by a Good Samaritan who was delighted that this time, unlike last time, they have got Anwar by the balls.

RM25,000 is not a lot to spend on a party if it is a party to celebrate the wedding of the Prime Minister. Last year, when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi got married to the Maid from Putrajaya, they spent millions. RM25,000 is also not a lot to spend on a celebration the day Najib Tun Razak finally takes over as Prime Minister in 2010. Rosmah Mansor spends more than that on a handbag. But RM25,000 is certainly a lot to spend on a party to celebrate the 'success' of the Chemistry Department in being able to nail Anwar's balls to the wall.

Why does the Good Samaritan need to sponsor a RM25,000 party for the Chemistry Department staff? What is there to celebrate? Do they always celebrate with a RM25,000 party whenever they succeed in cracking a case? Or was this a once-in-a-lifetime celebration for successfully coming up with the 'evidence' to send Anwar to jail for at least ten years, which will ensure he will never be able to form the new federal government on 16 September 2008?

Hold on awhile though. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that Anwar must volunteer his 'new' DNA profile. The 1998 DNA profile that the police have on record is 'too old', argued Abdullah. The police, in turn, said that if Anwar refuses to volunteer his 'new' DNA profile then they would have to obtain a court order to force him to do so. Hmm…..there appears to be many things wrong with all this.

Firstly, if the Chemistry Department has already wrapped up its case and the airtight 'evidence' against Anwar has already been secured then why the need for Anwar's new DNA profile? DNA profiles never expire. Would the police also need Anwar's 'new' fingerprints because the one they took ten years ago has 'expired'? Fingerprints never change from the day you were born till the day you die. And the same goes for DNA profiles as well.

If you can remember, they once dug up Napoleon Bonaparte's grave and did an examination to prove he had died of arsenic poisoning. And Napoleon died on 5 May 1821, which is more than 187 years ago. You mean to say that Anwar's DNA profile of ten years ago is already basi?

The truth is, the airtight 'evidence' that the Chemistry Department recently conjured is based on Anwar's specimen of 1998. So they need a new specimen dated 2008. If not, if Anwar calls in an independent foreign expert to audit the Chemistry Department's evidence, he or she might just discover that the so-called 'evidence' is actually ten years old and not from the 26 June 2008 'sodomy' incident as alleged by the government.

Yes, that's right, they not only can tell whether the so-called 'semen' on Saiful's underwear belongs to Anwar, they can also tell whether it is from September 1998 when they first took Anwar's specimen, or whether it is dated 26 June 2008 as alleged by the government.

The 'evidence' is ready. The semen specimen on Saiful's underwear has been 'confirmed' as Anwar's. The only problem is if they allow an independent foreign expert to do an audit on the Chemistry Department's findings, he or she might confirm that the specimen is ten years old and not dated 26 June 2008 as alleged.

So they need to exchange the September 1998 specimen with a new one dated July 2008. And that is why Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Syed Hamid Albar, and all those others, have asked Anwar to volunteer his new specimen. They need this new specimen to 'prove' that the semen on Saiful's underwear is dated 26 June 2008 and not September 1998. And Abdullah himself 'confirmed' this when he asked Anwar to volunteer his new specimen whereas the old specimen is good enough if it is just required for DNA profiling — only that it would not pass the test if an independent foreign expert was to audit the Chemistry Department's 'evidence' and then come out with a report that says the specimen is ten years old.

Yes, in September 1998 they already took Anwar's specimen. But they can't use it as evidence in this latest sodomy allegation. They need to 'update' the evidence and unless they can force Anwar to give them his new specimen then the evidence will be shot full of holes. And that is why the police had to reluctantly release Anwar on police bail one day after his dramatic Hollywood-style arrest. They had to either release him or bring him to court to be charged. But how to charge Anwar when the evidence is defective? And evidence of Anwar's so-called sodomy crime supported by a specimen from September 1998 will certainly be defective and will not stand up in court. Anwar is alleged to have sodomised Saiful on 26 June 2008, not in September 1998.

Now can you see how the slime-ball AG and scumbag IGP work? And these two slithery creatures are the same slime-balls and scumbags who fabricated evidence in 1998 that resulted in Anwar having to spend six years in jail. And am I committing an act of sedition and criminal defamation in saying this? I certainly hope so. And, while we are at it, why not I commit yet another 'crime'? I am going to accuse the AG and IGP of fabricating evidence and of intimidating witnesses.

You see, they asked a certain doctor from a certain hospital to conduct an examination on Saiful. The doctor did so and he came out with a report that said there is no evidence Anwar had ever penetrated or sodomised the young man. The police then picked up the doctor and detained him for three days. As much as they tried to force him to change his report to implicate Anwar he refused to do so.

Until today, the doctor stands by his report that there is no evidence Anwar had sodomised Saiful. He knows he is going to be made to pay for this but he doesn't care. He is not going to change his report and say that Anwar sodomised Saiful whatever they do to him. Exasperated, the police had to release Anwar on personal bond or police bail. The doctor refuses to doctor his report and neither does Anwar want to volunteer his new specimen.

The 'evidence' against Anwar is no good. They now need to look for another way to 'prove' that Anwar sodomised Saiful. In the meantime, let us see if the AG will be making another police report against me and whether the IGP is going to arrest me and charge me in court for sedition and criminal defamation for this latest allegation of mine.

Hey, I already face four charges of sedition and criminal defamation. What are another two or three charges? The important thing is not whether I get sent to jail or not. What is important is that the world is told that they are attempting, yet again, to fabricate evidence against Anwar Ibrahim. And that is worth going to jail for.Eusoff-Chin-holiday

related article private investigation agency's probe into possible misconduct by Chief Justice Eusoff Chin, lawyer V.K. Lingam and business tycoon Vincent Tan.


And this is just one instance where one man, in this case, the AG has stamped NFA! And believe me there are more to come. It really has become incomprehensible that some men on the bench have morphed into impotent retarded tadpoles.

More to read HERE




Abdul Rahman the de facto mentri besar DELIVERED THE BASTARD BARISAN PERAK GOVERNENT
The MACC's image is now dirtier than drain water, after Teoh Beng Hock's death and the probe into suspected abuse of funds in the Selangor government. Even before the MACC came into being, its predecessor the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) never had great success in the courts or its investigations.

SCENE 3: the mother frogS from PERAK






BUT judges ARE state actorsCLICK THIS

Idealist, Realist or The Untouchable

Idealist, Realist or The UntouchableThere are those who subscribe to the principle that to live is everything and by this they believe that we are all here to survive and in order to survive we just have to be practical (realism). On the other hand there are others who subscribe to the principle that a life without idealism is devoid of greatness thus such existence means little. Both are acceptable principles depending on the tint of the glass through which we look

related article
Former Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin today accused State Secretary Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Hashim of being the "de facto mentri besar" by controlling Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and meddling with state assembly matters.

Filth and Evil never ever changes – it can hide, camouflage itself, but will never deliver benefits. If you the rakyat votes in filth and evil, you deserve to get screwed (likely from the back after witnessing the penchant for posterior talents)

People get the governance they deserve. (so think wisely…)

Nizar, in a press conference at the Perak Pakatan Rakyat headquarters here earlier, alleged that Abdul Rahman had been the one to convince Zambry and Speaker Datuk R. Ganesan to replace the current sergeant-at-arms of the state assembly with 15 "samsengs from Umno's Pekida".
He had earlier also claimed that the "samsengs" had targeted five Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen and would attack them if they caused any trouble during the Oct 28 sitting.

CLICK THIS Narrow-minded judgment coming out from the Malaysian Federal Court WHAT DO EXPECT FROM THE CHILD lewd materials PEDDLER'S FATHER TO COME UP WITH

Ghani Patail and Musa Hassan will go down well in history as the greatest crook of all time who make a joke out of the judiciary, the law and order and the human rights of Malaysia.

"Zambry has no power — he is just the stooge of Abdul Rahman. Abdul Rahman was the one who convinced Zambry and Ganesan to change the sergeant-at-arms to the 15 samsengs.
"Did you know, Abdul Rahman is the de facto mentri besar? He has been ruling the state all this time," said Nizar.

SNAKEY PARAYANGanesan,READ THIS FULLS TORYWHICH animal will say that Police intrusion in Perak assembly within law the son of Malaysia's Third Prime Minister has shit in his brains

Ganesan, in denying the accusation, reminded Nizar that he had been carrying out his duties in the same manner as he had done when the PR had ruled Perak last year.

Posted by the taxidriver

Nizar or Zambry?

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 09:44 AM PST

So, who is your pick? Nizar or Zambry?

Come Tuesday, the 5-panel Federal Court bench makes their decision on who should be the rightful Mentri Besar of Perak.
Nizar, 52 and Zambry, 47 have been on a tug-of-war for the position since Barisan Nasional pipped Pakatan Rakyat by a narrow majority during a ''cross-overs'' and 'defection' last year (Bernama has the story h e r e...)

The five-man bench had deferred its judgment on Nov 5 last year after having heard submissions in the appeal from counsel representing both Mohammad Nizar and Dr Zambry.

The conflict over who the rightful menteri besar is arose last year after three Pakatan representatives quit their parties to become independent state assemblymen, leaving Pakatan and the BN with 28 assemblymen each in the 59-seat Perak legislative assembly.

Q&A With Azmi Sharom

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 07:43 AM PST

"Asking the Syariah court to have jurisdiction on the Lina Joy case is wrong because she is not a Muslim," Azmi Sharom postulates.

"It would be like asking me to resolve a personal dispute I may have with Jaya (sitting next to him on the panel) in a military court. Impossible! Because we're not in the military - he's too old and I'm a hippie!"

Azmi had us in stitches but nodding with feeling at his logic.

Azmi Sharom At The Ipoh Roadshow

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 07:50 AM PST

Now this guy is a hoot.

But behind all the humour, he knows his stuff. He is, after all, a law professor.

He took us through Article 8 of the Constitution which provides that all persons are equal before the law and entitled to its equal protection.

An often quoted (or rather, misinterpreted) bit is Article 153 that safeguards the special position of the Malays and other indigenous peoples of Malaysia.

Proponents of the Ketuanan Melayu ideology claim that this gives the Malays the right to special privileges like housing and positions within the civil service.

The Malay supremacists have forgotten Article 136 which states that it is unlawful to discriminate against anyone in the government service because of their race.

Our civil service today is not reflective of our nation.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now


Posted: 07 Feb 2010 05:09 AM PST

Amidst the noise and the haste that we are subjected to by the print and broadcast media on the highly controversial Sodomy II trial of Anwar, it clearly appears that the rule of law is being enforced for a political purpose. Saiful is a college dropout. He claims to idolize Anwar. He was engaged as a political assistant. The oral evidence he has placed before the court under the examination in chief all the more goes against the grain of common sense or logic. It seems more of a myth. Why is it so?

The Star of 04.02.2010 carries a headline on its front page which is Captioned "Sex proposal" and goes on to report that Anwar asked Saiful point blank if he could have sex with him. The prosecution has stated that they will prove their case from the semen specimens taken from Saiful's anus.

What seems to be amiss here is the evidence of Saiful which goes against the grain of common sense and defeats logic. In one breadth Saiful said that he was "angry and scared" and he rejected Anwar's request. Then he states in evidence "I told him I did not want to do it."

Then in the next breadth Saiful states that after he had said no to Anwar, he was told to go into the master bedroom, which he did. Then Anwar comes in and closes the curtains and switches off the lights and Saiful stood still. WHY?

Then Anwar asked Saiful to "clean up" in the bathroom and Saiful removed his clothes and washed up and took a towel from the bathroom and donned it. When he returned to the bedroom where Anwar was standing on the edge of the bed clad in a towel. Then Saiful said " He directed me to go to him and then hugged me while we were standing." The rest is heard in camera.

Now this sneak preview of the opining salvo of the prosecution's case has given rise to a tremendous amount of criticism in the alternate media and to a larger extent these criticisms are generally constructive and thereby are highly disturbing.

In the first stage the prosecution is endeavouring to plainly paint a picture that Anwar is a Maniac. The script is not a script as depicted in court. We the right minded people look at it objectively, because in one breadth Saiful states "I rejected his request. I told him I that I did not want to do it." Then in the next breadth Saiful states that Anwar became angry and he asked him to "clean up" and Saiful became "obedient" and went into the bathroom and cleaned up and took a towel from the washroom and donned it.

How could this situation be possible? The accusation is devoid of any merit whatsoever. We have our own daily interaction with our children or family members or staff in our office or our friends or acquaintances and from our experience we know that when we ask someone to do something they do not like, and when they say "NO" it is not possible to show our "anger" and get them to do what we desire. The result would always be in the opposite of what we expect.

It is an established fact of life that when we compel someone to do something against their will and when we get angry the other party would also get equally angry. That is why there is so much of disorder even within the nuclear family, in this modern day and age. So how then would it be with our employers, coworkers, friends and acquaintances?

No doubt the time will come for the defence to cross examine Saiful, if at all the judge decides to call for Anwar to enter his defence. At that stage Saiful would be left open to the defence lawyers to hound him.

Saiful would not have the pleasure of being on the top of things. Would he have the memory to remember all that he has given in evidence in chief? May be his biggest weakness as the truth would ultimately have to prevail and the cat may come out of the bag.

It is certain that he would have his weakness and he would demonstrate the flush on his face. He would barely be able to control his rage and at that stage Saiful would find life to be empty, lonely and unfulfilled and it would not be further from the truth that Saiful would feel lost, panicky and scared. It may hit him not in his anus but in the pit of his stomach and he may have to put things right.

As much as it is too early in the stage of the trial to predict any thing, but there are some factors that have to be rationally considered. In 2008 Anwar was 62 years of age. Saiful was 23 years of age. Anwar suffers from severe problems of the spine. Over and above that at that age almost all men face some form of impotence.

So why could Saiful not stand up against Anwar which any decent human being would do but instead Saiful allowed an almost impotent man to have allegedly sodomised him?

At this early stage of the trial this seems to be the most puzzling part of Saiful's testimony. There is another part of Saiful's testimony as reported in the Star on 06.02.2010 where Saiful states that he did not pass motion for two days after he was allegedly sodomised on June 26 of 2008.

This form of evidence is to be considered as an exaggeration of what nature would not permit to prevail. Just carry out an investigative report of sodomy amongst consenting adults and one would be made to realize that what Saiful is stating in evidence is incorrect and a myth. This is owing to the fact that the rectum is not like the vagina that would contain semen may be up to two days.

But in the case of the rectum it by nature dispels anything foreign without retention. You can get the confirmation from any homo or write to Elton John and he may give you an appropriate reply. It is of common knowledge that every one of us after a sexual act would wash up. But the prosecution has conveniently not raised this issue. We wonder why?

It is apparent that Saiful has been coached into the giving of the evidence. It also appears that Najib  and UMNO want to give this charge of sodomy against Anwar a great deal of sensationalism hoping that it will in the process discredit Anwar.

On the contrary the court of public opinion is much more mature that the mediocre UMNO leadership. The general voting populace see this script as a deviance and a diabolically conceived act and if all things were to be in order this could be the final curtain that has to be drawn on the demise of UMNO.

Hence the "Charge" against Anwar is only in existence in the mind of an inferior politician like Najib and therefore is not in existence in reality.

"Boom and Bust" - Economics 101 in hip hop must watch

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 06:08 AM PST

Should we spend or should we save ...? Wonderful way to explain boom and bust and Hayek's critic on John Maynard Keynes. Those who read economics in form 6 or the varsity should know who was keynes but most may have missed Hayek ( and no, he is not Selma Hayek's father or grandpa) to listen to the music video click here To know a little more on Hayek click here

I just came back from a nice and quiet holiday in Penang... will try to blog some pictures soon :)

Why do Sarawak’s Indigenous People Vote BN?

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 04:25 AM PST

Vasugi Supramanian and Hashini Kavishtri
Feb 6, 10
For decades, the indigenous people in Sarawak have witnessed logging companies leaving their native customary rights land barren. And their protests have fallen on deaf ears.

zaid ibrahim pc umno sacking 041208 07In view of this, Pakatan Rakyat coordinator Zaid Ibrahim asked why then are they still casting their ballots in favour of Barisan Nasional?

"We need development, but not at the expense of the indigenous communities," he stressed during a workshop titled 'Rights delayed are rights denied' in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

The one-day workshop, organised by Sahabat Alam Malaysia, attracted some 70 participants.

Zaid also underscored the importance of organised development which does not overlook the rights of the indigenous communities.

"NGOs and Sahabat Alam activists should work closely and illustrate the strength of small groups which can bring about a bigger difference at large," he added.

Pakatan is more sensible

Contrary to the ruling coalition, the former Umno member who joined PKR said that Pakatan is committed to the protection and preservation of the rights of indigenous people.

To illustrate his point, Zaid cited the 'Sagong Tasi vs Selangor government' case which involved 38 acres of land belonging to an indigenous community being taken for the construction of the Nilai-Banting highway.

He said Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had withdrawn the case when Pakatan seized control of the state following the March 2008 general election.

"This shows that the Pakatan government is more sensible," noted Zaid, who was a former law minister.

"The state government believes in protecting the rights of indigenous people and will continue to treat the Orang Asli community with the respect they deserve and that should have been accorded to them from the beginning," he added, taking a swipe at former menteri besar Mohd Khir Toyo's administration.

As for the Bakun dam in Sarawak, he asked: "What happened to the RM300 million allocated for the relocation and as direct compensation to the indigenous families when the dam was built?"

Zaid also wanted to know if the allocation was audited by any independent auditors.

National policy needed

Earlier, Sahabat Alam councilor member Mohideen Abdul Kader told participants that there is a pressing need for a national policy that will guarantee respect for the rights of indigenous people and their economic choices.

He said the absence of good democratic governance and sound policy on native rights are the root causes for the violation of human security, property and the right to a safe and clean environment in Baram, Sarawak.

NONEHe added that the Penan in Baram are threatened by unsustainable logging, construction of expensive dams and infrastructure projects and the deforestation process.

The blockades erected by the Penan were also forcefully dismantled by the police allowing access to logging trucks into the forested areas.

Mohideen stressed that a national policy should only be implemented with public consultation.

Zaid had also lauded the proposal for such a national policy.

Apart from activists, the workshop also saw the participation of several Penan community leaders, including Sarawak Penan Association chairperson Unga Panen.

The National Policy on Indigenous Peoples Rights (Dasar Kebangsaan Tentang Hak Hak Orang Asal Malaysia)

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 09:07 PM PST

Sahabat Alam Malaysia's call for the country Malaysia to formulate a coherent National Policy on Indigenous People's Rights, which is in line with the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples Rights (UNDRIP) that Malaysia has ratified. Rights of indigenous communities must be fully respected, the full nature and extent of Natives Customary Rights must be recognized in its entirety. States must establish and implement an open and transparent process in land matters giving due recognition to indigenous peoples laws, traditions, customs and land tenure systems. States must established and implement a systematic and participatory boundary demarcation process for traditional territories where native customary rights are claimed communally. States must institute legal reforms in all the relevant statutory processes to ensure that statutes are consistent with Constitutional provisions, judicial decisions and the principles of natural justice.

Pakatan Rakyat Common Policy Framework

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 07:04 PM PST

05022010572Pakatan Rakyat is committed to the protection and preservation of the rights of the indigenous people. In their common policy Framework Pakatan Rakyat have agreed: To defend the Federal Constitution, Islam as the religion of the Federation and the peaceful practice of the other religious anywhere in this nation and the protection of the special position of the Malays, the indigenous natives people of all states including Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of all other races  in accordance with article 153 of the Federal Constitution. Tan Sri Khalid Mentri Besar of Selangor said the following: "The State government believes in protecting the rights of indigenous people and will continue to treat the Orang Asli community with the respect they deserve and that should have been accorded to them the very beginning"  Why the lanuns, Taib, Jabu, Masing keep on robbing NCR?

Defend the Rights of Our Indigenous People

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 06:09 PM PST

05022010571The issues plaguing indigenous peoples today are issues about human security-the right to livelihood, property, whether communal or individual, right to safe and clean environment, essentially, the right to life. These are inherent rights of every human being. They are often enshrined in constitutions, statutes and judicial pronouncements, more often than not, the enjoyment of these rights are denied to a large section of society= the poor, the marginalized and the disinherited, in particular, the indigenous people. Proposed implementation of National Policy on indigenous Peoples Rights. It should be done  in Public consultation and in line with the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples Rights which Malaysia adopted in 13.09.2007. What do you think?

“Rights Delayed are Rights Denied” A Workshop on Native Aboriginal Customary Land Rights Feb 5-6 2010 Kuala Lumpur Organized by Sahabat Alam Malaysia

Posted: 05 Feb 2010 05:30 PM PST

Tidak teringatkah akan “Allah” anda ketika menyerang Gereja

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 01:25 AM PST

Oleh Doreen a/k Seah
Dipetik dari The Herald

Ramai yang mengutuk akan tindakan orang-orang yang mementingkan diri dan tidak berperasaan sehingga sanggup menyimbah cat dan membaling alat letupan di Rumah Ibadat.

Rumah Ibadat merupakan tempat kudus bagi mana-mana penganut agama. Kita masih belum pasti siapa yang melakukan perbuatan terkutuk ini tetapi apabila Gereja diserang, sasaran dan kebencian kita adalah terhadap penganut Islam.

Ini merupakan senario yang tidak sihat kerana membenci boleh mendatangkan mudarat kepada masyarakat berbilang kaum di negara ini.

Kata "Allah" yang digunakan di dalam HERALD hanyalah digunakan di dalam Gereja. Selama berkurun-kurun lamanya umat Kristian menggunakan kata ini, tidak pernah terjadi pun demonstrasi dan kejadian membakar Gereja.

Namun, disebabkan oleh beberapa pemimpin yang tidak bijak, kebebasan umat Kristian mulai disekat dengan pelbagai cara.

Paling ketara ialah penggunaan kata "Allah" dan kini, Majlis Agama juga sibuk untuk melarang perkataanperkataan lain untuk digunakan oleh umat Kristian. Apa semua ini?? Kenapa takut dengan 'akhbar Katolik kecil' yang edarannya tidak sampaipun 20 ribu naskah?

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