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Najib The Leonine Snake

Najib The Leonine Snake

Najib The Leonine Snake

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 03:11 PM PST

Divinely Speaking

Zodiac astrologically, Najib Razak is both a Snake and a Lion, that makes him a Leonine Snake.

The Snake

Intelligent and highly intuitive are two of the Snake's many fine qualities. He makes an amusing and romantic friend with a definite flirtatious streak. When challenged or criticised he can be a sore loser. The Snake is very lucky with money and is fond of the odd bet or two. He is quick-witted and enjoys reading, music and occasionally the paranormal side of life.

Forecast for 2010
The Snake likes to make slow and steady progress and the Year of the Tiger will find him swept along with unexpected developments – they need to adapt and keep up the pace. On the career front, the Snake will have quite a bit of competition and needs to stay ahead of the game in order to be in line for any promotions or career advancement opportunities. He needs to seek advice from those who can help and not appear too independent – working with colleagues will pay off handsomely during the year. Money management will be crucial during the Year of the Tiger and with careful planning, they should have little to worry about. Time spent with loved ones, either on a well-earned holiday or at home, will rejuvenate the Snake's spirit during a busy and intense year. February through April will favor work endeavors and promotion. July through December will offer many opportunies for single Snakes to meet a special romantic partner. Travel looks most likely during March and June through August, with fun and romance well starred. Snakes can be shy and loners, but the Year of the Tiger will ensure they have many happy social events to attend.

Interesting Snake Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Opal
Special Flower: Passionflower
Best Hours: 9-11 am
Season: Spring
Horoscope Colors: Brown Gold, Green


Confident and proud, the Leonine Snake hates to come in second place. They fuel on kudos from others, but will become a bit obnoxious if it goes to their heads.

Pemuda MCA Protes Hudud

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 01:41 PM PST

Nota Editor: Dalam sebuk-sebuk orang dalam PAS dan luar PAS maki DAP, suka saya bawakan sebuah laporan Pemuda MCA protes Hudud. Harap ada orang UMNO yang komen benda ni.And here is the rest of it.

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From around the websites -- Fw: [the oRAcLe weblog OrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLe] Sarawak under ...

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 01:27 PM PST

From around the websites

Sarawak under Taib doesn't welcome visitors
Much of the blame for the poor tourist traffic to Kuching, or S'wak, is the fault of the Immigration Dept. This is also true of the Immigration in Bandar Seri Begawan. So, visitors to S'wak get turned off by the third degree treatment they get at the hands of the Immigration. Even S'wakians are viewed with suspicion if they have been away from the state for quite some time or were born overseas. One returning Bidayuh lady, with an American husband in tow, was lectured by a mere Immigration officer at the airport for marrying a foreigner. This lady was plucky enough & told off the Immigration officer in no uncertain terms. When the husband asked the wife: "What was that all about" she declined to tell him for fear the husband might get physical with the Immigration officer. The husband of course suspected something was amiss & told the Immigration officer: "You watch it buddy." The S'wak Gov't fears outsiders upsetting the cosy set up that Taib Mahmud has in the state. Above all, the Taib regime fears the natives having access to outsiders. The list of banned persons is long.

M'sian Insider crawling with ex-Nst staff
Former Nst reporter Jahabar Sadiq, son of an Indian father and Chinese mother, is most famous for telling off his Malay colleagues at the paper who insisted that he was Malay. He was too intelligent for his own good and took pride in being himself. Such a person is unlikely to slavishly root for a person like Najib who has so many skeletons in his cupboard and is definitely under the watchful eyes of his deputy who has shown no signs of being loyal to him. He's the right person in the right place with a boss, Kalimullah Hassan, who doesn't hesitate to bad-mouth anybody who he thinks is not worth his time. Kalimullah thought his former boss Ghafar Baba was "a bloody old fool" who had no business being the DPM or even in the Federal Cabinet. It would be no surprise if Kalimullah is sponsoring Raja Petra's stay in England. That's the kind of thing that Kalimullah & Jahabar can be expected to do. They are probably joined in this by the m'sianInsider Editor who is another Nst-staffer.

Muhyi will act soon against Najib
Muhyi will increasingly find that there is no way he can go to the polls with someone tainted like Najib leading the way. He has to take a stand sooner or later & tell Najib to go. Umno led by Muhyi stands a much better chance of redeeming its credibility than continuing to root lamely for Najib. As if things are not bad enough with Najib, there's his wife too. Many people feel that Najib was done in by his wife. This is poetic justice since Najib stole somebody else's wife & dumped his own including his children. How can someone this disloyal to his own family be loyal to the people & the nation? He was not even loyal to his own friends. Two of them face the gallows for being involved in the killing of Altantuya. He was disloyal to Altantuya & she was blown up by C4, courtesy of his friends at the Police. They now face death for something he & his wife planned. Probably, the wife had an even bigger role than him. Najib is living on borrowed time. Muhyi will act soon & tell him to go.

Mahathir prodding Najib into crisis
Najib wants to get rid of Kayveas the Big Mouth & Samy Vellu the Thick Skin. He's having better luck with the PPP. As PM, he can put the squeeze in favour of Murugiah failing which PPP will be deregistered & suspended from the BN pending its appeal. A new PPP led by Murugiah will be accepted by the BN. Kayveas & his faction will be history. Once Najib has dealt with PPP, he will turn on MIC. Meanwhile Samy Vellu gets a respite since Najib cannot be seen fighting too many enemies at the same time. He's afraid they will gang up against him. His advisor in all this is Mahathir who is pulling the strings from behind. Najib himself is a duffer who doesn't know whether he's coming or going most of the time. MCA & SPDP is also in crisis & Najib has the cheek to claim that the opposition alliance is falling apart. If anything is falling apart, it's BN. Within Umno itself, there are so many camps with Muhyi gearing to oust him once & for all for being tainted. Altantuya, submarines, sodomy etc

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Anwar Ibrahim to Ride the White Tiger of 2010?

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 01:39 PM PST

 Gong Xi Gong Xi! Wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year!

In view of the Lunar New Year we will explore and take a peep at what's up ahead in the year of the White Tiger, based on cycle analysis of Chinese astrology, the year of the Metal Tiger, popularly called the Golden Tiger and here we will refer to it as the White Tiger because the color white in Chinese elemental cycles of the five elements white is the colour of the metal element.

Students of the ancient sciences in the study of the Taoist "Celestial Forces" will relate the year of the White Tiger as a mirror or reflection of the heavens when a channel is open from the heavens and that happens in certain time vortex and one of the possible openings is the year of 2010, and that this time vortex brings high impact changes on earth and that such changes are a result of the constant interaction of the cosmic energy. There is only four possible time opening opportunity in one full cycle of 60 years and one such opportunity is now.

From a theological viewpoint it is believed that they are a result of the constant battles between good and evil as the White Tiger is one of the spiritual guardians of the four heavenly cardinals and here it refers to the four cardinal points of the heavens or the universe synonymous to the biblical four "Cardinal Angels" that rules over North, South, East and West of the celestial heavens.

In the ancient Taoist studies, the four heavenly cardinals are the most powerful cycle of great significance and have a direct interaction to the five elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth and in combination with the binary sequences results in the approach to the study of the Celestial Forces.

The four cardinal forces are the Force of the South, the Red Phoenix, the Green Dragon of the East, the Black Serpent of the North and the White Tiger of the West. These are the four cardinal points of the heavens and not to be confused with the earthly polarity and directions.

We can draw similarity in relation to the Biblical Four Cardinal Angels of "Lucifer" as in the Black Serpent ruling over the North, "Michael" as in the White Tiger ruling over the West, "Gabriel" as in the Red Phoenix ruling over the South and "Raphael" as in the Green Dragon ruling over the East.

In the Biblical "Book of Revelation", Lucifer was thrown down to Earth together with the Serpents and his army of fallen angels in the War in Heaven. And thus the battle between good and evil goes on here on Earth.

The four cardinals are not unique to the ancient Taoist of China but are universal in many ancient cultures and religion. I have used the term "Force" but it can be translated accordingly to Spirits, Guardians, Angels and Archangels, Cherubim and even Gods, as your preference depending which viewpoint you take.

There is a common age old phrase used even today by the Chinese and you would have heard it sometimes and they are that "On the Left there is the Green Dragon and on the Right there is the White Tiger" (Chor Cheng Lung Yau Pak Fu) which is in reference to having the blessings of highly capable assistants.

The Taoist cardinal points are of the celestial points and starts at the South and to get a better picture just bring the South to be on top instead of North and you will have the Green Dragon which rules the East on the Left and the White Tiger which rules the West on your Right (That's the celestial East on Left and West on the Right). The Taoist celestial cardinal points are a mirror image of the heavens from earth.

The year of the White Tiger which is a time period on Earth also called the Earthly branches and its prevailing influence is not fixed and spreads or simulated into one year before and one year after as it is believe that this time gap openings opportunity can be found in within. This is an opening that's connects the different dimension. Read on and I will elaborate further as we flow along.

Against this backdrop, let us begin by looking at some key points like the astrological symbol for the country of Malaysia which gained its independence on the 31st August of 1957 which is the year of the Fire Rooster. Let's see what happens in a Rooster cycle as follows:

CYCLE ANALYSIS ~ Chinese Astrology

1957 - The year of the Fire Rooster where Malaysia obtained its independence (Merdeka) from the United Kingdom and Tunku Abdul Rahman (8 Feb 1903 (Water Rabbit) – 6 Dec 1990) was appointed the first Prime Minister.

1969 - the year of the Earth Rooster is an election year that resulted in the Racial Riot of May 13 that led to the resignation of Tunku and the appointment of Abdul Razak (11 Mar 1922 – 14 Jan 1976 (Wood Rabbit) as the 2nd Prime Minister in 22nd September of 1970.

- 1969 on the 12 July Mahathir Mohamad was sack from UMNO.

1981 - The year of the Metal Rooster saw the appointment of Mahathir Mohamad (born July 10, 1925 – Wood Ox) as the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

1993 - The year of the Water Rooster is when Anwar Ibrahim (born 10 Aug 1947 of the Fire Boar) took office as the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

2005 - The year of the Wood Rooster witnessed the demise of the Endon Mahmood Ambak the wife of the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.(born 26 Nov 1939 – Earth Rabbit).

2017 – The year of the Fire Rooster what will Malaysia be than? Another Merdeka?

The Rooster Cycle
The major events and the personality featured in this cycle of the Rooster had a significant impact on the nation including the demise of the most likeable Endon, wife of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, where his inner circle of friends had state that with Endon's passing he lost her guidance and lost his focus and direction resulting in the election fallout of 2008.

You will find a lot of Rabbit's influence in the cycle of the Rooster and which is a natural occurrence in the Taoist's astrological sciences as the Rabbit is in opposition to the Rooster and what is commonly called a direct clash. This will be presented as we go.

We see Mahathir in the Rooster cycle and he is in tune with the elements here from 1981 onwards in the Rooster as Mahathir is born in the year of the Wood Ox which is in affinity with the Rooster both in terms of astrology and the elements except for the Water element of 1969 which is in opposition to his elements and that was the year he was sack from UMNO. He is the most powerful Prime Minister the country ever saw however there is an element of destruction in relation to the country as he draws his power from the elements the country's energy will be depleted. In short he used all the cosmic energy drawn from the country towards his own gain and which is an occurrence caused by the greed for power but luckily he resign. By the way the Wood Ox is the most stubborn of all the signs and as I remember he was aptly called a "recalcitrant". We shall see how he ends up as I believe he is kept alive for a reason.

Anwar Ibrahim is also prominently featured in the cycle of the nation here, Anwar is born in the year of the Fire Pig and his controlling element is of Yin Metal and there is a balance of the elements in this year of the Water Rooster. We shall cover more of Anwar in the Tiger cycle and don't you miss this analysis here written.

The Tiger Cycle
This an exciting cycle and especially and prominently featured in this cycle is Anwar Ibrahim who is born the Fire Boar and in this year of the Metal Tiger which is in complete affinity with Anwar Ibrahim as the Tiger's best friend is the Boar and the elements are also in his favor but there is still yet a hint of conflict as to his controlling element of the yin Metal against the yang Metal of the Tiger and Anwar being a Yin Metal polarity is where the masses can rise to meet him as Metal produces Water in the production cycle and Water here can represents the masses.

This is also a time of life changing impact for Anwar as he will undergo changes for the better and a time of realization in accordance with the layout of the elements and hopefully the wiser as one of the weaknesses of the yin metal is indecision and of confusion but the yin metal is a natural with the masses and the spotlight will always be on him but he has to keep it in check as there are times when the spotlight must be transferred to those that share his aspiration and talent.

Anwar uniquely hog the Western astrological sector of the Chinese astrological chart and this is the year where he can draw upon the cosmic forces or energy to his advantage as remember this is the year of the White Tiger who rules the celestial West and the sector of the Archangel Michael who put down Lucifer  (Satan). And the time vortex opening may work towards his advantage if he is of pure faith of Truth he might gain the assistance of Michael the White Tiger (This also reflected in the old Quran text of the named archangel and an interesting read will be the "Surah al-Sajdah 32:11" and in old Buddhist text of the four heavenly Kings and the four Vedas of Hinduism and an interesting read as recommended by B.Ben (B stands for Bachelor) of the Wharf will be of the Hindu Navaratri where good triumph over evil).

Let's now look at the Tiger cycle and we will begin with the years after Independence of 1957 are as follows:

1962 of the Water Tiger – Anwar Ibrahim was only 15 years old and became a Tai Koh in the Cherok Tok Kun village of Penang protecting the village boys against being bullied in school (Heh, heh this was told to me by someone and I did not verify the story).

1962 - Indonesia announced its policy of Confrontation against the Federation of Malaysia.

1974 of the Wood Tiger – Petronas was first given exclusive rights to the nation's hydrocarbon reserve and before this all the oil was pump by foreign companies.

1974 – Saw the first election under the Barisan National umbrella after the May 13 of 1969.

1974 – Anwar Ibrahim was first arrested and detained for 22 months under the Internal Security Act for leading a student protest.

1986 of the Fire Tiger bodes well for the progress of Anwar where he was appointed Minister of Education and talk was rife than that he is destined to be the next Prime Minister as than all previous Prime Minister held this prestigious port-folio of the Education Ministry.

1998 of the Earth Tiger – was a year of extremes for Anwar Ibrahim, he was named Asian Man of the Year by Newsweek magazine.

1998 – Than the Asian Financial Crisis hit Malaysia and Anwar was in opposition to Mahathir against Capital control however Mahathir nevertheless imposed capital control and start bailing out all his cronies and of course his children's empire using much of PETRONAS money.

1998 – Mahathir than sack his deputy on 2 Sept and Anwar was detained and charge for eating Soto Mee and Corruption.

1998 – This year also saw the completion of the multi billion PETRONAS Twin Tower but this was overshadowed by the financial crisis and the charges against Anwar Ibrahim.

2010 the year of the Metal Tiger and what now for Anwar Ibrahim in this year of his elements with the year of the Fire Boar at his side, all indicate in tandem with the cosmic. The elements indicates and if past experiences are used as measurement when he was first detained in 1998, tens of thousands took to the street and if this time the pattern continues, you could multiply by at least a factor of 10 for those who will rise up for him this time around in accordance to the elements in place this year.

So Anwar, behold, stand forth and accept thy destiny, go forward only if your heart is of true faith (and it is not only about religious faith here) and receive the assistance of the archangel Michael but remember your faith could yet again be tested and perseverance of belief would be prerequisite from you. If your faith is true and pure than your efforts, endeavors and sacrifices will not be in vain and the country will gain a saint. Oops! Think I miss out that this also the year of purity and courage where you could easily flush out the evils and the unfaithful (faith here is not restricted to religion alone) from amongst your ranks, so take courage, be bold and go forth as there will be no blame. Those that wavered will in time return to the true cause and you are to accept all that is to come and this is in the written message.

A Malay Supremacy Joke

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 12:51 PM PST

What is this?


Sakai also can be liberal?

"Doesn't it sound like a Barbarian saying "Hey, we are reasonable people, we love fair and square competition!" or perhaps an old school UMNOPutra says "I'd honest with you, I have not taken a single sen that is not legit!"

Perkasa calls for 'guided liberalisation'

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 17 — Liberalisation under the country's New Economic Model, should be guided, says the President of Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa), Datuk Ibrahim Ali.

Speaking to reporters after handing over a memorandum to the Chairman of National Economic Advisory Council, Tan Sri Amirsham A.Aziz, here today, on the New Economic Model, he said the interests of those who had yet to achieve success under the New Economic Policy should continue to be taken care.

Ibrahim said it was important for the council not to be greatly influenced by calls from various parties including the "Malay Liberals" for the complete eradication of subsidies from the government.

Questioning several views that the NEP was a failure, he said that throughout its period of implementation, the country's average growth had been at six per cent. — Bernama

He Got Me Good ...

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 12:23 PM PST

All these while, I have always thought he is associated with PAS.

Looks like he isn't after all ... See his enthusiastic reporting on the UMNO's recent Carnival and the mentioning of some of his UMNOPutrqa buddies?

Read his blog entries HERE

He got me good but you know what, that's totally understandable.

“A Big Deal..Gerakan,PPP or PRS..??”

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 09:20 AM PST

The Privilege source sms reads,"5 SPDP YBs to join PRS..Comment..??" audie61 got on the phone with the crew we interviewed and asks around and these are some of the comments from SPDP members and others who wished to stay anonymous:-

  • True Kah?Real Surprise!
  • No Comments,Bring into Ur blogs 
  • This is it for Mawan.Thats it! 
  • Politics is all about the Impossible About Time too
  •  Within 48 hours from 22nd Feb 5 ybs to join PRS as a merger exercise gets underway
  • Cannot be Peter Nansian already said in my blog
  •  Leave it to the leaders to chart for us
  • There are so many other BN parties to choose and going national is an option The decisions will have a major impact on Sarawak politics.
  • Rumours and Pure speculations. No Basis for them to join PRS
  • Adits and Ajangs case lingers on and they need to thread carefully
  • Lets just see the credibility of this article.Mere speculations.

   Todays Borneo posts has also Najib saying that PPP will not have any impact on State BN equation. He went on to say that PPP that the Sarawak based component parties will be the major dominant force.However he said that the Sarawak parties have any grouses they could bring it to the Barisan National Supreme council.

When we were browsing through Lim Kit Siangs blog in which it was posted Gerakan has lost Penang for good an interview with Lim Keng Yeik with the Edge Financial Daily and this is what we picked up and feel that it is significant ,"Gerakan is a multiracial party and the conscience of BN.Will (Tan Sri Abdul) Taib Mahmud stay? He has good control but will it split when he's not there anymore? That will depend on who provides the leadership for the Ibans. Are they a satisfied lot? I don't know.'

What makes the 5 legislators know what the BIG DEAL is because they have to gauge it carefully or else in the next elections their place will be taken up by some new faces .

  • Najib did say the Sarawak coalition parties remain dominant. But can the factor surrounding Raymond Tan of SAPP joining Gerakan Sabah sway their thoughts? 
  • Or could this words by Lim Keng Yaik,"politics is very interesting and challenging in Malaysia.My thoughts and feelings could make a difference. I intended to make a difference.
  • Or could this words by James Masing have an impact,'"What I know is that they do have some problems within their own party but I don't know how serious it is," he said
  • PRS will be wary of the new additions as they will be going for their TDC in May says an Emeritus Professor.  


Is our Home Ministry in the same state as this fella?

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 08:36 AM PST

When I read about the 3 Malay Muslim women who got caught for committing zina and confessed to the major sin getting caned secretly in the Kajang Prison as stated by Dato Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn, I at once felt disgust at this lack of courage by our government!

Who do you fear more?

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala or the sniping Islamophobic Kaffirs and MINO's apologists? M.I.N.O's here stand for Muslims In Name Only.

Kaffirs because they do not believe in Allah! Qul Ya Aiyyuhal Kaffirun as in Surah Al Kaffirun!

This is not something that Mahaguru58 dreamed up!

Sūra CIX: Kāfirūn, or Those who reject Faith.

Section 1

1. Qul ya ayyuha alkafiroona

1. Say: O ye That reject Faith!

2. La aAAbudu ma taAAbudoona

2. I worship not that Which ye worship,

3. Wala antum AAabidoona ma aAAbudu

3. Nor will ye worship That which I worship.

4. Wala ana AAabidun ma AAabadtum

4. And I will not worship That which ye have been Wont to worship,

5. Wala antum AAabidoona ma aAAbudu

5. Nor will ye worship That which I worship.

6. Lakum deenukum waliya deeni

6. To you be your Way, And to me mine.


Raj Raman and Jagat Dewa, if you guys are reading this, click on the link I gave above and read to your heart's content as to its meanings!

It's from Almighty Allah.

Not Mahaguru58. Please get that straight. Thank you. :)

Back to my topic here.

If we are truly an Islamic Nation perse, why the hell are we beating around the bush as far as the implementation of the Syariah Code is concerned?

Who gave you the authority to change Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala's Syariah Code and water it down to the mockery of the Syariah Penal Code that we have being flaunted as the Rule of Islam here in this so called 'Mamluk al Malaisie'?

The punishment for adulterers in Islam is not 4 strokes of the cane for the women fornicators in secrecy behind prison walls or 6 strokes of the rotan for their male counterparts in secrecy either!

Click here to learn about the true punishments as stipulated in our Islamic teachings!

Don't tell me that you know better than Allahu Ta'ala in administering the laws over such a major sin!!!

When the government tries to play play with the Laws of Allahu Ta'ala, the result is that the enemies of Islam both from within the fold and out of the ummah have a field day mocking the said religious authorities of Islamic Affairs of this nation.

You are all no better than the wimp of a Singaporean henpecked sorry excuse for a man as shown in the video above!

The shoe smacking and scrotum pinching woman in the video has more gonads than the whole lot of you ruining the good name of our faith here!

And that's the whole truth of the matter no matter what cock and bull excuses you are ging to come up with this 'Ah Kua' caning carried out behind the prison walls!

We should have the sentences carried out in public according to the Syariah stipulations and not as what the sorry excuse of a Syariah system we now have thanks to the spineless fellas we have in 'power' today!

The Muslim Autonomous Authority of Acheh in Indonesia have proven that they have the integrity to carry out the Hudud Laws in public.

Do we have the guts to do the same here in Dataran Merdeka? Not in a thousand years, I think if we have the same chaps in authority in Malaysia?

I seriously doubt that even PAS will dare to uphold the Hudud as we all once thought that they were clamoring for as part of their party's manifesto in upholding the Syariah of Allahu Ta'ala?

Today, its just ' Apa Saja Lah!' Sigh.....

Meanwhile here's a media statement from the Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia emailed to me by its president, my friend Hj Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar.



Saya merujuk kepada kenyataan-kenyataan akhbar yang dikeluarkan oleh beberapa pihak seperti Sisters in Islam, AWAM, Majlis Peguam dan beberapa pihak lain yang mempertikaikan pelaksanaan sebatan syariah ke atas tiga orang pesalah syariah wanita baru-baru ini. PPMM hairan kenapa masih ada golongan yang tidak memahami dwi sistem perundangan yang diamalkan di Malaysia. Malah bantahan ini menggambarkan seolah-olah apa sahaja yang dibuat oleh pihak bekuasa berkaitan agama Islam ada sahaja yang tidak kena.

Perlulah ditegaskan sekali lagi di sini bahawa sebatan syariah jauh berbeza dari sebatan sivil. Sebatan syariah tidak mencederakan mahupun melukakan pesalah berbanding dengan sebatan sivil yang meninggalkan parut dan kesan dalam jangka masa dua tahun. Sebatan syariah adalah umpama bapa atau guru yang merotan anak yang telah melakukan kesilapan.

Telah banyak rencana, makalah dan kajian dibuat tentang pelaksanaan hukuman sebat dalam Islam ini diadakan. Malah pelbagai bengkel, seminar dan forum juga digarap ke arah memberi pemafahaman tentang hukuman ini. Tidak ketinggalan juga beberapa demonstrasi sebatan syariah telahpun dibuat namun inisiatif ini langsung tidak diambilkira oleh golongan yang menentang sebatan syariah ini secara membuta tuli.

Dalam perjuangan SIS mendapatkan hak samarata kenapa pula wanita tidak boleh disebat secara syariah sama seperti lelaki? Logiknya, jika semuanya ingin disamaratakan, hukumanpun hendaklah disamaratakan dan tidak mendiskriminasi golongan lelaki. Adakah kesamarataan yang diperjuangkan oleh SIS ini ialah samarata sekiranya memberi manfaat kepada wanita sahaja?

Menggambarkan sebatan syariah adalah zalim dan kejam adalah amat keterlaluan dan tidak mempunyai asas perundangan dan Hukum Syarak. Malah saya percaya pegawai SIS sendiri tidak pernah menyaksikan pelaksanaan sebatan syariah yang dilabelkan sebagai kejam dan zalim itu.

Dalam masa yang sama PPMM bersetuju sebatan sivil itu adalah kejam dan perlu dihapuskan. Sebatan sivil itu juga tidak Islamik. Sebatan yang mencedera dan mengerikan itulah yang patut dihapuskan kerana melanggar hak asasi manusia. Namun sebatan syariah mempunyai falsafahnya yang tersendiri dan berakar umbi dari sumber hukum Islam yang utama seperti Al Quran dan Al Sunnah. Mempertikaikan efektif atau tidaknya hukuman sebatan Islam ini samalah seperti mempertikaikan hikmah dan mukjizat Al Quran dan Rasul Allah saw.

Sebatan yang melanggar hak asasi manusia ialah sebatan sivil bukan sebatan syariah. Malah Resolusi Majlis Peguam yang diluluskan beberapa tahun lepas juga memberi penekanan aspek kekejaman sebatan sivil. Ini adalah kerana sebatan syariah tidaklah sekejam yang digambarkan itu. PPMM percaya ahli-ahli PPMM di dalam Bar Malaysia tidak bersetuju sebatan syariah dihapuskan kerana ia adalah sebahagian dari ajaran agama Islam yang mana Perlembagaan Persekutuan memberi kuasa kepada Dewan Undangan Negeri dan Parlimen bagi Wilayah-Wilayah Persekutuan mengadakan hukuman bagi sebarang kesalahan melanggar perintah agama.

Seksyen 289 Akta Kanun Jenayah yang dirujuk oleh En Ragunath adalah tidak terpakai di mahkamah syariah. Undang-undang yang terpakai di mahkamah syariah bagi pelaksanaan sebatan syariah ialah Akta Tatacara Jenayah Mahkamah Syariah. Oleh yang demikian Presiden Majlis Peguam itu perlulah merujuk kepada Akta tersebut terlebih dahulu (yang juga diluluskan oleh Parlimen) sebelum membuat sebarang komentar. Malaysia adalah sebuah negara unik yang mempunyai dua sistem perundangan dan kedua-dua sistem ini haruslah lengkap melengkapi antara satu sama lain serta menghormati pihak yang satu lagi.

Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang berdaulat. Adalah menjadi peraturan asas (trite law) bahawa rujukan kepada konvensyen-konvensyen antarabangsa bukanlah nas yang sahih di sudut perundangan negara selagi ia tidak dijadikan undang-undang.

Saya juga menyeru mana-mana hukuman sebatan syariah yang masih lagi belum dilaksanakan sebatan syariah di seluruh negara termasuklah kes Kartika Sari Dewi Sukharnor dilaksanakan dengan kadar segera agar keadilan kepada pesalah syariah itu sendiri dapat dilakukan. PPMM menyokong usaha kerajaan memartabatkan perundangan syariah melalui sebatan syariah bagi pesalah yang telah disabitkan atas kesalahan yang membawa hukuman sebat.




Bertarikh: 18 Febuari 2010


Sadly, that's all that our Muslim Lawyers can do?

Memorandum after memorandum sent to the apathetic so called Umara' that we have masquerading as the Keepers of the Islamic Faith here in Bolehland.

Useless, incompetent cowards like the Singapore eunuch we see in the video above!

Even the notorious Sisters in Islam have more 'balls' in speaking their mind and championing their agenda than the lame ducks we have as the 'Government' in Malaysia.

I might not agree with them in many things but they have my respect for their tenacity in persistently fighting their many causes even if we so differ in our individual perspectives as fellow Muslims.

What next?

Any other secret punishments you have going on?

Just a slight tap on the risk for other offenders?


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Opposition, lawyers question 'unusual' postponement

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 06:37 AM PST

In the wake of Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial postponement today, questions are popping up whether star witness Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan is ready to be grilled by the defence team.

NONEPKR strategist and Batu MP Tian Chua (left) questioned the motive of today's postponement as lead counsel Karpal Singh was all geared up to cross-examine Saiful.

"My view is that if Saiful is cross-examined now, there will be a lot of inconsistencies and it will be problematic for the prosecution," he said.

He added that if the defence won the appeal against the judge's decision not to recuse himself and the judge is changed, then the defence team will have another chance to cross-examine Saiful.

Tian, whose full name is Chua Tian Chang, said perhaps the prosecution fears that his story might be inconsistent.

"Hence, he needs more time to be coached. That is why I see they were not interested in continuing with today's proceedings," he said.

The hearing had been adjourned to March 25, following Anwar's intended application to appeal trial judge Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah's decision not to recuse himself today.

Not entertained

Previously, Anwar's applications for a stay of the proceedings following various interlocutory appeals at the Court of Appeal or Federal Court were not entertained by justice Mohamad Zabidin.

sankara nair bukit aman teresea kok isa arrest pc 170908 01Anwar's lawyer Sankara Nair (right) said he was very surprised the judge had allowed a stay, despite shooting down all Anwar's applications in the past.

"In any case, we were prepared to cross-examine Mohd Saiful," he told Malaysiakini.

Three foreign experts - two from Australia and one from India - were roped in by Anwar to observe the cross-examination.

The three - Dr Brian McDonald, a DNA expert from Sydney, Australia, and forensics experts Dr C Damodaran, from Chennai, India, and Dr David Wells from Melbourne, Australia - were in court, acting as advisers to Anwar's defence team.

Anwar's appeal to gain more evidence and documentation to allow his lawyers to prepare the case is still pending at the Federal Court, which has fixed Feb 25 for the hearing.

The opposition leader had also filed an appeal today over yesterday's Court of Appeal decision not to quash his sodomy charge. His application for a stay was rejecteed.

Irony in today's proceedings

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, also thought it odd that this time around the prosecution seems to be the one to delay proceedings, previously they had blamed the defence.

The irony in today's proceedings was when the prosecution gave an authority (case law of a 2005 case) to Karpal before the court sat, should Anwar's application to recuse the judge prove unsuccessful.

NONEFollowing Justice Mohamad Zabidin's decision, Karpal (left) told the court that the defence was willing to start cross-examining Saiful.

There was no indication by Karpal then that he had instructions from Anwar to appeal.

After a short break, lead prosecutor solicitor-general II Mohamed Yusof Zainal Abiden stood up and asked Karpal whether he intended to appeal the judge's decision.

Yusof said he needed to know as the case law which he had given to Karpal on an appeal matter allows proceedings to be stayed.

Karpal replied that it was a defence privilege whether or not to file an appeal and indicated he would make the necessary application to appeal the recusal decision tomorrow.

"We are prepared to cross-examine Saiful. We do not want to be accused of employing delaying tactics," he said, adding he was surprised at the prosecution's move to give the authority now.

Yusof said he had done so "as an officer of the court".

An heated argument ensued between Karpal and Yusof which again resulted in the judge calling for a short break.

Justice Mohamad Zabidin then met both Karpal and Yusof in chambers and on coming back in open court ruled that he was bound by the 2005 case to allow a stay in the proceedings.

news courtesy of Malaysiakini

Unhappy 'SPDP 5' to join PRS

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 06:33 AM PST

Since their open dispute with their party president, the five elected representatives from Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) seemed to have burnt their bridges with the party and the boss.

The Malaysian Mirror can reveal today that the group of SPDP legislators, led by its former secretary-general and state Assistant Minister Sylvester Enteri, will be jumping ship. Their next stop – Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) led by state Land Development Minister Dr James Masing.

Others in the group are Tasik Biru state assemblyman and Assistant Minister for Environment Peter Nansian, Batu Danau state rep Paulus Gumbang, Bekenu state assemblywoman Rosey Yunus and Mas Gading MP Dr Tiki Lafe.

spdp-rebelsThe three SPDP supreme council members aligned to the "Unhappy 5" are George Garai, Peter Gani and Eda Egar.

Last month they walked out from the SPDP supreme council meeting when president William Mawan announced the appointment of Nelson Balang Rining, the state rep for Ba'Kelalan, as secretary-general replacing Enteri.

Fallout with Mawan

Enteri and the other leaders who were also founding fathers of the seven-year old SPDP were deeply disappointed with the president's decision. They charged that Mawan did not honour his promise of maintaining status quo in the party's elections last December.

Although Mawan tried to pacify the group by appointing Enteri as a party vice-president, the olive branch came too late. They had already decided to burn their bridges.

A leader of the group who declined to be identified told the Malaysian Mirror that members of the group met yesterday afternoon. And their final decision was to join PRS. They would be submitting their resignation letters from SPDP to the party any time now.

He believed that more elected representatives from SPDP are expected to cross over to PRS for the "larger interest of Dayak unity."

Lost confidence

He said that the group will be meeting PRS president James Masing soon to submit their applications to join his party.

Asked to confirm the news, Enteri asked this reporter: "How do you know?".

However, he was quick to add that they were very disappointed with the way the party (SPDP) affairs had been handled by the president.

He said that they had lost confidence in the leadership of the party.

Their joining PRS which is expected to enlarge the growing support for the party that has now nine state assemblymen and six MPs is expected to be announced within the next 48 hours to coincide with the visit of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak from Feb 22-23 to Sarawak.

Keeping them within the BN

Political observers see the latest political development in Dayak politics as completing a whole circle – breaking from SNAP in the early 80s into Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak, SPDP and now in PRS.

james-masingContacted by the Malaysian Mirror from Kuala Lumpur, James Masing said he had not met the SPDP dissidents so far nor discussed with them about joining PRS.

"What I know is that they do have some problems within their own party but I don't know how serious it is," he said.

Asked whether he would be happy to accept them into his party, Masing told MM: "Let's put it this way. It's better to keep them within the Barisan Nasional fold than to lose them to the opposition".

news courtesy of Malaysian Mirror


Posted: 18 Feb 2010 06:13 AM PST

Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy II sequel has all the trappings of a selective political prosecution. The case involves a sequence of allegations made by his political aide Mohd Saiful which is riddled with some form of hidden and invisible plot which has to be brought out into the open.

No doubt any prosecution would involve some form of a story or a play. There is bound to be some form of human conflict which would run contrary to the law of the land. Hence after a report is made and the investigations are carried out and if there is prima facie evidence the Attorney General (AG) would prefer the charge or charges.

In Anwar's sodomy II the charge is under section 377B of the Penal Code which reads:

"That you on June 26, 2008…….intentionally had carnal intercourse against the order of nature with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan where you inserted your penis into his anus, and therefore you had committed a crime which can be punishable under section 377B of the Penal Code."

Now every sane and right thinking person should first and foremost take note that the operative words of the charge are "WHERE YOU INSERTED YOUR PENIS INTO HIS ANUS" and in a criminal case the duty of the prosecution is to prove beyond reasonable doubt in establishing the charge that Anwar did in fact "insert his penis" into the anus.

We are all very familiar that when a report is made in a case of sexual assault or rape, the first thing the police would do is to send the victim to a government hospital to be examined and if it is established by medical evidence that there was indeed a case of sexual assault or penetration, then the aggressor is apprehended and after investigations are carried out, the AG may decide to prefer charges. If it was consensual no charges are preferred.

However in Anwar's case Saiful claims he was sodomised on June 26, 2008 but he consented to it. He did not pass motion for two days. He went to see Najib and informed him of what happened. He was advised to go to a hospital which he did. He went to two private hospitals before he was referred to a government hospital at which point he lodged the police report.

Anuar had applied to quash the charges on the grounds that it was mala fides, oppressive, and an abuse of the process of the court as it is a conspiracy and is malicious on the basis that a medical report has suggested that there was no penetration.

The High Court Judge dismissed the application. Anwar appealed to the Court of appeal and it is beyond our comprehension as to how the Appeal Court could deliver a unanimous decision on the reasoning that they concur with the submission of the lead prosecutor that the medical report was not conclusive evidence.

So what has happened to the "BEST EVIDENCE RULE" in Malaysia?  Is this rule of evidence dead as with the rule of democracy?

But the lead prosecutor has submitted that he will not rely on the medical report (the best evidence) but the case would be based on the testimonies of witnesses (who would that be when it was only Anwar and Saiful if at all it actually happened) including forensic (manufactured) evidence.

So herein is the answer. The best evidence rule goes out of the window. In its place will be introduced MANUFACTURED EVIDENCE to establish the charge even thought there was no penetration.

Let's go a little further. Anwar filed an application to disqualify the High Court Judge from continuing to hear his case on grounds of the allegation of bias and lying over his failure to take appropriate action against the Utusan Malaysia's coverage of the trial The news paper is owned by the United Malay National Organisation (UMNO).

The judge miserably failed in the Oath and Affirmation that he took when he accepted his appointment of office. The Oath states that: "I will faithfully discharge my judicial duties in that office to the best of my ability, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Malaysia, and will preserve, protect and defend its Constitution."

In the context of the Oath the judge had taken to defend the "Constitution" and since Anwar is claiming that he is being deprived of his "personal liberty" the Judge should have stepped down and let the application to disqualify him be heard by another judge.

This he failed to do.  He totally ignored all the well established judicial precedence on the rule of bias. He decided to become the judge, jury and the executioner of the application made to disqualify him. It is apparent that he lost sight of the wisdom and the integrity of his office. He committed a grievous mistake by hearing and disposing of the application by himself.

The conclusions that he drew defeats commonsense and was totally illogical for a person who has been appointed to that high office when he said, "The allegations that I lied in arriving to the decision ( not to take action against Utusan) is incorrect. After looking at the testimony by the witness, and the affidavit of the application, there is no truth to such allegation. I am certain that any right rational people would not see the decision as biasness on my part." (reported by Malaysiakini)

Why is it so?

There are a few factors that have to be considered.  There is a time honoured legal Maxim that states: " No one should be a Judge in his own cause."

Apart from the time honoured Maxin the judge had as a person to determine an issue which is made against him would naturally be prejudiced and being only human would never be able to arrive at a decision with certainty that would be acceptable to the applicant when all the right thinking people conclude that he is biased.

Further the judge failed to realize that the human consciousness is unique as it is a matter of perception and in this case it would be all the more unique as the application was against the judge to disqualify him from continuing to hear the case.

And that is why in (490-420 B. C.) Protagoras saw the full implications of what we are discussing today that took place in Anwar's case. It led Protagoras to ask these questions.

"If other people believe in different things to you, how do you know that your beliefs are right? How do you know that anyone's beliefs are right?

Therefore, with the facts that are before all right thinking people not only in Malaysia but also from all over the world, we are certain that in applying inductive logic to the prevailing facts we will reach the same conclusion that the prosecution of Anwar is politically motivated.

Najib, it is high time that you stop pretending that you can continue living in a diabolically conceived comfort zone. The whole world cannot be wrong and you are right.

May we leave you to ponder on a Latin Legal Maxim: "Nemo ex alterius facto praegravari debet" which means, No one ought to be burdened in consequence of another's act.

Dick Cheney Facts

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 12:59 AM PST

Hahaha! In the vein of Chuck Norris Facts, here are Darth Cheney facts. read 'em and beware, libs! (But in all seriousness, he and Bush actually saved close to a million Iraqi lives.

(WARNING: Some may be a bit crude for more delicate sensibilities, but these are already the less explicit ones!)

From and :

Dick Cheney's only weakness is love.

Dick Cheney takes candy from babies, then later gives it to diabetic babies

When a new senator places his hand on the book to be sworn in, very few realize it is actually the Necronomicon until Cheney laughs and tells them "you're mine now".

Bathes every night in the warm, viscous plasma of freshly killed Iraqi insurgents to keep his skin soft.

Ted Kennedy is afraid to drive with him.

After turning down an offer from Mafia Don, Cheney woke up with a horse head in his bed. He grabbed it, held it like a teddy bear, and went back to sleep.

It is widely believed that free-range chickens are far superior to captive ones, as they result in a more tender, juicy, healthful meal. Dick Cheney believes this too, but about homeless people.

Dick Cheney was bitten by a radioactive spider in high school, imparting to the spider Cheney-like powers.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Dick Cheney actually has the bleeding heart of a liberal…He keeps it in a jar under his desk.

For the past 32 years during his family's Christmas dinner Dick Cheney has carved and served the turkey pardoned by the President at Thanksgiving .

Cheney will solve the deficit problem in due time because he, and only he, knows how to divide by zero. In the meantime, he just enjoys watching everybody sweat.

Cheney once killed and ate a congressman in front of a visiting troop of girl scouts, as part of his demonstration of "how a bill becomes law."

Dick Cheney periodically goads Germany to invade Poland to prevent Europe from "going all sissy".

Ants have the proportional strength of Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney won the first season of Survivor by eating the other contestants and camera crew. CBS is too scared to air the footage.

Dick Cheney killed the dinosaurs. One at a time.

Cheney killed the dinosaurs, because that's how you make oil.

In a bow to conservationists, Dick Cheney converted his SUV. It now runs on orphans. And puppies. And orphan puppies. Also, it gets 1 mpg city, 3 freeway. And he never leaves the city.

When Dick Cheney has a heart attack, no one in DC dies for the next 24 hours. Death is back home in the ninth ward p*ssing himself.

Can Dick Cheney create a rock too big for Dick Cheney to push? Yes. Yes, he can. Punk.

Death didn't take a holiday. Dick Cheney had him shipped off to a secret prison in Bulgaria and had him waterboarded.

Cheney refuses to wait for his heart to attack him . . . has spent years planning a pre-emptive strike.

Dick Cheney was once kicked out of a theater for interrupting the movie "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer." He kept shouting "you f*cking amateur!" at the screen and throwing popcorn.

Most people don't know Cheney has a soft side. One time he executed a waiter at a resturant with a steak knife (the waiter was late coming with Dick's steak sauce). Saddened by what he had done, Cheney wept openly for a full minute. Then he cut out the waiter's heart and ate it, tears running down his cheeks.

Dick Cheney once killed a man with a paper clip. It took him three years, but eventually the man succumed to his wounds. He's patient and evil, like a crocodile armed with a paper clip.

To this day, John Edwards often wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, terrified that the last thing he's going to hear before he dies is the words "Let me simply thank the senator for the kind words he said about my family and our daughter. I appreciate that very much." (Remark by iamfelix: I love that one – I was in the car when I heard Cheey say it originally, and my blood froze … and I'm a big fan of his! We NEED politicians who do not suffer fools gladly.)

Toughest part of George Bush's job – convincing Cheney to give better justification in meetings with foreign dignitaries than "Because that's just the f*ckin' way I want it."

Insisted as child that he be called Dick instead of Richard just so the class bullies would pick on him.

When it snows in Washington, Dick Cheney doesn't put chains on his tires, but instead uses hippies.

When Dick Cheney shaves in the morning he has to hold a loaded .44 to his head to keep from cutting his own throat.

At one point, Cheney considered diversifying his oil interests. He abandoned the idea after learning that baby oil wasn't actually made from babies.

Dick Cheney's surgeries don't require bandages, because Dick Cheney doesn't have time to bleed.

Dick Cheney has single-handedly set back the civil rights movement 30 years. And in a recent speech he said, "We can do better.'"

Dick Cheney has repeatedly pressed for Congressional resolutions banning torture, because it's not as fun if it's legal.

Dick Cheney's shadow has a pH of 0.01.

John Bolton used to be a transnational progressive, until one day Dick Cheney sneered at him and said, "Grow a mustache, man!"

Dick Cheney eats yellowcake and craps thermobaric warheads. He is technically banned by the Geneva Convention, but nobody has the b*lls to say so out loud.

Dick Cheney used to write childrens' stories under the pen name "H.P. Lovecraft."

Dick Cheney survived that South American flight that crash-landed in the Andes, where the survivors had to resort to cannibalism to live. Although Dick Cheney was praised by the other survivors for his courage, he was also strongly criticized, as he had eaten "all the tasty-looking passengers" during the plane's pre-flight checklist.

Q: Does Dick Cheney's stool contain chunks of John Edwards?
A: Dick Cheney does not sh*t. He has a special internal organ that converts debate opponents directly to cholesterol.

Einstein theorized that nothing could go faster than the speed of light, which was constant. However, scientists have recently learned that light travels even faster … when it's running from Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney has been reading these threads and he is greatly pleased…but not with everyone.

Dick Cheney invented the sport of kitten-stapling, including both the height and span categories.

At some resort in the Poconos, Dick Cheney once announced that "no one puts Baby in the corner!" He then had the whole resort leveled with a barrage of howitzer shells.

As an undergraduate, Dick Cheney's lava lamp had real lava

Cheney is in a secure bunker in an undisclosed location. Not for his protection, but for ours.

Dick Cheney taught Joe Kubert how to draw. In gratitude Kubert created the Sergeant Rock comic book to record Dick Cheney's secret wartime exploits. Same with Larry Elmore, who did much of the Dungeon Master's Guide illustrations by basically copying from Dick Cheney's photo album (and making Lynne's demure outfits a bit more revealing.)

When Cheney sings the fat lady is transported back in time to the beginning.

When George Bush gets angry, he doesn't get violent. When George Bush gets angry, Dick Cheney gets violent.

Its a little known fact that Scalia is the only man that Cheney fears. Luckily, Scalia and Cheney are now allies. In their infamous 2003 duck hunt, they bagged so many ducks that mother earth herself weeped for 3 weeks straight, leading to global warming and hurricane Katrina.

Dick Cheney was the first man to say "I love the smell of napalm in the morning." He uses it to heat his coffee.

I heard Dick Cheney built secret windmill farms on old oil drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. When the wind blows, the windmills turn and lower the levies in New Orleans.

Dick Cheny doesn't use computers, he has a room full of grizzly bears to add sums for him.

Dick Cheney once singlehandedly defeated the Iron Sheikh, Boris Karloff, the British Bulldogs and Rowdy Roddy Piper in a steel cage match to both unify the WWF championship, and to p*ss off the United Nations.

Each year, Dick and Lynne Cheney host an Easter egg hunt for the school children of DC. At the end of the festivities, Dick Cheney selects one lucky boy or girl and hurls the child into the heart of the sun.

Dick Cheney is a direct male-line descendant of Genghis Khan.

When Mickey tells Rocky that he has to "eat thunder and crap lightning" he is just suggesting something he once saw Dick Cheney do.

Young Dick Cheney's first movie experience was "Ol' Yeller". His bellowing laughter at the ending escaped from Earth's atmosphere in the form of radio waves, and will be heard by distant civilizations on the other side of the Milky Way in 3000 years.

Every year, Dick Cheney clones himself, and he and the clones fight to the death. Because only the meanest and most cruel version survives, he becomes progressively more evil. He would fight others to the death, but remember: only Dick Cheney is hard enough to cut Dick Cheney.

Niccolo Machiavelli formulated his famous precept that "It is better for a ruler to be feared than loved" after seeing Dick Cheney berate a waitress at IHOP.

Cheney was shocked to find out that most people considered Sauron to be the bad guy in "The Lord Of The Rings" novels.

Every time Cheney's heart beats, an angel gets his wings. Every time Cheney's heart skips a beat, an angel gets set on fire.

Superman once launched Dick Cheney into a deep space spinning two-dimensional glass prison. Cheney's smirk shattered the glass, and then he snapped Christopher Reeve's spine in half in order to suck out the nutritious fluid.

Trees lose their leaves because Cheney hits the campaign trail in the fall. It happens every year because trees don't know which years are election years.

Cheney… Haliburton… oil… dinosaur extinction. Do I have to paint a picture for you?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. But Dick Cheney made it a toll road and it got finished under budget and ahead of schedule.

Dick Cheney is the reason the Jews put lambs blood on their doors at the first Passover.

Dick Cheney engineered Carter's election in '76 so that the world would properly appreciate Reagan.

Dick Cheney is responsible for Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Malfunction. The real Justin Timberlake remains "relaxing" at Gitmo.

The real reason the alien ship crashed at Roswell is as punishment for not paying proper respect to Dick.

Dick Cheney, a plan, a canal, Panama. Its not a plaindrome, but only because Dick Cheney is not merely a man.

After leaving the White House in 1974, Cheney became chief of security for Lynyrd Skynyrd. During a memorable concert at the Jacksonville Gator Bowl, he once head-butted an unruly gate crasher. That drunk hillbilly is now known as Steven Hawking.

Dick Cheney invented the internet. No, really.

The size of the glacier on Kilamanjaro is inversely proportional to the influence of Dick Cheney. FYI, it has been receding for the past 6,000 years.

Dick Cheney picks up kids from The Hapiness Bag, puts them on the rear seat of his bicycle built for two then bets them a dollar they can't beat him in a race around the block. After every victory, he snatches their dollar, does an in-your-face victory dance and spikes a kitten.

The movie Alien was based on the events surrounding Dick Cheney's birth.

Hippies actually bathe as often as you or I. Their smell is a result of the fear of Cheney.

On occassion, Dick Cheney has pulled his own heart from his chest, just to see it beating.

Cheney offered to teach John Edwards "how to pick up teeth with broken fingers" just before the vice-presidential debate.

The atomic number of Dick Cheney is infinity, and he has a half-life of everything until now.

Real men love Jesus, smart men fear Dick Cheney.

Italy is shaped that way because Dick Cheney hates Sicilians.

Dick Cheney is so hard, he once ate a hardback copy of Das Kapital, and his resulting bowel movement went on to rule Cuba for 50 years.

The Canadian military came into existence when Dick Cheney fired his maid service.

The box that the Constitution came in said: "Dick Cheney Not Incuded"

Dick Cheney life inspired the movies Roadhouse, Mad Max, and Beaches– the last because it was a movie the exact opposite of what Dick Cheney would f*cking watch.

NORAD's Cheyene Mountain complex was built by following Dick Cheney's chest X-Ray.

All Your Base Are Belong To Dick Cheney.

One day Dick Cheney was flipping through the channels on TV and came across Poison's Unskinny Bop on MTV, followed by Europe's The Final Countdown, followed by Queensryche's Silent Lucidity. "What the f*cking f*ck is this sh*t?!" he bellowed in a voice so loud and pure it reduced alloys into their component metals. And you never heard from any of them again. To which Dick Cheney says, "You're welcome."

If an irresistible force struck an immovable object, it would release Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney knows the cat is dead. He doesn't need to open the box.

Shaking Dick Cheney's hand without injury is only possible because of the Leidenfrost effect.

Because Dick Cheney likes to mix his Slurpees with half Coke and half Cherry, that's all you can find on a consistent basis in 9 out of 10 Seven Elevens.

Men are always required to wear a jacket and tie in President Bush's Oval Office–except for Dick Cheney, who gets by with wearing only his bypass scar and a kilt knitted from the entrails of Taliban fighters.

James Dean thought it would be pretty funny to cut Dick Cheney off in traffic. Who's laughin' now, pretty-boy?

Dick Cheney performed the first male-to-female sex change operation, using a procedure which today is known as "eye contact with Dick Cheney."

When Bruce Banner is angered, he turns into the Incredible Hulk. When Dick Cheney is tranquilized, he does the same.

The only known solvent for Dick Cheney is a two mol solution of Ronald Reagan.

Most of Stephen King's novels were inspired by a single night's visit from Dick Cheney.

Democrats have five hundred words for Dick Cheney. They use none of them for fear that he will hear them call his name.

James Bond is the only agent who ever successfully infiltrated Cheney's underground lair of evil. He was apprehended by henchmen and strapped to a laser table over a shark tank with a countdown clock. "Do you expect me to talk, Cheney?" said Bond. It was lunchtime, so Cheney ate him.

Cheney killed Schroedinger's cat, but he didn't tell anyone.

The MSM calls them insurgents. Cheney calls them warm up. The MSM calls them suicide bombers. Cheney calls them pulled pork buffet.

Paul Krugman has concerns about Cheney's health. Cheney "has concerns" about the Krugman's health. Paul Krugman does not mention Cheney's health anymore.

Cheney goes to Mexico TO drink the water. The Water? Cheney gives it the sh*ts.

Bears crap in the woods because Dick Cheney told them to, and they are too scared to disobey.

In order to protect his loved ones from his one-man war on crime, Dick Cheney has assumed the secret identity of the mild-mannered Wolverine.

Dick Cheney once did drugs. He gave it up though when he couldn't artificially replace the high he gets when slowly destroying the souls of the damned.

Joseph P. Kennedy p*ssed off Dick Cheney one day. The result is known to history as the Kennedy Curse.

Three men were sitting by a campfire when they heard thrashing through the brush and a horrible growl. A 7′, 350lb muscle sculpted man rode up on the back of a grizzly bear. He reached into the boiling pot and stuffed the burning food into his mouth, grabbed the boiling coffee and chugged it then took a dump and wiped his ass with a cactus. He slapped the grizzly, mounted it and said to the men. "Hate to eat and run but Dick Cheney is after me and he's only a few hours behind me.

Why did Dick Cheney cross the road? Premptive strike. He was daring that damned road to retaliate."

Dick Cheney eats your personal liberties for breakfest.

All Dick Cheney does is swim, eat, and make baby sharks. Yes, I said sharks, dammit. You think his sperm would create anything as wimpy as human children?

Kill one and you are a murderer. Kill a million and you are a conquerer. Kill them all and you are Dick Cheney.

PBB-A Heavyweight Clash for Youth Chief..Wanita Chief Uncontested

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 04:06 AM PST

Our earlier article:-  It seems that at this present period barring any withdrawals the PBB Youth posts would see a straight fight between Incumbent MP YB Fadillah Yusof (Deputy Federal Minister Science, Technology and Innovation ) against ADUN YB Karim Hamzah ( Sarawak Backbenchers Chairman and Former Deputy Youth Chief).

Our PBB informed source says that the Official announcement  will be on Monday at 3pm. The Election scrutineers will double check all candidates to avoid overlooking bankruptcies,police records and other  miscellaneous wrongsdoings which will jeorpadise PBB.

Latest from Wanita PBB:- Datin Sri Empiang won uncontested and will still head the Wanita Wing and Datin Fatimah remains as No.2  also uncontested.PBB Wanita will have very few changes to its lineup

Reposts with kind permission from Sarawak update:-

Those who do not understand, welcome to Sarawak – ask your Sarawakian friends.

KP -
Konpom Karim lwn Fadilah. 21hb cabut undi utk semua jwtn.

Sik tanding.Timbalan. Daniel Jubang

Vice Pesaka1 Sinsaring Suel

Vice Pesaka 2 Simon sindang.

Semua menang tanpa bertanding.

Tanding VP -
Pandi dpt 24 percalonan
Kamal 4
Aziz denan 3

Tanding Exco Bumiputera

Abd Baderi Shamat
Raymon Tanin
Raduan Ahmad
Morkhsien Affendi
Junaidi Sambang
Wan Hamzah Wan Paiee
Tinggal Abd Hamid
Awg Najit Awg Sohor
Haidil haili
Abg abd aziz abg draup
Zainal Abidin Abu Seman
M Yusnar Mantali
Hamzah Brahim
Norudin Sidi
Yahya Salim
Suhardyantono Abd Kadir
Raden kederi
Shamsuddin unai
Abd Rahman hj Jawawi
Azahari osman

Tanding Exco Pesaka

Ajis Japar
Ambrose Jemut
Bell Bernard
Christopher Romeo
Ruggery Antony
Peter Sigie
Jampi Tutong
Henry Killah
Denis Ngau
Joe Faizal Abdullah.
Stanley Sila
Bagi exco pesaka.

PBB Main Body nominations will close on 21st February.

Fantastic Facts and Funnies

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 04:08 AM PST

Don't worry. No pain one and will make you better.

Some funnies from today's edition of The Malaysian Insider...

3 women were caned recently under Syariah laws on charges of engaging in "illicit sex.

Home Minister Hishammuddin disclosed this yesterday. Two of them received six strokes while another one was given four.
"The sentencing has proven that caning is not unjust, inhumane or causes injuries. This also proves that Jakim and the Prisons Department are prepared and ready to implement Syariah criminal punishment. The public and world community no longer needs to fear caning as a punishment under the Syariah because it is not cruel but instead educates the offenders. It also provides awareness and teaches the offenders to repent and not repeat the acts," he said in a press statement today.

Wah! This fler is really something la. "caning is not unjust, inhumane or causes injuries..."

Unjust? Were the partners in this "illicit sex" caned too?
Inhumane? What? Chopping off hands for stealing next?
Causes injuries? How would he know?

"The public and world community no longer needs to fear caning as a punishment under the Syariah because it is not cruel but instead educates the offenders..."

Not cruel and educates as well! Now you can't ask for more can you?

This is also funny...

Give Najib chance to change country

Sarawakians were told this by Environment and Public Health Minister Datuk Sri Wong Soon Koh.

Okay Mr. Wong. Sure. I will. Just as soon as he can put his own party in order and not make conflicting statements from his deputy or should that be the other way around? Not that the Deputy fler gives a shit.

A chance to change the country? From what I've seen so far I am not sure Najib can change his own underwear. Sorry.



Posted: 18 Feb 2010 03:01 AM PST

Blog Anwar Ibrahim melaporkan bekas Timbalan Menteri Buruh, Kalakau Untol sudah pun melepaskan semua jawatan dalam syarikat berkaitan kerajaan dan menyuarakan sokongan terhadap Pakatan Rakyat.

Tidak ada apa yang menghairankan mengenai keputusan beliau meletakkan jawatan sebagai Pengerusi Superpanel (Sabah) Sdn Bhd, sebuah subsidiari milik penuh Lembaga Pembangunan Perumahan Bandar (LPPB) serta sebagai ahli Lembaga Pengarah Perbadanan Pembangunan Ekonomi Sabah (Sedco).

Ini dinyatakannya dalam satu sidang akhbar di Tamparuli, Sabah hari ini.

Ketika menjadi anggota Kabinet Tun Dr Mahathir di antara 1986 dan 1990, beliau tidak berapa menyerlah. Malah, perlantikannya sebagai salah seorang wakil negeri Sabah sedikit membingungkan kerana Kalakau bukanlah seorang ahli politik gred 1. Sepenggal sebagai timbalan menteri pun tidak menampakkan beliau menyumbang apa-apa terhadap pembangunan tenaga kerja dan penyelesaian masalah perburuhan ketika itu.

Kalangan wartawan dan politikus ketika itu hanya melihat Kalakau sebagai seorang 'seniman' berprofil tinggi kerana kasutnya yang adakalanya berlainan warna setiap sebelah.

Saya sendiri pernah mengajukan soalan mengenai isu pekerja dan jawapan yang diberikannya sering tidak memuaskan hati wartawan sehingga ada yang menggelarnya ahli politik tangkap muat negeri Sabah.

Sama ada beliau akan menyertai PR atau tidak, itu haknya sebagai individu tetapi tidak ada apa yang dapat ditawarkannya kepada rakyat Sabah memandangkan beliau sendiri sudah terlalu lama 'tenggelam' di negeri itu.

Kalakau, 55, juga pernah menjadi Ketua Pemuda Pertubuhan Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Bersatu (Upko) negeri selama 12 tahun sejak 1985. Bagaimanapun, kekalahannya pada pemilihan pucuk kepimpinan pada 1997 seakan-akan menutup terus pintu gelanggang politiknya.

Blognya, banyak berkisar kepada usahanya membela nasib rakyat Sabah ketika menjadi timbalan menteri, bagaimana beliau kecewa dengan segala tuntutannya untuk Sabah tidak dipenuhi semuanya oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan ketika itu.

Saya harap Tun Dr Mahathir dapat mengulas mengenai Kalakau agar rakyat Malaysia, khususnya di Sabah faham kenapa perlantikannya ketika itu hanya satu penggal.

Biarlah Kalakau dengan kelakarnya...

Hishamuddin & the secret caning of women

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 02:41 AM PST

On 10 February Malaysiakini published my letter titled Rulers in politics a dangerous thing.

While my subject was on the inadvisability of royal activism in politics, I also mentioned that there were two monumental blunders in recent Malaysian political strategies. I had then written:

The first was when Dr Mahathir Mohamad, then as prime minister, wanted to outflank PAS' growing influence among the pious in the Malay heartland. He did so by declaring Malaysia as an Islamic nation, diametrically opposite to Tunku Abdul Rahman's earlier declaration that Malaysia was a secular state which upheld Islam as the nation's official religion.

Whatever good motive he might have in his manoeuvre to politically pre-empt PAS, he introduced a new element into the Malaysian judicial system, one that was and still is unwelcomed by non-Muslims.

Yes, as I had written, … By taking such a constitutionally radical step to neutralise PAS, he opened, what non-Muslims would call, a Pandora's Box, one which he couldn't close back again. From thence, he gradually gave in to the genie he unwittingly released.

We cannot accept the usual argument that only Muslims would be affected because Madam Kaliammal, wife of the late Moorthy (he of the body snatching case) was deeply affected and severely traumatised - and so were other non-Muslims in similar predicament.

Since then there has been an erosion of the supremacy of civil laws.

Four years ago I wrote in a previous post SUHAKAM Chairman: "Civil Court Judges Lack Balls" that Abu Talib Othman, the chairman of SUHAKAM and former Attorney-General in Dr Mahathir's government, the very man who had drafted the contentious Article 121 (1)(A) in 1988, severely criticized the timidity of the civil courts in interpreting the constitutional rights [and limitations] of the syariah courts in the Moorthy case.

Abu Talib blamed the civil courts for lacking the balls to interpret the provisions according to the intentions of the proponents [of the Constitution].

When human rights lawyer Malik Imtiaz told him about civil court judges who admit to being Muslims first, Abu Talib advised him to report the matter and if there was evidence, those judges should be removed.

He said: "They are unfit to be judges, then. Judges should remember their constitutional oath to protect and uphold the Federal Constitution as the supreme law of the land."

Yesterday we read that Three women [were] caned for extramarital sex in accordance with the sentences passed down by the syariah courts.

There was also the case of Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno who was also sentenced to six strokes of the cane for drinking beer.

It's not for me to question the decisions of the syariah courts … UNLESS … these had been against the civil laws.

Malaysian civil laws do not permit women to be caned. Additionally, in accordance with the civil law, a person cannot be caned by the prison authorities unless that person is a prisoner.

Kartika wasn't a prisoner, yet it has been reported that prison authorities had averred they were waiting for instructions from the syariah court to conduct the caning on her ... and presumably to f* with the civil laws of the nation.

So how, Minister? Haven't civil laws been violated?

The greater shame of the Home Minister has been that he allowed the illegal sentencing to be carried out secretly, yes, secretly as if he had been ashamed of the very actions of his own ministry.

Hishamuddin had the gall to say [as reported by MKINI]: "The punishment is to teach and give a chance to those who have fallen off the path to return and build a better life in future," ..... adding that none of the three sustained any injuries.

To recap, the secret caning of the women had been illegal in accordance with Malaysian civil laws.

Hishamuddin was too afraid or embarrassed to be upfront with those punishments. I bet if he could distance himself from ownership of the decision to proceed with the punishment he would have done so.

But alas, civil laws as we used to know it have become a victim of political opportunism and a faint heart.

And shouldn't we apply Abu Talib's admonition of those civil court judges to Hishamuddin as well, as in:

"They are He is unfit to be judges a minister, then. Judges A minister should remember their his constitutional oath to protect and uphold the Federal Constitution as the supreme law of the land."

Loyar Burok Is Very Kurang Ajar

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 01:59 AM PST

This Loyar Burok chap is even more kurang ajar. Dare to say our Home Minister a.k.a ISA God has no power?

Too kurang ajar ... Please ISA him right away ... MUST!

You don't have that power, Home Minister!

17 February, 2010
By Richard Wee

An opinion on why the High Court was correct in its application of the law in respect of the 'Allah' issue and the Court of Appeal should affirm that decision.

The 'Allah' decision back in middle January by the High Court of Malaya may include the subject matter of the word 'Allah' but the legal substance and principle matter in issue in that case is the extent of the Home Minister's power to curtail the usage of a certain word.

I do not wish to bore the readers with a legal cross reference of this case and that statute, but safe to say, the High Court Judge in that case had to decide if a Home Minister can ban the word, like 'Allah', from being used by non-muslims. This is significant! For, if the High Court confirms that the Home Minister has such a power, then the next question to ask is 'To what extent?'.

It is simple logic. If a Home Minister can ban usage of that word, can it also mean that the Home Minister can also ban words like 'Tuhan', 'Geraja', 'Masjid' etc. Is it also possible that if the Home Minister is a big football fan, and happen to support a team like, say Everton; can he ban that name from being used by any other fan? And to add into that ban that any usage of that word by a non-fan will be dealt with by the law?

The High Court has, in my view, correctly decided the issue, and held that the Minister does not have such a power. A perusal of the Federal Constitution and the relevant Federal statutes, clearly demonstrates that the law does not accord such a power to the Home Minister.

To cut a long argument short – the Home Minister does not have the power to ban such words of any words, for that matter.

The Home Minister now informs us Malaysians, that the Ministry intends to appeal to the Court of Appeal. What he is appealing against is not about the usage of that word "Allah" but whether the Ministry has such a power.

Will the Court of Appeal rise and defend the law? Will they be influenced by top Judge(s) who were formerly member(s) of the ruling party, now sitting in the Palace of Justice? Will the Court of Appeal be cowered into doing so after the judiciary's website was hacked into and defaced with a threat to reverse the High Court decision?

I believe, if the Judges at the Court of Appeal, do what they are suppose to do, that is to apply the law then they should dismiss the Appeal.

I am aware that I will receive brickbats for being critical of the Judiciary at Putrajaya, but I am only a wee tax-paying Malaysian, wanting our Courts to defend the law; hoping that the law will not be skewed.

So long as practise my freedom to speak responsibly, I believe I have a right to gently remind our Judges at the Court of Appeal (and Federal Court if the case may be) to just apply the law, and nothing else but the law.

No contest expected for top PBB posts

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 01:00 AM PST

No contests are expected for the top posts at the 12th convention of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Sarawak's biggest political party and backbone of the state BN, from Feb 27 to March 2 in Kuching.

PBB deputy president Abang Johari Openg, who is minister of housing and urban development, said today he did not expect any contest for the two posts of deputy president, two posts of senior vice-president and six posts of vice-president.

"However, there may be some changes in the supreme council line-up," he told reporters during a visit to the residence of his assistant minister Soon Choon Teck in Sibu in conjunction with the Chinese New Year.

There have been calls from the PBB branches for Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud to continue to helm the party.

About 5,000 delegates and observers from the party's 71 branches state-wide are expected to converge at the Borneo Convention Centre in Kuching for the convention.

Abang Johari said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was scheduled to open the convention.

He said the PBB Youth would meet on Feb 27 and Wanita PBB on March 1.

Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Fadillah Yusof is the current chairman of PBB Youth while Wanita PBB is led by senator Empiang Jabu.

- Bernama

Annuar Shaari dan Ezam Mat Nor Dapat RM20juta Dari SOROS

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 01:46 AM PST

"Pada 2 September 2004, saya bertemu dengan salah seorang peguam Anwar, Pawanchik Merican di Istana Kehakiman di Putrajaya. "Awak tahu tak yang Ezam dan Anuar Shaari sedang galak mengutip derma atas nama Kempen Bebaskan Anwar (Free Anwar Campaign)?" Pawanchik menyoal saya."

NOTA EDITOR: Berikut adalah pendedahan dari Raja Petra Kamaruddin bahwa Ezam Mat Nor dan Annuar Shaari telah meminta wang dari George Soros sebelum pilihanraya 2004. Jumlah yang mereka dapat adalah dalam RM20juta tetapi wang tersebut tidak pernah dilihat dan diterima oleh Keadilan mahupun Anwar Ibrahim. Khabarnya, wang tersebut tersekat di Hong Kong dan tidak pernah ditemui lagi.

Saya teringat sekitar tahun 2003 saya minum the tarik dengan salah seorang MP PKR sekarang ini. Saya bertanya pada beliau, mana Ezam dapat duit beli rumah banglo di kawasan paling mahal di Shah Alam? Beliau lantas mengamuk dan mempersoalkan berkenaan bagaimana anak Mustafa Ali boleh dapat banyak kontrak dengan Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu. Saya kata, saya tak tau pasal tu, tapi yang pasal Ezam ni saya tahu dan wajib kita ambik tindakan. Last-last tengok sapa yang betul? Alhamdulillah.

Saya juga teringat Lokman Nor Adam difitnah dan dimaki Ezam secara terbuka sebab Lokman mintak kenaikan elaun dari Ezam Mat Nor sebab dia tak mampu buat kerja sebagai SU Pemuda Keadilan Pusat. Pada saya masa tu, macam mana Lokman tahu Ezam ada duit banyak? Kalau Ezam pun sengkek kenapa nak mintak duit kat Ezam?

Saya yakin antara yang dibincangkan dengan Aziz Samsudin di sebuah hotel di Shah Alam adalah kebenaran untuk membawa wang yang sebegitu banyak dari Hong Kong ke Malaysia. Maka, selepas itu, mereka berpakat konon bergaduh sesama mereka. Dan apabila mereka ditendang dan keluar parti, mereka bebas berbelanja wang yang sangat banyak itu.

Bagi UMNO, mereka akan menyokong 100% kerana ini bermakna PKR tidak akan mendapat wang tersebut yang mampu menjatuhkan UMNO.

Dan Lokman antara orang yang mula-mula mendedahkan wujud usaha meminta wang dari George Soros oleh puak2 dalam KeAdilan. Sekarang ni, kedua2 ekor kerbau ni dah duduk dalam UMNO dan berkempen lawan kita. Nampak tak taktik mereka mengkaburi mata kita.

Bagi saya, tindakan Lokman maki Ezam dan Ezam maki Lokman sebelum 2004 adalah SANDIWARA sahaja. Tujuan utama adalah untuk membawa perhatian orang dari topik yang sebenar: bagaimana hendak menjadikan RM20juta tu harta mak bapak mereka. Tengok la Lokman sekarang ni, kaya raya, bawa kereta mewah. Mana si Lokman dapat duit dengan begitu mudah. Semua puak2 yang ikut Ezam keluar UMNO tu, lihat gaya dan cara hidup mereka sekarang.

Ia banyak menjawab persoalan-persoalan yang selama ini kekal di benak saya. Rupa-rupanya kita semua ditipu oleh Ezam, Lokman, Zahid Mat Arip, Roslan Kassim dsbnya. Mereka konon bergaduh sama sendiri tapi di belakang mereka sesah duit Rm20 juta ni sesama mereka.
Lagi satu kena ingat, tu baru dari George Soros. Bagaimana pula duit dari sumber lain? Raja Petra kata lagi mereka jual nama <i>Free Anwar Campaign</i>. Mereka round satu dunia mintak duit. Ertinya, busuk-busuk pun saya yakin RM80-RM100juta tu senang-senang je.

Jadi, untuk memastikan duit-duit tu tidak dipersoalkan, mereka pun berlakon lah kononnya mereka bergaduh. Last2 semua masuk UMNO. Di Permatang Pauh, Lokman dengan Ezam boleh duduk atas pentas yang sama. Annuar Shaari boleh bukak bisnes sendiri hidup senang lenang. Semua hidup senang makan duit derma orang yang nak tengok Anwar lepas.


Lagi satu pengajaran dari peristiwa Ezam and the Gang, kalau pimpinan tu tiba2 je boleh hidup kaye, takda kerja boleh tukar Mercedez, takda bisness boleh duduk rumah juta-juta, ertinya ADA YANG TAK KENA. Jangan sekali-sekali kita BERSANGKA BAIK. Islam mengajar umatnya bersangka baik. Tapi Islam juga mengajar umatnya supaya JANGAN JADI BODOH. Malahan, lebih penting umat Islam tidak jadi bodoh dari bersangka baik.

Nabi SAW tak pernah bersikap bodoh. Nabi SAW sentiada bersikap bijaksana dan takda sapa boleh tipu Nabi SAW.

Kat dalam PAS sekarang ni pun kita kena tengok-tengok benda ni. BAru memerintah tak sampai setahun dah tukar Mercedez. Lepas tu tayang kat orang. Itu ke ajaran NAbi SAW? SAidina Umar jadi papa sebab pegang jawatan Khalifah. Sampai anak bini dia kelaparan. Pimpinan2 PAS boleh tukar kereta baru, kereta mewah, rumah banglo harga juta2.
Tulang Besi
Anuar Shaari and George Soros (UPDATED with BM Translation)

Pada 2 September 2004, saya bertemu dengan salah seorang peguam Anwar, Pawanchik Merican di Istana Kehakiman di Putrajaya. "Awak tahu tak yang Ezam dan Anuar Shaari sedang galak mengutip derma atas nama Kempen Bebaskan Anwar (Free Anwar Campaign)?" Pawanchik menyoal saya.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

"Anuar Shaari, bekas pegawai Kementerian Kewangan yang bekerja untuk Anwar antara 1996 dan 1998, tiba di pejabat polis daerah Melaka Tengah sekitar jam 10 pagi pada Khamis dan menghabiskan sekitar 30 minit dengan OCPD ACP Salehhudin Abdul Rahman bagi menyampaikan maklumat itu," akhbar The Star melaporkan.

Sebenarnya, laporan ni tak menceritakan segala-galanya. Ia tidak menjelaskan hakikat bahawa Anuar Shaari terus bekerja untuk Anwar hingga tahun 2004 ataupun mungkin lebih lama daripada tu. Dia adalah salah seorang 'pengendali' utama Parti Keadilan Nasional, iaitu sejak parti tu dilancarkan pada 14 April 1999 hinggalah ke saat pelancaran Free Anwar Campaign pada Ogos 2000, dan seterusnya.

Pada sekitar tahun 2003, Anuar Shaari, Ezam Mohd Nor dan dua orang lain yang telah meninggalkan parti pembangkang pergi ke Amerika Syarikat. Saya hanya mengetahui tentangnya apabila saya ditelefon seseorang dari Amerika Syarikat. Dia ingin saya mengesahkan identiti keempat-empat orang berkenaan dan bahawa mereka adalah sebahagian dari Free Anwar Campaign.

Saya terkedu dan tak tahu apa yang harus saya jawab. Saya berbohong dan berkata bahawa saya sedang bermesyuarat dan meminta untuk menelefonnya kemudian. Saya kemudiannya menghubungi seseorang yang pasti tahu tentang apa yang sedang berlaku, lalu bertanya mengenai perkara tu.

Orang tu terkejut kerana saya mengetahui tentangnya.

Pada masa tu, saya memang resah. Ini kerana hanya saya yang terlibat dalam Free Anwar Campaign. Saya menjalankan Free Anwar Campaign secara sendirian. Tak ada orang lain yang terlibat dalam Free Anwar Campaign. Jadi, macam mana pula sekarang ni ada empat orang di AS yang kononnya ke sana atas urusan yang berkaitan dengan Free Anwar Campaign?

Orang yang berhubung dengan saya tu menerangkan tentang tujuan mereka ('empat sekawan') ke AS. Dia kemudiannya meminta saya untuk menelefon kembali orang hubungan saya di AS dan mengesahkan identiti empat sekawan tu. Saya melakukan seperti yang diminta, tetapi hanya selepas saya melepaskan geram saya kepada orang tu dan menyatakan pendirian bahawa saya tidak menyenangi akan perkara yang sedang berlaku. Namun demikian, demi perjuangan, saya mematuhi arahan tu.

Saya kemudiannya menelefon orang hubungan saya di AS bagi mengesahkan identiti empat sekawan tu. Saya juga memberitahunya nama keempat-empat orang individu itu dan orang hubung saya di AS mengesahkannya.

Menurutnya, adalah penting bagi saya mengesahkan bahawa empat sekawan tu dibenarkan untuk bertindak atas nama Free Anwar Campaign. Selepas tu, dia mengajukan pertanyaan lain kepada saya, "Benarkah pembangkang amat kekurangan wang dan jika mereka mempunyai beberapa juta ringgit, maka mereka mempunyai peluang yang lebih baik bagi memenangi pilihanraya umum yang seterusnya?"

"Ya," saya menjawab.

"Okey," ujarnya. "Kalau begitu, kami akan dapatkan sejumlah wang untuk mereka. Setakat sepuluh ataupun dua puluh juta ringgit, tu tak jadi masalah bagi kami. Kami boleh mendapatkannya."

Ini berlaku sejurus sebelum pilihanraya umum Mac 2004. Tapi dana pilihan raya puluhan juta ringgit tu tak pernah pun dihantar ke Malaysia. Sebaliknya, ia disalurkan ke Hong Kong dan pilihanraya umum Mac 2004 berlangsung sebelum wang tu sempat disalurkan dari Hong Kong ke Malaysia. Sehingga kini, duit tu ghaib entah ke mana. Tak lama selepas tu, Ezam dan gengnya, termasuklah Anuar Shaari meninggalkan pembangkang dan menyertai UMNO. Ada juga yang meninggalkan pembangkang sejurus sebelum pilihanraya 2004.

Saya kemudiannya diberitahu oleh seorang pemimpin kanan parti bahawa wang itu diberikan oleh George Soros (dapatkan maklumat lanjut mengenai George Soros di sini: Malah empat sekawan tu bertemu dengan Soros secara peribadi di pejabatnya. Saya juga diberitahu tentang individu yang menetapkan pertemuan tu dan penyaluran wang yang berkenaan.

Pada 2 September 2004, saya bertemu dengan salah seorang peguam Anwar, Pawanchik Merican di Istana Kehakiman di Putrajaya. "Awak tahu tak yang Ezam dan Anuar Shaari sedang galak mengutip derma atas nama Kempen Bebaskan Anwar (Free Anwar Campaign)?" Pawanchik menyoal saya.

"Ya, saya tahu," jawab saya.

"Awak ada dapat duit daripada mereka?" soal Pawanchik.

"Satu sen pun tak ada," jawab saya.

"Mmm… dah agak dah," kata Pawanchik. "Saya diberitahu bahawa mereka menggunakan nama awak untuk mengutip jutaan ringgit dan bahawa mereka tidak memberikan satu sen pun kepada awak. Kenapa awak tak tutup saja Free Anwar Campaign? Kalau dibiarkan, puak-puak ni akan memperalatkannya bagi mengutip derma."

Isteri saya yang berada di situ sependapat dengan Pawanchik. "Saya dah lama suruh tapi dia ni degil sangat," isteri saya menambah.

"Saya takkan meninggalkan Anwar separuh jalan," kata saya kepada Pawanchik. "Saya akan tutup Free Anwar Campaign apabila Anwar dibebaskan."

"Bagaimana jika dia tak dibebaskan? Bagaimana kalau dia meringkuk selama 15 tahun di penjara? Awak nak ke teruskan Free Anwar Campaign untuk lagi sembilan tahun tanpa dibayar gaji dan terus membiarkan mereka memperalatkannya bagi mengumpul kekayaan?"

"Yelah kot," jawab saya. "Tapi hari ni, Anwar akan dibebaskan. Jadi, saya boleh tutup Free Anwar Campaign hari ni juga."

"Tak ada seorang peguam pun yang sependapat dengan awak," kata Pawanchik. Saya hanya mengangkat bahu saya. Dua jam kemudian, Anwar dibebaskan oleh Mahkamah Persekutuan dan saya pulang ke rumah untuk membuat entri terakhir saya, 'Alhamdulillah, Anwar is now free' (Alhamdulillah, Anwar kini bebas) dan seterusnya menutup Free Anwar Campaign.

Ya, itulah cerita tentang Ezam Mohd Nor dan Anuar Shaari dan ya… saya juga tahu identiti dua orang lain yang juga pergi ke AS serta 'orang kelima', iaitu lelaki yang saya telefon. Saya juga tahu nama pemimpin kanan parti yang memberitahu saya bahawa puluhan juta ringgit tu datang daripada Soros. Selain tu, saya juga semestinya tahu nama orang hubungan saya di AS yang menguruskan segala hal yang berkaitan dengan penyaluran wang tu. Tapi selagi mereka tak kacau saya, maka saya takkan bocorkan rahsia mereka. Tetapi kalau mereka sengaja cari fasal dengan saya, maka saya akan dedahkan nama mereka.

The Anti 50 Australian Gay Supporting MP's Protest Video

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 06:32 AM PST

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear fellow citizens of Malaysia,

Here is the first part of a series of videos that I managed to shoot of the Anti 50 Australian Gay Supporting MP's protest yesterday at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

It's a very long video! Took ages to process and upload. Practically overnight!

There are still a couple of exclusive videos coming your way.

Expect to see my one to one interviews of :
Lots of processing and uploading to do...


Hope it's worth it! :)

Blogging for the truth to be upheld is a venture of self sacrifice for the main principle of sharing news and views without expecting any gains or profits!

Not that I wouldn't want to make some income by selling my material to the media companies but I feel that there's still loads that I need to learn and sharpen my multimedia skills before I reach that stage. :P

I would like to thank my missus for her understanding and patience. I am so glad that she's mine. Jazakallah khairan kathiraw my darling.

May Allah bless you!

Ameen. Ya Rabbal Alameen.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

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