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Divination for Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Razak

Divination for Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Razak

Divination for Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Razak

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 03:53 PM PST

Divinely Speaking

Next, we will delve into Divination Consultation. Basically, we will use some tools to try to predict the outcome without going into too heavy, academic sounding kind ancient wisdom like Astrology, iChing and Fengshui etc.

Before consulting my favorites such as Crystal Ball, Magic Ball, iChing, Tarot, Rune etc. Let's have a go at Majib.

Majib who?

Majib is my cyber consultant for general queries.

Ask him anything. For example "Would you like to sodomize me?" ... Enjoy.

Next ... Ask Madam Crystal Ball.

Bukti Arkeologi Membuktikan Tamaddun Manusia Disebabkan Oleh Agama

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 03:24 PM PST

Seorang ahli arkeologi bernama Professor Schmidt sedang menggali satu situs arkeologiu yang berbentuk sebuah "kuil". Tempat itu adalah di Turki dan dipanggil dengan nama "Göbekli Tepe".

Yang memeningkan kepala ahli-ahli arkeologi sedunia dengan penemuan ini adalah ia menghancurkan kesemua teori berkaitan tamaddun.
Teori Barat menyatakan bahawa tamaddun manusia bermula dengan manusia belajar bertani dan kemudiannya berdagang seterusnya membina bandar dan kota dan akhir sekali baru mencipta agama.

Penemuan "Göbekli Tepe" menghancurkan teori ini sama sekali. Malahan, ia menunjukkan bahawa sebelum manusia belajar bertani, mereka terlebih dahulu "mengamalkan agama". Kuil ini dibina sebelum wujudnya kerajaan atau manusia pertama lagi. Dan kuil ini dibina kira2 11 ribua tahun sebelum wujudnya tamaddun manusia yang pertama dalam sejarah (Tamaddun Sumeria).

Ini menunjukkan sebelum manusia membina tamaddun, mereka terlebih dahulu membina tempat beribadat. Dari tempat ibadat ini, baru mereka belajar bertani, berdagang dan akhirnya membina kota disekeliling tempat ibadah mereka.

Prof Schimdt berkata ada tanda-tanda menunjukkan bahawa manusia pada zaman itu hidup secara nomad tetapi berkumpul di tapak "Göbekli Tepe" untuk beribadah. Setelah lama beribadah, maka mereka mula membina "tempat ibadah" seperti yang dijumpai itu. Maka, tempat ibadah itulah kemudiannya yang telah menyebabkan manusia berhenti hidup secara nomad dan akhirnya membawa kepada kehidupan bertamaddun.

Dengan kata lain, tempat ibadah inilah yang menjana tamaddun manusia, bukan sebaliknya. Ini selari dengan apa yang kita belajar dalam Al Quran dan Hadeeth bahawa Nabi Adam AS setelah dihantar ke Bumi mengembangkan generasi manusia dengan mengajar mereka agama terlebih dahulu, bukan tamaddun.

Nabi Adam yang pernah duduk di Syurga masakan tidak mengetahui ilmu-ilmu berkaitan pembinaan kota dan tamaddun. Namun, yang diajar oleh Nabi Adam kepada generasi manusia selepas beliau adalah agama semata-mata.

Maka, sekarang terbukti agamalah sebabnya manusia menjadi bertamaddun dan bukan sebaliknya.

Penemuan arkeologi "Göbekli Tepe" membuktikan apa yang kita belajar selama ini berkenaan dengan kisah Nabi Adam AS.

Wallahualam bissawab

Tulang Besi

History in the Remaking.
A temple complex in Turkey that predates even the pyramids is rewriting the story of human evolution.

Berthold Steinhilber / Laif-Redux
A pillar at the Gobekli Tepe temple near Sanliurfa, Turkey, the oldest known temple in the world
By Patrick Symmes | NEWSWEEK
Published Feb 19, 2010
From the magazine issue dated Mar 1, 2010

They call it potbelly hill, after the soft, round contour of this final lookout in southeastern Turkey. To the north are forested mountains. East of the hill lies the biblical plain of Harran, and to the south is the Syrian border, visible 20 miles away, pointing toward the ancient lands of Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent, the region that gave rise to human civilization. And under our feet, according to archeologist Klaus Schmidt, are the stones that mark the spot—the exact spot—where humans began that ascent.

Standing on the hill at dawn, overseeing a team of 40 Kurdish diggers, the German-born archeologist waves a hand over his discovery here, a revolution in the story of human origins. Schmidt has uncovered a vast and beautiful temple complex, a structure so ancient that it may be the very first thing human beings ever built.

The site isn't just old, it redefines old: the temple was built 11,500 years ago—a staggering 7,000 years before the Great Pyramid, and more than 6,000 years before Stonehenge first took shape. The ruins are so early that they predate villages, pottery, domesticated animals, and even agriculture—the first embers of civilization. In fact, Schmidt thinks the temple itself, built after the end of the last Ice Age by hunter-gatherers, became that ember—the spark that launched mankind toward farming, urban life, and all that followed.

Global Greats

With pundits speculating about the end of American global dominance, a look back on the rise and fall of the world's great powers.

Göbekli Tepe—the name in Turkish for "potbelly hill"—lays art and religion squarely at the start of that journey. After a dozen years of patient work, Schmidt has uncovered what he thinks is definitive proof that a huge ceremonial site flourished here, a "Rome of the Ice Age," as he puts it, where hunter-gatherers met to build a complex religious community. Across the hill, he has found carved and polished circles of stone, with terrazzo flooring and double benches. All the circles feature massive T-shaped pillars that evoke the monoliths of Easter Island.

Though not as large as Stonehenge—the biggest circle is 30 yards across, the tallest pillars 17 feet high—the ruins are astonishing in number. Last year Schmidt found his third and fourth examples of the temples. Ground-penetrating radar indicates that another 15 to 20 such monumental ruins lie under the surface. Schmidt's German-Turkish team has also uncovered some 50 of the huge pillars, including two found in his most recent dig season that are not just the biggest yet, but, according to carbon dating, are the oldest monumental artworks in the world.

The new discoveries are finally beginning to reshape the slow-moving consensus of archeology. Göbekli Tepe is "unbelievably big and amazing, at a ridiculously early date," according to Ian Hodder, director of Stanford's archeology program. Enthusing over the "huge great stones and fantastic, highly refined art" at Göbekli, Hodder—who has spent decades on rival Neolithic sites—says: "Many people think that it changes everything…It overturns the whole apple cart. All our theories were wrong."

Schmidt's thesis is simple and bold: it was the urge to worship that brought mankind together in the very first urban conglomerations. The need to build and maintain this temple, he says, drove the builders to seek stable food sources, like grains and animals that could be domesticated, and then to settle down to guard their new way of life. The temple begat the city.

This theory reverses a standard chronology of human origins, in which primitive man went through a "Neolithic revolution" 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. In the old model, shepherds and farmers appeared first, and then created pottery, villages, cities, specialized labor, kings, writing, art, and—somewhere on the way to the airplane—organized religion. As far back as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, thinkers have argued that the social compact of cities came first, and only then the "high" religions with their great temples, a paradigm still taught in American high schools.

Religion now appears so early in civilized life—earlier than civilized life, if Schmidt is correct—that some think it may be less a product of culture than a cause of it, less a revelation than a genetic inheritance. The archeologist Jacques Cauvin once posited that "the beginning of the gods was the beginning of agriculture," and Göbekli may prove his case.

The builders of Göbekli Tepe could not write or leave other explanations of their work. Schmidt speculates that nomadic bands from hundreds of miles in every direction were already gathering here for rituals, feasting, and initiation rites before the first stones were cut. The religious purpose of the site is implicit in its size and location. "You don't move 10-ton stones for no reason," Schmidt observes. "Temples like to be on high sites," he adds, waving an arm over the stony, round hilltop. "Sanctuaries like to be away from the mundane world."

Unlike most discoveries from the ancient world, Göbekli Tepe was found intact, the stones upright, the order and artistry of the work plain even to the un-trained eye. Most startling is the elaborate carving found on about half of the 50 pillars Schmidt has unearthed. There are a few abstract symbols, but the site is almost covered in graceful, naturalistic sculptures and bas-reliefs of the animals that were central to the imagination of hunter-gatherers. Wild boar and cattle are depicted, along with totems of power and intelligence, like lions, foxes, and leopards. Many of the biggest pillars are carved with arms, including shoulders, elbows, and jointed fingers.

The T shapes appear to be towering humanoids but have no faces, hinting at the worship of ancestors or humanlike deities. "In the Bible it talks about how God created man in his image," says Johns Hopkins archeologist Glenn Schwartz. Göbekli Tepe "is the first time you can see humans with that idea, that they resemble gods."
The temples thus offer unexpected proof that mankind emerged from the 140,000-year reign of hunter-gatherers with a ready vocabulary of spiritual imagery, and capable of huge logistical, economic, and political efforts. A Catholic born in Franconia, Germany, Schmidt wanders the site in a white turban, pointing out the evidence of that transition. "The people here invented agriculture. They were the inventors of cultivated plants, of domestic architecture," he says.

Göbekli sits at the Fertile Crescent's northernmost tip, a productive borderland on the shoulder of forests and within sight of plains. The hill was ideally situated for ancient hunters. Wild gazelles still migrate past twice a year as they did 11 millennia ago, and birds fly overhead in long skeins. Genetic mapping shows that the first domestication of wheat was in this immediate area—perhaps at a mountain visible in the distance—a few centuries after Göbekli's founding. Animal husbandry also began near here—the first domesticated pigs came from the surrounding area in about 8000 B.C., and cattle were domesticated in Turkey before 6500 B.C. Pottery followed. Those discoveries then flowed out to places like Çatalhöyük, the oldest-known Neolithic village, which is 300 miles to the west.

The artists of Göbekli Tepe depicted swarms of what Schmidt calls "scary, nasty" creatures: spiders, scorpions, snakes, triple-fanged monsters, and, most common of all, carrion birds. The single largest carving shows a vulture poised over a headless human. Schmidt theorizes that human corpses were ex-posed here on the hilltop for consumption by birds—what a Tibetan would call a sky burial. Sifting the tons of dirt removed from the site has produced very few human bones, however, perhaps because they were removed to distant homes for ancestor worship. Absence is the source of Schmidt's great theoretical claim. "There are no traces of daily life," he explains. "No fire pits. No trash heaps. There is no water here."

Everything from food to flint had to be imported, so the site "was not a village," Schmidt says. Since the temples predate any known settlement anywhere, Schmidt concludes that man's first house was a house of worship: "First the temple, then the city," he insists.

Some archeologists, like Hodder, the Neolithic specialist, wonder if Schmidt has simply missed evidence of a village or if his dating of the site is too precise. But the real reason the ruins at Göbekli remain almost unknown, not yet incorporated in textbooks, is that the evidence is too strong, not too weak. "The problem with this discovery," as Schwartz of Johns Hopkins puts it, "is that it is unique."

No other monumental sites from the era have been found. Before Göbekli, humans drew stick figures on cave walls, shaped clay into tiny dolls, and perhaps piled up small stones for shelter or worship. Even after Göbekli, there is little evidence of sophisticated building. Dating of ancient sites is highly contested, but Çatalhöyük is probably about 1,500 years younger than Göbekli, and features no carvings or grand constructions. The walls of Jericho, thought until now to be the oldest monumental construction by man, were probably started more than a thousand years after Göbekli. Huge temples did emerge again—but the next unambiguous example dates from 5,000 years later, in southern Iraq.

The site is such an outlier that an American archeologist who stumbled on it in the 1960s simply walked away, unable to interpret what he saw. On a hunch, Schmidt followed the American's notes to the hilltop 15 years ago, a day he still recalls with a huge grin. He saw carved flint everywhere, and recognized a Neolithic quarry on an adjacent hill, with unfinished slabs of limestone hinting at some monument buried nearby. "In one minute—in one second—it was clear," the bearded, sun-browned archeologist recalls. He too considered walking away, he says, knowing that if he stayed, he would have to spend the rest of his life digging on the hill.

Now 55 and a staff member at the German Archaeological Institute, Schmidt has joined a long line of his countrymen here, reaching back to Heinrich Schliemann, the discoverer of Troy. He has settled in, marrying a Turkish woman and making a home in a modest "dig house" in the narrow streets of old Urfa. Decades of work lie ahead.
Disputes are normal at the site—the workers, Schmidt laments, are divided into three separate clans who feud constantly. ("Three groups," the archeologist says, exasperated. "Not two. Three!") So far Schmidt has uncovered less than 5 percent of the site, and he plans to leave some temples untouched so that future researchers can examine them with more sophisticated tools.

Whatever mysterious rituals were conducted in the temples, they ended abruptly before 8000 B.C., when the entire site was buried, deliberately and all at once, Schmidt believes. The temples had been in decline for a thousand years—later circles are less than half the size of the early ones, indicating a lack of resources or motivation among the worshipers.

This "clear digression" followed by a sudden burial marks "the end of a very strange culture," Schmidt says. But it was also the birth of a new, settled civilization, humanity having now exchanged the hilltops of hunters for the valleys of farmers and shepherds. New ways of life demand new religious practices, Schmidt suggests, and "when you have new gods, you have to get rid of the old ones."

From around the websites -- Fw: [the oRAcLe weblog OrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLe] Caning people ...

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 11:04 AM PST

From around the websites

Caning people for no rhyme or reason
With morons like these being opinion leaders in the Muslim community, no wonder they continue to be backward, believing in superstition & ancient tribal & feudal crap. Going around caning people for no rhyme or reason is against all civilised norms, democracy & human rights. No one has a right to dictate the sexual life of a woman. Who she does it with is nobody's business. Meanwhile, another woman awaits caning for sipping a glass of beer, as if she's the only one in the Muslim world to do so. The sheer hypocrisy of it all. The late Sultan of Johore was a habitual drunk, seldom sober, but nothing was done about his imbibing the "sinful" liquor because he's the head of Islam in his state. I suppose that places him above the "law" and gives him a licence to drink himself into a spiritual stupor. He was also mentally suspect but nothing was done about it. All around him pretended to be the three monkeys -- see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil or the proverbial ostrich.

Syariah inferior to the Federal Constitution
The Syariah is inferior to the Federal Constitution and hence invalid and void to the extent of its inconsistency with the Federal Constitution. By caning the three women, the Islamic Umno police have opened a legal Pandora's Box.

The last Tuan left Sabah in 1963
As Bernard Giluk Dompok said not so long ago, "the last Tuan (British colonial) left Sabah in 1963". He nearly died laughing when the local reporters asked him about ketuanan Melayu. Most of the Malays in Sabah today are illegal immigrants given MyKads by the National Registration Department & placed by Umno on the electoral rolls as in Peninsular Malaysia. Any pompous Malay strutting around in Sabah must be an Orang Malaya who thinks he has replaced the British colonialists. Local Muslims are either classified as Bajau, Suluk, Barunai or come from the following Dusun tribes i.e. Orang Sungei, Bisaya or Ranau Dusuns. In Sarawak, the Malays are the Bidayuh and Iban along the coast who converted to Islam. The Brookes called them Malay after the fashion of the British in Malaya. Besides the Sarawak Malays, one-third of the Melanau are also Muslims. The Muslims form 25 per cent of the Sarawak population. So, is ketuanan Melayu a valid point to raise in Sarawak? In Sabah, no one talks about ketuanan Melayu. The system of creating Malays out of thin air was started by the colonial British in Malaya and is being continued by Umno through the NRD and further cemented by the Elections Commission. It's happening in Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia.

Creating Malays out of thin air
The system of creating Malays out of thin air was started by the colonial British in Malaya & is being continued by Umno through the NRD & further cemented by the Elections Commission. It's happening in Sabah, S'wak & Peninsular M'sia. Most of the Malays in Sabah today are illegal immigrants given MyKads by the National Registration Department & placed by Umno on the electoral rolls as in Peninsular M'sia. Any pompous Malay strutting around in Sabah must be an Orang Malaya who thinks he has replaced the British colonialists. Local Muslims are either classified as Bajau, Suluk, Barunai or come from the following Dusun tribes i.e. Orang Sungei, Bisaya or Ranau Dusuns. In S'wak, the Malays are the Bidayuh & Iban along the coast who converted to Islam. The Brookes called them Malay after the fashion of the British in Malaya. Besides the S'wak Malays, one-third of the Melanau are also Muslims. The Muslims form 25 per cent of the S'wak population. Is ketuanan Melayu a valid point in EM?

Privilege of being a moron in the 21 st Century
Everybody knows that Mansor Puteh is a racist. First of all, he's not the usual riff-raff from the neighbouring islands who ended up in Malaya as Malays, thanks to the colonial British. He's a mamak (Tamil Muslim) with pretensions to being a film-maker. He has written many pieces urging the gov't to force cinemas to screen Malay films & to tax cinemas heavier when they screen films from Hollywood. You can see what kind of a crackpot he is from such pieces. He couldn't make it as a film maker & yet he thinks we can somehow be forced to watch his crap where the actors & actresses would suddenly stop in the middle of a film & start reciting their prayers in full or lapse into a discussion about Islam for no rhyme or reason. If some people are determined to be morons in the 21 st century, that's their privilege but must they drag the rest of the country along with them. Mansor's ravings have had some effect at last. Rais Yatim now wants to force local stations to air local Malay songs.

Filipinos looking for trouble
Shafie Apdal becoming Chief Minister is a rumour being spread by his uncle Sakaran Dandai who is determined that his Filipino family gets back the post which they lost when he was ousted after 9 months in the job & kicked upstairs as TYT. A Filipino Suluk like Shafie Apdal will never make it as CM, much less a local Suluk. First of all there is no love lost between the local & Filipino Suluks (who came in as illegal immigrants) & again between the Suluks & Bajaus, the largest Muslim group, who are again divided between locals & Filipinos (all illegals). Then there are other local Muslims like the Barunai & Iranun. Among Dusuns, the Muslim groups are the Orang Sungei, Bisaya & the Ranau Dusuns, about 30 per cent of whom are Muslims. All these Muslim groups, in turn, are against the illegal immigrants who have been given MyKads by the National Registration Department & classified as Malays. These include Indonesians, Timorese, Indians, Pakistanis & Bangladeshis. Musa is Dusun-Pathan.

Racism behind high intake of women
The Federal Gov't is running out of Malay men for many positions in the civil service. Yet, instead of taking in non-Malays, they rather give the jobs to Malay women to keep it an all-Melayu affair. This is the real reason why 70 per cent of the teaching profession consists of Malay women & the majority of top civil service jobs are now held by Malay women. Merit has nothing to do with it. It's just naked racism at work as started by that mamak Mahathir who believes that M'sia can be run solely by Malays with others reduced to insignificance or driven out eventually. At one time, 65 per cent of the top civil servants in M'sia & many top police officers were Indians. Today, the Indians along with other non-Malays form hardly 10 per cent of the civil service. At the Prime Minister's Department in Putra Jaya, u can't find even one Indian, not even as an office boy, tea lady, toilet cleaner, jaga, driver or gardener. Even these jobs are taken by the Malays or the new Malays from I'nesia.

Posted By Joe Fernandez @ Fernz to the oRAcLe weblog OrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLeOrAcLe at 2/24/2010 10:54:00 AM

Cadangan Kampus UITM Serendah oleh PYBK yang kini dilanda krisis!

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 09:32 AM PST

Petang tadi, saya menghadiri satu majlis penerangan yang dikelolakan Pengerusi Permodalan Yayasan Pembasmian Kemiskinan @ PYBK, Dato Haji Zainal Abidin Hj Sakom, di ibupejabat YBK di Kelana Jaya.

Ramai rakan rakan blogger yang lain turut hadir dan kami semua diberi penerangan terperinci oleh Yang Berbahagia Dato Hj Zainal Abidin Hj Sakom tentang kedudukan sebenar perkara melibatkan soal tanah tapak projek Cadangan Kampus UITM Cawangan Serendah yang kini diambang bahaya dirampas oleh Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor dibawah pemerintahan MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

Ada pelbagai perkara yang didedahkan kepada kami oleh Dato Hj Zainal Abidin Hj Sakom dan saya rasa media perdana tidak berani mendedahkan kepada umum diatas kemungkinan permit penerbitan mereka mungkin terancam akibat pembocoran maklumat maklumat berkaitan.

Insya Allah akan saya dedahkan nanti selepas mendapat persetujuan Dato Hj Zainal Abidin Hj Sakom.

Sila tonton video cadangan Projek Kampus UITM Cawangan Serendah PYBK yang diberikan kepada kami tadi:

Saya sendiri rasa teruja melihat kehebatan perancangan kompleks UITM Serendah ini. Dengan landskap yang di olah sedemikian rupa, memang boleh menjadi kampus induk bagi institiut pengajian tinggi di Selangor ini.

Dato Hj Zainal tadi beritahu kami bahawa ada 5 universiti yang mahu bersama sama menjayakan projek ini dan ianya berkemungkinan menjadi Taman Pendidikan Pengajian Tinggi serantau.

Kenapa kah ada pihak yang mahu mensabotaj usaha murni ini?

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

And they have the gall to say our laws are barbaric...typical white supremacist

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 09:09 AM PST

This is a story I picked up from Boing Boing - take a picture of a policeman in the UK and you may end up in the slammer for 10 years...

UK to introduce "photograph a cop, 10 years in jail" law

Britain's set to introduce a law that can send you to jail for a decade for taking a picture of a cop:
 The new set of rules, under section 76 of the 2008 Act and section 58A of the 2000 Act, will target anyone who 'elicits or attempts to elicit information about (members of armed forces) ... which is of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism'.
A person found guilty of this offence could be liable to imprisonment for up to 10 years, and to a fine.
The law is expected to increase the anti-terrorism powers used today by police officers to stop photographers, including press photographers, from taking pictures in public places. 'Who is to say that police officers won't abuse these powers,' asks freelance photographer Justin Tallis, who was threatened by an officer last week.
Tallis, a London-based photographer, was covering the anti-BBC protest on Saturday 24 January when he was approached by a police officer. Tallis had just taken a picture of the officer, who then asked to see the picture. The photographer refused, arguing that, as a press photographer, he had a right to take pictures of police officers.
According to Tallis, the officer then tried to take the camera away. Before giving up, the officer said that Tallis 'shouldn't have taken that photo, you were intimidating me'. The incident was caught on camera by photojournalist Marc Vallee.

Rais,uncultured Parayan dog Minister “finally plugged his dick into shaiful’s asshole for his political lifeline racialist”arrogant bastard”

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 09:08 AM PST

READMORE RAIS stop harassing media workers.14-year prison sentence for SMS joke on Pakistani president , STEVEN GAN 20years should stop harassing Malaysiakini


MY NAME IS RAISE SON OF YATIM,WHY SHOULD I CHECK magine having two Umno men at the top of the judicial hierarchy, one as AG and the other as CJ. You will be able to literally get away with murder (as if they are not already getting away with it).the new umno ulama Rais Yatim says Nik Aziz not is rai practising true islam or he is a munafik? sincere in fighting for Islam

Rais,uncultured Parayan dog Minister "finally plugged his dick into shaiful's asshole for his political lifeline racialist"arrogant bastard"

Not worth M2Day time commenting about this slime-ball re-con parasite minister. DSAI ask this useless melayu bangsat to fly-kite and jerk off himself.DSAI Pl ignore this joker. He is nothing but a scum , his own friends shun him . His the main actor in the UMNO circus. He makes a living selling himself to the highest bidder. His price is high because his brains are as good as new—barely used!! who's he? he's an orphan a kurang diajar orphan! change mode "arrogant bastard"Rais Yatim, you have outdone yourself in politics as being the veteran with making the most useless comments. This is usually a reflection of what actually goes on inside your small brains, which is not much actually. A chameleon who changes mode easily every time when the going gets tough should be skinned alive and left out to rot. No wonder this bastard is an anak yatim.

This Minangkabau idiot changes his mode much too often. He sings the tune to the importance of his political positions. We remember him well bcos when he was in Segamat 46 he cursed and sworn at UMNO/Mahathir and even wrote thesis to oppose ISA. Then he rejoined UMNO he changed his mode and 'suck balls' to please TDM. Under TAB given a minor ministerial position, he changed mode once again to oppose much of Badawi's policies. Under Najib when his position was upgraded to include info/comm/cultural ministry his mode changes once again this time to support ISA. What authority has this mode changer got to urge Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to let go his position as Opposition Leader and Member of Parliament. His doctorate in law goes down the sewage when he doesn't understand the basic principle of 'a man is innocence until proven guilty'. A clear example of umnoputra's man of greed, knows little of righteous principles and dignity. Certainly, DSAI is a man with more dignity and principles than this spineless chameleon. HE IS LIKE A "WRITTEN-OFF" CRASHED PROTON SAGA ! NOW HE HAS BEEN RE-RECYCLED AS SCRAPS IN THE UMNO BACKYARD ! He should first resign form his minister post and mp after losing pulau batu putih. In fact, if i were him, i would probably commit harakiri first.Losing the island is a fact. No two ways about it. Anwars sodomy charges are questionable and still in trial. He could be guilty, he could be innocent. but then, UMNO putras are known for their thicker than kerbau skin, and still dare to ask others to step down.Rais is an UMNOputra! He has lost his soul and conscience on the altar of power and position.

Just can't help it. It seems that most PhD holders from UMNO someway or somehow do make moronic or idiotic statements. Wonder whether it's the PhD that they possessed that caused them blurt out shit or the party caused them to blurt such nonsense. With millions of people throughout the world having doctorates and we don't hear shit from them perhaps it's the party that made them look like idiots. I think it's wise to stay away from the party that suppresses intelligence.Well Rais is a welknown political frog, he jumped from Semangat 46 to lick TDM shoes. Well, he advise Anwar to resign his Parliament Seat in Permatang Pauh, OK but can he resign and challenge Anwar in that same seat. He might even loose his deposit. Kurang Ajar, showing the Minangkau 'Kerbau" attitude.Pay no heed to Rais. He is one of those who left UMNO and said that he'd never join back UMNO and now he has swallowed his spit and is back helming the Information Ministry. So who will trust him? He is actually a dinosaur that should be put out to pasture.

Rais SHOULD SPENT MORE TIME CHECKING THE PROVIDER SERVICES 'Celcom Broadband: Pathetic and Horrible,Streamyx is the biggest joke MICC and MCMC are shameless liars with no integrity

He said there was a process of habeas corpuswhere the operation of law operated on the person detained under the ISA, to apply to court and prove himself free from all blame against him read more click for fully story

Attempts to control the media, to curb freedom of expression, are undemocratic and politically risky.

Attempts to control the media, to curb freedom of expression, are undemocratic and politically risky. The structure of media control as it exists now is responsible for entrenching authoritarian attitudes and stifling ethical standards in newsroom READMORE.when you have RAISE WITH HIS PHD IN IDIOTICRACY he is more to COW HEAD then Internet broadband quality the bastards at Telekom Malaysia Flip n flops

FEBRUARY 14, 2010 • 7:21 PM (EDIT)

READMORE Rais! Why Mahathir keep supporting Ibrahim Katak Perkasa MALAY Supremacy ,IS IT TO PISS AT NAJIB'S 1 MALAYSIA


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BrooksBowerAsia's "seminar" IS Another UMNO Hack Job, courtesy of APCO to plug into Saiful Bukhari's Asshole the lifeline to UMNO

Center for Strategic and International Studiesbased in Washington DC will host several representatives of the UMNO ruling party for a "seminar" on Governance and the Rule of Law in Malaysia & Malaysian Legislative Initiatives. The program is as follows according to an email I received from CSIS Senior Advisor for Southeast Asia Ernie Bower (Partner atBrooksBowerAsia).

Those of you who wish to attend, or register a protest,

please send an email to

or call Mary Beth Whyel at +12027753278.

Don't abuse her though…she's just the messenger.

'Incredible Malaysia' – A satire

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 06:30 AM PST

A SATIRE IN Bolehland, furious preparations are being made to market Malaysia as the most Incredible Nation in the world.

"Incredible Malaysia" is the new tagline from Tourism Malaysia. For once, the powers that be at the ministry have got it right. We beat many countries for sheer audacity of our politicians, the scandalous nature of our justice and our melodramatic religious disagreements. The tourists have tired of our multicultural food, places of worship, beaches, cool highlands, and even our renowned Genting casino.

Once upon a time, our Petronas Twin Tower was the tallest building in the world. Now, sadly no longer, outshone by one country after another bent on putting us down, literally. Our "astronaut-eating-roti-canai-in-space" stunt no longer hogs the headlines.

beyonce knowlesBeyonce (right) failed to reach our shores but instead had gone on "cavorting sexily" in China and thereafter to several Grammy awards. Another win for Muslim extremists who protested her show in Malaysia.

Although international arrivals have breached the 22 million mark in 2009 and is expected to rise by five per cent for year 2010, there is still a pressing need to introduce new attractions for fear that our neighbours might come up with even newer and better ones. Case in point – Singapore's newly-opened Genting casino. Not surprisingly, the powers that be at the Tourism Ministry had earlier deemed it a matter of national interest to employ no one less than former Ferrari Formula One team boss Jean Todt aka Mr Datuk Michelle Yeoh to promote Malaysia in Europe.

While "Amazing Thailand" captivated and fascinated us, "Incredible Malaysia" seeks to astonish and astound us with our stupendous achievements (Note: "Stupendous" is defined as astonishingly great or amazing in size or greatness, nothing to do with the intellect at all).

The list of our achievements is nothing short of wow-inspiring.

* We are at press time the only country in the world with a former prime minister that has successfully started a post-retirement career as a celebrity blogger

* We are the only country in the world which has successfully transfixed an entire nation's attention on a man's ass and the penetrating instrument (whether real or manufactured) and hence educated an entire generation on sex, notwithstanding that the focus is mainly on backside sex (this explains why we have done away with Sex Education in Schools. Students invariably fall asleep due to boredom during such trial classes)

* Our higher court judges, namely Federal and Court of Appeal judges, are the first to toe the line in adhering to 1 Malaysia, a unity concept mooted to unite Malaysians on all fronts. The patriotic judges have without fail come up with unanimous decisions on cases that have political implications. By speaking with one united voice and not allowing dissenting judgments, they have effectively forestalled any backdoor power grab by power-hungry Opposition politicians. Such display of judicious discretion is rare and is a testament of their loyalty without question to the Second, Third and Fourth Precepts of the Rukun Negara – Loyalty to King and Country, Upholding the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Under such circumstances, independence of the judiciary does not arise. It is irrelevant.

* Sons and siblings of former and present politicians not surprisingly are blessed with incredible business acumen, achieving billionaire status while still in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

* Our billion-ringgit European-made submarine can't dive/submerge/sink. However, unidentified sources blame it on the high salt content in our sea waters. Alternatively, they explained that the so-called submarine is in fact an aircraft carrier built to look like a submarine. "It was a typographical error. We apologise for the mix-up and regret the error. The clerk who committed this error has tendered his resignation." At press time, it still could not be established why we need a submarine, much less, two, in the first place.

* It is not unknown that in military circles, ghost stories abound. Malaysia is no exception. Recently, according to sources which declined to reveal themselves, several old F-5E fighter engines have suddenly grown wings and flew off to Uruguay sans pilot. Apparently, these fighter engines are distant cousins of the Uruguayan Air Force fighter engine, a twin turboprop Fairchild FH-227. You know, the one that crashed in the Andes on Friday the 13th of October 1972. To survive, survivors ate other survivors who had succumbed to the cold and were frozen at the time of the food preparation.

teoh-beng-hock* Ghosts also apparently haunt certain law enforcement agencies. One Opposition political aide by the name of Teoh Beng Hock for unknown reasons fell to his death while at the premises of the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission). Both sides are still quibbling over the cause of the fall and death. Similarly, a Mongolian model who allegedly never entered Malaysia somehow was found bombed to smithereens in a forest. Although the direct perpetrators were convicted, questions still arise as to the suspicious circumstances of her death. It is believed that the local press was forbidden to mention her name in case her spirit might return. Till today, no one is sure who the real culprit is and why she was exploded. Other custodial deaths, save for alleged car thief Kugan, enjoyed a quieter exit.

* Meanwhile, another celebrity blogger, better known as fugitive blogger RPK, had somehow vanished into thin air, with occasional sightings around the world. Word has it that aliens in an UFO had kidnapped him for research purposes. They had somehow identified him as being the sixth most intelligent Malaysian on earth and had wanted to study his brains. He has thus been allowed to live in luxurious surroundings and continue with his writings. His response to his son's imprisonment and alleged attempted suicide in jail is also being monitored. Government authorities meanwhile have stepped up their efforts to regain this "brain drain".

* Efforts are also seriously being made to investigate how billions of ringgit could have left the country undetected. According to unmentionable sources, government authorities are working on several theories, chief among them is the suggestion that "hidden hands" are at work using teleporters to transport the vast sum of money to safe havens overseas. Investigators are leaving no stone unturned and are investigating the whos and whys. In the midst of investigations, a secret document is leaked which hints at an impending government takeover following several politician crossovers. This leads investigators to believe that the teleported cash is used to fund the crossovers. At press time, it still could not be established whether the government referred to is the Federal Government or a state government.

Believe it or not, these events are what will save Malaysia in the coming years from lack of interest from foreign tourists. "Incredible Malaysia" will whet their appetite for unbelievable news of mysterious goings-on in Malaysia. The new tourist itinerary is expected to include the Kuala Lumpur Courts Complex, the forest in Shah Alam where remains of the Mongolian was found, Perak state, MACC building in Shah Alam, our prisons and the Sungei Besi airbase.

Even as I write, the finishing touches to our new tourism tagline – Escada's "Incredible Me" fragrance wafting straight to your nose sung to the tune of Nat King Cole's "Unforgetable" (the five-syllable "Unforgetable" is replaced by "Me-In-cre-di-ble") are being finalized. Still on the same topic, rumour has it that there is talk of a collaboration between the ministry and TV 3 to produce a TV series on the mysterious goings-on in Malaysia. The series is tentatively entitled "Kisah Benar tapi Susah Percaya di Malaysia" ("Malaysian True but Incredible Stories").

All on your (tax-payers) account, of course.

news courtesy of Malaysian Mirror

MCA members : Stop it or risk being sued!

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 06:26 AM PST

MCA members who submit baseless reports to the the party's disciplinary board are liable to be sued, board chairman Dr Fong Chan Onn warns.

He said reports to the board must be substantiated with evidence , failing which the complainants could be sued by those accused of wrongdoings.

The party had been bugged by quarrels, allegations and counter accusations for almost two years and an EGM last October that held so much hope to revive declining support for the party had, instead, made the situation worse.

At one juncture, the party was 'leaderless' when an extraordinary general meeting in October last year gave a vote of no confidence against party president Ong Tee Keat and, at the same time, also voted against accepting Dr Chua Soi Lek as deputy president.

At another point, there were three factions in the party - respectively led by Ong, Chua and second vice-president Liow Tiong Lai.

Liow's boycott of the Big Two

Chua, who was briefly without any position in the party, came back from the widerness following a Registrar of Societies' ruling and pledged his suppport for Ong.

mca-fong-liow-chua-ongLiow's group continues to oppose the two leaders, insisting that fresh party polls should be held and has told supporters to boycott functions attended by the Big Two.

The group has submitted to the headquarters four resolutions for the party assembly on March 7; the first of which seeks the delegates' endorsement for fresh polls.

The other proposals are aimed at changing the party rules to clip the president's powers, including powers to appoint or sack top party leaders.

The resolutions were signed by 10 MCA division chairmen and submitted to the headquarters by Serdang MCA chairman Liew Yuen Keong and Padang Besar division chief Loh Yoon Foo on Tuesday - the deadline for the party's 191 divisions to submit proposed resolutions for debate at the party's upcoming assembly.

"A lot of water has passed...'

Fong, who was appointed board chairman last month, urged party leaders and their followers to resolve their disputes fast to prevent a political deadlock during the assembly.

He said the bitter feud between Ong and and Liow "must end for the sake of party unity."

"A lot of water has passed under the bridge and MCA is still facing challenges of huge proportions.

"Our attitude is to let bygones be bygones. We are facing challenges of huge proportions in order to regain back the support Chinese community," Fong told a press conference at Wisma MCA here on Tuesday.

"We have very little time left before the next general election and the party should try its best to unite.

"Our suggestion to all party members is that we should try our best to serve the image of our party and not cause disrepute through their conduct and statements," said Fong.

Asked if Liow's boycot move had tarnished the party's image, Fong declined to comment.

On the cases before the board, he said it has 60 cases backlogged since 2008.

He declined to say if any of the cases involved top leaders.

No fresh disciplinary cases

He said since his appointment on Jan 30, the board had had not received any fresh cases.

The other members of the board are Chan Tse Yuen (deputy chairman), Lim Si Cheng, Lau Chih Siang and Ivan Chen Kai Hong .

The previous five-man, led by lawyer Ng Cheng Kiat, quit last November, after having its decision to sack Chua was overturned by delegates at last October's EGM.egm delegates2

"We stand...but not united." - Flashback to the infamous 10.10.10 EGM in October last year

In a related development, Ong told Liow and his followers to stop putting pressure on other members in their push for fresh party polls.

He said the group should not waste time harping on the issue but should instead focus on problems affecting the people.

"There is no point commenting on the issue any more," he told reporters at a dinner with party veterans and Chinese associations here Tuesday night.

Chua not bothered by Liow

Chua, who was present, said he does not know the contents of the proposed resolutions submitted by the 10 divisions supporting Liow.

"I cannot be bothered because he (Liow) always wavers in his stand. Sometimes he boycotts events, sometimes he does not. Sometimes he selectively boycotts," said Chua. - Malaysian Mirror

Don't push your luck, KJ

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 06:23 AM PST

THE Prime Minister's Department in Putrajaya is all astir with a recent visit there by Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

The murmurrings were that he had brought back the ghostly shadows of the 'the fourth floor' boys, the band of young men who allegedly were the brains behind a host of decisions made by former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The courtesy call on Najib by Khairy and his Youth delegation of about 40 members on Feb 17 was almost ironic for the Youth chief.

Khairy was there this time as a visitor and was no longer the iconic 'gate keeper ' to the PM's office nor head of the allegedly powerful 'fourth floor boys.'

Also, he was not visiting the office of his father-in-law now and it was the first time since being elected Umno Youth chief in March last year that he has returned to the PM's domain.

khairy-pmHowever, according to some observers, he still had the 'air' of being someone in charge at Putrajaya.

They alleged this was seen in the way he selected key people to ask the questions during their discussions with the PM.

The Umno Youth entourage had an easy passage to the PM's office where they reportedly spent about two hours, from 5.15pm, in discussions with Najib.

No strong programmes

The meeting served Khairy the opportunity to allay fears about a split in the movement, following reports that some members want him to step down as their leader.

They feel Khairy is not following Najib's 1Malaysia line and, furthermore, he has not come out with any strong programmes for the movement since becoming its leader.

It is learnt that the issue of Khairy being left out of the Cabinet was also raised at the meeting but Najib had tactfully sidestepped the matter by telling them that it was more important at this juncture to ensure the unity in Umno Youth is intact.

The PM purportedly told the group that he would use his discretion should there be a Cabinet revamp.

In his heydays at the PM's office , Khairy and his associates were said to be very authoritative in their ways, to the extent that anyone who wants to meet the prime minister had to first be screened by them.

So the story goes, if the 'fourth floor boys' were not convinced about the nature of any appointment or planned meeting with the PM, visitors to the office would not get to go to the upper floor.

The 'boys' actually were skilled networkers, with good business acumen, proficient in the Queen's English, intelligent in mobilising people for specific tasks, savvy on current affairs, philantrophic and, yes, many people also say they are arrogant and pushy.

When he took over the helm of the government from Dr Mahathir Mohamad in October 2003, Pak Lah, as Abdullah is fondly called, had told the people to "work with me, not for me."

But many of his party members were wary about the young group beneath his office that allegedly had the power to block their passage to the PM's office on the fifth floor.

4th-floorMahathir saw many failings in his successor's administration and accused Khairy, along with others, as being responsible for giving ill-advice to Abdullah.

He also accused Khairy and his 'cronies' of using their talents and close links with the prime minister to influence decisions and policies in Umno and the administration.

Delay KJ's entry into Cabinet

It is due to this, according to some political observers, that Mahathir had advised current PM Najib Abdul Razak to not admit Khairy - or, at least delay his entry - into the Cabinet.

When Hishammuddin Hussein was the Umno Youth leader, Khairy was the influential deputy who often hogged more of the media limelight than his boss.

Hishammuddin, a former Education minister, has moved on to become one of the party's vice-presidents and has also been re-designated as Home Minister in Najib's administration.

Khairy, on the other hand, is still waiting to be given a Cabinet post while two of his colleagues - deputy Youth leader Razali Ibrahim and defeated contender for the Youth chief's post, Mukhriz Mahathir - have both been appointed deputy ministers.

When Mahathir was running the country, everything centered on the fifth floor and every decision had his personal intervention.

Perhaps due to a previous stint in the Foreign Ministry, Abdullah was more diplomatic and more engaging in his ways.

He encouraged ratepayers to complain about the shoddiness of the civil service, the police and anti-corruption enforcers and had also opened avenues for his opponents to speak out against the policies of the Barisan Nasional administration that he led.

Where Pak Lah failed

This, however, was construed by his critics and political foes as being defensive, apologetic and weak. But they took advantage of the situation, anyway, to go on a bashing spree of Pak Lah, the 'fourth floor boys', the whole of the Umno and Barisan machinery and the government.

In the end, his 'openness' did not endear Abdullah to the masses as he had hoped it would.

Instead, he found he had to handle too many complaints and criticisms that he had to increasingly seek advice and counseling from those around him.

Abdullah, who gave the Barisan its biggest-ever electoral win in 2004, also gave the coalition its biggest loss four years later when the opposition pact of PAS, DAP and PKR swept the electoral board like a tsunami in the March 2008 polls to win five state seats.

The opposition coalition, later named Pakatan Rakyat, also sliced off the two-third majority in Parliament that the ruling party had enjoyed for over 50 years.

And previously strong parties like the MCA, Gerakan and the MIC are now tattered and torn and struggling hard to move back into the hearts and minds of the people.

Enter Najib, with his 1Malaysia theme, new economic module and transformation roadmap.

Perhaps, the most important milestone during Abdullah's term was setting up the massive Iskandar Malaysia economic hub in Johor and other similar exonomic corridors across the country.

His opponents, however, were not impressed and during the run-up to the 2008 general election they harped, instead, on the low financial and economic ebb that the country was facing then.

In his time, Abdullah had also tried to push his concepts of 'Islam Hadhari' and 'Towering Malaysians' but other than being noted with respect by his party members they showed little interest to promote the themes as national programmes.

Don't push your luck, KJ

Coming back to the present, Umno Youth leaders are hoping that Khairy could work on re-branding the movement to be more than just a junior wing in the Umno.

They want a leader who can spot problems in the administration ahead of the opposition and provide quick solutions to the faults that surface.

This has not been clear and Umno Youth only appear to be 'playing by ear' and reacting to emergencies than planning strategic moves to be a force to be reckoned with, like it was in the years of Harun Idris and Suhaimi Kamaruddin.

Perhaps, Khiary should forget for a while about being a minister. Maybe that's what Najib wants him to do.

Being a major influence in Abdullah's administration is not the testimonial that Najib needed for Khairy tio be considered for a Cabinet post.

The prime minister has made it clear: "Just put your act together in Umno Youth. And leave everything else to me."

Khiary should not push his luck and consider that in the run-up to the Umno Youth elections, the majority of divisions had nominated Mukhriz and former Selangor mentri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo.

He was not a unanimous choice and he has to work much harder than his predecessor Hihsmmuddin to win the the respect of his members and to forge unity within the movement.

If not, he can just forget the Cabinet post.

news courtesy of SHAH A DADAMEAH, who is the senior editor of the Malaysian Mirror

Hamidah : Women can’t become menteri besar?

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 06:08 AM PST

(Scroll by ba1969 /
ON 29 Jan 2010, Perak's Barisan Nasional state executive councillor Datuk Hamidah Osman said female politicians cannot become menteri besar. Her reason: a menteri besar "has to meet the [monarch], where protocol is involved, and one has to meet religious officers ... in such situations it is not possible for a woman to become the head of a state government."

She did not elaborate on exactly what these protocols were that would be difficult for women to perform if they were menteri besar. It's possible that she was referring to some legality that could prohibit women from becoming state premiers. However, this argument holds no water, say constitutional law experts. And personally, I do not think the law is behind Hamidah's reasoning.

But I can think of at least two reasons for Hamadah's claim. One, she is worried that women's bodily functions might get in the way of performing such duties. Two, she assumes that women are not good enough, either in qualifications or intelligence, to perform menteri besar duties. This, in turn, brings about the age-old debate on whether men have superior intelligence and abilities, and that they are natural leaders while women are followers.

Biology vs religion

Women's bodily functions are related to many cultural taboos. Let's not be shy here: I am talking about the menstrual cycle, or the period. Many people don't mention the word itself, but use euphemisms to refer to it — for example: "My aunty has come to visit", or "My monthly friend is here".

It is not uncommon in the various cultures in Malaysia for a woman to be restricted from religious rites when she is menstruating. Not being allowed to attend religious rites or holding religious paraphernalia are just some of the restrictions placed on women for three to five days a month, every month. This is because menstruation is considered a time when women's bodies are unclean.

Since religion and its related activities are seen to be pure, a woman would defile it if she participated while she was having her period. So, is Hamidah saying that this monthly state of "impurity" prevents any woman from potentially becoming a menteri besar? Or could it be the belief that women are weak during menstruation? Make no mistake — hundreds of thousands of women continue to work on farms, in rice fields, factories, surgical wards and in the home while having their periods.

Throughout history, women's periods have been used to sideline and restrict their participation in the public sphere. Women were not even allowed to leave the house when they were menstruating. Many cultures would practise keeping women away from the rest of the family during this time. They were not allowed to enter places of worship, which then were cultural and intellectual centres where important decisions were made by community leaders regarding rules and laws. By invoking menstrual taboos, men effectively left women out of this process.

Should menstruation stop a woman from working? (Pic by nromagna @ Flickr)

Hamidah's inconsistencies

Leaving the culturally entrenched notion of menstrual taboos for now, let's focus on a more basic issue with Hamidah's claim. I'm assuming that Hamidah was chosen by her party as a candidate, had won the election, and was then appointed state exco based on her skills or abilities. If I am right, then Hamidah has shot herself in the foot. She has raised questions about her own abilities, and that of about 50% of her constituents: women. This is something that Perak voters will have to bear in mind if Hamidah is to stand for re-election.

Whatever Hamidah's reasons are for dismissing women's chances at leadership, they are deep and difficult to discard, and are based on stereotypes about women. I am sure Hamidah is not the only one to have such beliefs. But to assume that women are inferior to men, or that their bodily functions make them less able, is discrimination. Also, such beliefs are archaic — very much out of date, considering the numbers of women leaders from around the world.

Bringing about change

Hamidah (Source:
To ensure equal access to political leadership for all citizens, what needs to be done? Amending the Federal Constitution or ratifying the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women is not enough to bring about change in our society. And sure, some political parties have put in place gender quotas.This is a step forward in the right direction, but it's not enough.

Political parties must make a committed effort to provide gender training to all their members to inculcate a better environment for men and women to lead together, regardless of cultural or religious beliefs. This environment must come with the belief that women are not inferior because of their biological makeup.

Also, women's wings in political parties should be a space where women become politically empowered and their voices allowed to grow with confidence. They are not the party's section that complements or compliments the work of the male party leadership.

The time to act is now. I would like to see women, including the likes of Hamidah, strive to have a fair chance to become menteri besar. It is the 21st century — we should not be held back by antiquated beliefs about women's bodies and capabilities.

news courtesy of Nut Graph

No PBB candidates under MACC probe, says party

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 06:02 AM PST

All the candidates vying for posts at the 12th convention of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) from Feb 27 to March 5 have been found to be free of any investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), PBB secretary-general Dr Stephen Rundi Itom said today.

Forty-one candidates are contesting for posts in the PBB Youth, Wanita PBB and PBB Supreme Council, he said, adding that none of the top posts in the supreme council and the two wings were seeing contests.

"The candidates have been warned not to resort to money politics to garner votes," he told a news conference on the convention, here.

Dr Rundi said the convention, to be held at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, would begin with the PBB Youth and Wanita PBB assemblies on Saturday and Sunday.

PBB president and Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud was scheduled to open these assemblies on Saturday, he added.

"Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will open the PBB convention on March 2," he said, adding that the convention, involving 5,000 delegates and observes, would be the biggest so far.

Dr Rundi said the PBB Youth, Wanita PBB and Supreme Council debates would be closed to the media.

"All resolutions adopted at the convention will be used to harness momentum for the next Sarawak state elections," he said.

Besides the convention, a seminar on current issues would be held on Monday to familiarise PBB members on the latest developments in the state, he added. — Bernama

“Separatists Walked into Trap..??”

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 05:07 AM PST

Forget the niceties which will be published in the mainstream media tomorrow on the meeting of the gang of 5″Separatists" with PRS President James Masing at Party Headquarters in Pending. PRS President was very accomodating to the group as he said,'this is a genuine spirit of cooperation,we cannot waste any more time as the battlefield of the State election is drawing near and in the spirit of BN . PRS is keen and happy to see it happening.Its a long process and it will take time but first of all the "ROADMAP"must be charted to ensure it works. The persons responsible to visit all the PRS/SPDP constituencies would be headed by YB Paulus and PRS SG Wilfred Nissom.

 Of course the hidden agenda for the Press,Special Branch officers and media personnels on the whole PC lies on who are the personalities mentioned as "controling the party and the powers in SPDP…?" There was a deafening sound of silence when one person pointed out ,"Tiong..??" It was supposed to open the floodgates but the PRS President was quick to 'close the subject" The separatists have themselves to blame as they are putting themselves in a spot of bother.

Its a simple analogy,"When you join a new neighbourhood or a new team,one should not speak foul of what one has left behind.Instead they walked themselves into a TRAP which Masing from his body language could not help them to solve it. Imagine saying Mawan and Nyarok are good people but they are controlled by someone.

If the merger happens dont tell me the President "whoever it may be" would let you just do your thing according to your whims and fancies…Please lah says a veteran Sarawak political analysts. They have walked into their own TRAP and they are just using this excuse to impress Masing to welcome them. They are like a FISH WALKING INTO THE NET…..

Masing needs to look left and right and would be very wary not to offend PBB,SUPP as it intends to FLEX its muscle. Some YBs in PRS are not exactly happy with this arrangement as they see further troubles brewing after going through a major crisis which ended in April 2008. Does PRS need further problems..??

The opposition would use this to capitalise on BNs weakness and its usually the BNs weakness in Sarawak "BN versus BN" which the opposition gains.  So one is compelled to say,"CMs cool it is not heeded and the SPDP separatists having seen PM and CM knows bests. Even Masing was quick to play down a question from the Press,"Ask them they know better.. !!"

The motion is now set for SPDP  supreme council meeting this weekend and what would come off it. DSG Paul Igai welcomes the SPDP separatists to show themselves at the meeting even though Nansian had said 'What do you think..?"

Ther is still hope to see an end to the separatist needs and it needs a third party to be the official judge. Until then the merger process would remain in a "TRAP" Its not so easy as a corporate merger as Nansian puts it. A corporate merger is buying the shares in the company and with political merger it is an agreement of all concerned in the Supreme Council and the whole party hierarchy. Do we need to throw the constitution to him says an ordinary SPDP member?

The TRAP has already taken a number of the victims and they now need to know how to get themselves FREE from the entanglement and to STOP using 'the personalities concerned" The main stream media will have all the juicy parts,photographs  and niceties but we have the political intrinques….

SPDP will come out of this with a "SHOW HAND" which has been discussed with the SPDP YOUTH and will be actioned accordingly.Remember politics is a NUMBERS GAME they say to audie61………

Selangor ready to face Syabas in court

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 05:56 AM PST

The Selangor government is ready to face Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) in court, should the water company proceed with legal action after the state government refused to allow it to increase water tariffs.

Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said Syabas, through the Tetuan Cheang and Ariff law firm, sent a letter dated Feb 12, requesting Selangor to pay RM339 million in compensation within 14 days or face legal action.

"The state government has been advised by a panel of lawyers which found that there was no need to do so.

"In relation to that, the state government will stop any attempt to increase water tariffs in Selangor.

"We remain firm that Syabas has gone against many important matters in the concession agreement which was certified by the National Audit Department.

"Syabas has incurred big losses for the people of Selangor," he said in a news conference after chairing a weekly state executive council meeting in Shah Alam today.

Abdul Khalid had brought up the initial proposal to restructure water services in Selangor to improve their quality and avoid tariff increase.

To carry out the restructuring, he said, the state government had made a reasonable offer for a takeover, adding that Syabas thus, had sufficient financial sources as capital for investment.

"We feel there is no reason for Syabas to claim compensation if it accepts the offer.

"Any decision to increase the water tariff must be consented by three parties, namely the state government, concessionaire and central government," he said.

- Bernama

Tan apologises to PKR leader, retracts statement

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 02:46 AM PST

Controversial PKR Nibong Tebal parliamentarian Tan Tee Beng today apologised to Syed Husin Ali and retracted his remarks made against the PKR deputy president. Tan issued the apology after emerging from a two-hour disciplinary committee meeting at the PKR headquarters in Kuala Lumpur at 5pm. The PKR disciplinary board convened this afternoon to hear Tan's explanation of his public criticism of two top Pakatan Rakyat leaders. "I take back my statement about Syed Husin Ali and sincerely apologise," Tan said.
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It took nine years for them to finally wake up

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 04:43 AM PST

Today, there is so much brouhaha about the Oil Royalty (illegally renamed 'Wang Ehsan') issue. Even Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has awoken and it looks like a hornets' nest has just been stirred. On 18 February 2001, I wrote the article below called Fight Fire With Fire. On 11 April 2001, I was detained under the Internal Security Act on grounds that I am threat to national security. I was earlier also arrested under the Sedition Act on Hari Raya Haji and the police raided my house and confiscated my computer. And this article was one of those 'grounds' they used against me to justify my arrest and subsequent detention.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Fight Fire With Fire (Raja Petra Kamarudin, 18 February 2001)

Two weeks ago I met Ustaz Haji Abdul Hadi Awang, the Chief Minister of Terengganu, to interview him on behalf of Berita keADILan. The question I asked was how would the state fare without their RM800 million a year oil royalty and what does the state intend to do about the matter?

Three courses of action

Ustaz Hadi laid out three courses of action the state is taking. First is administrative, the second political, and the third legal.

On administrative, the state has already sent a high-powered delegation to meet the higher-ups in Petronas. On political, the State would go round explaining the issue to NGOs and political parties. Finally, on legal, the state has set up a technical committee to explore the possibility of taking Petronas to court.

With all due respect to Ustaz Hadi who I have personally known for more than 20 years (30 years now) and whom I have extremely high regards for, I feel all three avenues are a dead end and will come to naught in the end.

First of all, on the administrative route. So they have met Petronas and Petronas has not denied that a legal contract does exist between the national oil company and Terengganu. But what good does it do? Terengganu will still not get its money. It is not Petronas that refuses to pay Terengganu its money but Mahathir.

Mahathir is the real culprit - not Petronas

Under the Petroleum Development Act (144) 1974 passed by Parliament in 1974, the Prime Minister has absolute and final authority over Petronas. That's it, Mahathir decides and dictates what Petronas does and there's no two ways about it. And unless Terengganu talks to Mahathir personally Petronas can do absolutely nothing to help Terengganu.

More details on this Act have been included in this feature as a footnote below.

Should Terengganu then talk to Mahathir?

No way! Mahathir hates PAS from the bottom of his heart and he would rather die than give in to PAS.

Terengganu's weak political action

So, over to option number two -- political. The State is going round explaining to the people the real issue behind Terengganu's oil royalty being withdrawn. But the people already know the facts. Why try to convert the already converted? The people do not want talk. They want action.

Can Terengganu really get a fair trial?

Finally, legal action. Does Terengganu really believe it can get a fair trial in a Malaysian court? If it does then pigs can fly. Trials and court cases in Malaysia are rigged and you can bet your last oil Dollar that the Terengganu versus Petronas court case will be heavily rigged.

Anyway, the trial will go on for ten years or more. By then Terengganu will be so broke PAS will beg UMNO to take the State off its hands (it did in 2004). UMNO can afford to wait ten years (it only had to wait three years). Can PAS? With no money in the pocket, time creeps by ever so slowly and ten years can feel like a life sentence.

No, all the above will not work. Let us not be idealistic but be realistic. Let us analyse what is really going on.

First of all, it is Mahathir and not Petronas that's the culprit. Secondly, it is a political decision taken for political considerations and the action too is political. Lastly, stop talking and start acting.

Taking all this into consideration, immediate action is required and the action must be political and not legal or administrative.

And the type of political action to take?

Terengganu is too paranoid about being seen as "aggressive"

Before I continue I must add that Terengganu State is too paranoid about its image and is reluctant to be seen as doing anything "illegal" or "ganas". That attitude should change. Mahathir did not care about his image or whether he is seen as ganas when he withdrew Terengganu's oil royalty. In fact, Mahathir said no such agreement exists. If this is not ganas I don't know what is.

Fight fire with fire

Terengganu must fight fire with fire. Terengganu must realise it is fighting for survival and its (political) life is at stake. Terengganu must "take to the streets".

First, all East Coast rakyat should be told to boycott Petronas petrol stations. So the petrol station owners go bankrupt, but that's the price of "war". How can the petrol station owners continue to support Petronas when it is killing off Terengganu State anyway? Maybe they deserve to go bankrupt.

Blockades should be set up at the Petronas refinery in Kertih so that the tankers cannot get in or out. "Guards" should be placed at all Petronas petrol stations to "discourage" people from patronising the place.

This sounds confrontational and it is. Terengganu must confront Petronas. In fact, it should declare war on Petronas and whoever else cooperates with Petronas. Whether they are car owners or petrol station owners they should be treated like the enemy if they cooperate with Petronas.

Terengganu stands to lose about RM4 billion by the next general election. This is no paltry sum and the state should fight tooth and nail to get the money back. The state should also not be afraid to spend a bit of money in employing guards to enforce the statewide boycott on Petronas stations and the blockade on the oil refinery.

Petronas must be made to lose money for the money Terengganu State is losing - an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Promote it at a National issue and not just a State issue

Terengganu State must see its fight with Petronas as a National battle. The state must remember that Petronas has earned a total of about RM300 billion from Terengganu since it started its operation around 25 years ago (double that now). However, it can account for only about 20% of that money.

Since under the Petroleum Development Act 1974 it says Petronas is only answerable to the Prime Minister and takes direction from the Prime Minister only, this means only the Prime Minister, and no one else, knows what happened to all that money.

The opposition Parliamentarians have been trying for years to get Petronas to reveal its accounts but it refuses to do so, saying that they need only show the accounts to the Prime Minister and to no one else. Not even Parliament has the power to direct Petronas – and to think Petronas was set up through Act of Parliament.

Petronas needs to be "stripped naked" so that Malaysians can see where all their money has gone. We are talking about hundreds of billions here. Malaysians need to know where Mahathir has stashed all this money.

Rally "People's Power"

The State should not confine its fight to a handful of people. Get the rakyat involved. The rakyat are waiting for directions from the top.

On 25 November 2000, Dr Hatta Ramli, the political secretary to Dato Ustaz Fadzil Noor, the President of PAS, handed a Memorandum to Tun Daim protesting the withdrawal of the oil royalty. A crowd of at least 5,000 people escorted him there. Dr Hatta then announced that if the Federal government ignores this Memorandum, he would get one million people to take to the streets.

Well, the government has ignored the Memorandum. Where are the one million people? Dr Hatta should carry through his promise – or was it just a threat? He should mobilise these one million people - and I know he can if he puts his mind to it. In fact, if you can get one million people onto the streets, not only would Petronas buckle but Mahathir himself will also fall. This will be Malaysia's equivalent of People's Power.

Form a human barricade

There are about 3 million people in the East Coast. You don't need all these three million but a mere percentage of them. Call the people out. Get them onto the streets. And ask them to form a human barricade and block all Petronas installations in the East Coast.

People will not be able to get in or out. All economic activities will grind to a halt. Even Mahathir's police will be powerless. Petronas will have to either reinstate Terengganu's oil royalty or close down.

If Terengganu cannot get the money that is rightfully theirs then let no one else get it either.


The Petroleum Development Act (Act 144) 1974

This Act covers the exploration and exploitation of petroleum, whether onshore or offshore, by a corporation in which will be vested the entire ownership in, and the exclusive rights, powers, liberties, and privileges in respect of the said petroleum, and to control the carrying on of downstream activities and development relating to petroleum and its products.

Important clauses in this Act are:

1. A Corporation would be set up for this purpose under the Companies Act to be called Petroleum Nasional Berhad or PETRONAS for short.

2. The Corporation shall be subject to the control and direction of the Prime Minister who may, from time to time, issue such direction as he may deem fit.

3. The direction so issued by the Prime Minister shall be binding on the Corporation.

4. In return for the ownership and rights, powers, liberties and privileges vested in it by virtue of this Act, the Corporation shall make to the government of the Federation and the government of any relevant State such cash payments as may be agreed between the parties concerned.

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Press self-censorship in Malaysia: a case study

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 04:24 AM PST

Aiyoh! Do all Chinese prostitute themselves like this? I hope not or else this country is doomed. Hmm…what did that special officer to Prime Minister Najib say in the 1Malaysia seminar in Melaka: all Chinese came to this country as prostitutes? Well, at least The Star and its owners, MCA, did. And they are still prostituting themselves.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

No offence meant

It has been brought to our attention that a commentary piece in The Star headlined "Persuasion, not compulsion" on the recent caning of three women for syariah offences has offended certain quarters.

We would like to categorically state that there was no intention to insult or offend Muslims with the article by managing editor P. Gunasegaram that was published last Friday.

The Star sincerely apologises to those who were offended by the content of the article.

As a newspaper that bills itself as The People's Paper, we strive to serve all our readers' interests and are mindful of the need to be sensitive to their beliefs.

The Star, 24 February 2010


Muslims instruct goodness and rule out evil as to Allah's command to "command what is right and forbid what is wrong" (Surah Luqman, verse 17)

There is no compulsion where deen is concerned. Right guidance has become clearly distinct from error. Anyone who rejects false deities and believes in Allah has grasped the Firmest Handhold, which will never give way. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. (Surah al-Baqara, verse 256)


Based on the Deen-i Islam, the very first requirement from humans is their sincerity, their ikhlas, their inner honesty, cordiality, so that whatever they perform should be as they wished from inside; and that they must never act for show-off and hypocrisy. The very first thing that Islam disapproves is hypocrisy (the state of a munafiq), that is, acting outward in dishonesty for a purpose, while the inner beliefs contradict with outward actions. For example, performing Salaat or fasting or wearing head-cover because of being forced to, without an inner warm reception, never make someone a believer. On the contrary, it turns a person into a munafiq, i.e., hypocrite.

If someone had at least some faith (iman) in spite of not being able to fulfil some practices, he is at least not an unbeliever. But if we force someone to take some unwilled actions, and if he performs those actions under our pressuring, then we will be pushing that person into hypocrisy and have undergone the responsibility of his misbehaviour.



Actually, after writing about issues involving Islam the last two days I thought I would give this subject a rest. But when I saw what The Star published today I just can't help myself but, yet again, flog this dead horse, so to speak.

The Star did not mention the real reason why they published that apology above but it does not take a genius to figure out why they did so -- because, as usual, they received a phone call from the ministry that decides at the end of the year whether their newspaper licence should be renewed or not.

That's right. Your newspaper permit is renewable annually and there has been many an occasion when the ministry holds back the renewal if they consider that newspaper too much of a problem.

Furthermore, the newspaper owners or editors would constantly be summoned to the ministry to be given a piece of the government's mind. Some newspapers have to make almost weekly visits to the ministry to get a scolding.

This is how censorship is imposed in Malaysia. No doubt the government will claim that Malaysian newspapers, in their wisdom, practice self-censorship. But when they chop your cock off how else to lead your life other than by being a celibate? (Celibacy means to abstain from sex in case some of you do not know that).

The Star was propagating persuasion as opposed to compulsion. I have always said you can't legislate conduct. You need to educate people. So what The Star said was basically the same thing. Teach them. Don't force them. And if after teaching them they still don't follow then there must be something wrong with the education system.

Islam says that you must propagate amar maaruf, nahi munkar. See Surah Luqman, verse 17 above. The Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, has used this phrase before -- amar maaruf, nahi munkar -- and the Umno boys got very upset. They feel it is wrong for Guan Eng to use Arabic words and quotes from the Quran.

That is stupid. The Quran was revealed to all mankind as a message to all mankind, not just to Muslims. So how can it be wrong for Guan Eng to quote from the Quran in Arabic? This is how narrow-minded Umno people are. They should be proud that Guan Eng saw fit to quote the Quran. I am delighted that there are at least some things in the Quran a non-Muslim like Guan Eng finds worthy to quote from.

And see what Surah al-Baqara, verse 256 says -- there is no compulsion in Islam. Is this not what The Star said? And is this not what the Quan also says? So why was The Star made to apologise for saying this? Is not what The Star said a quote right out from the Quran?

Aiyah! Sometimes I feel so disgusted I just don't see any point in talking about it.

And why should there be no compulsion? Why should we educate and not legislate? Why should we not force people? Well, Ahmed Hulus explained this in his opinion above. If you force people then they do it because they are being forced to do so and not because they believe that this is the right thing to do. In other words, they are not sincere in doing it and this would make them a hypocrite. So compulsion breeds hypocrisy.

If you force someone to go to the mosque to pray and if he would be sent to jail if he does not, then certainly he would go to the mosque to pray. But he is doing it only to avoid jail and not because he believes that going to the mosque to pray is the right thing to do. He in fact does not even believe in your God. But he goes to the mosque anyway while his heart is not in the ritual he has to perform in the mosque.

I suppose this will be just like how a prostitute earns her living. She opens her legs for you because she needs the money. It is not about love. She does not enjoy the sex with you. She is hoping you will get it over and done with quickly so that she can get out of there.

And would not those who are forced to perform certain things for profit, or abstain from certain things because they are afraid of the punishment, be no better than prostitutes -- religious prostitutes? It is something they do because they have no other choice. It is not something they do because they believe in it.

This is the height of hypocrisy.

And this makes The Star a prostitute as well. They do things according to what they are paid to do and not because they believe it is the right thing to do. They do what is necessary to be able to stay in business and make money and not because they want to fulfil a community service. Profit above the nation, that is The Star's motto, not The People's Paper, as they claim.

Aiyoh! Do all Chinese prostitute themselves like this? I hope not or else this country is doomed. Hmm…what did that special officer to Prime Minister Najib say in the 1Malaysia seminar in Melaka: all Chinese came to this country as prostitutes? Well, at least The Star and its owners, MCA, did. And they are still prostituting themselves.

The Star was right the first time around -- persuasion, not compulsion. And by apologising for saying the right thing because they want to please the government in the interest of profit makes The Star a prostitute.

Self-censorship my foot.

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JAKIM Posts Explanation on Whipping in Website

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 04:14 AM PST

Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) director-general Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz said explanation on whipping of Muslim women offenders is posted on its official website.

He said Jakim had conducted seminars on whipping last year after the controversial sentence on part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi.

They were attended by legal experts, academicians, activists and non-governmental organisations (NGO).

"We can't help it if some people still do not understand. We are always willing to explain," he told reporters after a Maulidur Rasul celebration briefing here today.

He was commenting a statement by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin urging the state islamic departments to explain the whipping of three Muslim women offenders.

Muhyiddin said this was important so that the people and international community would not have a wrong impression of the country.

Wan Mohamad said whipping of Muslim women offenders had been accepted by the people and that no parties had questioned it.

On Maulidur Rasul, he said seven people had been picked as recipients of the main awards at the ceremony to be held at Masjid Putra here on Friday.

It will launched by Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah and attended by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor among others.

Wan Mohamad said 106 contingents comprising 6,979 people will be involved in the procession to mark Prophet Muhammad's birthday.

Jakim will also hold a 'Satu Malaysia Satu Halal' campaign on Friday to raise public awareness on halal products.

news courtesy of Malaysian Digest

GDP heads into positive territory

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 04:04 AM PST

Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced today that the economy grew by 4.5 per cent for the fourth quarter of 2009, although GDP for the year still shrank slightly.

The prime minister said the positive growth in Q4 was helped largely by the government's push to pump some RM1 billion a month into the economy.

This had resulted in the country's economic performance faring better than expected.

Najib said that overall the country's GDP for 2009 had still contracted by 1.7 per cent which was lower than the projected -3 per cent.

He set a target for his administration of growing the economy this year by five per cent which he said could be achieved barring unforeseen circumstances.

"Sustained growth in private consumption expenditure and increased public sector spending contributed to higher domestic demand, which recorded a growth of 3 per cent in the fourth quarter," he said in explaining the economy's better performance in the last three months of 2009.

Najib said that private consumption growth was supported by better conditions in the labour market, a low level of inflation and higher spending for the year-end school holiday period and festive season.

He added that an increase in public sector consumption also helped push growth into positive territory.

Public sector consumption expenditure expanded further by 1.3 per cent while public sector capital spending increased substantially as the implementation of projects under the quarter kicked in.

During the fourth quarter, the development expenditure of the federal government amounted to RM17.6 billion.

Najib said that this was an increase of 9.5 per cent compared with the fourth quarter of 2008.

The PM stressed that the implementation of the two stimulus packages were key to the economic recovery.

"Over 113,000 projects under the two stimulus packages have and are being implemented, involving a total value of RM17 billion. Out of that, the government has made a payment of RM13.9 billion. Therefore on average, the government has pumped approximately RM1 billion per month into the market from January 2009.

"As one of the specific measures in the mini budget 2009, the government has provided training and created employment opportunities to cushion the difficulties faced by retrenched workers and unemployed graduates," he said.

The government has currently filled 38,495 of the 50,000 vacant posts in the federal civil service and recruited 11,131 officers on contract basis in government agencies since March 2009.

The government has also provided 100,000 training opportunities and job placements through its collaboration with the private sector.

Najib said he expected the private sector capital spending to increase this year.

"There are emerging signs of stabilization in the private sector capital spending as business sentiments continue to improve. This together with the higher public sector capital spending contributed to the turnaround in total gross fixed capital formation which registered a positive growth of 8.2 per cent during the quarter.

"On the supply side, all economic sectors recorded improved performance during the quarter. Growth in the services sector was broad based, with almost all sub-sectors recording higher growth rates. The manufacturing sector recovered to register a positive growth of 5.3 per cent, reflecting the improvement in both external and domestic demand.

"Activities in the construction sector expanded strongly by 9.2 per cent, benefiting primarily the accelerated implementation of projects under the fiscal stimulus packages and the ninth Malaysia plan," he said.

The country's export also recorded a positive growth of 5.1 per cent compared to -22.4 per cent in the third quarter.

Foreign direct investment also increased in 2009 to RM7.2 billion compared from RM6.7 billion with investments mainly in the manufacturing and services sector.

Najib said he was confident that the country would maintain its economic growth.

"For Malaysia the economy, yes (we can expect that the worse is over). Provided nothing seriously unexpected happens with respect to the global economy. For example any major sovereign collapse.

"Barring unforeseen circumstances of that nature, we could safely say that we have recovered from the crisis and we should be looking forward to a strong growth for 2010," he said.

Najib said he expected the economy to grow by five per cent this year.

"As you know earlier forecast was four per cent but for this year, I am hoping that I can achieve one or two per cent more than that so we are going all out to make sure that we are able to generate the confidence and speedy implementation of projects."

news courtesy of Malaysian Insider

CartoonKafe - Transformer

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 03:29 AM PST

iPad is for morons ... Big Touchscreen Rules!

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 03:27 AM PST

Two weeks ago, I got one of these 23-inch touchscreen monsters from Best Buy for $799. It's an Acer that come with absolutely entertaining webcam software called YouCam by Cyberlink (even a 5 years old can make Hollywood grade video with this software ... I am impressed).

My family enjoyed it so thoroughly (especially when using MSN or Skype videophone) that I almost wouldn't want to return it ... I returned it because the cable was kinda loose, and I thought I might as well get a better one (such as HP or Sony) when they are available or go on sales later ... So far, HP only has a 21 inch model and Dell has a 19 inch (that also not very HD, I think).

I discovered kids really love the touchscreen ... Now I wonder when will my good old Google releases one. I have made up my mind that I won't buy iPad, which is an insult to mankind's intelligence. I wonder why would people pay what? $700 for an enlarged iPod Touch that cannot run flash and force you to buy eBook from Steve Job's bookstore ... Steve must be senile.

I wanted a touchscreen, the bigger the better, that allow me do everything including downloading free eBooks from Google. And Acer is simply amazing ... 23-inch HD 6GB memory 600 GB HDD loaded with Windows 7 etc. costs only $799 and you expect to take another $100 off when it goes on sales later. That's what I call a computer.

If iPad is Steve Job, then he is really hopeless with computer .. Fcuk off, Apple!

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