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MACC intimidating Dr Pornthirp?

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MACC intimidating Dr Pornthirp?

MACC intimidating Dr Pornthirp?

Posted: 14 Jan 2010 03:33 PM PST

According to my uncle there was a time when people cringed in embarrassment, if not shame, when they were investigated by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA), then headed by a renowned judge. They knew they were in deep shit for their wrong doings.

Then they prayed that no one would know about it.

Today, when people are investigated by the MACC (the successor of the ACA) they are equally anxious though not cowering in embarrassment or shame, but instead fear. They also know they are in (a different kind of) deep shit though they haven't done anything wrong.

Then they prayed that everyone would know about it, because they fear, rightly or wrongly, for their victimisation.

We are all too well aware of the sad case of so-called MACC witness, Teoh Beng Hock, and his sad and untimely demise, but at least it was widely publicized, leading eventually to a second autiopsy conducted by imported pathologists - such is the disdain, disregard and distrust for local government apparatus and officials.

Thanks to the press we have also heard of the bizarre MACC actions against mainly DAP and in a few cases, PKR politicians, on dodgy 'allegations' of impropriety involving a couple of thousand ringgit – yes, sums not even exceeding RM3,000 (they have been scrapping the bottom of basically an empty barrell for hopeful dirt) - when in stark and shameful contrast, politicians on the other side of the political fence reside untouched in obscenely lavish 'palaces' which even the average public member knows are way beyond those politicians' accountable means.

The MACC, through a regretful combination of its perceived political bias in its unwarranted actions against opposition members while at the same time obviously closing one eye to powerful people in the ruling party, is deemed by the general public as nothing more than a political apparatus, a political weapon of the ruling party, not unlike the police and the civil service.

In those latter mentioned agencies, the glaring partial conduct of the Perak civil service and the local police in the Perak Dun case has been a shameful note of notoriety in Malaysian public service history. And may I ask (rhetorically of course): can we trust the judiciary?

But give an unworthy man enough rope and he'll hang himself, as wise men advise us. So the former MACC chief resigned, or as suspected, was shoved out as his fumbling bumbling stumbling ways became an embarrassment to the government.

His successor emerged with some fanfare and a glimpse of hope for improved and impartial conduct.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa [hysterical fits of laughter at gross stupidity - our gross stupidity]

Yes, we were stupid to believe that the new MACC chief would do the right thing as PM Najib so grandiosely advised, that the public service officers should act impartially.

The following headlines explained our momentary belief in fair play to be plain naïve, nay, utterly idiotic.

(1) Malaysiakini's MACC chief: Don't talk to media after lodging complaint

(2) Malaysiakini's Now the MACC wants to muzzle the media

As for Teoh Beng Hock who died under mysterious circumstances while under the custody of the MACC (yes, the MACC said Teoh was only a 'witness' yet the poor bloke was subjected to interrogation circumstances worse than that of a detainee) and in the premise of the MACC building, what of the coming verdict of the second autopsy conducted by two foreign pathologists?

The Malaysian Insider reported in
Lawyers worry police probe on Pornthip may affect Teoh inquest that (extracts):

Two MACC officers have lodged two police reports – one against Dr Pornthip, and the other against PKR organ Suara KeAdilan – for allegedly leaking contents from the report of the second autopsy carried out last Nov 22.

Suara KeAdilan had published a report in its last issue quoting "sources from the Health Ministry" as saying that Dr Pornthip had concluded that Teoh's death was homicide.

Gobind, speaking at press conference at his office here, said Dr Pornthip had denied leaking contents of the post-mortem report, which are confidential and can only be revealed in the inquest.

He also said it was absurd for the MACC officers to lodge a report against the forensic expert based on the article that quoted anonymous sources.

"I would like to know, who are these sources? And why is the police report lodged against Dr Pornthip when it quoted sources?" said an angry Gobind.

Gobind, who is also DAP Puchong MP, then explained that the police report may affect the ongoing inquest as Dr Pornthip may feel intimidated by the police probe and not turn up for the inquest.

This will stall the proceeding and deter efforts to uncover the truth behind the mystery surrounding Teoh's death said Gobind further.

"We have fought hard to find and bring Dr Pornthip here ... I wonder if the witness (Dr Pornthip) will now turn up to aid the inquest," blasted Gobind.

Asked if the report was a deliberate effort to intimidate their witness, Gobind refused to answer directly but remarked that "it was up to the public to decide," saying the "evidence is everywhere."

Malik [Imtiaz] said the two MACC officers' action in equating the Suara KeAdilan report with Dr Pornthip was inaccurate and wrong.

He also stressed that the Thai expert's opinion had been acknowledged by Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas, which led to his instruction that Teoh's remains be exhumed for the second autopsy.

Well …..!

Supermarkets Criticise Government Plans to Raise Cost of Alcohol

Posted: 14 Jan 2010 01:47 PM PST

Socialist governments just can't help themselves, can they? They believe that for every societal ill, there is a tax that will solve the problem. Either that, or they come with an outright ban, as has been done for all smoking in public places, and fox-hunting.

Now they come with this hare-brained idea to put even more tax on alcohol in order to combat the ugly binge-drinking 'culture' if culture it can indeed be called!

Binge-drinking has its causes deeply-rooted in the way we bring up our children today. We in the West have forgotten that children need to be raised by full-time mothers, not part-time ones. A part-time mother is as much use as a part-time lover!

If this government is really serious about tackling binge-drinking, it needs to find a way to encourage mothers to return to being there full-time for their children in the formative years. The government also needs to find a way of reversing the trend of the break-up of the family, for without a strong family unit, there is no sanction on dreadful behaviour by our young people.

It's time that we stopped deluding ourselves. Good, responsible behaviour is learnt in the home, and from good, solid mothers and fathers. No tax from a socialist government wll ever be a substitute for that!
– © Mark

THE TELEGRAPH: Britain's biggest supermarkets have criticised Government proposals to introduce a minimum price for alcohol saying it will fail to curb the country's binge drinking culture.

They are outraged at the plans which they claim will end up targeting the wrong people and penalize middle-class consumers who drink responsibly instead.

A spokesman for Sainsbury's said: "We believe that minimum pricing will unfairly penalise our shoppers, the vast majority of whom buy alcohol as part of their weekly shop and drink responsibly in their own homes."

And a spokesman for Tesco agreed, saying: "We accept that the country has a binge drinking problem, but the vast majority of alcohol bought at our stores is by responsible people who enjoy a bargain."

Yesterday, the Daily Telegraph revealed the Government was planning to fight the next election on proposals to cut alcohol abuse with a staged scheme including tougher warnings on labels and bans on discounting drinks which would culminiate in minimum prices.

But the price-fixing scheme could lead to a doubling in price of the cheapest alcoholic drinks sold in supermarkets.

Tesco said the doubling of prices would not stop alcohol abuse and would just encourage consumers to buy elsewhere.

The British Retail Consortium said cheap alcohol sold by supermarkets was not to blame and described the introduction of minimum prices as "unfair".

Andrew Opie, food director at the British Retail Consortium, said: "Any change in alcohol policy must be based on evidence and not disadvantage the millions of people who drink responsibly and would be unfairly affected by price hikes.

"Simply putting prices up will not tackle problem drinking. It has cultural causes and they are what must be addressed. The UK already has some of the highest alcohol taxes in Europe. >>> Myra Butterworth, Rosa Prince and Simon Johnson | Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why I Oppose The "Allah" Ban - And It's Not Because I'm A Christian...

Posted: 13 Jan 2010 07:17 AM PST

Someone left a lengthy entry in the comments section of my post: Masha Allah, Open your Eyes La! I thank him for his effort in commenting, although I find some of his comments highly disrespectful of my beliefs, and some of them downright menghina & memijak-mijak my religion.

But never Lord Jesus teaches me:

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me." Matthew 5:11

Anyway, in my reply to him, I managed to write down very concisely why I oppose the Allah ban. And it has nothing to do with Christianity - but everything to do with our country's continued good standing in the world.

Below is my reply:


"This is not the case with the Arabic term Allaah. Allaah is the personal name of the one true God. Nothing else can be called Allaah."

Yes. And since Christians also believe they worship the one true God, how come they are not allowed to use "Allah"?

Oh, I see...Christians don't worship the one true God, therefore cannot use "Allah" since only Muslims worship the one true God.

This is the premise being used to justify the ban. If we follow the logic of this argument to the very end

1. Since only Muslims worship the one true God, then all other non-Muslim references to the one true God are false. This would give rise to the question "which is the one true God?" Following the precedent of banning non-Muslim use of "Allah", all other non-Muslim NAMES for the one true God must therefore be also banned lest it confuse Muslims into believing that others could be also worshipping the one true God.

2. Since all other references to one true God are based on a false premise and should be banned, then why stop at just the word? The VERY EXISTENCE OF THE RELIGION is based on a false premise. If the religion is allowed to exist, then Muslims may be confused about why non-Muslims are also worshipping the "one true God". Therefore, following the first 2 precedents, the ENTIRE RELIGION must be banned as well.

3. But religion is a funny cannot legislate faith. So no matter how hard you ban the religion, there will always be adherents. This will make Muslims wonder "why are there people still worshipping a non-Muslim on true God even after it has been banned?" Since, according to the previously established precedents, such a question will confuse Muslims, the PEOPLE who practise the non-Muslim religion must be banned.

How do you ban a people?

Jail, exile, torture, execution.

Do you, does anyone, want our nation to take this first step?

I don't.

Islam ~ The First and Only Religion from Allah.

Posted: 14 Jan 2010 08:28 AM PST

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear Ikhwanul Muslimin na wal Muslimat.

It is important for those of us who are Muslims to know without an iota of doubt that it is only Al Islam that was revealed to us Mankind by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

It is only Islam that was the first and only religion taught to our Father, Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam, the very first Man created by Ar Rahman, our Most Compassionate, Most Merciful Supreme Creator of us all.

In Surah Al Baqarah, Chapter 2 Verses 1 to 7, Allah the Almighty says:

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

1. Alif-lam-meem

1. A.L.M.

2. Thalika alkitabu la rayba feehi hudan lilmuttaqeena

2. This is the Book; In it is guidance sure, without doubt, To those who fear God;

3. Allatheena yu/minoona bialghaybi wayuqeemoona alssalata wamimma razaqnahum yunfiqoona

3. Who believe in the Unseen, Are steadfast in prayer, And spend out of what We have provided for them;

4. Waallatheena yu/minoona bima onzila ilayka wama onzila min qablika wabial-akhirati hum yooqinoona

4. And who believe in the Revelation sent to thee, And sent before thy time, And (in their hearts)
Have the assurance of the Hereafter.

5. Ola-ika AAala hudan min rabbihim waola-ika humu almuflihoona

5. They are on (true) guidance, From their Lord, and it is These who will prosper.

6. Inna allatheena kafaroo sawaon AAalayhim aanthartahum am lam tunthirhum la yu/minoona

6. As to those who reject Faith, It is the same to them Whether thou warn them Or do not warn them; they will not believe.

7. Khatama Allahu AAala quloobihim waAAala samAAihim waAAala absarihim ghishawatun walahum AAathabun AAatheemun

7. God hath set a seal On their hearts and on their hearing, And on their eyes is a veil; Great is the penalty they (incur).


Sadaqallah hal adzhim.

Truthful indeed is Allah, The Most Powerful.

Brothers and sisters,

We who are Muslims must believe totally what Allah, Rabbul Alamin has revealed to us and study in depth as to all the secrets that are contained in the holy verses of the Al Quranul Kareem.

The Blessed Prophet Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has left for us, his various hadiths as additional guidance for us to seek the truth of Al Islam and to ponder over the meanings and guidance for us that are contained in both the Holy Quran and his authentic examples @ His Sunnah.

Learned scholars of Islam over the ages have been expounding to us the secrets that they have uncovered from the tafsirs of the Holy Quran and by their researching the Hadiths of Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

For those of us here in this part of the world, we are blessed to have with us, distinguished scholars of Islam such as our learned Professor Dato Dr. Harun Din Al Haj, who to me is amongst the top notch ulamak of this Kingdom of Malaysia.

He is quite articulate in his speech. Seldom gets embroiled in controversial matters. Speaks the truth of Al Islam. Shares his 'Ilm with us, the Jamaah of Muslims, irrespective of our status as citizens of this multifaithed, multi ethnic nation, in as crisp and crystal clear a manner of sharing what he himself has come to study and learn about our deen of Islam.

In the verses of Surah Al Baqarah above, Allah the Almighty shares with us that

2. Thalika alkitabu la rayba feehi hudan lilmuttaqeena

2. This is the Book; In it is guidance sure, without doubt, To those who fear God;

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala is telling us that this here @ the Al Qur'an is the very Book of Guidance. He is telling us who believe in Him to get our guidance from the Holy Quran.

How many of us Muslims make it a point to open up the Quran daily and seek the answers for our various problems and challenges that assail us without fail almost with each and every passing second?

We look for answers here and there without realizing the Final, Complete Testament of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala that every Muslim household almost always has a copy or more stashed in a cupboard or library and Na'uzubillah, gathering dust on our shelf's.

We who are living in these End Times have before us the internet.

With a keying in of a few alphabets or choice of words plus the correct url into the search engine, voila!...there comes before us on the computer screen almost always the links and websites which could contain whatever information that we were seeking for?

Yet, it is important that we ask our living ulamak such as the learned Prof Dato Dr Harun Din to share with us the context and content in between the meanings of translations of the verses of the Holy Quran whenever we get the chance as I did recently.

Muslims must be firm and rock solid in our Iman and Aqeedah of Al Islam. Islam is the first and only religion revealed from Allah the Almighty Himself to us over the ages.

Do not waver in your belief in Him. Not for a jot or dot!

3. Allatheena yu/minoona bialghaybi wayuqeemoona alssalata wamimma razaqnahum yunfiqoona

3. Who believe in the Unseen, Are steadfast in prayer, And spend out of what We have provided for them;

We are Muslims who believe in the Unseen. The Ghaib. The realm of the Ruuh. The Spirits.

For those of us who have studied or followed the Way of the Tariqahs, we will have come to learn a bit more than the average Muslim about the Yaum al Ghaib through the lectures or bayans of our learned Syaikhs or Mursyids.

Let's stop for a moment and ponder about our selfs?

What are we made up of?

We are Al Insaan. Mankind. We are physical beings but yet we are imbued with a living breathing soul inside of our mortal selfs.

Can we see our soul?

We can't. Yet we know it's there. It's our soul that is keeping us alive.

The second our ajal is up, the Malaikatul Maut @ Sayyidina Izra'il Alaihis Salam will wait not for a second too late or a moment too early to pluck our souls out from our mortal selfs as destined and decreed by Allahu Ta'ala!

That is the Hakikat @ the Reality of our being. We have our living breathing soul @ Ruuh within us. The Unseen. Yet it is there. The minute we are to die, our bodies will return to their fitrah. To decompose and return to the state of the earth from which our Father was made of.

Allah gives us so much yet there are many of us who do not know how to reciprocate towards His endless mercies to us?

We are at times so stubborn and recalcitrant that the Malaikats must be shaking their heads and recollecting the moment when they objected to Allah's announcement to them that He was creating Adam?

This is recorded for eternity in Verse No.30 Surah Al Baqarah :

30. Wa-ith qala rabbuka lilmala-ikati innee jaAAilun fee al-ardi khaleefatan qaloo atajAAalu feeha man yufsidu feeha wayasfiku alddimaa wanahnu nusabbihu bihamdika wanuqaddisu laka qala innee aAAlamu ma la taAAlamoona

30. Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: "I will create A vicegerent on earth." They said:
"Wilt Thou place therein one who will make Mischief therein and shed blood?--
Whilst we do celebrate Thy praises And glorify Thy holy (name)?"
He said: "I know what ye know not."

You and me were not there when this took place but The Almighty who has created us Knows us best.

He knows that here in these Yaum al Akhir @ The End Times, human beings will be so obstinate and recalcitrant, not wanting to accede and submit to Him by questioning this and that although so many of His Signs stare at us before our very faces?

People like Professor Dato Dr Harun Din have dedicated their entire lives to help us understand our faith better yet there are those who choose to mock and defile or sully his honor just to please their own bloated egos?

My dear fellow Muslims,

We may not be the most knowledgeable persons around, with scrolls of degrees and qualifications filling up our wall space but believe me when I say that when our time is up, all those scrolls and worldly recognitions will come to nothing if we are to be morally, spiritually and educationally bankrupt today for choosing to go the way of the sinners and those who defied Him!

Use the remaining precious moments of our temporal earthly lives here wisely. Seek the truth of Al Islam and when you come to understand it better, put it to use and share the knowledge with others.

Insya Allah, we will stand a better chance in the hereafter.

Till later. Have a good morning. Insya Allah.

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Kali meets Anwar - what's up doc?

Posted: 14 Jan 2010 07:50 AM PST

Kali denies meeting Anwar in London, says he was in Malaysia at that particular date... The Star

Well, leave it to bro Kali to admit his meeting with brother Anwar Ibrahim as reported by The Star. What was it all about? Meeting between two 'friends', an informal one? Or could it be a political agenda.

Cant say much. As Rockybru's case against Kali is still pending, I dont want to land in theh hot soup as I am such a poor guy (but not bankrupt with ideas).

Maybe DSAI can explain about the meeting as demanded by Umno Supreme Council member Piad Zarkashi. If the meeting has taken place, we need to know a little bit what was discussed as Kali is a media tycoon who all this while has been very close and 'supportive'of the government.

And now that Raja Petra is said to be staying at Kali's apartment in London; while Anwar is trying to divert the attention in the run-up of his sodomy case trial, I would say that something FISHY is going on.

Why would Kali meet DSAI in the first place?


Kalau Nak Masuk Kristian, Sejak Melaka Jatuh Lagi Orang Melayu Dah Kristian

Posted: 14 Jan 2010 06:12 AM PST

Di dalam usaha untuk menafikan kebenaran orang Krisitan dari menggunakan nama Allah, terdapat beberapa orang Ustaz yang memberikan alasan sebegini:

"Minggu lepas saya ada mendengar ceramah agama dari seorang Ustaz dekat ngan umah saya. Persoalan berkahwin dengan ahli kitab dibangkitkan. Beliau memberi maksud ahli kitab di sini adalah di mana nenek moyang mereka adalah yang sememangnya berasal daripada pengikut kitab yang asal seperti injil dan juga taurat. Jika di mesir dan juga negara-negara arab yang lain tiada masalah sebab sememangnya keluarga mereka semenjak nenek moyang lagi penganut agama samawi (sebelum diselewengkan)."

Dengan kata lain, Kristian Katholik di Malaysia tidak layak menggunakan nama Allah sebab mereka bukan Ahli Kitab.

Suka saya nyatakan bahawa kiranya syarat ini dikenakan, Kristian2 di zaman Nabi Muhammad SAW sendiri bukan Ahli Kitab. Ini kerana Bangsa Arab Kristian zaman Nabi juga bukan dari keturunan penganut agama Samawi.

Mengapa saya kata begini? Kerana penganut asal syariat Nabi Isa AS adalah dari kalangan bangsa Yahudi. Dan syariat Nabi Isa itu sendiri HANYA UNTUK BANGSA YAHUDI. Bangsa lain dari Yahudi diharamkan dari mengikut syariat Nabi Isa.

Syariat untuk bangsa Arab adalah syariat Nabi Ibrahim. Namun setelah lebih seribu tahun selepas Nabi Ibrahim, ada bangsa Arab yang telah menyeleweng dengan menyembah berhala. Bangsa2 Arab yang tinggal di Syam dan utara Arab Saudi telah terjajah dengan Rom dan telah menukar agama mereka kepada agama Kristian. Dengan kata lain, nenek moyang bangsa Arab bukanlah dari pengikut agama samawi, yakni syariat Nabi Isa.

Kalau ada pun pengikut2 Agama Samawi selepas perginya Nabi Isa, mereka adalah dari pengikut-pengikut para Hawariyyun. Di zaman sekarang, mereka digelar sebagai" "Ebionites". Kelompok Ebionites" ini dibenci oleh para pemuka Kristian dan mereka sering dikutuk dan dinista oleh ketua-ketua Agama Kristian pada zaman mereka.


Selain dari itu, seorang penyokong UMNO bernama Faizal/Grand Marquis menyatakan bahwa Naib Sheikhul Azahar menyokong pendirian Malaysia dalam isu ini.
"Wakil al-Azhar @ Naib Syeikh al-Azhar Syeikh Abdul Fattah 'Allam tindakan kerajaan malaysia tepat.Perkara ini sebenarnya telah dibawa ke pengetahuan Syeikh al-Azhar oleh Duta Malaysia ke Mesir.


Saya pergi ke link tersebut dan saya terbaca laporan penulis:

"Beliau menjelaskan bahawa perkara ini sebenarnya telah dibawa ke pengetahuan Syeikh al-Azhar oleh Duta Malaysia ke Mesir. Beliau berpendapat bahawa tindakan kerajaan Malaysia menegah penggunaan kalimah Allah dalam kalangan bukan Islam adalah tepat."

Pada masa yang sama, hari ini Harakahdaily melaporkan:

"Mewakili cendekiawan dari Universiti al-Azhar, Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Thanthowi berfatwa, tindakan kerajaaan Mesir tersebut merupakan sesuatu yang diharuskan, sah dan halal mengikut syarak.
Muhammad yang dikenali sebagai Sheikhul Azhar berfatwa, setiap negara berhak melakukan apa sahaja demi memastikan wilayah kekuasaannya dijamin keamanan, termasuk membina benteng dari wilayah perbatasan Mesir-Gaza.
Ekoran itu, fatwa Muhammad disifatkan sebagai 'fatwa berbayar' dan 'sama sekali bukanlah fatwa yang berlandaskan kemuliaan bagi mereka yang memiliki hati, nurani dan pendengaran' oleh cendekiawan muslim Palestin."

Jadi tak heranlah Tantawi ni boleh keluar fatwa ikut kehendak JAKIM. Yang pegi jumpa Tantawi pun pihak Kedutaan Malaysia di Mesir yang terkenal menyokong segala kegiatan kelab UMNO Mesir.

Waktu saya di Mesir dulu, tokoh agama yang dihormati oleh rakyat Mesir adalah Ali Gomaa, yakni Mufti Mesir dan juga Mudir Darul Iftaa. Sehingga program2 radio dan TV di Mesir lebih banyak memaparkan Sheikh Ali Gomaa dari si Tantawi ni. Tak tahulah berapa banyak JAKIM dah bayar pada Tantawi untuk buat fatwa yang JAKIM hendak.
Dan, sewaktu saya di Mesir dulu, saya tahu sangat bagaimana Kedutaan Malaysia di Mesir tidak mengiktiraf PMRAM sebagai sebuah pertubuhan yang sah mewakili pelajar Malaysia. PAda waktu yang sama, wang rakyat telah dikeluarkan oleh pihak Kedutaan Malaysia di Mesir untuk membiayai program-program Kelab UMNO Mesir.

Dan kalau saudara heran mengapa ramai sangat bekas2 Al Azhar tidak bersetuju untuk membenarkan Kristian Katholik menggunakan nama Allah, jangan terkejut. Ini kerana pelajar2 Malaysia di Azhar adalah dari jenis yang tidak suka bercampur dengan masyarakat tempatan di sana.

Mereka suka duduk berkampung di Madinit Nasr. Saya yakin sangat ramai di antara mereka tidak tahu pun Kristian Mesir pakai perkataan Allah. Cuba pegi tanya mereka, apa panggilan biasa di Mesir untuk orang2 Kristian Koptik? Kalau mereka tak tahu ertinya mereka sebenarnya bukan jenis yang suka bercampur sewaktu belajar di Mesir.
Jadi, bila timbul isu ni, bekas-bekas Azhar ni pun jadi terkejut. Seolah-olah mereka perkara ini pertama kali mereka lihat. Padahal kalau mereka bercampur dengan masyarakat tempatan di Mesir sepanjang 4-6 tahun mereka di sana, pasti mereka akan tahu.


Saya tak tau apa yang difikirkan oleh TERAS, JIM dsbnya. Adakah mereka sudah mudah diperbodohkan. Padahal isu ini telah ditanya kepada Sheikh Yusuf Qardhawi sewaktu lawatan beliau sempena sambutan Maal Hijrah baru-baru ini, dan Sheikh Yusuf menyatakan tiada masaalah bagi kaum Kristian menggunakan nama Allah.

Saya tak tau samada NGO2 Islam ini berjuang atas dasar Islam atau kebangsaan Melayu.
Kenapa nak takut sangat orang Melayu jadi Kristian. Kalau orang Melayu nak jadi Kristian, sejak dari zaman penjajahan Portugis lagi orang Melayu dan masuk Kristian.

Malahan, disebabkan usaha Kristianisasi Portugis terhadap orang Melayulah, Tanah Jawa bertukar dari Buddha kepada Islam. Sila baca di sini .

Tulang Besi

Al-Jazeera : Religious Violence in Malaysia

Posted: 13 Jan 2010 08:05 PM PST

Karpal: Arrest Guan Eng, I will take action

Posted: 14 Jan 2010 04:03 AM PST

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is entitled to a copy of the police report lodged against him over his alleged seditious statement, said his counsel Karpal Singh.
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Posted: 14 Jan 2010 01:49 AM PST

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The ” the most smelly asshole Idiot of the Year Award goes to Mohd Puad

Posted: 14 Jan 2010 01:47 AM PST

the " the most smelly Asshole Idiot of the Year Award goes to Mohd Puad's

  • Kalimullah said Umno supreme council member Datuk Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi had made baseless allegations against him in these matters.
  • Kalimullah was responding to Mohd Puad's statement on Wednesday calling for Anwar to "explain" whether a meeting took place between the PKR adviser and Kalimullah.
  • RPK: 99pc of rumours become fact in Malaysia
  • – Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin said that 99% of the rumours he reports on his website eventually turn out to be true.
  • Defending himself from a caller on a special interview with Riz Khan on satellite television station Al Jazeera who asked why he persisted in writing about rumours, he said time and time again he had been proven right with his stories.
  • "I have always been told that two things sell and that is sex and politics. And sex involving politics sells even more," he quipped.
  • He also denied the perception that Malaysia Today was an opposition mouthpiece, pointing out that he had been critical of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) as well.
  • Raja Petra added that he would also not consider playing a role in government if PR succeeded in toppling Barisan Nasional (BN).
  • "I do not wish to be in government. I wish to be in a pressure group. I have joked that if Pakatan forms the government I will then join Umno," he said.
  • Besides Raja Petra, the other guests on the show were playwright Jo Kukathas and journalist Kee Thuan Chye.
  • All three guests offered their respective views on a gamut of issues from censorship and the media to the use of the Internal Security Act (ISA).
  • Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar also joined the discussion by telephone and made a stout defence of the ISA.
  • Offering the government's condolences to the people of India over the recent Mumbai attacks, he justified the continued existence of the ISA by saying the law was the reason why Malaysia had not suffered any major terrorist attacks.
  • He also contended that it was only what he described as a vocal minority of Malaysians who were against the ISA while the majority wanted safety and order in society.
  • Kukathas responded, however, to the minister's arguments by pointing out that most of those who were ever arrested under the ISA were not terrorists.
  • The Independence of the Judiciary
  • Judicial independence has been called "the lifeblood of constitutionalism in democratic societies". Courts must be independent from "all other participants in the justice system". As such, the essence of judicial independence is that the "relationship between the judiciary and other branches of government be depoliticized" (emphasis in original).
  • Judicial independence must be distinguished from judicial impartiality. Impartiality is the state of mind or attitude of a particular judge or tribunal in relation to the issues and parties in a particular case. Judicial independence is the status or relationship of the judicial branch to the other branches of government.
  • Judicial independence is comprised of both an individual and an institutional component. The individual dimension relates to the independence of the particular judge. The institutional dimension relates to the independence of the court on which the judge sits. An individual judge may exhibit the essential conditions of judicial independence but if the court over which he or she presides is not independent of the other branches of government, then he or she cannot be said to be an independent tribunal.
  • The principles of judicial independence are entrenched in international instruments including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary, and the Commonwealth (Latimer House) Principles on the Three Branches of Government. While Singapore has not ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Latimer House Principles were endorsed by Commonwealth Heads of Government at their summit in Abuja, Nigeria, in December 2003. Article IV of the Principles states:
  • IV) Independence of the Judiciary
  • An independent, impartial, honest and competent judiciary is integral to upholding the rule of law, engendering public confidence and dispensing justice. The function of the judiciary is to interpret and apply national constitutions and legislation, consistent with international human rights conventions and international law, to the extent permitted by the domestic law of each Commonwealth country.
  • To secure these aims:
  • (a) Judicial appointments should be made on the basis of clearly defined criteria and by a publicly declared process. The process should ensure: equality of opportunity for all who are eligible for judicial office;appointment on merit; and that appropriate consideration is given to the need for the progressive attainment of gender equity and the removal of other historic factors of discrimination;
  • (b) Arrangements for appropriate security of tenure and protection of levels of remuneration must be in place;
  • (c) Adequate resources should be provided for the judicial system to operate effectively without any undue constraints which may hamper the independence sought;
  • (d) Interaction, if any, between the executive and the judiciary should not compromise judicial independence. Judges should be subject to suspension or removal only for reasons of incapacity or misbehaviour that clearly renders them unfit to discharge their duties.
  • Court proceedings should, unless the law or overriding public interest otherwise dictates, be open to the public. Superior Court decisions should be published and accessible to the public and be given in a timely manner.
  • An independent, effective and competent legal profession is fundamental to the upholding of the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.
  • The objective characteristics of judicial independence must include security of tenure, financial security and administrative independence. To ensure independence of the judiciary, judges' term of office, independence, security, remuneration, conditions of service, pensions and age of retirement must be determined and adequately secured by law.
  • Objective components of judicial independence are absent in Singapore
  • These core objective characteristics of an independent judiciary are patently absent from Singaporean law. Singapore's lower courts are Magistrate and District Courts that handle minor civil and criminal matters. Appeals from lower court decisions are brought to a single judge of the High Court sitting as a court of appeal. In more significant civil and criminal matters, cases are heard at first instance before a single judge of the High Court. Appeals are made to the Court of Appeal or Court of Criminal Appeal, composed of a panel of three High Court judges sitting in their appellate jurisdiction.
  • All Magistrate and District Court judges are civil servants. District Court judges are treated as members of the executive and routinely shuffled between, for instance, the Attorney General's office and the bench. They have no guarantee of tenure.
  • Only fourteen persons have been appointed as High Court judges. These same ten judges sit as appeal judges in minor civil and criminal cases, as well as trial and appeal judges in important civil and criminal cases. Their individual independence is therefore crucial to the integrity of the judicial system.
  • At least half of the High Court judges have either no tenure or very limited tenure. For instance, two of the fourteen High Court judges are designated as Judicial Commissioners, a designation which amounts to a one- or two-year probationary term during which the government can review a new judge's rulings before granting full tenure.
  • Even when granted, tenure is limited by the executive's ability, through its control of the legislature and the office of the president, to remove judges with tenure. One striking example as the case of Senior District Judge Michael Khoo. Judge Khoo adjudicated at the trial level the financial impropriety charges against opposition Member of Parliament J. B. Jeyaretnam (discussed above). In 1983, Mr. Jeyaretnam, then the leader of the Workers' Party, was charged with making a false statement about the Party's accounts and fraudulently transferring Party funds to thwart creditors (creditors at that time included the PAP pursuant to a defamation action). The dispute centered on three donations, totaling S$2,600, which Mr. Jeyaretnam insisted, had not been given to the Party, but to which the government insisted the Party had title.
  • In January 1984, Judge Khoo acquitted Mr. Jeyaretnam of the false statement and fraud charges and convicted him of another count of fraud, for which he imposed a fine that was insufficient to cause Mr. Jeyaretnam to lose his seat in Parliament. Seven months later, Judge Khoo lost his judgeship and was transferred to the Attorney General's office. He later left government service.
  • Although the government denied that the transfer was a reaction to the Jeyaretnam decision, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew suggested otherwise when during a Parliamentary debate in July 1986, he stated,
  • "…there was very good grounds why, if a person can make such a series of misfindings of fact and two misfindings of law in one simple case [referring to the Jeyaretnam case], he should be transferred to the Attorney-General's Chambers."
  • Another judge later imposed on Mr. Jeyaretnam a fine high enough, to result in Jeyaretnam's disbarment from law and disqualification from Parliament. (This was the decision eventually overturned by the Privy Council, as discussed above.)
  • Confidence in the independence of the judiciary is lacking
  • In addition to legal safeguards, judicial independence depends upon the public perception that the objective components exist. The question is not only whether the court is free, but also whether the court is reasonably seen to be free to perform its adjudicative role without interference. The public's perception respecting these components must be buttressed by a tradition of independence, the strength of which "is measured not only by its observance but also by the intensity of the reaction to its violation".
  • The Singapore courts, when adjudicating commercial cases, which do not involve interests of PAP members or their associates, may be relied upon to administer justice according to the law. In this regard, Singapore judges have an overall international reputation for the integrity of their judgments. In cases involving PAP litigants or PAP interests, however, many see the Singapore judiciary as amenable to control by the will of the executive. In the case of J.B. Jeyaretnam, discussed above, the International Commission of Jurists released a report on its representative's observations of the High Court in the trial of Lee Kuan Yew's defamation action against Mr. Jeyaretnam relating to the 'election rally' remarks (discussed above).
  • The observer, Stuart Littlemore, Q.C., an Australian lawyer specializing in defamation, concluded that the most troubling aspect of the decision was the court's "undue deference" to the plaintiff, then prime minister, Goh Chok Tong. Mr. Littlemore indicated that Mr. Goh "came to court as an ordinary citizen, not as prime minister, but it was impossible to escape the impression that the judge treated Mr. Goh as a litigant of higher status than he was entitled to". The court found that the words spoken ("Mr. Tang Liang Hong has just placed before me two reports he has made against, you know, Mr. Goh Chok Tong and his people") were defamatory – but on grounds of "lesser meaning imputation" which the plaintiff had not pleaded. Mr. Littlemore questioned whether this had been done to give the prime minister especially favourable treatment to avoid the embarrassment of losing his case. The trial judge also awarded aggravated damages to Mr. Goh on the basis that defence counsel's cross-examination of Mr. Goh was "a baseless attack" which "aggravated the hurt caused to Mr. Goh". Mr. Littlemore concluded that nowhere else in the common law world could it have been said that the cross-examination was anything but properly vigorous and relevant.
  • The principal role of an independent judiciary is to uphold the rule of law. If the judiciary is to exercise a truly impartial and independent adjudicative function, it must be allowed to be free of repercussions from such outside influences. As stated by one Canadian judge: "A society where people know their rights are guaranteed by fair laws which apply in the same way to all citizens equally, and are applied in an open and public way by an independent and impartial judiciary, is always a secure and stable society."

Another victim of the escalating race war between Bharat (aka India) and Australia is the Melbourne Gurdwara/The Shiv Sena has "banned" Australian players from Mumbai–possibly allowing the Australian players from abandoning the cricket tour of Bharat (aka India).

Wherever this escalation is heading could not be good for anyone. Already Bharatis are not applying for student visas. Most Bharatis enrolled in Australian Universities are there for a PR (so that they can immigrate to Australia). They are usually enrolled in cosmetology and Hair Cutting type of courses–even though these low-tech courses are available in Bharat.

India has taken up with Australia the incident of some unidentified people setting fire at an under-construction building on the premises of a Gurdwara in Melbourne.

An External Affairs Ministry spokesperson said they were aware of reports about a building under construction on the premises of the Nanaksar Taath Gurdwara in Cranbourne, a suburb of Melbourne, being damaged in a fire that broke out on January 12.

"Our Consulate in Melbourne is in the process of ascertaining details from the Gurudwara Management Committee and also following up on the incident with Australian authorities," the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said that "some unidentified miscreants had set fire at the construction site, which is located at about 300 odd meters from the Nanaksar Taath Gurdwara". No one was injured and no structural damage has been caused to the building.Indian Express.

Australians complain of Bharatis being smelly, living in congested quarters, cramming 20 to a room, and trading in drugs in Australia. There are complaints of prostitution and illegal activities. The Australians see their country being swamped by Indians and are attempting to stop the Indianization of Australia. Some Indians want to take over Australia which is sparsely populated.

Fire at Melbourne Gurdwara: India takes up matter with Australia


Posted: 13 Jan 2010 10:17 PM PST

Somebody also saw this Dr Puad'S ASSHOLE BEING ENLARGE NAALAKARUPPAN NOW IT HAS DAMAGE HIS SHIT BRAIN in Poland. Is he denying or not. If not then must explain himself. Sorry that type of Judge is onlyWhat kind of name is Puad? Pooh ard…….podan

READ THIS ARTICLE Datuk Dr Puad Zarkashi Flirting gives off the impression THAT NALA Karuppan the mother fucker who together with Shafie Abdullah frame ANWAR

Another ROSMA PUSSY LICKER l and Ball carrier making stupid statement in the MSM. Will these people ever learn that , we, the Malaysian public are not as stupid as they wish we were.
rosmah-mansor-gila-kuasa-218x300.jpg (218×300)

A meeting was held to discuss the award of a 15-year contract on a negotiated basis to a Malaysian company for a total amount of RM315 million. This was done on the instructions of the Deputy Prime Minister cum Defence Minister. As follows are the exchanges of letter and in the last letter the Air Force Chief points out that the cost is quite high. It is in fact ten times what they were already paying to do the same training in Thailand.


Raja Petra Kamarudin


1. How RM2 million a year became RM21 million a year for 15 years

2. Najib instructs the Air Force Chief to approve the proposal

I also met Kalimullah in London on Nov 7. Do i need to reveal and explain to you? Is the public concern about it?
Go tell your PM that the public is concern where the two jet engines are, how much the country's money is left at the Treasury, why the tainted PIG's tenure has been extended for so long when the crime rate keeps on rising?

Ahmad Zahid said YB LIM KIT SIANG SHOULD KNOW WHY the prime minister himself will monitor results of the investigationwe have passed the case to the police 100 per cent."Musa Hassan was reappointed to finalised the way Najib wants the final report


The treachery of the invertebrate Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi VS NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH bloggers

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said action will be taken against the high-ranking officials in charge during the time the
RMAF jet engines went missing.
"Action taken will be decided during the next meeting of the Malaysian Armed Forces Council of which I am the chairman,"
he told a press conference at the Defence Ministry here.
He also said those involved in the missing engines have been identified and gave the assurance that action would be taken against the "traitors".

Ahmad Zahid: Besides jet engines, other equipment also missing

The Malay Unity Sodomy Conspiracy to the UMNO mother fucKERS BLOGERS

Raja Petra Kamarudin mentions Mumtaz Jaafar as being Saiful Bukhari's "God Mother" in two of his No Holds Barredposts.RELATED ARTICLEmotherfucker stinking asshole intoxicated Gopal Raj Kumar& Proarte even kid knows that you are an UMNO blogger writing without facts



What conclusion can we draw from Rodwan's refusal to respond to such serious allegation in Malaysia Today? Wouldn't he have promptly refuted the allegation if it were untrue?

The world acknowledges today that Malaysia has the most stupid Police Force! The only Police Force in this world which protects the politicians instead of the people! There is a joke outside Malaysia about the Malaysian Police Force. If you are the victim go to RPK and if you the victimiser go to the police!

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

Puad or whatever name that is. Let us tell you what public really concern about. 1st. The alleged involvement of Najis and Rosmah in Atlantuya murder.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

By the mother fucker of fucker jebatmustdie,Anwar Ibrahim raised more questionsRosmah has no time to entertain 'wild allegations'

By the mother fucker of fucker jebatmustdie

rosmah mansor



In my last article, I wrote that there is something wrong in this whole incident involving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his sodomy allegations. I said there was something wrong because Anwar in all his actions and the reaction of people close to him did not behave like he was on the path of the truthful.

2nd. TBH's death and which mofo killed him. period.
You UMNOputras think that you are law unto yourself. What blood right do you have to demand an explanation? If there is any legal requirement for Anwar to do so, I am sure the UMNO police, MACC or AG will call for it. You are just like the UMNOputra at the Poverty Eradication Foundation in Selangor. After being funded by the state, the Foundation thinks the MB has no right to check on them. Macam dia punya bapa punya duit!
Another Permanent Head Damage to led our Education. You better focus on the education system for it's none of your business where is RPK now. Look at your backyard first because it really screw up big time with all your nonsence policy in our education system that only teach our children to memorised like a robot but not encouraging the children to develop their mind from young.
It has become a PUBLIC concern. The rakyat are anxious to know the following :
……….who murdered teoh beng hock and kugan
……….why the aremed forces lost 2 jet engines 2 years ago and only now it has been made public
……….why the MACC did not investigate the murderer of the mongolian model
……….why the MACC did not investigate the loss of 10 bln during mahathir office
……….why the MACC did not investigate the illegal take over of the perak state assemble
… i need to state the others????
tiew niamah Puad
Dr.Puaka, I demand EXPLANATIONS: Who is the mastermind behind the stealing of jet enjines?? Who torched the 8 churches ?? Who are the murderers of Teoh Beng Hock??? Who killed Kugan?? Who used C4 to explode Attantuya??
Who the hell is Puad? Get a life yochebag!
Dr Puad said Kalimullah must now come forward and issue a denial if the meeting did not take place. Surely "Dr" Puad you are being Frivolous and Technical. Would you accept if we swear at the Qur'an as well….?
This is ridiculous. You guys refused to listen to his explanations about Saiful, now you want him to explain about RPK? heeheehee
UMNO corrupted bustards please explain following allegations: -
1. PM's role in Altantunya murder case
2. Rosmah's role in Altantunya murder case
3. Deepak's involvement
4. Erasing immigration records, siapa authorized
5. Underground money transfer overseas thru money changer – Rosmah, Negeri MB, etc
6. Slow police action on cow head protest case
7. Rm24 million Toyo's palace
8. The millions owned by TDM's sons
9. The list goes
No need to explain one.
Deepak no explain.
Nazeem also no explain
Rosmah also no explain on 600,000 transfer
Najib also no explain
So what the fcuk does Anwar need to explain?


Posted: 14 Jan 2010 01:16 AM PST

NONEA catholic parishioner said to audie61,"OMG…OH MY GOD…Seems that the church is also targetted like the church owes money to the Ah Long's or its desecrated by them. Its not a LAUGHING MATTER ANYMORE MY FRIENDS..The message could be worse than that said another,"the culprits want to see blood spill in order to achieve their aims. The authorities needs to nab someone fast or else it will go on and its just  like a "SERIAL KILLER" and many would copycat the actions. 

{ Red Paint usually used by Ah Long's "Money Lenders in Malaysia" on their pursuit of those who owe them $$$$$$$ by throwing paint on the borrowers houses or establishments 

According to the report in Malaysiakini "azlanseven plastic bags filled with red paint were hurled at the church and it splattered on the back of the saint's statue, flooring and fence.

It was also reported in Chinese-language daily Sin Chew Daily that the police found two emptied paint cans in a nearby drain and in front of the church gate.

This latest incident brings to 11 the recent attacks on places of worship, with 10 affecting churches.



























Haiti Earthquake Appeal: YOUR HELP Is Needed

Posted: 13 Jan 2010 01:42 PM PST

BRITISH RED CROSS: A devastating earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale struck Haiti on 12 January 2010, killing hundreds and affecting thousands more. Please give what you can today to help thousands of people in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Donate Now! >>>

Donation Hotline: 0845 053 5353 (24 hours)

AMERICAN RED CROSS: Washington – The American Red Cross is sending money, supplies and staff to Haiti to support relief efforts there after yesterday's earthquake, which caused catastrophic damage and loss of life.

According to reports, as many as three million people may have been affected by the quake, which collapsed government buildings and caused major damage to hospitals in the area.

The Red Cross is contributing an initial $1 million from the International Response Fund to support the relief operation, and has opened its warehouse in Panama to provide tarps, mosquito nets and cooking sets for approximately 5,000 families. Donate Now! >>>

You may also call:

1-800 RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) – English

1-800-257-7575 – Spanish

For Google Checkout click here: Donate Now! >>>

SCHWEIZERISCHES ROTES KREUZ: Nothilfe für Erdbeben Haiti
Helfen Sie den Opfern: Nach dem schweren Erdbeben wird in Haiti eine Katastrophe befürchtet. Über die Zahl der Opfer und das Ausmass der Schäden herrscht noch Unklarheit. Das Rote Kreuz steht im Rettungseinsatz. Hier spenden >>>

AKTION DEUTSCHLAND HILFT: Aktion Deutschland Hilft ist das Bündnis renommierter deutscher Hilfsorganisationen. Gemeinsam helfen wir den Opfern des schweren Erdbebens in Haiti. Erdbeben Haiti: Sicher online spenden. Sicher Online spenden hier >>>

COMITÉ INTERNATIONAL DE LA CROIX-ROUGE: Haïti : le CICR contribue aux efforts déployés pour venir en aide aux victimes du séisme: Genève (CICR) – Le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge (CICR) coopère avec ses partenaires du Mouvement international de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge pour venir en aide aux victimes du tremblement de terre qui a frappé Haïti. L'institution mobilise des ressources humaines et matérielles pour faire face à cette catastrophe. [Source] Faire un don ici >>>

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Fantastic Facts and Funnies

Posted: 13 Jan 2010 11:35 PM PST

The Star reported yesterday that "......Police have determined the "physical attributes" of the suspects involved in the arson attack on a church in Desa Melawati last Friday..."

And the Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar also was quoted as saying......

"We have some development but we cannot say much as it would disrupt our investigations. We are working hard to find the suspects and we are checking if they were involved in the other church attacks."

Which prompted one of my friends to say....

"physical attributes"?

What? 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head per perpetrator?

"We have some development but we cannot say much"?

In other words, 'we' have bugger all.


I read in page N16 of the Star today this headline,

Five royals on honours list

Negri Ruler's sisters to get state's highest award in conjunction with 62nd birthday.

The Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negri Sembilan bestowed the state's highest award on his three sisters. Very good. Nothing wrong with that. I suppose. But if the reasons why they were bestowed the awards were also reported it might have stopped me from sniggering. And that goes for the names on the entire list of receipients of Tuanku's gratitude and generousity on his first official birthday. Otherwise stories like these just serve to irritate ordinary Malaysians like me and is a waste of space. No?


Tuduhan Selangor Bertambah Rumah-Rumah Urut dan Pusat Karaoike

Posted: 14 Jan 2010 06:27 AM PST

Kalau para pembaca sekelian sedar, sewaktu saya menaikkan isu berkenaan dengan Najib Tun Razak meluluskan lesen "Special Draw" lagi 10, juak-juak UMNO menyerang saya kembali dengan menaikkan isu pertambahan rumah-rumah urut dan karaoke di Selangor.
Antara komen yang saya dapat adalah:

1)Anonymous said...
Jika Selangor sudah tidak cukup peruntukan seperti yang disebut iaitu kira-kira RM300 hingga RM500 juta setahun carilah dari punca yang lain. Saya syorkan pungutlah dari punca-punca perjudian, rumah-rumah urut, spa, rumah persundalan yang – menurut ketua pembangkang kena gantung Dr. Khir Toyo – tumbuh bercambah-cambah bagai cendawan di Selangor sekarang. Ia boleh ditukar menjadi 'sin taxes' (cukai dosa) daripada aktiviti-aktiviti seperti itu. Mengapa singkatnya akal mahu mengambilnya dari wang zakat. Orang Melayu di Selangor kan banyak yang miskin.

December 28, 2009 8:44 AM

2)carlos said...
DAP dakwah dengan memperbanyakkan rumah urut di selangor, itu baru betul.
November 6, 2009 11:08 PM

3)Anonymous said...
Orang semua dah menyampah dgn PR.
Di Selangor sarang pelacur dah bertambah mcm cendawan. Apa peranan PAS dalam hal ni?
Korang cubalah drive around kat Kota Dsara. Mcm kat Thailand rasanya. Pusat urut bersepah dan semakin byk sejak PAS ada kuasa di Selangor.
Islam apa ni? Engkorang solat pasang lilin ke?

Malahan blog-blog UMNO, di dalam mencari bilangan hits kerana orang dah menyampah nak pegi blog mereka, telah melaporkannya sebegitu. Antara contohnya adalah blog Darul Ehsan Today dalam satu artikel mereka bertajuk Rumah Urut aka Rumah Pelacuran membiak subur di Selangor
Darul Ehsan Today melaporkan:

"Sejak kerajaan pakatan rakyat Selangor yang didalangi oleh DAP memerintah, bilangan rumah urut, refleksologi bertambah daripada 700 buah kepada lebih 4,700 buah. Ini adalah antara perkaitan dan persekongkolan diantara beberapa exco pakatan dan direstui oleh MB Khalid Ibrahim.".


Saya cabar penjilat-penjilat UMNO Selangor ini supaya menunjukkan SATU LESEN Pusat Urut baru yang diluluskan oleh Kerajaan Negeri Selangor?
Mengikut sumber saya yang bertugas di Wisma Darul Ehsan, TIADA LESEN BARU Rumah Urut atau Karaoke yang telah diluluskan oleh Kerajaan Negeri Selangor. Saya sebut sekali lagi, TIADA.

Ertinya, pusat2 itu adalah pusat2 urut yang haram. Kalau puak2 UMNO ni betul2 ikhlas, maka WAJIBLAH puak2 UMNO ini membuat laporan polis dan kepada Majlis2 Perbandaran dan Daerah supaya pusat2 urut haram itu ditutup.

Malahan, kerajaan negeri juga tidak akan meluluskan "Cyber Café" baru melainkan yang berhampiran dengan pusat2 pendidikan seperti Universiti dan Kolej. Itupun, permohonan itu mesti mendapat kebenaran dari pihak Universiti dahulu.

Adapun pusat refleksologi, saya tak tanya. Tapi kalau lulus pun, apa nak kita marah pulak. Di Medan Mara ada pusat urut refleksologi. Ia adalah urut kaki. Cumanya, saya tak pasti samada Kerajaan Negeri ada luluskan pusat urut refleksologi baru atau tidak di bawah PR.


Semua ni adalah cerita-cerita khayalan dari UMNO untuk menyelamatkan imej mereka yang semakin buruk. Pusat2 urut yang masih beroperasi di Selangor sekarang ni semuanya diluluskan oleh UMNO. Apasal UMNO tak jadikan isu pulak?

Ada pun cerita Ronnie Liu pertahan pusat urut/ pelacuran, itu semua fitnah juga. Cerita tu berlaku SEBELUM Ronnie jadi Exco. Itupun waktu itu dia tengah makan dan seorang kenalan datang kepada dia dan minta tolong dapatkan keizinan untuk ambil barang pribadi beliau yang didalam hotel. Di waktu itu hotel tersebut telah disita oleh Majlis Perbandaran.

Semua ni berlaku SEBELUM Ronnie Liu jadi exco. Apasal lak tiba-tiba Ronnie Liu dituduh melindungi pusat2 urut/pelacuran sekarang ni, saya pun tak tau.
UMNO baru je lulus 5 lesen Kelab Malam, tak bising pun puak2 AMENO ni ye?

Tulang Besi

State of Malaysia Today

Posted: 13 Jan 2010 09:24 PM PST

This is the excerpt which I have taken from Dr Farish Noor's latest posting. The highlighting is mine. The article is very long, and for the full article go here.

A Colder Look at the State of Malaysia Today

The rise and expansion of a communitarian public domain in Malaysia that is sectarian and exclusive is therefore something that ought to concern all Malaysian technocrats and social planners, for it would indicate that significant sections of the Malaysian population no longer think in terms of a national goal and national interest, but rather communal interests that are short-sighted, narrow, parochial and essentialist. These communitarian interests foreground primordial sentiments based on a narrow sense of group-feeling and are grounded on selective and sometimes erroneous interpretations of history, leading to historically biased communitarian demands being articulated in the public domain.

For technocrats who have to consider the survivability of the nation-state in the long run, such emotion-driven politics is not only irrational and subjective, but dangerously so for they threaten to undermine the objective basis of any nation-building project. Politicians who pander to these demands, concede to them on the basis of short-term political interests, or worse of all help to fan these emotional sentiments are therefore directly implicated in centrifugal tendencies that may eventually weaken if not sever the fragile bonds of nation-building and nationhood.

Thus in Malaysia what we are witnessing today – with the rise of ethnic and religious based NGOs and social movements calling for more exclusive communitarian politics – are symptoms of a society that is undergoing the traumatic process of change without a social safety net. Calls for ethnic and religious solidarity are not unique to Malaysia, for they have appeared even in the developed parts of the world when structural-economic changes have led to economic slowdown and massive unemployment, etc. (It is not a coincidence that the rise of neo-Fascism in Europe today is happening in parts of Europe where unemployment has passed twenty per cent.)

But the role and responsibility of governments is not to cater to these sectarian demands but rather to moderate them by reminding them of the national interest and long-term national goals instead. This however can be done only when political elites stop playing the game of communitarian politics themselves and stop toying with issues like ethnicity, language or religion to serve their short-term electoral goals. Should such measures not be taken, and should the trend towards sectarian communitarian politics continue in any country, the net result is clear for all to see. In the postcolonial era scores of young nation-states have completely fallen apart thanks to the rise of ethno-nationalist communitarian or religiously exclusive politics.

The fate of Malaysia in the short to medium term may or may not differ from these other failed states if the politicians, political parties and NGOs of the country are not careful; for there are no historical or essential guarantees to the nation-building project here or anywhere else. And in the final analysis, those who are currently involved in the heightening of tensions in the country ought to realise the cost of their actions on the nation's image and long-term prospects; and the consequences should the nation-building project fail in Malaysia. Malaysia – like every other country in the globalised world today – is not going to be given a second chance; and the world does not owe Malaysia a living, and nor will the march of development slow down for Malaysians to catch up. Malaysians will therefore have to unite or perish, together.

Children, actors and drama queens can be emotional, but not technocrats and politicians; so leave emotions outside politics and govern coldly and rationally.

Why Is Your Allah Not My Allah? - By Erna Mahyuni.

Posted: 13 Jan 2010 08:12 PM PST

As an East Malaysian, I am neither surprised nor angry about Malay/Muslims being up in arms over the 'Allah' High Court ruling.

It was to be expected, really.

What does anger me is getting comments from West Malaysian Christians that it is 'silly' for Christians to lobby to use the word 'Allah'.

One rather un-enlightened Christian said that "Allah is also a word used to describe one particular god in a pagan religion…so for Christians to use 'Allah' is strange and silly."

The whole 'Allah' debacle highlights a bigger, more endemic problem in the Malaysian, or should I say West Malaysian mentality: General ignorance of how the 'others' or 'lain-lain' live.

It seems very hard for most West Malaysians to understand that:

  • Not all bumiputeras are Malay.
  • Not all bumiputeras are Muslim.

It isn't just West Malaysian Muslims who have a very limited worldview but Christians as well.

They don't understand that in East Malaysia, with its high population of indigenous Christians, Bahasa Malaysia is used in services.

Most of these Sabahan and Sarawakian Christians have spent their whole lives thinking, praying and referring to their God as Allah Bapa (Father God).

And now the government says they can't. That only Muslims can use the word 'Allah' when that isn't true in other countries.

Look at Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, which allows the printing and dissemination of bibles in Bahasa Indonesia that refer to God not as 'Tuhan' but as 'Allah'.

The Indonesian Muslims don't worry that their brethren will be 'confused' by these bibles. So why is our Home Ministry and all these religious groups up in arms?

The answer to that is politics. Religion is, unfortunately, something as mixed up with politics as is race. Political parties unabashedly use religion as a tool to win debates, with Umno often accused of trying to 'out-Islam' PAS.

Religion is not a private matter in this country and is, instead, aired like so much dirty laundry. What other Southeast Asian country has officially sanctioned civilian peeping Toms who consider it their civic duty to weed out fornication?

Malay is our language, too

Despite the many varied ethnicities in Sabah, they have managed to get along without bloodshed or May 13-like incidents.

How have we managed it when West Malaysia's three main races mostly give each other a wide berth? It's called tolerance, people.

All Sabahans speak a slightly modified version of Malay with the funny little suffix 'bah' tagged behind a lot of words or sentences.

In rural areas, this heavily-accented version of Malay is the only means for most people to communicate with each other. They speak, think, dream and yes, even pray in the language.

Sabahan Michelle Quek asks: "Is it more important to recognise that some Muslims lay claim to the word as being exclusive to their faith, or recognise that a practical need for the word exists for East Malaysian Christians?"

Her question embodies the difficult balancing act that Malaysia has in attempting to address the needs of its varied peoples as well as the gulf between East and West Malaysia.

Kavin Ch'ng, who is married to a Sabahan says that locally, for many generations, Malay-speaking Christians have always referred to Allah and Tuhan in the same breath.

"Why only now does the government kick up such a fuss?" he asks. What is important, Ch'ng says, is mutual respect.

"I think there is a way to co-exist – if only our government can actually wrap its head around the concept of context."

Sarawakian El'Bornean finds it disturbing that West Malaysians now want to dictate how one's personal faith is practiced.

"The true Malaysians are here in Sabah and Sarawak," he says, citing examples of his Muslim friends who have no qualms sitting with friends in non-halal stores and visiting churches.

Despite being surrounded by Christians, East Malaysian Muslims do not consider their faith easily shaken, he asserts.

Sabahan Dusun Zara Kahan has a humorous, if facetious, solution.

"If (some) Muslims insist on ownership of the term 'Allah' then Christians must do the same with the term 'Tuhan'. Do you know how many Hari Raya songs will be in jeopardy? End of issue!"

No, we don't want to convert you

In West Malaysia, technically Christian worship services in Malay are illegal. But Sabahan and Sarawakian students ask for them anyway.

Many of these Malay-speaking East Malaysians feel uncomfortable attending worship services in English because the terms are unfamiliar. Muslims often cite the 99 names of Allah and for Christians in East Malaysia as well as Lebanon and Syria, Allah is their name for God.

All this talk about 'confusion' is really the product of West Malaysians not mixing with their East Malaysian brethren.

If you visit the Dusuns in Ranau, you could well meet locals as fair as highland Chinese with slanted eyes who would greet you with the traditional Muslim salam.

Wander into an East Malaysian Chinese coffee shop and you would see tanned, Malay-looking locals happily digging into char siew or other pork dishes

In East Malaysia, you can't easily tell what faith someone professes or what race his forefathers were just by looking.

This is very disturbing to the West Malaysian psyche. I have met West Malaysians who get very agitated when I refuse to tell them either what religion I profess or what race I am.

They don't know what to do with me because they can't categorise me. I don't fit into their safe little boxes which decide how they will treat me.

What annoys me as well is this West Malaysian paranoia that Christians have a secret ongoing campaign to convert Muslims on the sly.

Let us be honest. If converting Muslims to Christianity was as easy as pouring holy water into your drinking water or putting the word 'Allah' in all available religious literature, the Pope would have sanctioned it years ago.

Christians don't get 'brownie points' by forcibly converting unwilling Muslims.

I suppose all the Malay-looking Christian East Malaysians really confuse the locals to the point they rabidly proclaim that churches are succeeding in their nefarious campaign to take over Muslim souls.

In East Malaysia, Christians and Muslims come in various sizes, shapes and colours. Even huge extended families often have different religions, sometimes staying under one roof.

It is not unusual for an East Malaysian to have not just Christian, but Buddhist, Muslim and animist relatives. A friend of mine says it is a convenient excuse to celebrate the many public holidays with more gusto.

When told that someone is marrying a person of another race, the common reaction is: "Oh, your kids will be cute!" No heated discussion about traditions or religious differences because the unspoken assumption is that the couple will work them out.

Because they do.

Be Malaysia, not 1Malaysia

A well-known comedian talked about the recent Al-Islam undercover foray into churches. Its so-called investigative journalists entered churches on false premises and desecrated the communion wafer.

Did the Christians protest? asked the comedian. Did they declare bloody war? Did they have angry sermons and plan noisy demonstrations outside churches on Sunday?

No. What did the Christians say? "Forgive them-lor. Pray for them-lor."

The comedian mused that the incident was actually excellent public relations for the church.

Despite our annoyance with West Malaysian intolerance, do you see East Malaysians picketing?

We gripe, we grumble, we send politely worded statements. Yet we still believe in the Malaysia that our Tourism Ministry tries to sell, but which seems to be a myth in West Malaysia.

Do you want to know why? Deep in the heart of most East Malaysians, we truly believe in tolerance. We believe in the ideals of Malaysia.

We don't have to give 'muhibbah' a name because we live it. Since 1963, we have lived as Malaysians, believing in true tolerance and that race or religion matters little.

We truly do believe that West Malaysians can and should get over us using 'Allah' to worship God. Isn't Allah the God of all mankind? Isn't your Malaysia our Malaysia too?

Way Of Peace - The Only Way.

Posted: 13 Jan 2010 07:43 PM PST

The following was presented by the Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore, the Rt. Rev. Philip Lok, as the opening comment during a dialogue session held between representatives of the Church in Malaysia with the leadership of the the Pakatan Rakyat coalition held on January 10, 2009 at Luther Centre, Petaling Jaya:

First, on behalf of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore, I welcome Datuk Seri Anwar, and all other distinguished guests to Luther Centre. How I wished that your first visit to the headquarters of the Lutheran Church is under more pleasant circumstances.

As Christians, we are very saddened and shocked by the terrible events which took placed in our nation during the past 2 days. Our dream for a peaceful and progressive Malaysia was viciously shattered by the petrol bombs. These series of unjustifiable attacks upon churches have shaken the very foundation of our Malaysian society and scarred our common psyche. On a personal level, I am distressed by the fact that one of our oldest Lutheran churches was also attacked yesterday.

Christians are called to be peacemakers. We are entrusted by God to carry out a special task in this world – to be agents of reconciliation. Therefore, in times such as these, the Church is committed to work with any parties that have a genuine burden in the pursuit of peace and stability in our country. In times like these, we need leaders who are confident, and open-minded enough to engage in dialogues to promote understanding and goodwill among the religious groups in our nation.

During the past two days, I have received many emails from churches around the world pledging their prayer support for the church in Malaysia. One of them comes from the Lutheran Bishop of Jerusalem, Bishop Munib Younan. Bishop Younan, an Arab Christian, met Datuk Seri last October in a Muslim-Christian dialogue in Georgetown University. In his letter, Bishop Younan argues that the word 'Allah' has been freely used by Arab Christians for nearly 2000 years! He further urges Datuk Seri and fellow lawmakers to safeguard the freedom of worship for the Christian community in Malaysia.

While the events of the past 48 hours have cast a dark cloud over our people, yet there are still pockets of hope that shine through. Allow me to share a story which just took place this Sunday morning, and I believe that stories like this must be retold over and over again in our conversations.

One of our churches in Petaling Jaya is located just next to a mosque. Yesterday, just as our worship service was about to start, three Malay gentlemen walked into the church. They identified themselves as leaders from the adjacent mosque, and gave their affirmation to the church of their continual friendship. They further assured the church that it is safe to continue with our services and ministries.

Dear friends, this is the kind of generous spirit which we need to cultivate in all Malaysians. This is the kind of goodwill that must permeate every strata of our society.

In response to such kindness, I also urged our church members to go and do likewise in the course of this week. We must go to our Muslim neighbors, our Muslim colleagues or our Muslim classmates, and affirm our friendship with them. This is the way of peace. This is the Christian way, and the only way we know. We have no other options.

Courtesy of The Micah Mandate

Police you wanna information ,just get them and KUGAN them your style

Posted: 13 Jan 2010 05:55 PM PST

Pakatan Rakyat leaders have told Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to stop fingering Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in order to divert attention from the recent vandalism and violence against churches.

Umno leader

'Malays can't be silent anymore'Beer on one hand and the keris on other other: sheer hypocricy of the Umnoputras.

Kerismuddin behaving like a professional samseng. Under his watch, education has failed and corruption claims against him are abundant. May be that's "Malay supremacy" for you. God the Almighty!

readmore click thisUMNO is a racist party is a fact. Is UMNO a terrorist organization? It is showing some acts resembling that, albeit terrorism against non-Muslims in Malaysia.

While the recent attacks against churches and the raging debate over the "Allah" issue have sparked fears about the fragility of religious and race relations in the country, there is a clear absence of the kind of tension that could potentially tear the country apart.

Most Malaysians appear to have confidence in the sanity of the majority and believe that the police will act decisively.

Khairul Azman Muslim, a 36-year-old civil servant, is one of the many Muslim Malaysians who are deeply affected by the ongoing debate over the "Allah" issue between the country's Muslims and Christians.

Khairul is "profoundly" upset by the High Court ruling that allowed a Catholic weekly to use "Allah" in its national language edition.

"Memang la kita maghah (of course we are upset)," he said in a thick Kedahan accent. But his despair does not extend beyond words: "Tapi toksah dok buat kalut, ada cagha betui. Protes-protes ni tak baguih untuk ekonomi, kalu buat nanti, la ni, sapa yang susah? (But there is no need to make trouble. All these protests are not good for the economy. If we do all this, who will suffer?)"

Despite vigorous attempts by some from the far-right to fan the fire further, the likelihood of violent clashes remains slim. Political observers believe the easy access to accurate and reliable information has allowed Malaysians of all races to tackle sensitive issues maturely and pragmatically.

"Yes, Malaysians are more mature now compared to 20 years ago," Ibrahim Sufian told The Malaysian Insider. Ibrahim is the director of Merdeka Center, an independent polling house.

"The current generation is a generation that has faced many challenges and they are also more exposed to information and with this, can think more pragmatically," he added.

UMNO in Cahoot with "Mahaguru58″ (Mamak) Zainol Abideen to Aggravate the Allah Issue since Early 2009

his side kick

The space to express opinions such as through popular social networking websites like Facebook has "uncapped the pressure valve" and allowed the public to vent their anger through a "dialogue"-oriented channel.

Ibrahim also noted that since the 2008 general elections, the "political evolution" has developed so rapidly that Malaysians are somewhat "de-sensitised" and "would take a few steps back before getting excited over an issue."

His views are shared by Khoo Kay Peng, an independent political analyst with a local think tank, who said that Malaysians now have more access to information.

"Information say, 20 years ago, was tightly controlled and the only source came from government-linked mainstream media," he said, adding that this is one of the factors why Malaysians could be easily swayed by communal issues and politics of religion.

The calm demeanour and unthreatening language and gestures by politicians on both sides of the political divide are likely to have helped ensure the generally calm response from ordinary Malaysians.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was also quick to condemn the attacks on the Churches as "heinous". Other leaders from the party who are known for their right wing views have also blasted the attacks.

Reconciliation and peace was also the order of the day with several Islamic NGOs, despite earlier protests against the "Allah" issue, quickly offering to guard the churches from attacks.

However, Khoo said the reconciliatory undertone of Najib's and other Umno leaders' language should not absolve the prime minister from his responsibility.

For Khoo, Najib should be held responsible for the attacks on the Churches.

"Yes the language has been calming and it did help defuse the tension a bit but Najib should have shown more leadership by not allowing the protests," he said, suggesting the tacit backing of the demonstrations led to perception that Umno had fanned the flames which led to the attacks.

A total of 54 Islamic NGOs held nationwide protests outside mosques after Friday prayers last week.

Najib allowed the demonstrations to proceed amid fears it may have led to violent clashes on a larger scale.

No untoward incident took place, however.

'Khap' (group of 84 villages) is a system of social administration and organization in northern India (highly influencing in Haryana, Rajasthan and western Uttar Pradesh). Khap Panchayat's whole-sole motive/purpose is to work and maintain clan/caste system alive (which they have done with perfection!) and they have always worked as anti-Dalit, anti-women, and anti-modernization. Sometimes these 'Khap Panchayats' are equated with 'Kangaroo Courts', which are the 'sham legal proceedings' and which are set-up in order to give the impression of a fair legal process

Now, it was obvious for so called upper caste landlords to be annoyed with Dalits as Dalits were ready to sit beside them. How could upper caste people have tolerated this when they have been forcing Dalits to drink their urine in 'juttis' (shoes, sleepers) for thousands of years?

Another reason for the increased visibilities of such crimes is the rise in global level education, economic opportunities for everyone (including Dalits) in Haryana, which made possible love/inter-caste/inter-community marriages.

Righteous Kill: Stark Realities

It is estimated that every year hundreds of married couples are murdered, are asked to leave the village, are asked to break their marriages and accept each other as brother-sister, are paraded naked, and blackened their faces by their families in order to regain/retain 'family honour', on the ill-fated instructions of 'Khap Panchayat'. And mostly those suffer in these crimes are Dalits. The decisions about killing, burning homes, raping Dalit women etc are taken by these "Khap Panchayats" collectively at the open places without any fear. It's not always the family of boy or girl (as promoted by these 'Khap Panchayat') who kills or orders to kill but the 'Khap Panchayat' members plays an active role in executing rapes, murders. If they (boy/girl) escape, their family members are being murdered/killed, gang-raped or fined heavily.

In Jhajjar, (Haryana) which is developing fast (coming NTPC thermal power plant and AIIMS-like hospital) but the condition of Dalits is as miserable as was 100s years ago in the area. Social boycott of Dalits in this area is common thing. Number of cases of caste killing/honour killing are being reported from this area. Recently, an upper caste girl tried to marry lower-caste boy, girl's sister was helping in this. But both the girls were found dead in next day. In Dadri, District Bhiwani of Haryana caste panchayat ordered boycott the newlywed couple, ordered them to 'escape from village' and their families were fined heavily. Two years back in district Kaithal (Haryana) a couple was killed and their bodies were thrown in river on the orders of these 'Caste Panchayats', in another case, a couple was killed and their dead bodies were kept in front of everyone in village so as 'everyone can learn a lesson from this'.

All these acts of 'Khap Panchayats' are not limited to Haryana only, you can see the impact of 'Khap Panchayats' in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab also. Recent days in district Muzaffarpur of Uttar Pradesh a women was raped by her 'father in law' and 'Khap Panchayat' ordered she should accept his 'husband as a son.' In another district Saharanpur, 40 years old women was paraded naked in village and 'Khap Panchayat' ordered to rape her 17 years old daughter and people acted on the same lines. Police didn't even register the case. In Meerut district, almost same happened when inter-caste marriage happened.

After two days of 'International Human Rights Day', on 12th December, 2009 while commuting death sentences of two persons involved in honour killings 'Supreme Court' accepted 'caste' as a 'stark reality' in honour killings said "The 'caste' is such a concept that grips a person even before his birth and does not leave him even after his death the vicious grip of the caste, community, religion, though totally unjustified, is a stark reality."

On the same day (12th December, 2009) another landmark judgment came from Judicial Magistrate, (though after 11 years of case proceedings!) which imposed fine on 'Khap Panchayat' for issuing a fatwa excommunicating a person from the 'Khap' and calling for his social boycott. This is the first time that any court in Haryana has penalized a 'Khap Panchayat'. In another news on 25th November, 2009 'The International Jat Intellectual Meet' calls for drive against honour killings. I seriously doubt the goodwill intensions of these decisions as this can be just to show the 'world' that we are concerned about humanity, mankind while celebrating 'International Human Rights Day'.

Nothing happens to people like Mahendra Singh Tikait, farmer leader in western Uttar Pradesh when speaking on behalf of 'Khap Panchayats' he comments like 'only whores chose their own partners.' Why no action was taken against him, who degraded the whole women society?

On The Part of Governments and Dalits

Much has been written and said about the issue of 'Khap Panchayats' by intellectuals and academician but there has always been a lack of any initiative to dissolve 'Khap Panchayats' or call these illegal on the part of Government. Not even a single leader has ever stood against (forget about the standing against this system, many local leaders of congress and other parties have glorified acts of 'Khap Panchayat') this cruel system, which may be because of Government's own petty political reasons. Another thing, why all these killings are clubbed together in the list of 'murders', if we can have separate laws for 'Sati' and 'Dowry' then why can't we have separate special laws to handle these 'Khap Panchayats'?

Lack of representation of Dalits in police, print media is also a severe problem. Further, serious issue is of divisions among Dalits and lack of able Dalit leadership in the region, people on the name of Dr Ambedkar are fighting to prove that they are real 'Karva Pullers' of Dr Ambedkar, but reality lies somewhere else! There is a strong need of active participation of everyone including NGOs, police, Panchayat bodies and serious/strong laws (not merely paper tigers!) against the crimes of 'Khap Panchayat".

P.S.: I am grateful to Advocate Dr S L Virdi, being my source of inspiration, encouragement and whose article on the same issue published in Punjabi magazine "Begampura Saher" was helpful for fulfilling my quest. "Honouring Dalits With Blood" By Pardeep Singh Attri, 11 January, 2010,


Ustaz Harun Din Tidak Wala’ Pada Keputusan Jemaah? Boleh e??

Posted: 13 Jan 2010 05:32 PM PST

Sewaktu kontroversi "Muzakarah" dan "Kerajaang Perpaduang", mereka yang menentang cadangan tersebut telah dilabel sebagai tidak wala' pada pimpinan dan menentang kepimpinan ulama. Walaupun pada hakikatnya, "Muzakarah" itu bukan keputusan parti mahupun Majlis Syura serta "Kerajaang Perpaduang" tidak pernah dibincangkan di mana-mana peringkat parti.

Namun, di dalam isu "Kalimah Allah-The Herald", sudah terdapat sebuah keputusan parti yang rasmi serta jitu. Sehingga kini, kesemua ulama-ulama UMNO tidak mampu membuktikan keputusan PAS itu berlawanan dengan mana-mana aspek syariat Islam.

Malahan, keputusan 30 NGO "Islam" dan "Melayu" menentang penggunaan kalimah Allah pun TIDAK BERLANDASKAN kepada mana-mana pendapat feqah yang muktabar ataupun merujuk kepada pendapat ulama-ulama masa kini yang diakui ilmunya seperti Dr Yusuf Qardhawi.
Malahan, sewaktu Dr Yusuf Qardhawi melawat Malaysia sempena Sambutan Maal Hijrah, isu ini telah dibincangkan dengan beberapa pemimpin NGO Islam dan Dr Yusuf dengan jelas menyatakan tiada masaalah dari segi agama sekiranya orang Kristian mahu menggunakan nama Allah.


Ertinya, penentangan penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh 30 NGO Islam ini bukan berlandaskan kepada syarak mahupun hukum syariah. Cuma, dari kenyataan ABIM sendiri, asas kepada penentangan mereka adalah Perlembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia. Namun, setelah saya merujuk kepada Perlembagaan Persekutuan pun, tiada peruntukan yang mengharamkan penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh orang Kristian.

Ertinya pendirian PAS itu:
a. TIdak berlawanan dengan hukum syarak
b. Tidak berlawanan dengan Perlembagaan Persekutuan
c. Tidak berlawanan dengan Siayasah Syariiyah
Jadinya, apakah alasan serta asas Dr Harun Din untuk menolak pendirian PAS tersebut?


Saya mendapat tahu, Dr Harun Din telah dijemput untuk menghadiri Mesyuarat Lujnah Politik khas bagi membincangkan semula pendirian PAS terhadap isu ini. Ini memandangkan Dr Harun Din telah mengeluarkan pendapat yang agak keras sehari sebelum Lujnah Politik mengeluarkan kenyataan rasmi PAS.

Malangnya, setelah dijemput, Dr Harun Din tidak menghadirkan diri bagi membentangkan hujjah-hujjah beliau. Mesyuarat tersebut telah diadakan pada hari Isnin, 11 January 2010. Namun, pada 13 January 2010 Dr Harun Din telah menghadiri konvensyen 30 NGO bagi membantah pengunaan nama Allah. Bukan setakat hadir, beliau juga telah turut memberi ucapan.

Adakah ulama-ulama dalam PAS diizinkan tidak wala' pada pendapat jemaah? Adakah ulama-ulama dalam PAS dizinkan melanggar keputusan parti secara terbuka sebegini?


Biar saya cuba senaraikan:

1.0 Sewaktu diambang Pilihanraya Umum 1999, PAS dalam keadaan cukup selesa untuk menawan negeri Perlis. Malahan di waktu itu, UMNO berada dalam keadaan cukup tenat dan risau. Tiba-tiba Ustaz Harun Din isytihar yang beliau tidak mahu bertanding atas beberapa alasan pribadi. Mengikut ramai kepimpinan PAS yang saya tanya, itu adalah antara sebab utama PAS gagal menawan negeri Perlis kerana rakyat Perlis telah dikecewakan sebegitu sekali

2.0 Sebelum Pilihanraya 2004, Dr Harun Din adalah ketua kepada JK yang menghasilkan "Dokumen Negara Islam". Hasilnya, document ersebut amat ringkas dan tipis, serta tidak menjawab 80% persoalan yang biasa ditanyakan berkenaan dengan Negara Islam. Dokumen tersebut akhirnya digunakan UMNO untuk menakutkan orang bukan Islam. Hasilnya, PAS kalah di semua kerusi yang dahulunya menang di Pantai Barat kecuali lima di Kedah dan satu di Penang.

3.0 Selepas keputusan PRU 2008, Dr Harun Din telah menalipon Ustaz Ahmad Awang dan meminta Ustaz Ahmad Awang mengkaji semula keputusan Perhubungan Negeri Perak untuk menubuhkan kerajaan dengan PKR dan DAP. Ini maklumat yang saya dapat dari beberapa AJK PAS Pusat dan sehingga sekarang pun Dr Harun Din tak pernah nafikan maklumat ini

4.0 Sebulan selepas PRU2008, Dr Harun Din menulis sebuah kerta kerja bertajuk "Tahaluf Siyasi Pasca 2008" yang mengunjurkan PAS mengadakan hubungan dengan UMNO di belakang Pakatan Rakyat. Pekara ini didedahkan oleh Ustaz Nasaruddin Mat Isa sendiri melalui rakaman dialog beliau dengan blogger2 UMNO di kediaman Dr Hasan Ali.

5.0 Kertas kerja Dr Harun Din telah MEMECAH BELAHKAN PAS serta HAMPIR MEMECAH BELAHKAN Pakatan Rakyat. Ditambah pula dengan Hasan Ali yang begitu berambisi untuk menjadi MB Selangor, maka Dr Harun Din lah antara punca utama perpecahan PAS pasca PRU 2008.

6.0 Kemudian kita tak sebut lagi tuduhan-tuduhan rambang yang dibuat beliau kepada Husam Musa, dan penghabisan sekali adalah dalam isu Kalimah Allah yang mana Dr Harun Din secara terbuka melanggar keputusan parti walapun tiada sebab syariee untuk beliau melanggarnya.

Secara pribadi, saya melihatkan Dr Harun Din sebagai liability dalam PAS dan lebih elok kiranya Dr Harun Din duduk di luar PAS dan hanya menjadi pendakwah bebas yang menyokong PAS.

Aktiviti-aktiviti beliau yang "pro UMNO" ini amat merugikan PAS kerana ia menyebabkan PAS berpecah belah dan bersengketa semasa sendiri.


Ini adalah sebab kenapa usaha Dr Harun Din hampir berjaya. Dalam PAS pun ada jugak unsur-unsur Kristian ni. Dalam ugama Kristian, paderi-paderi mereka dianggap sebagai "maksum" dan oleh sebab itu mereka boleh mengampunkan dosa. Paderi-paderi Krisitan dianggap mendapat "ilham" dari Allah dan mereka bebas mentafsir dan berkata berkenaan dengan agama tanpa boleh disoal oleh pengikut-pengikut mereka.

Dalam PAS, takda la sampai macam tu, tapi iras-iras tu ada. Ulama-ulama dalam PAS tidak boleh ditegur dan dibetulkan. Sekiranya ada yang tidak bersetuju dengan pandangan ulama-ulama dalam PAS (misalnya dalam isu Muzakarah dan Kerajaang Perpaduang) terus akan di cop dan di label sebagai tidak wala' pada ulama dan menentang ulama.

Sedih sekali bila ahli-ahli PAS menjadikan ulama-ulama PAS seperti paderi-paderi Kristian. Sepatutnya kita MENIMBA ILMU dari para ulama, bukan menjadikan mereka bertaraf MAKSUM dan SUCI dari SILAP DAN DOSA. Kita berbeza pendapat dengan para ulama adalah satu "rahmat". Ia membantu para ulama untuk mencapai "ijtihad" yang lebih tepat dan jitu sekaligus menyelamatkan imej Islam itu sendiri.

Wahai ahli-ahli PAS, gunalah akal fikiran kamu. Kalau para ulama itu maksum, takkan Imam Mohd Idris Asy Syafiee kena tulis sampai BERJILID-JILID kitab. Bukan satu judul sahaja kitab Imam Syafiee ni, BERATUS-RATUS judul. Seram sejuk kita dibuatnya bila baca judul sahaja. Tampak sangat betapa jahilnya kita ini berbanding ilmu seorang hamba Allah yang telah dihantar oleh Allah SWT untuk memberi cahaya kepada BERJUTA UMAT ISLAM. Itulah dia Imam Syafiee yang sehingga hari ini masih kekal di bibir umat Islam.

Dalam keadaan ilmunya yang tinggi sebegitu pun, segala kata-kata dan pendapat-pendapat beliau akan disokong dengan hujjah yang nyata. Dan beliau tidak menolak sekiranya ada yang berbeza pendapat dengan beliau asalkan ada hujjah.
Tapi, budaya "hujjah" sebegini tidak diizinkan dalam PAS kerana sesiapa yang berbeda pendapat dengan ulama adalah "tidak wala" dan menentang kepimpinan ulama.

Begitulah serba sedikit muhasabah saya. Saya nak puji ustaz Hasan Shukri kerana walaupun beliau ulama, beliau tak pernah label orang yang berbeda pendapat dengan beliau sebagai orang yang tidak wala' dan tidak taat kepada ulama.


Tulang Besi

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