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Bagaimana Mahathir Kalah Bertarung Dengan Seorang Yahudi Bernama Soros

Bagaimana Mahathir Kalah Bertarung Dengan Seorang Yahudi Bernama Soros

Bagaimana Mahathir Kalah Bertarung Dengan Seorang Yahudi Bernama Soros

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 12:04 PM PST

Tulisan ini diambil dari Bangkok Post. Ia ditulis oleh George Soros sebagai menjawab tuduhan Dr Mahathir bahawa Soros bertanggungjawab menjatuhkan ekonomi Malaysia pada tahun 1997. Malangnya, tulisan Soros tidak pernah disiarkan dalam akhbar Malaysia.

"I am sure you still can get your 20%. You called me a Moron . How can a Moron make so much money.. By allowing short selling and borrowing millions of share from your banks we fund managers made millions out of your inexperience and poor regulations. You lose all Malaysians' money, therefore you are the Moron … Now you know too late and start crying over spilt milk."

Soros menyalahkan Kerajaan Malaysia kerana tidak tahu membuat peraturan yang berkesan menyebabkan "Fund Managers" seperti George Soros dapat membuat keuntungan yang berlipat-lipat kali ganda.

Soros juga menyalahkan Dr Mahathir kerana telah menghabiskan lebih USD 30 billion melalui projek-projek korupsi dan tidak berfaedah. Bagi Soros, itu adalah sebab sebenar ekonomi Malaysia jatuh pada tahun 1997.

Tujuan saya mengeluarkan surat ini adlaah untuk menunjukkan bahawa kaum Yahudi sememangnya makmur dengan perniagaan pasaran dan spekulasi dunia. Namun, umat Islam sendiri tidak mampu untuk membangun ekonomi dengan bijak dan memandang ke hadapan. Juga, Umat Islam tidak mampu untuk mengeluarkan diri mereka dari kengkangan korupsi dan nepotisma.

Akhirnya, segala korupsi dan nepotisma hanya akan memenangkan serta menguntungkan musuh Islam. Kalau kita hendak menang dalam berlawan dengan musuh Islam, Yahudi dan Nasrani, maka kita harus mampu memerangi korupsi dan nepotisma dalam masyarakat dan kerajaan kita dahulu.

Segala cakap2 Mahathir yang anti Yahudi dan Anti Barat semuanya sia-sia kerana kekotoran yang dilakukan Mahathir telah menyebabkan musuh kita mudah mengalahkan kita.

PAra Sahabat Nabi SAW miskin dan papa kedana tapi mampu menjatuhkan Empayar PArsi dan 4/5 Empayar Rom Timur dalam masa kurang dari 20 tahun.

Selamat Membaca

Tulang Besi

The Corruption Of Mahahir SOROS REPLY TO MAHATHIR -Adapted from Bangkok Post (Not published locally)
I have always said Dr Mahathir is a menace to his own people… Now only you can see the effects of his foolishness when the ringgit has halved its value overnight and your economy goes kaput. Single handedly you have caused hardship to millions of your own people. You have built useless mega projects at tremendous cost to the country.

The telecoms tower in Kuala Lumpur and the highest building in the world show how stupid you are. Not only does it cause massive traffic jam, it has totally no purpose. If you need high ground for telecoms antennae a nearby mountain is there for free.

This tower has no purpose from the ground up to 300 metres. The satelites make this totally unneccesary..

A fool and his money are soon parted. The only thing is you are the fool and the money belongs to Malaysians. You make 20% in every project, you have real estate in Japan and billions of shares corruptly acquired.

Your 3 sons are worth 8 billion US$. Where do they get this money? Of course, corruption. You are known as the Marcos of Malaysia, having enriched yourself to the tune of billions.

You dare to shed crocodile tears during UMNO delegates meeting about the ills of corruption. Yet you are the most corrupt of all the prime ministers before you. A thief is crying thief and hopes people look the other way. Who dares to say anything when the chief is caught with his hands in the candy jar?
You said wisdom is not the monopoly of the West. So is foolishness. You have more foolishness than most people would believe. Billions are used to build two high rise Petronas buildings that benefit nobody. It now stands tall, a symbol of stupidity and irresponsibility.

Instead they just add on to traffic jam. What is this reclamation of 10 islands off Kedah? Totally absurb and stupid. Of course your benefit is 20%. And the bridge across from Malacca to Sumatra across international waters? Why not build a bridge to the moon?

I am sure you still can get your 20%. You called me a Moron . How can a Moron make so much money.. By allowing short selling and borrowing millions of share from your banks we fund managers made millions out of your inexperience and poor regulations. You lose all Malaysians' money, therefore you are the Moron … Now you know too late and start crying over spilt milk.

In Australia you are known as the recalcitrant ego maniac; in UK the corrupt bastard because of your stupid purchase of our movie studio and the 290 million ringgit Lotus racing car plant and the shady Pergau dam loans from the UK . They are useless to us and you still want to buy them. What about buying British reject submarines through your agent, of course. The agent/ broker is designed to make millions out of Malaysian government. Your purchase of our battleships is at least 50% more than others are paying.

Your purchase of 9 hospitals from UK lock, stock and barrel does not support your local architects or your industry and the British send you obsolete medical equipment. The design is atrocious, one end to the other is half a kilometer and there is no CT-scan, an absolute necessity.

In the Uk your face appears in no less than 17 newspapers as a corrupt dictator. In Malaysia you are known as the (IBM) International Big Mouth. In Japan they call him the 'smallest one' (brain size). In Pacific island the Santa Claus (giving advice left and right).

In South America they call him the parrot (he talks a lot but does not know what it is about). In Manila the living Marcos.In Malaysia they are spending millions to lure tourists and you talk rubbish scaring every foreigner away. "When he is dumb he is doubted a fool, when he opens his mouth it removes all doubt." While I agree the West does not have the monopoly to wisdom, your actions are not the wisest either.

Your EAEC has totally no support even in Asean. Your South-South dialogue mets with the same fate and what is this I hear of the Bridge from Malaysia to Indonesia covering 20 miles across International shipping lanes? How crazy can one get?
Even the Japanese don't have the money. This world's stupidity seems to be concentrated in one man's mind – yours.

The multimedia super corridor – MSC -. Well in USA its most stupid concept because we Americans, would have thought of it light years before. Even if it makes money, we can copy this concept can't we?

Why do you want to spend your hard-earned money doing questionable projects? It will be like the Bakun project. Abandoned fund wasted and another white elephant. I always say politicians should not be involved in business. Your ministers are also businessmen and almost every official is enriching himself. Look at Rafidah Aziz, selling thousands of Approved Permits (APs) for cars each worth 20-30 thousand Malaysian dollars. Why not your government sells them and makes the money?

She has acquired millions of shares meant for bumis for free before she agrees to list them. Look at your Selangor Chief Minister collecting millions for approving high rise buildings from businessman. He is worth a few billions. Unfortunately he was caught with a few millions pocket money in Australia . Every Chief Minister is awarding useless projects to his cronies then collecting secret pay offs on the side.

The Land development Boards and the Economic Development Boards are used to bailout any loses suffered by politicians. The profits they keep, the loses they force the Government bodies to absorb. How can your poor ever close the gap when every good deal is snatched by your politicians? How can your country get out of poverty if all the billions of corruption money is taken out of the country?

Look at the Sarawak Chief Minister selling billions worth of timber concessions under the table; selling every piece of state land to businessman without tender; using his own companies to obtain lucrative government contracts; selling approval signatures for a fee 'you pay I approve'. He has 8 billion US > stashed overseas. Thousands of acres of land are given to one or two companies while thousands of poor people still live in cardboard makeshift homes; have no water and shit into the river..

Thousands of acres of land are sold to companies for plantations while the native don't have even one acre to their name. He is selling sand near the beaches to one company for earth filling and then ask the government to spend millions to protect the coastline when erosion occurs.

He lost 300 millions of the sarawak government money trying to make computer chips. He has built a port in Northern Sarawak town in water so shallow it needs dredging every year.

The Prime Minister built highways without tender, your cronies get the deal and the price double.. Your Langkawi airport runway is built is double the cost by your own company Ekran.

The Malaysian nation has lost at least 30 billions during your last 10 years of corrupt rule. One billion lost from the purchase of phantom skyhawk war planes nobody has ever seen (are they still in the Nevada desert USA ?). 3 billion lost from the London tin scandal (you thought you could corner the London tin market without knowing the Americans have a stockpile! Stupidity at its best. 6 billion Perwaja steel mill where nobody even know where the money goes, 3 billion bank Bumiputra scandal where George Tan bribed all the bank officials to lend him the money.. 6 billion forex lost by Bank Negara (the fool and his money are soon parted) and 6 billion to build three of the world's tallest buildings (built by Japanese and Koreans and furniture imported from France – not Malaysia ) and 1 billion lost from purchase of British warship including fees paid to the broker and under the table… Add the 10 billion you stole and 5 billion taken by Ministers.

In the 1997 the World Journalists meeting voted Dr Mahathir the Prime Minister of the Decade. It sounded strange to everybody until it was revealed those who voted against are threatened by IRD officers and with losing their jobs. In New York the United Nations 1997 meeting, the most corrupt Prime Minister of the decade is President Suharto and second Dr Mahathir (Actually Dr Mahathir should take first place but bribed the Indonesian to take honour of Number One.

There are Fifty thousand of your university students not given places in Malaysia but are good enough for places overseas resulting in billion of dollars lost. The British and the Australians are thinking how stupid. Your best students are sent overseas raising their standards while as in most countries the best are kept in local universities and the rejects sent overseas..

A university student in Hong Kong is much more prestigeous than any Australian counterpart.. You have been colonised by the British so long you cannot even educate your own people. Look at Hong Kong or Singapore , less than 5% study overseas. All the money saved. Your country could save billions if every student overseas is recalled to a local university, and at the same time raising your own standards.

Your people are still without shoes, without land to farm, without homes, bathing in rivers shitting in hole in the ground, without water and electricity. Your cities are concrete jungles without greenery and open spaces. Your KL is jammed with traffic. Yet you still keep on building high rises. You should come down from the clouds and stop daydreaming and firmly plant your feet in the ground.

Your schools are cramped 500 students to an acre and thousands of acres are given free to some politician who leaves them idle.

Your parks are being taken by politicians to build shophouses and every cabinet minister is a landgrabbing businessman who build roads only
to their cronies' land.

The Malaysians' Prayer

"Ya Allah, we thank you for your gifts of timber, oil and grain. But then the devil sent us corrupt Mahathir without a Brain And look we are back to square one again So just take Dr Mahathir back to Hell And we will be alive and well."

In China people have been shot for embezzling one thousand dollars. With 8 billion you have stolen therefore you would be shot 80 thousand times.. Now you are leading an anti-corruption campaign. We all know what you should do. Look yourself in the mirror. You see the crooked you.. Then use your left hand and handcuff your right hand. You have put the opposition leader and his son in jail when they said in parliament you are the richest PM in the world. And his colleague Mr Karpal Singh too for 2 years.

So I get a reward or bribe if I now say you are the poorest PM in this world? Your 3 sons are sitting in the board of directors of more than 200 companies. They must have been educated in Harvard school of business and obtained distintions? Or is it "you don't know me, you don't do business in Malaysia " law that applies.
Billions of ringgit of Employee's Provident Funds and public Petronas funds are used to bail out your sons who make losses investing in every venture you thought you could make money. How unethical and corrupt. Every one of your politicians are sitting on the boards of tens of companies making thousands without any effort, lending their VIP names to borrow millions from local banks without collateral..

Now these have become non performing loans. Now you want 20 million Malaysians to sacrifice for the folly of ONE man? Why not the fool resign and admit he wasted and took most of the money.

Products Of The NEP System (PONS)

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 08:28 AM PST


I was taken aback at the sudden outrage.

"I beg your pardon sir. Did I offend you in any way?"


"Excuse me encik, I'm not sure what you mean. In what way have I offended you?"


My mind raced back over the last 3 minutes or so, trying to recapitulate exactly what I have done to trigger such an unwarranted verbal backlash.

I walked past, I saw a patient with heart failure in distress and I propped him up so that he can breathe a little easier and even so, with the help of one his own sons to do so.

Before long, I found myself facing a man, arms folded across his chest, shooting off irrelevant verbal diarrhea upon me.

I tried to bring the situation under control.

"I apologise sir if my actions have in any way offended you or somehow hurt your father…"


The angry self-proclaimed educated Malay then instigated his siblings to join in the verbal harassment, something which they gladly did.

Keeping a cool front over the next ten minutes or so, I managed to bring the raging anger of the mini mob under control and settled the whole misunderstanding amicably.

However, I walked out of the ward a changed person, or at least a person with a changed perception.

I couldn't help but wonder to myself if the group of self-professed educated Malays were church arsonists or at the very least some recent cow-head protestors.

After all, a great part of their argument was based on irrelevant information like how they were educated and could speak English with a great emphasis on how they were not orang kampong and therefore should not be treated as such.

It took me a while to dissect and digest the message the family was trying to send to me and when I finally did understand, I was more disgusted than ever.

They were not upset that I tried to help.

Neither were they oblivious to the fact that the patient was better after an adjustment in positioning.

Rather, this family of now successful and educated Malays was perturbed that I failed to accord them a higher pedestal compared to the other patients I had attended to earlier.

I spoke to them in Malay and that's a no-no.

In short, they were trying to impress upon me that I must recognized their exclusivity for the simple fact that they were not 'orang kampung', a population whom they regarded as lesser beings.

Is the Negarakuku that half a century of New Economic Policy and special Malay privileges have come to produced – a minority of holier-than-thou elitists who look down on their fellow beings with disgust and despise?

Believe me, my views are not based on a single encounter with one such family.


Posted: 25 Jan 2010 08:33 AM PST

UMNO yang memulakan usaha dan pergerakan membenci serta mengutuk Raja-Raja Melayu. Aduka Taruna, sebagai anak muda, hanya meniru dan mengikut contoh yang ditunjukkan UMNO semata-mata. Aduka Taruna adalah produk pembentukan pemikiran yang selama ini digunakan oleh UMNO ke atas orang Melayu. Mengapa mahu menghukum Aduka Taruna. Beliau tidak berdosa. Yang patut dihukum adalah UMNO.

1.0 Bukan Annuar Musa dahulu pernah menabalkan Raja baru, satu tindakan yang jelas derhaka kepada Raja? Di mana tindakan ke atas beliau?

2.0 Ke mana tindakan kepada puak2 ini yang diambil oleh polis? ADakah kerana mereka UMNO, maka mereka bebas mengutuk Raja-Raja Melayu?

3.0 Bukankah Dr Mahathir telah berusaha bersungguh-sungguh membuang kekebalan Raja-Raja Melayu sebanyak dua kali? Di mana tindakan terhadap Dr Mahathir?

4.0 Bukankah Mat Taib pernah berbohong kepada Sultan Selangor SECARA BERTULIS sewaktu beliau bernikah dengan Ku Yah di Siam? Dimana tindakan pada Mat Taib?

5.0 Bukankah PAk Lah sendiri engkar keputusan Raja Perlis melantik Mat Isa Sabu sebagai MB Perlis, kemudian terpaksa tarik balik keengkaran beliau. Mana tindakan ke atas Pak Lah?

Ini bererti Aduka Taruna cuma mengikut contoh yang telah ditinggalkan UMNO semata-mata. Tidak lebih dari itu.

Tulang Besi

ps sekurang-kurangnya Aduka Taruna berani minta maaf secara terbuka.

Amok gets another 3-year term

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 08:24 AM PST

Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar's tenure as the managing director of the government's investment arm Khazanah Nasional Berhad, has been extended until May 2013.

Appointed by former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on 1 June 2004, Amok gets the approval from Khazanah board of directors meeting yesterday. His contract is supposed to expire in May this year.

I do not wish to write any further. Perhaps my fellow bloggers would love to.

Anyway, congratulations Amok!

Reaping the fruits of PAS's doctrine of hatred and revenge

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 09:20 AM PST

Sowing discord is so easy, all it takes is throwing  a few careless words around and the next thing you know there is a huge mess to clean up.

To this day we still hear Nik Aziz telling the world that it is better to forge a pact with the devil than shake the hands of Umno.

Every time he says that, PAS's so-called spiritual leader is sending out a message full of hatred and malice, he practically salivates for the dish best served cold when he utters those words.

Some people are careless with their words, like I can be with my spellng ;-)
they probably think that they are just words and words don't really hurt anyone.
the truth is words are the very incisive tools, nay scalpels that we use to open the hearts of men,
in the wrong hands words are swords that can be used to decapitate ideas and kill the souls of men.

Pas's persistent preachings of hate has permeated deep into the hearts of their followers.

In this sense they have been very successful with their propaganda in the way that other political parties in this country can only dream of.

Even Anwar Ibrahim is probably thinking of the Audka Taruna biadap incident: " Wow. that was totally unprovoked and unnecessary bu man, that boy has bought the ideology hook line and sinker".

This kind of propaganda will take time to erase, the minds of hardcore Pas supporters, the ones who have digested, internalised and made their own the party's ideology of hatred will not see much harm done by Aduka Taruna but those who are just now gorging on the alleged Islamness of the party will have to suppress the strong gag reflex to vomit everything that they have heard in the last few years.

PAS should do well to understand why their popularity ranking has sunk from being the most influential of Opposition parties in 2008 to being the least influential opposition party right now.

It is not because they have toned down the ideology of hatred and revenge, because that flavour has been enhanced with some vengeance, instead it is because they have not been able to demonstrate Islamic qualities in their administration nor in the majority of their representatives.

The few who try to promote true Islam that is generous and considerate are treated poorly,just because they run foul of the DAP's chauvinistic stance or they step on Brother Anwar's toes or whatever of his appendage that is nearest to the floor at the particular moment.

Datuk Dr Hassan Ali is an outcast for fighting for the rights of Islam and the Malays.
Zulkifli Nordin is constantly ridiculed by the so-called liberals.

How can Pas be genuine when they spout hardline rhetorics on the political stage but mew a scolded pussy in the battlefield of Government.

Pas's doctrine of hatred and revenge had a useful place when they were the underdog just yelping for attention but now that they have grown in size, if not in political acumen, the party must build alliances rather than burn bridges.

The reality is simple: Malaysia is a Malay majority country, whichever way you add up the numbers, true social and national stability can only be achieved and sustained if the majority feels comfortable and safe. When the majority feels safe, so will everyone else.
When the majority feels their positioned is not under threat, everyone else will also sleep comfortably.

PAS must stop playing to Anwar Ibrahim's convenient tune, which changes with place, time and at whim.

PAS must rediscover it's roots in Islam and by that I do not mean regaining theie hudud tunnel vision.

Pas must rediscover the Islam that is compassionate, merciful, forgiving and most certainly relevant.

Leave Anwar Ibrahim in his dreams of beign a Prime Minister adn find a more substantial goal.
Show the Middle Finger to DAP and their chauvinistic ways

PAS must be what they are, a party with strong and sure guiding principles that are grounded in the compassion, mercy, inclusiveness and relevance that is Islam

PAS must now gir itself of leaders who continue to incite hatred
PAS must now rehabilitate is followers who have been fed the doctrine of hatred all this while
PAS must rediscover the reason it wanted to use Islam in its name

If they continue with the doctrine of hatred then we must all petition for the removal of the kalimah Islam in their name

Waktu Wacana Kalimah Allah di Rumah DSAI, Zulkifli Nordin Senyap Sunyi

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 08:39 AM PST

NOTA EDITOR: Heran si barua UMNO bernama Zulkifli Noordin. Waktu wacana di rumah Anwar Ibrahim atas isu Kalimah Allah, dia hadzir dan Khalid Samad juga hadzir. Namun, Zul senyap sunyi tak berani menyanggah Khalid mahupun sesiapa sahaja yang hadzir. Senyap macam tikus mamat tu. Tiba-tiba, kat luar bila di belakang Khalid Samad, nak tunjuk dia hebat, dia gagah, dia tampan, dia kacak. Pergi buat repot polis atas Enakmen yang tidak berasaskan kepada Al Quran dan Sunnah. Kao adalah HIPOKRIT wahai Zulkifli Noordin. Silakan masuk UMNO bersama Dato Harun Din.

DI bawah ini saya bawakan tulisan dari Ali@BaganUtama. Selamat Membaca:

Tulang Besi

Ust. Abdul Ghani Samsudin "menasihati" Ust Harun Din

oleh ali :

Salam Jalan Raja Laut. Pada hari Selasa 19 Jan 2010 yang lalu telah berlangsung "roundtable talk" di rumah Anwar Ibrahim mengenai isu kalimah ALLAH oleh bukan muslim. Den maleh nak cito yang lain-lain. Anda boleh rujuk [link ini], [link ini] dan [link ini] untuk berita lanjut. Apo yang den nak paparkan ialah bilo time Ust. Abdul Ghani Samsudin berpeluang bercakap, beliau dengan sinis menyindir Ust. Harun Din dengan berkata, "..kita harap Dr. Harun Din tidak dimanfaatkan oleh golongan tertentu," sambil disambut dengan gelak ketawa dan riang ria oleh para hadirin yang hadir. Den tak tahu la YB Zulkifli Nordin ketawa atau tidak. Zulkifli Nordin sepanjang sesi di rumah Anwar tersebut hanya senyap menikus. Walhal dalam blog dialah hero. Dialah segala-galanya. Poyo bai. Untuk makluman, Ust. Harun Din dijemput tetapi memilih untuk tidak hadir. Pokok dek ekaulah. Dr. Harun Din dan Zulkifli Nordin den nasihatkan masuk UMNO atau bikin parti politik baru. Kehadiran mereka berdua banyak menganggu gugat Pakatan Rakyat dari dalam.

Suasana pada malam tersebut. Pertama dari kiri anda ialah Ust. Abdul Ghani Samsudin. Di sebelahnya pula Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man. Gambar ehsan Wanjo.

Cayala Tuan Ibrahim

Lagi satu den nak highlight, den respek dengan ucapan Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man di rumah Anwar Ibrahim pada malam tu. Cantik hujah dia.

Khalid Samad vs Zulkifli Nordin

Semua orang tahu Zulkifli Nordin telah menghina Khalid Samad pada 4 Jan 2010 dengan melabel beliau sebagai politikus hingusan. [klik link] Tetapi bila di rumah Anwar, Zulkifli Nordin senyap menikus. Apepasal kau tak tunjuk hero kau depan orang ramai pada malam itu. Khalid Samad punya syok berhujah, para hadirin menjangkakan "hero Melayu" Zulkifli Nordin akan bangun membidas hujah Khlid Samad. Jangkaan meleset bai. Zulkifli Nordin memilih untuk senyap. Eh bai tunjuk la jantan kau sikit. Hilang respek den dengan Zulkifli Nordin ni. Kau ni rupanya sama taraf dengan den. Tunjuk hero dalam blog. Den blogger cikai, kau pun nak ikut samo cikai. Memang mangkuklah sapo yang bawak dia naik jadi Yb pada Mac 2008 hari tu.

Conversation satu hala boleh la bai

Rupanya Yb mangkuk ni cuma tunjuk hero dalam blog dan ceramah je. Satu hala. Cuba buat dua hala macam dalam forum, memang out la bai. Malam tu pun tak terlawan dengan hujah Khalid Samad. Senyap sunyi bai. Lain kali jangan cakap besar. Biasanya hujah Zulkifli Nordin didalam blognya penuh dengan sentimen dan emosi. Berfakta la sikit. Lihat Khalid Samad, penuh fakta dan hujah. [klik link] Zulkifli Nordin dalam isu kalimah ALLAH bukan sahaja melawan Khalid Samad malah keputusan Partinya sendiri.

Kami berpendirian bahawa, keinginan masyarakat bukan Islam menggunakan kalimah "Allah" sebagai Tuhan adalah suatu perkembangan yang positif dan perlu diterima secara terbuka dan tidak perlu pihak-pihak tertentu mengambil kesempatan untuk menjadikan isu ini sebagai agenda politik untuk menampakkan bahawa merekalah jaguh dalam mempertahankan Islam di negara ini.

Peguam den

Hari ini dalam blognya, Zulkifli Nordin mengatakan Khalid Samad menghina Islam kerana menghina Enakmen Negeri Selangor. [klik link] Eh bai, Enakmen yang dimaksudkan oleh Khalid Samad tidak bertunjangkan Al-Quran dan Sunnah. Mana-mana Enakmen atau undang-undang Negeri yang tidak mengikut Al-Quran dan Sunnah adalah menghina Islam. Sepatutnya kita patut julang Khalid Samad sebagai HERO kerana menjulang martabat Islam. Ini terbalik bai. Lupo lak den, peguam kan pandai spin fakta. Takpo bai, den hantar peguam den jawab balik hujah kau. Maleh den nak pakai hujah-hujah Al-Qaradhawi dan Wahbah Zuhaili. Wasting my time lah. Zulkifli Nordin !!! Kau baco hujah peguam den ni. Jangan tak klik bai.


Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:52 AM PST

As the passage of time moves on, we are slowly getting acquainted with the fact that the United Malay National Organization (UMNO) does not have the gift of love even for its own people. UMNO is slowly learning that its material possessions which it had been hungry to accumulate, has deprived the very masses who had faithfully given it their unfailing support to keep it in power for 52 years. The masses that supported UMNO through the Barisan National (BN) live in abject poverty or just above the poverty line or have a means of living that is of a subsistence nature.

It is now clear and explicit, that the New Economic Policy (NEP) and all the other policies that were conceived by UMNO have in a general sense, failed to empower the masses. But on the other hand the NEP and all the other policies have only brought into our society, corruption, cronyism, nepotism which enabled UMNO to create some new found millionaires or multi-millionaires.

During this process, UMNO and its leaders lost their inner soul in managing the nations Human Capital and the vastly endowed natural resources, by the process of systemic discrimination which has been on racial lines, in its educational policies, employment policies and in the sphere of all business related matters. The ugly head of Malay Supermacy was being blatantly propagated, whilst the other coalition partners under the umbrella of the BN gave their tacit approval.

During the period of UMNO's dominance until March 8 of 2008, there was an absolute lack of competency, accountability and transparency in the workings of almost all governmental institutions. In the name of Malay Supremacy mediocre persons have been appointed to almost all senior positions in almost all the institutions of the government which includes the institutions of higher learning.

UMNO in the first place never had the gift of authorship. Then it went on to rear it ugly Malay Supremacy head. In the process UMNO did not show that it cared for the masses whilst it had the power, as it is significant when it comes to dealing with the masses. A caring government shares its power freely with the masses and the masses who receive the care of the government will reciprocate accordingly.

Now after having had lost its two-third majority in Parliament UMNO has gone on an overdrive to demonstrate to the masses that it cares for the masses. On the one hand the government has introduced a moribund 1Malaysia Concept. This is clearly seen as that of a denial syndrome. The government has indeed lost its spirit and its right to demonstrate to the masses that it cares for their welfare and well being. All its current conceived ideals would not be able to create a way of life for the masses to accept and follow with the exception of its cronies.

We as a nation are facing a brain drain. Then we have a fright of capital from both the local and international investors. Even before the Allah issue became international news, we were sinking in terms of Foreign Direct Investment.

So the question that has to be asked is: Has UMNO lost its Roots?

The answer would have to be in the Positive.

This is owing to the fact that UMNO has by its acts and conduct demonstrated that it does not have an open heart. As UMNO seems to be the backbone of the government and if it has had a open heart it would be vulnerable and if that was the case the government would have allowed its institutions to drop their masks, and meet the diverse peoples grievances heart to heart.

All contentious issues would be discussed in a spirit of goodwill and we as the masses would experience a sense of unity and delight in the prevalence of an atmosphere of voluntary human exchanges. The end result would be the reflection that gives rise to a situation that mold the soul of the community, where the people live in peace and harmony. But this is not the case.

Whilst the people in general are tolerant and do live in peace and harmony, the government through UMNO is attempting to convert a democratic nation into a police state. Some resent examples would suffice.

The rape of the Perak State Assembly as executed by Najib. The aftermath of the police action, against passive resistance carried out by the people on the death of democracy.

Then the action of the police for using chemically laced water cannons against peaceful demonstrators and the arrest and detention of some of the peaceful demonstrators.

The ban issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)against the Catholic Church on the use of the word Allah in the Malay version of the Herald where the Church was compelled to go to court and obtain a declaration on its constitutional rights. The Church succeeded and the government announced that it cannot stop religious fanatics from carrying out demonstrations after Friday prayers.

Then there was a ban on the book entitled Muslim Women and the Challenge of Islamic Extremism edited by the sociologist Prof Norani Othman which was published for a non-governmental organization the Sisters in Islam (SIS). The government claims that the book is inclined towards confusing the Muslim community especially the women. The High Court gave an order on 25.01.2010 and lifted the ban issued by MHA.

On the other extreme on the night of 24.01.2010 when Anwar Ibrahim we giving a talk at Kampung Kerinci chaos erupted. The Brickfield district police chief Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid and his henchmen went up on to the stage near the PKNS flats and stopped Anwar from speaking.

Where did this barbarian get his powers from to stop a politician from speaking to the people. This was a clear violation of Article 5 and 10 of the Federal Constitution in respect of a person's liberty and the freedom of speech and assembly without arms.

Does it not appear to all our people that the institutions of government who are paid by the tax payer are pretending to carry out their duties to save guard UMNO?

It is high time that the masses realize that the institutions of our government are to be neutral and to execute their duties and exercise their power by grace. But it is now apparent to all of us that the act and conduct of the police depicts the collective will of UMNO which is more akin to that of animals.

Since UMNO has lost its roots and as the constricting spiral of their antics undermines our future sense of living in peace and harmony we should now decide that each of our vote at the ballot box against UMNO is going to be stronger than any bullet made by man.


Posted: 25 Jan 2010 06:41 AM PST

Just for POLITICAL MUSING!  Let's bring the Political Temperaturs DOWN..!

Initials "S'..Dreaded..??  It comes one full circle involving so far Three Sarawak  Assistant Ministers says a political observer. First it was Sng Larry(PRS) then it was Dr. Soon Choon Teck(SUPP) and now Slyvester Entri (SPDP). PBB any "S'..It is just mere coincidence and this is what Sarawak Politics have to offer he said to audie61. SO whats happening in SPDP then..??

Our SPDP insider said that there is already a statement from SPDP headquarters in rebuttal to yesterdays Press statement from Sylvester Entri. The persons signing the statement are the newly appointed SG Nelson Balang, Deputy SPDP President Nyarok and the other two VPs Jelaing Mersat and Jacob Sagan.

 The full statement will be published in the main stream media. Our source says that its time for negotiating and not the time for fighting. The EGM which has been circulating in cyberspace is totally out of the question says an aide of the deposed SG.

Simon Cowell of American Idol would be very proud of Slyvester Entri if he uses his initial "S" for the S  factor like his namesakes new venture X Factor which is and will be generating substantial amount of money.  But for now it seems that the S initials in the political arena is  highly superstitious for some in Sarawak. Are you a Believer..??

One should know that in politics "There are no permanent friends and no permanent foes. This 7 year itch is hitting SPDP very much like the dreaded unfaithful marriage itch phrase.What makes it so believable is that  it seems that it has been written in the stars as the SPDP President cleverly chosed the words beginning with"S' …Status Quo. Any one has other "S' SCRIPTS to write…..???

SERIOUSLY DO YOU BELIEVE NOW….HIK HIK HIK..Click to Check out the S Factor??

Roles Of Malaysian Police As BN Agent!

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 05:19 AM PST

From schooldays  until now our mind has been corrupted by Barisan Nasional propaganda that Malaysia is a an independent and democratic nation. Malaysians are free to do what the constituent permits  us to do, and the political parties are allowed to compete in a fair election.
GE in 2008 was consider the turning point for Malaysian politic. In the election , PAKATAN RAKYAT (PR) denied  BN it 2/3 majority. Not only denying BN it 2/3 majority, PR also managed to wrest BN from power in four states namely, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor , and successfully increased seat majority in Kelantan.
Since losing those four states to PR, BN has been actively using government agencies to take back the  states. The two agencies that actively sebotage the PR especially in those four states are Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) and the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission. So far MACC managed to topple Perak . Perak fell to BN in February 2010. After their successful attempt in Perak , they started their operation in Selangor. It was during this time that the controversy started. Teoh Beng Hock, 30, political aide to Selangor state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah, was found dead on July 16 on the fifth floor corridor of Plaza Masalam ,after having given a statement as a witness to the MACC over allegations of misuse of funds by Selangor state executive councillors.
Eventhough being  accused of wrongdoing, the MACC still  harassing PR government in Selangor. On 20th January 2010, the MACC team led by Supt Premraj Victor, went to Yaakob's office located on the 14th floor of the state secretariat building and confiscated documents related to sand mining activities and overseas trips. Yakob political aide, Hussien Ahmad, 62, was taken to the Putrajaya MACC office for questioning . Yakob is a state Agriculture, Natural Resources and Entrepreneurial Development committee chairman.
Another government agency that has been used by BN to topple Selangor government is PDRM. PDRM siding the BN government is very obvious. In any "ceramah" or function organise by BN, they will help the organiser in controlling the crowd. But in any  function organised by PR, they will create public disturbence and stop the ceramah.
Last November, Tian Chua was stopped in the middle of his speech by OCPD Brickfield. And the the latest incident happened on 20th January 2010 when Dato Seri Anwar was stopped from continuing with his speech by the same OCPD. Surprisingly this officer did not bother to salute DSAI. Being the senior officer, he must give due respect to the member of parliament.
But I am not surprised...they are PM Najib DxGs....they worked for Najib. See the video below by yourself. Make your own judgement whether these officers work for the people or for BN and PM Najib..

Mupok Aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

The legacy of 'King Ghaz'

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 05:12 AM PST

King Ghaz has left us... and I agree with Datuk Najib for the memoirs of Tun Ghazali Shafie be compiled.

He was perhaps the best and most powerful foreign minister Malaysia ever had. His dictation over the world issues then was to the envious of many, including foreign diplomats.

I was a young reporter in the early 1980s when I first took the assignment to cover one of his events. During that time, the press conference at Wisma Putra was all about the Vietnamese boat people and their 'Hai Hong'.

King Ghaz was addressing the Press in English as the PC was also attended by foreign journalists. Q & A was also in English. About 50 people were there.

I didnt ask him anything. However, a Malay reporter sitting next to me asked him this: "How do we extinguish between the Vietnamese boat people from the economic refugees, Datuk?"

The floor suddenly exploded with laughter when someone at the back shouted: "Oi! Use the fire extinguisher laaaar!" Nope, I dont blame him, neither did King Ghaz who answered the question well (which appeared on the front page of all dailies the next day).

The reporter is now one of the senior editors at a Bahasa daily.

AL-FATIHAH, semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas tokoh istimewa ini.... Amin!


Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:12 AM PST

Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu could be considered as one of the best Stateman Malaysian Indians ever had, since during his lawmaker years, he did fight for the rights of Indians in this country. But as usual, you can't please everyone and you can't do wonders - you know what I mean.

I had on a few ocassions met and spoken to Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu. Please note that I am not a MIC member. Although being arogant in nature, he admires those who stood up to their belief.

We can never deny that this 'great' Stateman has help the Malaysian Indian community but his struggle to achieve these goals were fought individually by himself with the help of a few (then) loyal servants, who were MIC leaders, looking for political opportunities and platforms for themselves.

Datuk Seri Samy Vellu successfully established MIED - a foundation that could offer loans to deserving Malaysian Indians to further their studies, AIMST University - a platform for Malaysian Indians to complete university education, Tafe College, Seremban - which provides skill courses for every deserving Malaysian Indians. I had only touched on EDUCATION, since this is the best platform to raise any community. If not for the efforts of Datuk Seri Samy Vellu, these dreams would never have been materialised thus this far.

Datuk Seri Samy Vellu formed and funded YSS which was suppose to look into and uplift the Malaysian Indians and propose to MIC the best ways of achieving this. As usual, the officials of YSS had their best times and the community was negelected.

But everyone of us have our own weakness too. Datuk Seri Samy Vellu has his weakness too. May be his greatest failure was he had trusted his 'double-headed loyal' lieutenants. Datuk Seri Samy Vellu had brushed aside complaints from the grass-roots that their plights were never fulfilled.

Even after the 'historical' street demonstrations, Datuk Seri Samy Vellu never ever thought the MIC would have a disastrous defeat in the 2008 general elections. Datuk Seri Samy Vellu was so confident that he himself would retain his own Sungei Siput parliamentary seat. What happen is history now.

Datuk Seri Samy Vellu, after his disastrous defeat, decided to concentrate on hearing and fullfilling the Indian communities grouses. Since the demands are so huge and without having the 'power' he once had, it was difficult to satisfy most of them. The Indian community felt they have been betrayed by him once again.

Everyone started blaming this poor Datuk Seri Samy Vellu. People who were once loyal started taking matters in their own hands and dissent group started portraying him as the main CROOK and CULPRIT.

One thing Malaysian Indians need to realise is, every politican is a crook in their own way.

Now it seems the best way for the upliftment would be if Datuk Seri Samy Vellu resigns from MIC immediately. Do you think that there is any capable leader in MIC, then this Datuk Seri Samy Vellu, now?

If we take a clear picture we will see that Datuk Seri Samy Vellu is the only person who can deliver since he has nothing to gain. He has already gain so much after years in political life.

So why don't Malaysian Indians give this gentleman, Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu a chance to prove his worth?

Undian Minggu Ini : Adakah Zulkifli Nordin (MP Kulim Bandar Baru) harus dipecat dari PKR?

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:54 AM PST

Undian Minggu Ini : Adakah Zulkifli Nordin (MP Kulim Bandar Baharu) harus dipecat dari PKR?

Tarikh Tutup : 01/02/2010 (7 Hari)

Baca selebihnya dan undi @ "An ultimatum to PKR and Anwar : Choose between the rakyat and Zul Nordin" (

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King Ghaz

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:29 AM PST

In its news article No-nonsense Ghazali feared, respected The Malaysian Insider states:

Former Home Minister Tun Muhammad Ghazali Shafie who died at his home in Subang Jaya yesterday was known to be so strict in his work that it earned him the nickname, 'King Ghaz'.

Malaysiakini in its news article
Former home minister Ghazali Shafie dies also states:

He was called 'King Ghaz' as he was very stern in carrying out his tasks.

While it's true that Tan Sri had been very impatient with reporters who didn't do their homework before interviewing him, or asked silly/stupid question, it's nonsense to aver that he was called 'King Ghaz' because he suffered no fools.

If Tan Sri was alive he would have lambasted the reporters of both the above online news portal (or could it be the same person?) for not doing their research properly.

Ironically, the much disregarded Star Online, which has been in the doldrums for the last number of years because of its meekness in reporting, carried more accurate information about the late Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie.

How do I know this wakakaka because my uncle who actually knows Tan Sri told me.

In its
King Ghaz, 88, dies in his sleep the Star reporter Ng Cheng Yee wrote very correctly:

Ghazali, nicknamed 'King Ghaz' for his commanding personality, will be laid to rest at Masjid Negara after Zohor prayers today.

That's right, he was called 'King Ghaz' because of his commanding personality and not because he was stern with reporters. In fact, it was an affectionate nickname, and according to my Unc, Tan Sri just loved being called 'King Ghaz'. He would beam benevolently from ear to ear when he heard that.

'King Ghaz' was a play on the name of 'King Guz' of the kingdom of Moo, a character in the comic strip of 'Alley Oop' which was very popular years ago.

In another Star Online news article
The long and illustrious road of a no-nonsense minister reporter Paul Gabriel wrote, again very correctly:

He was an expert in international affairs, known for his flamboyance and dashing style. "Ghazali had style, verve, intellect and confidence verging on arrogance," wrote one observer way back when Ghazali was at the peak of his life.

My Unc said that would be the correct descriptions of Tan Sri – flamboyance, dashing style, verve, intellect, confidence – but he said the observer was too kind with the phrase "… confidence verging on arrogance …" because the Tan Sri was actually very arrogant. but it was an arrogance that wasn't in a sombong (haughty) sort of way. He was arrogant only because he knew he was damn bloody good, and he was right too ;-)

As for fashion style, Tan Sri and his wife, even when he was still in the Civil Service, set the trend with their dressing. Unc said one could be forgiven if one had mistaken the pair for models wearing the latest fashion right out of a Parisian modelling show.

This was the man that the late Tun Razak had plucked from the civil service to groom for higher political office. Tan Sri was selected by no less than the 2nd PM to be his successor.

But fate and his two faults prevented that from happening.

The fate was the sudden and early demise of Tun Razak.

His first fault was that he was too much an intellectual and too westernised for the conservatives in UMNO, which didn't surprise political observers when, after the death of Tun Razak, he was bypassed by the new kids on the block, Dr Mahathir, Ku Li and Musa Hitam, who were more acceptable to UMNO conservatives.

His vision, ideas and style were too futuristic for the Malays to accept or tolerate.

His second fault came immediately after his plane crash. Probably because of his pride and no doubt arrogance, he overdid his survival story a wee too excessively (I won't say anything more because my Unc doesn't want me to) but in doing so he alienated a large number of people, including many supporters.

But there's no doubt he was truly a giant in foreign affairs with a powerful grasp of both the essence and subtle nuances of international relations. A truly Towering Melayu.

If Tun Razak didn't die so early, and subsequently handed the reins over to 'King Ghaz', I wonder what sort of Malaysia we would have?

Memang gaya betul lah - stylish for sure ;-)

May Tan Sri rest in peace. Al Fatihah!

Give Zulkifli the boot, says Zaid

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 12:37 AM PST

Pakatan Rakyat stalwart Zaid Ibrahim has called for the sacking of pkr's outspoken Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin.
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Posted: 25 Jan 2010 12:33 AM PST

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Posted: 25 Jan 2010 01:23 AM PST

The Kuala Lumpur High Court today lifted the ban imposed almost a year and a half ago, on the book "Muslim Women and the Challenge of Islamic Extremism".The book, edited by sociologist Prof Norani Othman from the International Studies Institute of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, was published for non-governmental organisation Sisters in Islam (SIS) and was in circulation since 2005.

While delivering judgment this afternoon, Justice Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof stated that he fails to see how the book can disrupt public order, as alleged by the Home Ministry. According to the judge,"The book had been in circulation since 2005 but only banned on 2008," and "Furthermore, only seven out of 215 pages are said to be offensive".

An ultimatum to PKR and Anwar : Choose between the rakyat and Zul Nordin

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 10:13 PM PST

This Zul Nordin guy is not just thrash, he is a racist, insensitive to other races and worst of all a trouble maker for PR. DSAI should be bold and get rid of people like this. Ungrateful prick! Won on a PR ticket! PR represents all races, not just Muslim Malays!

- Derek De Souza

From The People's Parliament

I've just sent the following sms to Anwar and several other PKR leaders : "An ultimatum to PKR and Anwar : Choose between the rakyat and Zul Nordin", with an invitation to view the results of this poll.

Go on, have your say here

“Anwar..Even If You Love him??”

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 09:05 PM PST

The word is out and if Anwar does not act against Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin he is putting the Pakatan coalition at risks of being divided in opinions. Lim Kit Siang DAP supremo has already said the Pakatan coalition will survive even though if Anwar is jailed for his sodomy case.

According to a number of political analysts Anwar will be as good as like a  martyr to the Pakatan coalition and the people who supports him if he is again jailed. However there are those who will question whether he will be spoken in same breadth as Nelson Mandela of the ANC and Aung San Suu Kyi (Burmese democarcy leader). That remains to be seen as and when the time comes.

But for now Anwar needs to sort out this thorn that has been pricking the backside of the Pakatan coalition. No one is indispensable and not even Zulkifli even if Anwar loves him so much.

 The Pakatan coalition will be at risk and drastic and immediate measures must be taken by PKR to stem the threat of a breakup. Of course PKR has ways to deal with this problems but when someone has grown to be too big for the party to handle the disciplinary committtee of PKR needs to swing into action.

This is the usual practise of all political parties in Malaysia but few dare to take that line….

The article which appeared in Malaysiakini portal:-

Pakatan Rakyat stalwart Zaid Ibrahim has called for the sacking of PKR's outspoken Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin.

pkr egm bangi zaid ibrahim joins pkr event 130609 14According to him, Pakatan cannot afford to have MPs who go against reform.

"If you say the (amendment) of the law is wrong, that's okay. But don't lodge police reports as this is a form of intimidation," he told a press conference.

abdul razak baginda altantuya mongolian case 040607 zulkifli nordinThe PKR supreme council member was responding to the police report filed by Zulkifli against PAS Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad for calling for the amendment of a Selangor religious enactment.

Zaid also warned that Pakatan's image as a champion of democracy would be affected, if the coalition did not act against Zulkifli (right).

"If not 'Middle Malaysia' will ask what we stand for and our party will become a laughing stock. We are not Umno or Barisan Nasional," he said.

Plane Crash In sarawak Caused One Died and another In Critical Condition

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 07:51 PM PST

KUCHING: Villagers watched in horror as a well-known doctor hung on precariously after his aircraft crashed into trees in a dense forest area in Simunjan, about 90km from here.
Dr James Ngu Siew Kong, a general surgeon here, was heard shouting for help as the drama unfolded after part of the two-seater Pelican aircraft got entangled in the branches.

In serious condition: Dr Ngu being wheeled into the Sarawak General Hospital in Kuching Sunday. Part of the plane wreckage that he was in was entangled in the trees (picture below), and he was injured after it fell. — ZULAZHAR SHEBLEE / The Star

Another part of the aircraft had earlier crashed to the ground with the pilot, Stanley Tiong, 61, who died from his injuries.
A Nuri helicopter with commandos tried to rescue Dr Ngu, 58, but the strong gusts created by the rotating blades shook the wreckage, causing it to plunge.
The injured doctor was flown out by to the RMAF base here before being taken to the Sarawak General Hospital at about 1.30pm, about four hours after the crash occurred.
Dr Ngu was later transferred to the Normah Medical Specialist Centre here, where he is based, in a critical condition.
The aircraft had taken off from Kuching at about 8.50am on a leisure flight to Sibu.

It is learnt that the duo decided to turn back after encountering bad weather. Villagers from the nearby Kampung Sungai Ladong said they heard two explosions in the air and saw the plane circling before crashing into the trees.
Monir Chi, 54, said he heard a third explosion when part of the plane crashed. He said he heard shouts for help from Dr Ngu, who was trapped in a section of the plane stuck in the braches.
"He was still in his seat and calling out for help when we arrived at the scene," added the farmer, who alerted others to inform the police.

Total wreck: The search party with the wreckage of the aircraft found at Kg Ladong, Simunjan in Samarahan Division yesterday.
Monir said other villagers who made their way to the site on foot found Tiong on the ground seriously injured but still alive.
Simunjan OCPD Deputy Supt Choo Yin Kok confirmed that Kampung Sungai Ladong villagers were the first to alert police about the crash.
He said the crash site, which is near an oil palm plantation, was nearly an hour's drive away from Simunjan town and a 4km walk through dense peat swamp forest.
He said 20 policemen and two officers were sent on a rescue mission.
Tiong's friends, who were at the hospital, said his wife, who is in China on a holiday, and their three children who are overseas had been informed of the tragedy and were on their way back.
"He is an experienced pilot who has been flying light aircraft for about 10 years," said one of his friends, who declined to be named.

Mupok Aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

Malaysians will end up sleeping on the street too Unless Present BN Government Change

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 06:09 PM PST

Indonesia is one of the world's richest countries in terms of natural resources.

God has blessed Indonesia with gold, uranium, copper, oil, timber, beaches, seas and other wealth. The land is fertile with abundant rain. Stick a twig into the ground and it grows into a tree.
Yet Indonesians sleep in the streets..

Food is expensive.. The average Indonesian eats some rice, tempe , tauhu and may be some vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. An average Nasi Padang meal for four persons in a single star Indonesian restaurant can cost RM60(160,000 Rupiah). This is way beyond the income of the average Joko or Ketut in Indonesia .
Why is this so ? The answer is because the ruling elites in Indonesia do not care about the people. They have pillaged the country. They craft policies that only serve to keep the elites in power and the wealthly. The same thing is happening in M'sia.
There are also millions of Indonesians who go to school and university but do not learn skills that can help them survive in the real world. They are very poor in European languages like English or Dutch. All their education is in Indonesian. So they cannot keep up with the latest developments and technologies. They cannot compete. They remain poor.

The children of the elite are sent overseas for their education.
Poverty In Indonesia:

Ø Poverty line : 130,499 rupiahs/month (urban) & 96,512 rupiahs/month (rural)
Ø Poverty rate : 18.2 % (38,4 millions people)
Ø Minimum wage : 631,554 rupiahs per month
Ø Unemployment rate : 9.06 %
Ø Foreign loan : US$ 176,5 billions (US$ 821 per capita)

An average Indonesian university graduate cannot bring world class skills to his employers. He or she therefore earns a pittance. This is happening in Malaysia . Bumiputra university graduates only strike it rich if they get Government jobs where they do not do much work but earn a good salary with a pension. In the private sector they may not get a job or earn only a pittance.

That is why 100,000 graduates remain unemployed in Malaysia .
Bumiputra university graduates are turning up for interviews as taxi drivers and shop assistants. What about those who flunk out after SPM ? They become Mat Rempits (Motorcycle Racers). Last Saturday I saw another Mat Rempit get killed at the road races in Shah Alam (near Section 7).
In Malaysia , just like in Indonesia , food is getting very expensive. But the wages and salaries of the people, especially the Malays, is not keeping up with the increase in prices.
Instead of developing the competitive ability of the people,the Government has been using the failed NEP to provide subsidies and dish out money on a plate.
Everything is subsidised, even cooking oil, flour, rice, sugar, fuel, etc.
The Government has been providing these subsidies so that the people will keep voting for the ruling party.
So it has never been to the Government's advantage to make the Malays independent. A Malay who is independent of the Government may not vote for the BN. It is therefore better to keep feeding with subsidies... So, for the past 50 years, everything has been subsidised.
But now with 27million people in the country of which more than half are Malays, subsidies are getting more expensive.
There is also much much more thievery and wastage by the BN elites in Malaysia . But there is no bottomless 'well' full of money.
Everything has its limits. The money will soon run out. Without the subsidies for cooking oil, sugar, flour and petrol, how are the people, especially the Malays, going to survive ? Already university graduates cannot find jobs or compete in the private sector. What happens when the oil money runs out ? What happens when (not if, but when) the Government cannot simply spend billions of oil money to sustain its voting base any longer? That is when we may see people sleeping in the streets, just like in Indonesia . If that happens this country will go up in flames. We will all be consumed.
In Indonesia , the Government has not mobilised its hundreds of millions of people (over 250 million Indonesians) with the competitive skills to grow enough food for themselves. Hence food is expensive. They do not even have simple survival skills like coming to work on time, organising themselves to do simple tasks, maintaining good hygiene and cleanliness and so on. They are poorly read and not informed about many things that are going on around the world. Their Government has failed in all these aspects. Hence the average Indonesian remains poor.
The same thing has happened in Malaysia . Our young people, especially the Malays, do not possess basic survival skills. We are not talking about competitive skills but just basic survival skills. The Government is not serious about giving them useful competitive skills either.
The Mat Rempits are being glorified by the politicians as saviours of the nation (Mat Cemerlang). Correction. they are drug users, gang rapists, snatch thieves and street fighters.
When an efficient Policewoman called Nooriyah Anvar was appointed Chief of Traffic Police she went after the Mat Rempits with a vengeance. Does anyone remember her? She confiscated their bikes on the spot. But soon the Mat Rempits called their political muscle and Nooriyah Anvar was kicked out. To date she holds the record of being the shortest serving Traffic Police Chief in Malaysia . She has been replaced by Senior Asst Comm (II) Datuk Hamza Taib.
So the Government is not serious about improving the position of the Malays.
It serves the Barisan Nasional Government to keep the Malays down and out. Then the Malays can go to the Government for crumbs. This way the ruling elites get to keep the whole loaf to themselves. Go and visit Indonesia . This is what is happening over there. It is happening over here too.
Does Malaysia have a problem ? Yes the Malays are not happy, the Chinese are not happy and the Indians are not happy.
They spoke out at the March 2008 polls and hope things will change for the better, now they have some oppositions who promised change.. The Malays are being duped by their corrupted leaders by using the religion, the Chinese and Indians are being marginalised by the ruling elites..
Let us all Malaysians wake up and fight the corrupt system for the benefit of everyone. Let us all unite and stand together and change the system for once and for all.
We are not Malays, Chinese or Indians, we are Malaysians. Malaysians May End Up Sleeping in the Street if no change is made to the present corrupt and very selfish system.

Mupok Aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

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