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What Bangsa Malaysia, 1 Malaysia ?

What Bangsa Malaysia, 1 Malaysia ?

What Bangsa Malaysia, 1 Malaysia ?

Posted: 04 Dec 2009 11:08 AM PST

By Sim Kwang Yang

MALAYSIANS' addiction to the question of race is evident in the current controversy over the idea of a Bangsa Malaysia.

I am indeed surprised that the Mentri Besar of Johore has come out in opposition to this new concept of a national "race", in preference for the Umno orthodoxy of Malay dominance. In those years when we were in the same Chamber on top of the hill, I had known him personally to be a very nice chap, a distinguished academic, and a moderate at heart.

But then, the undercurrents within Umno are eddying with dizzying complexity on the eve of their general assembly. The national spotlight is on this monolith of a political party. More than a few ambitious Umno politicians would be itching to gain legitimacy of leadership by playing the role of champion of the Malay race. Their political survival may depend how well they project themselves in that role.

The idea of Bangsa Malaysia was first proposed by the former PM a few years ago, shortly before he abdicated from his throne. As a sort of government policy, it was never clearly spelt out what this national "race" was meant to be. It was just another catchy slogan, like so many other catchy slogans spinned out by the former PM, who seems to have a natural talent for coining useless but catching slogans. He could aptly be heralded as the Father of Empty Slogans in Malaysia.

Naturally, many Malaysian citizens who are not Malays tend to be mesmerised by the concept of a new Malaysian "race". It offers hope for the national integration of our multi-racial society into a single united nation. Perhaps one day in the future, the evolution of Malaysian politics could see the emergence of new realities that would truly reflect the constitutional provision that all citizens are equal before the law. Many of them harbour their deep seated aspiration that one day, the spirit and letters of the NEP will be consigned to the dustbin of Malaysian history forever.

The true acid test for such an ideal scenario of national integration is rather simple. A new Malaysian nation would indeed be born when some time in the future a non-Malay citizen could be elected as the prime minister of the nation. The Malays themselves would be able to accept such a scenario because the non-Malay PM would be perceived as looking after Malay interest better than any Malay politician.

Ideology of Malay dominance

This ideal state is not likely to materialise soon. Even in very developed liberal-democratic states like the US or the UK, it is still unthinkable for anybody with any hue on his skin to become a president or a PM. It just goes to show how deep-seated people's racial and ethnic identification can be.

But this sort of ideal state that I talk about is unlikely to be what the former PM had in mind when he coined the term "Bangsa Malaysia". All his life, he has been an ultra Malay nationalist, with a heavy tinge of racial connotation to his perception of ethnicity. In over 20 years of his stewardship of Malaysia's destiny, he has manifested himself as the very personification of the Umno ideology of Malay dominance. His idea of Bangsa Malaysia is probably closer to the Johore MB's articulation of Umno orthodoxy in substance.

The Malay Agenda that Umno people tout about has this one unspoken major premise which they believe to be self-evidently true: Malaya is the homeland of the Malays, and they are the masters of this Tanah Air Melayu. All other races live on their homeland at their pleasure.

Here, they exhibit what Earnest Gellner defines as the classic symptom of all modes of nationalism. The nationalist sentiment is such that people who make any proprietary claim on a homeland based on myths, history and even religion cannot tolerate the idea of their political destiny being taken away from them. They will never tolerate the idea of a person from another nation or race becoming their prime minister or their president. There goes the idea of non-Malay ever becoming the PM of Malaysia. Or the idea of a Muslim becoming the PM of Israel or China!

Gellner also defines the concept of race as being based on blood ties. According to him, racism rears its ugly head, when the deepest collective fear of the race is the mixing of blood. This was obvious in Nazi Germany before and during WW2.

Is the Umno ideology heavily tinged with racism? The answer is not so clear cut.
In theory, anybody who embraces Islam and adopts the Malay way of life is a Malay. At least, that is the constitutional definition of Malayness. In practice though, the situation is a little more ambiguous. A person may have to convert to Islam, and choose to live like any kampong Malay. Often this is done because of the requirement of marrying a Muslim. But in practice, he is not always given the privileges accorded to a bumiputera as defined under the constitution. It is as if the convert can never be a bona fide Malay, no matter how he or she believes in the teaching of Islam, and become completely assimilated into the Malay community.

Flawed theory

But I have not detected in any literature, report, or interaction with my Malay friends any belief in the purity of the Malay blood, as the Nazis believed in the purity of the Aryan race. Umno people aside, your kampong Malays actually seem quite tolerant of other ethnic groups with different faiths. Take away the constraint of religion, and there would be much inter-racial marriage between the Malays and the other ethnic groups. This is especially true in Sarawak and Sabah. In that sense, the Malays in general are not racist.

In the end, the belief in the purity of a single racial blood line is highly unscientific. The current theory in anthropology based on worldwide DNA study and archaeological survey seems to suggest a single mother for the entire human race who resided somewhere in Africa. Even this theory is flawed, because the theory of a single mother would suggest reproduction between siblings, leading to genetic disasters that would mean the extinction of our species.

The idea of a pure race is itself a theoretical construct that probably has its source in some archetypical extrapolation of a nuclear or extended family into a larger "imagined" mythical family. Be that as it may, one could conclude that the Umno idea of a Malay race is still more cultural than biological in nature.

Whether the idea of a "nation" as an ethnic political unit is also a theoretical construct is much harder to unravel. The debate on this issue has been raging for decades, and publications on this subject have become an entire industry. I am more inclined towards the view held by the historian Eric Hobsbawm, who claims that by and large the idea of the "nation" is a historically contingent concept that would outlive its usefulness in the future.

Unfortunately, people who study history do nothing to change history. And people who shape history usually have no time to study history. And more is the pity.

At the moment at least, world history is still moulded along the national and ethnic lines. Very few people can think outside the ethnic box. Onn Jafaar was one of them, and he was too far ahead of his time.

Given that the question of race has been vastly institutionalised, and even written into our nation's constitution, I too am also opposed to the proposal of a Bangsa Malaysia made by the former PM. The idea would only work only if race-based political parties are disbanded, and BN reinvents itself as a single multi-racial party. Alternatively, a multi-racial opposition alliance would dislodge BN from power, and begin to chart a new course towards a polity that considers Malaysian individuals as ethnically different but legally and socially equal citizens. Both events are highly unlikely for another hundred years.

Half a century of politics of race has turned the entire population of Malaysia into potential racists. That is truly tragic. Fortunately, despite the numbing stultifying political rhetoric churned out by the propaganda machinery of the various political parties, Malaysians of all races can still maintain their common sense of decency. Despite the politicians, we have been spared the kind of strife that makes the river run red in other parts of the world.

Malaysia is still a beautiful country with beautiful people, ruined by bad politics. The only way to mediate and overcome this historical contradiction is by abandoning all forms of politics that has the term "bangsa" as its central theme.

This article was first published in Malaysiakini in November 2006, and has been edited for Hornbill Unleashed.

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What is so funny about Bangsa Malaysia

Posted: 04 Dec 2009 11:13 AM PST

The best kind of comedy usually involves insightful character observation of a person, a people or even a whole country. This is because humans have a tendency to like nervous laughter, especially their own, especially if they can laugh as a group at themselves.

Malaysians love to laugh at the way we are nervous about becoming one people... don't we?

We say out loud that we should become one people but deep in our hearts we don't really want to.

I admit that this observation is as likely to make you laugh as open heart surgery but I think it is just as necessary as open heart surgery.

We need to start looking deep into our heart and find out why we are nervous about becoming one people.

We need to examine what we need to do differently, if any, if we want everyone to become Bangsa Malaysia.

We need to decide if we really want everyone to become Bangsa Malaysia.

I personally want Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Negrito, and whatever people to remain as they are.

I think that Bangsa Malaysia is not about letting go of our roots but gaining appreciation for other peoples.

I think we are already a Bangsa Malaysia but not as a homogenous society that America wants to be, we should not become a melting pot, that is just so 80s.

We should love our differences and that is very different from hating the differences. I know it is pretty obvious but when I say love our differences I mean love the differences that others have not love just our own characteristics.

We are who we are and since we cannot change what other people are either, it is best that we learn to control our reaction to them. And by that we need to love the the way they do things their way...

I don;t know if I am making much sense at all here but there you have it.. that is what I am thinking today .

Back to the joke... I do think that if you look closely at how we as a nation are trying to find a national identity without losing our own, it is quite funny... nervous people tend to make me laugh...

Quietly Pensive With Divine Discontent.

Posted: 04 Dec 2009 08:29 AM PST

I actually have a lot on my mind that I would like to write about in this blog, things that may and may not interest people as well as things that may interest the wrong people.

Some are shocking exposẻ that might make one shake one's head in disbelief.

For instance, the stupid administration of Kota Kinabalu's Queen Elizabeth Hospital recently squandered thousands of taxpayers' money by tearing out the toilets' tiles only to replace them with tiles that are of the exact same color.

I also contemplated writing about how the current healthcare crisis in Sabah has opened up the floodgates of corruption among doctors, especially the fat ass surgeon who operates on a very important part of the human body.

The manner and audacity in which this ugly fat ass abuses the system and his powers is increasingly perverted, but writing more about it will bring no notable changes.

In fact, looking back at everything I've put myself through via this blog, the only noteworthy achievement it has to boast about is the open letter to the Malaysian Health Minister which received widespread publicity in Sabahan newsprint.

Apart from that, things have remained pretty much the same – as shitty and as fucked up as ever, and there goes the first profanity coming from me personally ever since I set up this web log.

I realized one thing though.

In spite of the unearthly long working hours and the demanding nature of my job, deep inside I do enjoy being a clinician.

I do take pride and find fulfillment in saving lives, restoring health and returning a once ill patient back to his / her loved ones as a functioning individual.

I realized that the main stumbling block and the ultimate pain in my ass are the administrators of the healthcare system – the failed clinicians warming their asses behind a desk and the dumb ass driftwoods who are more concerned about neck ties and lab coats than the actual welfare of patients.

I've realized that engaging in any form of communication or reasoning with these pea brains administrators is an exercise in futility.

I'd be better off buying a five-foot hoe and just get out to cangkul angin.

Just as Namewee has experienced for himself, some people can just sit back and stuff themselves with food while simple folks are out there suffering from their incompetency.


Posted: 04 Dec 2009 07:57 AM PST

As an observer of politics and by engaging in small take about the antics demonstrated by some of our elected representatives both in our Parliament and the various State Assemblies, it seems that the elected representatives are faced with a paradox. They do not seem to know their role and responsibilities as elected representatives.

Do they not realize that upon a person being elected, they address each other in the assembly as the honourable member and the general public also refer to them or address them as the honourable so and so. As much as we understand the fact that the human life of a political man is to demonstrate that he has the collective will and power to create his own environment to impress upon his peers and his constituents that he is contributing to the creation and betterment of a social order, but then, the political man should not violate the established rules of the game.

In the first place an elected representative should know that his prime role and responsibility is to engage in debate and create reasonable laws which the society as a whole has to obey and uphold. No doubt during any such debate there is bound to be frequent intervention by some other representative on a speech being made.

This form of intervention should be taken in good stride as it may more often than not be of good effect and may ultimately be for the general good of the society at large. No doubt as observers we do realize that some representatives would be astute and better than others in having had done their research and by the intervention would be able to turn the intervention into their advantage.

These interventions should not be a cause of concern, even if by nature some representatives may by their character not like to entertain such interventions. For all intent and purpose representatives should be able to think on their feet and hold their cool. They are required to be able to foresee the inevitable and if they could not do so,  they have only themselves to blame for they were ill prepared for the occurrence upon which they realize that they were defeated.

Under no circumstance should any elected representative display in the August House that he is born with a naked vulnerability and that he has not out grown out, from his infantile dependence or childhood tantrums. We have seen a number of representatives who have to the dismay of the public demonstrated their naked vulnerability by throwing out their childhood tantrums, only to be compelled to apologise. Some brave souls do, but cowards do not. Then, they endeavour to bring themselves into the realms of what Charles Maurice de Talleyrand said: " Speech was given to man to disguise his thoughts." But, we know what they have meant by their words, acts or conduct.

Just like in the legal profession the lawyers in court address each other in court as my learned friend and the judge as my lord.  In any case when lawyers address their opponent as a learned friend or the judge as my lord, it does not tantamount to the fact that the opponent or the judge may have much substance or gray matter in between his left and right ear. It is done out of humility and respect for the court. In that sense there is no exception to the rule of humility. On the other hand one has to also exercise patience in all ones dealings, as it is active and at the same time it is concentrated strength, which if put into practiced would bring out the virtue in any man.

In Latin, virtue means virility. In that sense it may suggest that there is to be a combination of strength, restraint and courage. No doubt virtue would be more appropriate when it is used in the context of womanhood as woman, do bear the larger share of saving humanity by their endowed reproductive cycle. This process in some way saves humanity for men, as generally men do have a tendency for climactic and catastrophic aspirations.

By nature all of us as human beings aspire in general to show that we possess moral rectitude. But, why then do some of our elected representatives change their character or could it be that their character was such,  which was unbeknown to their party leaders.

Could it be that the parties that nominated these unassuming characters did not have any nominees of sound mind or of any intellectual capacity or the leadership of the respective parties had become obligated to nominate these unsavoury characters.

Regardless of what may be the reasons for which these unsavoury characters were nominated and have been elected into the August House, we as the voting populace have to vow that in the predictable future, we are going to be the masters of our faith. We have to make a solemn promise to ourselves and our families that we are not going to fall prey to the appearance and the instant noodle election responses which will be marketed with great tenderness, with the hope that as in the past the people will buy the opportunist propaganda.

As virtue has bolted out of the August House, we can already see it the new antics in the marketing of the 1Malaysia Concept. Virtue has gone out, in particular from Najib, the Prime Minister and Hishamuddin the Minister of Home Affairs where both have played and are still playing on the Malay psyche and both have defended the symbol of Malay supremacy by the wielding and by the usage of the keris.

With this past scenario in mind, now is the opportunity for the people to play their part to bring about change. Each of us in our own individual way with our families should channel all our power in common with other like minded people under the leadership and the direction of the Pakatan Rakyat(PR) and subscribe to its general will. We know that through the PR we can aspire to attain what is good for the society as a whole and through the PR we can express our views as individuals through the PR as an indivisible part of the whole.

We can ensure that the PR does not adopt the ill conceived ways of the BN and that the PR leadership would be more attentive, concerned, caring and would not provide poetic service where the spirited quality of the BN's moralities have become mere moralism and their Malay centered ethics feeble goodness just like the 1Malaysia Concept which is a logical fiction.

Its time that we the people bring our act together and put an end to the BN's intellectual honeymoon and let the BN face an intellectual sorrow as the BN has no more virtu

MACC should had used The ultimate mood enhancer Padma instead of Norliza Musa,

Posted: 04 Dec 2009 06:22 AM PST


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padma Lakshmi, the 'Top Chef' anchor and a stunning model, has on more than one occasion spoken frankly of how she loves being nude. related article

MACC Flirting gives off the impression to their partner UMNO THAT ACCA LADY IS GOOD PIMPMACC's lady started it EX DAP PROSTITUTE OPEN HER PUSSY THEN Abdul Rahman the de facto mentri besar DELIVERED IT THE BASTARD B.N PERAK GOVERNMENT


Now, the India-born beauty who is six months pregnant with a child whose father's identity she refuses to disclose, poses naked for the cover of America's Page Six magazine. On the cover, Padma is seen sitting in a somewhat fetal position with both her knees bent to cover frontal nudity and her baby bump.

"I like me better naked. I don't mean that in a vain way … When you put clothes on, you immediately put a character on. Clothes are adjectives, they are indicators. When you don't have any clothes on, it's just you, raw, and you can't hide," Padma tells the magazine.

The 39-year-old model also spoke about having gained weight during her pregnancy.

"One of the reasons I think I've gained weight pretty quickly during my pregnancy is that I'm not exercising as much as I do normally… I can't. I'm feeling tired, and I have this business to run," said the former wife of Booker winning author Salman Rushdie.

Besides taking care of her unborn baby, due in spring, Padma is focused on the launch of her new business ventures which include a jewellery line at New York department store Bergdorf Goodman and the American 24-hour shopping channel, Home Shopping Network.

Padma Lakshmi,


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Sex is only a mood booster if it's safe and mutually monogamous. Although women who do not use condoms during sex are less depressed, according to research, that doesn't mean they should practice unsafe sex. Studies have found no correlation between high-risk sexual behavior and lower rates of depression.
And good sex isn't the only recipe for happy days and contented nights. Feel free to explore other options, like volunteering, exercising regularly, spending time with good friends, laughing with loved ones, writing in a journal, and otherwise engaging in activities that you find fulfilling. Taking good care of your health can also make you happy. After all, nothing can put a smile on your face like a good report from your doctor

Did you know great sex, if it is within a mutually monogamous relationship, may be one of the ultimate mood In fact, semen contains powerful – and potentially addictive – mood-altering chemicals, including testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone, and prostaglandins. So although sex won't cure depression, it may boost mood if some of these chemicals are absorbed through the walls of the vagina.
Sex is only a mood booster if it's safe and mutually monogamous. Although women who do not use condoms during sex are less depressed, according to research, that doesn't mean they should practice unsafe sex. Studies have found no correlation between high-risk sexual behavior and lower rates of depression.
And good sex isn't the only recipe for happy days and contented nights. Feel free to explore other options, like volunteering, exercising regularly, spending time with good friends, laughing with loved ones, writing in a journal, and otherwise engaging in activities that you find fulfilling. Taking good care of your health can also make you happy. After all, nothing can put a smile on your face like a good report from your doctor

Couple in bed

Here is Padma Lakshmi's nude body from her supermodel days because if you want to see a naked Indian-(American) celebrity she is the only show in town. Sure there are other famous and very beautiful Indian women out there but I haven't seen their bushes so Padma Lakshmi is it. Despite the huge and fucking terrible 7-inch scar between her right elbow and shoulder, she still manage to become a top model. Can you imagine what she could have accomplish without that thing? Her amazing natural breasts make up for the scar though, those things look like they were made for titty fucking. I don't mind the scar because it is from n accident and at least it it not a stupid dumb moment tattoo. I just wish Padma was younger like by 20 years but she still has it for now. Anyway, I have a growing interest in Indian boobs and these naked pictures of Padma is scratching that itch. Click on pictures to enlarge.



Padma Parvati Lakshmi (born September 1, 1970 in Kerala, India) is an Indian American cook book author, actress, and former model who has described herself as the first well-known model from India. She has been the host of the US reality television program

Did you know great sex, if it is within a mutually monogamous relationship, may be one of the ultimate mood In fact, semen contains powerful – and potentially addictive – mood-altering chemicals, including testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone, and prostaglandins. So although sex won't cure depression, it may boost mood if some of these chemicals are absorbed through the walls of the vagina.Sex is only a mood booster if it's safe and mutually monogamous. Although women who do not use condoms during sex are less depressed, according to research, that doesn't mean they should practice unsafe sex. Studies have found no correlation between high-risk sexual behavior and lower rates of depression.And good sex isn't the only recipe for happy days and contented nights. Feel free to explore other options, like volunteering, exercising regularly, spending time with good friends, laughing with loved ones, writing in a journal, and otherwise engaging in activities that you find fulfilling. Taking good care of your health can also make you happy. After all, nothing can put a smile on your face like a good report from your doctor

Did you know great sex, if it is within a mutually monogamous relationship, may be one of the ultimate mood In fact, semen contains powerful – and potentially addictive – mood-altering chemicals, including testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone, and prostaglandins. So although sex won't cure depression, it may boost mood if some of these chemicals are absorbed through the walls of the vagina.Sex is only a mood booster if it's safe and mutually monogamous. Although women who do not use condoms during sex are less depressed, according to research, that doesn't mean they should practice unsafe sex. Studies have found no correlation between high-risk sexual behavior and lower rates of depression.And good sex isn't the only recipe for happy days and contented nights. Feel free to explore other options, like volunteering, exercising regularly, spending time with good friends, laughing with loved ones, writing in a journal, and otherwise engaging in activities that you find fulfilling. Taking good care of your health can also make you happy. After all, nothing can put a smile on your face like a good report from your doctor

Rasuah & Yang Berkuasa : Ibarat Aur Dengan Tebing

Posted: 04 Dec 2009 01:41 PM PST

Rasuah adalah isu terkini yang menjadi bualan ramai di setiap pelusuk negara.

Isu rasuah ini memang sudah menjadi bualan di mana-mana sejak 20 tahun dahulu. Hanya pucuk pimpinan semasa itu tidak serius untuk membendungnya dari awal kerana takut kepada bahana politik yang mungkin hinggap kepada mereka.

Sekarang rasuah sudah menjadi barah yang tidak dapat diubati lagi. Rasuah sudah menguasai setiap penghidupan.

Yang terakhir yang disebut ialah mengenai Setiausaha Politik seorang Menteri Kanan Kerajaan yang telah membina kekayaan yang begitu banyak dalam waktu yang sangat singkat.

Tentunya ia hasil daripada usaha membantu ahli-ahli perniagaan mendapat kemudahan dan kelulusan projek yang besar-besar yang melibatkan ratusan dan ribuan juta dari Kementerian yang sangat berpengaruh itu.

Tidak hairanlah negara kita telah jatuh ke tempat ke-56 dari tempat yang ke-47 di sisi pandangan Corruption Perception Index Antarabangsa (CPI) dalam kegiatan rasuah.

Rasuah merupakan penyakit yang sudah tidak dapat diubati lagi dan ianya adalah lebih buruk dan merbahaya daripada ketagihan dadah.

Saya telah menulis puluhan kali tentang isu in tetapi kadangkala saya dimaki hamun oleh beberapa orang semata-mata kerana yang saya katakan rasuah itu terdiri daripada pemimpin kerajaan dan pemimpin kerajaan itu adalah pemimpin UMNO atau pemimpin-pemimpin dari komponen BN.

Hanya kekuatan yang Tuhan berikan kepada saya untuk memberanikan diri untuk terus menulis dan menulis tentang korupsi yang akan menyungkurkan negara ke lembah keaiban sebagai sebuah negara yang dikatakan merdeka ini.

Jelas situasi yang kita lihat pada hari ini membuktikan bahawa kita masih belum lagi merdeka. Kita masih terjajah dengan rasuah, musuh yang lebih ganas daripada semua bentuk penjajahan.

Jika dalam peperangan kita menggunakan senjata yang canggih-canggih untuk memerangi musuh, tetapi dalam memerangi rasuah tiada teknologi lagi yang mampu menghapuskannya.

Rocky Bru telah menyebut Setiausaha Politik kepada Nor Mohammad Yaakob yang dimaksudkan oleh media massa sekarang ini sebagai perasuah sedang disoalsiasat oleh MACC.

Setiausaha Politik itu dikatakan mempunyai rumah-rumah besar dan 4 kereta mewah yang sudah pasti tidak boleh didapati tanpa melakukan kegiatan rasuah.

Orang ramai bercakap di mana-mana, yang rasuah ini bukan sahaja dilakukan oleh Setiusaha Politik Nor Mohammad Yaakob tetapi juga melibatkan pegawai-pegawai dan pembantu Perdana Menteri dan yang lain-lain di Kementerian yang lain.

Rasuah Pak Menteri macam mana? Rasuah pegawai tinggi kerajaan macam mana nak dihapuskan? Malahan di mana-mana rakyat bercerita tentang rasuah seolah-olah rasuah itu sudah menjadi aktiviti halal dan tidak lagi dianggap kegiatan yang hina dan memalukan.

Malahan kegiatan rasuah ini sudah menjadi amalan yang tidak dipandang hina oleh masyarakat sedangkan rasuahlah merupakan punca kemusnahan tamadun dan kerajaan-kerajaan dalam banyak rintitan sejarah dunia.

Untuk memerangi rasuah bukanlah suatu tugasan mudah. Itulah sebabnya di negara yang maju dalam mana kegiatan rasuah itu berkurangan adalah disebabkan pelaksanaan undang-undang dan etika kepimpinan yang tinggi yang dapat membantu mengubati penyakit yang kronik ini.

Undang-undang dan etika mestilah berjalan secara serentak. Undang-undang sahaja tidak akan mampu membanterasnya jika budaya dan etika tidak diberikan perhatian.
Bagaimana etika dapat membantu melenyapkan rasuah?

Saya bukan seorang yang scholarlic untuk memberikan gambaran yang tepat tetapi saya ingin membawa semua kepada contoh-contoh yang nyata berlaku yang sangat baik untuk diterima pakai.

Lama dahulu seorang ahli Jemaah Kabinet Jerman (saya terlupa nama dan waktunya) telah hilang jawatan semata-mata kesilapannya membeli cokelat untuk cucunya dengan menggunakan kad kredit kerajaan.

Pada awal 90-an Menteri Dalam Negeri Korea meletakkan jawatan kerana 4 orang banduan telah terlepas lari dari penjara. Walaupun Ketua Penjara itu bertanggung jawab ke atas banduan-banduan itu tetapi Menterinya mengambil accountability ke atas kejadian itu dan terus meletakkan jawatan.

Tindakan Menterinya meletakkan jawatan ialah untuk mengambil accountability tadi kerana beliau menerima jawatan itu dengan tanggungjawab maka jika berlaku perkara seperti itu ianya merupakan kegagalan pihaknya sebagai Menteri kepada Kementerian itu.

Mereka menerima jawatan Menteri itu bukan kerana hendak cari makan tetapi untuk mebuktikan bahawa dia boleh melaksanakan tanggungjawab kepada negara dengan baik.

Itulah sebabnya jika terdapat di kalangan Kementerian beliau yang rasuah dan melakukan perkara-perkara yang hina, meraka merasa malu dan terus meletakkan jawatan. Begitulah tingginya etika yang mereka pakai dalam hal kepimpinan negara dan rakyat.

Malahan banyak lagi contoh dalam mana pemimpin meletakkan jawatan kerana menjaga maruah sebagai pemimpin. Harga diri dan maruah mereka tidak dapat dijualbeli.

Rakyat ramai sedang memerhatikan apa kesudahan isu ini.

Jika kegiatan membabitkan rasuah yang kecil seperti yang dilakukan oleh ADUN Selangor pun mudah didapatkan bukti masakan rasuah yang sebegini besar tidak dapat dibuktikan.

Seandainya Pegawai kepada Menteri ini didapati bersalah ia wajib dihukum dan Menterinya harus meletakkan jawatan jika kita ambil dari sudut accountability Menteri itu tadi.

Kerajaan BN nampaknya sudah sinonim dengan rasuah, seolah-olah rasuah dan UMNO/BN itu seperti aur dengan tebing; sandar menyandar di antara satu dengan lain.

Tanpa UMNO/BN, rasuah tidak akan hidup atau tanpa rasuah UMNO/BN tidak mampu untuk bergerak.

Kita sekarang sudah tidak lagi dapat mengenali siapa yang jujur tanpa rasuah dan siapa yang rasuah.

Rakyat tidak lagi mampu untuk memberikan kepercayaan kepada sesiapa yang memimpin kerana pada mereka tidak ada siapa boleh diyakini lagi.

Malahan sekarang ramai pemimpin yang dianggap rasuah bercakap tentang isu penghapusan rasuah dan ada individu rasuah yang ditugaskan untuk memantau kegiatan rasuah oleh pucuk pimpinan yang juga tidak terlepas daripada pandangan negatif rakyat terhadapnya.

Setiap hari ada sahaja isu tentang rasuah. Rasuah bak kata Dr Mahathir sudah sampai ke ususnya, tetapi beliau tidak mahu mengaku kegiatan ini bermula dengan kadar yang besar di bawah kepimpinan beliau.

Rasuah..rasuah..rasuah! Yang memimpin rasuah dan yang dipimpin rasuah. Yang nak hapuskan rasuah juga dipandang rakyat sebagai perasuah.

Yang bilis-bilis tertangkap, yang paus-pausnya terlepas. Banyak antara rasuah tidak dapat diketengahkan kerana ada undang-undang yang melindunginya seperti Akta Rahsia Rasmi (OSA).

Oleh kerana keadaan seperti ini rakyat sudah mual dengan mana pemimpin-pemimpin yang bercakap tentang keburukan rasuah. Rasuah tidak juga terhapus.

Bagi saya seorang, saya tidak yakin pimpinan hari ini mampu untuk membendung kegiatan yang hina ini.

"Kita terpaksa menerima cara hidup yang rasuah; kalau tidak kita akan dipencilkan. Kalau kita menentang kita akan dimaki hamun oleh pemimpin dan penyokong-penyokongnya," sindir seorang rakan saya yang tidak pernah berjaya mendapatkan apa-apa perniagaan melalui kerajaan kerana tidak mampu untuk memberi rasuah.

Rakyat berkeyakinan bahawarasuah bukan sahaja dilakukan oleh Setiausaha Politik Menteri yang disebutkan tadi tetapi kegiatan ini berlaku di mana-mana.

Di depan kita nampak rasuah, di belakang kita terjumpa dengan rasuah di kiri dan di kanan kita dengar rasuah.

Rasuah di mana-mana. Bagi kita yang di bawah ini hanya duduk diam; ada telinga kita dengar dan ada mulut kita diam.

Kalau kita cuba untuk memerangi rasuah berkemungkinan kita akan menjadi mangsa. Salah langkah kita ditembak dari belakang.

Penolakan rakyat kepada pimpinan mungkin jalan yang dipilih rakyat dan jika itu berlaku maka akan terlihat oleh kita insiden yang tidak pernah kita lihat dalam siasah negara selama 52 tahun kita merdeka.

Kita mesti ingat kepada kata-kata bidalan, 'masakan bangkai gajah boleh ditutup dengan nyiru'.

Agama kita juga ada mengingatkan kita, 'memakan rasuah itu adalah sama seperti memakan daging saudara kita sendiri'.

Jangan kita ambil mudah tentang isu rasuah ini kerana lama kelamaan ia akan menghancurkan kita dan negara kita yang telah dibina oleh datuk nenek kita.

Sekian……………………………………………………………….Aspan Alias

DAP Sarawak-”Storm Warriors”

Posted: 04 Dec 2009 05:52 AM PST

Just as the highly anticipated martial arts film"The Storm Warriors" are about to blasts into our cinemas next week a political storm is brewing in the Sarawak DAP. It will thunder in very soon and according to innsiders/sources this has the making of of a very serious loss to the party as DAP Sarawak has more soldiers than Generals and it will further split the party.

Storm warriors  is based on the comic's pivotal Death Battle story. Cloud (Aaron Kwok) and Wind(Ekin Cheng ) are in conflict with the powerful Japanese warlord (Simon Yam) and Heartless (Nicholas Tse)  The combined forces in this movie culminates in an ultimate battle with a lot of fighting and actions. DAP like our previous article in which we wrote Times' Up Voon on N11 is just a diversion from the reality of it all.

There are 6 Sarawak State DAP  legislators in N10(Violet Yong) N11( Voon Lee Shan) N12( Chong Chieng Jen) N40 (Ting Tze Fui) N45 (Wong Ho Leng) N59  (Chiew Ching Sing). According to ground zero reports SUPP will be facing its toughest yet to win back these losts 6 seats and might just face a rather acrimonious loss of at least a few more. The reality of it all is that SUPP will need to sort itself out before they face their common enemy and the voters. 


DAP's ratings have indeed surged since SUPP has been embroiled in too much infighting. Even tears were shed by veteran SUPP members in their recent SUPP assembly.Are these the start for SUPP veterans to come back and assist the injured party to fight its toughest battle against DAP?  SUPP will not give up so easily and we can say with our lasts dollar that they will come out fighting from the word "GO".

DAP has very low regards to SUPP holding their forts and it is common knowledge that when your enemy is having problems it represents the best chance for DAP leaders to lead the armyand they are prepared to TAKE-OFF and take full charge of the situation. An internal strugle to see who leads this army is brewing according to our sources and there are clearly three factions in DAP Sarawak. 

Chiew,Chong and Ho Leng are the 3 factional leaders in this equation and Voon is the odd man out of this three factions and considered a loner. David Wong,Fong Pau Teck a strong DAP divisional head is touted to join forces with Chiew the N59 assemblyman while Ho Leng has losts the plot amongst the DAP party members eventhough the voters has still high esteemed of him as an assemblyman. Chong senior sees this an opportune time for his son N12 Assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen to lead  DAP with his new team. Observers are looking at Chiew putting a stop to a family legacy and confidently and quietly pretty sure that "past karma" might just stop Chong from leading DAP SARAWAK. 

We  know from the highest to the lowest party member almost all are obsessed in party positions especially so with DAP Sarawak now as they are on the verge of greater representations in the DUN as SUPP to them is a foregone entity.The struggles which they have battle scars to prove is now close at hand and the people/voters are slowly accepting them as alternative to champion their rights in mosts of the urban Chinese enclave.  It is these Posseessiveness-the passion to hold and have -is the ultimate source of war,and the foundation of all the ills crippling a solid political organisation. The question is will it affect DAP Sarawak as it prepares itself for the impending Elections? Will DAP with these storm brewing gain more than lose more?

DAP will need to pick amongst them the new leader or remain status quo to lead the opposition front into a battle royale with BN. Innsiders points to the fact that PKR Sarawak has got their house in order and with Baru Bian at the helm the party is on solid footing. Opposition members hopes for more of the same from DAP power struggles but hope their possessiveness of the DAP LEADERS CHAIR will do more good than harm.

Obviously BN and SUPP hopes that the storm brewing will drown the generals of the party and the soldiers will be too battle weary when the STATE ELECTION COMES ROUND THE CORNER. DAP YBs have their own charisma according to a highly ranked opposition leader and they will still hold their own against their opponents when the moment of truth is upon them.

audie61 hopes for the sake of DAP that this will augur well for DAP as the THUNDER SETS IN. BN is looking closely to ensure that the injured will not be able to PATCH UP and thus the bottom will cave in. The storm warriors of DAP will do well to look at the bigger picture than going for the ultimate. Will they just do that……

Another PKFZ in AirAsia's RM 25 Million 'Incentive'?

Posted: 04 Dec 2009 03:23 AM PST

By Admin

It appears that wherever Ong Tee Keat goes, there's bound to be some kind of shit left behind. First we had the PKFZ fiasco with Ong and his moronic supporters trying to convince everyone that he is some kind of hero. Now, we have this latest fiasco involving AirAsia.

It appears that this latest fiasco involving a RM 25 Million 'incentive' given by the BN/Umno regime to AirAsia to settle AirAsia's arrears with Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd. has resulted in MCA pointing its finger at the Ministry of Finance for this latest fiasco as Umno on the other hand is pointing its fingers at MCA's Ong Tee Keat who is also Transport Minister.

Whatever the case, whether it is Umno or MCA who is to answer for this latest fiasco, it's certainly "Satu Lagi Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional" (Another Project by the Barisan Nasional Government). According to Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Rahim Bakri Air Asia was given RM20.5mil and RM4mil to AirAsia X for a good job in bringing 10 million tourists and contributing to the country's profit.

On the other hand, Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat confirmed last May that AirAsia owed RM110mil in airport taxes from 2002 to March 31, 2008. However he later flip flopped and said in February that the amount owed was reduced to RM65mil. How was this feat achieved?

In the first place, every passenger pays airport taxes to Air Asia whenever they book a ticket just as they do with MAS. So why the need for the RM 25Million 'incentive' to AirAsia to settle its debts with MAHB? The Scribe smells a rat here. This would be a good time for the new MACC Chief to make a name for himself by carrying out an investigation on this latest fiasco.

Check out this Blog Posting by Pro-Umno Blog, warisan2057 whacking MCA's Ong Tee Keat:

Tahniah Air Asia kerana menjadi anak emas Kementerian Pengangkutan. Rakyat nak tahu sangat siapa yer dalam kementerian ini yang menjadi talian hayat Air Asia sehingga merugikan hasil mahsul negara sebanyak rm25 juta.

Saya setuju dengan pandangan Wee wangsa maju ini bahawa airport tax itu adalah duit yang dibayar oleh pengguna lapangan terbang kepada kerajaan dengan Air Asia menjadi pengantaranya. Yang kita pelik pengantara ini pulak yang makan komisen. Komisen atas angin. Rakyat nak tahu sangat mana satu pegawai kementerian ini yang makan duit komisen ini. Mungkin menterinya ke atau mungkin KSU nya? Bukan nak menuduh, cuma sedikit berprasangka.

Seterusnya kenapa Air Asia kemut air port ini selama bertahun-tahun, baru nak serah kat kerajaan. Dia buat main judi atau buat bunga ke duit beratus juta yang di bayar oleh pengguna lapangan terbang ini. Dimana kah keeficianan pihak berwajib dalam soal ini? Kenapa double standard? Kalau rakyat marhaen, sampai ke lubang cacing LHDN kejar yer. Tapi kalau syarikat kroni, sampai bertahun tahun baru nak serah duit yer.

Kerajaan dah bagi banyak kepada Air Asia. LCCT dibina beratus juta ringgit. Ini dengarnya nak buat LCCT baru, duit lagi. Wah-wah kita nak tahu sangat menteri mana atau bekas PM mana yang ada saham proxi dalam Air Asia ini sampai menjadi anak emas kerajaan huh.

Akhir sekali, mana pergi Menteri Pengangkutan? Jarang benar nampak di parlimen. Jarang benar nak jawab soalan-soalan di Parlimen. Sebok main politik tak habis-habis ke sampai tak jumpa pintu parlimen. Kalau gitu elok letak jawatan saja lah Menteri Pengangkutan. Kalau KPI hendak dikotakan, maka Menteri Pengangkutan ini harus di tunjukkan pintu keluar.

Dalam keadaan BN sakit ini pun ada menteri dan kementerian membuat keputusan yang terus meloyakan rakyat. Saya sangat tidak faham !

You just don't get it, do you?

Posted: 04 Dec 2009 02:48 AM PST

Since I posted the video on "What the FUCK!!!" December 02, I have received in access of 40 comments. Unfortunately, I feel that too many of these comments are in the vein of...

a) Oi! If you were the one being robbed by the guy, you won't be talking so big would you?
b) Huh! Next time you need to ask the police for help then you will know.
c) The baarger being hammered is a robber la. He deserves it la!
d) Ya la, the fler non-Malay that's why kena hantam the police also don't care lor.

I think you get the drift of what I am trying to say here. So I think it is important to set things right for those of you who just don't get it. I have re-printed here a comment which puts things in the proper perspective. Please read it and stop with the illogical comments. Thank you.

It doesn't matter if this chap is Malay, Chinese, Indian or Lain2. Many readers get that, and I think that's great.

But it also doesn't matter if this mofo raped your baby. There are a lot of posts on the original youtube entry in the vein of "what if this fler robbed you, sure you whack him la".

Wtf do people think this country is? suspect someone of a crime, (e.g. an Indian person, as has been the case for over a decade now), so whack him? Don't like someone's face, so bash it in?

It is tempting to say "it ain't our fault if the police haven't done their job, right?" After all, if the police really were to enforce the law without prejudice, then maybe we'd be more aware that it is wrong to go bashing people up no matter what we suspect them of.

That's why there is legitimate state-sanctioned violence; the court process, for whatever piece of crap it is worth today, was once an effective instrument of legal violence.

So, now that we know the system doesn't work, are we better off enforcing the law ourselves? Get real results, real quickly.

But whose law?

Shit people, if Malaysia has gone to the dogs it's because of fucking Malaysians. We went and said "okay" to those filthy politicians in the first place; and we didn't bat an eyelash when the cops started going on rampages. we still don't, evidently. Just say "Hooray, clap clap, don't fuck with my petrol subsidy". Morons.


DAP The Melayu Wannabe

Posted: 04 Dec 2009 01:56 AM PST

DAP to host circumcision ceremony to win over Muslims

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4 — In an attempt to win over the support of Muslim voters, the Chinese-dominated DAP will host a circumcision ceremony for 75 Muslim males in Perak this weekend.

"For the first time in history, DAP will host a mass circumcision ceremony at a mosque as a sign or respect to Islam and to prove that the party's struggle goes beyond racial and religious lines," said Perak DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming in a statement today.

The circumcision of young males is a common practice among the followers of the Abrahamic faiths, but here it is often seen as part of Malay culture.

Nga said the ceremony will be held at the Masjid Expo in Kamunting, near Taiping.

"This is our first time, and 75 young Muslim males will go through the sacred ritual in full tradition," he said.
He said similar event will also be held in Beruas, to be hosted by Perak DAP chairman Ngeh Koo Ham.

The state DAP was part of a coalition that ruled Perak until February this year, without the strong support of the Malay-Muslim community.

In Election 2008, the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) collectively won only nine Malay-majority state seats, while Umno won the remaining 27.

PR ruled the state by controlling only 31 seats in the state assembly of 59 members.

The state government collapsed after three lawmakers from PKR and DAP declared their support for Barisan Nasional (BN).

The two Malay PKR assemblymen who switched allegiance cited marginalisation of the Malays as one of the reasons for their defection.


Posted: 04 Dec 2009 01:30 AM PST

ASSHOLEs everywhere: airports, restaurants, traffic lights......

An award should go to the Virgin Airlines desk attendant in
Sydney some months ago for being smart and funny, while making her point,
when confronted with a passenger who probably deserved to fly as cargo.

A crowded Virgin flight was cancelled after a Virgin's 767s had been withdrawn
from service. A single attendant was rebooking a long line of inconvenienced travellers.

Suddenly an angry passenger pushed his way to the desk. He slapped his
ticket down on the counter and said, "I HAVE to be on this flight and it HAS to

The attendant replied, "I'm sorry, sir. I'll be happy to try to help
you, but I've got to help these people first, and I'm sure we'll be able
to work something out."

The passenger was unimpressed. He asked loudly, so that the
passengers behind him could hear, "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM?"

Without hesitating, the attendant smiled and grabbed her public address
microphone: "May I have your attention please, may I have your attention
please," she began - her voice heard clearly throughout the terminal.

"We have a passenger here at Desk 14 WHO DOES NOT KNOW
WHO HE IS. If anyone can help him find his identity, please come to Desk

With the folks behind him in line laughing hysterically, the man
glared at the Virgin attendant, gritted his teeth and said, 'F@@$… You!'
Without flinching, she smiled and said, (I love this bit)
"I'm sorry, sir, but you'll have to get in line for that too"

Note: Got this story through email from a friend.

Queue jumpers classic - 'Man in Line' puts Q-jumper in place!

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 08:47 PM PST

I truly applaud whoever came up with this classic q jumper short clip!

I am sure that we have all encountered self centered folks like this woman character who cut queues as they please thinking that its alright?

We all have our urgency's. Yet we must also remember that so do others!

First come ; first served.

That's the order of nature.

Q jumpers must be put in their place like this classic example by Mandy Patinkin!


This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Scarcity & Markets

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 06:48 PM PST

Economists talk of scarcity of resources and the role of the market in ensuring the efficiency of resource allocation. Is this true in real life?

To a certain extent, scarcity exists when we talk of what is available at our disposal today, and our ability to transform those available natural resources into things we want or desire.

In reality, given what we already know, there is still immense scope for people to produce the things that we want or desire. It is just a matter of unleashing the productive talent, and things will be produced. A whole new world is being created in China just by the stroke of the pen, and the freedom for people to follow their instinct for survival or security.

The efficiency that economists talk about is really the efficiency of production or getting what we want from the same amount of resources. This reflects our technological knowledge.

Of course, market efficiency can be obtained if the market is not controlled so that more output and lower prices can be obtained by consumers as producers compete to survive.

If we have businesses controlling policy, then the tendency is for policy to ensure prices high enough for business to make money, not matter how inefficient they may be.

But the markets we have in the world today is an exchange market. The market is where different producers of different products exchange with each other their products.

The market is an attempt at diversity, to exchange what we have plenty with others for the little or nothing that we have but where they have plenty. It is not an attempt at unity except probably for the price, and even this is possible only under very special conditions.

But the market does not spread efficiency between those who have with those who have not. Those who have not are excluded from the market. They are outside the market. They cannot participate. To participate, they must attempt at production, and hopefully something which they like and which others like as well. They must also be able to increase the production, so that there is a surplus to trade.

There can be no advantage to be obtained by restricting others in production, so that one can have the market. This will merely result in a lower output level.

The only way that restrictions can work is in commerce, where one can trade but others cannot trade. This assumes that both the market demand and supply are available, without any productive work involved. In this case, with market restrictions, market demand may not be sustainable because there is a constant leakage from the system in the form of rent or profits from restrictions, and the tendency is for the economy to go down on a vicious cycle.

A temporary way out of that vicious cycle is by printing money, when the central bank lends to the government or when banks lend to consumers.

A better way out of the vicious cycle is by increasing confidence and investment, aided by banks lending to businesses and investors.

Pendedahan Dokumen 1: International Zone Shah Alam

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 10:50 PM PST

Antara kesah yang disebarkan dengan meluas kepada ahli-ahli PAS Selangor yang menyebabkan ahli2 PAS ramai yang membenci Pakatan Rakyat adalah cerita berkaitan dengan International Zone Shah Alam.

Sepanjang hampir dua tahun PR memerintah Selangor, bermacam-macam fitnah yang telah disebarkan di kalangan ahli dan aktivis PAS Selangor berkenaan dengan karajaan Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor. Ini adalah salah satu contoh terbesar.

Kononnya International Zone (IZ) ini dicadangkan oleh DAP seperti yang dilaporkan oleh Zainul Faqar:

"Beliau menceritakan terdapat cadangan daripada exco DAP untuk membuat IT International Zone (kalau tidak silap) iaitu salah satu fungsinya adalah tempat untuk hiburan bertaraf antarabangasa seperti hiburan 24 jam, kelab malam 10mlm-4pg, kedai arak etc. Cadangan tenpat adalah di Puchong dan Shah Alam. Hassan berhujah dalam meting exco bahawa armarhum Sultan sudah menitahkan Shah Alam dilarang dibuat perkara-perkara seperti itu."

Hakikatnya tuan2 dan puan2 pembaca sekelian, ianya adalah projek yang telah siap dan dibina oleh syarikat yang bernama I-Berhad. I-Berhad pula adalah sebuah syarikat yang dipunyai oleh Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB).

Dan, kebenaran untuk mengadakan "pusat hiburan" di I-City tersebut adalah permohononan yang dibuat oleh I-Berhad kepada Istana Selangor sendiri. Buktinya surat ini hanya di c.c. atau dihantar salinan kepada MB Selangor. Surat ini tidak ditandatangani oleh MB Selangor seperti yang boleh dilihat di bawah:

Pun begitu Tuanku Sultan Selangor adalah seorang raja yang adil lagi bijaksana dan memahami cara menseimbangkan antara keperluan ekonomi Selangor dan juga menjaga akhlak serta nilai-nilai Islam di Selangor.

Hiburan yang dibenarkan di I-City tersebut hanyalah berbentuk hiburan kekeluargaan sahaja:

Hiburan-hiburan yang tidak diizinkan jelas dinyatakan dalam surat ini:

Keputusan ini di buat demi untuk mengizinkan para pekerja-pekerja "high skill" dari luar negeri datang ke I-City untuk bekerja di sana. Ianya bukan bertujuan untuk merosakkan atau membiak perkara-perkara yang berlawanan dengan Islam. Itu sahaja. Keputusan ini jelas menanmpakkan kebijaksanaan Tuanku Sultan Selangor di dalam mentadbir serta memerintah negeri Selangor.

Sebagai penutup, ahli-ahli dan aktivis PAS Selangor mesti bangun dan membersihkan diri mereka dari segala yang mereka dengar selama ini berkenaan dengan pentadbiran Kerajaan Selangor.

Walaupun saya sudah menulis artikel ini, tapi ramai yang menolak penerangan saya dengan mengatakan siapa TUlang Besi. Dia tidak duduk pun dalam exco.

Nah, sekarang saya bawa sendiri surat rasmi berkaitan dengan isu ini. Jelas, saudara/ri telah dibohongi oleh Fraksi UMNO dalam PAS Selangor demi untuk membuat saudara/ri membenci Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat serta membenci Pakatan Rakyat itu sendiri.

Gambar surat ini ada dibawah untuk rujukan.

Tulang Besi

ps ini adalah gambar-gambar surat tersebut

Chinese Muslim are not exactly Chinese

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 08:50 PM PST

Chinese-style mosques in three states

Pic: A typical Hui minority couple in China

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4 — Three new mosques with Chinese-style architecture will soon be built in three different states, in a bid by the government to win over the Chinese community.

Generally, I have no issue with things that are designed to foster relationship among mankind such as this Pagoda style mosques.

Pic: A Typical Chinese Lass 

I am not even giving an opinion here. Actually, I am just trying to tell those behind these Pagoda Mosques that Islam was, is and will never be perceived as a 'religion' per se. This is because Islam was designed or rather, inherited characteristics of Judaism that requires one not only to change mentally upon conversion, but also to adopt an orthodox lifestyle ranging from how to pee to how to poo that is totally alien to those who are not familiar with the way of life around the great plains of Sahara desert such as the Chinese, whose own civilization actually predates the Middle Eastern by thousand of years.

In short, Islam is more than religion because God is the least significant element as compared to the culture, the politics, the philosophy that one has to adopt, and one that is orthodox and very alien especially to people from the far east where things like virtue is actually holier than God, where modifying genital organ is never a cool thingy, etc, etc, etc.

Now, alien culture and lifestyle is one thing. Generally, it will  work if it's perceived as something hip, cool or perhaps advanced such as the case of most pop cultures and artificial intelligence. But can Islam  be classified as something hip, cool or advanced, realistically speaking?

Pic: Below may be the kind of 'religion' that can sell to the Chinese  ...

By now you may already have an idea why those who adopted the Islamic way of life in China are still a minority concentrated only in a north western region called Xinjiang, and who never even consider themselves as Chinese but (also officially classified as) a "Minority Race" called  "Hui" just like Eskimos, Red Indian, and not a 'Chinese' typical of the Han stock (whereby I actually believe the Huis are originally Hans too)?

Again, there is nothing wrong with the Pagoda Mosque, I just feel there must be many way more effective ways out there to achieve the same objectives ...

More on the story here: -
The mosques, to be built in Rawang in Selangor, Malacca and Perak, will be ready in the next two years.

Like Malaysia's first Chinese-style mosque, which was completed recently in Kelantan, they will combine classic Chinese and Islamic architectural styles. Familiar pagoda-style roofs replace the usual domes alongside minarets.

And while sermons in mosques here are usually delivered only in Malay, they will be given in Malay and Mandarin at the three new mosques.

The government had given approval to the building of the mosques, said Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Mashitah Ibrahim, to help the Chinese community understand Islam better.

"It is a form of dakwah (spreading the message of Islam)," she told The Straits Times.

"We also want to get closer to the Chinese and help them to understand that Islam does not promote hatred towards other religions."

Mashitah, who is in charge of Islamic affairs, added that the mosques will focus on promoting Chinese culture such as art, herbs and food.

The mosques, which are being funded by the government and the Chinese-Muslim community, will also organise non-religious festivities during festivals such as Chinese New Year and the mooncake festival. They are part of efforts to reach out to the Chinese people, many of whom believe that Islam imposes rigid rules on Muslim converts.

Many believe that embracing Islam would mean losing their racial identity and cutting ties with their family members.

Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (Macma) president Datuk Mustapha Ma acknowledged this misconception among the Chinese.

"Perhaps it is our mistake for not doing enough to explain Islam to the community," he said.

"But now, it will be easier for us as we can organise non-religious activities in Chinese mosques and invite the non-Muslims."

According to Ma, the Chinese Muslim population has been growing, from only 57,000 a decade ago to an estimated 70,000 now.

Still, the community remains a minority among the Chinese, who make up 6.7 million of Malaysia's 28 million population.

The association had been asking the government to build Chinese-style mosques over the past 10 years, but their applications had been turned down.

One of the reasons, explained Datuk Abdullah Zin, religious adviser to the Prime Minister, was that the state religious authorities felt that there should not be various types of mosques as Islam promoted unity.

Some Chinese Muslims also said there was little need for such mosques and sermons in Mandarin.

"Most Chinese understand Malay here," said Kedah teacher Ani Aishah Fatimah Leong Abdullah, 42.

Still, Macma's Ma believes that the building of the Chinese-style mosques could help to ease current racial tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims.

"We can show that Islam is a universal religion by building such mosques," he said.

"Non-Muslims can attend non-religious activities there, and the mosques can be used by all Muslims, not only Chinese Muslims, for prayer." — The Straits Times

Bila saya besar nanti

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 07:24 PM PST

Seorang guru tadika sedang memupuk rasa percaya diri kepada pelajarnya-pelajarnya. Guru tersebut meminta mereka untuk memperkenalkan diri sekaligus memberitahu tentang cita-cita mereka.

Abu berdiri dan berkata, "Nama saya Abu bin Dolah. Bila besar nanti saya ingin jadi juruterbang, jadi bolehlah saya pergi ke Australia, Eropah, Iraq dan sebagainya".

"Bagus Abu. Terima kasih. Siapa lagi?", tanya cikgu.

Seorang pelajar perempuan yang duduk di tepi berdiri dan berkata, "Nama saya Noni binti Samad. Kalau besar nanti, Noni nak jadi suri rumah tangga dan mempunyai anak-anak yang comel".

"Bagus. Jadi suri rumah tangga merupakan cita-cita yang mulia. Siapa lagi?".

Seman berdiri dan berkata, "Saya Seman bin Leman, bila besar nanti saya bercita-cita untuk membantu Noni mencapai cita-citanya...".


Membesar keluarga pun satu cita-cita baik. Asal besar jangan jadi macam Husin cukuplah. Saudagar unta yang juga Bullshidul Am.

Nanti blog ana tak boleh cari makan. Persaingan ...

'Unlawful sacking': Last chance for Anwar

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 12:30 AM PST

After 11 years, Anwar Ibrahim's final chance to challenge his unlawful dismissal as deputy prime minister is being heard at the Federal Court today.
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Anti-corruption memo 'litmus test' for IGP

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 10:06 PM PST

A group of 15 activists handed in a memorandum to Bukit Aman police today urging them to take action against top politicians involved in alleged cases of corruption.
Views: 597
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Time: 08:18 More in News & Politics

'Earth-shattering speech crying out for debate'

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 07:06 PM PST

DAP parliamentarian Tony Pua has urged Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah to enable a public debate on his recent speech on the 'real state' of the economy.
Views: 392
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Time: 04:45 More in News & Politics

GST in bull's eye as Pakatan takes aim

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 06:22 PM PST

Pakatan Rakyat has reacted quickly to form a task force that will scrutinise the Goods and Services Tax (GST) policy, which is expected to come into force in 18 months.
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