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An Umno beginner’s guide: how to defend the BTN

An Umno beginner’s guide: how to defend the BTN

An Umno beginner’s guide: how to defend the BTN

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 11:25 AM PST

By Pak Bui

Imagine you are a dim-witted, self-satisfied Umno lackey. You have been given the duty of attempting to brainwash government employees with Umno propaganda using the BTN.

Lay all the groundwork. Build BTN camps in deserted jungle areas, where no outsiders can interfere. The buildings may be shoddy, the bathrooms communal, and the food no better than slop, but this is part of your cunning plan to intimidate and soften up the inmates.

Disorientate your subjects, keep them deprived of sleep, and force them to listen to lectures lauding racial supremacy and condemning some Malaysians as pendatang or immigrants. Make them watch videos of racial killings.

Do feel free to spread some love among your cronies. Allow them to build the boot camps, provide what you euphemistically call catering, then clear the food and other rubbish. Even if things fall apart or do not work, shrug and raise your eyebrows. After all, you do not have to use the toilets there yourself.

Once the cat is out of the bag, and the digital media get hold of the story, you must "manage" the bloggers and journalists and other cyber-nuisances. You must remember the five D's of Defence. These tips can also be used for various other monstrosities. And bear in mind that you will need to employ them often throughout your Umno career.

The Five D's

1. Deny

Just pretend the racist indoctrination and the bigoted insults never happened. Say things like "Out of the 1,000 lectures given, maybe only one minute the lecturer had a slip-up so it is unfair that you portray BTN as racist just for that", as reported in the Malaysian Insider.

Remember that this "argument" must not be used in the context of the police gunning down Malaysians, playing judge and executioner. Avoid saying anything like: "Out of 1,000 police patrols on the street, maybe only one minute they shoot people in cold blood".

2. Deceive

Confuse the issue: "(The participants) are taught about the Federal Constitution, the social contract, the position of the Malays in this country and 60 per cent of the population are the bumiputras. Are they racists? These are facts, so are they racists?" Weak minded Malaysians will not know that the Federal Constitution does not stipulate corruption in the name of racism, while poor Malays stay poor.

Do take note that you can use this approach in other Umno scams too. For example, try pretending that overturning the elected government of Perak by force is not about greed and brutality and ignoring the constitution, but about the monarch's position.

3. Deflect the blame

Blame other people for your terrible shortcomings. Say the whole issue was blown out of proportion by the alternative media, and accuse them of being anti-nationalist.

Harangue the Selangor government for "politicising" the issue. Never ever mention that the BTN was "politicised" from birth, as an illegitimate love-child of Umno and the Umno-embracing bureaucracy.

Try to find out which BTN inmates might have spilled the beans, and try to threaten them subtly. For example, say: WE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!

Berate the Malay government employees who complained about racism during BTN courses. Say that they are traitors and imply gently that they are Satanists, helping the Chinese pendatang usurp "Malay supremacy" or ketuanan Melayu.

4. Delay

Talk more slowly, and embrace inertia even more than usual. Pretend that you are doing something constructive, while picking your nose and scratching yourself.

Promise an investigation, a high-level probe or a careful study – or all three. Use little catchphrases you have learnt from Sesame Street like "No stone will be left unturned". Avoid turning over any stones.

Set up a committee. Appoint other overfed Umnocrats you went to school with. Sit around drinking coffee and laughing over stories of your mistresses. But ensure these meetings are "closed door".

Remind yourself that, if you delay long enough, you may be dead, or be made a Tun, before your malicious deeds catch up with you. You can always train a favoured son in your dark arts, so that he can cover up for you even after you die.

5. Deliberate over cosmetic reforms

Propose fake, cosmetic reforms. Talk at length over national television about your concern over the "allegations". Pledge wide-ranging analysis, followed by reforms, so that the subject of the scandal can be incorporated into 1Malaysia.

So announce that the BTN can be moulded and twisted into a vehicle for 1Malaysia, just like, you might argue, a piece of dung can be shaped into a lovely dessert bowl.

Finally, do ensure that you adopt the appropriate posture and tone. Slouch in your plump, overstuffed armchair and talk disdainfully to the press. Try to appear inert, plump and overstuffed yourself to blend in with your surroundings.

Practice makes perfect. Never be afraid of starting further outrageous scandals, so that you can hone your damage control skills to a high art. One day you, too, may become Umno deputy president.


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Travel woes and airport toilets in Bolehland

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 04:44 AM PST

If we had good governance in place, one of the more mundane things that might change is the state of our public lavatories. Ask Angeline Loh who, fingers ready to pinch her nose, ventures into a  local airport toilet and.... promptly loses her appetite. 

From exploitative “development” to sexual exploitation

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 04:37 AM PST

One of the big problems in the two north Borneo states is the exploitative development that has caused havoc especially in the interior of the region. Prema Devaraj looks at how this exploitation has extended to the sexual exploitation of marginalised indigenous girls and women. A more holistic and sustainable development is needed to put an end to it.

Bekas Pengarah : Biro Tata Negara (BTN) Sudah Lama Terpesong (Petikan & Video)

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 06:07 AM PST

Jelasnya, BTN kini juga telah terpesong dari matlamat asal penubuhan iaitu untuk menguatkan bangsa Melayu itu sendiri, yang mana kini tidak menumpukan soal bangsa apa lagi agama, sebaliknya menanam semangat perjuangan Umno pada jiwa peserta kursus.....

(Klik untuk lihat video)

Bekas Pengarah : Biro Tata Negara (BTN) Sudah Lama Terpesong

(Harakah Daily) - Biro Tata Negara (BTN) yang diwujudkan kini bukan lagi untuk menjaga semangat bangsa dan cintakan negara, sebaliknya untuk menjaga kekuatan parti Umno.

Bekas Pengarah BTN Terengganu, Rosli Abdullah memberitahu modul kursus yang diajar dalam BTN khususnya selepas tahun 1998, lebih menekankan pengukuhan peserta kursus kepada pada parti pemerintah itu.

"Pada masa yang sama, peserta kursus juga turut diajar memusuhi pemimpin parti-parti pembangkang, khususnya ulama dalam PAS, lebih bersifat perkauman dan berbagai lagi,"ujarnya lagi.

Katanya, tindakan pemimpin kerajaan Selangor yang menghalang kakitangannya menghadiri kursus dalam BTN sebenarnya satu langkah yang baik memandangkan setiap peserta akan diasak sedemikian rupa untuk memenuhi impinan kerajaan Umno dan BN.

Beliau yang pernah diamanahkan sebagai Timbalan Pengarah Bahagian Pengurusan BTN Pusat, itu seterusnya memberitahu, propaganda termasuk tuntutan Hindaf juga turut dicanang kepada peserta kursus berkenaan.

"Modul kursus BTN khususnya diawal era 90-an, berbeza khususnya sewaktu dibawah seliawan bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang turut ditekankan soal pendidikan Islam.

"Sekarang ni khususnya selepas tahun 1998, kursus berkenaan bukan sahaja tidak ditekankan soal pendidikan Islam, sebaliknya lebih menjurus pada propaganda Umno, perkauman dan memburukkan ulama' khususnya dalam PAS,"ujarnya lagi.

Sambungnya lagi, masyarakat begitu mengagumi BTN sehingga antara tahun 1991 hingga 1998 merupakan zaman kegemilangan BTN kerana modul kursus yang diperkenalkan termasuk pendidikan Islam.

Namun tambahnya, kini ianya menjadi hambar kerana lebih bersifat politik demi untuk kepentingan parti pemerintah.

Beliau yang kini Timbalan Pengarah Tabung Amanah Tok Kenali juga memberitahu, keberkesanan kursus BTN sekitar tahun berkenaan juga menyebabkan rakyat turun ke bawah akibat kesan dari reformasi yang disuntik dari semangat kursus BTN, khususnya selepas penyingkiran Anwar.

"Kini mereka ingin melakukan perkara yang sama namun lebih sistemetik demi untuk kemenangan mereka dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang,"ujarnya lagi.

Jelasnya, kursus BTN dalam tempoh lima hari amat berkesan kepada peserta kursus dengan asakan serta cara mereka menyampaikan ceramah melalui modul yang telah disediakan kepada peserta.

Jelasnya, BTN kini juga telah terpesong dari matlamat asal penubuhan iaitu untuk menguatkan bangsa Melayu itu sendiri, yang mana kini tidak menumpukan soal bangsa apa lagi agama, sebaliknya menanam semangat perjuangan Umno pada jiwa peserta kursus.

Pada masa yang sama beliau turut menyokong langkah kerajaan Selangor menghalang kakitangannya mengikuti kursus BTN bagi mengelak sesuatu yang tidak diingini berlaku.

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Bagaimanapun, menurutnya kerajaan negeri itu perlu mengadakan satu medan kursus khas untuk kakitangannya memandangkan setiap kakitangan awam perlu mengikuti kursus untuk kenaikan pangkat mereka.

Menurutnya lagi, kursus khas di bawah Menteri Besar perlu ditubuhkan sebagai alternatif baru untuk kakitangannya mengikuti kursus.

Pada masa yang sama, sambungnya masyarakat perlu didedahkan tentang intipati yang terdapat dalam kursus BTN agar mereka selamanya tidak diperbodohkan oleh kerajaan khususnya yang mengaitkan hanya Umno mampu memerintah negara.

"Fahaman atau ajaran sesat ini sewajarnya dibuang dari minda rakyat kerana Pakatan Rakyat juga mampu memerintah,"ujarnya.

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Balai Ringin Ubah Pantu NCR land Owners at Risk of Losing Their Lands….

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 04:24 AM PST

More than 700 NCR land owners in upper Pantu are at risk losing their lands to another Peninsular company if Tetangga Akrab Pelita (Pantu) Sdn Bhd agreement to sell its  60% stakes JV to Kim Loong Resources Bhd materialise.

As reported in Oil Palm Hq yesterday, KIM LOONG RESOURCES BHD [] (KLRB), via its subsidiary Kim Loong Corp Sdn Bhd, has entered into a sale and purchase agreement to acquire a 60% equity stake in loss-making PLANTATION [] company Tetangga Akrab Pelita (Pantu) Sdn Bhd from Tetangga Akrab Sdn Bhd for RM25 million cash. As of Oct 31, Kim Loong has made advance payments totalling RM11.43 million for the acquisition.

Tetangga Akrab Pelita

Pelita Holdings Sdn Bhd and NCR Landowners currently holds the remaining 10 % and 30% stake respectively  in Tetangga Akrab.Despite the strong crude palm oil prices, Tetangga Akrab Pelita had been in the red for the past three financial years ended June 30, with 2007, 2008 and 2009 losses amounting to RM119,000, RM1.32 million and RM2.6 million, respectively. The company attributed the losses to its young immature plantations.

The Sarawak-based Tetangga Akrab has planned to develop some 10,471ha of land held under Native Customary Rights in Sg Tenggang and Bukit Bengunan in Sri Aman into oil palm plantations.
The estimated plantable areas are 6,283ha.

Two BN Politicians ..Where Are They?

The JV between  Pelita Holdings Sdn Bhd and the NCR Landowners from Empaling,Ubah, Tekuyong, Isu and the other longhouses located at upper Pantu was initiated by the BN MP and Assemblyman for P202 and N25. So far the NCR land owners have been kept in the dark about the performance of the company for fiscal year 2007, 2008 and 2009.

YB Snowdan Lawan the Assemblyman for N25 and YB Masir Kujat the MP for P202 must not leave the landowners by themselves. And if the JV is proven unsuccessfully they must help the landowners to withdraw from the JV.

What is Konsep Baru' of the NCR land development by BN Government

The 'Konsep Baru', or literally translated as 'New Concept' of  NCR land development scheme was introduced by BN Sarawak in 1995. The processed was passed in the Dewan Undangan Negeri  Sarawak (State Legislative Assembly) in November 1997.
In the new concept, the government agency will hold in trust the interests of the NCR landowners. The trustee will form a Joint Venture Company (JVC) with a well established private sector company approved by the Government. Land title will be issued to the JVC for a period of sixty (60) years (2 plantation cycles) for an agreed value. The monetary value generated by the use of the land will be used for two types of investments:
(a) as 30% equity in the JVC (long term investment), and
(b) as cash for investment in Unit Trusts (investment with fast return).

The land over which the perimeter survey is completed and issued with ONE LAND TITLE in the name of the company will be gazetted as a Development Area (DA) in accordance with sub-section 11 of the LCDA Ordinance 1981.

Managing Agent For Landowners

The State Government will appoint a Government Agency such as PELITA as Trustee to manage the interests of the landowners and to act on their behalf. The NCR landowners must jointly agree to authorize the said appointed Government agency to be their sole trustee to undertake and develop for them the said land and to collect and receive on their behalf the benefits derived from the development of the said land. A Deed to this effect will have to be signed by every NCR landowner.

Consideration for the Use Of Land

As a consideration for the use of their NCR land, the JVC will pay RM1,200.00 per hectare in the following manner:

(a) The JVC will issue to the Trustee, to be held in trust for the NCR landowners, shares in the JVC credited as fully paid, equivalent to 60% of the value of the said land and representing 30% of  the issued and paid up capital of the JVC;
(b) The balance equivalent to 40% of the value of the said land shall be paid as up-front payment by the JVC to the Government agency as Trustee for the landowners. The Trustee will then invest for and on behalf of the NCR landowners a portion of the up-front payment equivalent to 30% of the value of the said land in any Government Unit Trusts and the remaining sum not exceeding 10% of the value of the said land to be paid in cash to NCR landowners;
(c) The number of shares in the company which each of the NCR landowners shall be entitled to, will be in proportion to their respective interests in the said land; and
(d) The private sector will have 60% of the issued capital of the company and will pay cash for these shares. The Trustee will have 10% of the issued capital and will also pay cash for these shares.

Equity Structure Of JVC

The JVC equity structure will be as follows (%)

(a) Investor- 60
(b) Landowners -30
(c) Trustee (Management Agent) 10

The private sector and trustee will pay cash for their shares. The landowners' equity in the JVC will be paid through the land value.

Rights to Land After Expiry Of Terms of 60 Years

Upon expiry of the term of the title, the NCR landowners shall decide to EITHER renew the title for the land for the JVC OR request for the land to be alienated to themselves or to another company or entity nominated in writing by them, as they think fit.
In the event that the NCR landowners are desirous to have the land sub-divided and alienated to them individually, the Trustee is empowered to undertake a survey of the land and determine the most equitable and fair manner of sub-division of the said land having regard to the extent of each of the NCR landowners' interest in the said land.

What Options Do The The Landowners From Empaling, Ubah, Tekuyong , Isu Have In Order to Get Back all of Our NCR Lands

By looking at the performance of Tetangga Akrab for financial year 2007, 2008 and 2009, the NCR landowners are at risk of being losing their NCR lands, the land that they enherited from their forefathers. The only way for them to get back their lands is by withdrawing from JV.
Land is our life and blood. If we fail to get back our land from PELITA (who is responsible or acts as an agent to rob our lands) through a peaceful process..god knows what we are suppose to do….

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Thanks to Bukit

Richard S. Lindzen – The Climate Science Isn’t Settled

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 07:32 PM PST

An excellent, clear and concise piece that explains much of the actual current situation with research and conclusions on 'climate change'. Related to what 'climate scientists' have been scamming in Climategate.


Excerpts from
The Wall Street Journal: The Climate Science Isn't Settled
By Richard S. Lindzen

The main statement publicized after the last IPCC Scientific Assessment two years ago was that it was likely that most of the warming since 1957 (a point of anomalous cold) was due to man. This claim was based on the weak argument that the current models used by the IPCC couldn't reproduce the warming from about 1978 to 1998 without some forcing, and that the only forcing that they could think of was man. Even this argument assumes that these models adequately deal with natural internal variability—that is, such naturally occurring cycles as El Nino, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, etc.

Yet articles from major modeling centers acknowledged that the failure of these models to anticipate the absence of warming for the past dozen years was due to the failure of these models to account for this natural internal variability. Thus even the basis for the weak IPCC argument for anthropogenic climate change was shown to be false.

The notion that the earth's climate is dominated by positive feedbacks is intuitively implausible, and the history of the earth's climate offers some guidance on this matter. About 2.5 billion years ago, the sun was 20%-30% less bright than now (compare this with the 2% perturbation that a doubling of CO2 would produce), and yet the evidence is that the oceans were unfrozen at the time, and that temperatures might not have been very different from today's. Carl Sagan in the 1970s referred to this as the "Early Faint Sun Paradox."

For more than 30 years there have been attempts to resolve the paradox with greenhouse gases. Some have suggested CO2—but the amount needed was thousands of times greater than present levels and incompatible with geological evidence. Methane also proved unlikely. It turns out that increased thin cirrus cloud coverage in the tropics readily resolves the paradox—but only if the clouds constitute a negative feedback. In present terms this means that they would diminish rather than enhance the impact of CO2.

There are quite a few papers in the literature that also point to the absence of positive feedbacks. The implied low sensitivity is entirely compatible with the small warming that has been observed. So how do models with high sensitivity manage to simulate the currently small response to a forcing that is almost as large as a doubling of CO2? Jeff Kiehl notes in a 2007 article from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the models use another quantity that the IPCC lists as poorly known (namely aerosols) to arbitrarily cancel as much greenhouse warming as needed to match the data, with each model choosing a different degree of cancellation according to the sensitivity of that model.

What does all this have to do with climate catastrophe? The answer brings us to a scandal that is, in my opinion, considerably greater than that implied in the hacked emails from the Climate Research Unit (though perhaps not as bad as their destruction of raw data): namely the suggestion that the very existence of warming or of the greenhouse effect is tantamount to catastrophe. This is the grossest of "bait and switch" scams. It is only such a scam that lends importance to the machinations in the emails designed to nudge temperatures a few tenths of a degree.

The notion that complex climate "catastrophes" are simply a matter of the response of a single number, GATA, to a single forcing, CO2 (or solar forcing for that matter), represents a gigantic step backward in the science of climate. Many disasters associated with warming are simply normal occurrences whose existence is falsely claimed to be evidence of warming. And all these examples involve phenomena that are dependent on the confluence of many factors.

Our perceptions of nature are similarly dragged back centuries so that the normal occasional occurrences of open water in summer over the North Pole, droughts, floods, hurricanes, sea-level variations, etc. are all taken as omens, portending doom due to our sinful ways (as epitomized by our carbon footprint). All of these phenomena depend on the confluence of multiple factors as well.

Consider the following example. Suppose that I leave a box on the floor, and my wife trips on it, falling against my son, who is carrying a carton of eggs, which then fall and break. Our present approach to emissions would be analogous to deciding that the best way to prevent the breakage of eggs would be to outlaw leaving boxes on the floor. The chief difference is that in the case of atmospheric CO2 and climate catastrophe, the chain of inference is longer and less plausible than in my example.

Brought to You by the Democratic Party T-Shirt Mockeries

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 02:05 AM PST

The Democratic Party gives us this:

And RMartin of California gives the Donkey Party these in return (click for larger):

But really, serious credit must also go to President Obama for the latter two!

Michelle Malkin is calling all Photoshoppers and graphic editors to send in their submissions.

The rich UMNOputeri

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 03:08 AM PST

Is Azalina the Richest Woman in the Land of 1Malaysia?

By Krishna Singh

I don't think I want to provide any of my own comments here because the pictures below should be enough to tell a million tales in a million different languages. After all these photos were taken in the driveway of Azalina's own house. Let it be known that I am not the one who took the pictures - I received them via email from people who want me to distribute them as widely as possible so that the whole of Malaysia knows something about this woman that they otherwise mightn't have.

I am aware that the cars in these images are from Azalina's personal collection. Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, SmartCar, Land Rover, ( Toyota ) Alphard are seen here in these images but I know there are even more cars although I do not know where she has kept them. I'm told that there are still others stored elsewhere as well. So the question is where on earth did Azalina get the money to buy not just one but so many such cars? I guess you don't have to be an expert to figure out how much they are all worth let alone those we have not seen because they are in storage. Go figure this one out.

Check out the registration numbers of some of the cars here such as WLV-3. When did Azalina become a federal minister? When did she become a minister of tourism? When was WLV-3 registered? Put these together and find out for yourself.
Apparently Azalina has this to say in her defence:

"I did not rob the people of their money! I did not cheat my fellow Malays!"
Well if that's the case, where did she get the money? Is a federal minister this well paid? Does she carry any other day jobs? Can we check our income tax? Has she fully declared all her possessions?

Azalina, we're not idiots. You might think so but that's only your typical BN-type arrogance. Wait till we get our claws on you. Wait till we retain the powers of the courts, the power of the police, the power of the law and the power to dump you and all your cronies in labour camps.

Azalina, we will get you. The people have made the promise.
You are a dead little duck.

- Anonymous (translated from Malay)

Penang medical college trouble

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 03:02 AM PST

By Brian Thomas

Please help students and parents at PMC. The Irish are running college for own personal benefit.CEO recently organised motivation lecture given by his friend, and scolded students because attendance was poor and stated that all who did not attend must write letter of explanation, otherwise caution fee will be deducted.He no right to bully Malaysian students like that. Anyway motivation not part of course at PMC. Many students are angry sad and depressed but not complain because they are afraid they will be targeted and will be failed in exam unfairly

This is terrible action for CEO to take, shameful,to have CEO on big salary trying to bring benefits to himself and and his friends.making use of college money and time to organise Irish activities and Irish games. When students need facilities ,no budget, but staff , lecturers and their guests have big parties enjoy alcohol etc, etc.Please ask staff and students and observers concerned with PMC or let big investigation be carried out and truth will be found out.

Also CEO wants to move library canteen and students common room to a different place . This is not good for students because the new place is far away from lecture and tutorial rooms and students cannot make use of library and canteen in between lessons.Many students have protested but CEO does not care.Not sure of reason why he decided to rent new building at 25k per month, not necessary as there is enough space at the present PMC site if space is used carefully. Can keep library at current place but can move the Swedish embassy and the research centre to the new rented buildings Students are the customers of
College and they must be look after first. Further

This is how Irish treat local Malaysians. They charge high very very high fees especially for first 2-3 years studies in Dublin take money from savings from Malaysians and make PMC a source of big retirement account by sending old silly and grumpy tired teachers who cannot teach because cannot speak local language.All they do is bluff around and persuade local hospital doctors to teach,. These hospital doctors not interested to teach so plenty shout at students, cancel lectures and tutorials at last minute. Some hospital doctors feel that not they job to teach but to treat and look after sick patients

Please try to find out and take action against the corruption which gave the Irish the power to control PMC . Who is responsible is stupid and corrupted because most important to Medical college is Teaching hospital If there is no hospital Pulau Pinang to use as teaching hospital then no medical college possible . and Irish will not be able to get money for the 2-3 years course in Dublin

Worse still Irish are increasing fees more and more, tell lies that degree is recognised worldwide, but only recognised in Malaysia and Ireland, not even UK without passing PLAB exam. This must not be allowed

Please give all the attention to this , Thank You

JB: Robbers Headshot First, Rob Later

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 03:01 AM PST

From The Star 3 Dec 2009:

Two managers killed in payroll grab

NUSAJAYA: Two senior managers of a construction firm were shot dead during a payroll heist.

They have been identified as managing director Saravanam, 39 and his manager Viswa, 43.

Nusajaya OCPD Supt Abdul Aziz Ahmad said police believed the victims were on their way to pay the salaries of workers when a car overtook their four-wheel drive and forced them off the road.

One of the robbers pulled Saravanam out of the vehicle while a gunman shot Viswa, who was driving, in the head.

Police suspect four robbers had pulled off the job. "The victims were shot at close range," he said, adding that the men escaped with two bags containing money.

It is learnt that the robbers drove to Lima Kedai in Gelang Patah and torched their car before escaping in another vehicle.

Police recovered five spent casings at the scene.

Usual modus operandi for JB criminals who harm/kill first, then rob you while you are stunned/dead – or hurt you just to prove that they're JB criminals (examples one, two, three, four, five, six).

And update from The Star 3 Dec 2009:

Police detain woman over Nusajaya payroll grab

JOHOR BARU: Johor police have detained a woman in connection with the murder on Wednesday of a contractor and manager of a construction firm at Jalan Tebing Runtuh during a robbery here.

Johor police chief Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said the woman, aged 22, was detained in Nusajaya on Wednesday night.

"With the arrest of the woman, we believe the case can be solved soon. The public who have any information on the murder, can contact the police," he told reporters after attending an auxiliary police seminar here on Thursday.

During the 3.30pm robbery on Wednesday, 39-year-old contractor Saravanam and 43-year-old Viswa, who was a manager in a road building firm in Nusajaya, were shot dead by assailants while the victims were on their way to the construction site after withdrawing money from a bank, believed to be for the salary of workers.

The incident happened when the Mitsubishi Pajero four-wheel drive that was driven by the victims was intercepted by two suspects in another car. The assailants then walked up to the two men and shot them from close range before escaping with the money.

The assailants later set their escape car on fire at Lima Kedai, about 5km from the scene before driving away in another car driven by another accomplice. – Bernama

Nazri, when will Lingam be charged?

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 11:46 PM PST

A child molester has just been sentenced to 125 years .. No, it's not a typo, it a cool ONE HUNDRED & TWENTY FIVE YEARS for child molestation!

So, have I exaggerated when I said Treason Suspect V K Lingam is likely to be caged for 750 years upon conviction for such despicable crime like State Treason?

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Misteri di sebalik 'Task Force 2010' - Malaysiakini

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 11:02 PM PST

Artikel Malaysiakini berkaitan "Task Force 2010". Yang bestnya, dilaporkan pejabat TF2010 ini di belakang Hotel Crown Princess, Jalan Tun Razak. Maklumat saya dapat pun banyak "Pertemuan-pertemuan dalam gelap" pun berlaku dalam kawasan-kawasan berdekatan itu juga. Dekat Restoran Arab, Aparment tu, apartment ni. Barulah saya faham kenapa macam tu.

Misteri di sebalik 'Task Force 2010' - Malaysiakini
Jimadie Shah Othman
Dis 3, 09
Pasukan petugas untuk keamaan di Selatan Thailand, Task Force 2010, kini menjadi perbualan politik tanahair selepas pasukan itu dikaitkan dengan usaha mewujudkan kerajaan perpaduan PAS-Umno.

Isu kerajaan perpaduan menggegarkan PAS sehingga Mursyidul Amnya Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat mendesak supaya diadakan muktamar khas bagi membincang pembabitan beberapa pemimpin parti itu dalam usaha tersebut.

Bagaimanapun, selepas perbincangan diadakan oleh barisan tertinggi PAS, muktamar itu digantikan dengan seminar politik yang berlangsung bulan lalu.

Malaysiakini telah beberapa kali menghubungi pejabat pasukan petugas bawah Jabatan Perdana Menteri (JPM) itu sejak awal minggu ini bagi mendapatkan penjelasan daripada ketua pengarahnya Leftenan Jeneral Datuk Wan Abu Bakar Omar.

Bagaimanapun, setiap kali dihubungi, kakitangan pejabat itu berkata Wan Abu Bakar "ada tetamu dan tidak dapat menjawab panggilan" dan "sedang bermesyuarat".

Berikutan itu, Malaysiakini berkunjung ke pejabat pasukan petugas itu semalam, yang terletak di sebuah kawasan perumahan di Jalan Aman, Kuala Lumpur.

Usaha mencari pejabat tersebut agak sukar kerana tiada papan tanda dipasang, begitu juga dengan nombor rumah tersebut.

Berikutan itu, wartawan terpaksa bertanya kepada penduduk yang ditemui di situ.

Apabila ditanya mengenai "rumah askar", lelaki tersebut berfikir sejenak dan kemudiannya menuding jari ke arah sebuah rumah banglo dua tingkat di situ.

Rumah yang dicat dengan warna agak kekelabuan itu juga bertembok batu tinggi, manakala pintu pagarnya bertutup.

Walaupun pejabat tersebut terletak betul-betul di belakang Hotel Crown Princess di Jalan Tun Razak, tetapi jalan masuk ke situ agak bersimpang-siur dan boleh mengelirukan.

Malaysiakini tiba ke pejabat tersebut pada kira-kira jam 4 petang semalam. Oleh kerana pintunya bertutup, maka wartawan menelefon pejabat tersebut tetapi tidak berjawab.

Selepas lima minit kemudian kelihatan tiga kakitangan lelaki, yang berpakaian kemas dan merambut pendek ala-tentera, muncul dari dalam rumah itu dan berjalan menuju ke arah pintu pagar.

Wartawan Malaysiakini menemui mereka sambil memperkenalkan diri dan juga menghulurkan kad nama.

Selepas dimaklumkan mengenai tujuan kedatangan akhbar web itu, mereka berkata Wan Abu Bakar tiada di pejabat. Sebelum beredar, mereka sempat bertanya sedikit sebanyak mengenai Malaysiakini.

Task Force 2010 (Malaysia) dibentuk daripada gabungan dua agensi penyelaras di negara ini dan Thailand pada Januari 2007 bagi membawa keamanan di tiga wilayah yang sedang bergolak - Pattani, Yala dan Narathiwat.

Penubuhannya dibuat hasil perbincangan antara perdana menteri ketika itu, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan pengerusi Majlis Keselamatan Kebangsaan Thailand, Jeneral Sonthi Boonyaratglin yang mahu mengembalikan kestabilan di selatan Thailand.

Bagaimanapun, fungsinya dilaporkan akan ditamatkan pada penghujung tahun ini dan segala peranannya akan diambil alih oleh agensi-agensi kerajaan yang sedia ada.

Awal minggu ini, nama pasukan petugas tersebut muncul kembali apabila Nik Abdul Aziz berkata terdapat usaha menjatuhkannya yang melibatkan seorang pegawai tentera, dikenali sebagai 'Kolonel Mat'.

Sumber yang dekat dengannya tidak menolak kemungkinan pegawai tentera itu mempunyai kaitan dengan Task Force 2010 walaupun mereka masih tidak jelas sama ada watak tersebut benar-benar wujud atau hanyalah kiasan semata-mata.

Menjelang muktamar pemilhan PAS Jun lalu - yang menyaksikan pertarungan sengit jawatan nombor dua parti itu antara exco kerajaan Kelantan Datuk Husam Musa dengan penyandangnya Nasharuddin Mat Isa - nama Task Force 2010 mula diperkatakan.

Laporan di blog-blog mendakwa Nasharuddin mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan pemimpin pasukan petugas khas itu dan cuba membabitkan Nik Abdul Aziz tetapi mursyidul am PAS didakwa tidak menunjukkan minat.

Selain Nasharuddin, exco kerajaan Selangor Datuk Dr Hasan Ali juga turut dikaitkan dengan Task Force 2010 yang mula menukar arahnya kepada isu "perpaduan Melayu" susulan keputusan pilihan umum 2008 yang memihak kepada pembangkang.

Penulis blog yang aktif menulis tentang pasukan itu, antaranya, Abdul Rahman Abdul Talib (Malaysia Waves) yang sering mendedahkan konflik dalaman PAS, Abu Bakar Mohd Rashid (Penarik Beca) yang mengamat politik dalaman parti Islam itu dan bekas pegawai perhubungan awam Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan (PMBK) Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz (Kickdafella) - yang bertembung secara terbuka dengan menantu Nik Aziz.

Fantastic Facts And Fancies

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 09:55 PM PST

Soon all schools everywhere will be gong-ing to our tune.
(Star photo)

"Malaysia hoped to share its teaching standard with other countries in the region
paving the way for the nation to becoming a centre of education excellence.

........Malaysia's education system was gaining international attention with the country being recognised as having an effective conventional and religious curriculum by various groups"........Muhyiddin Yassin, education minister and deputy prime minister speaking at a launching ceremony at the Malaysian Teachers Education Inst­itute Tawau campus in Balung.

And who says we are not FUN-ny people?


[Raja Petra] Utusan Malaysia Kata : Bersedia Untuk Satu Lagi 13 Mei

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 08:44 PM PST

Sumber: Malaysian Today
Penulis: Raja Petra Kamarudin
Terjemah Oleh: GoMalaysian
Tajuk: Utusan Malaysia Kata : Bersedia Untuk Satu Lagi 13 Mei

Bayangkan apa akan berlaku jika orang Melayu bangkit dan bertindak memijak pula gambar atau poster pemimpin-pemimpin Cina di negara ini. Tidak mustahil peristiwa berdarah 13 Mei yang menjadi sejarah hitam negara akan berulang (Utusan Malaysia).....


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Ini adalah intipati daripada apa yang dituliskan oleh Utusan Malaysia hari ini:

Tindakan beberapa pemimpin DAP meminjak gambar 3 ADUN melompat Perak bagaikan orang Cina memijak Melayu.

Dua daripada tiga ADUN PKR adalah Melayu -- maka ini bererti Cina itu telah memijak gambar Melayu.

Bayangkan jika Melayu juga memijak gambar-gambar pemimpin Cina. Tidak mustahil peristiwa berdarah 13 Mei akan berulang.

PAS dan PKR adalah alat Cina. DAP sangat bijak dengan menggunakan orang lain, khususnya Melayu. DAP telah memijak orang Melayu buat masa yang lama.

Dan seterusnya. Artikel lengkap boleh dibaca di bawah ini. (Anda juga boleh membaca 'Stepping on the DAP' oleh The Nut Graph disini:

Menurut Utusan Malaysia, ini adalah tentang Melayu menentang Cina. Ini adalah tentang Cina menghina Melayu. Ini adalah tentang Cina telah memijak Melayu. Ini adalah tentang Cina telah mengetepikan Melayu. Ini adalah tentang Cina terus menguji kesabaran Melayu dan jangan hairan sekiranya rusuhan antara kaum seperti 13 Mei meletus.

Itu, pada dasarnya, menurut Utusan Malaysia, ini adalah maksudnya - orang Cina berjuang dan mereka tidak mempedulikannya.

Tetapi itu bukan yang mengelikan saya di sini. Adakah anda tahu apa yang mengelikan saya? Yang mengelikan saya adalah orang Cina telah memberitahu kepada saya bahawa Najib telah melakukan perkara yang betul dan Barisan Nasional mungkin akan mendapatkan semula majoriti 2/3 di Parlimen ditambahkan dengan semua negeri yang mereka kalah dalam pilihanraya umum Mac 2008.

Apa lagi yang boleh saya katakan selain daripada orang Cina akan menghadapi senario ini dan saya berharap agar Utusan Malaysia terus memainkan sentimen orang Melayu dengan rusuhan kaum 13 Mei. Mungkin ini adalah satu-satunya cara yang dapat mengejutkan orang Cina iaitu sekiranyanya rusuhan kaum benar-benar tercetus dan ratusan ribu mayat cina akan dikuburkan bersama dalam satu lubang besar seperti masa dulu.

Sheesh! Aku tidak mahu lagi bercerita panjang kerana apabila saya mula menceritakan saya akan menyesal kemudian.

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DAP pamer sikap sebenar

APAKAH yang dapat disimpulkan oleh kebanyakan kita apabila melihat sikap 'kurang ajar' pemimpin-pemimpin DAP yang sengaja memijak gambar atau poster tiga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Perak Bebas seperti yang berlaku pada konvensyen parti peringkat negeri yang diadakan di Ipoh, Ahad lalu?

Bagi yang faham tentang erti ketamadunan dan kesopanan, tentunya tidak akan sanggup melakukan apa yang telah dilakukan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin terbabit.

Memijak gambar atau poster tiga ADUN yang dahulunya merupakan sahabat mereka di dalam pakatan pembangkang tetapi kini memilih menjadi wakil rakyat bebas, memperlihatkan DAP bukanlah jenis rakan yang baik.

Tetapi inilah sikap pemimpin-pemimpin DAP. Tanpa wujud perasaan bersalah, mereka melakukan tindakan di luar kematangan seorang ahli politik.

Merestui gambar atau poster ketiga-tiga wakil rakyat terbabit diletakkan di ruang masuk dewan untuk dipijak, jelas menunjukkan tahap pemikiran mereka.

Mungkin benar, DAP tidak dapat menerima hakikat kehilangan kuasa apabila Perak yang pernah jatuh ke tangan pembangkang, diserahkan kembali kepada Barisan Nasional (BN) berikutan sokongan tiga wakil rakyat itu kepada BN.

Sokongan itu menyebabkan kedudukan pembangkang yang sebelum ini mempunyai 31 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) dan BN (28 kerusi) berubah sebaliknya.

Namun, ini bukan alasan untuk mereka bebas melakukan apa sahaja. Pemimpin yang mahu dihormati rakyat, mereka perlu terlebih dahulu tahu adap-adap menghormati orang lain, walaupun orang itu bukan daripada partinya sendiri.

Timbul juga persoalan, mengapa DAP sanggup menghina ADUN Jelapang, Hee Yit Foong, Jamaluddin Mohd. Radzi (Behrang) dan Kapten (B) Mohd. Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering) sebegitu rupa, sedangkan selama ini mereka mendakwa sebagai pejuang demokrasi yang menuntut keadilan bagi setiap rakyat?

"Nampak jelas yang paling terasa (kehilangan kuasa) bukan Pas tetapi DAP. Mereka kecewa dengan apa yang berlaku kerana mereka melihat kerajaan itu adalah kerajaan mereka (DAP) bukan kerajaan Pas atau kerajaan pakatan pembangkang.

"Sebab itu mereka paling beremosi," kata Profesor Politik dan Pengajian Antarabangsa Universiti Utara Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak.

Dalam sistem demokrasi, seseorang individu berhak menentukan arah perjuangan politik mereka selagi wujud kepercayaan mereka terhadap sesuatu parti itu dan melakukan sebaliknya jika kepercayaan tersebut hilang.

"Mereka sudah lama pijak kami, tiada demokrasi dalam budaya mereka. Sebab itu kami memilih keluar daripada pakatan pembangkang," ujar Jamaluddin.

Secara tersiratnya, sukar untuk meneka apa yang sedang dirancang oleh parti pimpinan Lim Kit Siang ini. Mereka tentu sedar melakukan perkara seumpama itu pasti akan mengundang kontroversi.

Di saat-saat pakatan pembangkang dilihat semakin hilang keyakinan rakyat terutama di kalangan orang Melayu, adakah 'drama' itu sengaja ditonjolkan untuk mengalihkan isu tertentu?

Atau mungkinkah juga ini adalah realiti DAP. Kerana kerakusan untuk memiliki kuasa, menjadikan mereka alpa untuk terus melakukan kesilapan?

"Saya percaya tindakan mereka (DAP) adalah untuk memastikan tiada ahli-ahli mereka terus melompat parti. Ini menunjukkan kemarahan amat sangat.

"Mereka sedar di Selangor dan Pulau Pinang, perkara ini (lompat parti) mungkin boleh berlaku menyebabkan mereka bimbang," ujar Mohamed Mustafa lagi.

Secara mudah, kata profesor politik ini, tindakan itu adalah satu perang psikologi DAP untuk menghantar mesej dan menakut-nakutkan ahli-ahli lain biar pun menyedari langkah yang diambil adalah kebudak-budakkan.

Jika ini adalah realiti DAP, bermakna rakyat terutama orang Melayu harus sedar akan kedudukan mereka kelak sekiranya membenarkan parti itu kembali berkuasa.

Tempoh 11 bulan pembangkang sebagai kerajaan negeri, sewajarnya menjadi pengajaran paling berharga kepada orang Melayu tentang erti kuasa.

Orang Melayu terutama di Perak tidak boleh mengharapkan Pas atau Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) kerana kedua-dua parti ini adalah tunggangan DAP.

Menjawab persoalan ini, Mohamed Mustafa berkata, sesuatu yang pasti tentang DAP ialah mereka bijak 'bermain wayang'.

"DAP pandai menggunakan orang lain. Mereka menggunakan Nizar (Datuk Seri Ir. Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin) dan penyokong Pas untuk mengganggu-gugat kerajaan baru (BN).

"Kalau dilihat, mengapa mereka terlalu marah sedangkan dua daripada ADUN yang keluar parti bukan pun DAP. Mengapa DAP yang marah, bukan Pas atau PKR?

"Ini adalah satu percaturan politik murahan dan merupakan pertunjukkan 'drama' kelas ketiga sekali gus mengiktiraf Nizar sebagai boneka," katanya.

Demi mencapai agenda politik peribadi, mereka sanggup bertindak tidak populis dan dalam masa sama, membelakangkan soal sahabat bagi memastikan perjuangan yang dirintis sejak kepimpinan terdahulu tercapai.

Sikap tidak dapat menerima hakikat, memperlihatkan parti yang mewakili kaum Cina itu sukar bekerjasama dengan parti-parti politik lain lebih-lebih lagi Pas terutama usaha ke arah membina sebuah kerajaan yang adil untuk rakyat.

Malangnya pemimpin Pas lebih rela menjadikan diri mereka sebagai 'pak sanggup' yang sanggup memikul setiap kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh DAP biar pun ada di kalangan orang Melayu sendiri mengharapkan Pas bertindak lebih berani apabila menyentuh soal maruah agama, bangsa dan tanah air.

Ketika Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berusaha keras menerapkan semangat dan gagasan 1Malaysia, DAP pula seolah-olah berusaha menjarakkan jurang perpaduan di antara kaum menerusi tindakan begitu.

ADUN Behrang, Jamaluddin dan ADUN Changkat Jering, Mohd. Osman adalah orang Melayu. Mereka 'dipijak' oleh orang Cina yang hadir pada konvensyen itu.

Bayangkan apa akan berlaku jika orang Melayu bangkit dan bertindak memijak pula gambar atau poster pemimpin-pemimpin Cina di negara ini. Tidak mustahil peristiwa berdarah 13 Mei yang menjadi sejarah hitam negara akan berulang.

Isu Bermewah-Mewah: Menjawab Beberapa Persoalan Yang Ditimbulkan

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 07:25 PM PST

Saya telah diberitahu isu yang saya naikkan dalam artikel saya () telah mendapat beberapa respon dari dalaman Pemuda sendiri baik di Pusat mahupun di Negeri-Negeri.

Secara mudahnya, ada dua hujjah yang mereka gunakan untuk melawan hujjah saya. Izinkan saya menjawab hujjah2 itu:

HUJJAH PERTAMA : Tiada Bukti Pemuda Yang Bermewah-mewah itu dapat duit mereka dari sumber yang Haram. Tulang Besi harus memberi bukti mereka mendapat duit dari sumber haram
Jawapan Saya: Mula-mula saya bagi pembaca saya jawab. Ada dua pembaca dan saya rasa jawapan mereka cukup baik untuk melentur hujjah-hujjah dangkal ini:

Pembaca Pertama:
Anonymous said...
Nampaknya ramai tukang komen disini,sudah "miss the point".
(1) Ahli PAS yang bekerja dan berniaga,kalau pakai kereta besar,orang tak heiran.Ini tak payah komenlah.
(2) Ahli PAS,dulu sebelum PRU 12,sengkek tiba-tiba pakai kereta besar.Tak ada pula kerja tetap atau berniaga,cuma buat kerja parti 100%,jenis inilah yang dipersoalkan.
(3) Pergi kempen pilihan raya,bawa kereta besar,pengundi yang hidup sederhana dan miskin,akan "terasa" bahawa yang datang itu,tidak setaraf dengan mereka.Tak perlukah kita "menjaga" hati pengundi?
December 3, 2009 12:09 AM

Pembaca Kedua:

Dr Ahmad Rashad said...
Kenapa la komen orang kat dalam ni semuanya ngong belaka. Berapa kali dah orang cakap, kalau pimpinan pemuda PAS yang tertentu itu kaya dengan duit usaha sendiri, tak payah tunggu lepas pru12 untuk jadi kaya, untuk beli mercedes. Tak payaj tunggu hasan ali jadi exco, untuk beli mercedes. Ini tak, sebelum pru12, hidup sederhana, lepas pru 12, tup tup, kaya raya, beli mercedes. Itu kan misteri namanya.

Pemuda PAS sekarang ni dah tidak boleh berfikir dengan waras kerana dicandukan dengan wala. Benda semudah itupun tak buleh faham.

Aku tahula, zaidi tak termasuk dalam kategori ini, sebab zaidi memang dah kaya sejak dulu, dia bisnesman berjaya. dia pun tak kuat sangat membodek hasan alu. Orang lain tu, kuat giler membodek hasan ali. Memang la, hasan ali kan exco infrasturuktur. Tender-tender ikut dia kan. Mesti ada komisyen siapa yang bawak kontraktor. Lepas tu bagi alasan nak bagi duit kat jamaah. Jamaah 10%, diri sendri 90%. Itu yang boleh beli mercedes tu.

Apa benda la pemuda PAS. Semuanya ikut perangai UMNO. Sebab itu nak bergabung dengan UMNO. Hari-hari duk mengata DAP dengan PKR. Diri sendiri tak sedar kronism.

Bila TB dedahkan, buat-buat nafi pulak. Buat-buat tak tahu. Alah, tak payah tipulah, semua orang tahu perangai korang macamana.
December 3, 2009 10:32 AM

Dari saya sendiri, dahulu sewaktu Tun Suffian memimpin Badan Pencegah Rasuah, beliau dapat menangkap perasuah hanya sewaktu beliau berjogging. Beliau pernah berjogging dan terjumpa sebuah rumah yang mewah. Bila diselidik, rupanya rumah tersebut milik seorang pegawai kerajaan bertaraf kerani sahaja.Terus beliau tangkap kerani tersebut dan buat siasatan. Akhirnya kerani tersebut disabit kesalahan kerana rasuah.

Pikir logik la. Kita tak marah orang macam Sany dan Zaidi pakai kereta mewah. Ini kerana dua-dua tu semenjak kita kenal diorang lagi dah kaya dan berjaya. Zaidi misalnya adalah contoh terbaik usahawan Islam dan usahawan PAS di Selangor.

PAS Selangor patut berbangga ada orang macam Zaidy ni dan harus disebut-sebut nama beliau sentiasa supaya dapat dicontohi semua ahli-ahli PAS. Sepatutnya Biro Ekonomi PAS Selangor kena buat program jemput Zaidy bagi motivasi dan penerangan berkenaan melahirkan usahawan berjaya.

Sany pula telah menjalankan kerja sebagai Penyelia DUN Dusun Tua dengan jaya. Maklumat yang saya dapat, orang-orang UMNO di sana pun suka sangat dengan Sany. Mereka lebih suka rujuk pada Sany berbanding dengan UMNO Bahagian Hulu Langat. Tapi sayang, Sany telah ditukar dari menjadi Penyelaras DUN Dusun Tua walaupun beliau "perform".

Tapi yang kita heran, kerja takda, bisness takda tiba-tiba tukar kereta baru. Kereta mahal pulak tu. Walaupun takda bukti ianya HARAM tapi di situ ada "syubhah". Dan kalau ikut prosedur BPR/SPRM, orang seperti ini boleh ditangkap untuk siasatan selanjutnya.

Tu kalau ikut saya, Tulang Besi. Kalau ikut Ketua Pemuda PAS Pusat, Ustaz NAsaruddin Tantawi, walaupun orang itu kaya pun dengan usaha sendiri, dia tetap kena hidup bersederhana.

"Sementara itu, Ketua Pemuda PAS Nasrudin Hasan pula, ketika dihubungi berkata, perkara itu di luar pengetahuannya.

Bagaimanapun, katanya, beliau akan menghubungi Pemuda PAS Selangor untuk mendapatkan gambaran sebenar mengenai dakwaan tersebut.

"Secara umumnya, pejuang-pejuang Islam diajar hidup secara sederhana."

Itu sebenarnya tarbiyyah dan motto Pemuda. HIDUP SEDERHANA.

Ramai AJK PAS PUsat juga mempunyai kereta-kereta mewah. Mengapa mereka tidak dijadikan isu?

Jawapan saya: Hujjah ini jelas tidak kuat kerana beberapa faktor:

a. Majoriti AJK PAS Pusat adalah Ahli Parlimen atau bekas Ahli
Parlimen. Setiap Ahli Parlimen di Malaysia diberi satu AP. Rujuk pada senarai
penerima AP yang dikeluarkan oleh Rafidah Aziz satu masa dahulu sewaktu isu AP
menjadi hangat. Dengan AP tersebut, harga sebuah Toyota Harrier bagi mereka
menjadi lebih mahal sedikit dari harga Proton Wira baru bagi kita. Kalau boleh
dapat AP, belilah apa-apa kereta pun sebab harganya jadi murah. Kalau tidak
NAZA takkan boleh jadi kaya raya hanya dengan AP?
b. Sebahagian yang lain sudah pun menjadi kaya sebelum masuk politik.
Mereka sudah pun mempunyai Mercedez dan kereta2 mewah sebelum masuk politik
dan aktif dalam PAS. Jadi, apa yang kita nak buat isu?

Pemimpin-pemimpin Pemuda yang dijadikan isu adalah mereka yang tiada bisness dan tiada kerja tetap tiba-tiba tukar kereta mewah. Itu yang menjadi fitnah. "Trend" ini kita mesti bendung sebelum menjadi barah.

Pada mulanya saya pun nak tahan isu ni dari keluar, tapi bila saya dengar dari kawasan saya, Raya Haji tahun ni Guru-Guru PASTI tak dapat bonus, maka saya pun mengamuk la. Mana boleh macam ni? Pemuda bertanggungjawab atas PASTI dsbnya. Mereka patut dahulukan institusi-institusi Pemuda ni dahulu yang lebih penting kepada PAS dan dakwah Islam.

Dicampur dengan rintihan dan komplen dari kalangan Pemuda sendiri yang datang pada saya. Ia datang dari orang yang duduk dalam Pemuda sendiri.

Saya bersedih, dalam isu ini, Pemuda-pemuda PAS Pusat bergabung bukan untuk membetulkan keadaan tapi untuk menyerang saya. Apa kamu dapat dari menyerang saya dengan hujjah2 lemah kamu? Adakah meyerang saya dapat memastikan Guru-Guru PASTI mendapat bonus sempena Hari Raya Haji (walaupun terlewat)?

Itu saya belum cerita lagi pasal Pemuda Selangor yang mandom dan tiada aktiviti. Setakat ni, apa yang kita nampak dari Pemuda PAS Selangor? Dalam isu Kepala Lembu, Khalid dibiarkan keseorangan menghadapi serangan-serangan UMNO. Pemuda PAS Selangor langsung tidak kelihatan.

Dalam isu SELCAT, Pemuda sanggup menyokong Agenda Melayu Hasan Ali sedangkan perkara melibatkan akidah seperti ini wajib dibangkang oleh Pemuda PAS Selangor.

Jelas Pemuda skrg ni dah jadi macam Assabiyyah. Benda tak betul pun mereka berpakat-pakat untuk pertahan. Nak pertahan pulak tu dengan hujjah-hujjah yang lemah dan daeef. Patutlah golongan muda tidak berminat untuk menyokong dan bergabung dengan Pemuda PAS. Tak heranlah majoriti Pemuda ni pro pada "Kerajaang Perpaduang".

Tapi saya sokong kenyataan Ketua Pemuda PAS di atas, Ustaz Nasaruddin Tantawi, bahawa PEmuda PAS dilatih untuk hidup bersederhana.

Tulang Besi

Boobs, Lace, And Balloons

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 04:43 PM PST

Heidi Klum and her post-baby body led the parade at the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show, which returned to New York with some fresh faces after four years on the road.


More .. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show PHOTOS: Boobs, Lace, And Balloons 

Economic advisor Anwar to woo civil servants

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 04:00 AM PST

Newly-appointed Selangor economic advisor Anwar Ibrahim today attempted to win over civil servants, wooing them in a bid to ease tensions. The Pakatan Rakyat administration's relationship with civil servants in the state has been occasionally strained. hindraf second anniversary 251109 anwar ibrahimThe former finance minister said that he would do his best to make changes in the state by gaining support from the civil servants, who play the most important role in helping to manage the state ...
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