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KeNYataan AKHBAR Penduduk Wawasan Rumah Rajang Suai, Niah

KeNYataan AKHBAR Penduduk Wawasan Rumah Rajang Suai, Niah

KeNYataan AKHBAR Penduduk Wawasan Rumah Rajang Suai, Niah

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 08:52 AM PST

Tarikh: 7/12/2009

Memohon kawasan kebun dan kawasan rumah panjang supaya dikeluarkan dari Provisional Lease (PL) Syarikat Megajutamas Sdn Bhd.

Kami penduduk di Ulu Suai, Niah seramai 22 keluarga yang mengusahakan kebun di Lot 95, Kem 15, Rumah Rajang, Jalan BLD, Sawai, dengan ini memohon kepada Ketua Menteri Sarawak, YAB Pehin Seri Abdul Taib Mahmud, wakil rakyat kami di kawasan Kemena YB Stephen Rundi Ak Utom dan juga kepada Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak supaya kawasan kebun kami dikeluarkan daripada PL pihak Syarikat Megajutamas Sdn Bhd.

Kami telah meneroka kawasan tersebut sejak dari tahun 1990-an dengan menanam berbagai tanaman seperti buah-buahan, padi huma, lada hitam dan juga kelapa sawit. Kami tidak pernah dihalang oleh pihak berkuasa Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak dan juga penduduk asal di kawasan ini iaitu masyarakat Penan untuk menduduki kawasan ini. Pada tahun 2005, kami dikejutkan dengan kedatangan Syarikat Megajutamas yang telah diberikan PL oleh Kerajaan Negeri tanpa pengetahuan kami.

Semenjak kedatangan syarikat tersebut, kami penduduk yang terlibat telah menghadapi berbagai masalah. Mula-mula kami dituduh menceroboh kawasan syarikat. Kawasan kebun kami dimusnah oleh jentera syarikat. Kami diugut dengan samseng , ditakutkan oleh anggota polis, dipaksa rela untuk menjual kebun kepada mereka (Syarikat Megajutamas Sdn Bhd.) sehingga 5 orang di antara kami ditahan di lokap polis.

Apa yang mengejutkan kami adalah pelbagai usaha telah dilakukan dan banyak pihak telah kami hubungi untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini, tetapi pihak berkenaan seolah-olah tidak memperdulikan masalah kami. Langkah akhir yang kami lakukan adalah memfailkan kes ini di Makhamah Tinggi. Walaubagaimanapun, pihak makhamah mencadangan agar kami selesaikan masalah ini di luar makhamah.

Setakat ini, jumlah keluarga yang masih mengusahakan kebun di Lot 95, Suai, Niah ini adalah seramai 22 keluarga sahaja dan  jumlah kawasan yang diusahakan cuma 253.53 hektar. Kami yang mengusahakan kebun di Lot 95 ini adalah penduduk daripada 5 buah rumah panjang iaitu Rumah Rajang, Rumah Tapu, Rumah Umpur, Rumah Sabang dan Rumah Atat.

Kawasan pertikaian adalah satu kawasan yang sangat kecil bagi syarikat kaya seperti Syarikat Megajutamas Sdn Bhd. Akan tetapi kawasan tersebut sangat penting untuk kami kerana kawasan pertikaian tersebut bukanlah untuk kemewahan bagi kami, tetapi untuk meneruskan kehidupan kami.

Oleh itu, kami memohon agar kawasan Lot 95, terutamanya kawasan yang telah kami teroka lebih awal daripada Syarikat Megajutamas Sdn Bhd. diakui sebagai hakmilik NCR kami, rakyat miskin yang memerlukan pembelaan dan perlindungan.

Akhir sekali, kami, penduduk kampong mohon agar masalah ini diselesaikan secara halus oleh pihak kerajaan selaras dengan slogan yang seringkali dilaung-laungkan oleh Perdana Menteri, "Satu Malaysia, Rakyat Didahulukan".

Sebelum ini kami pernah mempunyai masalah dengan Syarikat Saremas (PPB Oil Palm Sdn. Bhd.) di mana jalan kebun kami dikorek dan diputuskan. Walaubagaimanapun, masalah tersebut dapat diselesaikan dengan cara halus dan baik dan kami berterima kasih kepada PPB Oil Palm Sdn. Bhd. yang bersetuju untuk membina semula jalan yang menghubungi kawasan kebun kami. Kami berharap syarikat-syarikat lain turut mencontohi PPB Oil Palm Sdn. Bhd. yang mengambil berat masalah orang kampung demi kebaikan bersama.

Harus diketahui oleh pihak syarikat, kami tetap mempertahankan hak kami. Biar kalah di makhamah, Di Tanah kami tidak akan menyerah. Kami menentang segala jenis penindasan ke atas hak-hak kami.

Kenyataan akhbar ini dikeluarkan oleh:

AJK Kampung Wawasan

Wakil-wakil Rumah Tapu, wakil-wakil Rumah Sabang, wakil-wakil Rumah Umpur dan wakil-wakil Rumah Atat

Political Dangers in Jailing Anwar

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 08:00 AM PST

By Kenny Gan

Recently the High Court dismissed an application by Anwar Ibrahim to strike out his sodomy charge on the basis that two medical reports have found no evidence of penetration. The High Court refused and set Jan 25 2010 for Anwar's trial to proceed.

Many Malaysians believe the charge against Anwar to be politically motivated and the conduct of the prosecution has reinforced their doubts. Few believe that Anwar will get a fair trial.

Will Anwar's jailing help BN retain power or will it do the opposite and boost the opposition's chances? If the prosecution can prove an ironclad case the political fallout will be limited but if Anwar's conviction is seen as a travesty of justice BN will pay a heavy political price.

To gauge the political effect of jailing Anwar it is instructive to recount the impact of the 1999 sodomy conviction and compare the different socio-political environment between the two events in the intervening ten years.

Back to 1998

In 1998 when Anwar was charged for sodomy and abuse of power, Mahathir was the Prime Minister and he ruled over a Barisan National political machine which faced no creditable challenge by the fragmented opposition. The premier's authoritarian style earned him the label of 'dictator' and his liberal use of the ISA to quell dissent invoked a climate of fear.

Although Mahathir achieved his aim of jailing Anwar, the effect of Anwar's downfall a decade ago could not have been what he foreseen or desired. Despite the most heavy-handed and crude methods, he also failed to destroy Anwar politically or personally.

The twists and turns of the trial, the controversial rulings and the wholly disproportionate sentence convinced nobody. Anwar's unfortunate beating in prison and his appearance with a black eye caused a public outcry. Despite the valiant attempts of the obedient mass media to demonize Anwar, the majority of Malaysians believed that Anwar was a victim of political conspiracy after a fallout with Mahathir.

It created a political and social crisis which reverberates to this day. The U.S. State Department called the sodomy trial an abuse of human rights which was only one of a multitude of condemnations which poured in from overseas. The judiciary became the laughing stock of the international community.

Domestically, Mahathir's reputation suffered serious harm with calls for him to resign. Demonstrations which were previously unknown in Malaysia broke out with cries of 'Reformasi!' and "Mahathir Resign!" They were forcibly suppressed but the anger in the hearts of the people and the disquiet created in civil society lingered to this day.

The social forces unleashed led to the birth of the National Justice Party which was later to become Parti Keadilan Rakyat. The party's symbol is an eye against a light blue background to denote Anwar's famous black eye.

The General Election of 1999

The injustice meted out to Anwar caused the three main opposition parties – DAP, PAS and Keadilan –  to come together into an electoral coalition called Barisan Alternatif to harness the wave of the public anger. However, this failed to unseat BN or deny BN two-thirds majority in the general election of 1999.

There were many reasons for this, chiefly being the non-Malays' fear of PAS as Islamic extremists which PAS did nothing to assuage and in fact foolishly exacerbated. Mahathir also courted the Chinese, aware that his relationship with the Malays was severely strained. About 650,000 newly registered young voters were prevented from voting on the specious excuse that there was not enough time to register them. Hundreds of pages of pro-BN advertisements were published in the one-sided mass media and the playing up of inter-ethnic fear ensured that there was no fair election.

In the end, it was the non-Malays which saved Mahathir from a humiliating loss of BN's two-thirds majority which would have forced his immediate exit. There was a significant Malay swing against BN and for the first time, Umno's share of the Malay vote dropped below 50%.

PAS turned out to be the chief beneficiary, increasing its parliamentary seats from 7 to 27 and capturing Terengganu as it rode on the groundswell of Malay anger over the Anwar injustice. After the election, a joke circulating around at that time was that the difference between a Malay and a Chinese was that the Chinese supported Umno!

Mahathir announced his resignation as Umno President and Prime Minister in 2002, acutely aware that his relationship with the Malays was broken. The baton was handed over to Abdullah Badawi in 2003 and the following general election in 2004 saw BN winning its best performance ever with 90% of parliamentary seats, not because of Badawi's popularity but because Mahathir was gone.

But the reverberations from the 1999 sodomy case did not end there. After Anwar was released from prison, he forged an electoral pact between PKR, PAS and DAP which resulted in the loss of BN's two-thirds majority in Parliament and 5 states in the 2008 general election. From this stunning opposition gains, Pakatan Rakyat was born.

Now and 1998

Although all this is history, they are worth recounting because one can learn from the past in order not to repeat the same mistakes.

In 1998 the mass media was under much tighter control and the online world was at its infancy.  The words 'blog', 'facebook' or 'twitter' had not been invented and Internet penetration was low at less than 15%.

People are now far more connected than a decade ago with the proliferation of the online world with its news, blogs, discussion groups, social networking sites, e-mail, mobile phones and SMS. The trial proceedings will be reported in detail, analyzed and dissected. Nothing can be hidden, distorted or obfuscated.

No amount of spinning in the mainstream media will convince a public otherwise if injustice has been committed. It did not work in 1998 and it will not work now especially when the online world has reached mainstream status and there is a freer flow of information.

If Anwar can be convicted in a fair trial with his guilt proven beyond reasonable doubt, little political price need to be paid by the ruling regime but the existence of two medical reports that the accuser had not been sodomized, the behavior of the police and not least the battle by the prosecution to transfer the case to the High Court and refusal to hand over evidence favourable to the defense as required by law has already tainted the prosecution's case.

Furthermore, a charge of consensual sodomy is suspicious indeed when Malaysia tolerates homosexual acts between consenting adults and nobody has been dragged to court over it except Anwar and his alleged partners.

We must also remember that the heady economic growth of the 1990's engendered more tolerance for Mahathir's autocracy while Najib has his hands full trying to keep the economy growing on the back of the world economic crisis.

We can hence expect deeper political and social consequences compared to 1998.

Political Consequences

The political ramifications this time around will be huge. Unlike 1999, the opposition parties have coalesced into a workable coalition and are ready to challenge BN for the seat of power, a far cry from just trying to grab as many seats from BN as possible.

Non-Malays have also lost their fear of Islamic PAS and interethnic tensions have long dissipated meaning that two powerful weapons that used to work with devastating efficiency on the non-Malays have been lost.

With the non-Malays now overwhelmingly pro- Pakatan Rakyat, BN's fortunes now depend on the Malays who are the very group likely to be incensed with any cruel and unjust treatment of Anwar.

It is worth noting that PAS' gains in 1999 were in the rural Malay seats where it fishes in the same pond as Umno. With Umno now heavily dependent on the rural Malays to maintain its power, it seems reckless to put this voter base at risk with another clumsy and incredulous sodomy conviction.

Anwar's unjust jailing may create an anti-BN wave which the opposition can ride to victory and the non-Malays will not be saving BN this time around.

Social Consequences

Aside from the political consequences, a more insidious effect will be a crisis of public confidence in the law enforcement bodies which is already low. As these bodies need the cooperation and respect of the public to function effectively, this means their efficiency in tackling crime and corruption will be hobbled.

For example, the MACC has been rendered almost functionally useless with the dive in public confidence following its one-sided investigations and Teoh Beng Hock's death and will continue to be so until major revamps are made to instill back public confidence.

Society is traumatized by crude and offensive displays of injustice. The negative sentiment will affect private domestic investment which is already in decline and foreign investors will be put off.

Unlike 1998 Anwar is now opposition leader. To jail him on a specious charge with a dubious trial will project the perception that an opposition leader has been jailed on sham charges to remove him from the political scene.

This will invite condemnations from the international community and put the country in the company of banana republics such as Myanmar and Zimbabwe. The negative image projected by the country will drive away tourists and discourage others from holding functions in Malaysia.

As for Najib, his hold on Umno will weaken with the decline in public support which may impair his ability to push through further reforms. Public support has a direct effect on his ability to control his party warlords whose personal interests do not always coincide with public interests.

What Now, Najib?

There is something called the law of unintended consequences. Instead of weakening the opposition by removing Anwar, the opposition may be rejuvenated instead and the public may rally around him as a martyr of injustice and a victim of abuse of power.

Mahathir harboured a deep personal animosity towards Anwar. He was willing to take any political risks to humiliate and destroy Anwar, even though general election was around the corner. The resulting social and political turmoil was acceptable collateral damage.

Without the cloud of personal animosity, Najib should act in a rational manner and weigh the political risks and social consequences against the uncertain gain.

A conviction which is widely perceived as unfair and a political conspiracy will fall squarely on Najib's shoulders. Rightly or wrongly, he will be blamed so it is not just Anwar who is on trial but also Najib's credibility and the Malaysian justice system.

It is to Najib's interest that Anwar be given a fair trial and acquitted if there is no case. To push through a conviction on the basis of political expediency will unleash social forces which may sweep BN from power.

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The Hatyai Peace Accord - Stories from veterans Part I

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 10:33 PM PST

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Hatyai Peace Accord which ended 41 years of communists insurgency, we published exclusive interviews with the former Sec Gen of the Communist Party of Malaya, Chin Peng and one of the architects of the Accord, Tan Sri Rahim Noor who was then head of the Special Branch. They had talked about the Accord and Chin Peng's wish to return. This time we talk to some former soldiers and policemen who had, prior to 1989, spent a good part of their lives hunting down ...
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Opposition Still Sleeping

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 07:27 AM PST

I have forewarned some Opposition leaders not to sleep anymore as there are signs that the state election is coming very soon.

Will the nation watch a "Tsunami" coming to this direction and sweep the state Barisan Nasional government away? This is what people in coffee shops are talking about. Opposition can only do this if all are prepared and if all could work together and start working now. The signs that state election is near is very imminent and it could be as early as during 1st term school holiday next year 2010. The Election Commission has met the chief minister recently and this has enhanced the suspicion of an early election. It was unprecedented for the Election Commission to have met the chief minister and unless it was something to do with elections there was no good reason for the Election Commission to have an audience with the chief minister.

The battle will be in the dayak areas and the dayaks are growing impatient each day.

Educated dayaks are more daring these days to stand up and fight for their people and this may spell danger to the chief minister Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud. So the chief minister has to no choice, but, to please the dayaks. The things to tame the dayaks are simple and BN knows how to do this. The trick is to give a few influential dayak leaders some benefits and then splash some money in their areas. This will keep the dayaks and their leaders happy and with that their opposition against Taib will again just fizzle out.

In this strategic planning to retain power in the state, the Barisan Nasional government was forced to appoint Datuk Idris Jala, an orang ulu of Kelabit tribe, in August 2009 as Minister to the Federal Cabinet. Why appoint Idris Jala when there are many to choose from? This was nothing more than to please the Orang Ulu people. Among the orang ulu, Idris Jala is the only one so far been appointed to hold such a high office. The appointment of Idris Jala will see the Orang Ulu stay behind the Barisan Nasional government.

Then came the approval in September 2009 by the federal government RM50 million for the construction of the first phase road fom Lawas to Ba'Kelalan.

This was followed by the announcement by Second Minister of Planning and Resource Management Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan on 22 November, 2009 at Buduk of a proposed road at RM1 billion from Lawas to Bario in the North Sarawak.

With the recent cabinet reshuffle which led to the appointment of 4 dayaks to the state cabinet is no doubt a strategy by the chief minister, Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud to stay in power with the help of the dayaks.

Taib may retire soon and may wish to see his son, Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib take over as chief minister. Sulaiman has tendered his resignation to the Prime Minister and this will give him enough time to build his grass root support before entering the fray and take over from his father as chief minister of Sarawak.

Opposition Applied Wrong Strategy

In strategic planning, the Opposition has made a grave mistake of competing with each other for publicity in their discussions for seat allocations.

Are the leaders all too eager to topple Taib or were competing with each other to become chief minister? Why wants so much publicity? Leave the issue who leads the state, fight the war first! Win first, talk that later!

A strategy once wrongly executed will be disastrous. This has alerted the BN. BN took the cue from the publicity and before an Opposition pact could be formed, BN has to reorganize their machineries and strike first. BN has also now started the smear campaign against the Opposition camp in the blogs and SUPP has already set a team to compile information and facts about weaknesses of the DAP in the hope that these will be turned into weapons against the Opposition. Dr. George Chan has already fired his first shot in the Dewan recently.

Now, the Opposition has to work fast.

The dayaks have to wake up and form a movement like Hindraf and go to Parliament to demand for their rights or the King to seek protection of their rights and to do this they must seek the cooperation of our neighbours, Sabah

All Opposition leaders with dayak traditional clothes and war head gear have to show some solidarity and march to Parliament and to the Palace to hand a Memorandum to Parliament and the King. Alternatively, the dayaks should march with full force to demand their rights from Taib Mahumud. International media must be called to give as wide coverage as possible. Only by doing this a wave for the Tsunami can be created to sweep the state Barisan Nasional out of power.

YB Voon Lee Shan

Nampaknya Zaid Ibrahim tak boleh tidur nyenyak! Lepas itu, sue blogger pulak!

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 07:11 AM PST

Cakap tak serupa bikin!

Zaid oh Zaid, you are your own worst enemy — say one thing and then do another. What kinda fool have you made of yourself?

Worse, after saying "… saya rasa saya masih lagi boleh tidur nyenyak…. tak berapa syok nak melayan budak-budak upahan …" you then flip-flopped and sue. And a blogger at that! Thought you were beyond that for you once stood up against it.

Guess, "Hurricane Hattie" was more complimentary than derisive. What a cartoon!

Boy oh boy, Zaid, how you incriminate yourself! Go re-read what you wrote here in your own blog as a retort to A Kadir Jasin's political analysis/opinion piece here. Should A Kadir Jasin counter-sue? Nah, i think he's got better class than to stoop so low.

"Bagi saya, kalau PKR, PAS atau DAP yang mendakwa saya ini satu watak kartun dan seorang pengacau, maka saya perlu meneliti tuduhan tersebut. Tetapi kalau setakat penulis upahan UMNO yang membuat tuduhan, saya rasa saya masih lagi boleh tidur nyenyak. Lagi pun tak berapa syok nak melayan budak-budak upahan, terutamanya yang hati mereka dah terlalu busuk."

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Pendedahan Kesah Pembohongan Songkok Putih/Tranung Kite Online

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 07:35 AM PST

Saya telah membaca artikel terbaru yang diluluskan oleh Songkok Putih di TKO. Saya tak marah sebab artikel nya lebih menampakkan ketidak cerdikan penulis dari merosakkan imej saya.

Misalnya, penulis tu berkata:

"Apabila PAS bersama Pakatan Rakyat memerintah Selangor dia memohon untuk menjadi CEO sebuah anak syarikat kerajaan Negeri Selangor. Dato' Hassan Ali tidak memberikan kepada beliau, lagipun dalam hal ini mesti berbincang dahulu bersama dengan parti-parti lain dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Dia merajuk dan pergi keluar negara sambung kontraknya........"

Kahkahkah. Berita fitnah macam ni si Songkok Putih ni benarkan penerbitannya. Apalah bodohnya si Songkok Putih ni. Padahal, waktu saya hantar resume saya itu, kontrak saya dengan syarikat luar negeri tu dah bertanda tangan dan tiket penerbangan saya sudah pun diberi kepada saya.

Gaji CEO tu pun LEBIH RENDAH dari apa yang saya dapat di luar negara. Saya ingatkan hendak berkhidmat kepada PAS dan perjuangan Islam dan saya sanggup mengambil gaji yang lebih rendah dari apa yang telah saya dapat.

Tapi, nak buat macamana, Dato Hasan lebih suka syarikat tersebut duduk di bawah pengawasan Ketua UMNO Bahagian Petaling Jaya Utara dari dijaga oleh saya. Tak heranlah beliau dan Ketua Bahagian tersebut selalu berjumpa di Eastin Hotel. UMNO lebih utama pada Dato' Hasan berbanding dengan ahli dan aktivis parti sendiri untuk menjaga syarikat2 dalam Selangor ini. Nak buat macamana.


Saya tak terkejut Songkok Putih bersubahat dengan orang2 macam Batu Api ni. Kemungkinan, dia adalah penulis yang sama.

1.0 Ini kerana dalam email saya yang terbaru dengan Songkok Putih, saya bertanya bagaimana beliau masih menjadi Webmaster kepada Tranung Kite sedangkan dahulu beliau mengisytiharkan letak jawatan sebagai webmaster.

Beliau menjawab:

"mung kena bodoh di aku aje.. yang ganti tu aku jugak"

(Email tersebut saya lampirkan di bawah artikel ini.)

Ertinya beliau telah berbohong dengan keseluruhan pembaca Tranung Kite Online. Beliau menyamar kononnya telah letak jawatan sebagai Webmaster tapi hakikatnya beliau masih lagi memegang tampuk pemerintahan Tranung Kite Online. Saya mempunyai email terus dari beliau yang mengakui penipuan ini.

Email ini juga membuktikan beliau telah berbohong kepada pembaca2 TranungKite Online.

2.0 Dalam artikel2 saya yang sebelum ini satu masa dahulu pun saya sudah beri bukti betapa pembohongnya si Songkok Putih ini. Sila rujuk artikel saya yang sebelum ini di sini.

Songkok Putih pernah berjanji kepada saya dalam satu email pribadi beliau kepada saya. Saya nukil janji Songkok Putih itu:

""1. Isnya-Allah perbincangan antara peribadi enta dengan ana adalah rashia peribadi. Jika ana tak setuju dengan enta ana akan menulis secara umum melihat dan menggunakan nama yang enta menulis."".

Namun selepas itu Songkok Putih telah mendedahkan email itu kepada umum sekaligus mengkhianati janji beliau kepada saya.

Untuk maklumat lanjut tentang isu ini, sila klik di sini

Songkok Putih telah mengkhianati janji beliau untuk tidak mendedahkan email pribadi saya dengan beliau kepada umum. Beliau sendiri berjanji dan beliau sendiri khianati janji beliau.

Bagi saya Songkok Putih telah membuktikan kepada kita beliau adalah seorang pembohong dan pengkhianat janji walaupun beliau ni pakai kopiah putih.

Kita tahu empat sifat orang munafik, maka Songkok Putih membuktikan beliau telah melakukan dua dari empat sifat tersebut.

Inilah dia tanda-tanda hasil tarbiyyah PAS Terengganu yang begitu hebat dan berakhlak tinggi. Mereka yang ditarbiyyah oleh PAS Terengganu seperti Songkok Putih ni agaknya diajar bahawa mereka diizinkan berbohong dan mengkhianati janji.

Jadi, kita dapat tengok pada hari ini siapa yang sesat dan siapa yang tidak sesat.

Tak heranlah dia benarkan artikel yang penulis nya tidak tahu membezakan antara unta dan kambing.

"p/s - Gambar di atas itu adalah gambar Tulang Besi dengan projek kambing di luar negara setelah frust dengan Dato' Hassan Ali."

Tulang Besi

ps Email Terbaru dari Songkok Putih:

"Re: [Tranungkite Online v10]: Tranungkite Online Versi 10 telah beroperasi
Friday, November 20, 2009 5:00 AM
This sender is DomainKeys verified
"Ali @ Kamarudin"
View contact details
"Abdul Rahman Abdul Talib" cabearth4@yahoo.ca

mung kena bodoh di aku aje.. yang ganti tu aku jugak

--- On Fri, 20/11/09, Abdul Rahman Abdul Talib wrote:

From: Abdul Rahman Abdul Talib
Subject: Re: [Tranungkite Online v10]: Tranungkite Online Versi 10 telah beroperasi
To: "Tranungkite Online v10"
Date: Friday, 20 November, 2009, 1:26 AM
KAta hari tu SOngkok Putih dah tarik diri? Ni apasal datang balik?

Betul auta la korang ni
From: Tranungkite Online v10
To: cabearth4@yahoo.ca
Sent: Thu, November 19, 2009 8:36:24 PM
Subject: [Tranungkite Online v10]: Tranungkite Online Versi 10 telah beroperasi

From: Tranungkite Online v10 Tranungkite Online Versi 10 telah beroperasi mulai 1 November 2009. Oleh itu anda dijemput hadir semula. Songkok Putih Webmaster - Tranungkite Online v10 Staff ========================================================= You're receiving this email because you're a registered user of . We hope that this email didn't disturbed you and in some manner contributes to improve our services.

Artikel yang diluluskan oleh Songkok Putih

Menyanggah pemikiran-pemikiran sesat dalam blog - Siri 13
Oleh: Batu-api

"Isu Ariffahmi telah menjadikan Tok Guru berduka cita, sehingga berdiam diri. isu ini timbul kerana seorang blogger yang bernama pena kickdefella telah membuat pendedahan yang cukup trajis.

Sebelum pendedahan ini kickdefella telah pergi berjumpa dan mencim tangan Tok Guru, hormat dan dulu antara juga orang yang pernah memberikan padangan dan nasihat kepada Tok Guru.
Cium tangan hormat adalah biasa bagi mereka yang tidak ada perbalahan dan dengki ataupun sakit hati.

Kicdefella nama sebenarnya ialah Syed Azidi
Blognya ialah http://kickdefella.wordpress.com/

Bacalah di sini semua tertulis

Kickdefella ada menulis
"Setelah melafazkan apa yang ingin saya lafazkan, saya mengucup tangan YAB Menteri Besar dan meminta maaf sekiranya ada kesilapan di pihak saya sepanjang perkhidmatan saya dan meminta dihalalkan makan minum dan gaji yang saya terima selama ini."

Cerita pertama ini ialah seorang yang memengang jawatan tinggi dan pernah minta gaji melebihi CEO syarikat berkenaan telah ditamatkan kontraknya.

Dia berubah 360 darjah selepas itu.

Cerita kedua pula.
Seorang penulis lain yang menggunakan nama pena Tulang Besi. Dia adalah orang kanan kepada Dato' Hassan Ali. Beberapa tahun bersama Dato' Hassan Ali. Hanya dia tak cium sahaja tangan Dato' Hassan Ali sebagaimana Kickdefella. Peluk Dato' Hassan Ali, eh ehhh banyak kali tak boleh bilang!

Apabila PAS bersama Pakatan Rakyat memerintah Selangor dia memohon untuk menjadi CEO sebuah anak syarikat kerajaan Negeri Selangor. Dato' Hassan Ali tidak memberikan kepada beliau, lagipun dalam hal ini mesti berbincang dahulu bersama dengan parti-parti lain dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Dia merajuk dan pergi keluar negara sambung kontraknya........

Nama sebenar Tulang Besi pula ialah Abdul Rahman bin Talib
blognya pula ialah http://www.malaysiawaves.com/

Betul ke cerita saya ini?
Tulang Besi telah memaklumkan kesahan perkara ini. Sila lihat di sini
http://macamoranggila.blogspot.com/2009/12/kenapa-tulang-besi-jadi-gila.html (lihat pada komen jawapan TB)

Dia juga telah 360 darjah menyerang Dato' Hassan Ali.

Dato' Hasssan Ali ilmu dan waraknya tidak sama seperti Tok Guru Nik Aziz yang semua orang kenal "kalis akhbar dan media". Semua keburukan Dato' Hassan Ali didedahkan jangan ada sedikitpun kesilapan maka seluruh dunia akan tahu. Tok Guru juga menerima nasib hampir sama, kebaikan membawa Islam 20 tahun di bumi Kelantan hampir lenyap kerana dengki dan dendam kesumat seorang blogger.

Manusia bila dah berdengki dan berdendam semuanya boleh jadi, agama sendiri boleh dipijak-pijak.

p/s - Gambar di atas itu adalah gambar Tulang Besi dengan projek kambing di luar negara setelah frust dengan Dato' Hassan Ali.

Note: Ok juga tulis seperti ini, daripada menggunakan bahasa kasar. Saya juga bersedia untuk melulus terbitkannya. - SP"

The UMNO is on the verge of implosion says Deputy Prime Minister PAS can save umnO

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 06:03 AM PST

read more click thisUMNO is simply beyond repair can Tengku Razaleigh'THE PLUMBER CAN HE FIX THE BARISAN SINKING SHIP?The sweet prince is just being a martyr battle with his soul

One of Umno's most respected leaders,Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, has come out to back the closure of the Biro Tata Negara (BTN), saying he was a victim of its controversial courses when he led an opposition front.

"Yes I have heard, I have been battered about in seminars, discussions in BTN," the Gua Musang MP said when asked if he had been a victim of BTN.

"They said a lot of things," he replied when asked to elaborate on the nature of the attacks against him.

The Kelantanese prince was also a victim of a hate campaign during Election 1990, when a photograph of him wearing an East Malaysian headgear was widely distributed just days before polls.

The photograph of Razaleigh in the headgear, which bore a motif similar to a crucifix, is credited with turning away significant numbers of Muslim votes from Semangat 46, which he led.

The BTN, under the Prime Minister's Department, runs compulsory courses for civil servants and undergraduates and has been accused of promoting hatred and racism by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders.

"I think BTN should close down. It has been used to promote personality cults and also used for badgering people who oppose the leadership," he told reporters after delivering his speech at the United Nations Human Rights Day here.

"It's a waste of money," said the Gua Musang Umno chief.

The PR-led Selangor government recently imposed a ban on its civil servants and students within its state-run educational institutions from attending BTN courses, while Penang — another PR- governed state — is said to be considering similar action.

But the hawks in Umno, through Malay-based dailies like Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia, have moved to defend BTN and attacked its critics as "traitors" who are trying to politicise the issue.

On Sunday Utusan urged the government not to "bow down" to the opposition on BTN.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz had said that BTN training modules would be revamped to better reflect the 1 Malaysia concept introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

However former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been defending the BTN courses and saying that the criticism against it has been exaggerated.

read more click thisPRAYERS AT the grandest Hindu shrine in Malaysia, IS UNFORGIVEABLE to the muslims The UMNO is on the verge of implosion says Deputy Prime Minister

Former prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called on Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Aziz to quit the party for calling him a racist over the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) issue.

Nazri had yesterday called Mahathir a racist for supporting and defending the BTN programme which has been slated for a revamp after severe criticism for not keeping with 1Malaysia spirit.

Mahathir had said yesterday that there was no need to revamp BTN's training modules in the current form and that it was suitable for instilling the patriotic spirit among Malaysians.

'Umno is also racist'

Opening a seminar on the Malaysia-Indonesian economies here today, Mahathir said that if Nazri had described him as racist then Nazri himself should quit because then it would mean that Umno is a racist party.

He said that since Nazri belongs to a racist party, the minister must then resign from the party deemed to be racist.

"Nazri says I am a racist. Umno is a racist party, it caters to the Malays. If he feel that he does not belong to the racist party he should resign from the party."The BTN controversy has accidentally brought out the hawks and doves within UMNO.

Each side has its own say on whether to revamp the BTN curriculum, which has since become the ring for their power wrestling.

In the beginning, DPM Muhyiddin Yassin said there was no problem with BTN, which was in full conformity to the national policies.

Very soon, a few UMNO ministers, including agriculture minister Noh Omar and women, family and community development minister Sharizat Jalil, followed suit.

In a lapse of several days, minister in the PM's department Mohamed Nazri let out a different tune. He said the Cabinet was already reviewing the BTN's problems and found its curriculum not in compliance with the "1Malaysia" spirit, and had made the decision to revamp its content.

Nazri was obviously saying something quite different from some of his colleagues. Besides, he divulged very expressly the timing of the Cabinet's reviewing of BTN as well as its decision on the content.

That sounds weird. Since the Cabinet has made the decision, why did the DPM and a few other ministers sing in a completely different tune?

Deputy minister in the PM's department Ahmad Maslan called up a high-profile media conference and offered his explanation. He said BTN had not done anything wrong and there would be no need for revamp of its curriculum. Instead, he said an additional "1Malaysia" module would be introduced.

Many people might not know Ahmad Maslan too well, thinking that he was just another deputy minister without much say.

But, this guy carries a different kind of identity. He is not only the helmsman at BTN but also UMNO's information chief!

Given his background, it is indeed no easy task for him to take over a position that only a veteran leader has the capacity to shoulder.

Talking about the BTN curriculum, this gentleman said the BTN was only trying to instill Malay sovereignty and racist content from the objective factual perspectives not in violation of the "1Malaysia" spirit.

His remarks were representative of the extreme rightists within UMNO, a kind of typical defender for Malay nationalism.

Although he was explicitly pointing his finger at Lim Kit Siang, it doesn't take a lot of wisdom for anyone to figure out that he was actually aiming his arrow at Nazri.

This has grossly infuriated Nazri, who questioned whether the minister or the deputy minister had been represented in the Cabinet meeting, and how a deputy minsiter should question his superior's remarks.

On BTN's curriculum and the question of Malay sovereignty, Nazri said the Malay sovereignty was not about the sovereignty of Malay people, but of the Malay rulers and sultans, and as such, it didn't mean the Malays were more superior compared to other races.

Well known for his fiery temper, Nazri is nevertheless a relatively moderate and open-minded person in the midst of UMNO's ministers.

Moreover, his legal background has allowed him to act in a more rational and logical manner.

Among the factions of UMNO, he is said to be closer to Najib, and has won the trust of the PM.

The conflicts between Nazri and Ahmad Maslan has now come to the feet of Muhyiddin Yassin. All eyes are now on the DPM where he would stand.

Muhyiddin's stand couldn't be clearer. He said, "As the person in charge of BTN, Ahmad Maslan has made the necessary explanation."

Up till this point, the hawks and doves have all come out. It will be another story whether the BTN curriculum will eventually be revamped.


Ku Li is ... Cool

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:51 AM PST

Close down BTN, says Ku Li

KUALA LUMPUR: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has called for the outright closure of Biro Tata Negara (BTN), saying it was "a waste of money."

The Umno veteran said the agency had been used to promote personality cults and to attack people who oppose the Umno leadership.

"I think BTN should close down," he told reporters covering the UN Seminar on Human Rights here.

What else can I say? Only in Malaysia can you find justification to spend $100M a year just to brainwash civil servants .. That's Mahathirism 101.1.(a) All $ is bapak gua punya

Quit! NGOs Tell MIC, MCA, Gerakan Ministers….How about Dayak Interests?

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 04:06 AM PST

K Pragalath
Dec 8, 09
A group of Indian-based NGOs today called for the resignations of several ministers from MIC, MCA and Gerakan over their alleged failure to protect the interest of the Chinese and Indian communities.

NONEThe NGOs, calling themselves Movement for Sustaining SPM 12 Subjects, said the ministers failed to object the government's decision to ignore vernacular languages and literary studies at the SPM level.

In the group's radar are Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam who is MIC vice-president, Deputy Education Minister and MCA Youth leader Wee Ka Siong and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and Gerakan president Koh Tsu Koon.

NONE"We want Subramaniam to resign immediately if he cannot represent the Indian community's interest," said A Thiruvenggadam, spokesperson of the group at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur attended by other NGO representatives who make up the movement.

The Movement for Sustaining SPM 12 subjects is made up of over 200 Indian-based NGOs united in their stand to oppose the capping of SPM subjects at 10.

"Resign en bloc if you can't defend the 12 subjects," added Thiruvenggadam.

The group's spokesperson said that they had met Subramaniam on Nov 30 and he had concurred with the group's view.

Instead of capping the subjects at 10, the group suggested that subjects be capped at 12 and the best 10 taken into consideration for scholarship purposes.

A mockery of 1Malaysia

Meanwhile, Thiruvenggadam wants Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to intervene and resolve the issue because 'the decision is making a mockery of his 1Malaysia concept'.

A Rajaretinam, president of Federation of Malaysian Indian NGOs also criticised the cabinet decision.

"Mother tongue education is a constitutional right and guaranteed in the Razak Report. Don't play with fire," he said.

The NGOs will hold a mass gathering on Dec 12 at Wisma Peladang in Petaling Jaya to protest against the decision by the government.

NONEThiruvenggadam said they have applied for a permit to hold the gathering from Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar.

The plan to cap SPM subjects at 10 was mooted by Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin in June this year.

Since then, Tamil and Chinese educationist groups have urged the government to revise its decision and allow students to take 12 subjects.

The cabinet recently said that while students will now be allowed to take 12 subjects, only 10 will be recognised, which did not go down well with these groups and NGOs.  Malaysiakini

Johoreans Still With BN

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 01:57 AM PST

It has been a long time since my last post.

It's wedding season and I returned to Kluang, Johor (not JB for those who think Johor is JB, do read this to know the difference ) twice over two weeks and I also had the opportunity to attend other weddings in KL.

The usual conversation of normal Malaysians like us in a wedding revolves not around serious stuff like gay rights, human rights or global warming (it was rainy throughout my stay there). Apart from commenting about bride, groom, their family, how we have aged as well as the ever escalating rate of wedding ang pows (or Moiyee in Tamil), we also spoke about politics.

In the Kluang weddings, there were pockets of people from Kuantan, Singapore as well as people from all parts of Johor.

Based on my conversation with them on politics, I can summarise that people have grown tired of petty politics played out by both BN and Pakatan Rakyat. While BN bashing has become a fashion, as it is here in Johor, it has certainly become increasingly boring. One thing is quite clear; people have less confidence in Pakatan Rakyat now than before.

When enquired further, it appears that people are tired of both Pakatan national leaders as well as their local representatives. They further amplified that these local leaders are those who canvassed for votes in the last elections and had since, many of their candidates have won.

The real problem on the ground appears to be the local leaders as they have appeared to have promised the sun and moon during the elections. And more glaringly, majority of the Pakatan local leaders are BN rejects and I was told, those who actually failed or sidelined by their former BN party. I was also informed that promises have remained just that, promises. This sync with incidents that we hear and read daily, promises that were never delivered across the country by Pakatan and BN.

BN has a clear advantage as there were not much expectation any way that they will deliver but for Pakatan, promises were made much expectation (especially with the usual heroic stage rhetoric with chants of 'Makkal Sakhti' ) , especially in the states governed by them. As in Johor, a BN stronghold, Pakatan gained several seats in the last elections and even with the few seats the state Pakatan appears to be in sleeping mode and not to mention, squabbles in the State DAP and alleged involvement of secret society.

The same sentiments were shared by others in the wedding from other states. People have started to have more confidence in the economy. Malays, I hear do not have much fear over the liberalization of several key sectors (not that they understand much in the 1st place).

In Johor, jobs are plenty, factories are near to their usual capacity and Iskandar is beginning to take shape. More importantly for the JB folks, there is an alternative route to the much dreaded Pasir Gudang highway (for those who have not used this road, I suggest you should check and firm up your brakes before even thinking of using this road).

As for temple and cow heads, I hear that there are no such issues in Johor. Even the Royalty gave the land to the new Crystal Temple in JB and aptly promoted as a tourist destination by the state government. People are equally excited and confused over the Iskandar project as it is being trumpeted frequently by the media and national leaders but there's little to show at the moment. I was informed that there few evidences of jobs being created for the project.

As for the Indians, people I know appears to be singing a different tune now as compared to pre and post general elections when there were strong anti-BN and pro Hindraf (pro Pakatan) sentiments. People here are disgusted with Hindraf leaders and other Pakatan Indian leaders. Indians are also slowly losing their trust on Anwar. One asked me where is he?, while another asked if Anwar is planning to return to UMNO, speculation further to the alleged meeting with Najib.

People are also beginning to get tired with the antics of Indian leaders, especially when they try to defend criminals and criminal acts. A local said that the 5 Indians who were killed in a shoot out with police, deserves to die. For those who are not aware, this shoot to kill policy are often played out in many Tamil movies and known as 'encounter' and it is a normal happening in India where court and trials take ages to even start and police choose this alternative unofficial method to rid society of known and proven hardcore criminals.

As for support for Najib, many are cautiously optimistic that Najib will deliver, with many commenting on his fast paced, business like moves and less political rhetoric in the recent past. Despite the usual distrusts, people are impressed with his pace and measures that has been taken thus far, though many think it can be better, especially on cost of living.

In summary, though I may have only met few people in Johor and they may not represent the majority, it appears that Johoreans still trust BN though they are much more cautious than before. If Pakatan Rakyat do not put their house and people in order, it would be quite difficult to take over this BN strong hold.

Once were warriors, Malaysian fashion

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 12:52 PM PST

In Malaysiakini's Break shackles of racism, free the civil service we get to hear our dear Uthayakumar lamenting the loss of Indian dominance of the senior echelon in the Malaysian Civil Service, where once 50% of the service's top postings (division A and B) were Indians.

As for the Armed Forces, Uthayakumar recalled that the first Malaysian navy chief was an Indian, rear admiral K Tanabalasingam.

This is surprising news for me, so I rang up one of my uncles (a sweetie once remarked I have many uncles wakakaka) who once served in the Armed Forces, to confirm Uthayakumar's assertion.

Unc agreed with Uthayakumar, both in that fact that Tanabalasingam was the first Malaysian to be the nation's naval chief, and Uthayakumar's cry that "No Indian Malaysian however capable will ever get to this position ever again."

Unc also asserted that neither would ever a Chinese Malaysian.

However he reckoned (though he couldn't be sure) that Tanabalasingam only reached the rank of Commodore (one-star) and not Rear Admiral (two-star) before he retired. [update-note: yes, he was promoted to Rear Admiral before he retired]

Unc said that relatively the Indians had done far better than the Chinese in the Armed Forces, despite there being 4 times more Chinese Malaysians than Indian ones.

He remembered that during his time there were more Indian than Chinese generals in the army and navy. The first non-Malay air force general was also an Indian.

He can't be sure but he reckoned the Indians also had more 2-star generals than the Chinese.

Despite the population ratio, the Indians had fared far far better than the Chinese in the senior ranks. My Unc's personal opinion is that in the armed forces the Indians were more trusted or liked than the Chinese.

The exception in the 'trust' category for the Chinese was the Police (in his days), where the top SB man would be a Chinese. The rationale, inherited from the British, was to use a Chinese (SB policeman) to catch a Chinese (communist).

Incidentally the two men who virtually crippled the MCP and silently won the war for Malaysia against the insurgency were two police officers, Paul Kiong and Sia Boon Chee. Both were awarded Malaysia's highest bravery award, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa in 1983, but they weren't generals. Kiong eventually reached the rank SP (roughly equivalent to the military Colonel) whilst Sia retired as a DSP (= Lt Colonel).

So, all in all, in the 52 years of Malayan/Malaysian independence, the Indians had performed remarkably well in the senior ranks of the armed forces when compared to the Chinese. At least they enjoyed having an Indian become a Service Chief.

I believe that was the case too in the senior positions of the Civil Service.

On Tanabalasingam, a Tamil whose family were of Sri Lanka extract, Unc added a bit of juicy gossip, that by the time he became Navy boss and a Commodore (one-star general), he found it impossible to marry as the dowry for a person of his status would have been frighteningly astronomical, way beyond the reach of any Malaysian Tamil parents (of Sri Lankan heritage).

Besides, according to Unc, the (most eligible) bachelor Commodore was seen dating only non-tangachees ;-)

I wonder whether he was eventually married. Just imagine the convoy of trucks (or ships) carrying his dowry wakakaka!

'Tiada jelmaan Teoh di Plaza Masalam'

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:26 AM PST

Kisah hantu jelmaan mendiang Teoh Beng Hock menjadi buah mulut di kalangan kakitangan pejabat dan pelanggan yang berurusan di Plaza Masalam setelah dilaporkan akhbar minggu lalu tetapi ia tidak wujud, kata kakitangan sebuah syarikat keselamatan. Ruslan Nordin, pegawai kanan Evergreen Venues Sdn Bhd berkata selepas laporan China Press 4 Disember lalu, banyak pihak yang bertanya kepada pasukannya mengenai kesahihan dakwaan tersebut. Lagi
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Do they know it's Christmas?

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:31 AM PST

Here is what a Mahathirist said: -

Nazri's true intentions behind "racist" remarks

If Dr M thinks that Nazri was put up to it and Najib Razak chooses to keep quiet .. which forced Dr M to attack Pak Lah.

I think Madey is overrated. 

I say he has no ball to attack Majib because Majib is his only hope for too many things (not just Mukhriz). I don't see how he can afford it. Not even close. No,  He won't have the ball to do that, he never really has any ball in the first place.

If Dr M and Najib are at loggerheads, it won't be good for Umno and BN.

Wrong. It's actually good for BN/UMNO because this is the way out for BN/UMNO/Majib .. and most important of all, I believe Rosie realized that.

And if Dr M starts whacking Najib the way he was whacking Pak Lah, it can't be good for the current Prime Minister.

He will be lynched like Saddam Hussein right away if he dares. Again, not a chance.

Already, pro-Umno bloggers have called for Nazri's sacking from the party. Read Nazri Aziz wajar dipecat and Another turncoat: Just watch this caveman!

Pro-UMNO or Pro-Madey? Sorry, I forgot UMNO means Madey.

Maybe it's time to look for a new ship lah. Believe me, all things has an expiry date and I believe the time has come ie. the supposedly expired one either kill the the officer in charge of extending the expiry date or that's it .. Expiry is not the word, it's either early retirement (that's nice) or premature death (that's a little rough).

Any other outcome means Rosie Consulting Inc. is a Moron Mafia. and they won't survive much longer. So, don't waste time bodeking them.

It's either you die or I die?

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 02:46 AM PST

Madey has made it very clear (interpreted using Google Interpreter): "UMNO is mine, so it must go my way or else. I am a racist, so UMNO must be racist. Why should I care about 1Malaysia? Who do you think is Majib? I placed him where he is today, so he must kiss my ass or else .."
Dr M: Nazri should quit Umno
Tuesday, 08 December 2009 17:54
mahathir-mohd-nazri-aziz.jpgKUALA LUMPUR- Former prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called on Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Aziz to quit the party for calling him a racist over the Biro Tata Negara issue. more..

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come for a "either you die or I die" .. Will I be surprised if Madey says this tomorrow "Sorry, I didn't understand 1Malaysia, I think BTN should be revamped. Actually, it should be scrapped altogether because only Communists and Cultists do this kind of things .. Brainwashing."?

Not at all.

Does anyone know what is Rosie Mansor's personal contact? I think it's about time I find out what is her game plan ... I'd be very be surprised if she doesn't have a plan to do a "I love you so much that I will even sacrifice my own father .." Well, Christianity thrived on similar trick for over 2,000 years now. It works wonder, man!

Beri Laluan Kepada Orang Najib, Adnan Yaakob Bakal Tersingkir? | 纳吉有意安插亲信 彭州大臣或遭撤换?

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 02:01 AM PST

Sumber: Merdeka Review
Penulis: Lau Zi Ern
Terjemah Oleh: Lim Hong Siang
Tajuk: Beri Laluan Kepada Orang Najib, Adnan Yaakob Bakal Tersingkir?

Maka, selepas Najib menjawat PM, desas-desus tersebar bahawa kedudukan Adnan akan digantikan pada bila-bila masa. Biarpun begitu, bukan senang untuk menggoyah kedudukan Adnan. Adnan memiliki kelebihan, iaitu hubungannya yang baik dengan Institusi Raja di Pahang. Najib mungkin tidak ingin menimbulkan masalah yang baru buat sementara ini.....


Beri Laluan Kepada Orang Najib, Adnan Yaakob Bakal Tersingkir?

Defisit belanjawan untuk 10 tahun berturut-turut sekali lagi menggoyah kedudukan Adnan Yaakob sebagai Menteri Besar Negeri Pahang. Sumber maklumat dalaman UMNO menyebarkan khabar bahawa Adnan Yaakob mungkin "dipindah"ke pusat untuk mengosongkan jawatan yang disandangnya lebih daripada satu dekad, lantas diisi oleh calon yang dilantik Perdana Menteri Najib Abdul Razak.

Pada hakikatnya, sudah tiba masanya untuk menukar MB. Pimpinan kerajaan negeri oleh Adnan kini terperangkap dalam kebuntuan. Beliau melihat dasar dirinya sebagai dasar terbaik, malah bermegah dengan dirinya kerana tidak meluluskan lesen pembalakan yang baru.

Namun, beliau bukanlah seorang yang baik dalam pengurusan, bukan sahaja tidak bijak dalam berniaga, malah mengakibatkan defisit belanjawan negeri Pahang untuk 10 tahun berturut-turut.

Pemimpin baru dengan gaya barunya sekurang-kurangnya akan menyuntik sesuatu yang baru untuk negeri Pahang. Dari kaca mata peniaga, MB ini tidak berwawasan, hanya menjaga sumber dan harta yang sedia ada. MB ini juga dilihat gagal memikirkan dasar yang terbuka untuk menarik lebih ramai pelabur.

Sebagaimana yang diketahui, Pahang sebuah negeri yang kaya dengan sumber semulajadi. Seandainya diterokai dan digunakan dengan sebaik-baiknya, maka ia bakal menarik pelaburan, lantas mewujudkan peluang pekerjaan dan perniagaan.

Hubungan Najib-Adnan

Hubungan Najib dengan Adnan umpama "mentor" dan "musuh". Adnan diangkat oleh Najib seketika dahulu. Namun, tiada kemestian yang selama-lamanya dalam politik. Semasa zaman Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menjawat PM, Adnan mengalih menjadi pendukung Abdullah sehingga mengabaikan Najib.

Maka, selepas Najib menjawat PM, desas-desus tersebar bahawa kedudukan Adnan akan digantikan pada bila-bila masa. Biarpun begitu, bukan senang untuk menggoyah kedudukan Adnan. Adnan memiliki kelebihan, iaitu hubungannya yang baik dengan Institusi Raja di Pahang. Najib mungkin tidak ingin menimbulkan masalah yang baru buat sementara ini.

Walaupun ini bukan kali pertama tersebarnya khabar bahawa Adnan akan dipindah ke pusat, dan ia mungkin berakhir seperti apa yang berlaku dahulu. Oleh itu, tidak menolak kemungkinan bahawa khabar ini diulangi kerana dua faktor. Pertamanya, ia disebarkan oleh orang UMNO yang tidak berpuas hati dengan Adnan; atau keduanya, ia disebarkan oleh Adnan sendiri untuk menguji siapa yang bermotif untuk mendaki ke atas tangga kuasa untuk menggantikannya, agar beliau boleh memancung kepalanya dengan serta-merta tanpa apa-apa persediaan dari pihak musuh.

Pengganti Adnan

Mereka yang pernah berkesempatan untuk bangkit menggantikan Adnan termasuklah Hasan Arifin dari Rompin, Shahirudin dari Raub, Omar Othman dari Kuala Lipis dan sebagainya. Namun, mereka "ditamatkan" dengan begitu sahaja. Shahirudin gagal mengancam Adnan lagi apabila terlibat dalam politik wang.

Kini, ADUN Lanchang, Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin memiliki peluang yang paling cerah untuk menggantikan Adnan. Mohd Sharkar bukan sahaja seorang EXCO kerajaan negeri, malah Timbalan Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Negeri Pahang. Lebih penting, Sharkar adalah orang rapat Najib.

Selain itu, mereka yang berpeluang untuk naik ke mercu kuasa termasuklah Shafik Fauzan Sharif dari Inderapura, Mohd Soffi Abdul Razak dari Benta dan Ishak Muhamad dari Bebar.

Demikianlah politik. Walaupun Adnan diangkat naik oleh Najib seketika dahulu, namun "pengkhianatan" terhadap Najib telah menggadaikan kepercayaan Najib terhadap dirinya. Najib tidak lagi melihat Adnan sebagai orang rapatnya. Untuk memperkukuhkan kuasa dirinya di Pahang, Najib perlu meletak orangnya agar boleh dijadikan kubu dirinya di negeri asalnya.

Najib tidak akan menggunakan seorang "pengkhianat", lebih-lebih lagi Adnan bukan satu-satunya orang yang berbakat dalam negeri Pahang. Adnan juga menyedari keadaan sedemikian. Menurut orang dekat Adnan, beliau telah mencari jalan keluar untuk dirinya. Rumah kediamannya yang lama tidak diduduki itu mula dibaiki semula. Ini menjadi bukti bahawa Adnan telah mengandaikan sesuatu yang buruk mungkin menimpa dirinya.

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Pancung dengan KPI

Sumber dalaman UMNO berkata, Najib bakal merampas kerusi Adnan dengan alasan bahawa prestasi Adnan sebagai MB selama lebih 10 tahun, bahkan defisit belanjawan untuk 10 tahun berturut-turut gagal menjangkau KPI yang ditetapkan. Ini alasan yang terbaik, malah institusi Raja Pahang mungkin mengangguk kepada pertukaran MB.

Mengikut gaya Adnan, beliau yang selama ini bersikap acuh tak acuh tidak akan memberi penjelasan jikalau keadaan tidak genting. Kali ini, ketika menggulung dalam sidang mesyuarat DUN ketika pembentangan belanjawan, beliau mengumumkan stastistik belanjawan dari tahun 2000 hingga 2008, menjelaskan bahawa kerugian hanya berlaku pada tahun 2008, tetapi membuat keuntungan untuk tahun-tahun selainnya.

Mengapa Adnan memberi penjelasan, malah sekaligus mendedahkan perangkaan 8 tahun yang lalu? Tindakan Adnan boleh dikaitkan dengan spekulasi baru-baru ini, iaitu "masanya sudah sampai".

Satu lagi faktor yang mendorong agar Najib menukar MB adalah kesungguhan Pakatan Rakyat untuk mengambil alih kerajaan negeri ini. Sememangnya, Pahang memerlukan pimpinan seseorang yang berpotensi dan berbakat secara menyeluruh, malah direstui institusi Raja. Apakah Adnan bakal dipindah ke pusat? Kita tunggu dan lihat!

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连续十年财政预算案赤字,让彭州务大臣安南耶谷(Adnan Yakoob)地位再次受动摇,巫统内部最近有消息传出,安南很可能被调往中央,而让他担任逾12年的大臣之位将会让贤,由首相纳吉钦点人选取而代之。







曾经有机会上位的包括来自云冰的哈山阿里芬(Hassan Ariffin)、来自劳勿的沙西鲁丁、来自立卑的奥玛奥德曼等,可是最后还不是落得死得不清不白的下场。沙西鲁丁政途因涉及金钱政治对安南已构不成威胁。

今天最有机会取代安南者就是联增区州议员莫哈末沙卡(Mohd. Sharkar Shamsudin),他除了是州行政议员外,同时也是巫统彭州联委会署理主席。沙卡本身就是纳吉的亲信,除了沙卡外,有机会上位者也包括沙菲夫占
(Shafik Fauzan Bin Sharif,英迪拉布拉区)、苏菲拉萨(Mohd Soffi Abdul Razak,文打区)及依斯迈莫哈末(Ishak Muhamad,柏巴区)。










BBPU: Jangan biar 13 Mei berulang lagi

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 01:07 AM PST

Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Ummah membuat laporan polis terhadap naib pengerusi DAP N Kulasegaran yang didakwanya telah mempertikaikan hak-hak keistimewaan orang Melayu. Laporan tersebut dibuat oleh sekumpulan anggota badan bertindak tersebut di ibu pejabat polis daerah Shah Alam hari ini. Mereka membuat aduan itu berdasarkan laporan akhbar Utusan Malaysia hari ini, antara lain, memetik Kulasegaran sebagai berkata beliau berpandangan dasar ketuanan Melayu bertentangan dengan slogan 1Malaysia ...
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The Hatyai Peace Accord - Stories from veterans Part II

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 12:47 AM PST

Former Squad 69 veteran Bahari Ismail continues with his story of the ambush that almost took away his life and that of three other squad mates ...
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'Cow Heads' Launch Racist Rant - By Neville Spykerman.

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 12:54 AM PST

Leaders of the 'cow-head' protesters stepped into more controversy today by categorising Malays and non-Malays as first and second class citizens, shortly after their case was mentioned at the Shah Alam Sessions Court.

They launched the tirade outside the district police headquarters here after lodging a report against DAP's M. Kulasegaran who said in Parliament last week that the concept of Malay supremacy ran contrary to the Prime Minister's 1Malaysia slogan.

"Its proven historically that this is Tanah Melayu others are categorised as second class citizens," Ahmad Mahayuddin Abd Manaf told reporters.

The 36-year-old is one of six charged earlier with illegal assembly and sedition for the Aug 28 cow head protest. Six others were charged with illegal assembly.

Their case will be heard on April 12.

Ahmad, who said he was the chairman of the yet to be registered Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Ummah lashed out at the Ipoh Barat MP and warned him against questioning the special rights of Malays.

He pointed out that many Malays were disadvantaged while the economy was dominated by the Chinese and Indians.

He also hit out at DAP and PKR for jeopardising Malay rights and adding that he didn't want a repeat of May 13, racial riots.

"Issues involving Malay sentiments should not be play with," said Ahmad who in the same breath said they accepted 1Malaysia, and are tolerant of other races.

His deputy Ibrahim Sabri called on the Government to arrest Kulasegaran under the Internal Security Act (ISA) and to revoke his citizenship for questioning the constitution.

By questioning Malays supremacy, he is questioning the Sultan's supremacy because he is the head of Islam, said Ibrahim.

He said they were giving him two weeks to apologise or they would go to his office to protest.

"We will find him, even if it means looking in wormholes, you can quote me." he said.

They added that 30 police reports would be lodged against Kulasegaran in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur today and they expect it to be nation-wide exercise with the participation of other Malay groups.

Both men were earlier charged for both sedition and illegal assembly, with 10 others, for being involved in the Aug 28 'cow-head' protest at the state secretariat against the relocation of 150-year-old temple to a neighbourhood in Section 23 Shah Alam.

Upon leaving the court complex a banner with the pictures of DAP leaders stuck on cows was unveiled, kicked and stepped upon in protest.

The men said they did not know who brought the banner but they join in to protest against the Perak DAP which had earlier been slammed for stepping on a banner bearing the faces of three Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers who turned independent and supported the Barisan Nasional who then took control of the state on Feb 5.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Sulaimans Resignation More Shocking or MACC Boss??

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 11:17 PM PST

According to an internet blog the resignation of MACC boss is comes as quite a shock to the whole adminstrative system. Various theories and excuses are given for this sudden development and above it all it might just be another political manouevering.

The resignation letter of Deputy Minister of Tourism does come too as a shock to mosts of his "machais". There were already word of it about a month and a half  ago but it was not revealed and word has it that the CM was not too happy then with his sons "rash act". Exactly what happened we do not want to reveal all and as parents most of us will imagine what words came out and the subsequent actions. What would you have done..??

Taib is after all human and he wants the bests for Sulaiman his eldest son and for him to continue the family legacy. Would you have done the same in his position?   You would be lying to yourself if you say no,no,no.

audie61 had a breakfast meeting with a very close aide of Sulaiman this morning and he has mentioned that Sulaiman might quit as deputy as the signs of a U-Turn looks quite a distant.

HOWEVER  he will not relinquish his position as an elected MP.This wil quash all rumours about Samarahan getting ready for a Parliamentary by election and Najib will be very pleased nevertheless with such a move.

The next question is who will replace Sulaiman in the slot provided by Najibs adminstration for a PBB MP. According to our our sources five names does appear in the PBB radars with stong indications for  Alex Linggi and Henry Sum Agong( both very senior Parliamentarians) while Hasbibollah,Nora Rahman and Nancy Shukri are both first timers. Could Nora just succeed his cousin Sulaiman and pip others to the posts?

The PBB second echelon leaders are looking at Alex Linggi to be given the opportunity to take over from Sulaiman as he is known to very hardworking,approachable and is always on the ground willing to listen and assist the rakyat to  the bests of his capacity. 

Much can be written about the individual MPS but we know for a fact that Najib does believe that the MPs that works hard and are seen on the ground deserves a chance to be elevated. CM Taib does also believe in "hard work pays off  attitude and he will be too pleased to recommend without hesitation if the Big Boss says so. Its all up to what the leaders have in mind and we will only be too pleased if it is not taken away from Sarawak's quota.   

So Najib will take it in his stride that it is indeed an opportunity for others to shine be it a new man as the MACC Boss or a New Deputy Minister. The platform is ther for for the person to take over and whoever is tasks will thank his stars that the time is right for him to SHINE BRIGHTLY.

No other words comes to mind except that only our parents who wants the bests for us will tell us that the stars are REACHABLE AND TOUCHABLE .

Substitute BTN course with that of Human Rights

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 10:52 PM PST

I support the call to scrap the BTN courses by Ku Li, as carried in Malaysiakini today.

In my opinion, instead of this course, all civil servants, including police and other enforcement agencies, should attend a course on our Constitution as well as Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Maybe it is not a bad idea to have would-be civil servants sit for a course on Universal declaration of Human Rights, since in a world where democratic principles prevail, individual rights will become more and more important, and the hierarchy based governing is no longer applicable in this world of globalisation.

Even in CHina, the rue of Law has become more and more important (even though not perfect, their government is trying hard to learn from the West as to the application of the rule of Law), and that has in no small part contributed to the immense amount of FDI going into that country.

If we want to survive in this modern era, Malaysians would have no other choice but to change their mindsets and thinking, the most important of which is to respect individual rights.


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