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Doggie Tee Kena Fcuked

Doggie Tee Kena Fcuked

Doggie Tee Kena Fcuked

Posted: 27 Dec 2009 02:02 PM PST

Doggie Ridhuan Tee Mahathir kena Fcuked kao-kao to the Max!

Madey, try harder. I suggest you send a Dr. Mohd Anjing Tee Maniam Claus instead, more colorfully multiethnic lah.

Pakatan MPs slam don over racial formula

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 27 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders lashed out today at prominent Utusan Malaysia columnist Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah for suggesting that Malay-Muslims have more rights because they form the majority in Malaysia.

PR leaders from PAS, PKR and DAP also took issue with the National Defence University lecturer, who is a prominent Muslim convert, for accusing non-Muslims of putting their own interests above that of  the country's.

They accused him of acting in the interests of Umno and for living in a world that no longer exists.
In his regular column in Mingguan Malaysia today, Ridhuan also put forward a formula based on the racial and religious breakdown of the country's 27 million population, to apportion the share of what is due to each community in terms of rights, festivities and celebrations, adding that no one should question the "social contract."

"What he is doing is not right. As a Muslim, we want to emphasize that Islam teaches justice. Everyone has rights. We do not accept a rule where only one race's rights are protected simply because they are the majority. We cannot deny the minority," said Khalid Samad who is the PAS Shah Alam MP.
The PAS man said that the problem with how democracy in Malaysia is understood is that it tends toward the majority rule, instead of being based on principles of justice.

"Even if there was one Buddhist in a village, he must be allowed to celebrate and practice his faith because it is his right. Just because the Malays are the majority, Islam does not say we can go around and oppress others," stated Khalid, who sounded upset when told about the arguments made in Ridhuan's latest article.
He added that while the original social contract of the country did provide some form of protection for Malays so that they would not be left trailing behind, that was in the past and even then that did not mean that other races were not considered as equal citizens of the country.

"It is disappointing that Ridhuan Tee is becoming more UMNO than Muslim. As a Muslim convert, he should be concentrating his efforts in trying to show the truth and justice within Islam, and not trying to win acceptance from the Malay-Muslims minorities who buy into this racist sentiment."

Ridhuan had also taken the opportunity to hit out at people who questioned the large government allocation for mosques and the comparatively smaller sum set aside for houses of worship for other faiths, in what is understood to be a direct jab at DAP's stand over the issue.

He also labelled DAP as an "ultra-kiasu" party, meaning that they were willing to do anything to retain their position for fear of losing it.

"Are the number of churches and the pile of houses of worship, to the extent of sinking the number mosques and suraus, not considered as rights? Have we ever prevented them from going to church every Sunday? Do not compare with the Muslims because we worship differently. We have different needs. Similarly goes the requirements for jamaah prayers.

"Hence, the concept of equal rights and the equal opportunities should be based on the formula that has been outlined in the constitution and by proportion of races (religions)," wrote Tee.

PKR Information Chief Tian Chua laughed when he was told about Ridhuan's written outburst in Utusan, dismissing it as a desperate attempt to serve the interests of the UMNO elite.

"I personally do not feel threatened by this, I laugh ... this is desperate. Tee is not acting alone. He is making justifications for his big boss. Right now, UMNO is cornered, and they need to find some way to justify their position," said Chua, who is the Batu MP.

The outspoken opposition lawmaker asserted that UMNO no longer had a raison d'etre, and by doing this it was a way to tell the non-Malays in the country to "not muck around with Umno, because it might unleash something nasty."

"In the past, their (UMNO's) language of violence and supremacy was implied more than expressed.
"Now it is so openly racist, something is wrong," said Chua.

Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states such as Penang and Selangor were singled out by the Mingguan columnist as being under the "ultra-kiasu party" and no longer serving the interests of the Malay-Muslims, which according to him were under siege.

"Just look at the shopping malls, although Christians are only nine per cent, the Christmas and New Year 2010 celebrations are incomparable to the Hari Raya and the Islamic New Year. If you do not believe, visit the states ruled by the ultra kiasu and its allies, and the shopping malls of their allies throughout the country," stated Ridhuan.

The DAP's Liew Chin Tong agreed with his PR colleagues and lashed out at Ridhuan for his views and ideas which are "really behind time."

"All this talk about race doesn't really help anyone. We need a society which lifts everyone up. Sixty per cent of household family income is below RM3,000. Among this 60 per cent are also Malays."

Liew, who is also Bukit Bendera MP, argued that equal opportunity was pivotal as the issue of poverty moves well beyond racial lines.

"He must be mistaken if he thinks that people all around the world thought that Malaysia was an ideal place to live in during the 1950s.

"That is why the message of Pakatan is clearer. Under the Pakatan Common Policy Platform, it is stated that in order for Malaysia to move on there is an urgent need to address the issue of equal opportunity of the lower-earning income group," said Liew.

He also noted that Ridhuan's article further validates the impression that UMNO is currently split between ultra conservatives and more liberal minded individuals.
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written by sam, December 27, 2009
Compared to him, a skunk smells like a rose. An idiotic opinion of his and an insult to all Malaysians. He is comparing apples and oranges. An idiot would know, every religion or beliefs has its own unique way of celebrating. And to finger shopping malls as a comparison, thats laughable. All those Santas and decorations for Chinese or Indian New year at the mall are mere gimmicks to attract customers, idiot. Its dollar and cents to those retailers. Hari Raya too has many decorations, and that idiot, I wonder has he ever been to those buka puasa markets during the Holy month of Ramadan? Its packed with Muslims as well as non Muslims. Its a time, when non Muslims took the opportunities to savour the many authentic Malay cuisines. I am sure , me being a non Muslim would think, this Tee thingy would make a big fuss, if Malls were to go overboard in decorations and festivities during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Most probably, his argument would be" The shopping malls with all the above festivities showed disrespect to Muslims and their sensitivities when they are in the Holy Fasting month" I suppose with guys like him, all are losers, and we are better off to trust a forked tongue cobra.
written by swipenter, December 27, 2009
Maybe Umno thinks that by using a Chinese muslim to spew racist rantings and religious bigotry and intolerance at the non malay community (read chinese) such dribble and nonsensical accusations would be more legit and justifiable. Dribble is dribble, nonsense is nonsense no matter what and who utters it.
written by Fei Hung, December 27, 2009
Thank you YB Khalid Samad and your PR team. My family and I voted for you in the last election and delighted with the decision.

I spend a lot of time overseas travelling all over the world. As a Christian, very proudly I have been telling foreigners how I supported an Islamic political party. There are many non malays who admires the Tok Guru.

I grew up in a Malay neighbourhood and I spent 24 years in the government service and I have been very thankful for such an opportunity. With the qualifications and experiences I received whilst in service, I am duly employed in a foreign country earning good money of course.

I have many Malay friends who are very dear to me, often I have to return home to Malaysia to attend the wedding of their children. It was my Malay colleagues who introduced me to God and I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ subsequently.

There have been several inter marriages among my relatives and I encouraged them in this decision. The writings of Dr Ridhuan have been giving me goose pimples.
written by Ah Q, December 27, 2009
Encik Tee has a lot of hatred for and towards non Muslims and this is a very dangerous and wrong belief. I belief this is not religious but purely political. I really wonder why is it that Encik Tee practises discrimanatory approach to wards others who do not subscribe to his faith. I have no doubt and qualm to give and help a Muslim not because of his faith but of his needs which I believe many Muslim brothers would do the same to the non Muslims. His view is so preverted that no single right thinking man would have gone to that extent. Though he is a convert and professed to know the Islam Teaching which is questionable. If he still regard himself an Islamic Scholar, he must learn to have compassion and be more passionate.

I am very concern if he noe day becomes the Advisor of Our DPM
written by zikri, December 27, 2009
rakyat,mari kita bangkit dari kebodohan.............bangkit rakyat semua.............kita mempunyai tanggujawab

pda Malaysia......bangkit rakyat!
written by an observer, December 27, 2009
Malaysia must be the only country in the world where people can actually change their race by changing religion. Scientifically speaking, one can't change one's DNA by changing religion. A Muslim Chinese, a Christian Chinese and a Buddhist Chinese are all ethnically Chinese whatever religion they may profess to follow. Ahmad Ismail and Mahathir ancestors came from India. Ridhuan Tee's ancestors came from China. And yet these people are trying to prove that they are more Malay than the actual Malays by acting more extremist.
written by SERIOUSLY!, December 27, 2009
Let us see if the Police will make a police report and charge this Tee under Sedition Act.
written by jt, December 27, 2009
Heaven help us all. I pray for the students at the National Defence Univertsity where this bigot teaches.
written by Perkim, December 27, 2009
Eh eh eh. So sad to see a servant of god becoming a puppet of politics.

The biggest sin is go against the word of Allah and be 'unkind' to its own. I would suggest that he remain berdakwah, and refrain from promoting political motivated issues. It's okay if he comments about Muslims, but why about 'Malay-Muslim'. Is he not aware that there are also other Muslims that are non Malay-muslim?

written by Unconvinced, December 27, 2009
His comments are seditious and warrant to be held under ISA but sadly everything pro malay and anti others are considered non seditious by UMNO. The discrimination and racist nature of UMNO is committed in glare broad daylight for all to see. There is no end to this blatant disgusting evil nature if UMNO. They are not fit to rule anyone any place. They are just from other worlds.
written by newstr, December 27, 2009
sorry, never heard of National Defense University ? may be this is a good way of making known the university name.

With this type of lecturers around, it is indeed a worry how this country going to attain a 1Malaysia - A dream of Najib ?

may be these lecturers are also casualty of BTN .. as they could have been forced to attend weekly BTN course, and their brain had been totally WASHED to become robot of UMNO.
written by Foo, December 27, 2009
You sound like UMNO and try very very hard to look and behave like UMNO. All Malays are Muslims but all Muslims Malays?
written by donkey.kong, December 27, 2009
It is time to take 'positive' non-violent actions against people like this idiotic don who works against the grain of what other peace-loving Malaysians are trying to do. Mahatma Gandhi 's ahimsa . Such people should be boycotted until they realise that they are wrong.
written by LT, December 27, 2009
UMNO and not Tee instigating again lah.......
written by Beggar Vance, December 27, 2009
Amazing. Sounds like Nero! The country has some many other top issues that need to be handled. There is the issue of slumped economy, not withstanding colour and creed, there is a clear lack of accountability in the public sector. Countries in the region are moving ahead, becoming super competitive in the golbalized world. Malaysia is a country of only 27 million people. OPur competitors are many fold bigger in population and growing economic strength. WE NEED ALL THE MALAYSIAN THERE ARE to standup together and face reality.
People like this is truly a frog under coconut shell, a man from the past, ignorant of the reality of the day and a liaibility for our future. The best way MALAYSIANS should handle this type of morons, is to ginore them and leave them where they belong; under that shell.
written by mALAYSIAN, December 27, 2009
this is incitement!!
written by bengkang, December 27, 2009
how much are u paid by them,you may be of a different religion but you cannot change your ethnic race
written by Mr. 60%, December 27, 2009
A long, long time ago a certain doctor ruled malaysia for 22 years.The effects? You can see it now.
Now another doctor has risen from the ashes to lay claim on the corridors of power.Similarly they do not have 60% pure Malay blood.This is his thesis for 1Malaysia.To those in the laboratory coming out with Truly Malaysia formulaes you just lost the Nobel Racism Prize to a better candidate who is waiting in the wings.
This is his "Malay Dilemma" abridged version.
This is the Times "Person of the Year 2009" replacing Ben Bernanke for bringing to the world arena how ethnic communities and politics should pan out.
Now how come he was not inducted in some prestigious and revered universities and a visiting Fellow to deliver his masterpiece?
Do not talk...walk the talk and stand in the election or by-election preferably in the Malay heartland.

Top Ten News: Northern Regions

Posted: 27 Dec 2009 01:25 PM PST

Top Ten News of Northern Malaysia

"Malaysia Today" news events introduced in previous years, continuation of the tradition has a presence in this year's cases, Penang, Northern Malaysia ten specially selected news, let you review the past 365 days has been affecting the people of Penang state Kyrgyzstan chord, attracting national eye The political event.

(一)寄居论主角复出,冲击民政巫统关系 (1) Pedatang Hero Emerges to Screw Relationship of Pakatan and UMNO

ahmad ismail bukit bendera pinang umno tear up koh tsu koon photo 080908 zainol abidin hashim 去年因撕毁肖像事件,而宣告一刀两断,断绝关系的民政与巫统虽表明冰释前嫌,携手合作监督新政府。 Last year tore up the portraits of the event, declared a clean break, to sever ties with UMNO Although the District indicated to bury the hatchet and work together on the new government. 但随着"寄居论"风波主角阿末依斯迈提早恢复党籍后,即以猛虎出栏之势,不假颜色地施压民政昔日的"铁三角"(许子根、丁福南及谢宽泰)向他道歉,而槟巫统更接连施压民政交出槟州国阵主席职,两党关系再度面临考验。 However, with the "dwelling on the" storm hero Ahmad according to Si Maiti early resumption of the party after the slaughter of the trend that is Tiger, not in color to put pressure on the Home of the former "iron triangle" (Koh Tsu Koon, Ding Funan and Chia Kwang Chye) to apologize to him , while the Penang UMNO successive pressure on the Home Front to produce Penang State Chairman of the post of the relationship between the two parties once again under challenge. 虽然纳吉下令封口,许子根冷处理以对,但是民政党在槟州国阵里头的傀儡首领地位再次暴露无遗。 Although Najib ordered sealed, Koh Tsu Koon cold treatment in order to right, but in the Penang Gerakan National Front position inside the puppet head once again laid bare.

(二)理大乌龙收生,北大对付学生 (B) USM enrolled Students Erroneously, Universiti Utara Fcuked Students

作为大马顶尖大学的理大在录取新生方面摆乌龙,将淘汰学生误当录取生并在网上公布,令1300名学生空欢喜一场。 As Malaysia's top universities to enroll students in the PolyU inadvertent errors, will eliminate errors when students matriculated student and published online, so that 1,300 students futile. 在北大,三名学生受到纪律对付,即发动网络签名运动反对巴士车费调涨的朱国伟和梅德西(Medecci Lineil Repong),以及撰写部落格批评北大校方政策的梅德西(Medecci Lineil Repong)。 At the university, three students are subject to disciplinary action against them, namely, the network launched a signature campaign against bus fare rises in the Zhu-wei, and Medelci (Medecci Lineil Repong), as well as writing a blog criticizing school policy, Beijing University Medelci (Medecci Lineil Repong ). 高等学府行政不彰,自由学术风气仍低落。 Institutions of higher education administration had not been apparent, the free academic atmosphere was still low.

(三)槟公正党多事之秋,,撤换主帅 (C) Penang PKR Faces Shits, Replaces Boss

今年是槟州公正党的多事之秋,前主席再林因处理杯葛市政局主席宣誓风波不当和在册封勋衔课题上奉行黑箱作业,激化派系倾轧而最终被撤换。 This year is the Penang just the party's troubles, the former Chairman of Zailin in dealing with the boycott of Urban Council Chairman oath controversy inappropriate and subject to pursue honors in the canonization of a black box, intensifying factional strife and eventually be replaced. 但是槟州公正党派系纠纷仍然暗流汹涌。 However, the Department of Penang just partisan disputes are still undercurrents.

公正党实权领袖安华调派本身亲信曼梳压阵,虽然有清流之名,恐怕也未能化解势同水火之势。 Justice Party leader Anwar power to deploy their own cronies Man comb hold the line, although there is a clean name, I am afraid also failed to defuse the potential trend with the fire and water.

(四)一年三场补选,民联不败金身 (D) Three By-Elections in One Year. Pakatan Rocks Steady!

anwar ibrahim dr mansor othman pkr candidate for penanti state seat by election 280409 被党内人士指涉采矿场贪污案的槟州第一副首席部长法鲁斯辞去官职及本南地州议员,制造补选并由曼梳胜出。 Were party members referential stope corruption case, first deputy chief minister of Penang France Ruth resigned from office and of the South to state legislators, manufacturing by-election win by the Man comb.
北马在短短一年内共举行三场补选,民联在槟州本南地、柏玛当巴西和创纪录获15人参选的武吉士南卯补选中,保持全胜纪录。 North MA in just one year held a total of three by-elections, the people of the Southern Alliance in Penang, the Baima as Brazil and received a record 15 candidates Wu Ji Shinan d by-election, maintaining a record victory. 正如南马是国阵最后的"马奇诺防线"般,北马是民联堡垒的称号,显然在补选中一一验证。 Mato is the National Front, as the final "Maginot Line"-like, Northern horse is the title of the NLD fortress, apparently in the by-election be carefully checked.

(五)豆蔻村抗争激烈,两朝政府舌战 (E) Kg Bala: Two Administrations engage in war of words

NONE 拥有100年历史的豆蔻村在经过居民多次抗争后,仍被强行拆除夷为平地。 Cardamom has a 100-year-old residents of the village after several protests, after being forcibly removed to the ground. 风波引起两朝政府的激烈骂战,民联政府则打破先例,施压发展商赔偿每户一间双层排屋。 Disturbance caused by intense inter-Korean war of words the government, the NLD is to break the precedent for the government to put pressure on developers to compensate each household a double terrace. 豆蔻村风波处理不当,断已让民联在印裔社会留下骂名。 Cardamom Village storm handled properly, cut so that the NLD has been left infamy in the Indian society. 随着印裔选票有回流之趋势,此事势必将成国阵的攻势利器。 With the trend of Indian votes are returned, the matter will become the National Front is bound to an offensive weapon.

(六) 行动党愤然推出吉打民联州政府 (F) DAP Fcuks Pakatan Kedah

azizan abdul razak lim kit siang kedah dap issue pc 080709 06 吉打行动党吉基于回教党主导的吉打州政府拆宰猪场丶50%土著房屋固打制丶市议会欲关闭庙宇传闻等事件,愤而宣布退出民联。 Kedah-based Islamic Party's Action Party led by Kat Kedah Government to demolish 50% of the slaughtered pig丶solid chipped丶Aboriginal Housing City Council want to close the temple rumors and so on, angrily announced its withdrawal from the NLD. 最终各党以设立一个州级民联委员会,处理彼此之间的"误解"平息风波。 The end of the party to set up a joint state-level people's committee to deal with between the "misunderstanding" to quell disturbances.

吉打州政府最终宣布搁置掀起许多争议的50%土著房屋固打制,似乎松缓了两党之间的关系。 Kedah state government finally announced the shelving of the controversial 50% off many of the indigenous housing played solid system, it seems that relaxation of the relationship between the two parties.

另外,虽然公正党行政议员莫哈末拉兹(Mohamad Radzhi Salleh)宣布退党,成为独立议员,不过"变天之说"从不间断的吉打民联政府仍然未易手。 In addition, although the Justice Party Chief, Mr Mohd Raz (Mohamad Radzhi Salleh) announced the resignation to become an independent legislator, but a "change of said," from the ongoing NLD Kedah Government has not yet changed hands.

(七)槟土地问题犹如"计时炸弹" (G) Penang land issue is like a "time bomb"

lin guan eng koh tsu koon debate 土地课题成槟州政府最迫切处理的主要任务之一。 Land issues into the Penang Government to address the most pressing one of the main tasks. 除了形如计时炸弹的木屋区课题,转换住宅地为永久地契的政策仍未获得国家土地理事会点头,更在陈裕合土地案中,被法庭裁决须赔偿陈合裕4千万令吉损失。 In addition to time-bomb shaped like a squatter issues, conversion of residential lease for a permanent policy of the National Land Council has not received a nod, but also in the Yu-Hsin Chen combined the land case, the ruling by the court to pay damages of co-Yu Chen 4 million ringgit loss.

林冠英及许子根两任首长,就曾经因为土地课题而在2008年8月20日首开先河地进行一场电视辩论,然而槟州土地问题仍然延烧至今。 Koh Tsu Koon Lin Guanying and two-term Chief Executive, the issue was due to land in the August 20, 2008 started the first of its kind carried out in a televised debate, but the Penang land issue continues to spread so far.

(八)爱国党游说3国7州议员跳槽 (8) Parti Cinta Malaysia claims 3 Feneral & 7 State MP defects to them

huan cheng guan formally join pcm 191209 flag 党总部位于威省的爱国党在6月成功注册,在拉拢前公正党牛麻区州议员格贝尔阿迪和民政党前副主席范清渊加盟后,放话表示将在明年游说3国7州议员跳槽。 Viagra party headquarters is located in the province of the patriotic party in June successfully registered, was to draw the former Justice Party bovine Ma district, and state legislators Gabe Era Di joined Gerakan after the former vice-FAN Qing-yuan and let it be said they will lobby state legislators in three countries 7 quit.

而范清渊更率领前民政党员上演,拆民政招牌戏码,丝毫不留任何情面。 The FAN Qing-Yuan more party members headed by the former Home Affairs staged demolition of the Home signs play yards, did not leave any sensibilities.
爱国党能够有何作为,还看明年表现。 What is a patriotic party can also look at the performance next year.

(九)火箭议员涉贪指控及言论惹祸 (9) DAP Members fckued up by corruption allegation

在308大选中,选民毫无保留的将所有的火箭议员齐射上天,让行动党一举夺下槟州政权,并对行动党议员寄予极大的期望,但是两年后该党议员言行掀波的问题日益显现。 In the 308 election, the voters without reservation all the members volley of rockets into space, let's Action Party in one fell swoop snatched Penang regime, as well as Action Party members placed great expectations, but two years later, words and deeds of the party members flip-wave The problem is becoming increasingly apparent.

爪夷区州议员陈明发因被指拨款"缩水"被调查,而提呈未志期辞职信给槟首长,唯最终获反贪污委员会证实清白。 Jawi District state legislator accused of funding due to Chen Ming-fa "shrink" being investigated, but did not blog a view to presenting his resignation letter to Bin heads, only the final prove her innocence by anti-corruption commission. Day

日落洞国会议员黄泉安则因批评国内回教组织回教革新理事会(JIM)是极端组织,被槟州回教团体集体施压辞去首长幕僚长一职。 Jelutong their lives as members of Congress criticized the national security due to the Council of the Islamic Organization of Islamic reform (JIM) is the extremist groups, Islamic groups have been collectively put pressure on Penang's chief of staff resigned as head of the post. 黄泉安最后在林冠英叮嘱下收回极端团体的言论,不过并未道歉或辞职。 Finally, Lin Guanying advised the Land of the Dead An extremist groups under the recovery of speech, but did not apologize or resign.

azlan 双溪槟榔州议员郭庭源自去年7月的州议会会议,涉及抄袭前国阵议员的书面问题后,又在槟州议会内,广发400封"送民政与马华到地府"的短讯,成为众所矢之的对象而道歉,徒留话柄。 Sungai Pinang state legislators Guoting from last July's Conference of State Legislatures, the former National Front members involved in copying the written questions, again in Penang Council, GF 400, "free civil government and the MCA to the ground," SMS has become The vector of the object of public apologized Tuliu making themselves laughing stocks.

(十)议会外烧肖像、议会内秀屁股 (10) MP burns poster, expose ass in the Parliament!

NONE 槟州议会今年最后一次会议风波不断,除了不明人士在国阵青年团集会之际踩烧林冠英肖像,回呛霹州行动党大会在入口处安排3名原任民联跳槽议员的肖像任人践踏的时间,而引发朝野相互指责。 Penang State Council this year were hit by the last meeting, in addition to unknown persons in the National Front Youth League meeting when the foot burn Lin Guanying portraits, clap back to choking the state's Action Party of the General Assembly at the entrance were originally arranged three NLD members quit a portrait of fancy trampling of the time, and lead to the ruling and opposition blame each other.

在议会内,巫统籍的反对党领袖阿查哈更因"秀屁股"风波,被禁足至州议会结束为止。 In Parliament, the UMNO-born leader of the opposition is more a result of Acharya and Kazakhstan "show ass" storm, was banned until the end of foot to the state legislature.

Translanted from MalaysiaKini Chinese.

See, it's good to learn Chinese. Send all your kids to Chinese schools, Fcuk UMNO schools! 

Antares - Get Well Soon!

Posted: 27 Dec 2009 09:44 AM PST


motherfucker stinking asshole intoxicated Gopal Raj Kumar& Proarte even kid knows that you are an UMNO blogger writing without facts

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written by Proarte December 27, 2009 20:35:48,

Din is not speaking with integrity. The opposition has been a shambles in 2009. The reason why it has some credibilty is because BN, namely UMNO is so utterly rotten!
Anwar has not been able to contain very divisive characters in Pakatan. His response has been met with typical cowardly indifference. It is only when there was open revolt by the Sabahans who were fed up of Anwar's Ketuanan Melayu and Islam nonsense, that he began to wake up to realities.
Anwar knows that he has lost his 'Iconic' status. You play UMNO politics in Pakatan and you will be told to go to hell in no uncertain terms! Malaysian democrats have moved on. We need an opposition leader who will lead from the front.
Hadi has threatened to pull out of Pakatan if the majority of oppositionists are non-Muslim. If Din feels has this is the kind of opposition 'impact' which Malaysia needs then he is woefully deluded and confused in his objectives.

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To my mind Kit Siang represents the most rational and democratic voice in the Malaysian parliament, but it is because of Malay racism and bigotry that he is not recognised as such.

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By Kim Quek

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December 25, 2009

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The Politics of Sodomy: Will Justice be Mangled Again?

Anwar and The Rogues of 1998

Anwar and The Rogues of 1998

To convict an innocent man of false charges, there must be four parties acting in concert, three of them in the criminal justice system. They are the Police to fabricate evidence, the Attorney-General to frame the charge and the Judiciary to convict the accused irrespective of whether he can put up a creditable defense.

By Kenny Gan, Suara Keadilan

read this The malaysian governtment did the unthinkable, Augustine PauL Federal Court judge GOT THIS POSITION TRU corruption

As the pain and anger of Anwar's 1998 sodomy trial fade in intensity after 11 intervening years, slowly replaced by fresh, hopeful anticipation of change, we are yet again confronted by an almost comical repeat of the stale sodomy charges that threaten to open deep scars of shame and regret in our national psyche.

Future generations of Malaysians will look back aghast at how we could have allowed it to happen, how we could have permitted one despot to subvert and manipulate all our cherished instruments of democracy to serve his personal agenda of demolishing a political enemy.

As we look back in anguish and plead that we were helpless to resist the iron-fisted dictator who controlled all the levers of power in a climate of fear, we now face another chance to resist the naked assault on decency and justice and we wonder if we are just as helpless as we were before.

How have things changed in more than a decade and what are we up against?To convict an innocent man of false charges, there must be four parties acting in concert, three of them in the criminal justice system. They are the Police to fabricate evidence, the Attorney-General to frame the charge and the Judiciary to convict the accused irrespective of whether he can put up a creditable defense.

However in a democracy, even these three powerful institutions acting in concert are not enough. To this must be added a fourth institution – the press, also aptly referred to as the 'Fourth Estate'.These four institutions which protect our freedom and democratic rights are also called the pillars of democracy.

Unfortunately, all of them have been severely damaged by Mahathir during his iron-fisted rule. If even one of them had been healthy and functioning properly in 1998, the unjust conviction of Anwar back then would not have been possible.

From 1998 to 2009

How do these institutions fare now compared to eleven years ago? Is it possible for a repeat of the shameful sodomy caper of 1998? There is certainly no improvement in the institution of the Attorney-General and the Police. They are now helmed by men whoactively participated in the prosecution of Anwar in 1998. The current A-G, Gani Patailwas the head of the prosecution team andthe currentIGP, Musa Hassan was the head of the police investigation team in Anwar's previous sodomy case.

The judiciary sometimes shows a rare spark of independence but only rarely and planned judicial reforms appear to have gone nowhere. As the Perak crisis has shown, there is certainly no lack of judges willing to serve the government instead of serving justice.

The mainstream media is less slavish than it was under Mahathir but is still a well controlled boneless wonder. However there is one significant difference – the alternative media is now fully developed.

In 1998 the Internet was at its infancy. The government controlled the flow of information through the mainstream media to mould public opinion and anything could be buried by the powers-that-be. But this is no longer possible as online penetration is at least twelve times what it was in 1998 and the online media has reach mainstream status.

An example is the Lingam video scandal which was ignored by the mainstream media and the government initially but knowledge of it became so widespread via the online world that the Bar Council and the government were forced to act.

So the first three institutions are still compromised – enough to do the the hatchet job again; in fact, some would say they have become worse. Only the press has improved somewhat although it must be said that the improvement in information access was an unintended side effect of the proliferation of the Internet and not from any positive action by the BN government. Can the freer flow of information save Anwar now as he battles for his political future?

A Question to Ponder

It is sad that 11 years after the infamous sodomy trial we still have to ponder this question instead of declaring confidently that thing have changed so much that sending an innocent man to jail under fabricated charges is no longer possible. What the new information environment means is that nothing can be hidden, obscured, obfuscated or distorted. Every proceeding of the court and every evidence tendered or argument advanced will be dissected and scrutinized in detail by a local and international audience.

The mainstream press cannot be too one-sided now. It must at least show some decorum of balanced reporting in the face of widespread public knowledge to avoid insulting its readers. The prosecution must show some real substance to obtain a conviction instead of depending solely on a compliant judge or the wave of public disgust and derision may make Malaysia ungovernable.

Let's not forget that two hospitals have ruled out that his accuser had been sodomized which is sufficient to blow the top off the case in any civilized country.

A blatantly unjust conviction will draw strident condemnation from politicians, social activists, rights groups and NGO's and the transparent political persecution of an opposition leader will invite outside condemnation and make Malaysia an international pariah.So does this mean that Anwar is safe? The answer is "not necessarily" because despite extreme negative publicity, UMNO is arrogant enough to ride roughshod over public opinion when it suits them.

What could give the conspirators pause is only the fear that public anger and disgust could cause it to lose enough political support to jeopardize its hold on power. How UMNO perceives that fear will be the deciding factor in Anwar's court battle.

The Politics of Sodomy

The stakes are certainly higher now – the political reward as well as the political risk. A conviction could put Anwar out of active politics for good by making him miss two elections and throw the PR coalition into disarray.

On the other hand, it could strengthen PR by giving them a rallying point while public support bleeds away from the BN over the perceived injustice. With a two-party system BN faces a real possibility of losing power while a decade ago the penalty was only about losing some seats. Anwar's incarceration and banishment from active politics could only last as long as BN continues to hold power.

The more blatant the courtroom injustice, the longer, deeper and wider reaching the negative aftershock so UMNO is not entirely free to ram through a ridiculous conviction in a shameless kangaroo court presided by a puppet judge. But the general election is more than 3 years away and UMNO has an infantile attitude in that present, direct benefits eclipse future indirect benefits in importance. No clearer is this demonstrated than in UMNO's insistence on holding on to Perak at any cost.

As the charade is played out in the court, it is not the weight of evidence but the complex interplay of political forces against the backdrop of civil society's demand for basic human decency that will determine Anwar's fate.

On July 8 we will know if the charges are to be dismissed on the basis of the hospital reports or if the trial is to proceed. If it does proceed, a Rubicon will be crossed and chances of getting justice slimmer. The courtroom battle will certainly be fierce. In 1998 Anwar's defence team was cowed and threatened with contempt by the judge whenever they tried to put up a creditable defence but they are prepared now and if nothing else will give the establishment a severe black eye.

It would be easy to leave the question dangling and say the chance is 50-50 but after weighing all the factors my personal opinion is that Anwar will escape conviction.

A Nation Fights for its Future

Anwar's fight to clear his name in his coming court battle will be a defining moment for Malaysia. This is not about one man's fight for justice but an indicator of the path the nation is taking. As long as our democratic institutions are damaged, no Malaysian is safe from unjust prosecution and well-connected guilty ones can escape justice. It also means that there is no check and balance to prevent or remedy all manner of abuses and wrongdoings such as endemic corruption and plundering of resources.

The nation waits with bated breath as we stand at a crucial fork in the road to nationhood, wondering if we will take the path to a maturing democracy or slide down the slippery slope to a failed state like Zimbabwe and Myanmar.

Whether we agree or disagree with the politics of the man himself, let us all hope that this trumped-up case is dismissed as it should. This battle for justice is not just for Anwar but for everybody, not just for Anwar but for all Malaysians.

Ø There is also blackmailing going on. This particular Judge from Punjab & Haryana High Court who is allegedly being given a clean chit, had threatened that she alone is not involved and if persecuted she would expose all names. Is it not blackmailing?
Ø Least educated or qualified people occupy the highest position in judiciary. I am sorry to say that many of Judges do not have basic knowledge of English to read, understand and interpret law.
Ø What we need is a common code of conduct for all public servants, be it bureaucracy, members of legislatures, elected representative, constitutional appointees, and Judges. They must declare their assets every year, criminal record, if any, so on and so forth.
Ø And lastly pardon my saying this, what about Journalists, Newspapers & Electronic Media. You are wise enough to appreciate what I mean. We cannot wait for another sixty years for freedom; it should come to us now, and we would get it.
Ø I have not said anything worse that what you have said for Prashant Bhushan.

We just don't seem to get it. The normal standards of accountability don't apply to judges. We are unable to grasp their argument that, much as it is desirable in other institutions, transparency in the judiciary will compromise its independence, a larger constitutional value. Hence, we persist with the folly of expecting judges to be swept away by the wave of transparency triggered by RTI.

This is evident from the two latest attacks on judges on July 17. First, this incorrigible sceptic, Prashant Bhushan, mobilised a statement from 25 eminent citizens denouncing a proposed Bill, which prohibits the declarations of assets made by judges to their respective chiefs from being made public. The statement fails to appreciate Law Minister Veerappa Moily's sensitivity in coming up with a draft that reflects a consensus among judges. As if that were not bad enough, the statement is cheeky enough to suggest that, following the example of their American counterparts, our Lordships too should be transparent about their assets so that we could point out any "unusual accretion" or "false declaration".

But it is not just civil society that is being irreverent to judges. For, the same day, just before shutting for the weekend, the Central Information Commission (CIC) released an order where it repeated its folly of trying to bring the Chief Justice of India under the ambit of RTI. It once again demolished the CJI's position that he need not disclose any information lying in his custody as he was independent and distinct from the Supreme Court, which is a public authority under RTI.

It may be recalled that when CJI K G Balakrishnan had first taken this view about a year ago, it was very much in the context of declarations of assets. Since those declarations were in his custody, the CJI held then that the Supreme Court registry would not entertain any RTI queries concerning them. Yet, in its latest order in another case, the CIC defied the CJI saying, "The institution and its head cannot be two distinct Public Authorities. They are one and the same. Information, therefore, available with the Chief Justice of India must be deemed to be available with the Supreme Court of India."

Like us, the CIC too doesn't seem to get it. The general logic doesn't apply to judges. When others take refuge in opacity, we are justified in suspecting that they are hiding corruption. But when judges wrap themselves in a veil of secrecy, we have to take it that they are actually doing so for our good, so that they are not distracted by allegations of corruption against themselves.

One way of coming to terms with this distinction is to re-adopt the outdated notion that king could do no wrong. Going by his logic, Justice Balakrishnan does seem to suggest some such blanket immunity to judges. If some judge has made an unusual accretion to his assets or has made a false declaration of them, it should be no cause for concern to us, the consumers of justice. It's time we realised that judges have their inscrutable reasons. We should just be grateful to them for whatever justice they dispense to us, in their magnanimity and in their good time. Don't bring the notions of accountability and transparency into this one-of-a-kind relationship.

On February 10, the Supreme Court threw out yet another petition seeking to reinstate L K Advani as an accused in the trial of the conspiracy to demolish Babri Masjid. This is despite a host of circumstances pointing to the probability of Advani, NDA's prime ministerial candidate in the upcoming election, being involved in the conspiracy. Not the least of which was his notorious rath yatra in the run-up to the demolition. And the testimony of the IPS officer in charge of his security, Anju Gupta, stating that his speech on the spot minutes before the demolition had added fuel to the fire.

On February 13, in the first of the Nithari serial killing cases to be decided, a trial court pronounced death sentence on Moninder Singh Pandher for a murder that took place when he was far away in Australia. And for the murder of a girl who he did not even know. As the prosecution admitted, there was no evidence to suggest that it was at Pandher's instance that his servant Surender Koli had raped and killed 14-year-old Rimpa Haldar, the victim who lived in a slum near his house. Yet, Pandher was held to be a conspirator mainly because his sexual profligacy was found to have brought out depravity in his servant.

The two interpretations of criminal conspiracy could not have been more different: ultra liberal in the case of Advani and stretched in the case of Pandher. Neither interpretation seems justified in the given facts and circumstances. Both the interpretations raise questions about the rigor and detachment with which the judiciary at all levels performs its job.

If any part of the media – a particular TV channel, newspaper, magazine or blog – fails to do this, fails to give consumers what they want, inexorable market forces will ensure the failure and eventual closure of that particular TV channel, newspaper or blog. Viewers and readers will simply switch to a competing TV channel, newspaper or blog which gives them what they want.

In a democracy, people get the government they deserve. Similarly, in free market media – as opposed to government-controlled propagandist media – consumers get the media they want.

So, is Indian media becoming all froth and no social responsibility? Yes, it probably is. And the reason for this is not far to seek. Look in the mirror and you'll see it.

The reason is you.

Ahiruddin Attan, owner of Rocky's Bru blog, appointed asEditor -in-Chief of Malay Mail in June 2009,andformer President of the National Press Club until 2007, as well asformer President of the National Bloggers Alliance, put up a spin on Zakhir Mohamed's allegations in his Rocky's Bru blog:

"…there's now talk about his opponent from PAS and a missing RM600,000 in election funds.The postCalon Pas N11 gelapkan RM60,000?belongs to pro-Umno blogger Zakhir Mohamad but the accusations against Mohd Salleh Man were made by his seniors in PAS, or so we're made to believe…"


In the Mainstream Media (NST Group)
after the Forced Resignation of former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Badawi


NOTE: Malaysian Insider
reported (20 May 2009): "…Regime change in Malaysia often means regime change in Umno-owned media companies. Datuk Ahmad Talib, who was squeezed out of NSTP in 2005, returned to the group as Media Prima's Executive Director. "

Ahiruddin Attan (Rocky's Bru) after a brief spell as a blogger during Abdullah Badawi's tenureship returned to NST group as Editor-in-Chief of Malay Mail in June 2009.

Nuraina Samad rejoined NST in July 2009 after leaving NST in 2006.

(Not in the group picture above with Dr Mahathir,) is Zainul Ariffin Isa, who returned tohead the three newspapers under the NSTP, namely New Straits Times/Business Times, Berita Harian and Harian Metro.

He replaced NSTP group editor-in-chief Hishammudin Aun. Zainul was removed as Business Times editor during Abdullah Badawi's tenureship.

Zainul Ariffin wrote a racially provocative piece in Berita Harian regarding the death of Teoh Beng Hock (read here)

Zakhir Mohamed aka BigDog Blog
in the Corridors of UMNO Power

My family and Tan Sri Muhyiddin's go a long way back. We both hail from Muo."- Zakhir Mohamed(Read here)





I now have proof that
UTUSAN MALAYSIA is nothing more than a loyal servant of their political masters.

I now have proof that UTUSAN MALAYSIA will not stop at almost anything in order to protect its political masters.

For whatever is deemed necessary to protect its political masters, UTUSAN MALAYSIA would stoop as low as physic permits to do and execute.

And that includes misrepresentations and even downright lying.
Art Harun

See above photo in Berita Harian (HERE) and Harian Metro (HERE)

The Following Photos

See HERE the above photo and article in Utusan Malaysia


Utusan Malaysia is the STUPIDEST Newspaper in the World – THE PROOF

Sri Aman News: Highway Near Collapse Jaong/ Sebemban exit

Posted: 27 Dec 2009 08:40 AM PST

19122009474A trip to Kpg Sebemban pantu this christmas, where  about 4 longhouses is located, one stretch is near collapse. One resident said if rain is continously next few days the road will definely collapse and will cut off the residents with the rest of the world. Many request is made for repair work but in vain. What to do?

The Dumbness things ever Said or Done by Iban Politicians

Posted: 27 Dec 2009 08:16 AM PST

Why are they So stupid and Dumb like Shit?
If we look deeper at Haji Abdul Hadi Cawat (loin cloth) remark, I tend to agree with him eventhough he was heavily criticised by some BN politicians, BN Supporters dayak community leaders and the BN supporter dayak scholars just merely because of one reason-we the dayak are being lead by a group of stupid dayak leaders, of course the one in BN I mean.
Today posting, I am going to list down some of the dumbness things ever said by selected dayak leaders and their mentor Pehin Seri Abdul Taib bin Mahmud (Tok Uban).
Being the mentor for stupid Iban leaders, I am going to honor Tok Uban as top of the lists, follows by Tan Sri Alfred Jabu (Jabu), Datuk Seri James Jemut Masing(Jemut) and YB Snowdan Lawan (Snowdan). I will continue with another two stupid leader, YB "Tuan" (wonder from where did he get the "tuan" title ) William Nyalau Badak (Nyalau) and YB Dr Rayong(Rayong) in my next posting.
I am honor them in this posting today not because of the contribution that they have made to their people, as most of their motives are to collect as much wealth for themselves, but because of their stupid remarks!
Tok Uban.
(1) When the most corrupted CM in Malaysia talk about corruption. Below were the excerpts of his speech read by Abang Johari Haji Open during bclosing of the 2009 Sarawak Anti-Corruption Carnival at Padang Merdeka on 12 July 2009. In his speech he said :-
"Past experiences had shown that these noble values (integrity and efficiency) had made the country do well in its economy, nevertheless, the war against corruption do not rest on the shoulders of the government and the authorities alone. It should be the concern of all. The state and the country could only wipe out corruption if everybody said 'no' to corruption and realised that the activity would only pull the country and its people down. Emphasis should be given to having a government whose administration and service delivery was effective and efficient with high integrity and disciplined civil servants."
Jabu Numpang
Jabu may be few Ibans graduated from the university in oversea late in the 60's. But he will be remembered as a traitor to his own community. He was responsible/involved in instrumenting the policy that marginalized the Iban/dayak. Listed below is some of his dumbness/stupidity .
(1) During one of DUN sitting, he told the ADUN that Ibans in Lubok Antu, Sri Aman and Betong had expressed great concern over a sudden death of someone when Pakatan Rakyat de-facto leader Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim visited the area on May 24. And he further added :-
"The sudden death was because PKR did not observe the adat (customs) of "meresi ulah Anwar Ibrahim" before freely bringing him there and this was regarded as adat 'Tungkal' to the community. The Iban customs referred to is one that requires someone like an ex-convict should be 'cleansed' before he could enter the longhouse or he would bring misfortune".
(2) Lim Guan Eng suggested that to set up a Dayak Endowment Board (DEB) to help the poor and marginalized Dayaks who earn less than RM200. In responding to Lim, Jabu said :-
"When people are bankrupt of ideas, they tend to say things that are unrealistic. Cannot compare Sarawak with Penang"
(3) In-Denial Of Penan Rapes Reports.
(a) First Denial, 24th September 2008. Jabu said unless the organisation was able to give specific details of their allegations, it would be a waste of time to investigate. "Show proof. Tell us where and which Penan settlement. I have not heard of such complaints from the Penan communal leaders in my many visits to ulu Baram,"!
(b) Second Denial, 25th September 2008. He said that the foreign organisation making the claim was fond of sensationalising events to create stories to earn a living. "I've just came back from the Penan areas, meeting their leaders and people but no such thing was reported to me. But if the allegations were true then the non-governmental organisation (NGO) concerned should be specific. State the logging area and who are involved. Otherwise we are just wasting our time with such an NGO preying upon any situation just to create sensationalisation without respect to the facts…respect to the truth," !
Jemut Masing
(1) In controrary to what he said when he was in the opposition with PBDS, during one of the campaign in P202 he urged the listeners who were mostly came from the longhouses, to vote for BN as only BN could develope Sarawak! …The Traitor!
(2) When responded to Haji Hadi "Cawat" remarks, he said :-
"Calling Dayak voters uncivilised is uncalled for. It shows just how ignorant PAS is of the situation in Batang Ai. PAS is ignorant about the fact that the people there are well-educated and civilised. "It is also a very degrading statement from a person like Hadi to make. He should go to the longhouses and see the situation for himself. It is this sort of comment that is causing racial tension in Malaysia. This is totally uncalled for,"
YB N25-Dumb as Shit!
Snowdan Lawan
(1) On 17 Sep 2009, in a Breaking of Fast with a group of muslims in Balai Ringin, Snowdan Lawan said peninsula-based opposition parties continue to look down on Sarawakians despite wanting to take over the state and should therefore be rejected at the polls (Bukit Tunggal Comment- Not to sure whether his remark also targeted UMNO). He said :-
"This is the best time for us to unite and realise the truth. We must reject the opposition to show them that we (Sarawakians) are smarter than what they think,"

NCR Land Robbery ……Because we are lead by Stupid Leaders!
All The Dayak Assemblymen (ADUN) that supported Tok Uban Motions on the word "Dayak" and on NCL
(1) That supported Tok Uban motion to cancel the word DAYAK from the State Constitution. Despite many Dayak ADUN present in the DUN meeting none of them stood up to oppose this move. Some even wen much further to say that it was better without being called "DAYAK" but instead by the ethnics group like Iban, Bidayuh, Lun Bawang, Kenyah, Kayan -Berawan etc. What is the implication of such decision for the Dayak. Because of their stupidity, legally we, the dayak have no right to celebrate Gawai Dayak festival.
See How Easy Taib Mahmud and his group of robbers (to include the Iban ADUN) to rob the natives of their NCR lands. Just include the word "development" in the reason, the lands will be no longer theirs. Just imagine the lands that they enherited from their forefathers for generations…robbed by these robbers!
(2) That supported Tok Uban motion proposal on a change to the land code in 1994, 1996, 1998 and 2000. In 1994, the amendments were to empower the minister in charge of land matters to extinguish native customary rights to land, In 1996, the onus was placed on a native claimant to prove that he has customary rights to any land against a presumption that the land belongs to the State, In 1998, to pave the way for relinquishment or compulsory acquisition of land, the mechanisms for assessment and payment of compensation, and in 2000 defined the 'native rights' which was curiously missing in earlier legislation. The changes created the possibility of wiping away the "rights" of the Dayak to their land. What happened then - the Chief Minister influence the state Assemblymen (ADUN) plus the Dayak ADUN to vote in favour of the proposal. This is the beginning of Dayak NCL problem that still affecting the dayaks until now, unless the BN government in Sarawak is changed.Being an Iban myself, I would like to urge my fellows Iban brothers and sisters to get rid of all the dumb like shit Iban leaders from leading us. In my previous posting , I've touched on the same topic but today I would like to re-enforced it again so that we will not be lead by the same dumber and stupid leaders in the future. So VOTE THEM OUT!

Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Zimbawe, Tale of a Failed State

Posted: 27 Dec 2009 08:01 AM PST

By Kenny Gan

Rhodesia was a British colony in Southern Africa until Ian Smith unilaterally declared independence from Britain in 1965 and ruled as its first Prime Minister heading a white minority government. In 1980 power was handed over to the natives after a bruising civil rebellion which took 30,000 lives. In that year, Robert Mugabe's party won the elections and he went from rebel leader to its first President. The country was renamed Zimbabwe meaning "great houses of stone" in the Shona language.

The Jewel of Africa

The newly liberated country had many advantages left by its former white masters including excellent infrastructure, transportation and banking systems and the best health care and education system in Africa. The Z$ was stronger than the US dollar. It had the highest literacy rate in Africa which reached 85 percent at its peak.

Zimbabwe also enjoyed bountiful natural resources with rich minerals including platinum, gold and diamonds. It is the home of Victoria Falls, one the seven natural wonders of the world and contain vast game reserves which attracted tourists. With the most fertile farmlands in the continent, agriculture became the mainstay of the economy and the country became the breadbasket of Africa exporting wheat, tobacco, corn, sugarcane and beef to its neighbours and beyond.

Agriculture destroyed

Robert Mugabe acknowledged that he had inherited the "Jewel of Africa" and vowed to keep it that way. However he did not keep his promise and the country went slowly downhill from corruption, misgovernance, a pogrom against the rival Ndebele tribe and a senseless war with Congo which bled the country. But Zimbabwe still held up well until 2000 when Mugabe's popularity began to slip and he lost an important constitutional vote. In his efforts to cling on to power, the country slide into the gutter.

Mugabe blamed the white farmers for supporting the opposition and immediately undertook fast-track land reform in 2000, which literally meant confiscating the best farms from them and giving them to his cronies, few of whom had any interest in farming. As a result agriculture virtually collapsed in a few short years leaving a trail of economic destruction. From the fastest growing economy in Africa, Zimbabwe became the fastest shrinking economy in the world beating many war torn countries in the process.


The government's tax base collapsed in tandem with agriculture and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe tried to make up the deficit by printing money which led to the predictable effect of hyperinflation. Inflation reached 1000% in 2006, 10,000% in 2007 and quickly escalated beyond any attempt to quantify it. The Zimbabwe currency became worthless with the citizens having to carry sacks of cash around for common goods. The government responded by first removing 3 zeros from its currency, then 10 zeros, then 12 zeros before finally abandoning it officially in favour of foreign currencies.

Beyond the hyperinflation figures is a tale of sordid human misery and abject suffering. Crippling fuel and electricity shortages due to the lack of foreign exchange dealt further hammer blows to the economy and made life difficult. Water supply in even the largest cities shrunk well below user requirement due to lack of money to buy water treatment chemicals resulting in sanitation problems and a cholera epidemic.

Healthcare and education collapsed. Unemployment reached 90% and those who still had jobs were commonly earning less than the cost of transport to get them to work. An estimated 50% of the population left the country to work illegally in neighbouring countries and took with them most of the skills which the country badly needed.

The government tried to legislate inflation by imposing price controls and goods disappeared from the shelves.  Zimbabweans had to cross the border to buy groceries and or obtain them from the black market at high prices. To compound the suffering the public was only allowed to withdraw a meagre amount each day from their bank accounts which often covered little more than their transport. Long daily queues formed outside banks before dawn and many who could not access the money in their accounts for medical emergencies died.

Those who did not have access to foreign currency or did not have somebody outside supporting them starved. Nurses stole food from hospital patients and teachers sold trinkets or turned to prostitution to supplement their income. Malnutrition which was previously unknown became widespread and it was only the effort of international aid agencies which prevented a major human catastrophe. From the highest life expectancy in Africa, Zimbabwe plunged to the lowest at 34 for women and 37 for men.

Unity government of last resort

How did the 87 year old Mugabe hold on to power while Zimbabwe declined from the bread basket of Africa to a basket case? Of course he could not do it alone. He had the assistance of an inner circle of ministers, commanders and administrators whom he pampered with the good life even as the people starved. He ran a huge secret police called the CIO to intimidate and oppress dissidents. Open violence was inflicted on opposition supporters by a youth militia and the violence escalated during elections. The government controlled all the mass media and food and grain were also used as election chips.

Despite the violence and the sham, Mugabe somehow managed to lose the parliamentary majority to the opposition in the 2008 election and did not manage to win the Presidential contest outright. As none of the Presidential candidates won at least 50% of the votes a second run-off was required which Mugabe won by default after his opponent withdrew to save his supporters unspeakable violence.

Aware that the country was on its last leg and with the civil service on the point of collapse, Mugabe agreed to a unity government brokered by the SADC, a loose alliance of 9 governments in Southern Africa. He held on this his post as President while his political rival Morgan Tsvangirai who lost the Presidential contest to him was appointed Prime Minister.

However the opposition in the unity government have little power and the wily Mugabe still controlled all the strings while using the unity government to scour aid from the West to prop up his regime. Goods have returned to the shops but only for those with foreign currency. As for parliament, Mugabe is striving to wipe out the opposition's thin majority by dragging opposition MPs to court on trump up charges.

Lessons from Zimbabwe

Although we may view the fall of Zimbabwe from the most promising nation in Africa to a failed state with fascinated horror it must come with the chilling realization that no country however prosperous is immune to ending up like it through bad governance.

Zimbabwe had a democratic system of parliamentary elections and a vibrant middle class. Within a space of only 6 years the middle class was wiped out and impoverished leaving only the desperately poor and the rich elite. It happened so fast that people still retain fresh memories of the good life before the calamitous fall.

Mugabe used the state apparatus to intimidate the citizens from rising up against him but he was aided by the fact that Zimbabweans are probably the most docile people in the world who accepted the most painful government edicts with stoic resignation. Such suffering inflicted on the public in most other countries would have led to riots and a change of government long before things got so bad irrespective of the instruments of intimidation used.

The seeds of the Zimbabwe tragedy were sown by the breakdown of the rule of law, the bastardization of the institutions of democracy to serve the ruling party, unchecked corruption by the elite and wanton plundering and wastage of national resources. The people were ruthlessly exploited by a ruling elite who had no intention of giving up power or their luxurious lifestyle. Do these sound familiar in Malaysia?

We must be aware that a President or Prime Minister who is too powerful can wreck untold damage to his country. A system of check and balance is critical to stop a leader who is drunk on power and unable to give it up. If such a system is weak or non-existent, the country is in danger.

The best defence that a country can have against ending up like Zimbabwe is the vigilance of its citizens and the strengthening of the rule of law and democratic institutions. By far the best way to maintain a healthy democracy is a robust two party system where the ruling party has to compete for the votes of the citizens to remain in power.

Malaysia is no Zimbabwe but nobody should think we are immune from suffering Zimbabwe's fate.

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Happy Birthday Zorro!

Posted: 27 Dec 2009 09:51 AM PST

(Old Pic of zorro 40 years ago)

The Legendary Zorro in his adventure to protect the future of Malaysia and its people where he fights against evil-doers of tyranny officials and the corrupt villains with his legendary 70 year old sabre.

With Balls of Fire he stares down the eyes of these demonic beings, his stares  thrusting right through their cursed souls and with a twist of his hand cuts down the dark lords and their evil aids.

Today is zorro's Birthday and we would like to wish him a Merrily Birthday. The Legend continues...

A feminist, a maulvi & his Magna Carta of Muslim women’s rights

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 11:33 PM PST

Last week, the Ghatkopar police and some local clerics were at loggerheads over the proposed nikah of a 15-year-old Muslim girl. The cops, tipped


off by the girl's uncle, stalled the wedding, saying the girl was a minor; the girl's parents and the clerics, on their part, claimed they were exercising their rights under the Muslim personal law. The girl is currently in a children's welfare home even as her parents, emboldened after securing a fatwa in favour of her right to marry, are preparing to petition the court.

The stubbornness of the parents and unqualified endorsement from the clerics for a minor's marriage are part of a primitive syndrome that afflicts Muslim society. Called male supremacy, it virtually gives men ownership of women. Interestingly enough, however, this not only flies in the face of rational thinking but also contravenes the divine commandments—as a recently resurrected book called Huququn Niswan (Rights of Women), could corroborate.

Penned by Maulvi Syed Mumtaz Ali Khan (1860-1935) of Lahore, the book, which was published in 1898, is being hailed as a beacon of hope that could help remove cobwebs clouding Muslim minds. The ulema of Maulvi Mumtaz's time ignored it, but its revolutionary thoughts are now warming the hearts of reformists in the community. "Quoting the Quran and Hadith, both Prophet Muhammad's traditions, the maulvi convincingly explodes the myth of male supremacy and argues that the Quran is just to both sexes," says Islamic reformist Asgar Ali Engineer who published Huququn Niswan a few months ago after he got a photocopy from a US library with an American scholar's help.

The book was, and is, amazingly bold. When Maulvi Mumtaz showed the manuscript to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (1817-1898) of Aligarh Muslim University, the latter was alarmed. "Sir Syed had already invited the wrath of conservative ulema for his educational movement," says activist Javed Anand of Muslims for Secular Democracy. "He saw the book as potential storm and tried to prevent Maulvi Mumtaz from publishing it." Undeterred, the maulvi went ahead with it. Anand, who carried few translated chapters in his journal Communalism Combat, is planning to publish the book in English, Hindi and Urdu soon. Calling Maulvi Mumtaz a "feminist of the first order" and "way ahead of his times", he cites the maulvi's commitment to women's cause in the book's preface: "If this humble effort of mine results in the protection of the rights of even a single old woman in the entire country, I would consider my effort to have been worthwhile."

In his book, the maulvi claims that the myth of male supremacy has been wrongly sanctified through a wrong interpretation of a Quranic verse. The oft-quoted verse is one where the Quran says men are qawwamun (protectors and maintainers) of women. Many theologians consider this verse as a divine design to make men superior to women. Maulvi Mumtaz Ali differs, saying that the word 'qawwamun' has been variously translated, including someone who is ready to move or on the go. "Since men have to travel to far-off lands to earn a living for the family, men have been declared qawwamun or managers and caretakers of women," he explains in the book. "This verse does not talk of sovereignty or servility."

Engineer insists that the verse, if understood as sovereignty of men over women, would contradict the egalitarian spirit of the Quran. "Before the revelation of the Quran, women in Arabia were treated shabbily. So how can the book, which calls daughters 'Allah's blessings' and says that paradise is under the feet of mothers, present women as inferior to men?" he asks.

Indeed, Maulvi Mumtaz was a champion of women's rights in an era when women were confined to the four walls of the house. He not only educated his unlettered wife but even made her editor of Tahzib-e-Niswan, a women's magazine.

While launching the magazine in 1898, the maulvi declared that only the women of his family would bring out the periodical, and men would have no role in it. No wonder the progressive maulvi's publication house was nicknamed the "storm centre of Lahore".
Hasan Kamal, editor of Urdu daily Sahafat which serialised Huququn Niswan, calls the book the Magna Carta of Muslim women's rights and wants it to be compulsory reading for Muslim women everywhere. Perhaps the belated popularity of the maulvi masterpiece will help improve the lot of Muslim women

The 21st century began in 2002 Racialist Utusan’S Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah today pushed the powder-keg issues of race and religion further,

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 11:05 PM PST

The 21st century began in 2002

M J Akbar Sunday December 27, 2009, 12:31 AM

M J Akbar

The 20th century ended in 2002, on the day the Godhra riots began. It was a turbulent age that ravaged society and broke the land as faith became the emotional spur of identity and the principal dialectic of politics. If Jinnah used the rhetoric of Islam to divide, then Gandhi used the metaphor of Ram rajya to unite. Both left an immediate legacy of incomplete dreams; it was up to history to decide which one had a better chance of success. Jinnah's Pakistan has crept towards theocracy, inciting blood-warm civil wars and cold-eyed terrorism. Gandhi's India, despite the able custody of Nehru, has had to struggle with the scourge of communalism, the one great impediment to its tryst with destiny.

The pivotal moments of faith-based passions were the narrative of the 1980s: the Shah Bano episode, and the Ram temple movement. Babri linked up to Ahmedabad through Godhra. But 2002 turned into a swivel point; the last of the lava spewed out, leaving those who had stoked the volcano a spent force. Hindsight confirms that after 2002, enough Indians turned away from fire to the forge of social and economic change. Congress understood this, instinctively rather than ideologically. The absence of ideology permitted tactical mobility between virtual laissez faire, a tilted partnership with America and state-financed handout programmes. Enough constituencies were onside, therefore, on polling day. The BJP flourished only where its regional leaders recognized the primacy of rice over anger. Narendra Modi, uniquely, has mined both seams, but he will find out in the next elections that one seam has run dry. Even the violence of the last eight years, spawned by Naxalites, has been motivated by hunger rather than faith.

The true business of the first decade of the 21st century has been business. It was both appropriate and unfortunate, therefore, that the last date on the legal calendar of this decade was occupied, in the Supreme Court, by the bitter gas case between the iconic businessmen of our time, the brothers Mukesh and Anil Ambani. Their dispute has generated more headlines in six years than any political conflict.

Blood, we have been reliably informed, is thicker than water. Why does money become, all so often, thicker than blood?

There are two medieval models for inheritance. The Mughals opted for a life-and-death decision on the battlefield. The English graduated, possibly to preserve their nobility from self-inflicted wounds, to primogeniture, in which the eldest son got the estate and the younger son a book written by P G Wodehouse. Both models are unacceptable in more egalitarian times, but in our country the elder brother still has the edge. This is why Mukesh Ambani received nearly three-fourths of the Dhirubhai empire, and Anil accepted such an unequal settlement.

But it also becomes a duty on the part of the heirs to preserve this amity, for every empire, political or business, is a public responsibility. Businessmen are often called barons or the new 'Moghuls', but this is not a license to behave like a Mughal, consolidating power by eliminating kin.

There is a remarkable parallel between what might be justifiably called the two most powerful brother-heirs in the Indian private sector. Decorum prevents me from naming one pair of brothers. Both lost their patriarch in harness. The comparative bank balance is not the issue, since billions are beyond mathematics. But if the Ambanis possess the power of wealth; the others have the wealth of power. All four are brilliant, with the rare ability to nurture a seed into a plant and then transform it into a plantation. The Ambanis are an international phenomenon; no less remarkably, the other brothers lifted the dominant newspaper of a single city into a range of media products that made their brand an unparalleled sensation. Brothers inherit genes, not temperament; there were differences in both families. The contrast is that the unnamed heirs, prone as everyone else to human weakness, turned a kingdom into an empire in exemplary harmony, offering a template. Imagine the economic stratosphere in which both Ambanis would flourish without their epic war.

The difference between fortune and misfortune is not money, but the value of a family at peace with itself.

The Supreme Court has the task of Solomon, without the luxury of sentiment: it cannot suggest that the last word be left to the mother, since the Supreme Court is the final court of appeal, the supreme mother of Indian justice. It will be guided by merit, precedence, and the principles its judgment will establish for private and public sector. If India's destiny lies in its economy, if India is to soar above the neighbourhood towards a unique horizon, then the moral code of our faith in business will lie in the voice of the Supreme Court.

Mingguan Malaysia columnist Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah today pushed the powder-keg issues of race and religion further, by arguing that the Malay-Muslim's majority meant they had more rights and accused the other races of putting their interests above national needs.

Without mentioning the DAP by name but calling it an "ultra-kiasu party", the National Defence University senior lecturer accused it of working with what he called racist parties within the Barisan Nasional (BN) for their own benefit and political mileage by supporting the 1 Malaysia concept espoused by prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Kiasu is a Hokkien word that literally means "fear of losing".

Tee also put forward a formula based on the racial and religious breakdown of the country's 27 million population, to apportion the share of what is due to each community in terms of rights, festivities and celebrations, adding no one should question the "social contract" from the founding of the nation 52 years ago.

"Remember, Islam is the religion of the majority community of this country. Islam has a very special position in the constitution. If there is any 'advantage' in Islam, it is not discrimination because as the majority Malay-Muslims, they have the rights, let alone it had been agreed upon through the social contract," he wrote in his column carried by the Mingguan Malaysia today.

The column — "Beza antara penjahat dan jahat" — was also posted on his personal weblogs at for Bahasa Malaysia and for the English translation.

Tee also noted there should no further question of unfairness, including the use government funds to expand Islam although the matter was never formulated by law as "each race or party interpreted according to their interests respectively, basing on the racial and religious background".

He introduced his formula, based on the statistical breakdown of races and religions in the Year 2000 census, where the percentages of Malaysians by religions were "60 per cent Islam, 40 per cent non-Malay (22 per cent Buddhist-Taoism-Confucius, nine per cent Christian, six per cent Hindu, three per cent others).

Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. — pic

"This formula can be applied in the context of the nationalisation, including justification on the rights of religious festivals and celebrations of all races. This formula fulfils part of the meaning to justification in Islam, which means to put things in its place although not completely.

"On the basis of tolerance, this formula was not applied completely, either in politic, economic or even social fields. For example, the number of non-Muslim places of worship exceeded overwhelmingly, their festival celebrations actually drowned the Muslims celebrations even though they are less in numbers.

"Just look at the shopping malls, although Christians are only nine per cent, the Christmas and New Year 2010 celebrations are incomparable to the Hari Raya and the Islamic New Year. If you do not believe, visit the states ruled by the ultra kiasu and its allies, and the shopping malls of their allies throughout the country," Tee said, alluding to Penang and Selangor which are the main states of commerce and industry.

He wrote further to compare the difference between Muslims and non-Muslims in the country, which has for years carried the tourism tagline "Malaysia. Truly Asia".

"I think the Muslims in this country are very tolerant and soft. Their religious festivals and funerals are well mannered and simple. Roads are not congested. Their graves are very small. Compared to other religions, which the number is already smaller, at times the roads are congested the whole day on certain festivals. The graves are so wide and large.

"How long will this practice be continued, whereas the population is growing but land is limited? So far, the Muslims are not that noisy compared to others, although their graves are narrowing and protests from the non-Muslims are increasingly bolder when there is an increase in Islamic cemeteries.

"My formula should be used as a guideline. Is it fair if the numbers of non-Muslims are not many, but their graves actually sink the Muslims graves? Have we asked the views of the Muslims and their sensitivity? Those with money build the tombs so high and so wide and beautify them with statues as far as the eyes can see.

"Meanwhile, the Muslims graves, irrespective of their positions, are simple because Islam does not believe in the designing of the tomb. Having no graves is also not a problem. What is important is faith and piety, which are brought into the intermediate state or barzakh. Have the Muslims ever claimed equal rights and equal opportunities? No, because they are not ultra kiasu," said Tee, who is also secretary-general of the Malaysian Islamic Chamber of Commerce.

He also questioned calls for religious rights in Malaysia to be based on equal rights and opportunities, in the light of complaints about the difficulty in building temples and churches. A DAP leader had recently questioned the large government allocation for mosques and the comparatively tiny sum set aside for houses of worship for other faiths.

"Are the number of churches and the pile of houses of worship to the extent of sinking the number mosques and suraus not considered as rights? Have we ever prevented them from going to church every Sunday? Do not compare with the Muslims because we worship differently. We have different needs. Similarly goes the requirements for jamaah prayers.

"Hence, the concept of equal rights and the equal opportunities should be based on the formula that has been outlined in the constitution and by proportion of races (religions)," Tee said when dismissing calls for equality.

He also waded into the controversy over the word "Allah" which has been banned from use by Christians to describe their God,

"All this while they have never use the word Allah in our country, so why the sudden need for the word of Allah to be used? It is definitely their strategy to confuse the Muslims into following their religion. My advice to all parents is to take care of your children and not to be deceived by their evil strategies and evil intentions.

Only nine per cent Christians, so Christmas celebrations are too much, claims Tee. — file pic

"Unfortunately, these will and has occurred in Selangor and Penang, if we continue to allow this ultra kiasu to rule and to be mighty. Look at Penang today, as if it is no longer a Malay island. It is full of Santa Claus and New Year greetings, while they consist of only nine per cent," Tee added.

He took up the line taken by politicians who have described Malaysia as the land of Malays and others as immigrants.

"Therefore, let us make the changes before it is too late. Do not end later with our religion going nowhere in our own land. By then, it will be too late. You cannot allow the creepers to grow higher. When they have gone up, they will remain there, and it will be difficult for them to come down," Tee said.

The academic also defended the Utusan Malaysia from charges of promoting hate sentiments and disturbing harmony among races, levied by opposition parties and even Umno supreme council member Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

"The extremist labelled the newspaper as criminals. If the newspaper is considered as criminal then it also meant that the journalist, newspaper columnist and author are also criminals. My question is, whether the ultra kiasu party news tabloid and the other racist political parties and those concocted with them are they also not evil?

"The ultra kiasu party and its group are not only evil, but it is already clearly a fact that they have an evil intention by not accepting the social contract and rejecting the federal constitution and also challenging sensitive matters that have long been agreed upon," he added.

While admitting that the Umno-owned daily could make mistakes, Tee hit out at its critics and told them not to go overboard with their views and reflect on their own mistakes.

"Is staying together without marriage considered good moral? Retaining executive council (exco) known for their evil deeds is not actually evil? At least Utusan Malaysia is frank, meaning not too bad instead of [condoning the] camouflage [of] doing evil, like being sweet in front of people but, when behind [them], actually are not. Those are their actions to obscure the eyes of the public," he said, obliquely referring to DAP's outrage over the paper's racial tone.

"If we spy their movement, I am confident we will see their true colours, including the one exco that brought Santa Claus to meet their state leader. To this leader, if you enjoy celebrating with Santa Claus, please do not over do it. As Muslims, we are taught to respect other religions, but do not go overboard.

"They are very cunning at planning. Many Malays have sidetracked because of being too close to Santa Claus," he wrote.

Tee also accused the DAP of raising sensitive issues that could lead to chaos similar to the May 13, 1969 racial riots.

"The sensitive issues were raised to demand equal rights and opportunities for the ultra kiasu group. They know these things cannot be raised openly as they can be held under the Sedition Act. They deliberately want to test Umno, which currently is at its most crucial situation because of not getting two-thirds majority [in Parliament] and [is] also facing the painful disunity of the Malay-Muslims," he said.

An ethnic Chinese, Tee also reserved some vitriol for Umno's BN ally, the Chinese-majority Gerakan, which had been outraged over an Umno proposal to take over the chairmanship of the Penang BN in an effort to recapture the state from the DAP-led Pakatan Rakyat state government.

Stoking racial tensions risk another May 13, Tee wrote. — file pic

"My question is that, if Umno can sacrifice the Grik parliamentary seat, why can't Gerakan? Who is more tolerant and having the nature of giving? The political parties on this island are so ultra kiasu. Because of that, they do not care who ruled the island, as long it is their own people. There are not many strategies made to win back the island. That's why I can feel that Umno is not comfortable with this situation," said Tee, referring to Umno providing Gerakan the Malay-majority Grik seat in the last general elections.

"The Malay majority had to vote the non-Malay (Gerakan) even with resentment. This is the noble nature of the Malay-Muslims. Is this tolerance being appreciated? It is like a dog biting its own master.

"Can we still remember that this member of parliament of Grik from Gerakan issued a statement stating that the Malays were also immigrants? This member of parliament was also appointed as a deputy minister. Have we ever heard Umno contend that since the Grik parliamentary seat had been held by them for a long time, why should they give it to Gerakan, as what [was] spoken by the Penang BN chairman?" he asked.

Tee contended that Gerakan's opposition to the idea was based on the fear of losing the Penang chief minister's post to Umno if the Malay party led the BN in the state.

"The root to all of these is power, power, power and the ultra kiasu attitude. All [are] putting the race interests ahead rather than the national interests. If this is how it is done, I think, we are far from achieving the 1 Malaysia concept.

"It will be taken advantage [of] by those with the attitudes of foxes in sheep skins, and scissors in the fold. To them, their race strength must be defended even with whatever reasons and challenges given. Who are the real criminals and more evil?" Tee concluded.


2009 : A Depressing Year

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 10:45 PM PST

The year is ending, We shall be in the New Year of 2010 in a matter of days and every one is looking in full hope to be in a year of consolation and solace after the one whole year of bewilderment, incomprehension and incredulousness of this Year of the OX.

It has been a year of no joy and reminiscing 2009 only drives us all to feel in despair, desolation and anguish for the distasteful occurrences and happenings.

Malaysia has been trying to find every opportunity to find a consolation opportunity to rest her laurels on as there has been series and list of failures and bad news in all turfs.

That was why winning a gold medal by our football team in Vientienne SEA Games was celebrated like we were winning the Word Cup for the first time.

The self inflicted goal by the Vietnamese player that gave us the win, was met by mirthful and joyously festive mood as if we were winning over the English, Portugal, Brazil or the German team.

Corruptions and abuse of power and positions is even more chronic after the new PM ascended to the Premiership and situation is going from bad to worst and seems to worsen as time passes by.

The latest of awful event was the stealing of two F5E jet-fighter engines and to serious thinking and civil human being it is a REAL indication that our nation's security is REAL leaky and porous; this happening is unpardonable and reprehensible.

The Minister-in-charge in the Defence Ministry when the stealing took place, is now the Prime Minister of the Nation and I am deadly sure it does not occur in his mind that ethically, morally and politically, resignation from all positions in the party and government is the only option he has.

He does not take the accountability other than promising the people that the culprit will be brought to task.

He is still there campaigning for his hollow 1Malaysia slogan in his effort to divert the Malaysian attention from uncovering the actual and the true problems he and his government are facing that dive Malaysia to he worst of situation that this country has ever experienced.

All component parties of BN in the West Malaysia are in grave state and we are still trying to get the glimpse of indication that these can be curable.

Everyone's intuition says that the hope of amicable and agreeable solutions in MCA is zero possibility and so do for the rest of the BN problematic component parties.

Najib's new administration fails to address the economic problems and he has only the poor rakyat as the source of money for the government to run by heavily taxing them indirectly through various means.

Apart from the heavy taxes the rakyat is made to accept the move by the administration to withdraw subsidies which they (rakyat) have enjoyed all the years and decades.

The grouses of the rakyat is numerous and to list it in this limited space and time is almost impossible.

The worse hit in this cursing economy is certainly the middle-class population. They don't have the privilege of getting low cost house and they can't get to reach houses that are built for the high class citizen.

The disparity between the rich and the poor is ever widening and among the rich and the wealthy the ones who are near to political masters or the politician themselves are the most privileged.

Economic opportunities are just for the few fortunate ones and this has been the sore point by both the Malays and the non-Malays.

The non-Malays have been taking that the Malays are all on easy plater to get things easily while in actuality the privileges were heavily abused as only the Malays with big names and decorations who are close to the ruling PM have all the benefits of looting the wealth at the expense of the ordinary Malays and rakyat.

Consequentially there now exists serious racial disharmony which I consider worse off than those days of pre '69 black incidence.

This kind of political ambience has got to be addressed a soon as this will certainly dampen and dismantle the basic fabrics of civil life of the Malaysian which in turn would destroy this country as an independent state.

In the meanwhile the Malays especially the UMNO card carrying members are busy in the country promoting their leaders who deceive them and they are nothing more and nothing less than as one Malay sayings says, hanya menjadi dahan bengkok untuk kera-kera meniti, without knowing what they are actually doing.

BUT of late there are also heavy talks among the UMNO ranks that they are slowly realising that they have been enslaved by the leaders for their own personal gains and greed.

Many of them have already felt that insults and their mind have already opened for some kind of changes and have to be seen and done for the sake of this great but mismanaged nation.

The rakyat are slowly but surely watching the conduct of leaders and they are toiling their mind thinking as how to address these problems that their leaders are facing and failing to mitigate.

They are now finding solutions by themselves as how to get to the things that they wish to have and should be happening.

Many people are now having their own brainstorming like among themselves as they have less trust of their leaders' capacity to address and correct the current sickly situations.

I have heard a lot of these discussion down the street and some or many educated group now have even proposed for the nation to start anew.

They want to see new facet of Malaysian politics with new environments as well as new group of leaders who is more experienced and hands on leaders to deal with problems faced by the nation.

The current policies and system just cannot go ahead any further and some thing new has got to prevail.

The current institutions cannot withstand the demands for a change and leaders who spend all their time for personal politicking have got to go.

Judiciary, the police and other enforcement institutions are not seen to be independent as the cancerous corruption is already malignantly spreading.

These important institutions are suffering from distrust by the suspicious public.

Can Malaysian public make these changes? Can parliamentarians have the guts and energy to execute these changes?

OR in the first place do these leaders really feel the risky future if nothing is done to address the massive problems we currently face?

I pray that nature would come in with Divine Intervention.

In conclusion I wish each and every Malaysian Happy New Year and the very best of luck and hope that all of us live in the best of sanctuary within this beautiful country as from now on…..of course after perfecting the badly needed changes.

Thanks……………………………………………………Aspan Alias

Part 2,CAN WE TRUST THE Supreme Mafia leader THE 100billion TUN MAHATHIR THE Fabrication Specialist Attorney-General, Mafia gang 2 Inspector General of Police

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 07:58 PM PST

can we MALAYSIAN and the United States(Malaysia has also yet to officially notify the United States of the thefts,) TRUST Fabrication Specialist is one of his specialities.AG Abdul Gani Patai

to investigate all aspects of the two military jet engine thefts — including the unrelated dismissal of several air force officers — that has left Malaysia red-faced and in danger of censure from arms supplier, the United States.

The tepid and slow response from the authorities investigating the stolen General Electric J85-21A turbojet engines have further embarrassed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, as Parliamentary opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his allies seized on the theft to underscore claims that the Barisan Nasional government was corrupt.The General Electric J85-21A turbojet engines used to power the ageing F-5E fighter-jets were reported missing in 2007 and 2008, when Najib was then defence minister. Police now claim to have traced the engines to Argentina, after it allegedly made its way there via a Middle East country facing United States sanctions.

But conflicting reports about the theft have also prompted the need for high-level investigations, opposition leaders said when commenting on a Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) statement that a brigadier-general and several other military personnel sacked in end 2007 had nothing to do with the missing jet engines.

The authorities have said it was kept under wraps due to the sensitive nature of the crime and its possible links to the international black market arms trade after it was suggested that Iran could have been a recipient of the jet engines, which are made with 30-year-old technology. However, Iran already has 65 F-5s in four variants that use the same powerplant.

Malaysia has also yet to officially notify the United States of the thefts, although Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said it would be done after advice from the Attorney-General's Chambers, which has asked the police to investigate further despite the earlier nine-month probe.


Anwar and allies have seized on the embarrassing theft. — file pic

Fabrication Specialist is one of his specialities. 'Malaysia has also yet to officially notify the United States of the thefts,

re-cap,even before altantuya's murder case went on trial,who is this AG to decide that this case would involve only three accuses the AG has been acting like the god of law in Malaysia.
The scope of the Attorney-General's powers in these institutions, there is still the question of integrity of the key office-holders who helm these institutions – chief justice, attorney general, inspector general of police and director general of ACA. It is often said that one may have the best laws in the world, but if we have crooks to implement them, the good laws may come to nothing.
Well said Mr Kim Quek.

So that is the reality this what peoples comment –Kim Quek, many thanks for the above article. It explains clearly and I am sure all readers understand its content. The UMNO/BN regime will not make any reform that benefits the rakyat, the reform is only meant to control our lives and our souls. When najib becomes PM, I bet you more dramatic actions of arrogance from the UMNO goons shall be unfolded by the truckloads !

this is what PA LAH said

, Datuk Datuk Seri when you speak of the reforms to these three pillars of justice, you must also address the public's perception of the Attorney General (A-G)'s Chambers. As it stands, the A-G's Chambers is viewed as the government's legal adviser, so when it comes to cases that involve politicians and government personalities, there is the perception that the A-G is biased.

These concerns will be addressed through the reforms to the judiciary and the ACA that will take place.

Sir, if the system does not provide fair prosecution, your whole plan will fail. One good example: When Raja Petra Kamaruddin was released, the A-G's Chambers appealed, but when Abdul Razak Baginda was acquitted, the A-G decided not to appeal. It is about public perception.

We will see what form of mechanisms to use. We haven't lost touch with that. As in the anti-corruption initiatives, the senior public prosecutor can decide on the charges.

There was resistance to the setting up of a complaints commission on the police before. Why would those opposed to any sort of reform to enforcement agencies, especially the police be any different now?

I don't think that anyone is opposed to 'reform'. But different groups want to be heard, to give their input into the design of the reform. That is why the situation now is very different. The police have been more involved, as well as other enforcement groups. There are many things to be worked out but the important guiding philosophy for me is that the Bill must be workable – it must be acceptable to both the police, the ex-Royal Commissioners as well as other civil society groups. As in all things, this means coming to a workable compromise. It is a difficult process, but it is worthwhile.

When you started off five years ago, we were all supportive of you. What went wrong along the way? Was there opposition to your reforms and plans?

Reforms are not easy. I have tried so, so very hard and it is not easy. I know. I tried with the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and MisconductCommission) , see how difficult it was? You can't just rush in and bulldoze through and have a "I don't care a damn" attitude.

I wouldn't call it that but it was not easy to get people on the same page.

But you had 90% of the mandate – not just from Umno, but from the rakyat! People who So there were elements out to sabotage your efforts.?

would normally vote Opposition voted for Barisan Nasional. You could have capitalised on this overwhelming support.

Yes, my dear friend, but my survival is in Umno! If Umno doesn't want me what can the 90% do? That is the system, unfortunately. This is not like (electing) the president of the United States who is appointed directly by the people (laughs).

Maybe you need to reform Umno first before you reform the agencies.

Ah well …

While giving credit to Pak Lah for at least admitting that our judiciary and anti-corruption efforts are in bad shape, his optimism over the effectiveness of these reform measures is at best naïve, and at worst dishonest and deceiving.
In the 90s, the ACA and the AG opined that there was a case against Rafidah over the allocation of shares to her son-in-law. Mamakthir stopped the proposed prosecution. In the late 90s, the Director-General of the EPU was "caught" with a rather large bundle of cash in his office drawer by the ACA. Again, Mamakthir said "no" to the proposed prosecution.What would be different if the MACC had been in place at those times ?

THE recent challenge by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's defence team against the validity of the Attorney-General's certificate to transfer his sodomy case from the Sessions Court to the High Court has again highlighted the need to seriously examine the role of the Attorney-General.

The Attorney-General, it was argued, was not competent to issue the certificate as a report, which had been made against him for alleged tampering with evidence in Anwar's first sodomy case in 1988, was still being investigated.

The Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court ruled last Friday that the certificate was invalid.

The scope of the Attorney-General's powers in Malaysia has long been a subject of debate and controversy. He is the chief legal adviser to the government and is responsible for advising ministers involved in legal proceedings in their official capacity.
But as public prosecutor, he is also entrusted with power, which he uses at his discretion, to start, conduct or discontinue any proceedings for an offence, other than proceedings before a Syariah court, a native court or a court-martial.

His dual role has posed a real problem. A conflict of interest is bound to arise if he has to institute criminal proceedings against members of the government.

currently no formal mechanism requiring the Attorney-General to account for his conduct in relation to prosecutions of criminal proceedings. In spite of the wide powers he wields, he has no duty to report to the prime minister, cabinet or Parliament.

There has been no call for him to account for the failure of a number of high-profile prosecutions, which commenced with much fanfare but ended up being a waste of public funds.

Tan Sri Eric Chia, the former managing director of Perwaja Steel, was acquitted after 43 days of trial without his defence being called.

In acquitting the accused, the presiding High Court judge heavily criticised the conduct of the prosecution, especially their failure to call several key witnesses who had obvious knowledge of the material elements of the case.

With reference to particular key witnesses from Japan, the judge questioned whether it was the Japanese witnesses who were "reluctant" to come or "the prosecution was the one reluctant to bring them here".

It is imperative that the Attorney General's wide powers be subject to close scrutiny and not be permitted to be exercised arbitrarily.

If the government is truly serious in wanting to improve and restore public confidence in the administration of justice in this country, it must be prepared to review the presently unfettered powers of the Attorney-General.

can we trust
AG Abdul Gani Patail vowing a 'full probe' on the missing engines has about the same level of credibility as Robert Mugabe claiming he has conducted 'free and fair elections' in Zimbabwe.'
Missing engines: AG vows full probe, files with cops

KSN: 'The public deserved to know'. I almost choked on my 'capati' dinner when I read these profound words from the nation's number one law enforcement official. Is attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail in New Delhi or Disneyland? I only ask as the statement almost sounded cartoonish coming from him.

Solving the case of the missing RM100 million jet fighter engines (already taken two years) and investigating the former Selangor MB's ill-gotten gains (also taken two years) have to take the back seat.'

AG Abdul Gani Patail vowing a 'full probe' on the missing engines has about the same level of credibility as Robert Mugabe claiming he has conducted 'free and fair elections' in Zimbabwe.'
Missing engines: AG vows full probe, files with cops

KSN: 'The public deserved to know'. I almost choked on my 'capati' dinner when I read these profound words from the nation's number one law enforcement official. Is attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail in New Delhi or Disneyland? I only ask as the statement almost sounded cartoonish coming from him.

'The public' deserved to know many, many things under your watch Mr AG, and so far you've not failed to disappoint. I await with great anticipation your actions in seeing to it that some the nation's most senior defence officials are prosecuted for this fiasco.

On another note, could someone from the Defence Ministry please perform a stocktake of the RMAF's MIG-29s? Just in case…

Malaysians Are Not Stupid: Does the assurance from the AG that "a full probe would be carry out and no stones would be left unturned" means anything to anyone expect the Malaysian government and the AG himself.

I believe I speak for majority of Malaysians – the AG's credibility is at such a low point that whatever he says doesn't mean anything nor is it worth the paper his assurances are printed or written. It's is all words and no action.

Yuvan: We have heard it too often – "full probe" and nothing happens after that. So when the AG says "full probe", nobody takes it seriously anymore.

Full-scale investigations related to corruption, mismanagement, abuse of power and authority, etc, involving high-profile people are kept going for months and years. The whole episode comes to a wimpy end with some "small fry" caught and charged or the AG saying "not enough evidence". The files are then conveniently closed.

The theft of jet engines and parts from the armed forces is nothing short of a brazen daylight robbery, which in all probability seems to have happened right under the noses of some high-ranking officials at the armed forces.

A "full probe" means all army personnel suspected of involvement must be suspended immediately. It means all those involved from the rank and file be charged and severely punished. We are talking about breach of our nation's security and not about some small equipment stolen and sold to scrap dealers.

Tan Kian Khim: AG Abdul Gani Patail vowing a 'full probe' on the missing engines has about the same level of credibility as Robert Mugabe claiming he has conducted 'free and fair elections' in Zimbabwe.

Bozuka: "Barang bukti untuk kes tiada lagi. Oleh demikian kami tidak boleh dakwa sesiapa disini. Dengan ini file kes kecurian engine ditutup secara rasmi" – that will be the final conclusion by AG.

Mygazee: Correct me if I am wrong, the F5E fighter is said to be put out of service by RMAF the moment it starts to fall one by one from the sky, and the FA18 fighters was later commissioned to take its place at Butterworth.

I still wonder if it was our maintenance, fly boys or the designs that has put these aircrafts in the ghetto. I am not certain if the F5E is still being used by the RMAF, neither is the FA18 fighters. Hopefully they still around.

We also hears of the MiG29 being replaced by the newer Sukhoi SU32 (I'm not sure of the actual strategy). With the now two turbines flown out of the country without its wings intact, I am afraid to ask for more.

However, I wish to extend gratitude to the defence auditors for their sincere reporting. We still have honest people in the Army, and that's a relief.

Favourites: Don't get excited people. It is a simple theft, but since there is no evidence (the engines proper), there will be no case. The attorney-general, the police and the MACC should concentrate on the opposition politicians and charge (or frame) them for corruption and make their masters happy.

Roki: In Bolehland, it's not (Sin Chew journalist) Tan Hoon Cheng, (blogger) Raja Petra Kamarudin or (Hindraf leader) P Uthayakumar who are security threats. It's the generals and armed forces personnel who are our greatest national security risk now. If they can sell off jet engines for personal financial gains, do you think they will not sell off the country too?
There's an easy way to plan for retirement. Find out how.

Tan Teng Wah: The credibility gap seems to be widening by the day and the negative perception is not going to change for a long time to come. The AG's statement reeks of a 'face-saving' stunt to play down the shame and embarrassment to the government caused by the theft, which occurred not yesterday but in 2007 and 2008. It smacks of a cover-up until the whole episode surfaced.

Abil: AG, first prove your mettle by providing fiat to Karpal Singh so he can proceed with VK Lingam's prosecution. So far you are going after opposition politicians only. Just don't talk, walk the talk. The public is losing faith in the justice system to the extend the academia is calling Malaysia the the Zimbabwe of the East.

Chee Hoe Siew: A full probe into the event? The defence minister at the time was Najib Razak, my friend, do you dare to go all the way and risk your rice bowl? Do you dare to call for Najib's resignation? Please don't insult my intelligence. Just be truthful and get some 'ikan bilis' convicted, like the cleaner who happened to leave his fingerprint on the jet.

Snoopdog: Why is everyone so impatient. Wait for the investigations to finish. So what if it last a year. If the brigadier-general was axed, he might still be charged as investigations must be done and evidence be gathered. I believe that to pull this theft off, some very smart scheme was invented, and as such this will be revealed.

Sudevan: As usual, this is all just hot air. After one month, this whole thing will suffer a natural death.


Cawangan Khawarij di Malaysia Adalah UMNO

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 10:16 PM PST

Taktik biasa syaitan untuk mengaburi mata manusia supaya dia tidak dikenali adalah dengan menuduh orang lain sebagai syaitan. Dengan cara itu, manusia ramai tidak akan nampak syaitan yang sebenar tetapi melihat kepada orang yang dituduh syaitan sebagai syaitan. Akhirnya, identity syaitan terjaga dari diketahui ramai.
Taktik yang sama digunakan oleh UMNO. Dalam tahun 90'an, UMNO secara terbuka memfitnah PAS dengan mengatakan PAS adalah Khawarij. Sejak akhir-akhir ini percubaan memfitnah ini dihalakan kepada orang2 PAS yang anti kepada idea "Kerajaang Perpaduang".

Sedar atau tidak, UMNO sudah berhenti kempen fitnah mereka terhadap PAS. Ini kerana mereka tidak mahu menaikkan kemarahan ahli-ahli PAS bagi memudahkan usaha mereka menarik PAS menyertai UMNO dalam satu koalisi.


Sifat utama Khawarij adalah mereka menghalalkan apa yang diharamkan oleh Islam. Ini adalah berbuah dari kaedah tafsiran mereka ke atas Al Quran dan Hadeeth yang berasaskan kepada nafsu dan bukan kepada ilmu. Dengan kata lain, disebabkan Khawarij mentafsir Al Quran dan Hadeeth dengan nafsu, maka mereka akhirnya menghalalkan apa yang diharamkan oleh Allah SWT.

Perangai menghalalkan apa yang haram ini adalah sifat semulajadi UMNO. Malahan, saya sudah menulis sebuah artikel sebelum ini menyenaraikan dosa-dosa besar yang telah di halal kan oleh UMNO selama kewujudan UMNO.


a. QAZAF : UMNO secara terbuka menuduh Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim meliwat tanpa membawa 4 saksi yang utama. Sehingga hari ini perbuatan ini tidak pernah dihentikan atau ditegur oleh kepimpinan-kepimpinan UMNO seluruhnya termasuk mufti kegemaran mereka, Harussani Zakaria (yang tak fasih cakap Arab).
Untuk membaca kembali artikel tersebut, sila klik di sini.

Segala benda haram yang telah dihalalkan UMNO ini membuktikan dengan jelas bahawa UMNO lebih rapat kepada Khawarij berbanding PAS atau sesiapa sahaja.


Bukan sahaja UMNO ini cawangan Khawarij di Malaysia, mereka juga menunjukkan sifat dan perangai syaitan. Mereka tidak mahu orang tahu mereka ini "khawarij", mereka menuduh PAS pula Khawarij.

Dalam blog saya, agen mereka yang menggunakan nama Grand Marquis cuba menjalankan jarum jahat UMNO ini. Si GM ini cuba untuk menuduh saya sebagai Khawarij. Sebagai contoh beliau menulis:

Saya lihat TB ni semakin menghampiri ciri-ciri khawarij. Saya bagi satu hadith tentang khawarij untuk para pembaca menilai sendiri apakah TB ni menepati ciri-ciri tersebut.

Abu Said al Khudri menceritakan bahwa Ali –sewaktu berada di Yaman-menghantarkan Dhahiibah dalam taribahnya kepada Rasulullah. Barang tersebut dibagi-bagikan rasulullah kepada : Aqra' bin Habis al Handzali, dan Aynah bin Badr al Fazari, Alqamah bin Alasah al Amiri, dan salah seorang daripada Bani Kilab, dan Zaid al Khair al Thai, dan salah seorang Bani Nabhan. Pembahagian itu membuat kaum Qurasiy dan Anshar merasa tidak senang sehingga berkata : Ya Rasulullah, baginda telah memberikannya kepada kelompok Askar daripada Najad dan meninggalkan kami ". Rasulullah menjawab: "Aku berbuat demikian, semata-mata untuk menjinakkan hati mereka. " Abu Said melanjutkan: Tidak lama kemudian datang seorang lelaki yang buta, lebar dahinya, lebat janggutnya, gundul kepalanya berkata: "Ya Muhammad, bertakwalah kamu kepada Allah". Baginda berkata : "Siapakah lagi yang akan taat kepada Allah jika aku tidak taat kepadaNya. Dia (Allah) telah memberikan kepercayaan kepadaku untuk menjaga bumi ini, mengapa engkau tidak percaya kepadaku ?..Abu said melanjutkan: "selanjutnya seorang lelaki –menurut sebagian riwayat Khalid bin Walid-telah meminta izin kepada Nabi untuk membunuh lelaki tersebut tetapi baginda melarangnya. Setelah lelaki itu pergi rasulullah saw bersabda : "Sesungguhnya dari keturunan lelaki ini nanti akan muncul sebuah kaum yang membaca Al-Quran teapi ia tidak melepasi pangkal tengkorak mereka. Mereka mmecah Islam sebagaimana keluarnya ank panah dari busurnya. Mereka membunuh umat Islam dan membiarkan umat penyembah berhala. Sekiranya aku menjumpai mereka, niscaya aku akan memerangi mereka seperti yang menimpa kaum Ad. " (Sahih Bukhari/3344; Sahih Muslim/2451).

Tapi pada waktu yang sama beliau mendedahkan kebodohan beliau berkenaan Khawarij apabila beliau berkata:

"Ketahuilah Uthman r.a. dan Ali r.a. telah dibunuh oleh golongan ini."

Sewaktu Saidina Uthman dibunuh, Khawarij masih belum wujud lagi. Khawarij ni wujud lepas peperangan Siffin.

Dan saya terkejut dia boleh nukil hadeeth berkenaan dengan pembunuhan umat Islam sedangkan yang membunuh umat Islam di Malaysia adalah UMNO. Adakah GM lupa pada peristiwa berdarah Memali/Ustaz Ibrahim Libya? Bukankah semua kuil dan rumah ibadah di Selangor sekarang ini dibina waktu UMNO memerintah?

Inilah dia contoh perangai syaitan. Grand Marquis ni sanggup menggunakan hadeeth Nabi SAW untuk menyokong ideology kuffar dan syirik beliau demi meneruskan agenda UMNO untuk menghalalkan apa yang diharamkan oleh Allah SWT.

Sebagai penutup, saya teringat nasihat seorang kawan saya yang bekas UMNO:

Orang UMNO ni, kalau mereka kata Tuhan itu Satu pun kita jangan percaya. Bukan sebab apa yang dia kata itu salah, tapi sebab yang berkata itu orang UMNO

Tulang Besi

ps di bawah adalah artikel yang saya nukil dari blog saya.

Senarai Dosa-Dosa Besar yang Dihalalkan UMNO
Dalam PAS sekarang menular satu penyakit, yakni penyakit percaya yang UMNO ini boleh diharap untuk berjuang Islam.

Lantaran itu, saya terpanggil menulis senarai beberapa dosa besar yang di halal kan dalam UMNO. Semoga senarai ini dapat menyedarkan ahli-ahli dan aktivis-aktivis PAS betapa jahilnya pemikiran sedemikian rupa.

a. QAZAF : UMNO secara terbuka menuduh Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim meliwat tanpa membawa 4 saksi yang utama. Sehingga hari ini perbuatan ini tidak pernah dihentikan atau ditegur oleh kepimpinan-kepimpinan UMNO seluruhnya termasuk mufti kegemaran mereka, Harussani Zakaria (yang tak fasih cakap Arab).

b. JUDI : UMNO sejak penubuhan telah meluluskan "Loteri UMNO" yang telah dijual dan dijadikan aktiviti ekonomi untuk UMNO. Yang terbaru adalah Najib Tun Razak meluluskan lagi 10 lesen "Special Draw"/Judi tidak berapa lama dahulu. Dengan kata lain, aktiviti-aktiviti judi ini sudah menjadi darah daging UMNO dan mereka tidak melihat akviti ini sebagai haram.

c. ARAK : UMNO yang mendokong polisi "menjual arak untuk keuntungan". Dalam negara-negara Scandinavia, yang tiada peruntukan "Islam sebagai Agama Persekutuan" dalam perlembagaan mereka, arak tidak diizinkan dijual untuk tujuan mencari keuntungan. Arak hanya dibenarkan dijual hanya untuk memenuhi keperluan dalam negeri semata-mata.

Di Malaysia, UMNO menyokong penjualan arak untuk tujuan keuntungan sehingga saham-saham Calrsberg dan Guiness-Anchor adalah antara saham kualiti tinggi ("blue-chip") di KLSE.

Begitu semangat UMNO menyokong aktiviti arak di Malaysia sehingga ada 3 orang Melayu duduk di dalam LEmbaga Pengarah Calrsberg dan 2 orang Melayu duduk dalam lembaga Pengarah Guiness-Anchor. Sepatutnya, Kementrian Kewangan boleh campur tangan menghalang perlantikan ini, tapi UMNO membiarkannya sahaja. Mengapa? Kerana industri arak ni halal bagi UMNO.

d. PENOLAKAN HUKUM SYARIAH ISLAM: Tak payah komen la. Sampai hari ni, UMNO tidak mahu mengubah Perlembagaan Malaysia membenarkan hukum Syariah Islam dijalankan dengan sepenuhnya di Kelantan dan Terengganu.

Menarik untuk disebut: dalam forum di Kelantan baru-baru ini, wakil UMNO telah mencabar PAS untuk membentangkan "Private Bill" bagi memudahkan perjalanan hukum Syariah. Ustaz Nik Amar menjawab, wakil UMNO itu tak pernah masuk Parlimen. Maka dia tak tau.

Setiap "Private Bill" harus mendapat lampu hijau dari Menteri yang bertanggungjawab (dalam isu hukum Islam, Menteri tersebut adalah Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri – Zahid Hamidi).

Setakat ini, UMNO tidak pernah bagi apa-apa lampu hijau untuk mana-mana Undang-Undang seperti ini dibenarkan.

Pokoknya mudah. Kalau UMNO sanggup menyokong hukum Islam terlaksana di Malaysia, siapa yang boleh menghalang? DAP pun takkan menentang kerana pada waktu itu, MCA pun terpaksa sokong hukum Islam. Lebih2 lagi hukum Islam hanya tertakluk kepada orang2 Islam sahaja.

Tak jadi isu walau sedikit pun. Isunya adalah UMNO MENOLAK HUKUM SYARIAH ISLAM

e. FITNAH : Agen fitnah UMNO adlaah media-media mereka i.e. Utusan Meloya, Berita Hairan, TV3 Suku dsbnya. Dah berapa kali diorang ni kena saman. Baru2 ni Sdr Mahfuz sendiri menang saman terhadap media2 milik UMNO ini. Namun UMNO tetap meneruskan aktiviti memfitnah dan menista mereka terhadap sesama Islam

Secara pribadi, saya telah berhenti membaca dan mempercayai Utusan Meloya dan Berita Hairan semenjak peristiwa Memali lagi. Sah PENIPU dan PEMBOHONG.

f. PENIPU : Tak payah komen la. Benda yang maklum

g. KORUPSI : Lagi tak payah komen. Dalam UMNO sekarang ni, sapa tak korupsi tu yang dipandang serong. Sedangkan korupsi ni HARAM mengikut IJMAK ULAMA. Tapi, bagi UMNO, makan duit haram tu tak jadi masaalah. Dalam UMNO ni, hanya BABI sahaja yang haram. Yang lain, kao bedal la

h. SIHIR : Rujuk kes Mona Fendi. Tanya la sesiapa sahaja dalam UMNO pasal amalan sihir dalam UMNO. Semua akan akui betapa meluasnya amalan sihir dalam UMNO.

i. BEKERJASAMA DENGAN MUSUH ISLAM :Rujuk artikel saya berkenaan Ucapan Najib Tun Razak di Heritage Foundation di mana Dato Najib berbangga membantu usaha Amerika dalam memerangi "keganasan" (Baca: memerangi Islam).

Sebagai penutup, janganlah termakan dengan kata-kata seperti "Bekerja dengan UMNO lebih Syariee berbanding dengan DAP". Perkataan macam ini datang dari ulama-ulama yang menjual agama untuk kepentingan dunia. Bukan datang dari ulama yang "mukhliseen".

Apa bezanya DAP dengan UMNO? Yang saya tahu seorang pemimpin DAP terpaksa merengkok dalam penjara kerana mempertahankan seorang gadis yang diperkosa salah seorang pemimpin UMNO. Itu sahaja.

Tulang Besi

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“In 48 Hours Party Wins Nobody Loses”

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 09:19 PM PST

With just 48 hours before the party elections Philip Ngo challenger to Deputy presidents Posts reiterated that " ITS NOT ABOUT ME,ITS ABOUT THE PARTY." I have been seen as going against the Status Quo of the Presidents Lists but as he said in the main stream media he told audie61 again its what he believes in and that is for the democratic process to work in all BN parties.

In the spirit of  Barisan National he says ,"If we just following the "Main Menu" or "Chai Tua" we will be seen as dictatorial and it will not be good for the long run of the BN coalition. Its not against the system as we must uphold what SPDP stands for and that is Sarawak Peoples Democratic Party. The delegates will need to be given the mandate to choose their leaders and if the leaders do not perform or has outlived their usage its time for them to make way.

Nyarok if he loses will still be an Assistant Minister while for me if I lose I will just go back to my business profession. Nobody loses,the party wins and SPDP will be seen as having an family election held in the spirit of BN. He stressed the mosts important thing is," I am not someones PROXY but i stand by my ideals and principles and that is for the delegates to CHOOSE THEIR LEADER. This is democracty and for the good of BN in the long run as it re-engineers,rei-nvent and re-stlye itself to face a common enemy in the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

He wishes all delegates a fruitful convention and win or lose his heart and soul will be with SPDP and the BN government.  As perceived by many, he wished to make it clear that to Nyarok  " he has never ever harboured any ill feelings and he has always respected him and for what he has done for the party.

Win or lose  we will sink and swim with SPDP as it looks forward to the future. This is Mature Politics.

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Christmas Blues?

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 08:11 PM PST

Heaven bent to take my hand
And lead me through the fire
Be the long awaited answer
To a long and painful fight

Truth be told I've tried my best
But somewhere along the way
I got caught up in all there was to offer
And the cost was so much more than I could bear
- "Fallen", Sarah McLachlan, 2003

It's yet another December 25th.

This is my eighth consecutive Christmas away from home.

When we were younger and not even believers in Christ yet, we exchanged gifts and partook in the wonder and glee of Christmas.

Now we are all scattered miles apart, each with our rightful commitments and secret sorrows.

This Christmas as with the last, Dad played Solitaire on Christmas eve, just like he did for every night of the year.

Brother watched DVD, another Hong Kong soap opera for which he already knew every line and scene by heart.

I spent this Christmas trying to save a life of a stranger, while dying slowly deep inside myself.

I sang "Joy to the World" and "Merry Christmas" but the truth is I've been as happy as a sea turtle stuck and stranded in a dusty desert.

I've neglected my family and Christmas is the stark reminder of my sins of omission.

Though I've tried, I've fallen...
I have sunk so low
I have messed up
Better I should know
So don't come round here
And tell me I told you so...

My spouse tells me to get the hell back to my hometown if I were so discontented and restless here in Sabah Negarakuku.

I'd love to, the only problem is I can't.

The healthcare crisis in Sabah is entering its second year with no tangible solutions in sight.

Our transfers are still frozen and doctors in some disciplines are still doing as many as fifteen calls per month.

In spite of all the government-manufactured publicity about the purchase of Sabah Medical Center and how it will provide over 2000 beds for the state, the simple fact is that patients and clinicians are still suffering from the incompetency of driftwood administrators and corruption of doomed-to-hell politicians.

My options are many though and in fact plentiful compared to the other doctors.

With my degree and postgraduate qualifications thus far, I can always walk out on this fucked up Malaysian Ministry of Health and work elsewhere.

That will not bring me home and make me a filial child though.

I'm also not as mobile as I used to be.

I can't make unilateral decisions and assume that the other party will gladly go along with it.

I have seen enough and am convinced that the role of the sea turtle will only be reversed should I ever move back home.

We all begin with good intent
When love was raw and young
We believed that we could change ourselves
The past could be undone
But we carry on our backs the burden
Time always reveals
In the lonely light of morning
In the wound that would not heal
It's the bitter taste of losing everything
That I have held so dear.

I'd like to believe that this is merely Christmas blues, a pensive feeling and some shitty emotions that linger at the back of one's mind after a long December and a very eventful preceding year.

Deep within though, I know that this restless soul has been downcast for quite a while and the body has been doing a great job hiding behind a smokescreen of apparent fortitude and confidence.

What many fail to see is that the apparent calm and nonchalance in managing a dying person is in fact the epitome of a soul so numbed that even death does not arouse or excite anymore.

Heaven bent to take my hand
Nowhere left to turn
I'm lost to those I thought were friends
To everyone I know
Oh they turned their heads embarrassed
Pretend that they don't see
But it's one missed step
You'll slip before you know it
And there doesn't seem a way to be redeemed

I know exactly what I need to do and how to do it.

It's time to return to Jesus and claim His promises of peace that comes from Him alone and not as the world gives.

Humans are mortals and they will fail us.

Circumstances are variable and totally unreliable.

Achievements are temporary and mostly forgettable.

Christ He is and truly eternal.

Though I've tried, I've fallen...
I have sunk so low
I have messed up
Better I should know
So don't come round here
And tell me I told you so...

Antares Fighting Debilitating Malaria Infection In Hospital

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 05:26 PM PST


By Admin

Blogger Antares (picture above) of
MAGICK RIVER Blog is fighting a debilitating Malaria infection in the hospital.

Antares' indomitable fighting spirit will surely see him getting the better of the Malarial infection. Antares is truly a wonderful human being who doesn't think of himself but instead thinks of others and stands up for them. Antares is truly a patriot and a Hero.

The last time Antares visited MarGeeMar was to post his concern over the fate of Ng Kah Yee. His posting is below:

Antares said...
Good post, MGM, thanks. Tell me, I am very disturbed by the report of yet another missing person, Ng Kah Yee, featured in your sidebar. Do you have more info about the case?
December 17, 2009 1:58 PM

The Scribe calls on everyone irrespective of their religious affiliations to come together and agree in prayer for the speedy recovery of Antares and also for his family

(formerly known as Kit Leee) began his musical career playing harmonica and mandolin with the legendary bluegrass band K.D. Possum & The Flying Fox (1977-1981) during which time he began writing his own songs and bought his first and only guitar (an acoustic-electric Takamine). In 1984 he released a solo album called Solitary Vice (& Other Virtues) with a collection of Dylanesque songs on one side and "avant-garde" instrumental numbers on the other. This was followed two years later with 2nd Coming, an entirely instrumental work (with one incantatory insert in an iconoclastic track called "Terminal Hierophantiasis").

In 1990 Antares began collaborating with Marilya Yoshimasu, a Brazilian-born shaman-singer, and an arty limited edition CD entitled The Moon Close To My Face Is A Fish was released in 1994.

He also appeared sporadically on stage with other Malaysian singer-songwriters like Rafique Rashid, Amir Yussof, Hassan & Markiza (Passion), and R.S. Murthi.

Dividing his time and energies between his other artistic pursuits in theatre, photography, cartooning, and authoring a series of books (Adoi!, Moth Balls, Two Catfish In The Same Hole, Tanah Tujuh), Antares dropped out of the local music scene after moving in 1992 to live amongst the Orang Asli in Pertak Village, Ulu Selangor.

However, he continued writing the occasional song whilst living in the jungle. In 1994 he teamed up with Rafique Rashid to introduce the celebrated Temuan ceremonial singer, Mak Minah, to a national audience with the debut performance of Akar Umbi at the Shah Alam Stadium. Akar Umbi played two years in a row at the Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival before the untimely death of Mak Minah - and the release of her posthumous CD (Akar Umbi ~ Songs of the Dragon) in August 2002.

Since then Antares has been content to jam with musicians visiting his idyllic home (affectionately called Magick River) while honing new skills in percussion and winds. A few months ago, Daniel Tang - an old friend who's also a veteran audio engineer - offered to digitize Antares's analog music archives. He now has several hours of music waiting to be digitally enhanced and reissued on CD. The only problem (as usual) is getting enough funds to finish the task...

Penangites Want Lim Guan Eng & Pakatan Rakyat

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 04:42 PM PST

By Tan Teik Lye

There are some people like the moron Omar Goh Wei Liang who claim that those who say that Pakatan Rakyat will retain Penang in the next General Election are saying so to 'syok sendiri'. This is the same Omar Goh who said that he admired the racist Leader of the Opposition from Umno in Penang, Azhar 'Bum Salute' Ibrahim. Omar Goh claim's to hold a Bachelor of Economics from the Australian National University and Master of Economics from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. If he is really a product of both these universities, I'm certainly not going to send my kids there.

If you asked anyone in Penang, they would tell you that they are satisfied with the Pakatan Rakyat Government of YAB Lim Guan Eng. Only an arm chair commentator like Omar Goh who probably wants to 'syok sendiri' like the rest of BN will tell you otherwise. What the Gerakan administration of Koh Tsu Koon did was to enrich and empower the Umno Warlords like Hilmi Yahya, Azhar Omar, Ahmad Ismail etc. to plunder the State and leave the coffers dry.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said his government's fiscal policies have managed to increase the state accumulated funds by RM178.45 million, an increase of 21 percent from RM847.45 million in 2007 to RM1.25 billion last year. Referring to the Auditor-General's 2008 Report, Lim said the record achievement of surpassing the billion-ringgit mark was historic. "For the first time, the state has crossed the billion ringgit mark," .

Under the previous Barisan Nasional state government, the accumulated funds were at RM847.45 for 2007. Lim's Pakatan Rakyat government took over the reins from BN after the March general election last year. The accumulated funds comprised the revenue accounts, trust fund accounts and loan accounts. The report disclosed the accumulated revenue accounts showed an increase of RM88.02 million over the RM373.59 million in 2007 to last year's RM461.61 million. The accumulated trust fund accounts showed a RM90.43 million rise from RM473.86 million in 2007 to RM564.29 million last year. Money deposited in interest-bearing accounts No transaction was shown in the report in the accumulated loan accounts.

The state government's cash in hand has also decreased from RM28.9 million to RM5.36 million during the corresponding period. Lim explained that this was due to the increase in the state government's fixed deposit funds as it cannot get any interests from current accounts.
"We only kept cash in hand according to our monthly expenditure while the rest was kept in fixed deposits. "It was our money-make-money policy that managed to increase our financial strength," Lim said.

He also applauded the four-star status given to the Penang Development Corporation (PDC) and state treasury department in the A-G's Report for financial management achievement in surpassing the 90 point mark. In the report's section on financial management achievement based on accountability index of state departments and agencies, the PDC got 92.9-marks followed by the treasury department at 91.6. He hopes other departments and agencies would emulate the PDC's achievement in the next report.

Make Your Stand Uthayakumar Or Be Dammed!

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 04:05 PM PST

By G.K. Bani

The Indian community forms only 9% of the Malaysian population of 27 million. There are no Indian majority constituencies in Malaysia. Politically, the Indians are fragmented into many different Indian political parties which claim to represent Indians in Malaysia.

Whether it is Makkal Sakti Party of Malaysia, Human Rights Party, MUIP. IPF etc., there are all no different from MIC. Everyone knows that the MIC has been and still is the coolie for racist Umno. MIC over the years has sold the soul of ethnic Indians to the Umnoputras. Now we have this array of Indian based parties claiming to champion the rights of ethnic Indians in Malaysia.

To be honest, I don't find anything different between these parties and the MIC. Already, we have the sell out done by the dwarf Thanenthiran and his Makkal Sakti Party of Malaysia.. At least I must give credit to the Dwarf Thanenthiran for openly stating his support for BN/Umno. At least we know a devil when we see one.
However, it is the Human Rights Party that takes the cake. These fools led by Uthayakumar really believe that they can actually win seats in the next General Election. Malaysians are moving away from communal based parties to one that embraces multiculturalism. It does not come as a surprise that younger voters are solidly behind Pakatan Rakyat.

Uthayakumar and HRP must wake up and smell the roses. Malaysians are fed up with communal politics. HRP must realize that when it wants to speak up against injustices, it must do so in the interest of all Malaysian and not just the Indians. People are already getting fed up of HRP's constant harping on all things Indian (read Tamil Hindu) such as Temples and Tamil Schools.

Uthayakumar and his HRP must itself rid itself of its racist image. If Uthayakumar and the HRP really want to help the Indians in Malaysia it must work together with Pakatan Rakyat as anything short of working with PR will only benefit Umno and BN. HRP must cease making ridiculous allegations against PR as it only serves to resuscitate MIC. Another thing I don't understand is why Malaysiakini allowing HRP through the likes of Jayathas and Naragan to use the online news portal to launch attacks against Pakatan Rakyat. If you click to the link you will end up in the HRP Website which for reasons best known to them always have the comments closed.

THE MAN,HIS VISION THE UNSTOPPLE ANWAR–Freedom and Democracy and the Dignity of the Human Spirit

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 04:11 PM PST

THE MAN,HIS VISION THE UNSTOPPLE ANWARFreedom and Democracy and the Dignity of the Human Spirit

*Freedom and Democracy and the Dignity of the Human Spirit

Ladies and Gentleman:

I am greatly humbled by this award. I accept it with a profound sense of humility with the full knowledge that this award is not really about me but, as indeed it should be, a resounding appreciation for the hard work and sacrifices of family, friends and colleagues. Together we have championed the cause of freedom and democracy and, by the grace of God, we shall continue to do so.

They say that freedom and democracy are nice catchphrases hewn from philosophical cogitation or mere abstract doctrine divorced from reality. Or that democracy is overrated. What's there to talk about or to lose sleep over? Just conduct elections every four or five years and let the people to decide who should be in power. Why should think-tanks and NGOs waste so much time and resources dissecting and debating these issues in academic halls, intellectual colloquiums and political forums?

I think the answer is as clear as daylight. As Walt Whitman, the great poet of democracy, once said:

"Did you, too, O friend, suppose democracy was only for elections, for politics, and for a party name? I say democracy is only of use there that it may pass on and come to its flower and fruit in manners, in the highest forms of interaction between people, and their beliefs — in religion, literature, colleges and schools — democracy in all public and private life…."

Indeed, freedom and democracy is part and parcel of the self-evident truths that would distinguish mankind from the rest of God's creatures, as dear to us as the blood that sustains our hearts and keeps us alive. Closer to home, the ever redeeming words of the great Malayan hero Jose Rizal continue to remind us that "humanity will not be redeemed while reason is not free." Even though that was written more than a century ago, it is no less significant today, as democracy and freedom are once again under attack. Today, and perhaps more than in the past, we witness the clash between the institutions of civil society bent on preserving freedom and democracy and the powers that be with their increasing tendency to rob us of our liberties and undermine our constitutional foundations. The resulting report card on the state of democracy and freedom here (in Malaysia) is dismal and damning. The prospects are dim and the challenges daunting.

At the root of these issues is the question of accountability, governance and transparency in the exercise of the powers of state. Contrary to what the opponents of freedom and democracy say, accountability does not lead to weakness; nor would an independent judiciary lead to the death of the Parliamentary process; ensuring the rule of law to protect the constitutional freedoms of free speech, of assembly and of religion would not cause dissension and confrontation.

Denying these fundamental liberties and eroding the democratic space would. It would also be a gross affront on the dignity of man. Indeed, to paraphrase Emerson, a nation's strength is not forged in gold but only men and women can make a people great and strong; Men and women who for truth and honor's sake stand fast and suffer long.

We have heard the famous line by Thomas Jefferson that "a democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine." But this was certainly not his ideal of democracy. Indeed what he was really talking about was in fact what was to be later referred to as the "despotism of the majority" where governments abuse power or develop dictatorial tendencies on account of numerical strength in the legislatures.

This concentration of power invariably leads to abuse of the legislative process. The UMNO-led ruling coalition, having since the nation's independence controlled the Federal Parliament with a two-thirds majority, remains unrepentant in their arrogant display of power. Intolerant of criticism, dissent or anything seen as a stumbling block to their vested interests, they ride rough shod over the aspirations of the people by bull-dozing through oppressive laws and the Federal budget.

The political landscape has changed since the March 2008 elections when the Opposition created the biggest upset to the status quo at the Federal Parliament as well as gained control of five states in the peninsula. One would have thought that they would have learnt some lessons from this defeat but it would appear that a leopard cannot change its spots. Motions for a full parliamentary debate on crucial social and financial issues are invariably disallowed on grounds that they are not urgent matters.

Just less than a year on, a desperate attempt was made at wresting control of the state of Perak by the foulest of means in violation of ethical, political and constitutional principles. And even more tragically, this is being done hand in glove with the judiciary.

If democracy is about giving dignity to the human spirit, then we can rest assured that this dignity can never be realized as long as the institutions of power such as the judiciary, the police, the public prosecutor and the anti-corruption agency continue to be employed by the Executive to further their own ends. Democracy will not see the light of day when dissenting views are not allowed expression and a healthy vibrant opposition is considered a threat to national security. Democratic governments cannot use the state apparatus to silence political opposition.

The existence of a vibrant opposition is essential as the bulwark against the tyranny of absolute power. Opposition must not be just merely tolerated but must be allowed to flourish as the people's conscience. Its paramount role is to hold the powers that be to account when they go astray and to remind them that power is trust, not might.

Once again, we call for a concerted effort to restore the judiciary to its pristine position. Judicial independence must mean protecting the people from governmental arbitrariness and political despotism. The judiciary is not just the bulwark of our fundamental liberties. It is the final arbiter of our constitutional and political disputes and the anvil on which the rule of law of the nation is to be forged. If judges are to be independent of political authority, attempts to muzzle them must not be allowed. If in their deliberations they make statements apparently critical of the executive or in their judgments, decide against it, they should not be threatened with reprisals, or transferred into less important positions or jurisdictions or worse still, forced into early retirement.

To put it bluntly, judges must be freed from the stranglehold of the ruling elite, tyrants, dictators or the rich and the powerful. We cannot have a government which continues to use the judicial system for its own ends and at the same time call it a democracy.

This recognition therefore comes at an auspicious moment. We have just witnessed the historic Pakatan Rakyat convention. The gathering on Saturday marked the first ever national convening of Malaysia's first viable political movement that is multi-racial not only in composition but also in its fundamental aims. The coalition's aims and objectives have been spelled out in a document unrivalled in its articulation of the coalition's commitment to Constitutional provisions and a reform agenda. They will say that the proof is going to be in the pudding and not until this coalition takes power will the weight of its promises be felt. On the contrary – a taste of what is to come is clearly evident in the four opposition states that have demonstrated a commitment to transparency, multi-racialism and good governance.

Progress has been made despite the subversive actions of a Federal government hell bent on recapturing power by any means necessary. But in the cause of freedom, there shall be no room for despair. Let us endeavor to draw from misfortune new hope and new strength. Therefore, let us not recoil in our resolve to fight for what we believe in. Soldier on we must, and soldier on we shall. As freedom and democracy is our birth right, we must never forsake it or allow anyone to take it away from us.

Thank you.

*Acceptance speech by Anwar Ibrahim, Opposition leader of the Malaysian Parliament, on being awarded the IAPC Democracy Medal, Shah Alam, December 21, 2009

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Unlike the silence in MSM, Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today reported that Pakatan Rakyat leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was invested with the Democracy Award for 2008 by the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC) today at a ceremony in Shah Alam. Read more about it AT THIS LINK and alsoOVER HERE.
The International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC), founded in 1968, is a professional global organization of senior political and public affairs advisers dedicated to fostering democracy throughout the world. Their 100-plus members are from more than 20 nations in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
I am not going to repost what Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today has published with the exception of the following quotes extracted from Malaysiakini:
Anwar said despotism of the majority occurred when governments abuse power and develop dictatorial tendencies on account of numerical strength in legislatures.
"The Umno-led ruling coalition, having since the nation's independence controlled the Federal Parliament with a two-thirds majority, remains unrepentant in their arrogant display of power," he said.
"Intolerant of criticism, dissent or anything seen as a stumbling block to their vested interests, they ride rough shod over the aspirations of the people by bull-dozing through oppressive laws and the Federal budget," enumerated Anwar.
Anwar said for democracy to flourish, institutions that guarded its integrity like an independent judiciary, a professional police force and graft-combating agency, and an opposition that holds the powers that be to account, were vital as props.
Certainly, he did not mince his words in going to the heart of the problem of our nation by going for the jugular, even at such a defining moment in his life. Is it any wonder then that DSAI has been recognized not once but many times internationally for his contribution to world politics?
For your information, DSAI holds the chair as Visiting Prof, Malaysia Chair of Islam in SE Asia and is Honorary President, Accountability Department in the PRINCE ALWALEED BIN TALAL CENTER FOR MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN, Georgetown University.
DSAI also made it to The 2008 TIME Finalists and you can read about it AT THIS LINK.
He also won the Muslim Moderate of the Year 2005 that was conferred on him by the Centre for the Study of Islam and Democracy which you can read about AT THIS LINK.
"In the midst of Asian Financial Crises of 1997, do remember that Anwar was hailed for guiding Malaysia through this period of instability. He backed free market principles and called for "creative destruction", highlighting the need to reconsider the proximity of business and politics in Malaysia. He advocated for greater accountability and refused to offer government bail-outs to companies facing bankruptcy. He also instituted widespread spending cuts and gut government expenditure on mega projects. These prescriptions saved the Malaysian economy and earned Anwar many accolades, including the title "Asian of the Year" by Newsweek International in 1998." (extracted from THIS LINK)
There are still many awards that DSAI has received in recognition of his leadership capabilities and contributions. The latest award given to him is an international endorsement of DSAI's potential as a world-class leader. Being human, no one is perfect – something that we all know, but find so difficult to accept especially when it comes to leaders. Yet, in the international circuit, others are willing to accept and recognize DSAI but not that many in his own country. Isn't that very sad?
There is a saying that a prophet is not accepted in his own land and the many brickbats hurled at DSAI testify to the truth of this saying. Can I ask you to name me ANY ONE LEADER IN BN who has received as many awards as DSAI? I rest my case.
Personally, I have my own criticism of DSAI but I recognize his role, capabilities, leadership potential and charisma that few can compare. We cannot deny that he was instrumental for the 2008 March tsunami. Even Encik Ibrahim Suffian of Merdeka Centre said so at a recent forum held in Penang.
The current scenario with DSAI as Opposition Leader shows as that Pakatan Rakyat has a strategy which is about a choice which affects an outcome. The choice is for three parties to work together for the betterment of the nation and that outcome is one that affects all of us.
Through all the challenges that he has been facing, we can see that he adopts clear and systematic strategies based on the needs of the society within the framework of PKR and Pakatan Rakyat. I believe that all the challenges, trials and sufferings he went through in the past humbled him, made him more human and passionate about his cause. In the face of such difficulties, he and his whole family never gave up hope or their vision for this nation. Indeed they have paid a very heavy price for their choice in life and the journey is still a difficult one as his case is not over. One would think he would be rattled and would give up his noble ambition to focus on his case but admirably, he plods on, even in the face of severe criticism…..If that is not strength of character, what is?
The convention ended yesterday and this award was given at such a timely moment. We can deduce that Anwar is a strategist who is adaptable to changing environmental conditions and reduces the vulnerability of his variables calmly as a move to discover more opportunities to operate in a goal-achieving manner. From his speech, we can see that he has his expectations which he keeps within the political climate and the context of his position as PKR leader.
I marvel at Anwar's stamina in counter-attacking whatever moves his enemies have taken to ward off Anwar's threat by just being himself. Few have that sort of commanding personality and powerful charisma in his oratorical skills and his vision for the country or even his depth of political analysis.
Current developments can remind you of scenes from a suspense drama. We see one development unfolding after another and then we are plunged into more suspense when another leader says something to nullify the previous statement. What then can we do? More importantly, what is DSAI's psyche now?
I am sure he planning his strategies very carefully. Clearly, Anwar's approach to strategizing is not Machiavellian in nature. Those from that school of thought seem to justify a number of actions done solely to perpetuate power and is concerned with its acquisition, expansion, and effective use. According to Machiavelli, the greatest moral good is a virtuous and stable state, and actions to protect the country are therefore justified even if they are cruel. That is not Anwar's style at all.
True, DSAI made mistakes in the past but I am sure he has learnt his lessons well. We cannot continue to penalize him for the past, especially when it is so clear that he is sincere in his desire to make right what went wrong in the past and the present. Give him a chance to lead PR. Give him a chance to realize his ambition and dreams which were seen clearly in his opening speech given at the inaugural convention. I need not say more. But what I want to ask you is this.
What does international recognition of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim mean to you, to Pakatan Rakyat, to PKR and most importantly, to Malaysia?
Posted by TAXIDRIVER at 11:37 PM 0 comments

You are great Congratulations Mahathir for creating a shitbrain Home Minister,

Posted: 26 Dec 2009 03:35 PM PST

read this exclusive article by the taxi driver

This minister Hishammuddin is talking through his ass,YOU ARE ITCHING FOR your ass hole to enlarge try lorong haji taib lima

Keeley HazellThe Star) PETALING JAYA: Those who use the cyberspace to incite hatred or insult any race or religion or the monarchy, will soon find it increasingly difficult to hide behind the 'mouse'.
Hishammuddin was a write-off from the start. All he ever does is kiss kerises and parrot the official Umno line. Can't wait to see this idiot vanish like P.I. Bala!

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said: "If we allow it to go unchecked, the attack on these pillars may jeopardise the safety of all Malaysians. It will then be too late if we act after a clash.

Congratulations Mahathir for creating a shitbrain Home Minister,
You take your time to read–boys. Uncle Najib may be in hand to help to translate if its tongue twisting or you can ask the former Edu Minister who is your boss now . He is eating boiled pumpkins—hes's quite choked. KRIS Deepthroats
Home Minister who has shit in his brain The contents of the book is too difficult for him to understand Barry Wain's English ,this minister has ashitbrain is below par. This book will eventually be banned because its NOT written in the national language………….in melayu!!!! So, why waste precious time krisammudin?
is still studying the contents of the book authored by Barry Wain titled "Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times", before making a decision on its circulation in Malaysia, said a statement from the ministry here on Saturday.
said this was a normal procedure and that Barry Wain's book was not exempted.
This was to ensure the book would not affect the prevailing peace and stability in the country, the statement said, adding that the ministry had 60 days to make a decision as to whether the book could be sold in Malaysia.
Please study the
Laporan polis terhadap Dr Mahathir If you are smart enough, you will soon realise how stupid your Malay Hero, Mahathir is. By studying this book, it will open up your eyes and flush out the shit that is in your head all this while.
Laporan polis terhadap Dr M
Oct 4, 08 6:50pm
Seorang jurujual mendakwa, tindakan mantan Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad – dulu dan sekarang – telah menyebabkan Malaysia mengalami masalah ekonomi.
Wee Fwen Szuh, 32, dari Gombak, Selangor membuat dakwaan tersebut dalam laporan polis yang dibuatnya di ibupejabat polis daerah Gombak pada jam 11.12 pagi semalam.
Dalam laporan tersebut, Wee yang mewakili sekumpulan rakyat prihatin, mahu polis menyiasat Dr Mahathir kerana "merosak dan menjahanamkan" ekonomi.
Wee mendakwa, Dr Mahathir berbuat demikian dengan meluluskan tindakan menyelamatkan Perwaja Steel sebanyak RM13 bilion, menyelamatkan sebuah konsortium perkapalan milik sanak saudaranya dan menyelamatkan Syarikat Penerbangan Malaysia.
Wee juga menuduh Dr Mahathir memperkayakan anak lelaki keduanya, Mokhzani. Dalam laporan polis itu, Wee mendakwa Mokhzani adalah salah seorang daripada 10 individu terkaya di Malaysia.
Katanya, Dr Mahathir telah membuat kenyataan yang tidak berasas terhadap Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sehingga mengakibatkan ekonomi terjejas.
Menurut Wee lagi, isu-isu yang dibangkitkan oleh Dr Mahathir adalah isu pembabitan Abdullah dalam skandal 'minyak untuk makanan' dan berkempen menentang Umno dan Barisan Nasional.
Dr Mahahtir, kata Wee, telah membuat kenyataan supaya rakyat menolak Umno dan BN walaupun beliau berkempen untuk anak lelakinya, Mukhriz.
Tindakan Dr Mahathir, dakwa Wee, telah menimbulkan kegelisahan di kalangan rakyat.
Malaysiakini memperolehi salinan laporan polis Wee tetapi usaha untuk menghubungi Wee untuk mendapatkan penjelasannya tidak berhasil. Berita asal
Posted by taxidriver at 0 comments Links to this post
The shit that Mahathir tries to put in every single Malays in his 22 years of power has certainly bear fruits as we can see from our everyday mainstream newspaper. The stupid comments that those UMNO leaders make everyday is the 22 years of hardwork that Mahathir put in.
Mahathir has certainly succeed in doing what he has plan all the while. Is to make the Malays as close minded as possible and fear the outside world.
Congratulations Mahathir.
Why need to consider banning the book when the subject matter is TDM and not the present PM? Let TDM sue Barry Wain if he has the case against him.
But let's not have high hope on it. Since it will expose all the evils involving UMNO and BN swindling the raayat, Najib would obviously want it banned.
The longer it takes to make a decision ,more free publicity the book is accorded ,more sales are expected. It is a good idea to prolong its release,a blessing in disguise. Does not matter ,either,if it is not released by the "faithful" hero worshippers of Dr.Evil . It is era of electronic age.
On Monday, the Customs Department refuted a report carried out by a news portal that it was holding 800 copies of the book in Port Klang since a month ago.
In the book, Wain, former managing editor of the Asian Wall Street Journal, had claimed that former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had squandered up to RM100 billion in his 22 years in power.
However, Dr Mahathir in his blog admitted there had been financial losses under his rule but the amount would not have exceeded RM10 billion and had also welcomed suggestions by his detractors for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to be set up to probe the matter.
He had also said that he reserved the right to sue Wain and others who had cast aspersions on him in the matter.
Please study the book. If you are smart enough, you will soon realise how stupid your Malay Hero, Mahathir is. By studying this book, it will open up your eyes and flush out the shit that is in your head all this while.
The longer it takes to make a decision ,more free publicity the book is accorded ,more sales are expected. It is a good idea to prolong its release,a blessing in disguise. Does not matter ,either,if it is not released by the "faithful" hero worshippers of Dr.Evil . It is era of electronic age
The shit that Mahathir tries to put in every single Malays in his 22 years of power has certainly bear fruits as we can see from our everyday mainstream newspaper. The stupid comments that those UMNO leaders make everyday is the 22 years of hardwork that Mahathir put in.
Mahathir has certainly succeed in doing what he has plan all the while. Is to make the Malays as close minded as possible and fear the outside world.
Congratulations Mahathir.
Why need to consider banning the book when the subject matter is TDM and not the present PM? Let TDM sue Barry Wain if he has the case against him.
But let's not have high hope on it. Since it will expose all the evils involving UMNO and BN swindling the raayat, Najib would obviously want it banned.

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